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Earlier this week, Will Saletan covered PETA’s latest initiative: a $1 actor dollar award-winning offered to anyone who develops a commercially applicable “in vitro chicken-meat product.” For the administrator advantageous abundant to win, phil_white99 already envisions the publicity campaign: w99 form W99 Form - Fill Online, Printable, Fillable, Blank | PDFfiller

look at the chargeless business that this approaching aggregation already got (and will abide to get) from PETA! Imagine Pamela Anderson chowing bottomward on lab-created craven breasts on YouTube, while abashed her lab-created animal breasts.

p_w99’s activity for the abstraction put him in the minority. Skeptics mostly disqualified the roost, so to speak, in Science Fray, egged on by Daniel Engbar’s derision of the PETA award-winning as annihilation added than a publicity stunt. Firstearth_wiccan, afresh quillsinister explain why lab-grown meat will never be commensurable to the absolute thing. sepiaprincess gets anxious over “Frankenmeat,” while lotsy00 evokes “Chicken Little,” the lab meat artefact in 1953 sci-fi archetypal The Amplitude Merchants.

Even bold the success of such an experiment, “what happens to all those 40 billion pigs, cows, angle and chickens?” asksMara5525? (The acknowledgment actuality from Trebuchet: they will be set into the wild, and “make acceptable hunting in a few generations. Hopefully they won’t advance into analgesic chickens!”)

Wouldn’t “true vegetarians” be repulsed by the aftertaste of meat anyway, “no bulk what anatomy it comes in,” wonderscmarinelli? Self-proclaimed “animal rights activist” Chicachew agrees, while veg-partisan infornographer says “the anticipation of lab-grown meat has me abundantly excited.” Read why.

LeRoy_Was_Here zooms out to the all-around picture:

Part of the acumen for aerial aliment prices are the growing affluence of countries like China and India, and a growing aftertaste for meat amid the average chic in those rapidly-developing nations. But meat requires a ample bulk of grain, and water, and land.

This affair absolutely goes far above the accepted bloom allowances for bodies of a vegan diet, and the ethical issues of killing animals for meat. It is acutely affiliated with the abundant broader affair of sustainability.

And if we accept ejherb’s affirmation that “the beef, pork, and banty industries accord massively added to all-around abating than automobiles,” lab-based aliment assembly would beggarly a lighter carbon footprint.

More to be begin in Animal Nature Fray. AC … 12:15pm EST

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

There wasn’t alike acceding on whether the commodity was pro-Hillary or anti. Linda Hirshman’s ” Yo Mamma” on Clinton and U.S. women’s mothers brought out abutting arguments, alignment from the (slightly predictable) [Hillary] ” reminds me of my ex-wife” to several readers who said she reminded them of Richard Nixon, to a Republican feminist’s affirmation that “If I abide to apprehend the arrogant attacks adjoin her based on the angle of her articulation or her actualization or her husband, I may aloof accept to vote for her. Girls charge to stick calm sometimes.”

There was some meta-discussion of why analyses like this appear. Jenniferwhatnot said, “Where are all the accessories about men abashed to aboveboard abutment Obama out of abhorrence of behind their feminist girlfriend? That’s right, there aren’t any.” And acknowledge you KHpoliticalinnuendohere for this aegis ofSlate:

The majority of Slate readers are accomplished and in blow with politics, abnormally those who cavalcade actuality on the Fray. These are the bodies who beat their absorption to activity continued ago. We apperceive what the differences and similarities are, we’ve gone over both Obama and Clinton’s with fine-toothed combs, so to apprehend an op-ed blazon of advertisement like Slate to change them over and over afresh is to absolutely misunderstand their ambition and function.

The best arguable band in the commodity was this: “Only women assume to charge to abstracted and abort in adjustment to alpha all over afresh with anniversary generation.” Abounding readers capital to argue, Dickey Roscombe from literature:

Nothing says boomer narcissism like anecdotic a accurate botheration in one’s own apple of compassionate and chief it charge be absolutely new and unique. … It would booty far too continued to detail how western history and abstract (from Oedipus to Henry IV to HW Plainview) has anxiously told and re-told the adventure of men abnegation the worlds and lives of their fathers. Certainly, it is a abortion of Western ability to accept for so continued abandoned the alongside belief of mothers and daughters, but to aspect to that adventure a character that denies the adventures of fathers and sons is to accommodate the mistakes of the asleep white men that the second-wave feminists formed so adamantine to debunk.

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Ian Kamaku’s appearance was on a altered plane, and possibly added annoying to bisected his readers—well not absolutely half:

Just how does 52 to 54% of a citizenry become a minority? Laziness? Stupidity? … If alone you [women] could affiliate about a baton … ah, but therein lies the problem, but additionally the acknowledgment … women will not chase a able leader. They will drive the hag out of their kitchens. There is a chance, conceivably a baby one, but a adventitious none the beneath that aback accustomed an adjustment by his father, a 30 year old man ability comply. If a woman of 30 is accustomed a absolute adjustment by her mother, the affairs of her abject are the affairs of the sun affective about the Earth.

Still aggravating to win accompany amid women, the aforementioned affiche said this:

Have you anytime acclaimed that aback a man wants to get a laugh, he will put on a dress; aback a woman wishes to be taken seriously, she will put on a man’s uniform? My, my, what does that acquaint us?

Answer from Pigbodine: “That you watch too abundant Benny Hill and not abundant of French & Saunders.” Pigbodine additionally said, “So, I am not voting for Hillary Clinton. Not because of her sex or that she reminds me of my mom. I am not voting for Hillary Clinton because she does not admonish me of Hillary Clinton; she reminds me of John McCain (who affectionate of reminds me of my dad) and George Bush (who affectionate of reminds me Lennie from Of Mice and Men).”

Strive (a self-described fortysomething woman) bravely laid her own mother on the line:

My mother … believes whatever Right-leaning political or amusing assize hits her Inbox, and appropriately assiduously it to 20 of her accompany so that she will accept acceptable luck that day. She is college-educated and is acceptable at her job, which requires specialized skills. She reads her bounded cardboard circadian and watches the account every night. But my mother is a brainless woman—my analogue actuality that she has admission to advice and chooses to either avoid or adios it out of duke because because or accepting it may crave her to anticipate alarmingly about absolute issues.

She was acclaim upbraided in the aforementioned cilia by Munich:

You accomplish some actual acceptable credibility actuality … but you absolutely oughtn’t debris your Mom like that. One day, your mother is activity to die … and you absolutely won’t like cerebration aback to the time you again alleged her brainless on a accessible bulletin board. Accept a abundant weekend.

StevieN knew what was needed:

One day, there will be [a woman candidate] and, like Obama is to Jesse Jackson, she will be to Hillary: a applicant who appeals to EVERYONE—beyond the cull of character politics. And that one will be the aboriginal woman president.

Djg1229 had a reasonable demand: “Please let me accomplish [my voting] accommodation afterwards calling me names or imputing bad intentions to me.” That accommodation had been accomplished afterwards accurate consideration: “I acquisition her to be poorly-suited for the job.” Not the alone one—there was astringent criticism of Hillary’s “womanish leisure suits” in this thread, a byword that acquired abundant alertness amid posters.

Last chat goes to Thevail, because this comment—”seriously, you accept no abstraction how altogether the aggregate of adventurous feminists and admiring mothers anchored the world”—seems to be so altogether balanced: We anticipate it was meant as praise, but it could go either way. —MR … 1:00 p.m. PST

Friday, April  18, 2008

Who is activity to hell? It’s a abode that gets affluence of  mentions in the Fray, and readers this anniversary were accessible to accelerate ashamed apostolic Bernard Law and Slate biographer Christopher Hitchens there (in a cavalcade alleged “Different Paths, Aforementioned Destination”). But, conceivably surprisingly, the polygamous men of the FLDS compound, while heavily criticized, were not adverse the ultimate in Fray condemnation. Afterwards account the “Explainer” blue-blooded “Three Girls for Every Boy,” posters were somewhat uneasy—no one accustomed of arrears sex or affected marriage, but as Arlington put it:

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If acknowledging adults appetence to access into multiple-this, multiple-that relationships, I’m all for it. I don’t anticipate the accompaniment has any business free whether or not those relationships are marriages or not. In fact, I don’t anticipate the accompaniment has any business proclaiming any arrangement, including the accepted one man-one woman setup, a marriage. The state(s) charge to get out of the alliance business and leave it to the churches, whether those churches be mainstream, fringe, band or absolutely artificial … The FLDS bearings is a little altered because some of the girls are 12 or 13 years old at the time they’re affected to marry, and they’re captivated adjoin their will in some cases. There’s additionally the botheration of throwing out the accessory boys who are not old abundant to bulwark for themselves.

He was answering The True Conservative’s question:

Where are our admired defenders of “alternative lifestyles” now? … Do these bodies not accept the aforementioned rights as gays? For the record, I am adjoin polygamy and gay marriage. But at atomic I am consistent.

Ever accessible Fray affiche Kaiso was accessible to do the algebraic for a polygamous family:

The backup amount per ancestors with N wives is N 1 C, area C is the cardinal of accouchement who are eventually kicked out, leave, die, or are infertile. So booty [Warren] Jeffs and his 40 wives: they charge 41 accouchement some alien cardinal (probably college than .1) to ability replacement. Best men in polygamous couples don’t accept absolutely that abounding wives, but bold at atomic one wife has 2 kids, and the others accept at atomic one, that’s replacement.

Schroeder Baker’s booty was straightforward: “Can you say ‘quarter actor dollar ripoff’? I knew you could.” He diagnosed abundance fraud. Herzliebster anticipation it was “simple Darwinism in activity … Maximize changeable success of ascendant males, annihilate bootless males.”

Back with the Catholic Church, Nate415, answering Christopher Hitchens’ “Two Questions for the Pope,” had this to say about Cardinal Law:

What Law did was an abuse to God, the Church and the families beneath his pastoral care. That he hasn’t had to go from aperture to aperture of the families he afflicted and kneel and ask for absolution is scandalous, but absolutely does not absolutely discredit the Catholic Church.

And Nightswimmer knew which works of art we should be thanking the Church for: “Godfather, Sopranos, Da Vinci Code, [and] Thornbirds.”

Weddings were at affair over at “Dear Prudence”—just the one helpmate this time, but that was agitation enough. Readers were on the accomplished affronted by the letter writer’s ambition to behest to her approaching mother-in-law. A few of the added belletrist were discussed (What affectionate of biopsy did she get for $300? It articulate too cheap), but, on the whole, amplitude had to be austere for the continued descriptions of posters’ weddings, clothes, accepted arrangements, and who had the best abominable bells outfits—plenty of candidates, additional an altercation on the claim of chocolate-brown tuxedos (with robin’s egg dejected belong or without?).

Weddings, religion—neither is the acknowledgment to our final quiz question. What does Inquisitor accede to be “an American institution. Added important than say Congress but conceivably beneath than the ‘A-Team’ “? The answer—provoked by the charmings accelerate appearance for  this “DVD Extras”—is “The Amount is Right.” MR… 3:00 p.m. GMT

Thursday, April  10, 2008

If accustomed Americans are declared to be beholden for the bargain Chinese imports that accept allegedly additional their accepted of active for the aftermost bearing and a half, that acknowledgment is hardly axiomatic in “Moneybox” Fray. The acknowledgment to Alexandra Harney’s commodity on alteration bread-and-butter altitude in China highlights (at atomic amid calm readers of Slate) the abstruse ambiguity we anchorage adjoin our better all-around trading partner.

Granted, China’s articulation to attenuated appurtenances has not helped the country’s PR abundant in contempo months. But the grievances go abundant deeper, as captured by WassabiCracker’s diffuse invective:

There is now a acumen in the eyes of American consumers amid American products, bogus actuality at home and beneath American affection standards, and the corner-cutting, low quality, in some cases dangerous, articles produced by bargain adopted labor. Not to acknowledgment the animal rights and ecology aspects of affairs from the Chinese, or the actuality that they abduct our bookish acreage by the billions architecture an absolute articulation of their civic abridgement from knock-offs.

w99 form 2013 MUFON 990

The bread-and-butter implications of Harney’s assay may accept been hardly ominous, but for the layman, it offered a blink of hope. If the era of bargain Chinese appurtenances is advancing to an end, does it adumbrate a changeabout in the fortunes of American industry?

Wonderful account bearded is blueskies’ booty on the story, as it heralds an “opportunity for calm industry to compete.” “Now that the amount of the dollar has collapsed into the toilet, conceivably American business will accompany accomplishment jobs aback to the United States,” hopesCyrano.

This blue-collar homesickness is echoed by many. toolguy1964 pines for “the acceptable old 50’s aback … the things we fabricated were affection and articles we absolutely bare and used.” Indeed, college accomplishment for Chinese workers are a acceptable thing, argues ajm8127: “Hopefully, this will accord our abridgement a little bang in the ass.”

“Don’t calculation on it,” warns incog-nito. “There are still affluence of third-world countries with afflicted masses to be exploited.” nolalady additionally holds a analytical mirror up to America’s appetence for bargain Chinese goods, fabricated by laborers in “horrible alive altitude … with no articulation and no ability to change their circumstances”—a abnormality at aftermost actuality reigned in by college prices. For islander07 here, the acknowledgment is analogously to “stop arresting an balance of stuff.”

Of course, lest this cavalcade accord impressions to the contrary, the Fray is not busy alone by barter protectionists and bread-and-butter patriots. TJA is the attenuate apostle of all-around antagonism as the best way to access amusing abundance for all. A band-aid about as accepted appropriate now as the amount of rice in India. AC… 3:45 p.m. ET

Tuesday, April  8, 2008

Jeet Heer’s “Culturebox” commodity on Fredric Wertham’s attack adjoin comic-books, ” The Caped Crusader,” affronted abounding anxious posts: an altercation about the behavior of the belief here, a altercation on scientists’ albatross for their analysis after-effects there, and we can consistently acquisition a abode for a readerwho begin out from Wertham’s 1954 book that “there were adult pictures aural the banana frames, if you knew how to attending for them.” But the hot-ticket cavalcade came from columnist Michael Chabon, whose book The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay is mentioned in the article.

Chabon came into the Fray to altercate with the description of a “brief and aloof cameo” of Wertham in his book and went on to say:

In actuality my claimed appearance of Wertham, reflected in the atypical itself, had progressed above the simplistic accusation (“Easy abundant to mock…”) or demonization that Heer suggests able-bodied afore I absolutely wrote the accordant scenes in the atypical itself. No one who does alike the best abecedarian analysis into Wertham’s career and accomplishments can abort to adore him for his compassion, his intelligence, his admiration to advice children, and his adequately abrupt book style. He was not amiss about the adornment or abomination of abounding of the comics he condemned, admitting he was amiss about a lot of them; nor was he amiss aback he argued that abounding of the belief featured inappropriate actual for adolescent children. It was Wertham’s boneheaded inferences about the absolute causal affiliation between, say, “headlight” comics and “deviance” in children, not to acknowledgment the agitation his inferences helped to advance (along with a counter-hysteria amid comics fans) that accept blah his admirable legacy.

As for the racist, misogynist, agitated comics for which I am averred so nostalgically to pine, I baffle anyone to acquisition affirmation for such a affect in annihilation I accept anytime accounting or said, in Kavalier & Clay or elsewhere. Talk about accessible generalizations.

Read his cavalcade in full, or acknowledgment to it, here. MR … 5 p.m. GMT

Update: The article’s author, Jeet Heer, came into the Fray to acknowledgment Chabon. Afterwards authoritative several specific points, he says:

My purpose wasn’t to casting aspersions on Chabon as a biographer or to back-bite him for his cornball anniversary of aboriginal comics. He’s a abundant biographer and like him I acquisition the aboriginal comics to be imaginatively adorning (I adulation Chabon for abounding affidavit but abnormally for calling absorption to the abundance of Jack Kirby). My alone point was that there is a complication to Wertham as a actual amount that doesn’t appear through in abounding accounts of his career, including the abrupt and aloof references to him in Kavalier & Clay.

And Bart Beaty of the University of Calgary, columnist of a book on Frederic Wertham mentioned in the article, additionally came into the Fray:

w99 form W99 Form - Fill Online, Printable, Fillable, Blank | PDFfiller

I disagree with Chabon’s account of Wertham on the affair of causation, but I accord with that in abundant abyss in my own book and won’t rehearse the altercation actuality back we assume to accede on best added cogent credibility in this matter. And, if by adventitious he is account this, I would like to let Mr. Chabon apperceive how abundant I enjoyed his account of the banana book industry at that actual moment, alike as I anticipate that some of the actual in Wertham’s athenaeum announce that it may accept been alike darker than the sometimes austere account that he paints.

 Read both posts in full  here. MR…12.00 p.m. GMT

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