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Mickey Harte has been confronted by abhorrent claimed experiences, from a besom with blight to the deaths of his babe Michaela and two brothers.

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He has been questioned in his canton afterwards a arid spell followed his advance glories, but a abysmal acceptance in God and in his own adeptness to change and acclimate meant he never questioned his beliefs.

Even if he’s not absolutely accessible to acquit all sins.

The morning afterwards Tyrone belted Monaghan to authorize for the county’s aboriginal All-Ireland final in 10 years, Mickey Harte anesthetized on breakfast, watched the bold back, afresh collection about an hour from his ancestors home in Ballygawley to a beach aloof accomplished the asleep bound apple of Pettigo. There, he larboard his car, paid the ferryman, and boarded a baiter to booty him over to the fabulous Sanctuary of St Patrick on Lough Derg, a apple abroad from the madding army of 50,000 in Croke Park.

It was a retreat he’d been attractive to get in beforehand in the summer, alone Tyrone’s berserk agenda in the qualifiers and Super 8 meant it was absurd to lath in his diary. This particular Monday admitting was the aftermost day of the year any boats would be branch to the island and article central was cogent him that he aloof had to do it, All-Ireland final awaiting or not. Training would accept to be pushed out to Wednesday, by which time he would be aback from his pilgrimage, a few hours abbreviate of commutual a 72-hour fast. Afore he and Tyrone could advance to bang bottomward heaven’s aperture again, aboriginal he’d accept to absorb some time in purgatory.

Upon accession on the island, Harte and his adolescent pilgrims surrendered their footwear, a accompaniment of denude which they would advance for the butt of their continuance on the island. As he confused to and alternating from the assorted stations — or atoning ‘beds’ — to pray, his anxiety would be broken by the asperous stones.

Sleep was additionally advised superfluous, at atomic on that aboriginal night, as they instead spent the wee wee hours banausic about the basilica adage the chaplet every hour. The alone alcohol on action was baptize and atramentous tea; the alone food, a allotment of acknowledgment afterwards butter, which he claims “wasn’t appealing to eat”. The basic diet actuality was Mass, prayer, confession, benediction. Not absolutely the affectionate of Monday Club his players of yore would assurance up for afterwards a big championship win in Croke Park, but for Harte this was added his arena than endemic anytime was.

“I aloof anticipate Lough Derg is a abundant way of bringing bodies to a airy akin — and the aforementioned level,” he explains to you in the added accustomed and analogously adequate ambience of Kelly’s Inn.

Nobody is bigger than anybody abroad aback you’re walking about on your bald anxiety and you get this faculty that we can all analyze with anniversary other.

We’re all activity to pray, we’re all activity to be hungry, we’re all activity to be tired, and we all accept to face up to this aural ourselves, alike admitting there’s bodies about you, which is acceptable to have.

“So, it’s a abundant arrangement for life. There are places you charge to go with yourself and your God. All the while, there are bodies about you on their own adventure and a aggregate journey, to a abode of a academy airy value. So you can analyze with them.

They’re hungry, you’re hungry. They’re tired, you’re annoyed and, yet, there’s still a assurance aural you and them to do article so arduous but rewarding.

It could additionally be taken as a arrangement and allegory for both Harte and Tyrone football over the accomplished decade.

On a claimed level, he has been confronted with the best taxing, purgatorial, alike hellish, experiences, from a besom with blight three years ago, to the afterlife of his babe Michaela, as able-bodied as accident two brothers aloof weeks either ancillary of that tragedy in Mauritius. Alone he knows what he had to arouse up aural himself, what it was like walking in those shoes, the affliction consistently worse than walking barefoot about those atoning beds, yet eased by the affection and support of bags of others.

As for football, it has been a testing too, for him as a administrator and for the canton he has admired and served so long. Accident a babe in such affairs could accept casting football into irrelevance, but for Harte it alone reaffirmed the acumen of Dónal Óg Cusack’s booty on afterlife and the action you adulation — and that Michaela loved: If you could alive again, you would alone comedy the bold more, or abutment or administer it more, because that is living.

So, he connected as Tyrone manager, arch them in the angelic adventure that pursuing addition championship can

become. The adventure has been tiring, but all through they accept remained hungry, no-one added than him, and no-one added alert either that it has appropriate actuality able abundant to angle alone, admitting the abundance that there was a accumulation of them in it together.

For sure, it’s been challenging, but like that activity he got on the baiter abrogation the island, it’s been wholly advantageous too.


Not connected into the chat and Harte lights up, agitated about the brilliance and addition of Dublin.

The Dublin aggregation of the 1970s, that is.

He’s been asked about how he and football accept acquired in the 16 years that he’s been in chief inter-county management, but he feels he has to accompany you aback a acceptable bit beforehand again. You appetite to allocution about the alpha of the sweeper?

For me, this all begins with Tony Hanahoe, Bobby Doyle and, obviously, Kevin Heffernan as the instigator,” hedeclares.

“Here was Bobby Doyle, a corner-forward, who was aloof as adequate out the field, because he was a footballer, he could backpack the brawl and knew the appropriate affair to do with it. The corner-back in those canicule had the mentality: ‘I’m a corner-back, so I’m activity to do what corner-backs do — authority my man tight, get the ball, about-face it as bound as possible.’ So, appropriate abroad with Bobby Doyle, they faced a dilemma: Do I go with him out of my

comfort area and not apperceive what to do, or do I break here?”

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What did they tend to do?

They affectionate of captivated aback for connected enough, but they didn’t position themselves as the modern-day sweeper.

Hanahoe at cardinal 11 presented a similar addle for centre half-backs. What a player, Harte gushes.

“Tony Hanahoe didn’t affliction whether he was apparent or not. Traditionally, the centre-back was apparent as this saviour of the

defence, the affection of the defence, a absolute admiration with absolute concrete presence.”

“With a Hanahoe, what did you do? Should you break or should you go out?”

The ’80s weren’t absolutely as daring. You had Pat Spillane, alright, adored to sporadically bead aback to advice out his defence, admitting whether that qualifies as puke football or not, Harte will leave that to Pat and others to decide. The Armagh aggregation of the late-1990s/early-noughties decidedly angry up the dial. Then, appropriate on their heels came Harte’s Tyrone.

Looking aback on that now seminal summer of 2003, football as it was played was so innocent. All these activating duos inside, with huge tallies in brackets afterwards their names: Sweeney and Devenney with Donegal; Joyce and Savage for Galway; Clarke and McDonnell for Armagh; Canavan and Mulligan for Tyrone; and best alluringly of all, Mike Frank and Gooch with Kerry. It couldn’t last.

“It was a forward’s paradise! A forward’s paradise! Because, generally, it was aloof two-v-two inside. Players out the acreage had become bigger at carrying affection brawl into those men. It was no best bulge it in and achievement they win it; it was affection ball, but afresh bodies began to say: ‘We can’t let this appear anymore.’”

The brand of Armagh, with the blanket, and one of the McEntees acting as a sweeper; and Harte, with Gavin Devlin attention the ‘D’, Brian Dooher all over the pitch, Enda McGinley as a bigger, added concrete Bobby Doyle, advancing out about the average of the pitch, wing-backs, like Philip Jordan, and alike corner-backs, like Ryan McMenamin, bombing up and aback the field. Puke football in some eyes, absolute football in Harte’s.

Jim McGuinness’s Donegal project, he agrees, represented addition breakthrough bound in the change of how the bold is now played. Admitting Harte absent all three of their head-to-head championship encounters, there is annihilation acrimonious in what he has to say about McGuinness, alone respect.

I consistently begin him actual affable. A genuine, aboveboard man. I like the way he does things. I anticipate he’s acceptable to accept to.

“He sees what’s accident and can clear what he sees accident and, as a coach, he brought things to the abutting level. He brought a anatomy — a actual specific, about rigid, anatomy — to this accomplished art of arresting in numbers.”

That account is mutual, all the added aback their 2011 faceoff in Clones. The bold accepted to be a watershed in Ulster football, catastrophe the 12-year-old Armagh-Tyrone duopoly, but McGuinness would acknowledgment beeline afterwards the bold how it showcased why Tyrone had been such frequent and ablaze champions — and an exceptionally-coached team. The way they confused the brawl in and about his aggregate defence and formed up a 0-4 to no account advance afterwards 15 minutes, 0-6 to 0-1 afterwards 30 minutes. It had been a masterclass in intelligent football.

“I couldn’t accede added with him,” Harte smilingly enthuses all these years on. “We should accept had the bold accomplished by half-time. We knew not to backpack the brawl into the nest. That they absolutely admired you to backpack the brawl at them. It’s the aforementioned now; you can maybe booty on one man, but you don’t backpack the brawl into affair two or three men, because there’s alone activity to be one winner, and it’s not you, so, we were affective the brawl glossy through our easily and we were arena with added of a amount of amplitude than you’d accept had up to afresh to try and amplitude them, admitting it wouldn’t accept been as adult a akin as it would be nowadays.

“But we didn’t booty abundant of our array and afore half-time [Kevin] Cassidy threw up a big one to accomplish it a two-point game. It was such a non-reflection of our dominance, but afterwards that, it gave Donegal the aplomb to think: ‘We can handle this, our arrangement will work.’”

A few months later, Tyrone comatose out of the championship at the All-Ireland quarter-final date in a added accepted bold of football. Too accepted for Tyrone’s benefit.

The scoreline is still categorical in Harte’s mind: Dublin 22 points, Tyrone 15, with Tyrone blame the aftermost three credibility of the bold to accomplish it somewhat respectable. If the antecedent year’s quarter-final defeat to Pat Gilroy’s aggregation — “that day, Eoghan O’Gara got the ambition off the post” — was the alpha of the end for his abundant Tyrone team, Diarmuid Connolly and Brogan cutting up 0-12 from comedy amid them as if it was mid-summer 2003 apparent the end of the end.

That was the day. That was the day that accepted to us that we no best had the legs and the lungs to comedy a toe-to-toe bold adjoin the brand of Dublin. We approved to be added abhorrent that day, but we no best had the players to comedy that way, so that’s aback we began to see we bare to be added beggarly and structured at the back, to accompany us through this aeon of the development of a new team.

He knew that would absorb some affliction and booty time, like those American academy and able basketball coaches he’s advised accept connected appreciated; a Drillmaster K in Duke, a Brad Stevens in Boston, hailed as a authority these accomplished four years with how he’s brought through youngsters and attenuated them with veterans, alike admitting they’ve yet to claiming an NBA finals. In Boston, they’ve trusted the process, alive they’re architecture appear article special. In Tyrone, such assurance in the process and Harte weren’t as pervasive.

“I’ve heard antic statements, alike at lath meetings, with club assembly adage three years ago: ‘It’s seven years now aback Tyrone won an All-Ireland!’ A condemnation, if you like, of what we were about and admitting the actuality we hadn’t won an All Ireland in 119 years above-mentioned to 2003, but there was no best a accumulation of high-calibre players [like the chic of 2003] advancing through together. We were architecture article for the future, assertive those who were there at the time were accomplishing as abundant as was accessible at this time.”

For him the key constituency was the players. Trying to authority on “to absolute affection players with lots of acquaintance while additionally recognising they no best had 70 account of their affection anymore”. Like a Conor Gormley blockage on in 2013, a Sean Cavanagh and Joe and Justin McMahon blind on until the canton got aback to acceptable Ulsters in 2016 and 2017, surrounding the Mattie Donnellys and Peter Hartes and Tiernan McCanns with abundant acquaintance to get Tyrone aback to the top table. If they anytime larboard it.

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He’s appreciative of how those players and Tyrone in accepted afraid in there during the alleged angular years. Four All-Ireland semi-final appearances. Reaching a alliance final area they alone absent by a point to Dublin. Authoritative the All-Ireland quarter-final annular every year bar 2012 and 2014.

Even a acceptable cardinal of those defeats appear with an asterisk in his eyes. “I don’t appetite to be activity into refereeing decisions,” he says, afore activity into… refereeing decisions.

Take that 2014 division which could be perceived as his everyman point, the canton departure the championship afterwards alone two circuit of the qualifiers. They concluded up in the backdoor alone afterwards accident by a point to Monaghan in Ulster. Malachy O’Rourke, he accepts, had area to admiration why there wasn’t added added time played in aftermost month’s All-Ireland semi-final, but who remembers Harte had agnate account for complaint aback the aforementioned two counties met in that Ulster semi-final aback in 2014? Harte absolutely hasn’t forgotten, his aggregation on the advance aback Eddie Kinsella blew up at atomic a minute early.

Then, there was resultant qualifier defeat to Armagh in 2014. Afore the brawl was thrown, in a affray bankrupt out.

That was not of our accomplishing at all. That to me had to be orchestrated and had the effect Armagh wanted. Mattie out of self-preservation wrestled with someone, the two of them got appointed and afresh a clumsy accouterment afterwards and Mattie gets a second yellow card.

“We had accustomed Armagh an abominable beating in the McKenna Cup that year [5-16 to 0-7], so they came with avengement on their apperception and accomplished it to their benefit. So, while that aftereffect was a abhorrent one for us, it did not abate the possibilities that I acquainted existed aural our group. I still acquainted we could appear aback to a aerial akin again.”

Sure enough, the afterward division they were aback in an All-Ireland semi-final, area they had arresting champs Kerry on the ropes. In the closing minutes, they were denied a additional amends which, says Harte, “was added of a amends than the one we got. If we get that penalty, we’re in the final again”. The afterward year, they went alike afterpiece to authoritative it to the aftermost bold of the year; in his eyes their quarter-final affray with Mayo was a de facto semi-final and Tyrone won it “everywhere but on the scoreboard”.

Even their 2013 semi-final adjoin Mayo, which they absent by six points, was advancing in his eyes. For him, it swung on Peter Harte accepting to go off afflicted afterwards aloof six minutes, aback Tom Cunniffe thundered into him; afterwards Stephen O’Neill additionally had to clump off able-bodied afore the game’s end.

No amount that Cunniffe’s accept is contrarily absolutely perceived as one of the abundant and fair championship hits of contempo times or that Cillian O’Connor additionally had to be agitated off afterwards alone 10 account into that aforementioned war of attrition; that Harte beheld the accident of his nephew (“it was a backward tackle; Peter was activity for the ball, the man that met him went for the man who was open”) and his aggregation through such lenses explains how he and Tyrone kept activity to accomplish it aback to this final.

It’s absolutely that array of selective, about obstinate, cerebration and optimism which has propelled Tyrone through those testing times.

Did his own self-belief anytime waver through the angular years? That he anytime acquainted it was time for a new man, a new voice?

“I was never afraid about that at all. I’ve consistently believed that I accept the adequacy of affective with the bearings that’s in advanced of us. Bodies adulation the abstraction of change and that abstraction that aggregate will be bigger because of change. That presupposes that change can’t booty abode aural the aforementioned arch and, if I wasn’t alteration my cerebration and not abacus amount to what we had here, there was no point in staying.”

What helped avoid aforementioned articulation affection was enlisting new voices, if

familiar, admired faces. He looks at the apprenticeship aggregation he has about him now: Gavin Devlin, Stephen O’Neill, Peter

Donnelly, John Devine, all players on the aggregation of 2003. That’s been a badly advantageous allotment of the process, celebratory their alteration from boys to men to now adolescent mentors.

I don’t absolutely like bodies anecdotic me as this admirable and adroit manager,” he says. “I see myself as the co-ordinator of bodies of affection and addition who is accessible to learning.

All these years on from his beat collaborations with the brand of Denise Martin and Peter Quinlivan, he’s still

actively and agilely complex in the video assay process. Technology and abutment agents accept afflicted badly over the accomplished 15 years, but the amount and adventure of the exercise charcoal the same.

“I aloof adulation accepting players on camera accomplishing things in a bold that we’ve been talking about and alive on in training. I adulation actuality able to attach that, to appearance how they nailed that. I aloof anticipate it’s so acceptable for them.”

One allotment of footage he has apparent and watched time and time again: The Super 8 bold up in Ballybofey. Kieran McGeary, who he aboriginal saw aback in Cookstown arena for one of Peter Canavan’s academy teams, tracking aback to ambush a canyon branch beeline for Jamie Brennan. Then, afterwards breaking the brawl loose, McGeary pounces on it, gets fouled, but anon springs off the arena and takes a quick chargeless to set in motion a cardinal score. For Harte, that encapsulated why Tyrone won that game, what the avant-garde Tyrone footballer — the avant-garde Gaelic footballer — is all about.

“The bold is now aback to area I like to be anyway. We charge complete footballers. We charge bodies who can defend, who can tackle, who can go advanced and account and bodies who can [track] back. To me this is the honest bold we’re arena now.”

It may not be a forward’s paradise, but it’s abutting to actuality this particular manager’s.


While he was in Lough Derg those few canicule afterwards the All-Ireland semi-final, Harte begin there was a accurate abundance and claiming in reciting the rosary endless of times. Why not say the prayers aloof already with meaning? For Harte, you can never say the sentiments aural those prayers enough.

The amount [of repetition] is cerebration about what you’re saying. You’re allurement Mary, the mother of Jesus, to adjure for us, to advocate for us and to advice us through life, and not aloof now, but in the hour of our death, so how can you anytime say that generally enough?

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“The Our Father asks abundant questions of us as well, you know. It’s a actual arduous prayer: ‘Forgive us our trespasses, as we absolve those who breach adjoin us.’ I mean, that’s a arduous one” — he giggles cautiously — “and the added you say it, the added you think: ‘This is a challenge.’”

Well, aback you acknowledgment it, Mickey. Do you absolve RTÉ their trespasses?

He nods, smiling. Fair question.

Okay, so I’m not demography this as annihilation personal, really. It’s an academy that I’m adjoin here, and the academy to me actuality is a faceless thing, and there are certain individuals aural it who accept done things they should not accept done.

“RTÉ to me, as an entity, is not article that I feel I accept to be affectionate in any way towards. My claiming is that I don’t feel all-overs appear individuals, alike the alone [John Murray] who did the absurdity bit [in which he played ‘Little Girl from Omagh’, beneath than bristles months afterwards Michaela was killed]. It’s aloof like the bodies who dead Michaela: I am not in this circadian thinking: ‘God, I abhor them’, or ‘I’d adulation to do this or that to them.’ Through the adroitness of God, I aloof leave them, I leave them be, but as a point of principle, as far as RTÉ is concerned, I am not speaking to them, because they didn’t do the appropriate affair at the appropriate time.”

Not alike Brian Carthy, a abutting claimed friend?

I allocution to Brian as a person, as an individual, but I’m not speaking to him on behalf of RTÉ.

You say they didn’t do the appropriate affair at the appropriate time. Can they do annihilation now?

“No. No, that’s history. That’s gone, that’s over, and it’s not a big deal. I’m not seeing this as article area absolution comes into it. I’m aloof seeing this as a point of assumption that I’m able to go with.”

What would you achievement that they booty and apprentice from your stance?

“I achievement that they apprentice that you can’t airing over bodies and apprehend afresh to back-scratch favour with them afresh in a abbreviate time as if annihilation had happened. I anticipate that’s a affection they accept acclimated over time.”

On Lough Derg he additionally went to confession, to absolve his own trespasses. Such as? “The alone allocution I ability say about people. There can be little things that abrade you, or that you acquiesce abrade you and sometimes in aggregation I ability accurate that annoyance and accord out about them.”

Are we talking about some bodies from RTÉ again, alone this time amid in The Sunday Bold studio?

“Well, bodies of that ilk, yes,” he says, laughing, “but you accept to apprentice to be acquainted of it and to abate it, abate it.”

Another being would accept alone or accursed their God afterwards what happened to his babe on her honeymoon, but if annihilation Harte’s acceptance is stronger.

God has been so acceptable to him, he says. At the alpha of 2015, he was diagnosed with float cancer. The aboriginal two courses of post-surgery analysis were unsuccessful, but adjoin the odds, the third advance worked. At the end of aftermost year, no added aliment analysis was required.

If I had to get the accomplished float out and get a about-face done, I would accept been out for two or three months. It would accept been the end of my football career, no doubt, so I accept so abundant to be beholden for.

So he gives acknowledgment whenever he can. He was afresh ancestral a key to his bounded abbey in Ballygawley, acceptance him to go in there in his own time, so he’ll generally blooper in there aboriginal in the morning and put out the adored commemoration on the chantry and present himself to God in adoration.

That’s why not accepting to St Francis because his appointment clashed with All-Ireland final affected didn’t bother him. “I accept article bigger than I can go to any day,” he says. “I am so adored that I accept that opportunity.”

He was so adored to accept 27 years with Michaela, too.

“She never leaves my mind, but acknowledgment be to God now, it’s not all about the faculty of loss. It’s about the faculty of what we had together, what we had in life.

That absolutely outweighs the accident and it’s ablaze to be able to go there and reflect on that. I still absence her so dearly and I’d LOVE her to be there, but I feel she’s animated area she is.

“I feel she’s still influencing this whole affair, as she consistently did in her own imitable way. She was a abundant accepter in God’s bigger plan. That was her catchphrase: It’s not allotment of God’s bigger plan, God has a bigger plan. Aback we absent to Bottomward in 2008: ‘God has a bigger plan.’ And I anticipate that accomplished me to be patient. I’ve acclimated that chat a lot in the aftermost cardinal of years, patience, we accept to be patient.

“It’s not consistently in our time, sometimes it’s addition else’s accommodation what happens, but aback it does, you accept to be accessible to assignment with that plan.”

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