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Options, options and added options can be begin throughout the Pikes Peak region’s 17 accessible academy districts, from acceptable apprenticeship to a admixture of online acquirements and classroom teaching to addition schools and chargeless academy courses for aerial academy students.

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Districts beset the smallest, Edison Academy Commune 54-JT in the eastern plains association of Yoder, with aloof added than 200 students, to the largest, Colorado Springs Academy Commune 11 in axial Colo-rado Springs, which has added than 28,000 students.

There are programs to clothing all kinds of students: apathetic learners, avant-garde learners, special-needs learners and English-language learners. Some programs are decidedly intense, such as the International Baccalaureate affairs offered in several districts.

Charter schools accept flourished with focuses on algebraic and science, the environment, adopted languages, classical studies, able and accomplished advance and more.

To edger through the options, the Colorado Department of Education’s website,, has a area for parents and acceptance that explains regulations, commune accomplishment and advance results. It additionally offers statistical advice on all the state’s schools.


234-1200, With the accession of a basal allotment school, D-20, the area’s second-largest commune with about 25,000 students, now has online acquirements for every grade. Academy Calvert K-8 Online Academy is for kindergarten through eighth grade. Acceptance accept abundant acquirements affairs application Calvert Education’s curriculum, which is offered nationwide. Acceptance additionally can go to the “blended-learning center” at 3475 Hampton Park Drive for apprenticeship and accessory alternation during science abstracts and art lessons.

Also new, all D-20 aerial academy acceptance can booty online or amalgam courses, and ninth-graders can participate in a attenuated affairs that combines calm assignment with on-campus activities in two modular classrooms at Pine Creek High.

• Academy Calvert K-8 Online: 3475 Hampton Park Drive, 234-5630

• Academy Endeavour Elementary: 3475 Hampton Park Drive, 234-5600

• Academy International Elementary: 8550 Charity Drive, 234-4000

• Antelope Trails Elementary: 15280 Jessie Drive, 234-4100

• Chinook Trail Elementary: 11795 Grand Lawn Circle, 234-5700

• Discovery Canyon Campus: 1810 Northgate Blvd., 234-1800

• Douglass Valley Elementary: 4610 Douglass Drive, USAFA, 234-4200

• Edith Wolford Elementary: 13710 Black Forest Road, 234-4300

• Explorer Elementary: 4190 Bardot Drive, 234-4400

• Foothills Elementary: 825 Allegheny Drive, 234-4500

• Frontier Elementary: 3755 Meadowridge Drive, 234-4600

• Aerial Plains Elementary: 2248 Vintage Drive, 234-4700

• Home Academy Academy: 1110 Chapel Hills Drive, 234-1473

• Mountain View Elementary: 10095 Lexington Drive, 234-4800

• Pioneer Elementary: 3663 Woodland Hills Drive, 234-5000

• Prairie Hills Elementary: 8025 Telegraph Drive, 234-5100

• Agronomical Creek Elementary: 9155 Tutt Blvd., 234-5500

• Rockrimmon Elementary: 194 Mikado Drive W., 234-5200

• Academy in the Woods: 12002 Vollmer Road, 495-1865

• The da Vinci Academy: 1335 Bridle Oaks Lane, 234-5400

• Woodmen-Roberts Elementary: 8365 Orchard Path Road, 234-5300

• Commune 20 Preschool: 1110 Chapel Hills Drive, 234-1750

• Summer Academy and Enrichment: 1110 Chapel Hills Drive, 234-1374

• The Classical Academy: 975 Stout Road, 484-0091

• Aspen Valley Average School: 1470 Chapel Hills Drive, 234-6100

• Challenger Average School: 10215 Lexington Drive, 234-3000

• Discovery Canyon Campus: 1810 Northgate Blvd., 234-1800

• Eagleview Average School: 1325 Vindicator Drive, 234-3400

• Mountain Ridge Average School: 9150 Lexington Drive, 234-3200

• Timberview Average School: 8680 Scarborough Drive, 234-3600

• Academy Online Aerial School: 1110 Chapel Hills Drive, 234-1670

• Air Academy Aerial School: 6910 Carlton Drive, USAFA, 234-2400

• Aspen Valley Aerial School: 1450 Chapel Hills Drive, 234-6000

• Liberty Aerial School: 8720 Scarborough Drive, 234-2200

• Pine Creek Aerial School: 10750 Thunder Mountain Ave., 234-2600

• Rampart Aerial School: 8250 Lexington Drive, 234-2000



A third Architecture Excellent Schools Today acceptance from the accompaniment is advantageous to alter the roof on the academy architecture that houses preschool through 12th-graders.Advanced Placement English, math, science and amusing studies classes are new, and the iPad action with Apple is accretion so every average and aerial academy amateur will be issued a claimed cyberbanking device. Additionally growing is the Parenting Matters program, which teaches elementary academy parents about literacy. This year, accessory academy parents will amateur about Internet safety, amusing media and added capacity pertaining to teens

.• Calhan elementary, average academy and aerial academy are at 800 Bulldog Drive, Calhan, 347-2766



The district’s $42.5 actor voter-approved amplification of the aerial academy campus is underway and will be accomplished backward abutting year. The activity will affiliate several disconnected buildings, reconfigure the capital entrance, amend classrooms, clean the parking lot and add a baseball field.

The elementary and inferior aerial schools are accepting new lighting, electrical and aegis systems, boiler replacements and amphitheater upgrades.

A new elementary academy articulacy affairs additionally is beneath consideration.

• Broadmoor Elementary: 440 W. Cheyenne Mountain Blvd., 475-6130

• Cheyenne Mountain Elementary: 5250 Farthing Drive, 576-3080

• Gold Camp Elementary: 1805 Preserve Drive, 327-2820

• Piñon Valley Elementary: 6205 Farthing Drive, 527-0300

• Skyway Elementary: 1100 Mercury Drive, 475-6150 Cheyenne Mountain Aboriginal Childhood Preschool Program: 1201 W. Cheyenne Road, 475-6140

• The Vanguard Academy (K-4): 1832 S. Wahsatch Ave., 471-1999

• Cheyenne Mountain Inferior High: 1200 W. Cheyenne Road, 475-6120

• Cheyenne Mountain High: 1200 Cresta Road, 475-6110

• The Vanguard Academy (5-12): 1605 S. Corona Ave., 471-1999



Officials in D-11 beneath walking distances from home to academy and aback by one-half a mile, which able an added 1,900 acceptance to ride the bus. The commune added 32 routes beyond elementary, average and aerial schools and continued some absolute routes.

A new administering in able development will accept agents administering what they’ve abstruse and accouterment acknowledgment to one another.

A articulacy program, “Wonders,” is rolling out in all elementary schools to get all acceptance on the aforementioned folio back it comes to account and writing. Schools that accept had crumbling acceptance or are disturbing academically are beneath accelerated affairs to about-face them around, with business plans, barrier address enhancements systems’ improvements or added changes.

• Audubon Elementary: 2400 E. Van Buren St., 328-2600

• Bristol Elementary: 890 N. Walnut St., 328-4000

• Buena Vista Elementary, A Accessible Montessori School: 924 W. Pikes Peak Ave., 328-4100

• Carver Elementary: 4740 Artistic Circle, 328-7100

• Chipeta Elementary: 2340 Ramsgate Terrace, 328-5500

• Columbia Elementary: 835 E. Vrain St., 328-2700

• Edison Elementary: 3125 N. Hancock Ave., 328-2800

• Freedom Elementary: 5280 Butterfield Drive, 228-0800

• Fremont Elementary: 5110 El Camino Drive, 328-5600

• Acceptance Elementary: 3215 Westwood Blvd., 328-5700

• Patrick Henry Elementary: 1310 Lehm-berg Blvd., 328-7200

• Howbert Elementary: 1023 N. 31st St., 328-4200

• Hunt Elementary: 917 E. Moreno Ave., 328-2900

• Andrew Jackson Elementary: 4340 Edwinstowe Ave., 328-5800

• Keller Elementary: 3730 Montebello Drive W., 328-5900

• King Elementary: 6110 Sapporo Drive, 328-6000

• Madison Elementary: 4120 Constitution Ave., 328-7300

• Martinez Elementary: 6460 Vickers Drive, 328-6100

• Christa McAuliffe Elementary: 830 Hathaway Drive, 228-0900

• Midland International Elementary: 2110 W. Broadway St., 328-4500

• Monroe Elementary: 15 S. Chelton Road, 328-7400

• Penrose Elementary: 4285 S. Nonchalant Circle, 328-7500

• Queen Palmer Elementary: 1921 E. Yampa St., 328-3200

• Rogers Elementary: 110 S. Circle Drive, 328-3300

• Rudy Elementary: 5370 Cracker Barrel Circle, 328-7600

• Scott Elementary: 6175 Whetstone Drive, 328-6200

• Steele Elementary: 1720 N. Weber St., 328-4700

• Stratton Elementary: 2460 Paseo Road, 328-3400

• Taylor Elementary: 900 E. Buena Ventura St., 328-3500

• Trailblazer Elementary: 2015 Wickes Road, 328-6300

• Twain Elementary: 3402 E. San Miguel St., 328-7700

• West Elementary: 25 N. 20th St., 328-4900

• Wilson Elementary: 1409 De Reamer Circle, 328-7800

• Galileo Academy of Algebraic and Science: 1600 N. Union Blvd, 328-2200

• Holmes Middle: 2455 Mesa Road, 328-3800

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• Jenkins Middle: 6410 Austin Bluffs Parkway, 328-5300

• Mann Middle: 1001 E. Van Buren St., 328-2300

• North Middle: 612 E. Yampa St., 328-2400

• Russell Middle: 3825 E. Montebello Drive, 328-5200

• Sabin Middle: 3605 N. Carefree Circle, 328-7000

• Jack Swigert Aerospace Academy: 4220 E. Pikes Peak Ave., 328-6900

•West Middle: 1920 W. Pikes Peak Ave., 328-3900

• Coronado High: 1590 W. Fillmore St., 328-3600

• Doherty High: 4515 Barnes Road, 328-6400

• Mitchell High: 1205 Potter Drive, 328-6600

• Palmer High: 301 N. Nevada Ave., 328-5000

• Roy J. Wasson Bookish Campus: 2115 Afton Way, 328-2000

— Achieve Online, 328-3012

— Developed and Ancestors Education, 328-3001

— Career Pathways, 328-2030

— Aboriginal Academy High, 328-2030

— Springs Association Night School, 328-2160

— Tesla Educational Befalling School, 328-2100

— The Bijou School, 328-2060

—The Digital Aerial School, 328-3012

• AACL (Academy for Avant-garde and Creative Learning): 2510 N. Chestnut St., 434-6566

• CIVA Allotment School: 4635 Northpark Drive, 633-1306

• Association Prep. Allotment School: 332 E. Willamette Ave., 227-8836

• GLOBE Allotment School: 3302 Alpine Place, 630-0577

• Life Skills Center: 1810 Eastlake Blvd., 471-0684

• Roosevelt-Edison Allotment School: 205 S. Byron Drive, 637-0311



An addition apprenticeship affairs for acceptance who accept alone out of academy is returning. Additionally authoritative a improvement are Avant-garde Placement classes in English, math, science and amusing studies. New abstruse courses for average and aerial academy acceptance in architecture accomplishment and customer and ancestors studies accept been added. And the commune has bargain graduation requirements to be added in band with accompaniment norms, with 22 division credits bare to alum instead of 30.

A angle to aggrandize the school-based bloom centermost for acceptance to a association bloom centermost is actuality considered.

• Aboriginal Childhood Apprenticeship and Arch Start, 412 N. C St., Cripple Creek, 689-3420

• Cresson Elementary: 412 N. C St., Cripple Creek, 689-9230

• Cripple Creek-Victor Junior/Senior High: 410 N. B St., Cripple Creek, 689-2661



A 33,000-square-foot voter-approved amplification of the average academy and aerial academy is affective forward. The activity will add classrooms, a science lab, an autism room, a appropriate apprenticeship room, boutique space, a amphitheater and a preschool to the architecture that opened in 1922.

The commune additionally will assignment on maintain-ing its bookish achievement. Aftermost year, 54-JT becoming the state’s accomplished baronial for achievement and growth, which has helped addition enrollment.

• Edison Elementary, Inferior and Senior Aerial and Edison Academy: 14550 Edison Road, Yoder.



Curriculum improvements abound. Abstruse apprenticeship is growing, with wood-working and business courses that additionally acquire acceptance academy credit. Avant-garde Placement classes in accent arts, math, science and amusing studies are now accessible for aerial academy students, and anniversary ninth- through 12th-grader will accept a laptop for schoolwork.

Additional agents for aboriginal interventions will advice analyze kindergarten through sixth-grade acceptance who charge added advice with algebraic and reading, added agents associates accept been assassin for the able and accomplished program, and the areawide severe-needs classroom has been expanded.

• Ellicott Preschool: 350 S. Ellicott Highway, 683-2700, ext. 2250

• Ellicott Elementary: 399 S. Ellicott Highway, 683-2700, ext. 1

• Ellicott Middle: 350 S. Ellicott Highway, 683-2700, ext. 2

• Ellicott High: 375 S. Ellicott Highway, 683-2700, ext. 3



Enrollment in the region’s third-largest commune has added by added than one-third back 2010 and is accepted to abreast 21,000 acceptance this year.

A comminute burden override voters accustomed in November is advantageous for a districtwide convoying officer, bacon boosts and added technology, including Kindle e-readers at Falcon High.

The Peak Partners Action has launched to advance relationships with association leaders who don’t accept a affiliation to the district. Employee training to advance systems and procedures has begun.

District leaders additionally are advancing for a new allotment academy appointed to accessible abutting fall, a abstruse and trades academy that’s allotment of the James Irwin Allotment Schools group.

• Banning Lewis Agronomical Academy: 7094 Cottonwood Tree Drive, 570-0075

• Evans International Elementary: 1675 Winnebago Road, 495-5299

• Falcon Elementary Academy of Technology: 12050 Falcon Highway, 495-5272

• Meridian Agronomical Elementary: 10480 Rainbow Bridge Drive, Peyton, 494-2909

• Odyssey Elementary: 6275 Bridle Spur Ave., 494-8622

• Remington Elementary: 2825 Pony Advance Drive, 495-5266

• Ridgeview Elementary: 6573 Shimmering Creek Drive, 494-8700

• Springs Agronomical Elementary: 4350 Centerville Drive, 494-8600

• Stetson Elementary: 4910 Jedediah Smith Road, 495-5252

• Woodmen Hills Elementary: 8308 Del Rio Road, Peyton, 495-5500

• Falcon Average School: 9755 Towner Ave., Peyton, 495-5232

• Horizon Average School: 1750 Piros Drive, 495-5210

• Imagine Indigo Ranch: 6464 Peterson Road, 495-7360

• Skyview Average School: 6350 Windom Peak Blvd., 495-5566

• Falcon Basal Academy: 6113 Constitution Ave., 494-8940

• GOAL Academy Addition School: 107 W. 11th St, Pueblo., 1-877-776-4625

• Patriot Acquirements Center: 11990 Swingline Road NE, Peyton, 495-5505

• Pikes Peak Academy of Expeditionary Learning: 11925 Antlers Ridge Drive, Peyton, 522-2580

• Rocky Mountain Classical Academy: 4620 Antelope Ridge Drive, 622-8000

• Falcon High: 10255 Lambert Road, Peyton, 495-5522

• Sand Creek High: 7005 N. Carefree Circle, 495-1160

• Vista Ridge High: 6888 Black Forest Road, 494-8800

• Springs Studio for Bookish Excel-lence: 6113 Constitution Ave., 494-8940



A new administrator is at the captain of this district, in which 75 percent of acceptance accept a aggressive affiliation and bisected of its schools are on the base.

Although Fort Carson is accepted to lose about 365 soldiers from civic cuts, commune admiral activity acceptance to abound to 8,278 students.

A new $7.5 actor preschool is aperture abutting to the administering architecture to serve about 250 low-income and at-risk youngsters ages 3-5. Three classrooms will be for Arch Start participants, a federal affairs that works to advice breach the aeon of abjection with assorted abutment for families.

• Abrams Elementary: 600 Chiles Ave., Fort Carson, 382-1490

• Aragon Elementary: 211 S. Capital St., Fountain, 382-1340

• Eagleside Elementary: 9750 Sentry Drive, Fountain, 382-1520

• Jordahl Elementary: 800 Progress Drive, Fountain, 382-1400

• Mesa Elementary: 400 Camino Del Rey, Fountain, 382-1370

• Mountainside Elementary: 5506 Harr Ave., Fort Carson, 382-1430

• Patriot Elementary: 7010 Harr Ave., Fort Carson, 382-1460

• Weikel Elementary: 6565 Lindstrom St., Fort Carson, 358-4320

• Conrad Aboriginal Acquirements Center: 10605 Jimmy Camp Road, Fountain, 304-3500

• Carson Middle: 6200 Prussman Blvd., Fort Carson, 382-1610

• Fountain Middle: 515 N. Santa Fe Ave., Fountain, 382-1580

• Fountain-Fort Carson High: 900 Jimmy Camp Road, Fountain, 382-1640

• Welte Apprenticeship Center, 330 Lyckman Drive, Fountain, 382-1550



The new superintendent, who is continuing in his role as arch of the elementary school, is alive on creating a districtwide cardinal plan and accessories plan, with association and agents input, and developing accepted operating procedures.

Over the summer, the commune completed architecture improvements and added a key-less access arrangement at both schools. Two new academy buses are actuality purchased.Enrollment is accepted to abide about 260 students.

• Prairie Heights Elementary School: 7930 Indian Village Heights, Fountain, 382-1260

• Hanover Junior-Senior Aerial School: 17050 S. Peyton Highway, Peyton, 683-2247, ext. 2



tms asd20 TMS Principal on Twitter: "The TMS staff welcomes back the 2016-2017 ...

Creek Elementary and Carmel Average schools accept started the International Bac-calaureate applicant program, which lasts up to two years. If approved, the schools will be the aboriginal in the commune to accept the IB format, which looks at apprenticeship from a all-around standpoint.

Two elementary schools are aggravating a year-round calendar, and Avant-garde Placement courses for aerial academy acceptance accept added from bristles to 19. That has added than quadrupled the cardinal of acceptance demography the classes at the district’s two acceptable aerial schools.

Enrollment in the region’s fourth-largest commune with a ample citizenry of impov-erished acceptance is accepted to authority abiding at 11,500 students.

• Atlas Preparatory School: 1602 S. Murray Blvd., 358-7196

• Bricker Elementary: 4880 Dover Drive, 579-2150

• Centennial Elementary: 1860 S. Chelton Road, 579-2155

• Giberson Elementary: 2880 Ferber Drive, 579-2165

• James Irwin Allotment elementary, average and high: 5525 Astrozon Blvd., 302-9000

• Monterey Elementary: 2311 Monterey Road, 579-2170

• Mountain Vista Community: 2550 Dorset Drive, 527-3400

• Mountain Vista Homeschool Academy: 2400 Slater Ave., 579-2160

• Oak Creek Elementary: 3333 Oak Creek Drive W., 579-2175

• Otero Elementary: 1650 Charmwood Drive, 579-2110

• Pikes Peak Elementary: 1520 Verde Drive, 579-2180

• Sand Creek Elementary: 550 Sand Creek Drive, 579-3760

• Soaring Eagles Elementary: 4710 Harrier Ridge Drive, 540-4000

• Stratmoor Hills Elementary: 200 Loomis Ave., 579-2185

• Stratton Meadows Elementary: 610 Brookshire Ave., 579-2190

• Turman Elementary: 3245 Springnite Drive, 579-2195

• Wildflower Elementary: 1160 Keith Drive, 579-2115

• Carmel Middle: 1740 Pepperwood Drive, 579-3210

• Fox Meadow Middle: 1450 Cheyenne Meadows Road, 527-7100

• Panorama Middle: 2145 S. Chelton Road, 579-3220

• The Aerial Academy Preparatory Academy: 2250 Jet Wing Drive, 579-2580

• Harrison High: 2755 Janitell Road, 579-2080

• Sierra High: 2250 Jet Wing Drive, 579-2090



The old Palmer Lake Elementary Academy Library is ability a $56,000 renovation. Flexible, kid-friendly spaces that acclimatize to lath developed learners with shelving on rolling casters, new technology and energy-efficient windows are allotment of the plan.

A second-level biomedical sciences advance — animal anatomy systems — is actuality offered at Lewis-Palmer Aerial as allotment of a Activity Lead the Way program.

Wellness teams are actuality alien at every school, as allotment of the Colorado Action for Healthy Kids initiative, technology upgrades accept been made, and the district’s Business Advisory Council will host a aboriginal Career Awareness Fair in the abatement for average and aerial academy students.

Enrollment is projected at 6,230 students.

• Bear Creek Elementary: 1330 Creekside Drive, Monument, 488-4770

• Lewis-Palmer Elementary: 1315 Lake Woodmoor Drive, Monument, 488-4750

• Palmer Lake Elementary: 115 Upper Glenway, Palmer Lake, 488-4760

• Prairie Winds Elementary: 790 King’s Deer Point E., Monument, 559-0800

• Ray E. Kilmer Elementary: 4285 Walker Road, 488-4740

• Lewis-Palmer Middle: 1776 Woodmoor Drive, Monument, 488-4776

• Lewis-Palmer High: 1300 Higby Road, Monument, 488-4720

• Palmer Ridge High: 19255 Monument Hill Road, Monument, 867-8600

• Monument Academy Charter: 1150 Vil-lage Ridge Point, Monument, 481-1950



A new commune anticipate catchbasin alleged ManX is advised to affect new programs that will enhance the schools’ environment, academics and advance mindset.The accumulation of 20 agents associates aims to answer: “What if we could do annihilation we capital to advice accouchement amateur and be accessible for the 21st century? What would those things be?”

Existing avant-garde programs accommodate on-campus ballet classes, robotics and aerospace engineering, bargain music acquaint and an outdoor, empiric algebraic and science clue for sixth-graders.

Enrollment is accepted to top 1,500 students, with 42 percent advancing from alfresco commune boundaries.

• Manitou Springs Elementary: 110 Pawnee Ave., Manitou Springs, 685-2195

• Ute Pass Elementary: 9230 Chipita Park Road, Chipita Park, 685-2227

• Manitou Springs Middle: 415 El Monte Place, Manitou Springs, 685-2127

• Manitou Springs High: 401 El Monte Place, Manitou Springs, 685-2074



Building relationships in the commune and the association is one of the goal’s of the new superintendent, who additionally is confined as the district’s accessory academy principal.

A new account affairs for elementary academy students, “Core Knowledge Accent Arts,” aims to bigger adjust apprenticeship with Common Core Accompaniment Standards. The district, which has about 300 students, additionally is refinancing two bonds to save money and replacing two academy buses.

• Miami Yoder JT-60: K-12, 420 S. Rush Road, Rush



The old Peyton Average Academy is actuality adapted into a woodworking, architecture and automotive trades center. The commune is aperture the Peyton Woods Accomplishment Program, which offers entry-level through avant-garde chiffonier accomplishment for aerial academy students. The commune additionally has brought its aboriginal allotment academy on board, the Career Architecture Academy, which has architecture and automotive industry training.

Voters in November agreed to a additional de-TABORing in 23-JT for seven years, acceptation the commune will seek grants and accumulated donations. A nonprofit foundation is actuality set up to handle contributions.

Enrollment will be about 550 acceptance and potentially abound to 650 with the new allotment school.

• Peyton Elementary: 13550 Bradshaw Road, Peyton, 749-0170

• Peyton Inferior and Senior High: 13885 Bradshaw Road, Peyton, 749-0417

• The Career Architecture Academy: 18320 Capital St., Peyton, 749-2091



The district, with about 9,300 students, is absolutely rolling out a STEM affairs for sixth- through 12th-graders. A $1.7 actor acceptance from the U.S. Department of Defense Apprenticeship Activity will advice to apparatus Activity Lead the Way, a civic science, technology, engineering and algebraic program.

D-3 is accepted for its pride, attitude and innovation, with Activity Lead the Way actuality an addition development that will get acceptance out of the box in science and math.District leaders additionally are gearing up for a first-time Spring Showcase in April to highlight achievements including the music program, Navy Inferior ROTC cadets, Activity Lead the Way robots and added achievements.

• Widefield Association Center, 705 Aspen Drive, 391-3515

• WSD3 Preschool: 209 Leta Drive, 391-3375

• French Elementary: 5225 Alturas Drive, 391-3495

• King Elementary: 6910 Defoe Ave., 391-3455

• Pinello Elementary: 2515 Cody Drive, 391-3395

• Sunrise Elementary: 7070 Grand Valley Drive, 391-3415

• Talbott Elementary: Dean and Fordham streets, 391-3475

• Venetucci Elementary: 405 Willis Drive, 391-3355

• Webster Elementary: 445 Jersey Lane, 391-3435

• Widefield Elementary: 509 Widefield Drive, 391-3335

• Janitell Inferior High: 7635 Fountain Mesa Road, Fountain, 391-3295

• Sproul Inferior High: 235 Sumac Drive, 391-3218

• Watson Inferior High: 136 Fontaine Blvd., 391-3255

• Discovery High: 701 Widefield Drive, 391-3121

• Mesa Ridge High: 6070 Mesa Ridge Parkway, 391-3600

• Widefield High: 615 Widefield Drive, 391-3200

• James Madison Allotment Academy: 660 Syracuse St., 391-3977

• D3 My Way: 930 Leta Drive, 391-3080



The boondocks ambassador will be in the dugout, elementary academy acceptance will dig in the clay and home-school kids will accept added affairs to be in chic in RE-2, which has about 2,400 students.The ambassador has been assassin as the aerial academy baseball arch coach.

An ecology apprenticeship affairs for all elementary academy acceptance that kicked off aftermost academy year is continuing with out-door acquaint at a adjacent ranch.Middle academy acceptance who are home-schooled now accept the befalling to booty classes at Summit Elementary School, and classroom adventures for elementary akin home-schoolers additionally are expanding.

• Columbine Elementary: 175 E. Kelley Road, Woodland Park, 686-2300

• Gateway Elementary: 100 Panther Way, Woodland Park, 686-2051

• Summit Elementary: 490 Meadow Park Drive, Divide, 686-2401

• Woodland Park Middle: 600 E. Kelley Road, Woodland Park, 686-2200

• Woodland Park High: 151 Panther Way, Woodland Park, 686-2067


Some of the religious or clandestine schools in the region:

• Ave Maria Catholic School, 9056 E. Parker Road, Parker, 1-720-842-5400

• Colorado Springs Christian Schools, 4855 Mallow Road, 535-8968

• The Colorado Springs School: 21 Broadmoor Ave., 475-9747

• Corpus Christi Catholic School: 2410 N. Cascade Ave., 632-5092

• Divine Redeemer Catholic School, 901 N. Logan Ave., 471-7771

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• Aboriginal Connections Home Network, 104 E. Rio Grande St., 632-1754

• Evangelical Christian Academy: 2511 N. Logan Ave., 634-7024

• Fountain Valley Academy of Colorado: 6155 Fountain Valley Academy Road, 390-7035

• HillSprings Academy: 2776 Janitell Road, 576-3840

• Holy Apostles Catholic Preschool, 4925 N. Carefree Circle, 591-1566

• Rocky Mountain Montessori Academy: 7675 Lexington Drive, 592-0900

• Ruth Washburn Cooperative Nursery School: 914 N. 19th St., 636-3084

• St. Paul Catholic School, 1601 Mesa Ave., 632-1846

• St. Peter Catholic School, 124 1st St., Monument, 481-1855

• St. Mary’s Aerial School, 2501 E. Yam-pa St., 635-7540

• Salem Lutheran School: 4318 N. Chestnut St., 599-0200

• Sidewalks End Montessori: 3215 Woodland Hills Drive, 266-0026


• Colorado Allotment Academy Institute: 1580 Logan St., Suite 210, Denver, 1-303-866-3299

• Colorado Springs Allotment Academy: 2577 N. Chelton Road, 636-2722

• Colorado Springs Aboriginal Colleges: 4405 N. Chestnut Ave., Suite D, 955-4675

• All-around Village Academy: 1702 N. Murray Blvd., 645-8063

• James Irwin Allotment Academy: 5525 Astrozon Blvd., 302-9000

• Mountain Song Association School: 2904 W. Kiowa St., 344-5770

• Pikes Peak Prep: 525 E. Costilla St., 570-7575

• Thomas MacLaren School: 303 Aus-tin Bluffs Parkway, 313-4488



The Air Force Academy is a aggressive alignment and a baccalaureate university, advancing cadets for careers as Air Force leaders.


Southern Colorado Regional Center

1125 Kelly Johnson Blvd., Suite 105867-5800,

Colorado Christian University’s Academy of Developed and Alum Studies Centermost in southern Colorado offers associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees and drillmaster licensure programs. Abounding courses are accessible online.


14 E. Cache La Poudre St. 389-6000,

Colorado Academy is a private, four-year, avant-garde arts academy with a ambit of majors and amateur beyond departments, interdisciplinary studies and preprofessional programs. The academy operates on a block plan. Acceptance booty four classes per semester, one advance at a time in sequence, accomplishing a semester’s bulk of assignment in 3 1/2 weeks.


1490 W. Fillmore St. 634-7347,

Certificate program.


4435 N. Chestnut St. 1-855-227-0555,

The Colorado Springs campus offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in abounding able fields. Doctorate programs in administering and computer science additionally are available. The academy says it is one of alone a few schools in the nation to action bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer security.


1175 Kelly Johnson Blvd.632-3000,

Undergraduate and alum degrees in business, bloom sciences, avant-garde arts, engineering and technology.


1815 Jet Wing Drive 638-6580,

Programs accommodate accounting, business administration, computer advice science, bent justice, dental and medical assisting. Acceptance may acquire associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees absolutely online.


1111 Academy Park Loop 884-5000,

A private, four-year, co-educational Bible academy alms Bachelor of Arts in admiral and Accessory of Arts in lay ministries degrees. Majors accommodate Bible and theology, Christian counseling and music and pastoral ministries.


Main Centennial Campus, 5675 S. Academy Blvd.; Downtown Studio Campus, 100 W. Pikes Peak Ave.; Rampart Ambit Campus, 11195 Colorado 83; Falcon Campus, 3850 Pony Advance Drive; 502-2000,

Pikes Peak Association Academy is a two-year academy alms accessory degrees and assorted certifications in career and abstruse fields, with added than 125 programs of study. The academy additionally offers two-year alteration educational programs to authorize acceptance for acceptance to the inferior year at added colleges and universities and a ample ambit of educational options for adults.


7450 Campus Drive, Suite 1001-800-568-8932,

A Jesuit academy alms bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The bounded campus serves the Academy for Able Studies and offers majors and master’s degrees in business administration, computer advice systems and management.


1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway255-8227,

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs is allotment of the University of Colorado system, and the bounded campus offers 37 bachelor’s degrees, 19 master’s and bristles doctoral degrees, aural six bookish colleges. A annex of the CU Academy of Medicine additionally is available.


2 N. Cascade Ave., Suite 100 527-9000,

Degree programs are accessible in arts and sciences, business management, bent amends and security, education, animal services, nursing and bloom care, attitude and technology.


5475 Tech Centermost Drive, No. 110590-7340, springs

Certificate, undergraduate and alum degrees are offered in amplitude systems, business, advice technology and procurement.


Assist To Succeed Colorado Springs

8610 Explorer Drive, Suite 315 599-0700,

Nationally accustomed arch dental acceptable program. Ten-week advance captivated alone on Saturdays. Dental acceptable certificate.

College America

2020 N. Academy Blvd. 227-0170, springs

Undergraduate and alum degrees in nursing, bloom care, clear arts and in-formation technology.

Collinson Beating School

2163 N. Academy Blvd. 310-9297, Affidavit program.

Critter Clips Academy of Dog Grooming

1865 Dublin Blvd., 593-5880, Affidavit program.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

1675 Long St., Architecture 1117, Fort Carson 576-6858,

Certificates, undergraduate and alum degrees.

Globelink Adopted Accent Center

802 S. Tejon St. 532-0300,

Certificate programs. Translation, inter-preting and accent classes.

Independent Electrical Contractors

Southern Colorado Chapter5975 Omaha Blvd. 596-3688,

Training for amateur programs.

Institute of Business and Medical Careers

Colorado Springs campus

6805 Accumulated Drive596-7400,

Certificate, authority and amount programs in business, cosmetology, dental, bloom care, claimed fettle training, paralegal and beating careers.

Intellitec Colleges

2315 E. Pikes Peak Ave. 373-1690,

Associate degrees in automotive, drafting, computer, bloom and medical careers.

International Salon and Spa Academy

5707 N. Academy Blvd. 597-1413,

Cosmetology, barbering, esthetics, attach affliction and beard styling.

Paul Mitchell School

118 W. Colorado Ave. 636-1426,

Beauty, cosmetology and beard stylist training.

Pima Medical Institute

3770 Citadel Drive N. 1-800-477-7462,

Certificate, accessory programs. Pharmacy, medical assistant, dental and veterinary technician.

Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy

5125 N. Academy Blvd. 390-9898,

Offering basal and avant-garde cosmetology training.

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