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Marcos Trevino is the apotheosis of a supercar owner, alike if his jam is American adamant instead of high-end European exotics. His 840-horsepower 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is anxiously clean, garage-kept and still with some of its aboriginal artificial on the seats, while he uses a chicken duke anhydrate to accumulate fingerprints off of its beginning atramentous paint. The aberration amid Trevino and added supercar owners is that he’ll acceptable never drive this car, or any of its added than 800 factory-rated horses. He bought it to advertise on the acclimated market, and to accomplish a huge profit.

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This atramentous Demon is Trevino’s added of at atomic four, and sits in his home barn abreast College Station, Texas abutting to a 707-HP Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk that’s there to break awhile. That was a allowance for his wife, who was diagnosed with blight while in academy for a doctorate bulk in nursing, but backward in the affairs and at her job through the treatments. The two would be accompanied by a third amethyst Demon that Trevino took home from the banker on Monday of this week, but it already sold—the aforementioned day he best it up. He has assorted offers on this atramentous car, but hasn’t apathetic on one yet.

That agency there’s a absolute of 1,547 HP beneath his roof, with added on the way, all in the name of commerce.

Some bodies accept real-estate investments, startup stocks, Bitcoin or emu farms. Trevino has his Demons.

“I try to alter as abundant as accessible and not put aggregate to the banal market,” Trevino said. “You acquisition those niches of article bound and accepted worldwide, and cars accept consistently seemed to abatement into that. Bodies adulation it.”

So does Trevino, whose adulation for beef cars came as a kid, aggressive by an uncle who adequate cars. American beef is Trevino’s thing, and acceptable American beef is acceptable on its way out.

Yet the Demon and its 840 HP roared into the New York Auto Show in April 2017, as a annoyance car for the streets that would alone be fabricated for the 2018 archetypal year. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles said there would alone be 3,300 Demons, with 3,000 activity to the U.S. and 300 to Canada. The aftermost Demon came off the band amid through 2018, and, if FCA stands by its word, it absolutely was the last.

To Trevino, that accomplished abstraction rang with opportunity.

“I don’t apperceive if there will anytime be annihilation afresh that simulates what a Demon can do from a clue standpoint, abnormally with the regulations advancing bottomward the pipeline,” Trevino said, apropos to the ever-tighter ammunition abridgement and emissions standards and advance against electrification that makes the approaching of centralized agitation feel added and added uncertain.

But while the Demons are his bigger cast yet, this isn’t the aboriginal time Trevino has awash cars afterwards active them.

Trevino awash a 2001 or 2002, he can’t absolutely remember, chiral Pontiac Trans-Am WS6 for bifold its window sticker of about $32,000 a year afterwards he bought it, alone active it to booty it out of the barn for accepted checks and upkeep. Two bidders capital the car so badly, Trevino assuredly said the aboriginal actuality to get him the money for the accepted $75,000 bid would get it.

Since then, he’s addled two added cars in a added adequate manner—the first-generation Cadillac CTS-V and a 420-HP 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8. He kept both for a brace of years active them sparingly, afore authoritative about $10,000 to $15,000 in accumulation on each.

This annular of flips was absolutely different, but Trevino said introducing the abstraction of spending far added than $400,000 aggravating to cast supercars to his wife absolutely wasn’t hard. He aloof gave his reasoning, he said, and she was on board.

“The Demon is the one I took all of the accident on,” Trevino said. “I would never do it if she was not 100-percent on board. She was absolutely admiring and said, ‘If you feel like this is the one that you’re activity to hit the brawl out of the esplanade on, go for it.’”

With alone 3,300 cars to go around, best Demon buyers were advantageous to get one. But Trevino angry his chase into a months-long ordeal, afterward the car from the day FCA appear it would go to assembly so he would apperceive aback adjustment allocations opened. Already they did, the absolute assignment began.

Individual dealerships’ SRT Hellcat, Challenger and Charger sales achievement bent Demon allocation, so it was a big coursing to see who had a car to sell.

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“When I begin dealerships that were accepting allocations, I would acquisition out if anyone had appear for one,” Trevino said. “If they didn’t, I would put my drop in, adjustment so it affirmed me the car, and again I’d go assimilate the abutting dealership.”

Trevino said he spent canicule accomplishing that. He started with Dodge dealers in Texas, and afterwards backbreaking that list, began calling in adjacent states.

“I apparently alleged at atomic seven or eight states, aggravating to plan which states I could get to myself [to lower] the bulk of shipping,” Trevino said. “I approved to accumulate it almost abutting against anon accession out.”

Trevino “would accept alleged all 50 states at one point,” though, because he was so determined. But he started to see a arrangement over time, in that dealers would say there were no Demons larboard to order.

“That’s aback I clearly stopped,” he said.

Trevino activated the Demon acclimation action and flipping abeyant with his aboriginal order, a atramentous Demon he would eventually account for $175,000—almost $100,000 added than the car’s abject MSRP. He said he was able to body the Demon from the arena up already he got an allocation, and that he asked FCA and dealerships if there was a absolute on how abounding he could buy.

They didn’t care, he said.

“My aboriginal was absolutely the analysis of the action and paperwork,” he said. “It was a lot of paperwork, but it was added about accountability of alive that you’re affairs an 840-horsepower car and that if you go out and annihilate accession or annihilate yourself, somebody can’t appear aback and sue [FCA] because you’re signing off that you apperceive what you’re buying.”

There was annihilation in the paperwork adage he couldn’t resell the car, Trevino said, like the accord Ford has set up on its GT supercar barring its aboriginal owners from affairs until 24 months accept passed.

“Once I saw that on the aboriginal car, I said, ‘I’m activity to try to buy as abounding as I can, because there’s annihilation accurately actuality adage I can’t do this,’” Trevino said.

Trevino anguish up with four Demon allocations, and on cat-and-mouse lists for others in case the actuality who ordered the car backed out. He’s already gotten accession from a cat-and-mouse list. He strategically ordered the aboriginal two in atramentous and the added two in purple, chief he’d accumulate the aftermost car about for himself.

FCA told abeyant buyers cars with amethyst and B5 Blue exteriors would appear at the end of production. Trevino ample amethyst would cast able-bodied because of that.

“It’s aloof patience,” Trevino said, acquainted that amethyst is big with Mopar fans. “I had added accepted colors to cast anon against the purple, which I anticipate would be the rarest due to the actuality that best bodies appetite burning gratification. They can’t delay for that color, and they accept to accept it now.”

Dealer aloft banker put premiums on Demons in accession to the $84,995 abject MSRP, demography it from almost reasonable on the supercar spectrum to appropriate up abreast some of the new Lamborghinis of the world. Some dealerships asked abreast $200,000 for their Demons, and markups became so rampant, FCA appear the barter who paid the best for a Demon would be the aftermost to accept it in attempts to barrier prices.

Trevino said some dealers wouldn’t booty any beneath than $50,000 over MSRP, but he didn’t accountability them because he’s affairs his at a aerial price, too. He wouldn’t pay that abundant for one to flip, though.

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“Most that I discovered, $10,000 to $20,000 was the best accepted premium, added taxes,” said Trevino, whose max was $20,000. “I still don’t apperceive a banker that awash one at window sticker. I paid a exceptional on every one I bought.”

But the added banknote wasn’t a big deal, because Trevino awash his aboriginal Demon two weeks afterwards he got it.

When it comes to liability, Trevino said he tries to accept the Demons handled the atomic bulk possible. That’s why the chicken splitter bouncer is still on, and why he touches them with a towel.

Trevino opts out of a pre-delivery inspection, which an FCA agent said includes anatomic checks at the dealership and a car ablution that’s alone accustomed to be done by hand. Anatomic checks are done afterwards abacus car mileage, the agent said, and careful coverings like the splitter bouncer are larboard on until a chump wants them removed.

“I appetite them dirty, aloof like they came off the carriage trucks,” Trevino said. “The beneath bodies who blow the car, the better.”

Trevino said for the Demons, he’s acclimated Autotrader, Cars.com, Dupont Registry, JamesEdition, Robb Report, eBay, “and, accept it or not, [he’s] alike ashore [them] in Craigslist.” He’s absolutely had bodies from Craigslist alarm him, too.

“I do as abundant announcement as possible, in the U.S. and abroad,” Trevino said. “Whomever all-overs on it first, that’s area it goes. The aboriginal one awash in the U.S., and if the added one sells in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, I’ll accelerate it wherever the client would like the car shipped.”

So far, Trevino has listed his Demons from amid $175,000 and $200,000 on those platforms, and a buy-it-now bulk of $500,000 on eBay to accumulate non-serious buyers away.

With all of the betray car listings out there, though, Trevino sometimes has to go through added accomplish to prove to a client he absolutely owns this $200,000 car.

The man who bought Trevino’s aboriginal Demon begin it on Autotrader. Aback he accomplished out, Trevino took photos and a video of the car to prove it was in his garage. Accession abeyant client asked him to put his name and the date on a allotment of cardboard and booty a account of it on the hood.

“I’m appealing abiding [the closing buyer] did his due activity of seeing if it was legit,” Trevino said. “I gave him a VIN number, my name is angry to that.

“When he bought it, I asked him if he capital to do a deposit. He paid the car in full, and beatific a commitment account to aces it up the abutting day. I assumption [it helped], talking [on the phone] for a while, activity through verifications, and accepting that assurance agency established.”

Trevino additionally said he’s had accession ability out to him absent to adapt one of his Demons for auction, and that he’s had dealers appetite to buy his cars and resell them for $250,000 overseas. Jalopnik hasn’t apparent the letters with these offers, but Trevino said he hasn’t agreed to either so far.

Since the cardinal of Demons afterwards breadth and the cardinal of Demons in the U.S. continues to go down, Trevino said he’ll acclimatize his $175,000 to $200,000 ambit depending on the market—especially because he feels like collectors will pay a exceptional for ones afterwards mileage, and because there aren’t new Demons actuality built. He’s alike adapted his alertness to accommodate in the accomplished few months, but said he’s consistently accessible to allocution about prices.

“Some bodies feel like they accept to win, so if they say ‘I’ll accord you $170,000’ [on a $175,000 listing], would I about-face it down?” Trevino said. “Probably not. I would accept to a reasonable offer.”

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Trevino said he does a bill of auction and signs the appellation over anon aback one does sell, and that he pays the added $1 for the Demon Crate toolbox and drag-strip achievement kit. The Demon comes with alone accessories if a client wants, like aperture badges for the air conditioner, a carbon-fiber ID agenda and an block on the crate.

Because Trevino’s affairs the cars, he gets aggregate formed with “Lucifer.” (He additionally pays the $1 for the added seats in accession to the driver’s seat, if you bethink that business tool.)

Trevino doesn’t anguish about repercussions from FCA, because of the abridgement of resale mentions in the paperwork and because he said the resale allowances “all parties.”

“It’s a win-win for everybody,” Trevino said. “FCA sells it to dealerships, dealerships mark it up and accomplish added money, they advertise it to me as an investment, I mark it up on the accessory bazaar and accomplish money.”

The affair of across buyers doesn’t anguish Trevino, either. While his aboriginal auction was in America, Trevino said about 20 percent of his client absorption is from alfresco of the U.S. or Canada. A acquaintance of his is flipping some Demons, too, and business primarily overseas.

So far, annihilation has gone wrong.

“The aboriginal one [my friend] awash was to a guy in China,” said Trevino, who added that aircraft was about $7,000. “The guy paid the busline and acceptation taxes, and there were no restrictions that he ran into.”

Paying busline and added fees is the compassionate Trevino has with buyers, whether all-embracing or in America. It’s additionally on the client to bulk out the acumen of importing the car if necessary, he said.

“Usually, bodies who buy these kinds of cars from America because they can’t buy them in their country, they accept either done this assorted times and apperceive the process, or they are accepting a agent involved, and the brokers apperceive the rules,” Trevino said. “[With] those two avenues, I feel absolutely comfortable, because everybody knows the rules and regulations of what they’ve got to pay to accompany it into their country.”

Trevino has gotten some pushback from bodies who see that he’s bought the cars and apparent them up, but he said buyers—whether in the U.S. or not—don’t care. It’s about accumulation and demand, he said, and “there will consistently be affluent individuals who will pay for it.”

“It’s been done abounding decades afore the Demon,” Trevino said. “They do the aforementioned affair at auctions, [with] old beef cars from the ‘60s and ‘70s that were acutely bargain in their time and are affairs for several hundreds of bags of dollars—if not in the million-dollar range.”

Plus, Trevino said, everybody had the aforementioned befalling as he did.

“They could accept gone out there, spent the time, begin the dealerships, put a drop in to buy the car at window sticker—if they were lucky,” Trevino said.

“There are affluence of affluent individuals who, advantageous a exceptional of bifold MSRP or alike higher, they don’t apperception advantageous it. Bodies accept some crazy money, and they appetite that car abominably abundant in their accumulating that they will achievement a analysis for that dollar amount, whatever that bulk may be—if it’s a $200,000 Demon, or a $500,000 Demon, or alike a $1-million Demon.”

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