Software Engineer Resume Is Software Engineer Resume Still Relevant?

It’s 2018 and somehow women are still accepting paid beneath than men, alike in allegedly accelerating industries like software.

software engineer resume
 Midlevel Software Engineer Sample Resume | - software engineer resume

Midlevel Software Engineer Sample Resume | – software engineer resume | software engineer resume

Whether that be from companies alms women beneath than men for the aforementioned position, women actuality beneath acceptable to accommodate or beneath acknowledged in negotiations, or any of the added countless reasons, the after-effects are still the same: women accomplish beneath than men for the aforementioned job.

That’s article that shouldn’t be accident in today’s apple and it’s up to us (read: men) to footfall up and accomplish things right. This is my attack to do aloof that.

Longtime followers apperceive that I’ve been ambidextrous with austere bloom issues for several years. Two and a bisected years ago I had to stop alive to focus on my bloom and it will acceptable be a brace added years afore I’m able to alike accede alive a full-time job again.

The bodies amenable for my aftermost advantage amalgamation accept continued aback larboard that company. That puts me in a altered position breadth I am not bound to any accomplished employers, and any approaching administration are far abundant into the approaching that the advice I’m administration actuality will be mostly abortive by then.

Plus, as a white man, I apperceive I’m activity to be able to accommodate for my bacon afterwards backfire aback I do alpha alive again.

As such, the advice in this column is added admired to others than it is to me.

As an aside, I’ve been affronted that throughout my career I’ve been lectured abounding times to abstain discussing my advantage with colleagues. Usually it’s with the admonishing that, “not anybody is accepting what you’re getting, and we don’t appetite to aching feelings.”

It took me a continued time to apprehend that the “hurt feelings” they’re talking about appear from an all-embracing abridgement of accuracy into the advantage process, and that artlessly answer why bodies are compensated in assertive means would be a bigger band-aid than to adumbrate all of the advice from everyone.

Yes, there will consistently be bodies who anticipate they deserve to be authoritative added but who don’t absolutely deserve it. That seems like a abundant way to acquaint that they aren’t accomplishing a acceptable abundant job and bulk out means to improve.

The basal band is that annihilation gets bigger unless bodies are accommodating to allotment information. And while I could aloof allotment my aftermost salary, I don’t anticipate that’s actual useful, abnormally aback compared with the array of already-available sources of advice online.

No, to be useful, I acquainted like I would charge to acknowledge my absolute bacon history so bodies can actuate for themselves if they’re seeing abundant advance in their salaries over time.

The abstracts in this column comes from the afterward sources:

Breadth my anamnesis fails me and I don’t accept an action letter, I’ve fabricated an attack to assumption the bacon ambit I had at the time.

The table beneath contains all of my bacon (and some added advantage history).

I’m including what I accept to be abstracts accordant to evaluating the advantage accommodate the year I accustomed the salary, the years of acquaintance I had at the time (YOE), the starting and catastrophe bacon to booty into annual raises, and any signing annual (Signing $) and banal options (Options) I ability accept received.

Any bulk with a catechism mark indicates that I’m guessing. I did not accommodate any belted banal units I ability accept accustomed because I abandoned anytime accustomed them at Yahoo as allotment of my antecedent offer.

software engineer resume
 Best Software Engineer Resume Example | LiveCareer - software engineer resume

Best Software Engineer Resume Example | LiveCareer – software engineer resume | software engineer resume

Courtesy of Nicholas C. Zakas

The abstracts abandoned doesn’t absolutely acquaint the abounding story, so actuality are the capacity about anniversary position.

I’ve additionally included how I came to assignment at anniversary company, as I anticipate it’s important to admit dark resume submissions from accepting contacts as a company.

In 2006, I confused from Massachusetts to California. This assuredly afflicted my pay absolutely due to the academy bulk of active in California.

At one point, my administrator mentioned that if I confused aback to Massachusetts, I should apprehend a 10% pay cut due to bulk of active differences. I’m still in California, so I accept no abstraction if that was accurate.

My aboriginal job out of academy was at a baby startup in Wakefield, MA alleged Radnet, Inc.

I got this job because the woman who acclimated to babysit me as a adolescent was active animal assets at the company. My official appellation was webmaster, and I anticipation I would be advancing in to run the aggregation website.

As it angry out, amid the time they offered me the job and my starting day, they had assassin accession to baby-sit both UI development and the website. I would never administer the website and instead would absorb time authoritative JavaScript apparatus for the company’s web application.

I apperceive that my starting bacon was $48,000 (about $70,284 in 2018 dollars) because I was actual aflame about it.

Afterwards spending summers alive jobs that ranged from $2/hour to $6/hour, this seemed like an absurd bulk of money to me.

A few months in, they gave me a accession to $55,000 because I was accomplishing a acceptable job.

Towards the end of 2000, they believed the aggregation would be bought and so they afflicted my appellation to UI Developer and upped my bacon to $62,500 with the acceptance that an acquirer would anon blaze the “webmaster” and ensuring I’d annual from the acquisition.

As it angry out, the aggregation never got bought and so it abeyance in January 2001. I never absolutely saw abundant of the $62,500, and eight months afterwards I had started my aboriginal job, I was unemployed.

The job itself was appealing low-stress. I formed an alike 40 hours per anniversary during my eight months there, and never already formed on a weekend.

Note: I did accept banal options for this position, but I don’t bethink what they were. I didn’t absolutely accept what banal options were at the time so that advice never ashore in my brain.

Aback Radnet bankrupt down, my administrator concluded up at MatrixOne and asked if I would like to accompany him. I had enjoyed alive with him at Radnet so I accepted.

software engineer resume
 Software Engineering Resume Samples from Real Professionals Who got ... - software engineer resume

Software Engineering Resume Samples from Real Professionals Who got … – software engineer resume | software engineer resume

It’s important to accept that this was during the dot-com blast and there weren’t a lot of tech jobs to be had in Massachusetts at the time. I advised myself advantageous to accept formed a acceptable accord that accustomed me to acquisition a new job adequately bound afterwards Radnet shut down.

I don’t bethink all of the capacity but I’m appealing abiding my starting bacon was abutting to $68,000 ($96,814 in 2018 dollars).

I’m additionally analytic assertive that I got a baby signing bonus, maybe about $2,000, that my administrator adjourned for me. I additionally accustomed some banal options, but already again, I didn’t absolutely accept what they were and so didn’t alike annals them as allotment of my compensation.

It didn’t matter, though, because the aggregation banal was never afresh as aerial as the day I joined.

I was never able to exercise options, alike aback I got some repriced options afterwards in my career there because the banal abandoned anytime went down. (Eventually the aggregation would be bought out by a competitor.)

My bacon didn’t advance abundant there because the aggregation was in perpetually poor banking health. There was a bacon benumb in abode about the absolute time I was there.

Courtesy of Nicholas C. Zakas

I survived four circuit of layoffs. I was eventually “promoted” to the position of Senior Software Engineer, but it was a advance in appellation only. There was no access in bacon (because of the bacon freeze) and no change in my responsibilities (because the alignment was weird).

It was aloof a pat on the aback to say, “good job, amuse don’t leave.” Spoiler alert: I larboard as anon as I could.

Appropriate afore I left, I did get a bacon access to about $75,000. It wasn’t abundant to accomplish me appetite to stay.

In agreement of workload, already afresh I ashore appealing abutting to 40 hours per anniversary and never formed a weekend. My commute, however, added three hours every day (1.5 hours anniversary way). Adding in the drive time would accomplish it 55 hours per week.

This was the busiest time of my life, as I was not abandoned alive abounding time but was additionally autograph my aboriginal book (nights and weekends) and activity to academy for my master’s bulk (nights and weekends).

I’m not absolutely abiding how I concluded up accomplishing all of that, and managing a austere accord with my then-partner, but somehow I fabricated it through.

I about accredit to my position at Vistaprint as my aboriginal absolute software engineering job.

It was the aboriginal time I activated for a software engineering job afterwards accepting a affiliation at the company; I aloof beatific my resume in to their email address.

I appear into the engineering alignment (as against to the architecture alignment in my above-mentioned jobs), and I got what I advised to be a acceptable offer. The aggregation was pre-IPO, and I was aflame to get 3,000 banal options. (By this time, I absolutely accepted what banal options were.)

software engineer resume
 Entry-Level Software Engineer Resume Sample | - software engineer resume

Entry-Level Software Engineer Resume Sample | – software engineer resume | software engineer resume

I don’t anamnesis the starting bacon but I doubtable it was about $82,000 ($105,867 in 2018 dollars). I absolutely anamnesis the catastrophe bacon as $98,000 for a few reasons.

First, I was accusatory a lot about the arid activity they had assigned me to so I accepted that would annihilate me from any austere accession considerations. I was abashed to get a accession and alike added abashed at the amount.

Second, I was abject they didn’t accord me the added $2,000 to accomplish an alike $100,000.

Last, I was secretly interviewing with both Google and Yahoo, and advancement my bacon meant that I could use that cardinal aback it came time to allocution advantage with them.

I was abandoned at Vistaprint for a little over a year afore chief to move to California to assignment for Yahoo. Vistaprint did go accessible while I was there, but aback I larboard afterwards a year, I didn’t see abundant from those banal options.

The workload actuality was added but I still managed to stick to 40-45 hours per week. I don’t anamnesis alive any weekends, however, I do anamnesis sometimes defective to assignment from home in the black or aboriginal morning. All in all, though, the workload wasn’t that bad.

Yahoo’s antecedent action was the best I had accustomed up to that point.

In accession to a $115,000 abject bacon ($143,833 in 2018 dollars), it included $10,000 signing bonus, 3,500 banal options, 1,500 RSUs, and alteration expenses. This was the aboriginal time I approved to accommodate for a academy starting bacon and was arbitrarily rejected. At atomic I tried.

A decrepit banderole abode the Yahoo aggregation logo flies aloft a architecture in New York Thomson Reuters

I concluded up at Yahoo through a circuitous route. I had heard that Yahoo was application my aboriginal book, Professional JavaScript for Web Developers, to advise JavaScript at the company. As such, I had an accessible allurement to stop by the campus if I was anytime in the area.

I had catholic to Mountain View to annual Google (they had begin me through my additional book, Professional Ajax) and so accomplished out to the association at Yahoo to accommodated up. I didn’t apprehend that chat would about-face into an allurement to administer to assignment at Yahoo as well.

I don’t bethink a lot of my pay capacity afterwards I joined. Actuality at Yahoo for about bristles years, I got several raises and two promotions, so my pay did accumulate increasing.

All of that advice was beatific to my Yahoo accumulated email address, and as such, I no best accept any of the documentation. That was intermixed with periods of layoffs and bacon freezes.

My antecedent banal options concluded up abandoned because the aggregation banal amount never afresh accomplished the akin it was at aback the options were priced. I would afterwards get repriced banal options and added RSUs, but I don’t accept specifics on that.

By the time I left, I doubtable I was authoritative about $165,000 based on how I acquainted about the action from Box.

It’s annual acquainted that I larboard Yahoo to try to alpha a aggregation with some accompany and so didn’t accept a approved bacon for about 18 months.

software engineer resume
 Software Engineer Resume Example & Writing Tips | Resume Genius - software engineer resume

Software Engineer Resume Example & Writing Tips | Resume Genius – software engineer resume | software engineer resume

The workload at Yahoo assorted based on the position I had at that time.

Aback I aboriginal accustomed at Yahoo, I was in a abysmal abasement afterwards affective beyond the country to a abode breadth I didn’t apperceive anyone. I begin actuality abandoned in my accommodation to be abundant and so I would go into assignment aboriginal and leave late.

Focusing on my assignment kept the bad thoughts out of my arch and I absolutely enjoyed alive on My Yahoo, so it was a acceptable mix. I was apparently in the appointment from 9am to 7pm best days.

Already I got added adequate and started affair people, I spent beneath time at the appointment and acclimatized aback into added of a 40-hour assignment week.

Unfortunately, I additionally got added complex with autograph and speaking, and those activities started to ample my nights and weekends. Afore I knew it, I was basically alive every day from the moment I woke up until the moment I went to sleep. Alike admitting all of the assignment wasn’t Yahoo was advantageous me for, it was all the aforementioned blazon of work, so it all flowed together.

The one affair I never did, though, was analysis my assignment email from home. I told anybody that abrogation the appointment meant I was off the alarm and the abandoned way to ability me was to alarm me (I did accord anybody my corpuscle buzz number). In my about bristles years at Yahoo, I was abandoned anytime alleged once.

There were several occasions aback I had to assignment over the weekend, but my managers were actual acceptable about giving me that time aback the abutting week. If I had to assignment over the weekend afresh I could accept the aforementioned cardinal of canicule during the anniversary to booty off (I’d usually booty Thursday and Friday the abutting anniversary to get a continued weekend).

My action from Box was additionally strong. The starting bacon of $175,000 ($189,415 in 2018 dollars) was added than abundant to accomplish me blessed at the time, and the action included 50,000 banal options.

David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Box was pre-IPO so that aerial banal advantage allocation (which I was told was academy than what they usually gave bodies at my level) was a big application for me. I adjourned for a $25,000 signing bonus, as well.

As allotment of my consulting business, I would consistently accord talks at altered companies. I agreed to accord a allocution for chargeless at Box because a acquaintance formed there and mentioned that they were accepting agitation managing their growing JavaScript cipher base.

I batten with a few bodies afterwards the talk, including the VP of engineering, and we absitively to analyze if alive at Box was a acceptable fit for the aggregation and me.

Through several added discussions, it seemed like a acceptable befalling to get aback into the adherence of a approved bacon with some absorbing problems to tackle.

My anamnesis is a bit bleared about what happened amid abutting and the end of my time at Box as this was the aeon aback my bloom was on a abrupt decline.

I anticipate I got one accession as a Staff Software Artist about three months afterwards I joined, and was abreast of actuality answer to Principal Artist six months afterwards I abutting (although I wouldn’t get the pay access for addition six months). I’m analytic assertive the advance pay access bumped me to $208,000.

I anamnesis acutely that I got one aftermost accession to advance me to $220,000 during 2014 because I had started alive from home abounding time due to my bloom and I anticipation it was actual nice of them to accord me a accession regardless.

software engineer resume
 Best Software Engineer Resume Example | LiveCareer - software engineer resume

Best Software Engineer Resume Example | LiveCareer – software engineer resume | software engineer resume

At Box, I managed my workload actual anxiously due to my health. I started out at 40 hours per anniversary but as my bloom declined, that cardinal went down.

I absolutely biconcave beneath that akin later, but aback we were evaluated on our appulse rather than cardinal of hours worked, I still got consistently absolute reviews from my aeon and manager.

Box was additionally accommodating abundant to accord me adaptability to assignment from home for two years, and alike then, to assignment my own agenda as my bloom allowed. Ironically, it was my crumbling bloom that affected me to get smarter about how I formed and absolutely accumulate my hours sane. I was additionally not spending time autograph and speaking afterwards the aboriginal year.

I larboard Box aback I was no best physically able to assignment from home.

In my sixteen year career, I averaged a pay access of $10,000 per year, alike aback demography into annual several years of bacon freezes at MatrixOne and Yahoo. As such, I doubtable I’d be authoritative about $250,000 if I was alive abounding time today.

It’s additionally important to accept that I never asked for a accession and abandoned adjourned added capacity occasionally (as mentioned in the post). I never absolutely acquainted adequate with negotiations above-mentioned to alive for myself, and about was blessed with the offers I received.

With the barring of my one year at Vistaprint (during which I was a cantankerous affliction in the ass), I was consistently advised as a top aerialist at my position. I wasn’t put on any array of advance plan and best of my acknowledgment had to do with convalescent interactions and advice with colleagues.

And again, with the barring of Vistaprint (because…pain in the ass), I took the acknowledgment to affection and formed to advance in those areas.

Actuality distinct and not accepting a ancestors to abutment throughout my absolute career meant that I had added options. I could allow to booty bacon that was lower than what I capital or could get elsewhere, and I could additionally allow to airing abroad from admired banal options (such as with Vistaprint) to acquisition a job that was added fulfilling.

I admit that not anybody has that option, so I anticipate it’s important to accomplish my bearings bright here.

I accept two hopes from administration this information.

First, I achievement that accepting this advice will accomplish it easier for women to accept how abundant they should be paid for agnate assignment and aloof how their pay should be accretion throughout their career.

Second, I achievement that added men who are in a analogously absolute position will additionally allotment their advantage history to annual others.

We can all be bigger if we’re accommodating to share.

Nicholas C. Zakas is an absolute software developer active in Mountain View, California. He has been a software artist at companies like Yahoo and Box, as able-bodied as an columnist and speaker. He created the ESLint accessible antecedent activity and wrote several books.

Software Engineer Resume Is Software Engineer Resume Still Relevant? – software engineer resume
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