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The Nokia 808 PureView — champ of the GSMA Global Adaptable Awards 2012 and 2012 TIPA Award for Best Imaging Innovation — abashed anybody at this year’s Adaptable World Congress with its 41-megapixel camera sensor. Abounding accepted the PureView Technology from the actual alpha while others were artlessly because it overkill. Nokia capital to appear up with a aces almsman to the Nokia N8, above King of Camera-phones, and the Finnish aggregation believed that the 808 PureView would be aloof that.

snowboard wallpaper hd
 76 Snowboarding HD Wallpapers | Background Images - Wallpaper Abyss

76 Snowboarding HD Wallpapers | Background Images – Wallpaper Abyss | snowboard wallpaper hd

However, beeline from the beginning, the 808 PureView aloft eyebrows because of the belvedere acclimated to accomplish it: Nokia (ex-Symbian) Belle. Windows Buzz couldn’t accept been a best at the moment because of its camera restrictions and MeeGo was array of alone at bearing by Nokia. Despite Nokia Belle, is the 808 PureView annual purchasing? And, are we consummate a new King of the Camera-phones? Apprehend on beneath for our abounding analysis to acquisition out!

The box contains the 808 PureView, a 1,400mAh array pack, a bank charger, USB cable for syncing and charging, a wrist-wrap and in-ear babble abandoning headphones.


There is alone one aspect in which the Nokia 808 PureView can attempt with accepted Android phones — iPhones and alike some Windows Phones — and that is the 41-megapixel camera sensor. The blow of the specs, while bashful compared to phones on added platforms, are still a huge footfall up from the internals of the Nokia N8, Espoo’s above camera flagship.

There’s a 1.3 GHz ARM 11 processor powering the 808 PureView (opposed to the 680 MHz ARM 11 on the N8) and the bulk of RAM is alert as abundant as on the N8: 512MB. There is 16GB of centralized accumulator (expandable via microSD card) and 1GB of ROM, which, while still acclimated for out-of-the box applications, provides abundant amplitude for your own programs.

In adjustment to cope with acutely ambitious assignment of administration 41-megapixel images, the 808 PureView’s processor is aided by a committed Broadcom BCM2763 GPU, a footfall up from the Broadcom BCM2727 on the N8. Acknowledgment to the accession of the GPU, capturing images, processing them, pinching, zooming, scrolling and added clear operations are acutely smooth.

The awning is a four-inch AMOLED affectation with Nokia’s ClearBlack Technology. The resolution, while bashful compared to nowadays’ HD screens, is accepted for the Symbian belvedere and added Nokia accessories alive it: nHD with 360 pixels beyond and 640 pixels down.

Connectivity-wise the 808 PureView has WiFi b/g/n with DLNA features, Bluetooth 3.0, and abundance abutment for GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz and HSDPA 850/900/1700/1900/2100MHz networks. There’s additionally an NFC dent included with the antenna actuality placed on the aback awning and there’s a microUSB and a microHDMI anchorage for synching and appropriately mirroring.

Saving the best for last, the camera on the 808 PureView has a 41-megapixel sensor (7728 x 5368 absolute pixels) adapted with Carl Zeiss optics. Specs are: 8,02mm focal breadth (35mm agnate focal lengths are 26mm for 16:9 images and 28mm for 4:3 pictures),  F-number: f/2.4, minimum focus distance: 15cm and a set of lens abiding in one accumulation with bristles elements.

On top of all the accouterments there’s the PureView Technology which is acclimated to actualize super-pixels by oversampling. Images taken at abounding resolution are resampled to either eight-, five-, or three-megapixels to actualize sharp, brittle pictures with no noise. The PureView Technology additionally allows for lossless zooming. To apprentice added about the PureView Technology apprehend our committed article. There is additionally a accessory VGA camera adapted on the front.

Other notable specs accommodate an FM accustomed (and transmitter), accelerometer, ambient ablaze sensor, GPS with a-GPS abutment and a array of 1,400mAh’s. As far as the operating arrangement is concerned, the 808 PureView is powered by Nokia (ex-Symbian) Belle with Affection Backpack 1.


Such an imaging arrangement like the one Nokia adapted on the 808 PureView comes with a cost: thickness. You will actually not like this buzz if you are acclimated to super-thin, feather-light accessories with sub-eight-milimeter array and 133 gram weight, like the Samsung Galaxy S III, HTC One X and appealing abundant aggregate high-end these days.

The 808 PureView weighs 169 grams and is 123.9mm tall, 60.2mm advanced and 13.9mm blubbery (at its thinnest point, activity up to 18mm at the camera hump, the thickest point). However, if you like phones that feel abundant and accept a appealing acceptable backpack to them, you’ll adulation the 808 PureView. It is cone-shaped on the abandon which makes it feel actually acceptable in duke but it’s the matte artificial (polycarbonate) which gives you abundant in-hand feel.

The arrangement not alone feels acceptable but it makes it additionally acutely attainable to authority on to the buzz as it is not glace at all. Nokia alike included a baby atramentous band of artificial on the aback to blow your fingers on while captivation the camera, appealing abundant like a dSLR’s anchor handle. You won’t be bottomward this phone, that’s for sure!

And, while we’re at the aback (since this is area the abracadabra happens), the camera can’t go unnoticed. The 41-megapixel sensor and Carl Zeiss appearance are accent on the appropriate of the camera itself which has a appealing authentic little camera lens cap that sits bankrupt until you actuate the camera application. Additionally on the appropriate is the apostle barbecue which produces acutely good, loud and affable complete compared to added phones on the market.

To the larboard of the lens there’s a Xenon axle which alone fires aback needed. Beneath that there’s an LED axle which Nokia employs as a focus abetment axle and additionally as a recording lamp in video approach for those low ablaze videos we all take.

The advanced of the buzz is taken up by the four-inch ClearBlack AMOLED awning and the absolute advanced console is Gorilla Glass. At its edges, Nokia included a attenuate elastic gasket amid the bottle and the artificial which protrudes out imperceptibly but abundant to action a assertive bulk of anchor aback placed face-down on a tablet. It won’t blooper away.

The display, as you’d apprehend from a ClearBlack AMOLED affectation fabricated by Nokia, delivers able colors, adverse ratios and abysmal blacks. Alfresco afterimage is actually acceptable and if you don’t apperception the bare affectation resolution it could be the absolute awning for you. Of course, you will not be able to see all the capacity in 38MP pictures on this nHD resolution awning but the software zooming in the Gallery helps a lot. However, the blush reproduction of this awning goes hand-in-hand with the abundant camera arrangement to bear real, affluent colors which are not over-saturated.

The top allotment is bedeviled by a detached chrome Nokia branding aloof amid the awning and the apostle barbecue at the far top. To its appropriate there’s the adjacency sensor, VGA webcam and ambient ablaze sensor. The actual basal of the buzz holds the blooming (call start), agenda and red (call end/power) accouterments buttons which are fabricated of a distinct allotment of plastic.

When the buzz is angry off or sleeping you can alone see the adeptness button but already the backlight bliss in, the red, white and blooming colors ablaze up.

There’s annihilation on the larboard ancillary of the buzz but the appropriate ancillary is area you will acquisition four buttons: three atramentous and a argent one. The top two are the aggregate rockers and the one on the basal is your two-stage focus/shutter absolution camera button which has a actual nice bang and biking to it. You can’t absence any of the two stages. The average button is basically a slider which is acclimated to lock or alleviate the phone.

snowboard wallpaper hd
 Snowboarding Wallpapers HD - Wallpaper Cave

Snowboarding Wallpapers HD – Wallpaper Cave | snowboard wallpaper hd

The top allotment as able-bodied as the sides, aback and basal (everything except for the bottle front) is the fabricated out of the above polycarbonate which embraces the phone. You’ll acquisition your 3.5mm headphone jack actuality on the far right, with the microUSB anchorage asleep centermost for syncing and charging, a baby microphone aperture abutting to it for babble abandoning and a latch which wears the HDMI inscription. It’s area you can acquisition the microHDMI anchorage for apery your affectation on a big screen.

On the basal you will alone acquisition your capital microphone amenable for your articulation while calling and a baby braiding aperture with which to use your abiding wrist wrap.


Nokia renamed Symbian Belle to Nokia Belle and the assemblage which we are reviewing runs Nokia Belle Affection Backpack 1 (software adaptation 112.020.0309 of May 19, 2012). It is not Android but it has abounding similarities with the Google adaptable platform, starting from widgets, assorted home screens and, aftermost but not least, the slide-down notification tray.

A best cardinal of six home screens can be set up at one time but, depending on your usage, you can acquisition alike three or four to be abundant (not that the belvedere and the internals dribble with the best cardinal of actually abiding home screens). Each home awning can accept its own wallpaper — and the lock awning as able-bodied as the app tray will aces up the wallpaper of the home awning alive afore the accessory gets bound — and you can add both widgets and shortcuts to every one of them.

There are 46 widgets attainable out of the box, from the simple 3G or WiFi on/off toggles to the added circuitous widgets, like Calendar, Amusing or e-mail. While they are not resizable — and some are appealing ample so that you can accept a best cardinal of two on a home screen, if you baddest these — you can calmly acquisition a acceptable aggregate according to your usage.

You can add shortcuts to any appliance on your buzz for quick admission and the home screens are appealing adjustable in agreement of the filigree acclimated to arrange/align the shortcuts. Each home awning can authority up a best cardinal of 24 shortcuts if one decides to go with an icon-only look.

The appliance tray displays either a filigree or a annual appearance of icons which can be abiding alphabetically or manually, according to your needs. There is additionally a chase advantage to bound acquisition an application, not that you will accept problems scrolling up and down: alive scrolling is buttery bland and this is accession archetype of the committed GPU at work.

Pulling from bottomward from the top of the awning brings up the notification tray which appearance attainable toggles for adaptable data, WiFi, Bluetooth and Silent mode, as able-bodied as notifications for absent calls and texts in accession to activities (like the adaptable arrangement and hotspot you are affiliated to or the music amateur if it is active).

The Nokia 808 PureView with Nokia Belle comes with about aggregate you need, out of the box, to get you started. The e-mail appliance comes with abounding Microsoft Exchange abutment as able-bodied as attainable to bureaucracy accepted accounts like Windows Live, Yahoo or Gmail. You can, of course, accept what advice to accompany (Email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks) and the polling breach for either advance e-mail or appointed retrieval in adjustment to save array life.

The calendar is abiding with functionality that you’d commonly expect. While we’re missing the anniversary view, Nokia absitively to go with either month, day, calendar or agitation views.

Since we’re still talking Exchange support, there is a abounding apartment of Microsoft Office Adaptable on the Nokia 808 PureView, with Excel, PowerPoint, Word and One Note, testifying to the able accord amid the two companies; there are additionally accord accoutrement like SharePoint and Microsoft Lync so you should be able-bodied covered from this perspective.

As with the case of any Nokia artefact recently, you will accept abounding maps and offline articulation guided aeronautics on your buzz to acquisition your way. GPS works decidedly acceptable on the 808 PureView with fast locks and authentic position advertisement and if you alive in a arena accurate you will additionally annual from the Public Transport appliance which guides you through above cities, area available.

Our bigger acrimony with the 808 PureView was the Internet browser: it is apathetic and above at the beginning. Already pages are loaded, it is still far from the buttery accuracy you acquaintance while in the Gallery or manipulating photos. While it is actually usable, if you accept patience, you will acquisition yourself arrant if you appear from a high-end Android phone, iPhone or Windows Phone. You can of advance download and use a third affair web browser, like Opera, which will advance the bearings a bit.

In this class we can accommodate applications abiding like Adobe Reader, Quickoffice, YouTube (which is actually a adjustment to the adaptable site), CNN International, JoikuSpot (for WiFi hotspot), Civic Geographic, and a brace of amateur to annihilate some of your chargeless time.

The Nokia Store is area you can go online and download/purchase applications from a bashful archive of titles. Due to our accepted location, abounding of the accepted applications (like Skype or Spotify) were not attainable alike afterwards creating a actually new Nokia annual (having difficulties abacus acclaim cards to our absolute one).

There is a DLNA appliance for alive media from your buzz to a accurate accessory over WiFi as able-bodied as a Big Awning appliance that mirrors your accessory already affiliated to an alien affectation via HDMI.

snowboard wallpaper hd
 Snowboard full hd, hdtv, fhd, 1080p wallpapers hd, desktop ...

Snowboard full hd, hdtv, fhd, 1080p wallpapers hd, desktop … | snowboard wallpaper hd

City guides will be advantageous for connected travelers, while the Book charlatan allows all basal book operations on the phone.


This is a catchy one! If the 1,400mAh array on the 808 PureView alone lasted bisected a day in our aboriginal two canicule of usage. Afterwards the change of the camera achromatic away, it acclimatized in at about a abounding day annual of juice. Of course, this is a buzz with an aberrant camera so you will acquisition yourself cutting photographs of about everything. Be careful: the camera will annihilate your array bound and if you additionally appear to use the Xenon flash, it will cesspool in no-time.

However, affairs are that you will not booty a hundred pictures every day; as we mentioned, already the change fades abroad and you get aback to your normal, circadian acceptance — which in our case was 10-15 e-mails, 15 account of browsing, 15 account of articulation calls, 20-25 pictures, 20-25 account of amusing networking — you should be set for a abounding day, alike one and a half.


The camera on the 808 PureView is, afterwards a doubt, its capital affection and affairs point. The 41-megapixel sensor would be a gimmick for best out there if it weren’t for the PureView Technology to cleverly use up those huge amounts of pixels.

There are two capital appearance of PureView: angel affection and lossless zoom.

In agreement of angel quality, you can booty either eight-, five-, or three-megapixel images employing the PureView Technology. We will alone use eight-megapixel examples beneath but the assumption applies the above way to five- or two-megapixel photos.

Nokia is appliance article alleged “pixel oversampling” which could be misleading, because oversampling in this case doesn’t accredit to inflating pixels but creating a alleged “super-pixel”. In case of eight-megapixel images, there’s a arrangement of 5 to 1 in creating images (from abounding admeasurement to eight). This account oversampling combines assorted pixels into a distinct pixel. The bulk of pixels accumulated depends on the resolution of your final image: eight megapixel images accommodate super-pixels accumulated of beneath pixels than three-megapixel pictures.

To use Nokia’s own description, “you accumulate around all the detail, but clarify abroad beheld babble from the image. The speckled, chapped attending you tend to get in low-lighting altitude is abundantly reduced”.

As far as lossless zoom is concerned, the 808 PureView is not employing any optical zooming and no agenda zooming either (which agency no pixelation). But how does it zoom then? Whenever you zoom into a allocation of the screen, the bulk of pixels appropriate to actualize super-pixels is bargain (to aught aback extensive best zoom).

To put this in a simple context, aback you adeptness the best zoom attainable according to the final angel admeasurement (eight-, five-, three-megapixels only, zooming is disabled in full-resolution mode) you will basically get a 1:1 crop of the angel sensor. At best zoom, you will see actually the angel captured by the sensor, with no modifications. Nokia adds: “because alone the centre of the eyes are acclimated area there is beneath diffraction, you get bigger optical achievement — including low distortion, no vignetting, and aerial levels of bound detail”.

This exact action is activated aback recording videos. 1080p videos will annual from 4x lossless zoom by agriculture appear 1:1, and 720p videos can zoom to 6x, all in a lossless way.

There are three cutting modes for photography: Automatic, Scenes and Creative. Accepted to all modes is the zoom option: you can accelerate your feel on the awning (or use the aggregate buttons) to actuate lossless zoom, which, depending on the ambition book admeasurement in megapixels, can alter from one ambit to the other.

The Automated approach will clothing everyone’s needs; its capital ambition is to bound aftermath abundant images in a way which doesn’t crave the user to change the settings. In this approach the alone affair you can set is Axle on, off, automated and booze abatement (which fires abbreviate flashes afore the capital axle so that the subject’s retina adjusts and avoids booze effect).

The Scenes approach is an average approach area the user can baddest to booty a photograph in one of the afterward presets: landscape, automatic, close-up, sports, night, night portrait, spotlight, and snow. Each of these modes are appealing cocky allegorical and again, the alone settings you can change are those apropos to the flash.

The Creative approach is area all the abracadabra happens; this is destined for those who appetite to accept added ascendancy (the best bulk of ascendancy accustomed by the system) over the settings acclimated to abduction the image. There are three custom Creative modes you can set and the appliance remembers their settings (which are accepted to all modes but can be alone set-up).

In Creative approach you can baddest the sensor mode: PureView (for eight-, five-, and three-megapixel oversampled images) or Abounding resolution to use all the pixels attainable afterwards oversampling (useful if you appetite to adapt your pictures on a computer — anticipate of it as a RAW mode, alike admitting the 808 PureView doesn’t abutment RAW files.)

You can additionally baddest the aspect arrangement of your images: 4:3 or 16:9. Creative approach is the alone approach which allows this, Automated and Scenes will automatically accomplish 16:9 photographs.

JPEG affection is additionally article which can be called in this mode. Attainable options are Accustomed and Superfine. If you intend to shoot abounding Abounding resolution images in Superfine mode, we admonish you to install a microSD calendar as those files can be as huge as 10-15MB, depending on the arena captured.

Next up is blush tones: you accept the advantage to baddest Normal, Vivid (for blush additional stills), Sepia and Atramentous & white, which are appealing cocky explanatory.

Capture approach is abnormally advantageous for those who appetite to grab time lapses or stop motions as able-bodied as abuse exposures. You can baddest Bracketing to shoot a cardinal of three or bristles photographs at altered acknowledgment settings and you can go for Breach approach to abduction a minimum of two and a best of 1,500 stills at intervals capricious from 5 abnormal to 30 minutes.

snowboard wallpaper hd
 Extreme Snowboarding ❤ 4K HD Desktop Wallpaper for 4K Ultra HD TV ...

Extreme Snowboarding ❤ 4K HD Desktop Wallpaper for 4K Ultra HD TV … | snowboard wallpaper hd

Last, but not least, there are you accepted Cocky timer approach settings for delayed bang release: 2, 10 and 30 seconds.

The basal allotment of the user interface allows you to abuse Saturation, Contrast, and Accurateness so that you can actually absolve your creativity.

Creative approach allows you to abuse cutting settings, abreast from axle on, off, booze or automatic. Continued borer on the viewfinder allows you to accept your focus approach from the actual beginning: close-up, hyperfocal, beyond and automatic. You can afresh set your akin of acknowledgment advantage accompanied by a authentic alive histogram, acclimatize white antithesis (auto, sunny, cloudy, incandescent, fluorescent), and manually accept the ISO (from 50 all the way up to 1600).

The Nokia 808 PureView comes with an ND (neutral density) filter. Anticipate of it as sunglasses for your lens; it reduces the bulk of ablaze that alcove the sensor and you accept the advantage of axis it on, off or ambience it to automatic. You can actually comedy with the ND clarify and ISO modes in adjustment to abuse acknowledgment times/shutter acceleration (in case of continued acknowledgment for blurred images or night shots, bang acceleration (which you can’t manually set) can go as aerial as about three seconds). With the ND clarify you can additionally abduction those furnishings which accomplish your photos angle out, like abashing the movement of baptize flow.

As far as video recording is concerned, you accept the above options for Automatic, Scenes and Creative modes. Scenes are bound to Low light, Automatic, Sports, Spotlight, and Snow but the should be advantageous for any bearings you adeptness encounter.

Creative mode, as with stills, allows three presets. You can accept amid Abounding HD (1080p), 720p and 360p resolutions, 30fps, 25fps, 24fps, and 15fps anatomy ante abreast from the above blush settings and options for saturation, adverse and sharpness.

General camera preferences accommodate the adeptness of announcement or ambuscade the viewfinder grid, axis video stabilization on or off, battlefront or disabling the focus abetment lamp (the LED flash) and the adeptness to accredit or attenuate capturing aback buzz is bound (waking the accessory up with the camera button).

For a affirmation of lossless zoom and focus modes while capturing stills, analysis out this post!

For a four-way allegory amid the Nokia 808 PureView, Apple iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC One X, analysis out this post!

Note: Download abounding resolution pictures beneath at this link!


Apple iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy S III vs. Nokia 808 PureView vs. HTC One X: Camera Shoot-Out


The Nokia 808 PureView is not attainable through carriers abominably in the States which agency that if you appetite to grab one you will accept to pay the full, unsubsidized price. You can acquisition the buzz listed at Amazon as able-bodied as retailers like Negri Electronics area it goes for anywhere amid $665 and $749.

If you alive in Europe, accomplish abiding to analysis out your civic Nokia (or carriers’) webpage to acquisition out about prices and availability.

There are three blush options available: black, red and white, all of them fabricated out of the above polycarbonate material.


Nokia can actually say that they accept able their mission. Espoo said they waited for addition to abduct the acme from the Nokia N8 and, afterwards cat-and-mouse and waiting, they absitively to accomplish a artefact that would acquiesce them to abduct it themselves. There is actually no agnosticism that the 808 PureView is the best camera buzz money can buy at the moment. But should you buy the 808 PureView or should you go with a committed camera?

Surely, the 808 PureView is a smartphone but a “smart camera” description would bigger clothing it (a camera which can accomplish buzz calls, accelerate e-mails and run applications). If you are not a adeptness user and your circadian acceptance implies appliance the phone, sending e-mails, texts, alert to music, snapping pictures and recording videos additional the accidental navigation, this buzz is for you.

This buzz is additionally for you if you already accept the Nokia N8 and you appetite to accumulate it Symbian, while advance  your hardware. However, if smartphone functionality is added important for you than the camera, you should apparently either canyon on this one if you are absolutely aloof or delay for the PureView technology to appear to Windows Buzz if the belvedere is the alone affair that holds you aback (however, the 41-megapixel sensor adeptness not accomplish it to added platforms alike if the PureView technology will).

If you are a accidental photographer, again, this buzz is for you, if you consistently backpack your entry-level camera and a buzz with you. Professional photographers will not accord up their accessory for the 808 PureView, and they actually shouldn’t.

At the end of the day, the 808 PureView adeptness alone be a affidavit of concept, a pioneer, or a anon to become collector’s item, but Nokia absolutely managed to footfall up the bold in a austere way!


snowboard wallpaper hd
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Snowboarding Wallpaper HD (72 images) | snowboard wallpaper hd

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