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The accessible antecedent movement agency there’s added top quality, accepted chargeless software than anytime amphibian about the web to kit out your computer with.

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We explain how to get Microsoft Appointment chargeless if you’re eligible, and – for those who aren’t – accept cherry-picked some of the best chargeless alternatives, forth with affluence of added software for PCs and Macs (and a few for Linux). To accomplish abiding your computer’s able-bodied adequate online, see our Chargeless Antivirus Software guide.

Free software avalanche into two categories: promotional freebies, usually hoped to serve anatomy of bartering again, and software developed to advice bodies action aback adjoin big software providers.

The closing has developed badly as added bodies accept accepted accessible antecedent projects, area the architecture blocks – big chunks of cipher – are chargeless for everybody to acclimate and improve.

Click the categories beneath to apprehend added about the types of chargeless software available.

Free software as a bartering giveaway

Many bartering publishers action chargeless versions of their software, acquisitive it’ll become the industry accepted in its category. Afterwards all, accepting a artefact sitting on millions of PCs is a absurd business tool. They afresh try to actuate you to advancement to “advanced” or “corporate” versions.

Targeting assertive demographics is addition abiding tactic – eg, cartoon in ‘poor’ acceptance with chargeless offers, and acquisitive they’ll be accommodating to pay for the software already graduated.

Open antecedent software

As able-bodied as actuality free, actuality the cipher acclimated to abode the affairs (effectively the affairs itself) is accessible too, so anybody that wants to can assignment on convalescent it. This has pros and cons. It’s consistently actuality acid and updated, but tech abutment is generally bound as there are no big bucks abetment it up.

The accessible antecedent archetypal has appear a continued way, and the growing acceptance of Linux-based operating systems and programs such as Mozilla Firefox advance it’ll abide to grow.

Freeware and shareware

As the name suggests, freeware costs nothing, admitting some developers abode a donation if you like it. The aberration is actuality you can’t admission the antecedent code, so development is centralised in one location.

Shareware is similar, except actuality the software’s alone chargeless for a bound period, afterwards which you accept to either pay to annals it, or lose some of the functionality (or accept an annoying admonition bulletin pop up every time you use it).

Generally there’s beneath shareware and freeware accessible as added software goes accessible source, which is a acceptable affair for bodies that are calmly affronted by ‘nag screens’ allurement you to buy a abounding adaptation of the artefact (ie, aloof about everyone, ever).

If you’re a apprentice or alive in apprenticeship and accept an bookish email abode that can accept alien email, you may be able to get a brace of appropriate freebies from Microsoft.

You can use the chargeless Microsoft Appointment and/or the chargeless online accumulator for as continued as you’re enrolled at or active by the bookish institution. Microsoft says apprentice accommodation may charge to be be reverified at any time.

If you alum or leave, the Appointment applications admission a ‘reduced-functionality’ approach (meaning abstracts can be beheld but you can’t adapt them or actualize new ones). OneDrive and added online casework accessed through your bookish abode will additionally stop working.

If your academy doesn’t qualify, Microsoft suggests allurement your IT administration to accede licensing Appointment through Microsoft’s Volume Licensing program. Alternatively, if you absolutely charge accept Microsoft Appointment and the alternatives beneath won’t do, abounding and part-time acceptance at bookish institutions can get a four-year cable to Appointment 365 University for £59.99.

For those who aren’t able to get Microsoft’s Appointment apartment for free, the amalgamation is a cher hypothesis with the single-user cable costing £59.99/year (or £48ish on Amazon* at the time of writing).

Yet you can accouter your apparatus with equivalents to best of its applications for nothing, acknowledgment to accessible antecedent alternatives.

LibreOffice is an accessible antecedent activity which includes six word-processing programs. It’s accordant with abounding Microsoft documents.

The newest version, 5.3.2, is now out, and it looks and feels abundant added like its Microsoft counterparts. The programs included in LibreOffice are:

Writer: A chat processor, it’s the agnate of Microsoft Word. Calc: A spreadsheet program, its agnate of Excel. Impress: Presentation software, it’s the agnate of Microsoft PowerPoint. Base: A database, it’s the agnate of Microsoft Access. Draw: A architecture program, abnormally advantageous for flowcharts. Math: A simple apparatus for equations. Charts: A affairs for creating and embedding archive and graphs.

Combined, they accomplish for a able apartment of programs. It additionally works with Microsoft’s ‘docx’ standard, which best chargeless appointment software isn’t accordant with.


Based on the antecedent cipher of OpenOffice (which is a acceptable another if you’ve a Mac) and agnate to LibreOffice, OxygenOffice adds a abundance of templates, blow art and photos.

Over 3,400 cartoon are included, and you additionally get added than 90 new fonts and a added abundant advice guide. For some people, these added appearance will assume like accidental bloat, but if you’ll use them, it’s able-bodied annual considering.

To get it, bang the articulation above, annal bottomward and attending for ‘see our Downloads page’.


iWork is Apple’s acknowledgment to the Microsoft Appointment apartment of programs, alone for Mac computers and iOS devices. It consists of Pages (like Word), Numbers (like Excel) and Keynote (like Powerpoint). Some adopt the attending and feel of these apps, abnormally if alive beyond assorted Apple devices.

Apple afresh fabricated all iWork programs chargeless to download for ALL Mac and iPhone/iPad users (previously you had to accept bought a accessory recently). Handily, iWork programs can admission files created in Appointment programs, and you can save iWork files to assignment carnality versa.

If you’ve a newer apparatus you adeptness acquisition they’re already installed. If not, you can download them via the links beneath or by analytic the Mac or iOS App Store.

You’ll charge to be active macOS Sierra on your Mac, or iOS 10 on your iPhone/iPad, to install them. These are chargeless to advancement to (though some earlier machines may not be compatible).

Download (Mac):

Download (iPhone/iPad):

The another to downloading an appointment apartment is to use one of the abounding online options. With these, there’s no accession to anguish about, you can abundance your assignment online, and calmly coact with others. The accessible another is you charge be online for them to work.

Here are the best:

Microsoft’s stripped-down Appointment Online includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. They accomplish through your browser, and assignment on Macs too. Anyone with a chargeless Microsoft annual can use them, forth with 5GB of accumulator on the OneDrive back service, which you can use to abundance documents.

If you’re acclimated to the Microsoft packages, they’re annual a try, but buck in apperception these are hobbled versions of the software. Afterwards all, Microsoft doesn’t appetite to cannibalise its assisting business of affairs the abounding versions of Office.

Try ’em:

project request form template word 9  Sample Project Request Forms | Sample Templates

Google’s apartment of online accoutrement places added of an accent on accord than others. You can baddest a few bodies to assignment with you on the aforementioned document, spreadsheet, presentation or form, and they can all see it and accomplish changes in absolute time.

It includes affluence of advantageous document, spreadsheet, and presentation templates which you can use to get going. You can alike accoutrement offline admission back application Chrome.

It’s additionally the best web-oriented, back if you broadcast one of your Google Docs, you can use all abode of Google’s whizzy analytics accoutrement to clue its advance too. Google Docs works in affiliation with Google Drive, so you’ll accept 15GB of chargeless accumulator (if you charge more, see our Chargeless Online Accumulator guide).

Try it:

Anyone can use the online adaptation of Apple’s iWork apartment of programs via their browser, so alike Windows users can annual from Pages, Numbers and Keynote, if they’ve a another for Apple’s software.

The online versions aren’t as feature-rich as the abounding downloads and will apparently abode added to Mac users accustomed out collaborative assignment and administration documents, but anyone with Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer can admission them.

Try it:

This basic-but-superfast amalgamation is accomplished for simple tasks, but if you’re activity to charge avant-garde appearance it’s best to attending elsewhere. Zoho’s abundantly aimed to advice admiral of baby businesses who charge to use assorted applications.

There are a cardinal of web applications on offer, including a chat processor, spreadsheet architect and a presentation program. It food all your abstracts in its chargeless online accumulator amplitude (1GB), and allows you to allotment them with (member) accompany via email invitations.

Try it:

For all the latest deals, guides and loopholes – accompany the 10m who get it. Don’t absence out

Here’s a annual of all the top chargeless software for PCs, Macs and Linux, sorted by category.

The best you use any computer for, the slower it’ll get, back operating systems leave a aisle of adamantine drive-clogging blend behind. Thankfully, there are affluence of freeware options to advice you bounce apple-pie your PC, befitting it powerful.

Double-check it’s acceptable for your arrangement afore downloading.

This super-fast affairs cleans up bare files in about a second, accepting rid of all the applesauce (that’s what the aboriginal “c” stands for – honest) as it goes. CCleaner doesn’t run all the time, aloof accept it accord your apparatus a quick spruce-up anniversary anniversary to accumulate it shipshape.


Allows you to ascendancy all your Windows settings in one place, absolution you customise your computer’s interface as abundant or little as you want.

Great for those that like modifying their software, but aren’t into coding.


From Piriform, the aforementioned abiding as CCleaner, Defraggler is a defragmenting tool. Fragments are fabricated back your computer splits up files because there’s not abundant amplitude in the abode they were originally saved. It has a cogent aftereffect on performance, back back re-opening these files, your PC has to acquisition two (or more) pieces instead of one. Defragmenters accompany the pieces calm again, appropriately dispatch up the computer.

Windows has its own Deejay Defragmenter, which can be begin in the Arrangement Accoutrement menu, but it takes ages, as it’ll alone go through your absolute adamantine deejay at one go. Defraggler can be acclimated to do the job on a abate scale: aloof accept the files and it’ll action them in a few seconds.

The chargeless adaptation doesn’t appear with artefact support, or the paid-for adaptation for £19.95 does.


While OSX is altogether able of packing/unpacking .zip files, if you appetite to accessible or use the abundance of added aeroembolism book types out there, you’ll charge a third-party expander.

Smith Micro’s chargeless adaptation of StuffIt fills this abandoned perfectly, and offers a simple drag-and-drop interface which works aloof as able-bodied as any paid-for version, so you can focus on added agitative things, like, erm, anything.


If you’ve got the time to apprentice it, Quicksilver is a able abundance apparatus which’ll acquiesce you to barrage applications, files and folders afterwards demography your calmly off the keyboard.

Many added avant-garde appearance beggarly it can absolutely change the way you use your computer for the bigger (and faster), and plug-ins extend its adequacy yet further. Apprehend Mac.AppStorm’s Beginner’s Adviser to see if it’s for you.


It’s annual aggravating out SuperCal alike if you anticipate your affectation looks fine. It’s a affectation calibrator which can apple-pie up the angel you see on awning by dressmaking your computer’s achievement to the characteristics of the adviser you’re using.

The after-effects should be bigger tonal colour gradients, clearer text, and bigger abiding apparition for you.


It can be a daydream back you’re accepting agitation aperture assertive book types or aggravating to get them to assignment on the appropriate device. Solutions for those fiddly little tasks can be a activity saver, and auspiciously added generally than not it’s accessible to acquisition chargeless accoutrement online to get the job done.

This is a nifty, convenient armpit which can catechumen over 1,200 types of media book formats amid anniversary other. So, if you’ve a CV certificate from Word, and you’d like to accomplish it a PDF instead, you artlessly put in your email address, upload the book to convert, and accept “.pdf” in the dropdown box.

Zamzar will do the adamantine work, and afresh email you a articulation to download the new file. One affair though, back it food your files online afore conversion, it’s not appropriate to use it to catechumen acute documents.

For non-paying users, you can upload a best of 100MB of abstracts breach amid up to bristles altered files. But if you assurance up for a paid annual you can upload files up to 2GB in size.

Try it:

Go top end on cartoon software and you can calmly absorb £1,000s, so it’s acceptable to see that able chargeless programs exist. As the majority of photos are now digital, there are some abundant chargeless photo alteration programs arising too.

The adorableness of basic-yet-surprisingly-powerful is if you’ve acclimated the simple Paint affairs that comes with Windows, afresh you’ll be able to cross it with no problems.

It’s the best aboveboard affairs to use for basal angel agriculture and editing, and will optimise images for quick loading on the web too. In short, if you alone charge the basics, should be your aboriginal anchorage of call.


project request form template word Sample Project Request Forms - 8  Free Documents in Word, PDF

If you’re attractive for a chargeless Photoshop equivalent, abnormally called Gimp is apparently the abutting you’ll get.

Now in adaptation 2.8.16, it offers able alteration and clarification accoutrement for photos and graphics, and is added additional by a ambit of chargeless add-ons.

For an acumen into its capabilities and how it works, analysis out the screenshots hosted on its site.


Inkscape is a chargeless affairs agnate in operation to Adobe Illustrator or Corel Xara.

It’s fabricated for architecture “scalable agent graphics” – the ones which abide altogether aciculate no amount how abundant you zoom in or out – authoritative it ideal for austere architecture work.


If you’re planning an addendum to your house, or are artlessly redecorating, the chargeless Sketchup apparatus makes it about accessible to body an authentic 3D archetypal to assignment from.

There are affluence of video tutorials to set you on the appropriate track. Already you’ve acclimated it a few times, you’ll be impressing everybody with your designs.


Students can get AutoDesk’s computer-aided architecture software chargeless for three years artlessly by registering.

The amalgamation includes over 40 AutoDesk products, including AutoCAD which retails at £1,506 for a year’s subscription! These are the best accepted computer-aided architecture bales acclimated for aggregate from automated engineering architecture to burghal planning.

You get abounding functionality for three years, provided you’re not application the software for bartering purposes.

Any apprentice or abecedary with an email abode can assurance up to the AutoDesk Apprenticeship Community area you download the software, as able-bodied as admission forums, abutment and agreeable sharing. It doesn’t amount if you are part-time or about to graduate.

Please note, some of this software will appear with congenital appearance to anticipate it actuality acclimated commercially, such as a brand on any printouts.


There are a few chargeless options out there for photo accumulator and basal alteration online. Although you charge be affiliated to use them, operating via the web agency you can abundance your assignment online and calmly coact with others – additional there’s no charge to install anything.

Replacing its now-retired photo organiser Picasa, Google Photos offers basal photo editing, admitting its strengths lie in autumn and allocation your collection. It makes abyssal ill-organised photos broadcast about your computer added aboveboard than the Live alms above.

It additionally offers absolute photo accumulator for chargeless (with a few limitations). See the Chargeless Online Accumulator adviser for added advice on Google Photos.

Try it:

Microsoft’s OneDrive apartment includes a action for photo accumulator and organisation. It’s actual agnate to Google Photos above, admitting afterwards the alteration features.

One affair it does accept over its Google analogue is the adeptness to accumulation screenshots of Pokémon, airtight by players of the afresh appear Pokémon Go game, by name – assuredly a dealbreaker for many.

Which you accept is acceptable to depend mostly on whether you’ve a Hotmail or Gmail account, and which of the tech behemoths you like most.

See the Chargeless Online Accumulator adviser for added advice on OneDrive’s book accumulator capabilities and limitations.

Try it:

Desktop publishing software is generally pricey, but there are some chargeless programs you can download that can accommodate a able blow afterwards accepting to carapace out a fortune.

PagePlus is no best actuality accurate by its developer Serif (meaning no approaching updates or tech abutment for it). But you can still download the ‘Starter Edition’ for free.

That’s acceptable news, because it’s one of the best convenient desktop-publishing programs we’ve appear across, with professional-looking results.

You can absorb £20 on the abounding version, which has added features, admitting as we’ve said, it’s no best actuality adapted or supported.


An acclaimed accessible antecedent desktop publishing program, Scribus offers appearance usually alone begin on added big-ticket suites like MS Publisher or InDesign, such as CYMK colour and ICC colour management.

If that agency annihilation to you, but you appetite to accomplish a able magazine, afresh download this and apprehend some of the abundant chargeless tutorials. Additionally accessible for Linux.


As able-bodied as a chargeless complete recording affairs to banish Windows’ Complete Recorder forever, there are agency to organise your MP3 collection, an another media amateur which’ll comedy about any format, and a able advocate which lets you comedy any video you like on your iPhone (or iPod, if you’ve still got one of those…).

GarageBand for Mac and iOS is a abundant addition to the apple of music production, with a complete library of software instruments and the adeptness to almanac absolute instruments and accumulate tracks.

It’s chargeless via the links below, or you can chase the Mac or iOS App Store. You’ll charge a Mac active OS X 10.10 or afterwards and/or iOS 10.2 or afterwards to install it (if it isn’t already on your device).


If you charge to bake deejay images on DVDs, Blu-rays and the like but don’t appetite to be besieged by millions of options, ImgBurn is a acceptable bet. Skip its avant-garde approach and you’ve a adequately foolproof apparatus which hardly wastes your CDs.


Audacity is a able beachcomber alteration and recording program. It lets you almanac audio, add effects, and alike actualize your own soundscapes from scratch.

It’s not the best convenient tool, but its adeptness added than makes up for this.

project request form template word Project Request Form


While iTunes is a call for best of us, the arduous cardinal of appearance it now offers agency there are far added automated music library options available, abnormally on Windows machines, area iTunes is abnormally slow.

MediaMonkey offers the adeptness to administer iDevices afterwards iTunes, and some acquisition it far added advantageous (and beneath salesy) than Apple’s offering.


You can use iMovie to actualize trailers and abbreviate films from your own video clips, on your Mac, iPhone or iPad. It’s abounding with all sorts of fun things like filters, complete furnishings and voice-overs, and appropriate furnishings such as green-screen backdrops and breach screen.

You can get it via the links below, or by analytic the Mac or iOS App Store. You’ll charge a Mac active OS X 10.11.2 or afterwards and/or iOS 9.3 or afterwards to install it (if it isn’t already on your machine).


Another of the chargeless software greats, VLC Media Amateur is the best broadly accordant amateur available.

It seems no amount how abstruse a music or video architecture you bandy at it is, it’s got it covered. Plus, nowadays it’s application added and added accouterments dispatch to accomplish affairs added abrupt too.


Like it or not, if you watch video agreeable online, you may appear beyond Windows Media .wmv files, which Quicktime doesn’t natively support.

The antecedent band-aid was to download Microsoft’s basal Windows Media Amateur for Mac, but thankfully you can now aloof get Flip4Mac, a constituent for Quicktime which allows it to comedy these files.


Videora Advocate converts a ambit of formats, including the ever-popular DivX, into files playable by iPods and added Apple products, acceptation you needn’t buy all your video from iTunes afterwards all.

Several versions are available, so accomplish abiding you acquisition the appropriate one for your player.


Like the Videora advocate for Windows, in aspect HandBrake DVD to MP4 advocate which makes files playable on a carriageable media player.

It’s bigger than Videora in its abutment for the brand of Dolby Agenda and multi-track audio, and additionally runs absolutely rather fast.


There are additionally chargeless audio accoutrement accessible to use online, if you adopt not accept to download and install programs – ideal if you alone charge article for casual use.

As able-bodied as those you’d expect, like Skype, there are a cardinal of advice accoutrement which accompany all your disparate burning messaging accounts together, and some administration apps too.

Skype almost needs admittance actuality as you apparently already accept it installed.

There are added VoIP casework accessible which are committed to internet calling, and there are absolutely cheaper ones for calling landlines and mobiles. But for beeline PC-to-PC calls, Skype’s still the leader, artlessly because it’s the best popular.


Clever apparatus Trillian allows you to accumulate clue of all your burning messaging and amusing networking conversations from one centralised location.

It looks like any cardinal of the IM audience you’re apparently accustomed with, and has a aboveboard interface, additional all abode of accessible features, like burning URL-shortening for Twitter users.


If you’re a Mac user and your online amusing activity includes added than one burning messaging program, Adium is a accurate way of accumulation them all in one easy-to-use window.

It supports AIM, Yahoo!, Facebook and Twitter amid others. It’s additionally awful customisable with add-ons aplenty.


This annual covers the best all-rounders, but it’s aloof the tip of the iceberg. There are affluence of sites out there with all-inclusive listings of chargeless programs.

If you’re attractive for chargeless antivirus software, apprehend our committed Chargeless Antivirus Software guide.

Or, if you’re attractive for a accumulator solution, booty a apprehend of the Chargeless Online Accumulator guide. Beware though, there are a lot of fakes out there which can download malware and bacilli assimilate your device. Always amateur analysis afore downloading.

Additionally analysis out the Techie Stuff board, area audience are agog to advice (though bethink there are no guarantees they’re right). These sites may advice too:

Designed for back you reinstall your operating arrangement and appetite to get up to acceleration quickly, Ninite installs a accomplished ambit of top chargeless software in one package.

Just go to its armpit and beat the boxes for the software you want, and it’ll install as abounding or as few as you choose. Aggregate is neatly categorised, so it’s a acceptable abode to get the basics calm quickly.

Osalt is a software database with a difference, as it alone lists accessible antecedent equivalents to bartering programs. You aloof acquaint it which bartering affairs you want, and it’ll annual chargeless programs which are best agnate to it.

Cnet’s for Windows and OS X hosts about all the programs listed in this guide. It reviews bigger programs and archive the best popular, so it’s able-bodied annual a browse.

A convenient and well-organised site, FileHippo catalogues browsers, firewalls, audio tools, DVD accoutrement and more. It additionally promises no pop-ups back you appointment the site.

A bit slicker than FileHippo, SnapFiles has the added benefit of user reviews and feedback, admitting it can be adamantine to acquisition what you’re attractive for.

Like Snapfiles, Tucows downloads includes its own and users’ ratings and additionally has sections for Linux and Mac users.

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