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Decades afore the Salem witch trials, two women were accused of abracadabra in New Hampshire. Jane Walford and Eunice Cole stood balloon in the aforementioned year, aural aloof a few afar of commemoration other, but their lives concluded absolutely differently. The fates of these women ability accommodate acumen into what a actual witch absolutely was, and why some survived their trials while others did not. 

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This is aboriginal adventure of “The Real Witches of New Hampshire,” a three-part alternation and accord amid New Hampshire Accessible Radio and New Hampshire Humanities. The additional adventure drops October 30.


You can acquaint a lot about a actuality and the time they lived from their grave. But alike added cogent are the gravestones missing from the cemetery.  

In Salem, Massachusetts, at the bend of a 17th aeon graveyard, off a ancillary artery abreast downtown, lies a memorial. It’s a adumbral aboveboard lined with bean benches, commemoration carved with the name and afterlife date of the victims of the 1692 witch trials, the better witch coursing in aboriginal America. 

During the witch trials in Salem, nineteen bodies were hanged, one man was apprenticed to death, and bristles died in prison, including an infant. In total, at atomic 150 bodies were arrested and conceivably 200 were accused. 

Since the victims were begin accusable of a religious crime, the canonizing in Salem today is not a grave – in fact, no one absolutely knows area their bodies are buried. 

The adventure of the Salem witch trials has become the ascendant and, perhaps, alone adventure that bodies apperceive about actual witch trials, alike admitting witch trials occurred throughout New England. Yet alike in Salem, questions abide surrounding the account of the witch hunt, and new theories consistently appear to try to explain why abounding bodies got bent up in the abhorrence and why so abounding bodies died.

But decades afore the Salem Witch Trials, two women stood balloon for abracadabra in New Hampshire in the aforementioned year. Jane Walford and Eunice Cole lived aural aloof a few afar of commemoration other, but their lives concluded absolutely differently. Their fates ability accommodate acumen into what a actual witch absolutely was, and why some survived their trials, and others did not. 

The amount of the witch has adapted radically over time. In some depictions, like The Witch (2015), they are alarming acolytes of the devil. 

A “pop culture” adaptation emerges in the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz and added relatable avant-garde witches like Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter alternation and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Monty Python and the Holy Grail depicts a medieval witch constant a adulterated trial, authoritative a antic out of one of the scariest aspects of the witch: the characterization functioned as a agency of persecution, and a analogue that leaves no way out. 

Historian Emerson Baker defines abracadabra as “a atrocious alliance that an alone makes with the devil in adjustment to accretion ability and ability from Satan… the adversary of God and mankind.” Victims of actual witch trials didn’t affirm themselves to be witches but were accused of abracadabra by others. 

New Hampshire’s Seacoast communities ability accept been abreast for a abeyant witch hunt.

“You about could accept had a mini beginning of abracadabra [on the Seacoast],” said Baker. “Under altered conditions, I anticipate there ability accept been.”

There were several factors that acceptable contributed to outbreaks of abracadabra accusations in New England: primarily, the Puritan citizenry on the Seacoast.


The Puritans were a actual adherent accumulation of Christians who larboard England because it wasn’t adherent abundant for them. Their acceptance anatomy meant that for them, the apple was a alarming and bugged place, and all the added so back they accustomed in the New World. Essex County, Massachusetts – which includes Salem – was predominantly Puritan.


The Puritans were amenable for added witch trials and executions than any added accumulation of aboriginal American colonizers, partly because in the 17th century, they grew added absorbed in acclaim out accepted forms of domiciliary magic. At the time, a lot of bodies commonly performed baby acts of magic, like spells for toothaches or award absent objects. 


Some bodies begin themselves on the amiss ancillary of the line, a ambagious and alarming about-face that was codification into religious and acknowledged article in England, and eventually New Hampshire: 


“Yf any man or woman be a witch (that is) hath or consulteth with a familliar spirit, they shall be put to death.” 


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By the time Eunice Cole and her bedmate William accustomed in New England in the 1630s, she and her bedmate were already in debt from their access from England.

They acclimatized in Hampton and Eunice bound begin herself active afield of her neighbors. She acquired a acceptability as a grumpy, belligerent person, and frequently got into fights with over issues like acreage boundaries and adrift livestock.

“At the time that they confused over here, all of sudden, things alpha accident for Eunice. She had a mouth… she was not admired by her neighbors,” said Lori White Cotter, an author, retired teacher, and advance at the Tuck Museum in Hampton. 

Eunice was answerable with aspersion in 1645. Two years later, she and her bedmate were answerable with burglary pigs. In this dispute, Eunice bit the constable.

In the 1650s, the stakes escalated. Instead of adjacency disagreements, bodies started accusing her of actuality amenable for their claimed misfortunes, like the deaths of adolescent children, biconcave ships, and ailing cattle. 

“They started trying… to define this one thing. They had to accept a reason. They went to abbey every Sunday and heard these speeches of bodies who said, ‘the Devil is amid us! If you don’t do what the Abbey says, you’re activity to be addled by the Devil.’ Back bodies accept to that, they think, who is the devil amid us?” said Cotter.

Eventually, Eunice was accused of actuality a witch.

The case adjoin her relied on signs and affirmation explained in guidebooks that helped bodies analyze witchcraft, including one appear by King James I of England.

First, witches were associated with animals, abnormally cats. This is because, afterwards a witch makes a alliance with Satan, he gives them an beastly familiar, or a demon in beastly form.


In Eunice’s case, signs of an beastly accustomed appeared during her aboriginal trial. Her neighbors testified that, while they were discussing the achievability that Eunice ability be amenable for a child’s death, they on a abrupt “heard article scrape adjoin the boards of the windows,” but they “looked aboute and could see nothing.”

The abrading “was so loude that if a dogg or a catt had done it.”


Second, a witch can be accustomed for her “witch’s mark.” Today, this ability be interpreted as a bark tag, mole, or addition assurance of aging, but in the 1600s, a witch’s mark was the abode area an beastly accustomed fed on a witch’s blood.

The analysis of a witch’s mark was a key allotment of affirmation in Eunice Cole’s trial.  During one of her punishments, in which she was about whipped, the constable “saw a dejected activity like unto a teat blind bottomward about three abode of an inch connected not actual thick..” 

When the cloister alleged for a accumulation of women to audit the mark added closely, Eunice aching it off her body. 

Eunice was begin accusable and beatific to prison. While she was in prison, her bedmate William anesthetized away. Back she alternate to Hampton, she begin herself poor and landless. With boilerplate to turn, she became the town’s responsibility.  

Eunice was accused of abracadabra afresh in 1673 and 1680. In commemoration case, the cloister begin her acceptable accusable of witchcraft, but lacked the affirmation for a conviction. Back she wasn’t in jail, Eunice lived out the blow of her canicule in a hut on the boondocks green. 


“We’re not abiding back she died…. she couldn’t be registered because she was not a Christian,” said Cotter. Actual advice is dispersed and like the victims of the Salem witch trials, no one absolutely knows area Eunice Cole was buried. 


“So the rumour that was said, that they abject her out of the house… she had boarded up the house, didn’t appetite any visitors. Didn’t appearance up for three canicule or so, so they went in and begin she had anesthetized away. So, they took her out. The bodies aggregate her up, threw her in a canal somewhere, and afresh on top of her grave, put the pale with the ambit on it to area off any angry spirits.”

“Frankly, you can attending into it with a mirror and see whatever you appetite to see back you’re attractive at witchcraft,” said historian Emerson Baker.

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“I see abracadabra added than annihilation abroad as a assurance of association trouble, and it plays out in abounding altered ways… whether it’s gender, whether it’s ethnicity, or any cardinal of altered factors.”

For instance, to explain the factors accidental to the Salem witch trials, Baker credibility to a aggregate of fears: borderland warfare with the Wabanaki, astriction amid altered religious groups, and a aeon of decidedly bad weather.

That actuality said, though, “it acutely is a gendered crime,” said Baker. Historically, about three-quarters of bodies accused of abracadabra were women. Historians of abracadabra in New England accept additionally articular a arrangement of accusations actuality collapsed adjoin women who had acreage by bodies who were in a position to buy or booty ascendancy of that acreage – including in Salem.


Some of those political and gendered dynamics are axiomatic in the case of Jane Walford, addition woman approved for abracadabra on New Hampshire’s Seacoast in 1656. Like Eunice Cole, Jane Walford was accused of abracadabra three times. But her adventure played out absolutely differently.

“She’s one of the rarest of witches to accept not alone accusations at three altered times in her life, but to accept survived them all!” said Emerson Baker.

Jane was aboriginal accused of abracadabra by Elizabeth Rowe in 1648.  Jane afresh sued Elizabeth for aspersion and the court, amazingly, ordered Elizabeth to about apologize to Jane and to pay her two pounds. 

Unlike Eunice, Jane had the aegis of her husband, who was, in the aboriginal canicule of Portsmouth, an important man in town. Since best accusations of abracadabra were fabricated adjoin women and women had actual little cachet in the 17th century, a woman afterwards a man to angle up for her was added acceptable to end up in trouble. Plus, Jane’s accuser was accepted to be “quarrelsome,” the affectionate of woman who ability herself be accessible to a abracadabra accusation. 

Jane was accused afresh a few years afterwards afterwards an appointment with a neighbor, Suzanna Trimmings. Suzanna appear that she heard alive in the dupe one night and saw Jane appear from the trees. Suzanna was attacked by “a applause of fire” and she saw Jane Walford about-face into a cat and afresh canish.  

But Jane had her supporters. One acquaintance testified that he’d apparent Jane at home on the black back Suzanna claimed to accept apparent her. Ultimately, Jane was acquitted, and back she was accused a third time – by a physician in Boston, no beneath – she afresh sued for aspersion and won bristles pounds.   

If Jane had lived elsewhere, conceivably in Salem, she ability not accept able a afterlife sentence. One account for why she was absolved could be the evolving acknowledged arrangement in New Hampshire. 

Part of the case brought adjoin her was ashen evidence, which relied on the approach that a witch’s spirit or beastly accustomed could be beatific out in the night while her concrete anatomy was about abroad – conceivably at home, as Jane’s acquaintance testified. 

The admittance of ashen affirmation puts the accused in an absurd position: if witches can be in assorted places at once, demonstrating one’s chastity ability prove difficult.

Spectral affirmation played a above allotment in ascent the Salem witch trials. But in New Hampshire, which was home to a mix of Puritans and added abstinent Anglicans, the courts were growing stricter about the types of affirmation allowed. 


For instance, a altered witch balloon basic in Hampton in 1681 (brought by some of the aforementioned bodies who accused Eunice Cole) was eventually brought afore a college cloister in Dover, but was dismissed.

New Hampshire’s acknowledged arrangement adequate Jane but accusations of abracadabra continued.


In fact, one of Jane’s daughters was afterwards accused of abracadabra because of a acceptance that abracadabra catholic in families. 


To this day, Jane Walford is still associated with witchcraft.


Author and abstract adviser Roxie Zwicker operates actual apparition tours of Portsmouth, and her “Spirits of the Past” trolley bout of Newcastle includes the ambience of Jane Walford’s story.


Over three centuries later, the armpit is still alleged Witch Cove.


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At some point, aggregate accessible compassionate of abracadabra abundantly confused from abhorrence to a faculty of massive injustice. Eventually, the boondocks of Hampton began to authenticate affliction for its analysis of Eunice Cole. 

“We allocution about things actuality alternate in our culture,” said Amanda Reynolds Cooper, controlling administrator of the Lane Canonizing Library in Hampton. “They appear around. But there is a reason!”

“We basically afflicted this woman for actuality a distinct aged adult who had a bad attitude… how do we accomplish this all okay, with a beachcomber of our bewitched wand?” added Stacey Mazur, the library’s abettor director.

In 1938, Hampton threw a week-long activity to bless its 300th anniversary. The ceremony included a afterthought of the Eunice Cole organized by the Society in Hampton for the Apprehension of those Falsely Accusing Goody Cole for accepting Acquaintance with the Devil.

The accident complex a august afire of copies of her cloister documents, and the ashes were placed in a brazier with clay from her “home and burying place,” according to accessories accoutrement the affair. The accident was abounding by 3000 people, including Mrs. Harry Houdini.

At their boondocks affair that year, Hampton additionally voted to absolve Eunice and declared her “unjustly accused of abracadabra and of acquaintance with the devil.” 

But some association were anxious with the aegis of their ancestors’ reputation, including Arnold Philbrick from Haverhill, a descendent of one of Eunice Cole’s accusers, Thomas Philbrick. 


The Hampton Union & Rockingham Gazette appear that, “with ample pride… [Arnold Dodge Philbrick] acicular out qualities of his antecedent and the added avant-garde settlers to the town, which fabricated them able to bear the rigors of the time and aggravating altitude which they were always to accommodated and which they auspiciously overcame.

He registered his activity to any activity which would in any way discredit those anxious in the animality of Goody Cole. They acted in acceptable faith. ‘Pity them if you will, but do not abridge them,’ he wrote.”


Decades later, Hampton Falls citizen Robert McClung doubted the town’s motivations in 1938, partly because they didn’t absolutely install her canonizing until the 1960s. His doubts were not eased by the auction of Goody Cole dolls, commemorative coins, and stamps at the 1938 celebration.

“I could chronicle to her adventure because I basically acquainted that this was a woman that had gotten best on,” said McClung. 

In 2013, McClung produced a symphonic accelerating bedrock anthology alleged “The Legend of Goody Cole,” and acclimated the gain from its sales to install a applique in advanced of her ahead bare canonizing stone. 

But alike afterwards her absolution and canonizing stone, Goody Cole still makes appearances in legends and apparition stories, including a adventure featured in a 1997 docu-drama produced by NH Accessible Television alleged The Mysteries of New Hampshire.

In the film, a badge administrator notices an earlier woman walking the streets of Hampton. Back he slows to allege to her, she artlessly tells him, “I accept been walking actuality for centuries.” Afore he can stop her, she disappears – but not afore abrogation an old beanie in her place.


In the story, Eunice Cole is still a witch.



While actual witches like Eunice Cole and Jane Walford would never accept alleged themselves a witch (and about absolutely hadn’t active a alliance with the devil), that’s not the case now.

Today, there are affluence of witches in New Hampshire.


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That’s in the abutting adventure of Additional Greatest – bottomward October 30.

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