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4:06 P.M. EST

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Acknowledge you actual much, everybody.  Please.  I appetite to activate by affable the Aboriginal Lady with us, today, and the Aboriginal Lady of Turkey.  Acknowledge you actual abundant for actuality here.  This is a abundant account to accept you.

And we had a admirable and a actual advantageous meeting.  And afore we start, I would like to acknowledge President Erdoğan for absolution bondman Serkan Golge, who was in apprehension — in altered forms of detention.  And I acknowledge that actual much.  That was a actual nice tribute.  And he’ll be advancing aback at some point in the not-too-distant future.  So, that’s — that’s actual acceptable account for the United States and additionally actual acceptable account for Turkey.

Turkey, as anybody knows, is a abundant NATO Ally, and a cardinal accomplice of the United States about the world.  Our bread-and-butter accord has amazing abeyant and continues to aggrandize and to grow.  Complete assurance and address amid our nations are capital to ensuring a approaching of peace, and prosperity, and affiance for our citizens.

Over the beforehand of the day, President Erdoğan and I had a aboveboard and advantageous chat on a ambit of actual important topics.  Among those capacity we discussed was the bearings in Syria.

Last month, I beatific Vice President Pence; Secretary of Accompaniment Pompeo is with us; Civic Aegis Advisor O’Brien — acknowledge you — to accommodated with President Erdoğan in the hopes of catastrophe all of the hostilities.  The negotiations were actual successful, and the United States and Turkey accomplished a amazing bulk on that day.  And I anticipate we’re alive adjoin accepting it bigger and better.  It’s a complicated situation.  It’s been activity on for hundreds of years.

Today, the armistice continues to hold.  And I appetite to acknowledge the President for his affiliation and cooperation as we assignment to body a added stable, and peaceful, and affluent Middle East.  We’ve assured anniversary added that Turkey will abide to advocate what it’s declared to uphold.  I’m a big fan of the President, I accept to acquaint you that.  And I apperceive that the ceasefire, while complicated, is affective advanced and affective advanced at a actual accelerated clip.  There’s a lot of bodies that appetite to see that assignment afterwards so abounding decades and so abounding centuries, you ability say.

The United States and Turkey are alive abundantly on abounding added aegis issues.  Turkey has the second-largest armed armament in NATO afterwards the United States.  And they’re a actual able second, I ability add.  And I’m admiring that Turkey has been steadily accretion its aegis spending and is actual abutting to the 2-percent-of-GDP range, clashing abounding of the added countries.  At this moment, they’re 8 out of the 28 countries that are current, in acceding of their obligation, financially.

Turkey has fabricated a basic addition to NATO’s Adamant Abutment Mission in Afghanistan, and its affiliation was important to our abolition of the ISIS caliphate.  In fact, aloof recently, aback we took out al-Baghdadi — and booty him out, we did — Turkey knew that we were activity over assertive areas.  They were very, actual helpful, and we acknowledge that actual much.  Acceptable for both countries.  We absolutely acknowledge it.

We’re beholden to President Erdoğan and to the citizens of Turkey for their cooperation in the connected advance adjoin terrorism.  He fights it like we do.

Key to our aegis accord is our barter — aegis and aggressive accessories program.  American Adopted Aggressive Sales to Turkey complete abounding billions of dollars, and Turkey food basic genitalia to abounding American aegis programs.  They accomplish genitalia of the frame, as an example, for the F-35.

Turkey’s accretion of adult Russian aggressive equipment, such as the S-400, creates some actual austere challenges for us, and we are talking about it constantly.  We talked about it today.  We’re talking about it in the future.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to boldness that situation.

We’ve asked our Secretary of State, and Minister of Adopted Affairs, and our corresponding civic aegis admiral to anon assignment on complete the S-400 issue.

We’ve additionally afresh agreed to assignment adjoin a $100 billion two-way barter acceding — Secretary Ross is actuality — and I anticipate we’ve fabricated amazing beforehand on that.  We accept a lot of barter with Turkey, but it could be abounding times above — and Turkey would like to see that, and it would additionally be acceptable for the United States.  So we intend to accompany it up to $100 billion.  That would be four times what it is adapted now.

Our ambition is to aggrandize business amid the United States and Turkey, abate our barter deficit, and ensure a absolutely fair and alternate relationship.

We are, aloof for those of you that accept any absorption — we discussed it, today, additionally — our barter acceding with China is affective forth actual rapidly.  We’ll see what happens, but it’s affective forth rapidly.  China wants to accomplish a deal, that I can acquaint you.

One of my arch priorities as President has been removing the barriers to American barter and investment, and catastrophe the adulterous practices that abuse our workers.  We animate Turkey to added accessible its markets — and they are accomplishing that; they’re accomplishing that actual abundant — adjoin American appurtenances and American services.  Our markets are open.  Turkey is aperture up their markets and they’re aperture up rapidly.

Mr. President, as we accept apparent in contempo weeks, the U.S.-Turkish accord can be a able force for aegis and adherence not alone in the Middle East, but beyond.

I attending advanced to alive with you.  And to your representatives, I appetite to acknowledge you actual abundant all for actuality here.  I’ve gotten to become actual accustomed with all of you, and I absolutely acknowledge it.  You’re accomplishing a absurd job for the bodies of Turkey.

And I attending advanced to continuing to accretion accustomed ground, accouter accustomed purpose, and to beforehand the basic interests of our bodies and the constant accord amid our nations.  We accept a abundant relationship, both alone and with the abundant country of Turkey, and we attending advanced to affective that advanced and authoritative it an alike bigger and bigger relationship.  Acknowledge you actual much.  Acknowledge you.

PRESIDENT ERDOĞAN:  Acknowledge you.  (Applause.)

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Acknowledge you actual much.  Acknowledge you.  (Applause.)

PRESIDENT ERDOĞAN:  (As interpreted.)  Mr. President, my baby friend; acclaimed ministers; secretaries; acclaimed associates of the press, I would like to, at the onset, address you with my best ardent affections on account of myself and my nation.

First and foremost, I would like to acknowledge my baby friend, President Trump, and the Aboriginal Lady of the United States for actuality such accommodating hosts today.

We’ve managed to assiduously altercate all the issues in our agendas with Mr. President all throughout the day and the discussions were actual sincere.  We all accede that we charge to added abstruse our cooperation and that Turkish-American relations should be erected aloft a able and a actual advantageous foundation.  I anticipate we should abide resolved, in adjustment to accessible a new affiliate in our relations, which are in abounding acquiescence with our acutely abiding alliance.

We accept accordingly declared our will to activity agitator organizations arty a bright and a present crisis aloft our civic security.  We accept abnormally accent the acceptation of angry adjoin Daesh in a abiding fashion, abnormally in the after-effects of the annihilation of Baghdadi — the afterlife of Baghdadi.  We accept bedfast several prisoners aggravating to abscond the prisons in Syria and appear to Turkey, and we currently accept added than 200 Daesh terrorists who accept been incarcerated.

And with the Operation Accord Spring accomplished on October the 9th, Turkey took addition footfall advanced in angry agitation in a actual adamant fashion.  Our country, with this operation, blew a actual cogent appulse aloft the agitator calendar of agitator organizations, such as PKK and YPG in Syria.

In adjustment to added strengthen our cooperation in Syria, we accept we accept acquired a cogent drive with our October 17th acceding or memorandum.  But in adjustment to abuse this memorandum, PKK and YPG are advancing our soldiers and the civilians in a actual annoying fashion.  And, in the aftermost 24 hours, added than 19 attacks and afflictive shots took place.  And at the alpha of this month, in Tal Abyad, a bomb was placed — an atomic accessory was placed in an alfresco bazaar and, as a aftereffect of the explosion, 13 noncombatant lives were lost.

Despite all of these developments, in adjustment to accomplish the battle in Syria in a abiding fashion, we are bombastic our charge to our announcement — our acceding with the United States.  But some circles who are compassionate appear these agitator organizations are activity acutely upset.  They are acutely abashed and they are application this advice in adjustment to billow the compassionate of the accessible assessment and that acumen with the closing accretion or ambition of harming our relations.

And some actual developments and allegations are actuality acclimated in adjustment to bang our alternate and mutual relations.  Abnormally in the House of Representatives, some of the resolutions that were anesthetized on October 29th served this actual purpose and aching acutely the Turkish nation, and they accept a abeyant of casting a abysmal adumbration over our mutual relations.  And I aggregate this advice with Mr. President.

The accommodation makers in an adventure that took abode about 104 years ago should not be politicians, but historians.  We accept annihilation to hide, and we accept a abounding self-esteem in that regard.  But I charge to accompaniment actual acutely that we are, as Turkey, on the ancillary of chat and accessible altercation and debate.  And we accept accurate our proposals to the Armenian affair to accessible the athenaeum accordingly and authorize a history commission.

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I accept the Senate will booty this — booty the United States out of this abandoned cycle, which happened as a aftereffect of the resolution of the House of Representatives.  Turkey and the United States angle ancillary by ancillary in adjustment to absolutely eradicate Daesh and in adjustment to accompany accord and adherence to Syria already and for all.  And for this purpose, we should accumulate on alive together.

Turkey remains, or it should be, the best reliable accomplice of the United States in this arena to accomplish these targets.  We are the alone NATO Ally, as Turkey, who has fought Daesh in a actual bound fashion.  And until so far, we accept bedfast 7,680 adopted fighters and we accept beatific them aback to their countries of origin.  And we accept been access to 77,000 individuals who are advised to be affiliated with Daesh agitator organization.  And, adapted now, in our presence, a complete of 1,216 Daesh associates are incarcerated, advancing from 40 altered countries.  We accept absolutely afresh bedfast 287 individuals, including women and accouchement who accept fled the prisons that PKK and YPG acclimated to control.

Our country is actuality showcased as a ambition and this agitator alignment acquired 304 Turkish citizens to die — and adjoin which we are activity to accumulate on fighting.  And it’s actual important to accept that the adopted fighters should be accustomed by the countries of origin.  And we accept the aforementioned compassionate with President Trump in adjustment to argue the countries of agent to do this.

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, we accept a bound band of 911 kilometers with Syria.  And aback the war bankrupt out, nine years ago, we were the ones at the beginning impacted heavily and maybe the most.  Currently, we accept 3,650,000 Syrian refugees and a complete of added than 4,000,000 refugees.  And we accept spent about $40 billion, alike above that, for these refugees in our country.  And until so far, Europe alone beatific €3 billion, admitting a college pledge.  Through our NGOs and, similarly, we are accouterment abiding altruistic aid to added than 3 actor bodies active on the Syrian territory.

Back in the year 2015, at the G20 Antalya Summit, I launched an address in adjustment to authorize a safe breadth in Syria.  But because of the delay, hundreds of — tens of bags of noncombatant lives were lost.  This botheration cannot abide consistently and ever.

Previously, with our Operation Euphrates Shield and Operation Olive Branch, we accept managed to bright an breadth of 4,000 aboveboard kilometers of agitator presence.  And I accede with the proposals of the — of the President.  It’s actual important to apprehend our goals.

I said Operation Euphrates Shield and Operation Olive Branch — and, through these operations, we’ve managed to repatriate 365,000 Syrians aback to their motherlands, abnormally in Jarabulus.  And acknowledgment to the Operation Accord Spring, we accept anchored abounding towns and abounding villages, and the applicable settlers are activity back.

We accept aggregate our projects with President Trump and our several affairs for the safe zone.  And with the abutment of the United Nations and all-embracing community, we can repatriate abounding added Syrian refugees in the arctic allotment of Syria.  We’re talking about an breadth of 444 kilometers in breadth and 32 kilometers in depth.  One actor bodies can be repatriated.  And in Raqqa and Deir az-Zor, 1 actor added individuals can be repatriated.  So, a complete of 2 actor refugees can be repatriated.

Ladies and gentlemen, as you know, the Fethullahist Agitator Organization, accepted as “FETÖ,” attempted to abort the built-in adjustment of Turkey with a bootless accomplishment attempt, and it is a agitator alignment abaft this bootless coup.  They accept dead 251 individuals, harming 2,193 citizens.  And they accept alike dared to bomb our assembly — airborne.

We accept already afresh accentuated our expectations vis-à-vis our accompany at the U.S. administering to already and for all eradicate FETÖ attendance here.

And we accept additionally discussed with President Trump how to accomplish the $100 billion trade-volume beginning as anon as possible.  We accept that we should not abash political incidents with commerce-related aspirations.  And our secretaries of business are currently heavily invested in accomplishing the $100 billion threshold.  We achievement and adjure that we will shy abroad from assertive measures which will accomplish it abundant added arduous for us to ability these targets.

And we accept additionally absolutely artlessly discussed our acutely abiding relations in the acreage of aegis industry, primarily the S-400 arrangement and the F-35 program.  We can alone best the hurdles that we accomplished through dialogue.

My baby acquaintance advanced stated, aback in Osaka at the G20 Summit, the abuse orchestrated adjoin Turkey, in acceding of the accretion of Patriot missiles.  And we accept acutely declared to President Trump that, beneath acceptable circumstances, we could access Patriot missiles as well.  As Turkey, we are accessible and committed to sustain a actual effective chat with the United States Congress, and this is an abstraction that I’ve aggregate with President Trump as well.

So with these thoughts in mind, I achievement and adjure that our discussions and deliberations all throughout the day with President Trump will crop the best advantageous results.

I would like to booty this befalling to acknowledge President Trump for their affectionate allurement and for actuality such accommodating hosts all throughout the day.  On account of my claimed self, on account of my delegation, I would like to acknowledge you.  (Applause.)

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Well, acknowledge you actual much, Mr. President.  And I alleged up the Senate; I asked a brace of our senators.  And we absolutely concluded up with bristles — and others absent to come, and we‘ll accumulate them apprised.  But some of them abutting us.  They appear to be here.  Senator Jim Risch.  Acknowledge you, Jim, actual much.  Ted Cruz, acknowledge you actual much.  Lindsey Graham.  Lindsey, acknowledge you.  And Rick Scott.  Acknowledge you, Rick, actual much.  Joni is actuality — Joni Ernst — someplace.

These are bodies that appetite to see accord in the Middle East and I anticipation it would be adapted to accept them appear over.  And they met with the President and we had a lot of actual aboveboard discussion.  And we’re ambidextrous with a actual big accountable — a circuitous subject.  It’s been activity on for centuries, in abounding cases.  But we’re authoritative a lot of beforehand — amazing beforehand in the Middle East.

Okay, a brace of questions.  Go ahead, OAN.  Go ahead.

Q    Acknowledge you, Mr. President.

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Acknowledge you.

Q    First, I would like to aloof alpha out accepting your accepted acknowledgment today to the allegation hearings on the Hill.  Do you feel that Democrats fabricated their case?  And how did you feel about the Republican performance?

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Are you talking about the witch hunt?  Is that what you mean?  Is that what you’re talking about?  I apprehend it’s a joke.  I haven’t watched.  I haven’t watched for one minute because I’ve been with the President, which is abundant added important, as far as I’m concerned.

This is a adulterated and shouldn’t be allowed.  It was a bearings that was acquired by bodies that shouldn’t accept accustomed it to happen.

I appetite to accretion out who is the bigmouth because the bigmouth gave a lot of actual incorrect information, including my alarm with the President of Ukraine, which was a complete alarm and awful appropriate.  And he wrote article that was abundant altered than the fact.  I appetite to accretion out why the IG — why would he accept presented that, when, in fact, all he had to do was analysis the alarm itself and he would accept apparent it.

I’m activity to be absolution — I think, on Thursday — a added call, which absolutely was the aboriginal of the two.  And you’ll accomplish a assurance as to what you anticipate there.  But I’ve heard — aloof a address — they said it’s all third-hand information.  Annihilation complete at all.  It can’t be complete because I never said it.

And all they accept to do is attending very, actual artlessly at the transcript.  If you apprehend the archetype — this was analyzed by abundant lawyers.  This was analyzed by Gregg Jarrett.  It was analyzed by Mark Levin.  It was analyzed by everybody.  They said this account that I fabricated — the accomplished alarm that I fabricated with the President of Ukraine was a complete one.

So — that this country gets put through that, that we accept to decay this gentleman’s time by alike cerebration about it, talking about it — I’d abundant rather focus on accord in the Middle East.  And I apprehend that it’s — I apprehend that it’s a hoax, and it’s actuality played as a hoax.  That’s what I hear, but you’ll accept to acquaint me.

Go ahead.

Q    Then, if I may, on Syria and accord in the Middle East: President Erdoğan talked about repatriating Syrian refugees aback to their homeland.


Q    Accept you had those discussions with European leaders, aback there are so abounding Syrian —

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PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Well, no.  I anticipate that, frankly, Europe should be advantageous for this, to a ample extent.  As of this moment, Turkey has been advantageous for best of it.  I anticipate the President was adage today, they’ve spent over $40 billion on the bulk of that — $40 billion.





PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Forty.  That’s what I said.  (Laughter.)  Whatever.  He spent a lot, okay?  (Laughter.)  They’re giving — they’re throwing out all these altered numbers.  I heard it was $40 billion.  How was that — $40 billion?  Correct?  So, $40 billion.  And I’ve heard that cardinal from others.  And that’s a lot.  Europe has contributed about €3 [billion].  And a lot of these bodies would go all throughout Europe.  I mean, it would be a — a adverse bearings for Europe, because he’s got 4 actor people.  He has a lot of Kurds, too, that they’re allowance and demography affliction of.

So, I accept announced to Europe about it.  I anticipate they should advice us with ISIS because abounding of them larboard France and they larboard Germany and they larboard UK — they larboard altered countries.  And these countries should advice us because if they anytime did get released, which we won’t be accomplishing — but if they anytime did get released, that’s breadth they appetite to go.  They appetite to go aback to France and Germany and UK and all of those added countries that are not allowance us.

I gave them the option, “Would you like to accept them back?”  And, intelligently, they said, “No, acknowledge you.”  But that’s not adapted and it’s not fair.

I can acquaint you additionally that Turkey captured — aback they — some able during the conflict, aback they had the abundant shooting.  And, I mean, I anticipate I apperceive how they happened to escape, but it’s one of those things.  Doesn’t matter, because Turkey captured everybody that escaped, added an added group.

When we took over, aback I became President, ISIS was aggressive all over the Middle East.  And, as of about a ages ago, I think, Lindsey, we can say that we accept now 100 percent of the caliphate.  And they’ll consistently try and grow, but they haven’t been able to do that.  And what we did aftermost anniversary with al-Baghdadi — who is the complete founder, baton — set them back.  We additionally got his cardinal two, and we accept our architect on his cardinal three.

So, they’re not activity to be growing too fast.  But I will say, Turkey has been allowance us a lot.

Q    So, with that, I accept — I additionally accept a catechism for President Erdoğan.  With the — what you’re calling a alteration forth the arctic Syria border, a lot of Christians in that arena are activity actual vulnerable.  Groups on the arena are adage that attacks on Christians accept added beneath this new policy.  And that they’re not activity safe any longer.  Can you agreement that the Turkish government will additionally assure Christians in that region?  The actuality that there was an advance on an Armenian priest — he died — he and his ancestor — this week.  ISIS is claiming responsibility.

PRESIDENT ERDOĞAN:  (As interpreted.)  Acknowledge you.  Acknowledge you.  On the contrary, Keldani, Yazidi, and Christian minorities is an breadth breadth we’re abnormally acute about, and we accept certain, altered affairs — whether it be the ones actual on the ancillary of Syria — whose sanctuaries accept been destroyed, whose churches had been destroyed — will see their sanctuaries accepting active and their churches will be reconstructed so that they can go aback and alpha praying there again.  And these are the affairs that we’re authoritative for them.

As I said before, the Christian minorities — Aramaic Christ- — Catholics, Keldani, and Yazidi — the ones who are active on our ancillary of the bound accept no problems whatsoever, but the ones actual on the ancillary of the Syrian breadth will see their adherent practices adequate and active in a appropriate manner.

They are accepting healthcare, they’re accepting altruistic aid in every aspect possible.  Acknowledge you.

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Acknowledge you actual much.  Would you like to aces somebody?

PRESIDENT ERDOĞAN:  (No adaptation provided.)

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  A affable actuality from Turkey, please.  Friendly.  Alone affable reporters we like to see.  There aren’t —

Q    I’ll try.

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  — too abounding of them around.

Q    Acknowledge you, Mr. President.

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Acknowledge you.

Q    You had the accountability of Obama’s awry adopted policy.  And one of those flaws was allying the U.S. with the U.S.-designated agitator organization, the PKK, and its Syrian offshoot, YPG.  You’re aggravating to mend the accident that it did to U.S.-Turkey relations.

However you additionally arrive the agitator of YPG to the White House — his codename “Mazloum Kobani.”  And he is amenable for at atomic 18 agitator attacks in Turkey, which acquired the afterlife of 164 soldiers and 48 civilians.  So, afterwards today’s meeting, do you still anticipate of agreeable him to the White House, which will be actual abhorrent and aching for the Turkish public?  Acknowledge you.

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Well, I had a actual acceptable allocution with him.  We had a actual acceptable — recently.  And we’re alive actual carefully together, and we’re additionally alive actual carefully calm with your abundant President.  And a lot of things are happening.  A lot of actual absolute developments are happening.

A lot of that is definition: what’s your analogue of the assorted groups aural the Kurds — you alarm the “Kurds” — and again you accept assorted groups.  And some like them, and some don’t.  But I anticipate we’ve fabricated a amazing bulk of — we’ve acquired a amazing bulk of drive and backbone and ability over the aftermost abbreviate aeon of time.  So, we’ll see what happens.

But I will say that the accord with President Erdoğan and Turkey has been outstanding.  And, you know, it’s a above country with a amazing military.  They’re one of our actual big purchasers of aggressive equipment.  They accept the finest accessories in the world, which the United States makes.  We make, by far, the best accessories in the world.  Turkey accepted that a continued time ago.

So, I anticipate a amazing bulk of beforehand is actuality made.  Okay?  Acknowledge you actual much.

You could ask the President a question, now.  Aforementioned reporter.  You’re abiding you’re a reporter?  You don’t assignment for Turkey with that question?  (Laughter.)

Q    Me?  Okay.  I’d be animated to.  (As interpreted.)  Mr. President, about FETÖ, we are not accepting the best of account out of the United States.  And the FETÖ (inaudible) targeting Turkey is abundantly invested in their circadian works, but I can see assertive traces that the U.S. government is accessible to accept added about FETÖ.

So my catechism is: How do you apperceive the bearings developing vis-à-vis the Fethullahist Agitator Alignment and the American access to FETÖ in that regard?  Can we apprehend annihilation further?

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PRESIDENT ERDOĞAN:  Yes.  Acknowledge you.  During this accustomed visit, we are activity to abide — as we already have, absolutely — a abundant accord of abstracts and evidence.  And FETÖ is a agitator alignment and he is the baton — the agitator of this agitator organization.  They accept dead 251 bodies in Turkey.  They approved to undertake a accomplishment adjoin the government, the state.  And added than 1,000 — added than 2,000 bodies accept been injured.  And the agitator is active on an breadth of 400 acreage in the United States, active his arrangement all about the globe, and this is article unacceptable.

And during this visit, as I’ve said before, we accept alien an added arrangement of documents.  We will abide them to the accordant authorities, including Mr. President.  And in the ablaze of these documents, I anticipate they will acknowledge the situation.  We accelerate the terrorists back, if they ask for them, and I’m abiding they will do the aforementioned for us.

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Fox, please.

Q    Acknowledge you, Mr. President.  I apperceive that you didn’t absorb a lot of time alert to the TV today, but there was one moment breadth Ambassador Bill Taylor anecdotal a chat that an abettor of his overheard.  It was the day afterwards the buzz alarm with Zelensky, on July the 26th, in which the abettor says that he overheard you say to Sondland, “How are things activity with the — proceeding with investigations?”  Sondland again aback to you, according to this aide, that “Ukraine was able to do aggregate that you capital it to do.”  Can you — was that — is that correct?  And can you ample in some added of —

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  I apperceive annihilation about that.  Aboriginal time I’ve heard it.  The one affair I’ve apparent that Sondland said was that he did allege to me for a abrupt moment, and I said, “No quid pro quo beneath any circumstances.”  And that’s true.  And the added — I’d never heard this.

In any event, it’s added secondhand information, but I’ve never heard it.

Q    Do you anamnesis accepting a chat with Sondland (inaudible)?

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  I don’t recall.  No, not at all.  Not alike a little bit.  The alone affair — and I assumption Sondland has backward with affidavit that there was no quid pro quo.  Pure and simple.

Yes, please.

Q    And President Erdoğan: President Trump beatific you a letter on October the 9th, advancement you not to barrage a aggressive activity into arctic Syria.  He said, quote, “Don’t be a boxy guy.  Don’t be a fool.”  You abandoned that letter, and you went ahead, and you launched a aggressive activity into arctic Syria.  Can you explain why you abandoned the President’s warning?

PRESIDENT ERDOĞAN:  Well, this letter was represented to Mr. President this afternoon.  And I’ve additionally accent the actuality that a terrorist, such as Ferhat Abdi Sahin, should not be advised as an interlocutor by a country such as the United States.  And this individual, Ferhat Abdi Sahin, has been active in the killings of hundreds of Turkish civilians and he is a actuality labelled as “like a son” for the agitator baton who is currently confined in Turkey, Abdullah Öcalan.

So, a actuality like this should not be accustomed by a country such as the United States.  And similarly, this actuality was accustomed by a country such as Russia.  So, it’s actual difficult for me to accept these aback we’re aggravating to activity agitation on a all-around scale.  If we’re activity to sustain our activity adjoin agitation in a advantageous fashion, we charge to be abundant added acute than we currently are.  “It happens to us today and it will appear to somebody abroad tomorrow” is a adage that goes in our language.

We accept additionally provided advice and the certificate thereof to our interlocutors in the White House, including Mr. President.  And I accept additionally submitted a certificate produced by CIA, pointing out to the actuality that this alone is a terrorist, to Mr. President.

And, as I’ve said before, I accept aggregate them with His Excellency, Mr. President.  And we gave aback the letter that we accept received.

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  President, please.


Q    Acknowledge you actual much.  Mr. Kurd, from Kurdistan.  Acknowledge you actual much, Mr. President, for all you accept done for Kurdistan and for Pesmerga in activity adjoin ISIS.

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Yup.  Acknowledge you actual much.  I acknowledge that.

Q    My catechism is: All senators I accommodated — all of them I interviewed — they accept Kurdistan is actual different in the Middle East and (inaudible) all minorities.


Q    What is your (inaudible) activity on the Kurds adapted now?

And as a catechism for President Erdoğan: Why you are not able to anatomy agreement with the Kurds in Syria, as Iraqi Kurdistan?  Do you anticipate they will be your accompany in future?  Acknowledge you actual much.  Acknowledge you actual much, Mr. President.

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Well, acknowledge you actual much.  And I will say that we’ve had a abundant accord with the Kurds.  And we fought with them actual auspiciously adjoin ISIS.  We fought together.  We had — we accept abundant generals and we accept abundant equipment, and it’s absolutely helped a lot.  But we were very, actual successful.

And we captured, as I said before, 100 percent.  I was activity to — aback we were at 97 percent, I was activity to say, “Well, that sounds appealing aerial to me.”  And I was cerebration about endlessly it then.  And a lot of bodies said, “Please, go to 100.”  And actual quickly, actual rapidly, the aggressive got the 100.  I capital to accept that.  But we accept a abundant accord with the Kurds — we accept had.  We’re with them now; we get forth with them.

And, by the way, I anticipate the President, he may accept some
factions aural the Kurds, but I anticipate the President has a abundant accord with the Kurds.  Abounding Kurds alive currently in Turkey.  And they’re blessed and they’re taken affliction of, including healthcare — we were talking about it afore — including healthcare and apprenticeship and added things.  So that’s absolutely a misnomer.  But our accord with the Kurds has been a actual acceptable one.  Okay?  Acknowledge you.

PRESIDENT ERDOĞAN:  (As interpreted.)  First, we accept to accomplish a acumen amid two things.  We accept no problems with the Kurds; we accept problems with agitator organizations.  Some terrorists advancing out of the Kurds — which are they?  What are they?  PYD and YPG — which are offshoots of the agitator organization, PKK.

Just as we accept no problems with our brothers and sisters in the arctic allotment of Iraq, breadth we adore abundant relations, and we accept no problems with, similarly, our brothers and sisters in the arctic allotment of Syria, during the times aback Assad was not acquainted the Kurdish attendance in the arctic part, I told him that he needs to accord these individuals passports and that he was authoritative a mistake.

And secondly, there is article absolutely important.  I appetite you to apperceive this: My political affair has added than 50 MPs of Kurdish ethnicity in the Turkish parliament.  We don’t accept problems with the Kurds, but we accept problems with the terrorists.  And, of course, you’re not activity to own up to the terrorists, are you — whoever they are, whoever they ability be?  But we accept to accomplish a acumen here.  We’re aloof angry terrorists, period.  Because the terrorists don’t accept an ethnicity, they don’t accept a nationality, they don’t accept a flag.  If they’re terrorists, that is a terrorist.  If you don’t activity back, again tomorrow you will accept to pay a actual ample price.

Thank you.

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Acknowledge you actual much, everybody.  Acknowledge you.  Acknowledge you actual much.


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