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Last year’s Moto X earned “Top Android Buzz of 2013” ceremoniousness from our agents alike admitting it had some appealing aloft flaws. With its below-average 720p affectation and mostly-terrible camera, the all-embracing amalgamation still baffled the blow of smartphones in the game, acknowledgment to its absolute size, Moto Maker customizations, and absurd software add-ons from Motorola. So what happens aback Motorola takes what it created from aftermost year’s best Android buzz and tries to advance it in all areas, abnormally those two we aloof mentioned? You get the Moto X (2nd generation).

moto x pure wallpaper
 Download Moto X Style/Pure Stock wallpaper

Download Moto X Style/Pure Stock wallpaper | moto x pure wallpaper

With bearing two, Motorola has gone with a bigger 1080p display, because that’s what their analysis showed that bodies want. They additionally tossed in a 13MP camera, exceptional metal frame, and added options like Covering to Moto Maker, but managed to accumulate a buzz that looks and acts actual agnate to aftermost year’s model. So did Motorola get it appropriate again? Let’s acquisition out.

This is our Moto X (2nd generation) review. 


I absolutely adulation the architecture of the new Moto X. Aside from it growing in admeasurement because of its 5.2-inch affectation and Motorola casting in a absolutely awkward-looking “M” logo on the aback that looks like a button or a badge for an arcade game, there is annihilation I would change about the appearance. It fits altogether in your hand, aloof like aftermost year’s archetypal did, acknowledgment to appropriate affliction taken by Motorola. If you go with a covering back, it feels bendable and pillowy in hand. The metal anatomy makes the accent both attending and feel actual high-end, article that couldn’t be said on the original. Alike the massive, bright camera arena and apartment is growing on me at this point. The bottle on the advanced of the accent cascades about all edges, so as you bash beyond it, your feel feels annihilation but bland bliss. The buttons on the ancillary of the accent are altogether placed, with the ability button now accepting adjustment to advice you abstracted it from the aggregate rocker. The speakers looked a bit awkward at first, but now I see that they are extensions of the architecture acclimated in the ancillary buttons and absolutely fit the accomplished adjustment actual well, abnormally with their slight sparkle.

Last year, I told anybody to accord the Moto X a attack because it acquainted so amazing in hand. If you apprehend annihilation abroad in the analysis afterwards this, afresh please, at atomic accept to me afresh and get this buzz in duke for a brace of minutes. It absolutely feels bigger than any added buzz appear this year.

Moto Maker

When Motorola appear Moto Maker for the aboriginal Moto X as a account that would let you adapt the absolute attending of your buzz afterwards any added cost, our minds were a little blown. The actuality that they were aircraft those custom fabricated phones out to barter in beneath a week’s time, was off the archive awesome. But aback account advance that Motorola would be closing the bulb that gave Moto Maker its start, we were afraid that our canicule of customizing phones had appear to an end. And afresh Motorola assured us that annihilation was changing, because they had opened a new bulb in China to advice booty over the process. Moto Maker lives on and it’s bigger than ever.

The new Moto Maker offers 25 altered aback finishes, including four all-new Covering options sourced from Horween, a tannery based out of Chicago. Four Accustomed backs return, forth with accession 17 colors that were systematically alleged by Motorola based on a cardinal of factors. They absolutely accept a appropriate aggregation affiliate that’s job is to aces the absolute colors for things like Moto Maker.

Moto Maker additionally brings aback accumulator options of 16GB or 32GB, forth with atramentous or white advanced panels which are amidst by either aphotic blah metal or lighter argent metal, respectively. There are 10 trim colors, distinctively fabricated cases to advice appearance off your design, boot-up messages, engraving, pre-set analogous wallpapers, and an advantage to accept which blush charger is included. It was the coolest smartphone apparatus aftermost year, yet alone managed to get alike cooler this year.

I don’t apperceive how able-bodied the Covering backs will authority up over a 2-year contract, but I would acerb acclaim because one. The analysis assemblage I accept appearance a atramentous covering aback console and it is astounding feeling. It seems to get prettier by the day, with the little nicks and scuffs that circadian abrasion brings. Again, two years with a buzz fabricated of bendable covering could be a disaster, yet I can say that I went advanced and pulled the activate on one as a claimed circadian accent because I’m that aflame about it.


Motorola absolutely had to accord with backfire from articulate tech enthusiasts aftermost year aback they put out the Moto X at $199 on-contract with a 720p display and a two-year old Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor that they claimed to accept customized. You see, by the time the new Moto X launched, we had already apparent a cardinal of phones with 1080p displays and next-gen quad-core processors. But Motorola stood by their accommodation to go with a customized chipset and lower-resolution display, which we afterwards accepted performed as acceptable as the blow of the phones in its category.

So what was their move this time around? Well, they listened to those articulate tech enthusiasts and mostly beefed up the new Moto X to accepted standards. They included a bigger 5.2-inch 1080p AMOLED display, a current-gen quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor, and bumped up the camera to a 13MP Sony sensor. Motorola afresh ditched the plastics for a metal anatomy about the phone, added exceptional Covering as an advantage for the back, confused the apostle about to the front, and tossed in some added bittersweet sensors to advice add to its Moto Affectation experience.

Unfortunately, Motorola larboard out a micro SD slot, so you are ashore with either 16GB or 32GB of accumulator with no advantage to aggrandize aloft that. The apostle bureaucracy on the advanced is also a bit deceiving, as it appears to be a dual-speaker setup, aback in absoluteness is alone a distinct apostle amid at the bottom. The top apostle is alone acclimated during calls rather than to accomplish a stereo complete acquaintance appear to activity on the device. One could altercate that the 2,300mAh array is a little baby as well.

Overall, Motorola mostly got it all appropriate this time around. We accept a high-resolution 1080p affectation that grew to 5.2-inches, a potentially bigger camera, faster processor, and exceptional materials.


Performance on the new Moto X is as acceptable as it gets for an Android phone. The blow admiration is excellent, the camera fires up instantly aback you allegation it to, there isn’t a dribble to be begin aback canoeing through the UI, the app switcher works quickly, the affectation lights up afore you alike apprehend you need it to, and jumping in and out of apps or amateur happens as fast as you would achievement from a buzz in 2014.

Motorola didn’t put a 2-year old processor in this year’s phone, instead opting for a accepted Snapdragon 801, the aforementioned processor begin in the One (M8), Galaxy S5, and G3. But aback you booty a Snapdragon 801 and let it beam afterwards airless it through custom Android banknote like all of those added manufacturers accept done, you get the best achievement of any Android buzz this year.

moto x pure wallpaper
 Moto X Pure Wallpapers (48  images)

Moto X Pure Wallpapers (48 images) | moto x pure wallpaper


We adulation Motorola’s access to software. They accord you banal Android aboriginal (with the Google Now Launcher this time), but afresh add-on a agglomeration of absolutely advantageous software appearance that accompaniment the experience. Motorola’s mindset abaft software is to not ruin the acceptable affair that banal Android has activity – they aloof appetite to accommodate appearance that you can use alongside it that no one abroad is doing.

The Moto X’s best appearance are aback afresh this year as a rebranded Moto app. Touchless Ascendancy is now Moto Voice, Active Affectation is now Moto Display, Assist is still Assist, and afresh we accept a new amateur in the accumulation alleged Moto Actions.



Moto Voice has been accustomed so abounding new appearance that I’m not abiding I can account them all. First, it will now let you adapt its barrage phrase. “OK, Google Now” is out, in is about annihilation you can anticipate of. Mine has afflicted every brace of days, but currently, in adjustment to collaborate with my phone, I artlessly say, “Wake up Moto X.” From there, a accomplished agglomeration of new commands are at my disposal, from actuality able to column to Facebook to demography a selfie to adage “Goodnight” to put your buzz into beddy-bye mode. You can ask for your abstracts usage, ask “What’s up?” to apprehend your accepted notification situation, or cull up the YouTube app and your admired artist. With the aboriginal Moto X, I didn’t use Touchless Ascendancy all that much, but with this new version, I acquisition myself application Moto Voice several times per day.

Moto Display is still afterwards a agnosticism my admired software affection on any phone, ever. Accepting rid of the abortive notification ablaze in favor of lighting up a basal bulk of pixels on your affectation to appearance you absolute advice has been an absurd bold changer. This time around, Motorola bigger Moto Affectation by acceptance you to collaborate with up to three notifications at already instead of aloof one. You can bash into alone apps or bash to the larboard or appropriate to quiet the awning again, additional you accept added ascendancy over what’s displayed this year as well.

Moto Assist hasn’t bigger all that abundant in agreement of new features, but you will acquisition new settings in Active and Affair modes. As accession who works out of a home office, I don’t acquisition all that abounding uses for Assist alfresco of the Sleeping function, but I could see how this could be a able apparatus for those on the go or in and out of meetings. For those new to Assist, anticipate of it as an automatic account that changes settings on your buzz depending on if you are driving, sleeping, in a meeting, or at home. It can allocution to you or comedy music if it senses you are driving, about-face off all interruptions aback in a meeting, or absolutely blackout your buzz aback it knows you are sleeping. This is all done automatically, by the way.

Moto Actions are the new advantage to the accumulation and use the new bittersweet sensors housed in the advanced of the display. With Moto Actions you can beachcomber over the top of your buzz during an admission alarm to blackout it and additionally watch as Moto Affectation lights up aback your duke approaches the device. Aftermost year’s Quick Capture agee motion is technically a allotment of Moto Actions as well.

Software Updates should appear generally and quick if aftermost year’s Motorola agency is annihilation to go by. Motorola was one of the fastest in the industry to amend to the latest versions of Android throughout aftermost year, article we agnosticism will change in 2014. Don’t be afraid that aback Android L goes public, if Motorola is accessible to amend the new Moto X aural a brace of weeks. Also, all of the Moto apartment of apps that we aloof talked about accept been added/updated on Google Comedy and will alone abide to get bigger throughout the Moto X’s life.


As I mentioned in the “Hardware” section, Motorola’s accommodation to go with a 720p AMOLED console in aftermost year’s Moto X wasn’t absolutely praised. But this year, they accept adapted their aberration by putting in a 1080p AMOLED console that measures 5.2-inches. This is a solid display. The colors are added punchy, the adverse is apparently over-the-top, and examination angles are excellent. It is additionally actual acknowledging to touch, article that Android accessories accept struggled with for years as they attack to get on par with Apple’s blow mojo.

After attractive at a macro of the affectation (see below), it appears as if Motorola is application a design pixel arrangement, agnate to what Samsung has acclimated for the aftermost brace of years in its Galaxy lines. Technically, you could alarm it PenTile, but we gave up accusatory about PenTile displays a brace of years ago aback the pixel-per-inch count went through the roof.

The affectation may not be absolutely as bright bright and blush actual as Samsung’s panel, but it gets the job done afterwards fuss. As you scroll, the affectation reacts apace to your blow and argument renders altogether and afterwards blur. Accumulate in apperception that Motorola has additionally accurately alleged an AMOLED console in the accent to use with Moto Display, so that they can baddest which pixels ablaze up afterwards accepting to ablaze up the absolute display, a move that should advice with array consumption.

As you can see in our comparisons above, the new Moto X console comes off absolutely balmy aback you analyze it to the LCDs acclimated in the LG G3 and HTC One (M8), forth with the Cool AMOLED acclimated in the Galaxy S5. It’s absolutely about as balmy as the aboriginal Moto X (that hardly orange-ish/yellow-ish tint), which if I’m actuality honest, agitated me afterwards a while aftermost year. So far, though, the AMOLED console on the new Moto X is appealing great. I didn’t absolutely apprehension how balmy it was until I took these pictures.

Macros for fun.


Motorola is appraisement the new Moto X to try and attenuate the blow of the players in the game. This is their flagship phone, however, they are appraisement it at $99 with a 2-year adjustment or $499 at abounding retail for the 16GB model. Added flagship smartphones about retail for $199 and $599, alike with agnate specs. For example, the Galaxy S5 still lists for $199 on-contract, but is agnate to the Moto X with its 5.1-inch 1080p AMOLED display, 2GB RAM, Snapdragon 801 processor, and 16MP camera. Plus, the new Moto X looks and feels a hell of a lot bigger in duke than Samsung’s latest.

moto x pure wallpaper
 Moto X Pure Wallpapers

Moto X Pure Wallpapers | moto x pure wallpaper

Will the lower amount move the Moto X in 2014? That’s boxy to say. Best tech reviewers fell in adulation with aftermost year’s model, but Motorola still couldn’t advertise actual many. Maybe the antecedent amount cut will help. Afresh again, does Motorola alike accept a business account anymore now that Google is aggravating to accelerate them off to Lenovo? I assumption we’ll acquisition out anon enough.


Motorola is one of the few companies aggravating to not alone innovate through their phones, but additionally through the accessories they advertise alongside them. With the Moto X, Motorola is introducing the Hint, a alert Bluetooth ear allotment that allows you to absolutely ascendancy your buzz afterwards accepting to blow it. For example, you could leave your buzz in your purse or bag, but still allocution to and collaborate with it through the Hint. The Hint is an absorbing accent because it can about be apparent aback worn. This isn’t one of those terrifyingly asinine Bluetooth headsets that Barry Watkins wears with his clothing as he stops off at the sandwich boutique for lunch.

The Hint isn’t the alone accent that Motorola is bringing forth for the ride. They are additionally introducing the Turbo Charger, which can accord the Moto X up to 8 hours of array activity aural 15 minutes. The charger takes advantage of Qualcomm’s Quick Allegation 2.0. It works the fastest aback your buzz is about absolutely depleted, by alms up a agglomeration of abstract initially afore slowing bottomward as your array fills up.

Finally, Motorola is already affairs the Ability Pack Micro, a ability coffer that gives you abstract while on the go, but additionally acts as a key fob of sorts aback commutual to your phone.


Is it safe to say that the “camera” area of every distinct Moto X (2nd gen) analysis has been the best advancing of the year? Afterwards aftermost year’s adversity of a camera in the aboriginal Moto X, Motorola had no best but to do article absolutely altered this time around. They accept done that in some anatomy by at atomic activity with a Sony sensor in favor of the Omnivision sensors they accept acclimated for years. They additionally tossed in a dual-LED arena beam that is declared to accompany in abundant softer, added accustomed ablaze aback demography photos with the beam on (wait, bodies use the flash?).

So, what’s the verdict? Well, the camera is capable. It isn’t terrible. That’s an improvement, right? In fact, clashing with aftermost year’s Moto X, I am absolutely not abashed to column pictures to Instagram that were taken with the new model, if that agency annihilation to anyone. With abundant lighting, it can booty appealing solid pictures, aloof like best smartphone cameras. In low light, it’s not the best – again, like best smartphone cameras. With that said, the low ablaze achievement on the new Moto X is apparently afterpiece to “bad” than “good,” abnormally aback you analyze it to the G3 or Galaxy S5. In daylight, though, I would put its photos up adjoin photos taken from best of today’s top bank phones.

Here are our sample photos that accept alone been resized to fit this column better. You will acquisition the abounding resolution photos affiliated beneath that, for those who absolutely appetite to dive in.



Full resolution: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

While testing, mostly in Chicago, I took a agglomeration of cityscape and architecture photos that angry out absolutely able-bodied aback looked at on a abate awning (like a phone) or on a amusing network. Blow up the photos and you will best absolutely apprehension the babble and the less-than-sharp lines, apparently due to too abundant processing. The colors captured assume to be absolutely authentic to my eye, but every so generally appear off a little muted. It’s affectionate of a alloyed bag with the camera, which is why we placed it here. Some photos I absolutely like, others I would re-shoot if I had the chance.

Like aftermost year, your photos will attending aloof accomplished with abundant lighting or in an alfresco bearings (where best of your photos are acceptable taken). Appear central or acquisition ailing lit areas and you may not adulation the results. It is absolutely a footfall up, both in acceleration and account quality, but I wouldn’t say that it is all that abutting to the absolute amalgamation you are accepting with the Galaxy S5 or LG G3.

As for the camera UI, the acquaintance mimics aftermost year’s model, but adds the advantage to accept amid 4:3 (13MP) and 16:9 (9.7MP) resolutions. Motorola additionally tossed in 4K video recording. They kept the cool basal UI, though, forth with the double-wrist-twist Quick Capture camera gesture. Focusing can be a bit choosy at times, so I would acclaim activity with the drag-to-focus option.

Overall, the camera on the new Moto X is altogether accomplished for best cutting situations, it aloof isn’t stellar. I would accept admired to see stellar, but afresh again, an advance over aftermost year’s camera acquaintance is at atomic that, an improvement.


Battery Life

Earlier in the week, I told you that array activity on the new Moto X wasn’t great. I brash that you buy a Turbo Charger aloof in case, because there is a acceptable adventitious you will allegation some added abstract afore you go to bed anniversary night. Afterwards branch resetting my buzz and testing the accent for accession three canicule arch up to this review, I still feel the aforementioned way. The Moto X array clocks in at 2,300mAh, which is by all agency appealing baby for a 2014 flagship and it shows in my results.

moto x pure wallpaper
 Moto X Pure Edition: Show us your home screens! - Android Forums at ...

Moto X Pure Edition: Show us your home screens! – Android Forums at … | moto x pure wallpaper

The new Moto X is absolutely able of blame through 14-16 hours of use anniversary day, but maybe not abundant added than that. I accept been through at atomic a half-dozen added flagship phones this year that all accommodate abundant added activity out of a distinct allegation than the Moto X. It will get you from the moment you deathwatch up in the morning until you access home from assignment in the evening, but don’t apprehend it to accept abundant larboard as you sit aback and relax on your couch before branch off to bed or out on the boondocks for a nightcap.


Motorola absitively that it would rather accomplish a buzz that remained abbreviate and acquainted abundant in your duke instead of casting in an all-day battery. While I adulation the feel of this accent in hand, it absolutely would accept been fun to see Motorola assemble a abundant activity buzz that additionally dead it in the array department. I assumption we’ll accept to delay for that affectionate of array activity in the new DROID that they are authoritative in affiliation with Verizon.


The new Moto X will barrage about September 26 actuality in the US. AT&T and Verizon will both backpack the buzz at that time, but it appears that T-Mobile and Sprint accept absitively adjoin it. Motorola accepted via Twitter that there won’t be a Sprint model, and if you appetite a T-Mobile version, you accept to angle out the abounding $499 allurement amount for the “Pure Edition” back there isn’t a T-Mo copy accessible on contract. AT&T additionally seems to accept nabbed aboriginal Moto Maker exclusivity again, at atomic up until the official barrage day.

These moves are all appealing adverse unless you are on AT&T. If you aren’t, afresh you may not be able to buy the buzz for your carrier at all or you may accept to delay afore you can adapt the buzz with Moto Maker. I apperceive that Motorola is affairs millions of Moto Gs and Es, while the X hasn’t confused as able-bodied as they would accept hoped, but limiting the availability of your flagship buzz is never a acceptable thing.

“Pure Edition” or Developer Editions

With aftermost year’s Moto X, Motorola gave us two Developer Editions, one congenital for Verizon’s CDMA arrangement and accession that was apart for GSM fans. This year, they ditched the Verizon archetypal and are instead alone alms one developer-friendly phone, the “Pure Edition.” This buzz comes SIM apart with abutment on both AT&T and T-Mobile, won’t accommodate any carrier bloatware or branding, will accept software updates afore any added Moto X, and additionally has an unlockable bootloader for those who like to boggle a bit with their phones. This is the Moto X to get if you aren’t on Verizon and don’t apperception advantageous abounding retail.

But we are dinging Motorola a bit actuality because of the accommodation to go abroad from a Verizon model. While we accept that they acceptable alone awash them in bound quantities and apparently begin that accepting the buzz accustomed for Verizon’s arrangement wasn’t account the bulk or hassle, the best would accept been nice. Hacker-friendly phones on Verizon are adamantine to appear by these days.

No SD Agenda / Wireless Charging

There aren’t any things amiss with the new Moto X that I would alarm “deal breakers,” but there are a brace of items missing that I absolutely ambition it had. For one, the Moto X needs a micro SD agenda slot. All added manufacturers put SD agenda slots in their flagships this year (Galaxy S5, One (M8), G3, and Xperia Z3 all accept them) except Motorola. Motorola alike put one in the Moto G because that’s what their analysis showed that bodies want, yet they larboard it out of the X. Back Motorola is starting the Moto X with 16GB of storage, I would admonish that you angle out the added banknote for the added accumulator bang to 32GB. 16GB of accumulator in 2014 is aloof not enough, alike with billow storage.

Second, wireless charging would be a abundant addition. Again, not a accord breaker, but back abounding of us accept already invested in wireless chargers because we own accessories like the Nexus 5, it would accept been a accustomed feature.

No Sprint

I don’t have Sprint service, and I wouldn’t admonish anyone about-face from their accepted wireless provider to it, but alike I can accept that it’s adverse that Motorola is not absolution a Moto X on the Now Network. This is a abundant buzz that Sprint barter will never accept the advantage of choosing. That’s too bad.


Software Tour

vs. Moto X (1st generation)


Is the new Moto X the best Android buzz of 2014? That depends on what you allegation from a phone. If you appetite the best activity buzz of any 2014 flagship, one that can be customized to your liking, that still sports a 1080p affectation and able Snapdragon 801 processor, receives updates to new versions of Android faster than any added buzz alfresco of a Nexus, and performs flawlessly through banal Android while managing to accomplish tasks no added Android buzz is able of acknowledgment to a Moto apartment of apps, afresh yes, it ability be the best Android buzz of the year.

If the best buzz of 2014 needs to accept the best smartphone camera, a 20 hour array life, and availability on Sprint, afresh no, this is not the buzz of the year.

moto x pure wallpaper
 Moto X Pure Wallpapers

Moto X Pure Wallpapers | moto x pure wallpaper

For me, the new Moto X could be the buzz that replaces the LG G3 in my abridged on a circadian basis. The performance, feel of the phone, and Moto apartment are as acceptable as ever. The camera is bigger over aftermost year’s phone, as is the display. The alone absolute affair I alone have, is that the array activity isn’t as acceptable as I would like. Hopefully, a Turbo Charger can fix that concern. If it can, afresh this is the Android buzz I’ll be afraid with.

moto x pure wallpaper
Here’s What People Are Saying About Moto X Pure Wallpaper – moto x pure wallpaper
| Delightful to my website, with this moment I am going to explain to you with regards to keyword. And after this, this can be the very first graphic:

moto x pure wallpaper
 Marshmallow Factory Image Now Available For The 2015 Moto X Pure

Marshmallow Factory Image Now Available For The 2015 Moto X Pure | moto x pure wallpaper

Why not consider photograph above? is that will amazing???. if you feel and so, I’l l explain to you some photograph again beneath:

So, if you’d like to obtain all of these amazing shots related to (moto x pure wallpaper
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moto x pure wallpaper
 The first Motorola Droid Turbo 2 wallpaper (Quad HD) is now ...

The first Motorola Droid Turbo 2 wallpaper (Quad HD) is now … | moto x pure wallpaper

moto x pure wallpaper
 Moto X Pure Edition: Show us your home screens! - Page 3 - Android ...

Moto X Pure Edition: Show us your home screens! – Page 3 – Android … | moto x pure wallpaper

moto x pure wallpaper
 Moto X Pure Wallpapers

Moto X Pure Wallpapers | moto x pure wallpaper

moto x pure wallpaper
 Official] Download Moto X Pure TWRP Recovery

Official] Download Moto X Pure TWRP Recovery | moto x pure wallpaper

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