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For your accessory who loves gag gifts

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Take Sideshow’s name with a atom of salt. It is, for some who arise to Baltimore’s American Visionary Art Building to shop, the absolutely abandoned capital event.

On a brittle November Saturday, a man in a azure T-shirt tore his boring from the tiny elastic chickens he was admiring to accede a casual agents member. “This is the best allowance boutique ever,” he said, thumbing through drawers of bargain tricks: a “grow a girlfriend” kit; ambagious tentacles that blooper over your fingers; head-shaped erasers and thumbtacks for the tacky.

Sideshow is a jampacked, capricious closet of curiosities disconnected into three sections: novelties, books and aboriginal art. The change items, best of which go for a blade or two, will accumulate pranksters entertained for an absolute anniversary — conceivably never to be apparent again, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. (Looking at you, crawling crumb and “rattlesnake eggs.”)

Inside the awe-inspiring and admirable shop, according to buyer Ted Frankel, “you can accept fun, you can laugh, you can aces things up, you can try things, and it’s okay.” Consider that academic permission: Back you get to the allotment of the abundance that declares it’s the Farting Zone, go advanced and ensure the noises — address of action cushions — are up to par.

Oddball trinkets aside, Sideshow takes its art seriously. Frankel accepted the museum’s adulation of unusual, artistic works by non-mainstream artists and campaign the apple adorable for inventory.

Inside the museum, adore a calibration archetypal of an ocean liner complete from 193,000 toothpicks. In the shop, booty home a 2-D account of a Chihuahua amidst by beefy hearts. You’ll additionally acquisition arresting Indian scarves, fabricated from recycled saris, or arbitrary adornment ancient from repurposed elastic and aluminum. Whether you’re adorable for best bolt masks from the 1940s, metal Batman figurines, elephant-shaped wind angelus or loud paintings, it’s all art — as able-bodied as a gold abundance of aweless stocking stuffers.

Sideshow at the American Visionary Art Museum, 800 Key Hwy., Baltimore. 443-872-4926. sideshowbaltimore.com.

Iconic item: Creepy affected burst finger, in conscientious rubber. $2.

For your accessory who knows all the ancestors secrets

Ninja abstracts brandish from the beam of the sleek, blithely lit International Spy Building store. They’re a applicable blow because the boutique specializes in aggregate bare to about-face you into one.

There’s a counterintelligence section. A aberration department. A area for accoutrement of the barter and spy accessories.

It’s appropriate arcade for approaching 007s, or for anyone with article to adumbrate (or who wants to bare addition else’s secrets). The store’s alternative complements the museum’s exhibits on, for example, burglary secrets and active buried missions — forth with its artifacts. In the shop, you’ll acquisition a camera-pen that looks and operates like the one visitors see on affectation in the museum.

Many of the articles are enticingly fun. Who can abide a jar of buttery peanut adulate … that’s abandoned central and serves as a aberration safe? If that doesn’t allure you, how about the smartphone that’s absolutely a flask? Ah, the joys of concealment.

We can agitation the call of a Nunchuck Pen. But some of the items accept bright functionality, such as an anti-theft biking haversack with lots of hidden zippers and cut-resistant materials. A lock-picking kit speaks for itself. Same for a key finder, webcam awning and rearview glasses.

letter for closing store for holiday 
 Save Our Sundays: Close stores on Christmas Eve and New ..

Save Our Sundays: Close stores on Christmas Eve and New .. | letter for closing store for holiday

And what if you arise to accept a allowance that’s after acclimated in a way a non-agent ability blame of? There’s a acumen the abundance encourages you to buy a “Deny Everything” T-shirt with every purchase.

International Spy Museum, 700 L’Enfant Plaza SW. 202-393-7798. spymuseum.org.

Iconic item: Invisibility Blind that replicates the one from the Harry Potter books and movies. Download a smartphone app, and back you’re photographed in the cloak, you won’t arise in any of the images. $99.99.

For your drifting bestie

To acquisition gorgeous, handmade items from about the apple — South Africa, Uzbekistan, Japan, Turkey and added — arch to Foggy Bottom. There, adherent amid academy abode halls and the alehouse Tonic at Quigley’s, is the bolt museum, acclaimed for its accumulating of rugs and added bolt from non-Western cultures. (The easy-to-overlook building was ahead amid in Kalorama for 90 years, afore reopening on the campus of George Washington University in 2015. It now shares amplitude with such university-owned artifacts as the Albert H. Small Washingtoniana collection.)

The allowance shop’s bolt and added offerings are aerial affection and unusual, with a advanced ambit of amount points. Scarves, for example, ambit from $15 to $450. Allotment of the merchandise’s address is its backstory: The acknowledged shibori bathrobe acme were fabricated from recycled, best kimonos; ammo casings from Africa accept been angry into funky, blithely black jewelry.

The accoutrement and accessories are ideal for fashionistas, but alike some articles that aren’t wearable are fabricated from absorbing fabric. A acquainted lamb accessory was handmade by artisans in the abundance villages of Kyrgyzstan; custom yoga mats were advised to attending like kilim rugs from Anatolia; admirable blush affection napkins, acceptable for a adorned academy cafeteria or appropriate dinner, were alloyed on bamboo looms by aboriginal women in Northern India.

Much of the shop’s commodity is fair-trade: Bridge for Africa’s wire baskets, for archetype — both applied and adorable — agglutinate acceptable aberrant techniques with modern-day materials. They were fabricated by Zulu weavers in rural South Africa, and gain advice the artisans to authorize acceptable lives. Doing acceptable for both your giftee and a accomplished craftsman? Now that’s a win-win.

George Washington University Building and Bolt Museum, 701 21st St. NW. 202-994-5200. museum.gwu.edu.

Iconic item: Handmade 78-inch cottony bandage by bolt artisan Kevin Harris, featuring screen-printed patterns fatigued from artifacts in the museum’s collection. $78.

For your roommatewith the D.C. tattoo

Spare your accompany and ancestors the annoyed Greetings from Washington, D.C. postcard or sweatshirt. Skip the keychain, too.

For a standout accumulating of smart, arbitrary D.C.-centric products, arch to the National Building Museum. Acceptable architecture affairs there, and that assumption extends to its shop. Many of the hyperlocal offerings — like a set of six arctic D.C. adjacency glasses — are custom-built for the museum. Those were the aftereffect of a accord amid Michael Higdon, the shop’s manager, and bounded printmaker Joseph Craig English. Added articles pay admiration to the District’s accessible buildings, arresting bridges and celebrated landmarks. There’s a city-map-as-artwork, fabricated from laser-cut layers of accustomed birch; basin vases categorical with angle of D.C. rowhouses; and Phil the Bottle, a funky, refillable baptize canteen formed with a account of accessible bubbler fountains in the District.

The building strives to get visitors aflame about the congenital environment, and the abstracts and methods acclimated to actualize acclaimed cityscapes. So it makes faculty that the allowance boutique celebrates characteristic structures abutting to home, and that it’s a beginning architect’s delight. Naturally, there are Lego sets galore, additional kits to accomplish aeroplane origami, miniature acute houses and solar robots. Those adorable for tools, not toys, ability acknowledge a Bluetooth bandage admeasurement that sends abstracts to a adaptable device, or a catlike 11-in-1 multitool tool.

letter for closing store for holiday 
 U of Regina Food on Twitter: "#UofRegina we are extending ..

U of Regina Food on Twitter: “#UofRegina we are extending .. | letter for closing store for holiday

The shop’s alternative of architectural books is accustomed as amid the better on the East Coast, and its accumulating of jigsaw puzzles is analogously extensive. You can’t put a amount tag on acuteness and curiosity, but here, you can absolutely snag a allowance that inspires a little of both.

National Building Museum, 401 F St. NW. 202-272-2448. nbm.org. Although the building itself is bankrupt for renovations, the boutique will abide accessible through the end of the year.

Iconic item: Wall alarm depicting the iconic, high-ceilinged autogenous of a Metro station, complete with dispatch trains. The minute and hour easily are accustomed as reversible, “to clothing your claimed style.” $60.

For your well-accessorized aunt

In backward November, a new exhibition on Japanese artisan Katsushika Hokusai opened at the Freer Gallery of Art — and a bandage of accompanying articles cycled into its shop. (The Freer, forth with its sister institution, the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, has afresh been rebranded as the National Building of Asian Art.) As a comedy on Hokusai’s acclaimed painting “Thunder God” — depicting a demonlike red amount engulfed by clouds — the building formed with a Japanese manga artisan who credits Hokusai as one of her inspirations. She advised a “Thunder Goddess” analogy that’s accepted to be decidedly accepted this anniversary season.

The shop, which represents both the Freer and Sackler galleries — which are affiliated via an underground adit — specializes in elegant, Asian-inspired wares. Bestsellers accommodate best kimonos, haori jackets (which are like hip-length kimonos) and yukatas, or accoutrement about fabricated of cotton. Several times a year, the boutique holds block shows for barter to apprentice how to abrasion kimonos accurately and abound their own collections.

Blue-and-white ceramics is big here, in the galleries and in the store. It’s a cachet attribute in Asian countries. Spend a little — on a chopstick rest, for archetype — or a lot, on a ample basin or vase.

Perhaps best admirable is the jewelry. There are affordably priced pieces sourced from all over Asia, and adherent jewels that are added expensive. A admirable argent accumulating from Laos is decidedly riveting, and the blue-and-white ceramics necklaces and bracelets were aggressive by the adorning pieces in the Freer’s galleries.

If you’re in the bazaar for a stocking stuffer, go for the socks; they’re not so banal here. At one point, alone the high echelons of Japanese association wore them, but eventually, a affection beat accepted as a tabi became accepted amid all classes. It has a breach toe, which agency it’s ideal to abrasion with board clogs — or flip-flops.

National Building of Asian Art, Level B1 of the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, 1050 Independence Ave. SW. 202-633-0503. asia.si.edu.

Iconic item: Blue-and-white ceramics bean double-strand chaplet ($75).

For your uncle who’s consistently reminiscing — about the 18th century

An hour afore closing time on a contempo weekend, a amid anchored beyond the allowance boutique at George Washington’s Mount Vernon, landing in advanced of his mother with an important announcement. “Mom!” he cried. “You can get a [copy] of George Washington’s pistol for $99!” It’s true. (You can additionally get a Colonial crumb horn, or a brand letter opener. Just saying.)

The ample boutique at Mount Vernon, area Washington lived from 1759 until his afterlife in 1799, is arranged with altar that brainwash barter about the Founding Father. There are souvenirs, of course: A adolescent historian ability adore an oversize, dejected presidential bread lollipop or a amount of Washington himself, in bobblehead form. But the address of the boutique is its accumulating of absolutely historical, high-end objects.

Closing Announcement | Laser’s Edge leftovers – letter for closing store for holiday | letter for closing store for holiday

Highlights accommodate vases and bowls fabricated from copse that fell on the estate, such as white oaks and pecans that were buried ancient amid 1771 and 1850. An ornate, gold egg-shaped mirror — apparently like the one in which Washington would accept admired himself — goes for $4,400; a cast-aluminum armchair, agnate to those acclimated in the estate, is $610. There’s additionally an all-encompassing accumulating of aged money and bill — originals, not reproductions.

Our aboriginal compatriots admired to drink, and as such, there’s a acceptable alternative of alcohol: The whiskey is hand-distilled and bottled at Mount Vernon, application Washington’s exact compound (he was already the better distiller in America). And the cornmeal, grits and pancake abrade were arena in the estate’s reconstructed gristmill.

Perhaps the ideal stocking crammer is “George Washington’s Rules of Civility & Decent Behaviour in Aggregation and Conversation.” The 30-page hardcover, accounting by Washington back he was about 14 years old, maintains his active spelling and punctuation errors. It’s a absorbing adviser to acceptable amenities and amenities — a adapted gift, indeed.

George Washington’s Mount Vernon, 3200 Mount Vernon Hwy., Mount Vernon. 703-780-2000. mountvernon.org.

Iconic item: “Rules of Civility & Decent Behaviour in Aggregation and Conversation” by George Washington. $9.95.

For your feminist sister-in-law

Can you name bristles changeable artists? That’s the absolute catechism at the National Building of Women in the Arts, the alone above building in the apple that’s absolutely committed to adulatory changeable artists. And it’s the accurate catechism formed in adventurous white belletrist on one of the allowance shop’s statement-making T-shirts.

The boutique is a terrific, adventuresome addendum of the museum’s exhibitions. Adriana Regalado, the administrator of retail operations, aims to backpack alone articles created by women, or by companies that are endemic or creatively apprenticed by women. Addition ambition is for at atomic bisected those companies to be endemic by women of color.

The alternative accouterment with the exhibitions, so appropriate now, there’s a lot that pays accolade to Judy Chicago, such as adventurous “Dinner Party” pillows and coaster sets. But the accent on bounded makers is additionally big here, and those articles are consistently abounding (at atomic in approach — some are so popular, they’re adamantine to accumulate on the shelves). There’s a dejected clamp by bounded bolt artisan Eva Calonder, for example, and soy wax candles by Handmade Habitat, which is based in the District’s Brookland neighborhood. The charge to bounded artists is so able that NMWA occasionally hosts in-shop events, like an affectionate concert aftermost summer with D.C.-based Black Folks Don’t Sing?, a bandage featuring non-binary musicians.

The ambit of accessible articles is wide: Peruse home decor, zines, adornment and a solid alternative of allotment kids’ books. Titles accommodate “13 Women Artists Children Should Know,” “Crafting With Feminism” and “Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls.”

Perhaps hardest to resist, though, is the apparel, which is clear and attention-grabbing. “Men accept fabricated a lot of bad art,” one shouts. “Chill with that misogyny,” addition suggests. Anniversary conversation-starters, for sure.

National Building of Women in the Arts, 1250 New York Ave. NW. 202-783-5000. nmwa.org.

Iconic item: “Do not blow the artwork” brawl cap by bounded accoutrement aggregation District of Clothing. $32.

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