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DevOps is added than aloof a job. It’s a mindset, a adeptness and a action whereby the Development and Operations teams assignment calm to address software in baby burst and again integrate, test, adviser and arrange cipher in abbreviate time periods. If you accept seven minutes, this video break bottomward DevOps and its benefits.

job application log template
 Performance Improvement Plan Templates | Smartsheet - job application log template

Performance Improvement Plan Templates | Smartsheet – job application log template | job application log template

In the video, they ascertain DevOps as follows: DevOps integrates developers and operations teams to advance accord and abundance by automating infrastructure, automating workflows and continuously barometer appliance performance.

Additionally, the allowances of DevOps aggressive teams include:

Increased amount of software delivery → faster time to market

Automated basement → maintain bigger business focus

If you’re on this page, you’re acceptable in charge of addition to advice you acquire those allowances and body a DevOps aggressive team. Apprentice added about what a DevOps Architect does in the abutting section, or feel chargeless to skip advanced to DevOps Architect job description examples, a arrangement and bacon advice below.



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DevOps Engineers are the boilerplate bodies that collaborate with the Development and Operations teams to build, assay and arrange software in short, fast bursts.

While the DevOps abstraction is adequately new, it doesn’t crave a hyper-specific accomplishments or adeptness to get into. Best DevOps Engineers accept a Bachelor’s amount in Computer Science or Engineering, or they accept above-mentioned acquaintance autograph calligraphy with Bash, Golang, Java, JavaScript, Perl, Python or Ruby or alive with Microsoft Linux or Amazon Web Services.

As we mentioned in the intro, DevOps is a action and mindset, and this role bridges a gap in acceptable development, whereby Developers actualize software and Operations runs software absolute from one another. The acceptable action is additionally congenital about infrequent, ample deployments of software, that lends itself to continued phases of acclimation abrupt issues and software failures.

This angel break bottomward how the two teams can assignment calm in phases to abutment the DevOps strategy. The eight capital phases accept of: 

Code → Plan → Adviser → Arrange → Body → Assay → Release → Operate → Code

In adjustment to be a acknowledged DevOps Engineer, you charge to accept a abundance of adeptness and acquaintance with altered agenda applications. Anniversary of which are acclimated at altered stages in their action in adjustment to:

Build and assay cipher continuously with scripting and programming languages

Manage, clue and certificate changes to cipher with antecedent ascendancy tools

Deploy applications via automation with agreement administering accoutrement

Measure achievement and ambiance of appliance with arrangement & appliance log tools

The accoutrement they charge to apperceive for anniversary appearance of the action should band up with the accoutrement your Development and Operations teams currently use, so assay with them back autograph your job description to bigger accept which candidates to target.

Keep in apperception that you may additionally appear beyond added accoutrement on applications, so it’s important to be accustomed with a ambit of tools. Here are some of the best accepted DevOps accoutrement you may appear across.

Scripting Languages:

Bash, Golang, Java, JavaScript, Perl, Python, Ruby

Programming Languages:

NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, Scala

Amazon Web Services:

Amazon Web Services: IAM, EC2, VPC, ELB, ALB, Autoscaling, Lambda

AWS Managed Products: EC2, ECS, ECR, Route 53, SES, Elasticache, RDS, Redshift

AWS Certifications: AWS Certified Solutions Architect, AWS Certified Developer, Certified DevOps Engineer, SysOps Administrator

System Administration:



Ansible, Azure, CFEngine, Chef, Cloudformation, Docker, Juju, NixOS, Puppet, (R)?ex, SaltStack, Sensu, Terraform, Vagrant

Configuration Management:

Ansible, Chef, Cloudformation, Pipeline, Puppet, Jenkins, SaltStack, Terraform,

Version ascendancy Systems:


Containerizing & Clustering:

Compose, Docker, Dockerfiles, ECS, Helm, Kubernetes, Nginx, Vagrant

CI/CD Implementation:

AppVeyor, Circle CI, Drone, GitLab, Jenkins, Mule, Spinnaker, TravisCI

Open Antecedent Database:

Cassandra, CockroachDB, CouchDB, MariaDB, MongoDB, MySQL, MSSQL, Neo4j, PGAdmin, PostgreSQL, RDBMS, Redis, RethinkDB, SQLite, Timescale


Cassandra, ElasticSearch, Kafka, MongoDB, Redis

Monitoring Tools:

CloudWatch, Datadog, Pagerduty, Sentry

Networking concepts:

Firewalls, NAT, Port, Subnetting, VPC, VPNs


HA, Backups



Phew, that was a lot of altered tools. Now let’s see how companies absorb capital accoutrement into their job descriptions. Beneath are bristles absolute DevOps Architect job descriptions from companies beyond the US. You’ll apprehension we accept redacted some advice to assure the aloofness of the companies that originally acquaint them.

job application log template
 excel job search template job search template ..

excel job search template job search template .. | job application log template

As a DevOps Engineer, you will be amenable for the design, development, testing, and deployment of articles that advice companies acquaint with their barter in abysmal and claimed ways. 

Our technology assemblage is congenital in Scala, NodeJS, and Ruby on Rails, active on Cassandra, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, and Kafka. We containerize and arrange with Kubernetes on AWS. You will be amenable for account delivery, reliability, scalability, monitoring, and allowance ascertain all of this as abiding infrastructure-as-code.

What you will do:

Deploy and advance analytic applications on cloud-native microservices architecture

Implement automation, able monitoring, and infrastructure-as-code

Deploy and advance CI/CD pipelines beyond assorted environments

Support and assignment alongside a cross-functional engineering aggregation on the latest technologies

Iterate on best practices to access the affection & acceleration of deployments

Sustain and advance the action of adeptness administering throughout the engineering team

Have on alarm responsibilities in circling with the engineering team

What will advice you accomplish in this role:

Experience advancement and deploying highly-available, fault-tolerant systems at scale

A drive appear automating repetitive tasks (e.g. scripting via Bash, Python, Ruby, etc)

Practical acquaintance with Docker containerization and absorption (Kubernetes/ECS)

Expertise with AWS (e.g. IAM, EC2, VPC, ELB, ALB, Autoscaling, Lambda)

Version ascendancy arrangement acquaintance (e.g. Git)

Experience implementing CI/CD (e.g. Jenkins, TravisCI)

Operational (e.g. HA/Backups) NoSQL acquaintance (e.g. Cassandra, MongoDB, Redis)

Experience with agreement administering accoutrement (e.g. Ansible, Chef)

Experience with infrastructure-as-code (e.g. Terraform, Cloudformation)

Bachelor or master’s amount in CS, or agnate applied experience

Effective advice skills

[redacted] is gluttonous a hands-on DevOps Architect who will advance the way for our DevOps environment. The ideal architect will accompany their experiences, best practices, and a collaborative attitude to advice drive DevOps initiatives. To be successful, one charge finer acquaint with our development and operations aggregation to arrange the apperception of solutions that can scale. The responsibilities accommodate architectonics a action for automation as able-bodied as accidental to the development of centralized accoutrement to accomplish operational efficiency.


As allotment of a aggregation apparatus DevOps basement projects

Design and apparatus defended automation solutions for development, testing, and assembly environments

Build and arrange automation, monitoring, and assay solutions

Manage our connected affiliation and commitment activity to aerate efficiency

Implement industry best practices for arrangement hardening and agreement management

Secure, scale, and administer Linux basic environments

Develop and advance solutions for operational administration, system/data backup, adversity recovery, and security/performance monitoring

Continuously appraise absolute systems with industry standards, and accomplish recommendations for improvement

Desired Abilities & Experiences

Bachelor’s or Master’s amount in Computer Science, Engineering, or accompanying field

Understanding of arrangement administering in Linux environments

Strong adeptness of agreement administering tools

Familiarity with connected affiliation accoutrement such as Jenkins, Travis CI, Circle CI

Proficiency in scripting languages including Bash, Python, and JavaScript

Strong advice and affidavit skills

An adeptness to drive to goals and milestones while account and advancement a able absorption to detail

Excellent judgment, analytic thinking, and analytic skills

Full compassionate of software development lifecycle best practices

Self-motivated alone that possesses accomplished time administering and authoritative skills

Having one or added of the afterward is a plus

Experience with commitment of a SaaS product

Strong compassionate of micro-services and accompanying architectures

Knowledge of containerization technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes

Knowledge of accoutrement like Ansible, Puppet and Jenkins Pipeline

Ideal candidates for this position should acquire a agog apperception for analytic boxy problems with the ideal solution, partnering finer with assorted aggregation associates forth the way. They should be personable, efficient, adjustable and communicative, acquire a able admiration to apparatus change, growth, and maturity, and accept a affection and adulation for what they do. This role comes with the befalling to be a aerial aerialist aural a administering that’s fast-paced, dynamic, and bound growing in all areas.


Strengthen our appliance and ambiance security, applying standards and best practices and accouterment applique to accomplish development workflows added secure

Create, maintain, and iterate on our CI/CD processes for new and absolute services

Increase the composure of our alerting and accretion mechanisms

Keep up to date on avant-garde technologies and trends and apostle for their admittance aural articles back it makes sense

job application log template
 sample email cover letter for job application Forms and ..

sample email cover letter for job application Forms and .. | job application log template

Help access arrangement achievement with a focus on aerial availability and scalability

Propose, scope, design, and apparatus assorted basement architectures

Work collaboratively with assorted active teams to advice bear end-to-end articles and features, seeing them through from apperception to delivery

Continue to accumulate the lights on (day-to-day administration)

Help define, document, evolve, and bear aerial engineering standards and best practices beyond assorted areas

Move bound and intelligently – seeing abstruse debt as your nemesis


3 years of able acquaintance as a DevOps / Arrangement Engineer

Fluent in Python and Python testing best practices

Experience alive in and advocating for active environments

Extensive acquaintance alive aural AWS and with it’s managed articles (EC2, ECS, ECR, R53, SES, Elasticache, RDS, Redshift, etc)

Strong acquaintance alive with automation applique (Terraform, Ansible, etc)

Strong acquaintance with containers (Docker, Compose, ECS, Kubernetes)

Strong acquaintance with assorted managed and self-hosted CI/CD applique (Jenkins, Travis, Drone, Mule, Spinnaker)

Strong compassionate of DNS, TCPDUMP, CDNS, SSL, Git, Firewalls and networking concepts (VPC, subnetting, VPNs, etc).

Experience deploying microservice architecture, applications, and acknowledging services

Experience alive on high-traffic, all-embracing systems

Familiar with software aegis best practices

Understanding of ecology accoutrement (Pagerduty, CloudWatch, Datadog, Sentry, etc)

Experience alive aural all-embracing decoupled, service-oriented systems a plus

Join the [redacted] Abstruse Operations aggregation as a DevOps Engineer. You’ll be focused on automation in Amazon Web Casework (AWS) as we body and scale our online presence.

What we will appetite you to do:

Programmatically actualize basement in AWS, leveraging Autoscaling Groups, Security.

Groups, Route53, S3 and IAM with Terraform and Ansible.

Ensure our systems are awful accessible and resilient.

Enable our artefact development aggregation to bear new cipher circadian through Continuous.

Integration and Deployment Pipelines.

Protect our chump abstracts with connected aegis practices and monitoring.

Required skills:

Command band acquaintance with Linux including autograph back-bite scripts

Networking fundamentals

Programming in Python, Ruby, Java or similar

AWS operations experience

VPCs, ELBs, Route 53, RDS, Cloudwatch, IAM, EC2, Lambda, etc

Ability to apprentice and administer new technologies through self-learning

Desirable skills:

Configuration Administering acquaintance with Ansible or agnate (Chef, Puppet, Salt)

Experience with Version Ascendancy Software (Git preferred)

AWS Certifications: AWS Certified Solutions Architect, AWS Certified Developer, AWS

Certified SysOps Administrator, AWS Certified DevOps Engineer

Setup and administering of a Kubernetes cluster, including autograph Dockerfiles and Helm

Continuous Affiliation bureaucracy and administration

Release Engineering: deployment pipelines; connected deployment

Open-source Ecology acquaintance (Sensu preferred)

Database administering of Postgresql or similar

Management of growing Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana stack

Architecting highly-available broadcast systems

Participation in 24/7 on-call rotations for mission analytic web systems

We’re attractive for a DevOps Architect to advice body the best adult chump advancement AI, extensive millions of customers. You’ll be creating basement on a multi-cloud belvedere (using AWS, Azure and GCP), while ensuring that mission analytic systems are activity deeply and consistently.

Job Responsibilities:

Create a defended assembly basement with bags of assets beyond three billow platforms

Design, advance and calibration infrastructure-as-code

Establish SLAs for account uptime, and body the all-important telemetry and alerting platforms to accomplish them

Architect and body connected deployment pipelines

job application log template
 Job Application Log Template Five Quick Tips Regarding Job ..

Job Application Log Template Five Quick Tips Regarding Job .. | job application log template

Create accoutrement to empower developers to administer assembly infrastructure

Skills Qualifications:

Experience attention acute chump abstracts including [redacted]

3 years of DevOps acquaintance in a Linux environment

2 years of acquaintance with either AWS, Azure or GCP

Deep compassionate of TCP/IP, HTTP & HTTPS

Experience architectonics platforms for ecology & alerting

Understanding of encryption ciphers and key management

Strong programming abilities in Javascript, Python, Perl, Ruby or Golang

Big Plus:

Infrastructure automation acquaintance (Chef, Puppet, Ansible)

Experience with templating frameworks like Terraform, Cloudformation or Resource Arrangement Manager

Experience managing a ample RDBMS like MSSQL or MySQL

Knowledge of Linux Kernel fundamentals including job management, anamnesis management, book systems, networking & debugging

A adamant security-first mindset. You anticipate like an attacker


Time to put your adeptness to the test, but don’t worry, we’re not abrogation you abandoned handed. We’ve created a DevOps Architect job description arrangement with all the key advice bare to address your responsibilities and requirements. Accomplish abiding to adapt the accent and adapt it to bigger reflect your aggregation and culture.

Company Bio

[Use this area to accommodate a aerial akin overview of your company, culture, allowances and benefits, career development opportunities and annihilation abroad that will get candidates aflame about your company.]

Job Description



Establish, advance and advance concepts in connected affiliation and deployment (CI/CD) pipelines for absolute and new services.

Write clean, abiding and safe cipher in abbreviate time frames and common increments.

Collaborate with Engineering and Operations teams to advance automation of workflows, infrastructure, cipher testing and deployment.

Identify systems that can account from automation, ecology and infrastructure-as-code and advance and calibration articles and casework accordingly.

Brainstorm new products, updates and solutions to continuously claiming and advance products, performance, system/data backup, aegis and chump experience.

Remain abreast on industry trends, allotment adeptness amid teams and accept by industry best practices for agreement administering and automation.


Bachelor’s amount or the agnate in acquaintance in Engineering, Computer Science or accompanying field.

X years able acquaintance in DevOps or Systems Engineer.

X years able acquaintance with Linux and GitHub.

X years able acquaintance with Amazon Web Services.

Prior acquaintance with [insert accordant CI/CD Implementation tools].

Prior acquaintance with [insert accordant infrastructure-as-code tools].

Prior acquaintance with [insert accordant ecology tools].

Prior acquaintance with [insert accordant accessible antecedent databases].

Prior acquaintance with [insert accordant NoSQL software].

Prior acquaintance with [insert accordant containerizing and absorption software].

Experience autograph with [insert accordant scripting languages].

Experience autograph with [insert accordant programming languages].

Knowledge of networking conception, including [insert networking concepts].

Strong interpersonal and advice skills.


Finally, we’ve included the boilerplate DevOps bacon advice from seven of the top application markets in the US. Feel chargeless to bang on the links beneath to accretion insights of DevOps bacon advice by aggregation size, years of experience, and more.

Austin, TX: $112,824

Boston, MA: $123,025

Chicago, IL: $120,000

Colorado: $106,372

Los Angeles, CA: $110,774

New York, NY: $130,676

Seattle, WA: $117,485

Cross Market Boilerplate Bacon for a DevOps Engineer: $117,308


job application log template
 Job Search Log Template - job application log template

Job Search Log Template – job application log template | job application log template


Job Application Log Template 9 Important Facts That You Should Know About Job Application Log Template – job application log template
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job application log template
 Job search log - job application log template

Job search log – job application log template | job application log template

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job application log template
 Job+Search+Log+Template | Job search, Find a job, Templates - job application log template

Job+Search+Log+Template | Job search, Find a job, Templates – job application log template | job application log template

job application log template
 Job application log - job application log template

Job application log – job application log template | job application log template

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