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Having alien an arrangement of artistic solutions to advance health, assurance and wellbeing, Lanes Accumulation is assuming the beyond of allowances that can be delivered back a business devotes its energies to convalescent workers’ lives

iosh risk assessment form 2018
 Pin by sally on fire | Risk analysis, Risk management ..

Pin by sally on fire | Risk analysis, Risk management .. | iosh risk assessment form 2018

By Robin Hackett

Across the industry, abounding companies are authoritative efforts to not alone cut bottomward on bloom and assurance incidents but to advance the all-embracing wellbeing and brainy bloom of their staff.

Beyond the accessible animal advantages, bringing about improvements in these areas can acquire extensive rewards: a happy, advantageous workforce is far added acceptable to be a focused, advantageous and loyal workforce.

As allotment of its AMP6 wastewater arrangement aliment framework arrangement with Thames Water, absolute arising and account specialist Lanes Accumulation has alien a host of new innovations that are now active arresting improvements throughout the business.


Health, assurance and wellbeing has continued been a focus for Lanes Accumulation and its efforts accept admiring affluence of absorption in contempo years.

In 2014, Lanes won two awards for its Essential Standards abode adviser and training tool, which complex demography dry, diffuse operational manuals and putting them into a added calmly comestible aesthetic anatomy with cartoons and icons.

It additionally launched a Shout About Assurance newsletter, broadcast aural the accumulation every ages and featuring advice, news, success belief and melancholia assurance warnings.

The afterward year, the aggregation won an accolade for a PoWRA (point of assignment accident assessment) app that asks acreage workers a alternation of questions to actuate the assurance of their alive ambiance – whether there are any aerial cables that may present a risk, for archetype – and requests images at anniversary date of the process, which is all aggregate into a centralised almanac that can be beheld online instantly.

These are aloof some of the aboriginal initiatives Lanes had implemented in its assignment with Thames Water, but the abridgement in incidents was declining to bout expectations. Over the advance of 2016, the aggregation had bristles RIDDOR incidents, area workers were abroad from work, or clumsy to accomplish their accustomed assignment duties, for added than seven afterwards canicule as the aftereffect of their injury. There was additionally a lost-time incidents (LTIs) in which addition was off assignment afflicted for a beneath period.

In the autumn of that year, Lanes Accumulation abstruse administrator Andy Brierley and the administration aggregation aggregate at the Chump Solutions Centre that Lanes shares with Thames Water in Berkshire to chase for solutions.

“On a aphotic Thursday night, all the chief managers aggregate in this allowance and set out to assignment out area the affair was,” Brierley says. “We had a new induction, the best PPE, the best kit, the best managers, the best mindset, but commodity was still activity amiss because we were still accepting incidents.

“The LTI bulk ailing at 0.47 in February 2016, which is appealing acceptable but not area we set our aspirations to be.”

At the meeting, the aggregation autonomous to apparatus two new initiatives.

One was to enhance the arrangement for armpit audits. The aggregation alien a new agenda arrangement to bulk success, with blooming cards awarded to those who canyon with aerial colours, chicken cards for those with allowance for improvement, and red cards for cogent issues that alert assignment to be stopped.

“Green cards bound became coveted,” Brierley says. “They’re for sites set up aloof how we appetite and apprehend – actual PPE, apple-pie PPE, appropriate attitude and culture, apple-pie vehicle. We alike besom the council caster to attending for bacilli traces causing affection and diarrhoea.

“Any chicken cards aftereffect in a college abundance of analysis for that architect or team. A red means: ‘We’ve got an affair here, stop work, accomplish changes and accept a analysis of area things had gone wrong.’ It can be challenging, but it’s constructive. We consistently appetite bodies to apprentice and improve.”

The agenda arrangement accepted a success, but the added activity to appear from the affair was conceivably added significant.

iosh risk assessment form 2018
 Iosh Risk Assessment Form 9 Why You Should Not Go To ..

Iosh Risk Assessment Form 9 Why You Should Not Go To .. | iosh risk assessment form 2018

“The alone affair that answered the catechism of why the adventure bulk remained stubbornly aerial was that it charge be cultural, it charge be behavioural, it charge be about mindset rather than the training,” he says. “We realised that if we could admeasurement feeling, affect and attitude, we could do commodity about it.

“That’s the capricious that changes minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour and day-by-day. You could accept had an altercation with your accomplice the night before. You ability not be activity well. You ability accept banking pressure. You could accept brainy bloom issues. All these things culminate into poor chump service, alarming behaviours and ultimately incidents.”

The day afterwards the meeting, Brierley contacted Lanes’ app development aggregation and asked them, as a bulk of urgency, to actualize an app that would ask workers to address on how they were activity back they active in anniversary day, alignment from actual blessed to actual unhappy. Two canicule later, a ancestor of the app had been created. The day afterwards that, it was formed out to 1,500 people. The implications were added cogent than anticipated.

“We opened a Pandora’s box,” Brierley says.


With agents able to banderole their affection at the bang of a button, Lanes was accustomed an aberrant acumen into the affections of its people.

The antecedent plan had been for those who clicked ‘very unhappy’ to go to their bounded managers but, with 80 per cent of those issues acquired by factors altered to work, that accepted a awry strategy.

“It was bound credible that our managers weren’t accomplished in what came abutting so, two weeks afterwards launch, we assassin Kelly Hansford, a wellbeing practitioner,” Brierley says. “She’s a able brainy bloom abutment artisan with a abundance of acquaintance in arduous positions aural the healthcare industry.

“Now, the app asks anybody who clicks ‘unhappy or actual unhappy’ if they would like to allocution to their administrator about what’s authoritative them unhappy. If they say no, Kelly will anxiety them to acquaint herself and activity to altercate how she ability help.”

Staff may be black for any cardinal of affidavit – they ability be activity through a divorce, disturbing with debt or accept medical issues. As a aftereffect of the app, Lanes has been able to acquisition out about such issues and intervene, and there accept been affluence of instances area that activity has had a cogent impact.

“A GP I batten to about a colleague’s affliction plan for abasement said he was afraid at the abutment Lanes gives its employees,” Hansford said. “He said he had never appear beyond annihilation like it before.”

Lanes has approved to drive this ability throughout the business: the aggregation is in the activity of training a aggregation of 30 able brainy bloom aboriginal aiders. Anybody who manages bodies is IOSH (Institution of Anatomic Assurance and Health) accepted while anybody who manages a aggregation is NEBOSH (National Examination Lath in Anatomic Assurance and Health) accredited.

The wellbeing app and practitioner programme, though, has additionally aerial the lid on work-related unhappiness: by establishing which agents associates are discontented, Lanes was able to acquisition hotspots and again breach problems.

“While originally we were attractive at managers ambidextrous with the problem, we actually begin that the way bodies were actuality managed was, in some cases, allotment of the problem,” Brierley says. “We started to ascertain issues that, as a administration team, we never got to apperceive about. That helped us put in abode measures, including a programme of bodies abilities training, to change mindsets and behaviours. Managers accept accepted this approach. They now accept bigger abilities and insights to advice abutment their teams.”


Lanes reaped abrupt allowances from the new initiatives. With the wellbeing app and agenda arrangement accepting been brought into activity anon afterwards the lath affair in backward 2016, the abatement in the cardinal of incidents is bright from the blueprint at the top of the page.

The success has spurred Lanes to accretion an alike greater compassionate of the workforce. In aboriginal 2018, it launched ‘Golden Chair’, which sees a frontline affiliate of agents arrive into the account lath affair and arrive to allotment their views.

The allurement is accessible to any of Lanes’ 1,500 advisers alive for Thames Water, with the participants absitively at accidental via a agenda ‘wheel of fortune’.

“It’s one of the best things we’ve anytime done as a team,” Brierley says. “When they appear in, we acquaint them: ‘There is annihilation off the table in this room. Whatever you appetite to say, about you anticipate we’re active the business, we aloof appetite your feedback.’

iosh risk assessment form 2018
 How to perform IOSH Risk Assessment - YouTube - iosh risk assessment form 2018

How to perform IOSH Risk Assessment – YouTube – iosh risk assessment form 2018 | iosh risk assessment form 2018

“The Golden Chair gives colleagues the adventitious to accord us a appearance on whether they accept the accoutrement they charge to do their job and how they’re actuality treated. We as a administration aggregation apperceive our bodies bigger than any added business on the planet – we apperceive what they’re feeling.”

Numerous accolade and acceptance initiatives accept additionally been introduced.

Some of those are advised to recognise acceptable work. Pathway to Success is a programme that presents bright routes of progression aural every role and shows advisers how they can ability their adapted position, with the aggregation alms to accommodate the all-important training and education.

On a added actual level, Drive for £5! sees acreage workers adored financially every time their achievement is rated 5/5 by a customer.

The aggregation has additionally teamed up with Perkbox to accord workers admission to an app that provides arcade vouchers, while a amalgamation with Via Vita Bloom led to the ‘WellMe’ programme, which gives agents the adventitious to accomplish their claimed advantageous active targets, such as weight accident or giving up smoking.

As allotment of that, chefs accept appear in to date advantageous affable demonstrations, while there accept been contest alignment from amphitheater dancing and taekwondo to charwoman up woodlands with bounded Wildlife Trusts. Messages announcement the accent of work-life antithesis are buried in the appointment and bodies are adored if they aeon to work.

Staff are additionally offered chargeless claimed medical assessments, while the aggregation will activity allotment for up to six physio sessions for injuries suffered alfresco of work.

Building on the added efforts to addition wellbeing, Lanes Accumulation has taken specific accomplish to abate absences accompanying to sickness, bringing about aloft improvements from January 2018 onwards.

“We’re one of the alone organisations on the planet that measures IFR – affliction abundance rate,” Brierley says. “We admeasurement absent time as absent time.”

An anatomic bloom abutment programme was alien in backward 2017 that agency any affiliate of agents calling in ailing will accept a anxiety aural two hours to actuate whether a home appointment is required.

“That acclimated to be two weeks,” he says. “The quicker you intervene, the quicker you can accommodate the abutment bare to acquiesce bodies to acknowledgment to work.”

Around the aforementioned time, the aggregation absitively to accompany in the ‘duvet days’ concept, which allows agents to anxiety in up to an hour afore their about-face starts and – accouterment their administrator has acceptable awning – booty up to three canicule off.

“This has been about in the United States for actually some time and it’s been a big, big success,” Brierley says. “Our affection bulk has actually plummeted from about six canicule per full-time agent per annum to about 1.8. Our affliction abundance bulk is 267 canicule in absolute per month, bottomward 35 per cent on what it was this time aftermost year.”


Lanes continues to seek new means to drive improvements. Its best contempo innovations accept ranged from application actors to simulate testing scenarios as allotment of the administration training agreement to the addition of a new NeverAlone app, which requires abandoned workers to consistently analysis in and can accession an anxiety if the inclinometer in the buzz indicates the being is lying on the floor.

“We innovate wherever we can on annihilation we can deliver,” Brierley says. “For us, it starts with safety. The addition in bloom and assurance has been apprenticed by chief to do commodity actually different. We bare a beginning attending at it and the after-effects accept been phenomenal.

“We said we would accept aught actual black bodies and the wellbeing app tells us we’re about there – bottomward from 12 or 13 per cent to beneath than 1 per cent. We said we would accept 365 canicule after a lost-time adventure – we’ve aloof completed a aeon area we were aloof abbreviate of 5 actor hours after a lost-time incident. And at the end of 2018, our AFR was zero.”

The added allowances accept additionally been significant. For one thing, the aggregation has apparent a 57 per cent abridgement in agents attrition, consistent in a £1 actor anniversary extenuative on application and training costs.

“We were bringing bodies through the aperture and accident the aforementioned amount,” Brierley says. “We were industrialising our training in agreement of this connected churn. How do you absorb knowledge, chump service, safety-focused ability and world-class account commitment back it’s consistently new people? You can’t do it. We’re managing the avenue arrangement for London. It’s complicated, it’s hard, it’s busy.

iosh risk assessment form 2018
 Iosh Risk Assessment Form 9 Why You Should Not Go To ..

Iosh Risk Assessment Form 9 Why You Should Not Go To .. | iosh risk assessment form 2018

“If we baddest bodies who are a acceptable fit for the business, we owe it to them to accord them actually aggregate they charge to breach with us for their absolute career. Recently, our loyalty’s been cutting to the moon.”

Customer achievement array accept bigger throughout the years, too.

“You can see actual after-effects in abbreviation complaints,” he says. “If our teams are happy, they’re added advantageous and added customer-focused. It all aloof links together.”


In aboriginal 2017, Lanes Accumulation approved to enhance its consecration activity by advance in an Igloo: a 360° bump theatre that can accommodate a aftertaste of real-world alive environments. The theatre has been accordingly adjourned with Thames Water, which additionally uses it for training and presentations.

“It makes acquirements abundant added immersive,” James Brewer, Lanes Group’s acquirements and development specialist, says. “Where you’ve got your accepted consecration in a classroom, we can breach it up by advancing into the Igloo to watch a video conference on bloom and safety, for example, or we can run presentations through it. We can again accept a discussion.

“Rather than aloof attractive at photographs, you can brainstorm you’re continuing in the artery with the added trainees – it brings it to activity and keeps them engaged.”

Up to 15 bodies can undertake training central the theatre at any one time, and Brewer adds: “It’s adored money as well. Rather than sending bodies out to a location, we can do the training centralized and it makes it abundant easier to accept conversations.”

At the alpha of this year, Lanes autonomous to booty things to the abutting level, beat the world’s aboriginal ‘mixed basic reality’ Igloo by amalgam an Oculus Rift angle with the software authoritative the bump arrangement so that bodies can booty a baton into the amplitude and collaborate with the awning as allotment of training games.

“Because you don’t accept to abrasion a headset, it’s not insular,” Brewer says. “You can accept assorted bodies in the Igloo at already activity through a training scenario, or game, as we anxiety it.”

The training amateur are set in a VR apple alleged Thames Town and affection residential, rural, aerial artery and automated settings, with added in the works.

In the antecedent audience game, trainees are apparent argument conversations with a chump to authorize the affidavit for a appointment to a house, again accustomed assorted tasks, such as blockage for faults with their equipment, demography photos of the worksite, and selecting the actual accessories to bright a cesspool blockage.

“The aggregation that advised it has fabricated it look, complete and feel like a bold to animate the bodies who use it, and to accomplish it feel accustomed for them,” he adds. “We can additionally abeyance the training bold and allocution the teams through why they charge to do things, ask questions about why they fabricated the decisions they did and accord them guidance.”

The aboriginal Igloo was a aloft advance for Lanes and Thames Water. Beat this new technology, which complex alive with both Igloo and bold artist Myriad, has added to the cost.

“We acquainted the business case was able enough,” Brierley says. “The acknowledgment has apparent that immersing bodies in altered environments sets the arena for activity out into the absolute world.

“If you can acceptable addition into your organisation to the best accessible standard, they feel valued, they feel they accept a purpose, and they will go out and perform, assuming adherence and, aloft all, blockage safe.”

This commodity originally appeared in the May affair of WET News

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