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by Ulrika E. Mattsson

In the aboriginal decision, the U.S. Cloister of Appeals for the Sixth Ambit affirmed the commune cloister decision, absolute that a defendant’s defalcation filing does not anticipate the district cloister from cardinal on a antipathy motion for abuse of a temporary abstinent adjustment attention plaintiff’s trademarks. Dominic’s Restaurant of Dayton, Inc. v. Mantia, Case Nos. 10-3376; -3377 (6th Ambit July 5, 2012) (Batchelder, C.J.; McKeague, J.; Quist, D.J., sitting by designation).

The defendants endemic a restaurant not affiliated with Dominic’s but acclimated the plaintiffs’ trademarks in connection with its restaurant services. Dominic’s brought an contravention activity claiming that the defendants acclimated its trademarks in its operation and advance of its restaurant casework and afterwards acquired abundant injunctions, as able-bodied as antipathy citations for violations of those injunctions.

During the advance of this litigation, one of the defendants filed for defalcation and argued that the automated break prevented assiduity of the contravention activity adjoin him. The commune cloister disagreed and captivated that the automated bankruptcy break does not administer to the defendant’s anarchic use of plaintiff’s trademarks. The commune cloister explained that while the defalcation break finer stays the appraisal of damages, it does not bar injunctive abatement adjoin the defendant. Mantia appealed.

The 6th Ambit affirmed, absolute that while the bankruptcy cipher stays administrative affairs that were commenced adjoin the debtor above-mentioned to a defalcation action, it does not administer to anarchic use of trademarks and account marks. Were it obvious, appliance of automated break would admittance the defendant to abide to accomplish brand and account mark infringement, and the defalcation laws should not assure that.

In the added case, the U.S. Cloister of Appeals for the Seventh Ambit captivated that a brand licensee can abide appliance licensed trademarks alike afterwards the allotment is alone in bankruptcy. Sunbeam Articles Inc. v. Chicago American Mfg. LLC, Case No. 11-3920 (7th Cir., July 3, 2011) (Easterbrook, C.J.).

Chicago American, a accomplishment company, accountant (from an commodity accepted as Lakewood Engineering and Mfg.) the appropriate to produce branded fans. Lakewood was in banking distress, and, three months into the contract, several of its creditors filed an automatic defalcation abode adjoin it. The appointed trustee alone the allotment and awash the Lakewood assets to a third party, Sunbeam, which sued to stop the licensee from continuing to aftermath the branded admirers and use Lakewood’s trademarks.

The 7th Ambit captivated that Chicago American was advantaged to abide appliance the trademarks, alike admitting the allotment had been rejected, answer that back a licensor’s simple breach alfresco of defalcation about would not account the licensee to lose the use of the accountant acreage beneath non-bankruptcy law, there is no acumen why the non-debtor licensee should lose that appropriate in a licensor bankruptcy. Sunbeam appealed.

On appeal, the 7th Ambit alone the aphorism of Lubrizol Enterprises v. Richmond Metal Finishers, (4th Cir., 1985) which holds that back an bookish acreage allotment is rejected in bankruptcy, the licensee loses the adeptness to use licensed copyrights, trademarks and patents. The cloister acclaimed that no added ambit has adopted the Lubrizol aphorism and explained, as the account for its decision, that defalcation law is only advised to annihilate assertive rights beneath some contracts. Here the trustee acclimated 365 (a) to adios the contract—the agnate of a aperture that assured the debtor’s obligations but did not affect the rights of the licensee.

Practice Note: The 7th Circuit’s accommodation bureau that brand licensees are not accountable to losing their rights aloof because the licensor files for defalcation and the allotment is alone by the trustee. This accommodation will budget bookish acreage licensees adjoin blow of allotment rights when the licensor is in defalcation proceedings.

by Elisabeth (Bess) Malis

In an abode from the U.S. Apparent and Brand Office Trademark Balloon and Abode Board (TTAB), the U.S. Cloister of Appeals for the Federal Ambit affirmed the TTAB’s accommodation to abjure federal allotment of the brand WAGGIN’ STRIPS based on a likelihood of abashing with a above-mentioned allotment for the mark BEGGIN’ STRIPS. Midwestern Pet Foods v. Societe Des Produits Nestle, Case No. 11-1482 (Fed. Cir., July 9, 2012) (Bryson, J.) (Dyk, J., concurring-in-part and dissenting-in-part).

Nestle adopted the mark BEGGIN’ STRIPS for pet treats in 1988. The mark was registered with the U.S. Apparent and Brand Office (USPTO) in 1989. In November 2003, appellant Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc. (Midwestern) filed an absorbed to use appliance for the mark WAGGIN’ STRIPS for pet aliment and edible pet treats. Nestle adjoin the appliance afore the TTAB arguing, in part, likelihood of abashing amid the marks. The TTAB upheld Nestle’s affirmation of likelihood of confusion principally based on affinity of the marks, identical goods, and agnate channels of barter and purchasers. Midwestern appealed.

The Federal Ambit captivated that the TTAB’s award of a likelihood of abashing amid the marks was accurate by abundant evidence. The marks were acclimated in affiliation with identical goods, pet food, which are bargain items accouterment to accustomed consumers who would exercise no added than accustomed care back selecting a product. The Cloister additionally accurate the TTAB’s award that the marks independent similarities in format, anatomy and syntax; the marks both allotment the term “STRIPS” and the aboriginal words “beg” and “wag” both back behavior apparent by dogs in affiliation with food. Finally, Nestle offered substantial affirmation of civic sales and announcement that approved the mark engendered a “high bulk of recognition,” (though falling abbreviate of “fame”) and was advantaged to a broad akin of protection. Although Nestle did not introduce chump assay affirmation in abutment of likelihood of confusion, the Cloister captivated that such affirmation was not required. The Federal Ambit went on to assert the TTAB captivation that the WAGGIN’ STRIPS mark was confusingly agnate to Nestle’s mark BEGGIN’ STRIPS.

Concurring in allotment and agnostic in part, Ambit Judge Dyk agreed with the majority’s captivation apropos the likelihood of abashing issue, but disagreed that Nestle was not answerable under federal assay rules to acknowledge in assay the affirmation it alien at trial.

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by Rita J. Yoon

By gluttonous non-dischargeability in defalcation of amercement owed by a absorb infringer, the U.S. Cloister of Appeals for the Eighth Ambit captivated that absorb owners submitted to the bankruptcy court’s candid adeptness and waived their Seventh Amendment appropriate to a board balloon on their amercement claims. Pearson Education, Inc. et al. v. Joel Thomas Almgren, Case No. 11-2723 (8th Cir., July 13, 2012) (Gruender, J.).

Almgren awash actionable copies of band-aid manuals for textbooks appear by Pearson Education, Cengage Learning and The McGraw-Hill Companies on the internet. After sending a cease and abandon letter, the publishers sued Almgren for copyright infringement. Almgren afterwards filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The publishers approved non-dischargeability in the defalcation cloister of any absorb amercement owed by Almgren. The publishers additionally fabricated a board abode and approved $90,000 in attorneys’ fees.

The defalcation cloister addled the publishers’ board abode and denied their motion for attorneys’ fees. The bankruptcy cloister begin that Almgren foolishly infringed, but alone awarded the approved minimum of $14,250 in amercement that were not dischargeable in bankruptcy. The publishers appealed to the commune court, which affirmed.

On abode to the 8th Circuit, the cloister captivated that the bankruptcy cloister did not err in arresting the publishers’ board abode on the bulk of approved damages. By filing a affirmation against Almgren’s defalcation estate, the publishers submitted to the defalcation court’s candid power. Incidental questions that appear in the advance of administering the broke estate, including facts that commonly would be triable by a jury, fall aural the defalcation court’s candid adeptness over restructuring of the debtor-creditor relationship. The publishers appropriately waived their appropriate to a jury’s assurance of the bulk of amercement back they filed their non-dischargeability affirmation adjoin Almgren in defalcation court.

The 8th Ambit additionally affirmed the defalcation court’s denial of attorneys’ fees because the publishers could accept avoided activity by way of a cease and abandon letter. While absorb owners are “free to accomplish an archetype of a defendant by litigating their claims adjoin him fully” and “are beneath no obligation to administer a minimum-impact cease-and-desist strategy,” they “are never affirmed that the attorneys’ fees generated by their activity of best will be compensated.” The 8th Ambit assured that the assurance of attorneys’ fees avalanche aural the broad acumen of the defalcation court.

by Alesha M. Dominique

The U.S. Cloister of Appeals for the Commune of Columbia Circuit disqualified that the position of Absorb Adeptness Judges (CRJs) violates the Appointments Clause of the U.S. Constitution, but remedied the abuse by abandoning and disengagement restrictions on the Librarian of Congress’s adeptness to abolish the CRJs. Intercollegiate Broadcasting System Inc. v. Absorb Royalty Board, Case No. 11-1083 (D.C. Cir., July 6, 2012) (Williams, J.).

Intercollegiate Broadcasting System Inc. (Intercollegiate) is an affiliation of noncommercial webcasters that abode digitally recorded music over the internet to aerial academy and college campuses. Such webcasting constitutes a agenda performance beneath the Absorb Act and accordingly entitles the buyer of a song’s absorb to adeptness payments. The Absorb Act, 17 U.S.C. 112 and 114, provides a approved allotment for webcasting which allows CRJs to authorize reasonable licensing acceding if the parties cannot themselves accede to licensing terms. Intercollegiate appealed the final assurance of the CRJs that set alternating adeptness ante and acceding applicative to internet-based webcasting of digitally recorded music.

Intercollegiate argued that, as structured, the Copyright Adeptness Board violates the Appointments Clause, Art. II, 2, cl. 2, on two grounds: that the CRJs exercise of significant ratemaking ascendancy after any able bureau of control, such as complete removability, able them as “principal” admiral who charge be appointed by the Admiral with Senate confirmation; and that alike if the CRJs were “inferior” officers, the Librarian of Congress is not a “Head of Department” in whom Congress may vest arrangement power.

As to rulemaking authority, the Cloister agreed that the CRJs cogent ratemaking ascendancy accompanying with the Librarian of Congress’s belted adeptness to abolish the CRJs, qualified them as arch officers. Specifically, the Cloister found that the CRJs acclimatized cogent ascendancy accustomed that their ratemaking decisions accept ample consequences, as the CRJs set the acceding of barter for not alone acceptable media such as CDs, cassettes and vinyl, but additionally on agenda music downloaded through iTunes and The Cloister articular that such ante can beggarly activity or afterlife for firms and industries.

The Cloister added begin that the actuality that the CRJs could be removed by the Librarian alone for delinquency or carelessness of duty, added accurate the award the CRJs are principal officers. To actual the violation, the Cloister invalidated and burst the restrictions on the Librarian’s adeptness to remove the CRJs. With able abatement power, the Cloister was assured that the CRJs would be inferior, rather than principal, officers.

As to Intercollegiate’s “Head of Department” argument, the Cloister disagreed. The Cloister explained that the Librarian is a Head of Department because, amid added reasons, the admiral of the Library and the Board to advertise copyright regulations, to administer statutes to afflicted parties, and to set ante and acceding case by case are ones about associated with controlling agencies, and in such a role the Library is assuredly a basic of the controlling branch.

by Sarah Bro

In an unpublished, non-precedential opinion, the U.S. Cloister of Appeals for the Ninth Ambit assured that a affectation of sample images for which a aggregation provides absorb licenses to end users did not breach a celebrity’s rights of publicity back the celebrity gave adumbrated accord to accept her photograph taken on the “red carpets” of assorted events. Shirley Jones v. Corbis Corporation, Case No. 11-56082 (9th Cir., July 16, 2012 (Fletcher, J.; Wardlew, J.; Bybee, J.).

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Corbis maintains an online library of agenda images and sells sublicenses for the images on account of the aboriginal copyright owners, such as photographers and account wire services. Corbis’ angel library is searchable by keywords, and it displays low-resolution sample images of the copyrighted photographs that bout applicative keywords.

Shirley Jones, the brilliant of the Partridge Family television series, filed a chic activity complaint adjoin Corbis alleging that its affectation of sample images associated with her name abandoned her accepted law and approved rights of publicity. Specifically, Jones claimed that Corbis appointed her angel to its advantage to advertise its product, namely, absorb licenses for the images of Jones and added “California residents” called in the chic activity complaint.

The commune cloister explained that, beneath California law, to sustain a accepted law or approved activity for commercial misappropriation, a plaintiff charge prove that the defendant appointed his or her affinity after consent. Jones argued that she did not accord to Corbis’ use of the sample images to accost sales of licenses for the copyrighted images. In acceding Corbis’ arbitrary acumen motion, the commune court focused on the actuality that Jones did not altercation that she consented to accepting photographers at red carpeting contest photograph her affinity and administer the images, and that such practices are the custom in the ball industry. Jones appealed.

On appeal, the 9th Ambit affirmed the commune court’s cardinal that accord is bent from a plaintiff’s manifested activity or inaction, and not her abstract acceptance as to her consent. Accordingly, Jones’ adumbrated accord back actualization at red carpeting contest area she was advisedly photographed accustomed for the use and administration of her likeness.

Practice Note: Although this decision acceptable will be accessible to angel defendants in rights of publicity actions, it may not accept the aforementioned appulse on agnate actions involving paparazzi photographs or area images acclimated to promote articles or casework and which are taken or acclimated after the accord of the angel subject.

by Adam Auchter Allgood

The U.S. Cloister of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, in reinstating barter confiscation claims apropos infrared imaging technology, assured that, in acceding arbitrary judgment and absolution the barter abstruse confiscation claims as time-barred, the commune cloister erred by break resolving issues of actual actuality and cartoon inferences in favor of the affective party. Raytheon v. Indigo Sys., Case Nos. 11-1245; -1246 (Fed. Cir., Aug. 1, 2012) (Linn, J.).

Indigo Systems, an bittersweet imaging technology aggregation founded in 1996 by three above-mentioned Raytheon employees, had a consulting casework acceding with aegis architect Raytheon that terminated in 2000. In 1997, Raytheon became anxious that Indigo was poaching Raytheon cadre in adjustment to accretion admission to Raytheon barter secrets. In adjustment to abode this concern, the companies entered into an acceding whereby Indigo agreed to prohibit approaching advisers from appliance any bookish property acquired from above employers.

In March 2004 Raytheon acquired an Indigo bittersweet camera which it disassembled in August 2004 and begin accessible affirmation of apparent contravention and barter abstruse misappropriation. In February 2007, Raytheon begin a alternation amid the areas of ability of its above advisers now alive at Indigo and Indigo’s amid abstruse advancements. In March 2007, Raytheon sued Indigo in federal commune cloister in Texas alleging that Indigo was able to win affairs over Raytheon and added competitors based on baseborn barter secrets and Raytheon’s patented technology.

Indigo filed for arbitrary acumen asserting that Raytheon’s barter abstruse confiscation claims were alfresco the three-year statute of limitations beneath both Texas and California law. Raytheon responded the statute of limitations was tolled either through counterfeit beard or, beneath the assay rule, until Raytheon either knew or should accept accepted of the misappropriation. The commune cloister agreed with Indigo and accepted arbitrary acumen award that “Raytheon ha[d] developed an astute suspicion afore March 2004 that Indigo was anarchic its bookish acreage rights.” The parties afterwards acclimatized the apparent contravention claim, and Raytheon appealed the adjournment of its barter secret confiscation claim.

On appeal, the Federal Circuit, applying the law of the Fifth Circuit, advised the barter abstruse confiscation claims de novo. It aboriginal bent that there was no meaningful aberration amid Texas and California law with account to the breadth of the statute of limitations or the tolling of that statute. It additionally accustomed that whether or not the discovery aphorism applies is a catechism of actuality in both states. The Court again acclaimed that the alone way that Raytheon could accept discovered the confiscation was by disassembling Indigo’s camera. Therefore, the commune cloister would accept bare to acquisition that Raytheon should accept acquired and disassembled the camera above-mentioned to March 2004. However, the commune cloister could not ability that cessation after absolute absolute questions against the non-moving affair Raytheon at arbitrary judgment.

Raytheon asserted that they bought the Indigo camera as allotment of their accepted convenance of analytical aggressive products, not out of any suspicion, and accurate that position with testimony. The Federal Ambit assured that this evidence, forth with the actuality that the camera was not disassembled until August, led to a reasonable inference in Raytheon’s favor. In both California and Texas, on motion for arbitrary judgment, the accountability is on the actor to abate the assay aphorism by proving as a amount of law that no affair of actual actuality exists apropos when the plaintiff apparent or should accept apparent its account of action.

The commune cloister additionally declared that, as a amount of law, Raytheon was on abiding assay apprehension back 2000 and had a connected assignment to investigate all acts of antagonism by Indigo accustomed its above-mentioned suspicions and the clearing of former employees. The Federal Ambit disagreed and assured that this assurance was abnormal in the face of competent summary acumen affirmation to the contrary.

Since the affair of whether the assay aphorism applies is a catechism of fact, the Federal Ambit declared that it was for the board to adjudge back Raytheon should accept apparent the facts acknowledging its barter abstruse confiscation claim.

by Rose Whelan

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Considering for the aboriginal time the ambit of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), with account to advisers accepting and using arcane and proprietary admonition from their employers’ computer systems for their own gain, the U.S. Cloister of Appeals for the Fourth Ambit adopted a attenuated account of the “authorization” accent acclimated in the statute as activity to use, not access. WEC Carolina Energy Solutions v. Miller, Case No. 11-1201 (4th Cir., July 26, 2012) (Floyd, J.).

WEC alleges that afore resigning from his position at WEC Carolina Energy Solutions (WEC), Mike Miller and his assistant Emily Kelley downloaded WEC’s proprietary admonition to a claimed computer and emailed proprietary admonition to Miller’s claimed email address. WEC claims that Miller after acclimated that admonition in a presentation to a abeyant WEC chump on account of a WEC’s competitor, Arc Energy Services (Arc). That chump ultimately chose Arc and WEC brought clothing alleging a array of accompaniment law claims and a abuse of the CFAA.

Congress initially allowable the CFAA to activity hacking. The statute imposes both bent and civilian accountability on a being who, amid added things, accesses a computer after allotment or exceeds accustomed access. Specifically, WEC arguable that Miller and Kelley abandoned the CFAA because beneath WECs policies they were not acceptable to download arcane and proprietary admonition to a claimed computer. WEC declared that by doing so Miller and Kelley breached their fiduciary duties to WEC and either absent all allotment to admission the confidential admonition or exceeded their authorization. The district cloister absolved WEC’s CFAA allegations for abortion to accompaniment a claim. WEC appealed.

Before accouterment its own analysis, the 4th Ambit advised a ambit breach on the affair amid the U.S Cloister of Appeals for the Seventh Ambit and the U.S. Cloister of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. The 7th Ambit has ahead based accountability under the CFAA based on a approach that back an agent accesses admonition on a computer to added interests that are adverse to his employer, he violates his assignment of loyalty, thereby terminating his bureau accord and blow any ascendancy he has to access the computer. In adverse the 9th Ambit interprets “without authorization” and “exceeds authorized access” absolutely and narrowly, attached the acceding application to situations in which an alone accesses admonition on a computer after permission.

The 4th Ambit alone the 7th Circuit’s assay and adopted an estimation agnate to that of the 9th Circuit. The 4th Ambit aboriginal acclaimed that back interpreting statutes, such as the CFAA, which absorb both bent and civilian liability, the aphorism of affection requires austere architecture of such statues to abstain interpretations not acutely acceptable by the text.

The 4th Ambit went on to actuate the able acceptation of “without authorization” and “exceeds authorized access” and captivated that neither analogue extends to improper use of admonition authority accessed. The court opined that such an estimation would appoint accountability far above what Congress intended. For example, advisers who abandoned aggregation activity adjoin downloading aggregation abstracts so that they could assignment at home would be accessible to bent and civilian liability.

The cloister additionally alone any estimation that area CFAA accountability on a cessation-of-agency theory. The cloister held that this aphorism would additionally extend accountability above what Congress intended, potentially arty bent sanctions beneath this theory on advisers who alone arrested the latest Facebook announcement or antic contest scores.

Based on these holdings, the 4th Ambit affirmed the district court’s adjournment of WEC’s CFAA claim, because defendants’ admission to arcane admonition was authorized and alone their use of the arcane information, which is not banned by the statute, was adverse to WEC’s authorization.

by Brett Bachtell

Finding that affirmation of a above-mentioned allegation of barter secret annexation was added prejudicial than probative, the U.S. Cloister of Appeals for the Sixth Ambit excluded, from a bent trial, affirmation of above-mentioned accusations of barter abstruse annexation adjoin two engineers. U.S. v. Qin, et al., Case No. 12-1015, (7th Cir., July 20, 2012) (Donald, C. J.).

In 2010, Yu Qin and his wife Shanshan Du were accusable for possessing baseborn barter secrets. From 1985 to 2005, Qin was an electrical architect at Controlled Adeptness Aggregation (CPC) and, at the time of his abortion in 2005 captivated the position of vice admiral of engineering and analysis and development. Du additionally formed at CPC until some time in 2000. Afterwards abrogation CPC in 2000, Du started alive at General Motors (GM) as an engineer in its Advanced Technology Cartage Group. During their corresponding employments at CPC and GM, both Qin and Du agreed to assure the arcane admonition of their respective employers.

In January 2005, Du’s administrator at GM offered Du a severance amalgamation in acknowledgment for her resignation. Du accepted the activity in March 2005 and certified that she had alternate all GM annal and abstracts in her possession. She also accustomed her application obligation not to acknowledge confidential information. In the summer of that aforementioned year, CPC’s vice admiral of operations became apprehensive that Qin was agreeable in added alfresco activities. Afterwards some research, it was apparent that back 2000 Qin endemic and operated a business known as Millennium Technologies International (MTI) that operated in absolute antagonism with CPC. Afterwards CPC confronted Qin about his operation of MTI, CPC advisers apparent a bag absolute a ample abundance of electrical apparatus acceptance to CPC and a hard drive that independent bags of arcane files and bookish acreage affected from GM by Du above-mentioned to the end of her employment.

The United States government answerable Qin and his wife with conspiring to access barter secrets from GM pertaining to motor controls for amalgam vehicles. None of the accuse adjoin Qin and his wife accompanying to Qin’s control of confidential admonition acceptance to CPC. CPC accomplished a abstracted civil accusation asserting several causes of action, none of which related to the annexation of CPC barter secrets.

Prior to balloon the government provided Qin and Du’s counsel with apprehension of its absorbed to activity at the GM barter abstruse trial affirmation that Qin appointed assets of CPC for the account of MTI. Qin and Du filed a motion to exclude the evidence, arguing that introducing those allegations in a bent trial would be would be added prejudicial than probative, decidedly as to Du, to whom CPC did not aspect any of the basal conduct basic the base of CPC’s civilian complaint. Afterwards the commune cloister accepted Qin and Du’s motion to exclude the evidence, an interlocutory abode followed.

In reviewing the accommodation of above-mentioned bad acts, the 6th Ambit employs a three-step action for free the accommodation of the evidence: 1) whether there is sufficient affirmation that the added act in catechism absolutely occurred, 2) whether the affirmation of the added act is probative of a material affair added than character, 3) if the affirmation is probative of a actual affair added than character, whether the probative amount of the affirmation is essentially outweighed by its potential prejudicial effect. Reviewing the aboriginal factor, the 6th Ambit articular that while the government contends its affidavit would be straightforward, Qin would accept every allurement to abnegate the government’s allegations with affidavit of his own. Accordingly, accustomed the parties’ positions, the 6th Circuit begin the affirmation could analytic abutment a award on both sides of the issue. However, for the purposes of the appeal, they affected after chief that there was acceptable affirmation to abutment a board award that Qin appointed CPC assets for the account of MTI.

involuntary resignation letter sample Immediate Resignation Letter Example | Letter Samples

Moving to the added step, the 6th Ambit advised whether the affirmation was probative of a actual affair added than character. The government declared to activity the affirmation to appearance Qin and Du’s specific intent, accord in a common arrangement or plan, and absence of aberration or accident. Accepting the government’s declared purpose, the 6th Ambit angry to the axial issue, whether affirmation of Qin’s alleged confiscation of CPC admonition is probative of Qin and Du’s specific absorbed to abduct barter secrets from GM. The 6th Ambit bent that it ability be accessible to generalize Qin’s conduct in a way as to accomplish it complete agnate to the conduct that forms the accountable of the allegation (i.e., that Qin burglary from CPC is essentially agnate to Qin and Du burglary from GM), but that the two situations were fundamentally different. The 6th Ambit accordingly affirmed the district court’s assurance that the acts were not substantially similar, and that in accession to defective probative value, the affirmation would be awful prejudicial to Qin and Du and should be excluded.

The agreeable of this commodity is advised to accommodate a general adviser to the accountable matter. Specialist admonition should be sought about your specific circumstances.

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