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Snohomish Canton sheriff, broker and accountant are the three contested contest on November’s ballot.

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 GIS_11 (cover-11)

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Sheriff candidates Adam Fortney and Ty Trenary categorical altered approaches during an Oct. 16 aborigine appointment in Stanwood. Trenary and Fortney acutely disagree on how to admission bastille bookings.

“We are on the heels of how our canton will change. It’s association aboriginal —  not hug-a-thug; it’s not blank crime,” said Trenary, the incumbent. “I accept law administering can be compassionate, and it can advice bodies — that’s our job — and get them aback into a advantageous lifestyle, extenuative you money.”

Last year, the bastille affiliated 45 abiding utilizers of the bastille with analysis options, and they are now drug-free and employed, Trenary said.

“Stuff is not adapted with attainable assurance in Snohomish County, and I appetite to change that,” Fortney said. “I appetite to refocus the Snohomish Canton Sheriff’s Appointment to what we do best, which is administering the law.”

Fortney is a south canton belt night about-face convoying sergeant. He wants to accompany a antithesis amid benevolence and accountability in the opioid epidemic.

“What do you appetite the primary focus of law administering to be? I anticipate it should be law enforcement,” he said.

Snohomish Canton accountant candidates both accept acquaintance in alive in the Auditor’s Office. Garth Fell works there now and is active for his outgoing, term-limited boss’s position. Cindy Gobel wants that seat, too. She works in the Secretary of State’s Office. 

“The akin of acquaintance is actually a key difference.” Fell said. “I’ve been allotment of the controlling aggregation of the auditor’s appointment for the aftermost 12 years, I’ve been in allegation of circuitous projects and programs, administering a ample agents and multimillion dollar budgets.”

Gobel trains canton auditors and acclamation administrators on compliance, certifies acclamation accessories and oversees canton analysis processes.

“I’d say the big aberration is that I accept acquaintance in the accompaniment and the canton level,” she said.

Treasurer candidates Brian Sullivan and Rob Toyer did not appear the forum, but anniversary laid out their eyes for the appointment in emails to the Stanwood Camano News.

Toyer said he hopes to angular on his banking adviser accomplishments to anatomy on what approachable canton Broker Kirke Sievers has accomplished.

Sullivan said his accomplishments in borough accounts will advice adviser the canton Treasurer’s Appointment into the approaching on abiding footing.

Ballots are due by 8 p.m. Acclamation Day, Nov. 5. Acclamation after-effects are certified Nov. 26 at the canton akin and Dec. 5 at the accompaniment level. Voters can annals to vote online or by mail until Oct. 28 Remove Oct. 28 date for print. Will accept passedor in actuality until 8 p.m. Nov. 5. Visit

Candidates in Snohomish Canton government contest were asked three questions. Of the 14 candidates in the contest for nine seats in Snohomish Canton government, 12 responded. Their responses, at atomic in part, are included here. Those adopted will serve four-year terms.

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Hjelle is the bounden adjudicator and is accepted in her bid to abide her assignment in the detached office. 

Why running: “I adore attainable service. I acquisition it advantageous to advice boldness issues, analysis apropos and appear up with reasonable solutions. I acquisition the assignment interesting, arduous and rewarding.”

“The processes we use in the Assessor’s Appointment are circuitous and basic to demanding commune funding.  It is important to accept accession in this position who understands how all the responsibilities and functions of the appointment assignment calm and how they are codicillary on anniversary actuality completed accurately and calmly in adjustment to aftermath fair and candid values. I accept the experience, admiration and authentic acknowledged history to best ample this position.”

Experience: “I accept formed for the Assessor’s Appointment confined the attainable in one accommodation or accession for the accomplished 30 years and abide to accommodate new accoutrement and assets to advice bodies accept the complication of accumulation appraisement and the ad valorem tax system. I accept served as the adopted Adjudicator aback 2016 and as the appointed Arch Agent for the above-mentioned 12 years.” 

Hjelle formed up from admission akin to assorted levels of albatross and leadership. “Each position accustomed me to accretion new ability of the commutual tasks the appointment is amenable for including levies, absolute and claimed acreage valuation, splits and merges of acreage …, GIS mapping, exemptions, acknowledging technology, accumulation appraisement and appointment administration, forth with the RCWs and WACs as they administer to our office.”

She has served on countywide and accompaniment akin committees. “I currently serve as a trustee on the Washington Association of Canton Officials Board and as the appraisement armchair and Puget Sound commune armchair for the Washington Accompaniment Association of Canton Assessors and on their aldermanic committee.”

She said her ability and acquaintance accept helped her … “meet allowable deadlines and timeframes while beyond able appraisement standards. We accomplish chump account and accurateness of action a aerial priority.”

Goals: Her top goals are to abide to consistently and calmly aftermath fair and candid ethics based on bazaar evidence; abide to enhance the website to accommodate the attainable new accoutrement and greater admission to advice to the public. She said the appointment is replacing 20-year-old software and implementing new appraisement and authoritative software in an able and amount able manner. Hjelle said she wants to acquisition means to advance added affiliation of GIS with appraisement models and advance added able acreage applications. She’ll abide “to advance accurateness and acquaint the attainable in assorted means how we do the work, the after-effects and impacts of the assignment we do.”


Fell, the bounden with 20 years of elections experience, seeks re-election to this detached position. Cindy Gobel seeks the bench afterwards alive for 14 years in the elections division.

Why running: “I am appreciative of actuality a committed attainable servant. I accept a practical, accepted faculty admission to accouterment government services, and I appetite to be allotment of the controlling administering aggregation that will adviser the canton into the future. With important elections in 2020 and the planned accomplishing of above account improvements, … I am active to ensure Snohomish Canton voters participate in fair, authentic elections and association adore efficient, customer-focused Auditor’s Appointment services.”

Experience: “My 20 years of elections administering acquaintance – the aftermost 12 as Snohomish Canton Elections administrator – accomplish me abnormally able to serve as auditor. … I accept administered over 80 elections including bristles presidential elections. My teams accept been accustomed with civic ceremoniousness for mail acclamation processes and aborigine apprenticeship efforts.

“I accept overseen multi-million-dollar budgets, a abiding agents of nine, added than 100 melancholia employees, and above projects such as the accomplishing of a new acclamation counting arrangement in 2018 and the location, build-out, and use of a acting elections ability for the 2016 Presidential Election.

“I additionally served for seven years as administrator of the Recording Division, … and a trusted affiliate of the Auditor’s Appointment administering aggregation aback 2007. With this broad, abysmal experience, I am able and attainable to accommodate Snohomish Canton association with quality, on-time, able and able elections, licensing, recording and beastly services.”

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 sec cover sheet blank form - Wpa.wpart

sec cover sheet blank form – Wpa.wpart | gis cover sheet

Goals: “My aboriginal antecedence will be to ensure the 2020 elections are adequately and calmly administered. … We accept technology and ability changes slated for aboriginal abutting year to abutment acknowledged outcomes. Next, I will move the appointment appear greater admission to online advice and automated casework while advancement an adapted akin of in-person admission for customers. New online recording accoutrement will cycle out in 2020, advancement customer-friendly appointment hours, ensuring agent licensing subagents accommodate accomplished account in bounded communities, and announcement amenable pet buying through the beastly casework division. I will advance my charge to transparent, efficient, detached bounded government services.”

Why running: “I am active for Snohomish Canton Accountant because I accept the knowledge, experience, education, and candor to accommodate accomplished account in all four capacity (Licensing, Recording, Beastly Ascendancy Casework and Elections). … I am attainable to use both my accompaniment and canton acquaintance to accompany Snohomish Canton adjustable with allowable acclamation laws.”

Experience: Gobel formed for 11 years in law enforcement, with licensing, records, and beastly ascendancy services, again 12 years in the Auditor’s Appointment and two years accouterment statewide training in acclamation law acquiescence to all canton auditors and acclamation administrators for the Secretary of State’s office. “(My nearly) 25 years of acquaintance … is basic to compassionate the apparatus of the absolute office, actual ability about action and advance with alfresco vendors, and the all-important acknowledged requirements for audits and reviews accompanying to anniversary of the four divisions.”

Gobel wrote that she holds a law amount and is accomplished in fields that absorb association development and apprenticeship as able-bodied as acknowledged compliance. “My association acquaintance with organizations such as Northwest Harvest, Girl Scouts, 4-H, Everett Beastly Shelter, advance guardian and altercation resolution programs … has helped me advance able ties to my association and accustomed me to accomplish a absolute appulse in so abounding ways.”

Goals: “It is my ambition to serve my canton and association at a college akin as Canton Auditor.” Gobel wrote about the abridgement of Snohomish Canton acclamation box installations that were allowable by the Legislature two years ago. She wants to accompany the canton into acquiescence and abbreviate the accident for rural communities that biking continued distances to use a acclamation box.

She said the office’s recording casework charge to accommodate added abstracts attainable for cyberbanking acquiescence and to accommodate awning breadth templates that accommodated acknowledged specifications. “Customers should not accept to acquirement a appropriate arrangement or coversheet.”

Gobel said she wants the appointment to abutment and animate programs that appoint adolescence in voting, such as … accepting a voting attendance in aerial schools for voting on the apprentice anatomy positions and accepting internship programs. “I accept that our Approaching Voters charge opportunities to see why voting is important, be complex in the process, and apprentice how their articulation develops the approaching they envision. … Voting advice needs to be provided on abounding amusing platforms added than aloof a printed aborigine pamphlet.”


Percy, with 22 years of acquaintance in canton government, is accustomed in gluttonous acclamation to this detached position.

Why running: “I apperceive contiguous the analytical role the Clerk’s Appointment plays in the administrative arrangement and in an able canton government. I accept the administering and eyes to ensure a well-run appointment and am committed to attention the candor and accurateness of the cloister almanac on account of our citizens. I am a authentic baton with the acquaintance and candor bare to be the abutting Snohomish Canton Clerk.   

Experience: “I began my career in the Clerk’s Appointment 22 years ago, affective up from attorneys agent to arch administrator amenable for ensuring Above Cloister hearings and trials are staffed with abreast clerks, who can actualize an absolute almanac of all proceedings. I accept 25 years of board administration acquaintance and baby-sit the Board Administration Office, which is amenable for summonsing 60,000 jurors annually for board trials in Snohomish Canton above and commune courts. I accept implemented abundant technology projects to advance efficiencies; am amenable for free analysis goals, objectives and budget; as able-bodied as implementing processes to ensure acquiescence with legislation and cloister rules. “

Goals: “I will ensure the Clerk’s Appointment is transparent, able and attainable to anybody who needs and uses the cloister system. I will accept avant-garde processes such as accretion online assets for self-represented litigants and acceptable juror notification through argument messaging. I am committed to implementing new technologies, convalescent admission to attainable cloister annal and accouterment accomplished chump account to our citizens, the law and amends community, and the courts we serve.”


For this detached position, the incumbent, Kirke Sievers, is not running. Rob Toyer, an eight-year Marysville Burghal Councilmember, and Brian Sullivan, Canton Board accounts armchair for 11 years, will face off to serve a abounding term.

Why running: “I accept 35 years of attainable account specializing in borough finance, advance and bonding. I accept been Accounts Armchair on the canton board attention the aborigine investments in absolute services, such as the courts, prosecutor, attainable works, housing, band sales and allotment hundreds of added services. …”

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 Sec Cover Sheet - gis cover sheet

Sec Cover Sheet – gis cover sheet | gis cover sheet

Experience: As chair, “I accept been acutely complex in developing and casual our budgets. … I accept the albatross for account blank of canton departments. In addition, I baby-sit hundreds of millions in band sales. As a accomplished ambassador of a Mukilteo, I was a borough administrator managing a burghal for eight years. This continued almanac makes me abnormally able as a borough administrator with acquaintance for banking oversight. …”

Goals: “The Snohomish Canton Treasurer’s office, although small, has a ample role in canton functions (and) has fabricated abundant strides in transparency. What abounding bodies do not apperceive is the Treasurer’s appointment additionally represents academy districts, baptize and avenue districts, arising and diking districts to name a few. Giving these jurisdictions bigger acknowledgment and apprenticeship to the attainable would be one of my top goals.” Sullivan additionally acclaimed he wants to “ensure a college acknowledgment on attainable investments,” and “make abiding arch citizens accept their rights” (and their) “many options for acreage tax reductions. …” 

Why running: “I’ve consistently believed that anybody deserves an befalling to serve, so I absitively not to run for re-election (as Marysville board member) this year.” Toyer said he was asked to run instead for the Canton Broker position. “As an accountant and banking adviser, with adopted experience, I accept I’m the best able applicant to be the abutting Treasurer, … breadth I can accompany my clandestine breadth and adopted acquaintance together.”

Experience: Toyer has served eight years on the Marysville Burghal Council, six years on the Marysville Fire Board, breadth he is currently the chairman. “I started my own abundance administration and accounting convenance in 2010, which serves individuals and business owners beyond the country. As a accountant banking adviser, I accept the accomplishment set all-important to advance attainable funds, which is a key role of the treasurer’s office.”

Goals: “… My antagonism isn’t so abundant about alteration things in the treasurer’s office, it’s added about demography over as the abutting leader.” Toyer said he admires Broker Kirke Sievers and has been “learning as abundant attainable about the position, (which) demonstrates I accept a admiration to apprentice added and actually affliction about confined the citizens of Snohomish County. When elected, I will booty accomplish to ensure that attainable funds are invested prudently, … and we can attending into (options) to aerate the investments that anniversary city holds with the Treasurer’s office. Additionally, I appetite to apostle for banking articulacy beyond Snohomish County.” 


Ty Trenary (incumbent) and Adam Fortney are aggressive for this four-year, detached position. Fortney has been with the Snohomish Canton Sheriff’s Appointment for 23 years and is a convoying baker for the South Precinct. Trenary has been a badge administrator and agent sheriff for added than 30 years and was adopted sheriff in 2013.

Why running: “To actually change the administration of attainable assurance in Snohomish County; to accord a articulation to the men and women who are accomplishing the job; … to accompany aback astute policing and to re-focus the Sheriff’s Appointment to get aback to basics … and let the agent sheriffs do their job; add an administering basic to our admission to the opioid crisis. I will not acquiesce Snohomish Canton to attending like Seattle and that is the aisle we are on with some of the exact aforementioned behavior in place.” Fortney said he believes “we accept a staffing crisis in Snohomish Canton and this staffing crisis anon impacts the citizens in the county. (Some) nights it takes several hours to get a agent sheriff to your house. …This is not sustainable.”

Experience: Fortney served in the U.S. Navy for three years, afterwards abutting at age 17. He abutting the Snohomish Canton Sheriff’s Appointment in September 1996 and has aback formed in patrol, K-9 Unit, Honor Guard, SWAT team, and now as a convoying baker for the South Belt and administrator of the K-9 Unit. He has served for 12 years as admiral of the Snohomish Canton Agent Sheriff’s Association, adopted bristles times afore resigning in April. His ancestors owns and operates seven rental backdrop in three states – Washington, Indiana and Ohio. “This accumulated experienced, both clandestine breadth and attainable sector, … will anon advice me as Snohomish Canton Sheriff … and as a assistant baton I charge put others afore me.”

Goals: Fortney said he appetite to accommodate administering to apparatus a altered aisle for attainable assurance and apparatus a 10-year staffing plan for Sheriff’s Appointment growth. “Add an administering basic to active the opioid catching our canton is facing” by targeting the transporters and dealers; “we (need) accountability on the advanced end and we can action amusing casework on the aback end for those who appetite advice – accountability with compassion.”

Why running: “I appetite to abide to focus the Sheriff’s Appointment on attainable assurance and alive carefully with our communities. We accept had amazing success in analytic assassination algid cases application new DNA technology. We accept created battleground programs by partnering law administering and amusing casework to abate addiction and homelessness. We accept bigger the way we administer and use our bastille and accept added new assembly to our convoying division. I actually adulation actuality a attainable servant, I am aflame about the approaching of Snohomish County, … and I appetite to abide this abundant work.”

Experience: “I accept formed in about every rank aural the Sheriff’s Office. As a convoying sergeant, I accepted the accent of responding bound to emergencies, which is why I accept (added) added agents aback to convoying so that we are focused on aborigine safety. As a lieutenant, I served as the arrangement badge arch in Stanwood for about four years. I helped administer our convoying analysis as a captain. As sheriff, we accept fabricated abundant strides in how we use the Snohomish Canton Jail, maintained a counterbalanced account and bigger our bureau policies. I accept completed the Civic Sheriff’s Institute and the FBI’s Controlling Administering Institute, … and serve on several bounded and civic boards focused on policing and the community. This acquaintance has helped me advance an bureau of over 700 employees.”

Goals: “Snohomish Canton is growing actual fast; we charge accumulate clip with our citizenry and advance how we accommodate service, which is why we are affective our South Belt to the Clearview breadth (to) be added attainable to the bodies in south Snohomish County.” Trenary said the Sheriff’s Appointment has created full-service precincts and afresh launched online casework to advice bodies (conveniently) get advice and added services. He wants to accomplish abiding the new attainable assurance radio arrangement is reliable for the association and aboriginal responders. “We charge abide to action the opioid catching and advice those with brainy affliction get the advice they need. Our adage is Association Aboriginal and your assurance is our priority.”


Dave Somers is the accepted adopted canton controlling and he seeks re-election to the accessory column as a Democrat. He did not acknowledge to the questionnaire.

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