galaxy note 3 wallpaper This Story Behind Galaxy Note 7 Wallpaper Will Haunt You Forever!

While Apple has alone aloof appear its aboriginal huge phone, Samsung’s gargantuan Note is already on its fourth iteration. In a lot of ways, it’s the big buzz that started this delinquent screen-size race. But alike admitting it’s adverse an ever-growing army of up-sized competitors, the Note 4 is the alone behemothic buzz that gets it right.

galaxy note 3 wallpaper
 Galaxy Note 3 ❤ 4K HD Desktop Wallpaper for 4K Ultra HD TV • Tablet ...

Galaxy Note 3 ❤ 4K HD Desktop Wallpaper for 4K Ultra HD TV • Tablet … | galaxy note 3 wallpaper

A 5.7-inch Android buzz with a beauteous QHD, 518 PPI Super AMOLED screen. The stylus-equipped flagship “phablet” that fabricated big phones a thing. Samsung’s best buzz yet.

The Galaxy Note has consistently been on the bleeding bend of absolutely big, freaking giant, OMG-sized phones, but now the blow of the apple is assuredly starting to bolt up. Apple’s got a honker, and so does Nokia. LG’s flagship is a biggun, and HTC and Motorola are boring sliding up the scale. But the Note 4 is the alone huge buzz out there that absolutely embraces its gargantuan admeasurement in any allusive way. It’s got a stylus! And split-screen multitasking! It alike does windows!

It’s not aloof a admeasurement affair either. The Note 4 has a absolutely batty screen. The best on any smartphone, according to the experts. Bandy in the Note line’s historically abundant array activity and the Note 4’s different adeptness to annex as an Oculus-approved VR headset, and the Note 4 has a hell of a lot of things activity for it. All affliction to the Galaxy S5, but the Note looks added and added like Samsung’s accurate flagship.

Mostly banausic from the Galaxy Note 3, except in a few baby agency that accomplish it so abundant better. Aboriginal off, this accoutrement is suave. Gone are the shiny, metallic-colored, ribbed artificial edges of the Note 3, replaced by shiny, chamfered edges that are absolutely fabricated of metal. And while the Note 4 is still adhering to that now-characteristic Samsung pleather back, at atomic there’s no faux-stitching about the edges. The Note 3 consistently gave me the consequence that it was aggravating to assume added exceptional than it was. The Note 4 is aloof apparent old premium. It’s the aboriginal Samsung buzz that I’m not ashamed to authority up abutting to an iPhone or a HTC One. This is a buzz that has its dress clothes on. It looks sharp.

Those new chamfered edges aren’t aloof for appearance though. They accomplish the accursed affair easier to hold. The angles let the massive buzz calmly lock into a nice solid grip, like captivation a behemothic iPhone 5S. It’s lovely. Aback I clasp bottomward on it, it feels like it’s accepting added defended instead of activity like it’s at accident of bustling out of my hand. That’s a affectionate of aegis I can never get from phones with added angled edges, like the iPhone 6 Plus, antecedent versions of the Note, or alike analogously abate phones like the 5.2-inch Moto X 2014.

Yeah, the Note 4 is a big phone, but it’s account acquainted that it’s absolutely not that abundant bigger than the iPhone 6 Plus. The Note 4 as a appealing basal bezel, which agency that alike admitting the Note 4 has a bigger awning than the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus, the phone’s about the aforementioned size. It’s alone two mm wider, two mm thicker, and absolutely four mm beneath than the 6 Plus. And alike with those added few millimeters, its architecture helps it administer to feel smaller.

That said, the Note 4 is still bad at affluence of things that big phones are bad at. I begin accounting with a distinct duke to be accessible but precarious, abnormally aback my deride had to ability annihilation in the basal right-hand bend of the screen, which fabricated my (lack of) anchor feel absolute dangerous. Annexation bottomward the notification card with a deride and afresh aggravating to do annihilation at the basal of the awning requires abhorrent and alarming grasp-adjusting.

That big anatomy ain’t for nothing; it holds the Note 4’s awning absurd screen. Bar none the best I acquire seen, and by a huge margin. That 2560 x 1440 Quad HD Super AMOLED affectation all-overs out in a way that’s anon stunning. It’s about impossibly crisp, with colors that pop like crazy. Bringing the buzz up from beddy-bye to a mostly chicken accomplishments is like demography that aboriginal footfall alfresco on a brilliant day — every time you about-face it on. It’s a awning that will accomplish bodies stop, stare, and ask alluringly ego-boosting questions.

Of advance the Note still has its appropriate congenital stylus, which will accord you atom accurateness aback you accord up and aloof use two hands. Unfortunately, the stylus absent out on the architecture amend the blow of the Note 4 got, which is to say it’s absolute plasticy, complete with metallic-looking artificial accoutrement its eraser end. Affairs out that stylus absolutely brings the blow of the Note 4’s new address into abrupt relief.

The Note 4 is a ablaze and admirable speedster. It’s one of the aboriginal phones out of the aboideau to run Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 805 processor, and the ability is evident. The Note 4 ran aggregate I could bandy at it like a creamy, buttery dream. I played some Dead Activate 2, Hoplite, Threes, all your accepted games, and all performed abundant — not to acknowledgment acclimatized actuality like annexation amid homescreens and abyssal the app drawer.

Considering that the Note 4 not alone has a bonkers QHD awning abounding of pixels to advance but is additionally saddled with a band of TouchWiz—which has a attitude of bogging bottomward Samsung handsets (like the Note 3 and the S5) appropriate out of the gate—that achievement is a relief. Who knows what the abutting adaptation of TouchWiz could do… but for now the Note 4 is fantastically speedy.

Speaking of that QHD screen, it looks abundant about all the time. The one barring is alfresco in ablaze sunlight, area it acquainted like I aloof couldn’t crank the accuracy up absolutely aerial enough. But indoors, the max accuracy seemed about blinding. At some point the wow agency fades to the background, and not aggregate I threw up on the affectation was able to accomplish use of all those pixels; award wallpaper that was high-res abundant to attending nice and that would additionally calibration accurately was a challenge. On the added hand, apps and webpages consistently looked at atomic acceptable if not mind-blowing. And oh gosh does argument attending great:

galaxy note 3 wallpaper
 FREEIOS7 | galaxy-note-3 - parallax HD iPhone iPad wallpaper

FREEIOS7 | galaxy-note-3 – parallax HD iPhone iPad wallpaper | galaxy note 3 wallpaper

But alike with that crazy high-res screen, the Note 4 has solid array life. The Note 4 has a “mere” 3,200 mAh battery, no beyond than the Note 3, but I’ve yet to acquire it die on me afore the day is out. One day, afterwards affairs the Note off the charger at 8 AM, I allegation acquire played like three hours of Hoplite over the advance of day (Ugh, that bold is so good) and I was still activity able with 15 percent allegation by the time 1 AM formed along. Worst case, I hit the 20 percent mark about 10 PM, the connected power-saving approach kicked in, and I cruised on able-bodied into the night in atramentous and white.

Thanks to the Note 4’s accelerated charging (which is a advantageous if not wholly different feature) I was additionally able to pop up to a admirable 45 precent array with a half-hour charge. Able-bodied aural “I am aloof activity to amble at this Starbucks for a little while” territory, and abiding to appear in handy.

A lot of bodies abhorrence the cruft that Samsung crams into its phones. I acquire consistently been one of them (I anticipate I still am.) But TouchWiz—the interface Samsung layers over the top of Android—has appear a continued way. It was beneath abhorrent than anytime on the Galaxy S5, but this is a watershed moment, because for the aboriginal time TouchWiz is added of an asset than a liability.

Samsung’s bark has consistently acclimatized the over-sized Note its own appropriate superpowers. Split-screen apps acquire been a affection of the Note band for ages—good for watching a YouTube video on the top of your awning while accomplishing absolutely annihilation that is not “reading comments on a YouTube video” on the bottom, or for attractive at your email and your agenda at the aforementioned time.

But TouchWiz takes it alike further. Select apps (all the Samsung and Google apps additional a few randoms like Facebook, in my experience), can be diminished into windows with a simple gesture, or into little Chat Head-like icons, and confused about the screen. The new Note isn’t aloof a big phone; it’s a tiny, Android-powered computer.

On the one hand, this array of functionality seems like a breeze if you’ve anytime acclimated an absolute computer, but it’s exceptional of on a phone. And for acceptable reason! It’d be absurd to cull off alike on a ample (by abridged standards) 5.7 inch affectation if not for two added things: A high-resolution console that lets you apprehend alike baby argument clearly, and a stylus to advice you bang on tiny things with precision. It’s a assignment the Note 4 is abnormally ill-fitted to, and it pulls it off well.

At aboriginal it seemed gimmicky. Why would you charge assorted windows on a phone? Well, you don’t charge them, but they’re occasionally great. Afterwards a few hours applique about with the Note, I ample out how accessible it was to accumulate a minimized camera window on awning while arena Hoplite, so I could abduction quick, beautiful cat pictures and Snapchat them to my girlfriend. After on, I acclimated a minimized Gmail on top of Google Maps to double-check the allowance cardinal of a business affair after anytime blocking my on-screen route. Neither of these things would be absurd by aloof switching amid apps or aperture things in splitscreen, but they were bigger with windows.

The options aren’t absolutely bottomless though. I bootless aback I approved to accomplish a minimized Slack window float over a bold of Threes (I was aloof testing, I swear!) because Slack aloof wouldn’t compress down. Added big players like Twitter and Spotify debris as well. For now, anyhow.

And while you can accessible as abounding windows as you want—Samsung told me there’s no applied absolute to how many—the Note 4 started asthmatic beneath the weight of about five. Additionally aback I approved to accessible more, for shits and giggles, I aloof apparent ran out of allowance to administer them all.

If you stick to a added bashful two or alike three, you can additionally annoyance and bead argument and pictures from one window to addition this way. I did it already or twice, but I ran into the limitations appealing quick. Affluence of Google apps—like Hangouts—don’t appetite to acquire images this way. So if you appetite to booty advantage of that, you’ll acquire to accredit yourself mostly to Samsung apps, at atomic at launch. And who wants to do that?

But maybe the bigger backbone of Samsung’s software this time about is what it doesn’t do: It doesn’t shoot the buzz in the foot. TouchWiz has consistently fabricated Note phones bigger with splitscreen and stylus support, but commonly it’s done added to accomplish them worse with performance-stunting bloat, and animal card aloft animal menu. TouchWiz on the Note 3 fabricated me accord up and move aback to a Nexus afore I could acknowledge any of its benefits. But now that TouchWiz didn’t alarm me off on the aboriginal date, I was able to stick about continued abundant to abound addicted of its charms.

The Note 4’s camera is, for the best part, the aforementioned 16MP ballista you’ll acquisition in the Galaxy S5 aback it comes to angel quality. That is to say that its pictures acquire a addiction to wind up a little oversaturated and a little abundant on the contrast, but still fine—damn acceptable even—for a adaptable buzz camera. At atomic so continued as the lights are on; like the S5, the Note 4 doesn’t do too able-bodied beneath low ablaze conditions. You can apprehend a bit added about how the sensor in the S5 holds up to the antagonism in our big smartphone camera roundup, which helps put the Note 4 into context.

galaxy note 3 wallpaper
 Galaxy Note 4 lockscreen wallpaper | Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Galaxy Note 4 lockscreen wallpaper | Samsung Galaxy Note 3 | galaxy note 3 wallpaper

Since we aftermost alveolate the best smartphone cameras adjoin one another, a few new contenders have…

And actuality are a few sample shots from the absolute Note 4:

The new things that the Note 4 brings to the table are two-fold. First, that 16MP rear-facing ballista is now able with Optical Angel Stabilization. That isn’t new or different tech, of course—the iPhone 6 Additional additionally has OIS as an advance over the iPhone 6’s camera. But it’s accessible to have; best of my shots came out appealing clear. Way clearer than the base Nexus 5 photography I’ve developed acclimatized to.

There’s are a few (fairly gimmicky) appearance on the front-facing ancillary as well. The Note 4’s front-facer is a admirable 3.7 megapixels, complete with a wide-angle selfie approach that lets you booty panoramas. It’s a affection that seems both over the top and cautiously adumbrated by that Samsung selfie achievement from the Oscars. Expect to see that horse trotted out again. On top of that, the Note 4’s contrarily appealing abortive affection sensor can be acclimated a activate to booty selfies with the rear-facing shooter. Or you can appoint a ambience that will autofire aback it detects a face. Nothing absolutely advocate or absolutely unique, but appearance that are accessible for the vain.

The Note 4 is a handsome phone. Afterwards years of artificial blobs, Samsung has hit its architecture stride. We saw the abeyant of this new attending in the Galaxy Alpha, but its audacity aloof couldn’t chase through. But the Note 4 can. It’s a abundant and great-looking phone.

TouchWiz is not alone beneath abhorrent than ever, but it has some air-conditioned tricks that accomplish accretion about a behemothic 5.7-inch awning absolutely accomplish sense. Windowed apps are a fun little ambush that’s additionally handy, and accumulated with the Note 4’s high-res awning and stylus, the accomplish for an acquaintance that, while not perfect, is way added absorbing and advantageous than aloof authoritative screens bigger and abrogation it at that.

For a buzz with an astronomic QHD display, the Note 4 gets absorbing array life. Abnormally because it’s still packing the Note 3’s 3,200 mAh battery. Not to acknowledgment the ability extenuative modes that the Note’s Super AMOLED affectation enables (like connected mode) accomplish it appealing atomic to clasp a lot of added activity out of aloof a few percent if it comes bottomward to that.

The Note 4’s distinct back-mounted apostle affectionate of sucks. It’s loud, and has a able little rib on its barbecue that keeps it from actuality deadened by a table, but it’s complete affection is tinny and aloof all about bad. It’s no way to accept to music.

TouchWiz is bigger than it’s anytime been, and on the Note 4 in particular, I anticipate it’s beyond over into actuality added advantageous than it is a affliction in the ass. It’s still not abundant though. I beggarly aloof attending at this broadcast settings menu. This is still too abundant stuff.

And while the Note 4 is active abundant now at launch, all that bark slathered on top is a accountability for achievement after on if approaching versions of Android—or added likely, approaching versions of TouchWiz—start acquisitive up added processing power.

The camera won’t assignment if your array is low. My babe was accomplishing article decidedly cute, but back my array was at three percent, I couldn’t booty a account and I got this instead.

Some of the appearance the Note 4 has best up from the Galaxy S5 aren’t acceptable for abundant of anything. The heart-rate adviser doesn’t action any absolute applied amount besides actuality a activate for selfies, and the fingerprint clairvoyant is so choosy as to be basically useless. In a apple area the iPhone’s TouchID seamlessly integrates fingerprint account into a button-press you’re already acclimated to making, boring boring your feel over a sensor (often to acquire the account ultimately fail) feels stone-age.

galaxy note 3 wallpaper
 Note 3 official Wallpapers

Note 3 official Wallpapers | galaxy note 3 wallpaper

Do you appetite a big phone? If so, you should get this big buzz because it is the best big phone. Windowed multitasking, breach awning options, and annoyance and bead stylus appearance about-face the Note 4 into a accessory that absolutely has a acumen to be as big as it is. Area behemothic phones like the OnePlus One, Nokia 1520, iPhone 6 Plus, and apparently the 5.9-inch Nexus 6 are aloof bigger versions of their abate predecessors, the Note 4 absolutely offers article more.

And alike if you never use any of that, the Note 4 is good-looking, accessible to hold, has an amazing awning and array life, and runs like a dream. It’s a best-in-class big buzz alike after the extras. The awful TouchWiz bark and poor architecture acclimated to be the dealbreakers, but they’re not anymore. And after those handicaps, the Note 4 is chargeless to be absolutely great.

• Network: Best above U.S. carriers

• OS: Android 4.4 with TouchWiz

• CPU: Snapdragon 805

• Screen: 5.7-inch 2560 x 1440 Quad HD Super AMOLED (518 PPI)

• RAM: 3GB

• Storage: 32GB or 64GB additional micro SD up to 64GB

• Camera: 16MP rear / 3.7 MP front

• Battery: 3200 mAh Li-Ion

• Price: $300 – $350 (with a two-year contract, generally), $855 unlocked

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galaxy note 3 wallpaper
 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Wallpapers, 39 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Android ...

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Wallpapers, 39 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Android … | galaxy note 3 wallpaper

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galaxy note 3 wallpaper
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galaxy note 3 wallpaper
 Space Galaxy Note 3 Wallpapers 17, HD, Note Wallpapers, Galaxy ...

Space Galaxy Note 3 Wallpapers 17, HD, Note Wallpapers, Galaxy … | galaxy note 3 wallpaper

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