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“You’ll apprehension we acquire abounding added startups that aren’t in the acceptable software category,” said Y Combinator President Sam Altman at the alpha of its Winter 2016 Demo Day 1. While already aloft a time YC was accepted for legions of amusing and barter apps no one needed, it’s angled out. Now Silicon Valley’s top accelerator appearance bags of hardware, engineering, another action and action startups, too.

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[Update: Analysis our our anniversary of the “Top 7 startups from YC W’16 Demo Day 1” according to investors and TechCrunch’s writers. You can additionally see all the startups that pitched on day 2 of YC W’16 Demo Day here, additional our 8 favorites from that set.]

The afternoon began with a moment of blackout for Andy Grove, above Intel CEO and admired business mentor, as able-bodied as the victims of this morning’s agitator attacks in Brussels.

Y Combinator President Sam Altman

The abode at YC’s Demo Day was arranged — added than anyone expected, it would seem. A few chairs short, millionaires from about the apple could be apparent sitting on the attic to watch startup afterwards startup strut their actuality — abounding of them for the aboriginal time.

The big affair of the day was profitability. In the past, YC startups acquire accent their growth, downplaying advantage as some saw it as a assurance that they were cutting too baby or not reinvesting enough. But due to the bazaar correction, VCs are added agog on startups that can become acceptable faster and won’t allegation amaranthine allotment to succeed. Today, abounding startups mentioned that they were already profitable, would be in several months, or were in specific markets breadth you don’t anniversary for money spent aggravating to expand.

Yet Altman told us that beforehand was “hotter” today than he’s anytime apparent it, with VCs aggressively blame to beforehand on the spot. For the aftermost year, he says YC has been cogent startups to accession beneath and get to advantage faster in apprehension of a chill fundraising climate. Yet now he believes the alteration “hasn’t trickled bottomward yet” but maybe will by abutting Demo Day. Altman additionally mentioned that the $1 billion Cruise self-driving tech accretion has bolstered investors’ absorption in hard-tech companies.

Sixty-three companies launched in all today, with 3 of them actuality acclaimed as “off the record” in beforehand (that is, they’re a bit too early-days for media coverage; as always, we’ve accustomed that request). Here’s a attending at the 60 we can allocution about.

Nurx – Uber for bearing control:

Getting bearing ascendancy can be absolutely difficult — one needs to acquire a agency of accepting to a doctor and be adequate speaking with a doctor about it. With Nurx, you aces a bearing ascendancy and one of their doctors writes the decree and ships it directly.

MagicBus – Google shuttles for everyone:

Commuting amid cities and suburbs can be a pain. MagicBus tries to be the best of both worlds — affordable and fast. MagicBus cartage can fit up to 14 bodies and guarantees riders few stops. The busline amid cities to suburbs bazaar is $1 trillion, according to the company. MagicBus says it is growing 50 percent ages over month, with 48 percent of riders appliance the annual every day. Read added about MagicBus on TechCrunch here.

Paystack – Online payments for African businesses:

Despite solid Internet penetration, best payments in the 180 million-person country of Nigeria are done offline. Paystack lets businesses acquire payments via acclaim card, debit card, money alteration and adaptable money on their websites or adaptable apps. The affiliation takes aloof 30 minutes, rather than 3 weeks, and reduces the acquittal action from 7 accomplish to 2 steps. Paystack costs businesses $0.50 additional 1.9 percent for bounded cards and 3.9 percent for all-embracing cards. By unlocking online payments, Paystack could advice African businesses advance with the abutting bearing of customers.

Tovala – Acute oven with a accompaniment cable meal service:

This is a set-and-forget acute oven that can automatically baker commons “to perfection.” Aback you put one of their tech-enabled commons into their oven, it knows the exact timing/temperatures appropriate to baker your meal. They additionally acquire a cable plan that sends ready-to-cook commons to your door. They acquire aloft $240,000 on Kickstarter.

Redspread – Development software:

Downtime costs companies a lot of money — about $26.5 billion in absent revenue, to be exact. As it turns out, animal absurdity is the bigger annual of downtime. That’s breadth Redspread, which builds collaborative deployment tools, comes in. Redspread launched three weeks ago.

Gecko Robotics – Automatic assurance inspections done by robots:

U.S. ability plants absorb $15 billion a year accomplishing assurance inspections of their automatic infrastructure. But these inspections can booty seven days, with plants accident $1 actor a day in business, and they’re dangerous. Gecko Robotics has advised its own assurance analysis apprentice that can ascend walls and do alarming jobs fast and cheap. For $50,000 to $100,000, it can do a 7-day analysis in aloof a distinct day, while accession added abstracts and not putting lives at risk. Gecko expects to be assisting this year and affairs to aggrandize to adjoining industries soon. The startup is apprenticed by a admiration to annihilate the adverse belief of assurance inspectors falling to their their deaths.

Kisan Network – Barter for Indian farmers:

This is an online barter for farmers in India to advertise anon to institutional buyers, which the aggregation says is a $200 billion industry. The agriculturalist — say a potato agriculturalist — uploads capacity of his harvest. A applicant — like, say, a potato dent maker — finds them potatoes on their barter and purchases them.

Outschool – Chic barter for homeschoolers:

Learning can appear in abounding altered ways, abnormally alfresco of the classroom. Outschool is a chic barter for homeschoolers that offers classes and acreage trips for kids about capacity like anatomy, amplitude and photography. Outschool says it’s on clue to advertise $14,000 annual of classes per month. (Update: antiseptic Outschool’s accepted annual sales; the diction was ahead a bit ambiguous)

Cover – Get allowance by demography a photo:

Getting allowance can be a hassle, but with Cover, you aloof booty a photo of your car, home, pet, jewelry, speedboat or chase horses. Appropriate now, Cover farms out these leads to added allowance companies and is accession $190,000 per ages in referrals fees. But abutting it’s accepting accountant to advertise allowance anon so it can accumulate all the commissions, which bulk to a $22 billion per year bazaar in the U.S. By authoritative allowance affairs mobile, Cover could recruit a new bearing of barter focused on convenience.

Rappi – Grocery commitment in Colombia:

Rappi aims to be a aggregate of Instacart and Postmates for Latin America. It accuse barter a 70 cent fee for delivery, while advantageous commitment bodies almost $2/hour — a acceptable and aggressive amount for the area, according to the company’s Latin American founders.

Toymail – Adaptable phones congenital for kids:

Ninety-five percent of kids beneath the age of 10 in the U.S. don’t acquire corpuscle phones, but parents appetite to break in blow with them. They aloof don’t appetite kids arena on their phones too abundant or contacting strangers. So Toymail, which awash $10 million-worth of an anxiety anxiety that runs abroad from you, has congenital costly baby toys that are absolutely phones. Kids can use them to accelerate articulation letters to their parents, added ancestors associates or accompany with Toymail phones. Affairs accouterments to these kids could be a $3 billion business, but Toymail is planning an app abundance abounding of games, belief and educational apps that it will sell, too. Amazon is already alive up as a developer. Toymail could accomplish affairs a corpuscle buzz for your toddler safe. Read added about Toymail on TechCrunch.

Chatfuel – Chatbot platform:Connecting with your followers and fan abject in allusive agency continues to be a claiming for businesses. With Chatfuel, those attractive to body and appoint an admirers can use the built-in interface to actualize bots that advice facilitate conversations. Added than 130,000 bots acquire been created on the platform. Publishers, like TechCrunch and Forbes, can body on Chatfuel and arrange to any messengers. To date, Chatfuel sees more than 1 actor circadian alive users.Read added about Chatfuel on TechCrunch here.

Varden Labs — Self alive shuttles for clandestine campuses:

These are self-driving shuttles (sort of like big golf carts) for clandestine campuses like colleges and aggregation headquarters. They acquire paid pilots advancing at six academy campuses. Their shuttle costs $50,000 per year to operate. Its three founders met while majoring in engineering at the University of Waterloo.

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Stitch — Slack for doctors:

Messaging platforms are demography off in aloof about every industry. Stich is a healthcare messaging belvedere for healthcare, doctors, nurses, amusing workers, pharmacists and others. It’s HIPPA-compliant and integrates with cyberbanking bloom records. It’s growing 40 percent ages over ages with added than 400 organizations already alive up for Stitch. The abstruse to the growth, they say, is the focus on nursing homes, adjust facilities, pharmacies and burning affliction centers. Stitch claims it has a lot of engagement, with users spending 8 hours a day on it, and sending 20 letters anniversary per day. Read added about Stitch on TechCrunch here.

Focal Systems – Acute arcade carts:

Focal Systems has advised an calm accession arrangement that is said to be 14X added authentic than iBeacons and 20X cheaper. The startup retrofits old arcade carts with a camera buzz and their accession arrangement so the carts apperceive breadth they are in the store. The buzz can advice shoppers cross the abundance and appearance contextual, targeted ads appropriate as they canyon by the advertised artefact on the shelf. Focal Systems’ demos acquire apparent they can accession acquirement by $100,000 per month. The aggregation accuse $2,500 per ages per abundance and splits the ad acquirement with the abundance 50/50. It already has a accord lined up with Safeway grocery aliment that could accompany in $66 actor in a year. Walking through brick-and-mortar aliment feels ashore in the past. By afterlight the acquaintance with calm accession and screens, it could get easier and abundant added advantageous for merchants.

STILT – Loans for non-US acceptance and alive professionals:

After advancing to the U.S. as educated, acknowledged citizens, Stilt’s founders accomplished how difficult it was for immigrants to get loans due to a abridgement of U.S. acclaim history. Stilt focuses on accouterment loans for them: $431K of loans so far, $60K of which has been paid back, with 0 percent defaults to date.

PetCube – Dropcam for pets:People are bedeviled with their pets and appetite accord of apperception that they’re acquire aback larboard abandoned at home. In the aftermost 15 months, PetCube has fabricated $2.5 actor acquirement affairs its home camera for pet owners. In total, the aggregation has awash 20,000 units at a retail amount of $199. PetCube sells its artefact in added than 400 stores, including Nordstrom, Best Buy and Brookstone, with over bisected of its sales advancing from retail. This year, PetCube is ablution a cable service, as able-bodied as ablution a affiliated amusement dispenser. Read added about PetCube on TechCrunch here.

Goodybag – Accessible accouterment for offices:

Goodybag makes it simple to adjustment aliment for your office, a $30 billion a year bazaar in the U.S. But rather than blend with low-margin on-demand delivery, Goodybag artlessly facilitates the ordering. It’s earning about 10 percent on transactions, giving it $5.5 actor in anniversary acquirement run rate, of which it keeps $600,000. The startup has already fabricated its Austin bazaar assisting and can hit break-even in 6 months as it expands to new cities. With 93 percent assimilation and $350 arcade carts (10X that of chump aliment ordering), Goodybag has begin a allotment of the aliment acclimation bazaar that can absolutely acquire money.

StyleBee — On-demand beauticians:

Blowouts, architecture and men’s haircuts on demand. Aces a job and acquaint them breadth you are, and they accelerate a vetted stylist to you. Sixty percent of StyleBee barter use it already a month. They’ve hit a $1 actor run amount in the accomplished 12 months in SF alone, with margins of about 35 percent per job. Read added about StyleBee on TechCrunch here.

Airmada — Bombinate automation platform:

Automated arena stations for drones, congenital by Armada, are advised to alter expensive, animal operators. Armada arena stations house, allegation and barrage drones for assorted types of missions. It’s aboriginal deployment is in the Panama Canal, breadth it delivers accoutrements from the anchorage to ships for aloof $300.

Revl – Stabilized action camera:

GoPros aren’t accepting that abundant bigger year afterwards year, so beneath bodies feel like they allegation to buy the newest one. But Revl has addressed the bigger botheration with action cameras — stabilization. It combines concrete and agenda stabilization to accomplish its footage added smooth. Revl additionally offers automatic alteration software so you can allotment your best moments after accepting to sit bottomward at a computer for arid chiral video editing. The $10 billion action camera bazaar is growing 22 percent every year, but Revl could accomplish it attainable to bodies who aren’t acceptable at photography or editing. Revl is now on Indiegogo breadth it’s awash $70,000-worth in the aftermost 4 days. Read added about Revl on TechCrunch.

Poppy – On-demand babysitters:

On-demand babysitters, all handled over SMS. This month, they’ll handle almost 500 babyminding accessories — with all beforehand accident by word-of-mouth, and at a accepted amount of about 50 percent per month. They currently acquire 40 vetted sitters accessible in the Seattle area.

UnnyWorld – A adaptable League Of Legends clone:

The multiplayer desktop dueling bold League Of Legends has hit 27 actor circadian alive users and earns $1 billion a year. UnnyWorld wants to accompany a agnate bold to mobile. It’s advised for abbreviate sessions of about 5 annual so gamers can comedy on the go. And rather than a keyboard, players can casting spells and alike circuitous attacks with feel gestures. Congenital by a 12-person band that’s been calm for 5 years, UnnyWorld’s aggregation has already congenital amateur with a absolute of 5.4 actor downloads. It’s beta see users arena for 30 annual per day on average, and the all-around barrage is planned for September. While cloning accepted amateur ability not be prestigious, bringing the League Of Legends acquaintance to adaptable could be absolutely lucrative.

Trac – Simple timing for clue teams:

People collectively absorb billions of dollars a year about races; $2 billion goes to chase tracking. That’s breadth Trac comes in. Trac wants to accomplish it accessible for any and every chase to action professional-caliber timing at an affordable price. Trac provides chips for runners to abode on their shoes, and the time-tracking accouterments for the chase host to abode at the accomplishment line.

WorldCover – Crop allowance for the developing world:

500 actor farmers about the apple are at the whimsy of the weather; if it doesn’t rain, their crops don’t abound and they don’t accomplish money. WorldCover insures farmers in developing regions; they use satellites to admeasurement rain fall, and pay out automatically based on the rain data.

SOUNDBOKS – Powerful alfresco battery-powered speakers:

Rocking an alfresco affair appropriate lots of big-ticket equipment, abstruse ability and set up time. But SOUNDBOKS is a single, carriageable suitcase-style apostle that can accomplish dozens of bodies ball outdoors. It’s about unbreakable, and has a 60-hour arrangement that can be swapped out. In the aftermost 20 days, SOUNDBOKS has awash $600,000 annual of its apostle via crowdfunding with a 55 percent margin; it will address in April. Next, it will absolution a abate Jambox-sized competitor, and a bigger Elemental band that it claims can ability contest for bags of people. Sonos anchored the aforementioned botheration for wireless calm audio and became a billion-dollar acquirement business. The alfresco audio bazaar is growing 39 percent annually because bodies adulation acquisition offline with their friends. If SOUNDBOKS can alive up to its advertising and can bang music all day continued on the go, it could capitalize on the about-face to the empiric culture.

MailTime – Lighweight adaptable email applicant world:

Email sucks. MailTime is an email agent that’s aggravating to accomplish email blot a little bit beneath by authoritative it as simple as argument messaging. MailTime displays your emails as conversations instead of threads. To date, MailTime has apparent 100,000 circadian alive users and is the No. 1 absolute email app in China. It’s additionally gearing up to accommodate with the top agent in China, which has over 200 actor users. Read added about MailTime on TechCrunch here.

Restocks – Push notifications for the appearance obsessed:

Restocks tells “superconsumers” aback assertive approved brands (Supreme, Yeezy, etc.) go up for sale. Users acquaint Restocks which brands they like, and Restocks monitors a avant-garde arrangement of sites. They allegation users $25 per year.

fundraiser order form template word 16  Fundraiser Order Templates – Free Sample, Example, Format ... – Behavior-based security:

Passwords are calmly stolen, but it’s adamantine for hackers and bots to carbon a absolute user’s behavior pattern. Castle advance the behavior of users on its clients’ websites and apps, and can abjure admission from those who are acting suspicious. For example, on an e-commerce site, absolute users ability browse several items afore abacus article to their barrow and blockage out. But a hacker would add a ton of items and instantly try to analysis out, but Castle could block them. Castle now has 150 deployments, protects 400,000 users and is growing 35 percent anniversary week. Anniversary new user it protects additionally teaches it added about the aberration amid accepted behavior and the coarse patterns displayed by hackers.

Acre Designs – Affordable, avant-garde zero-energy homes:We’ve apparent actual little addition in the home space, and Acre Designs wants to change that by authoritative it accessible to body net-zero homes that aftermath their own power. Aftermost year, Acre Designs congenital two prototypes and anchored deposits for six homes annual $2.9 million. Acre Designs sells the kits for $250,000, and makes a 12 percent margin. Builders can again advertise the homes for $400,000. Read added about Acre Designs on TechCrunch here.

VINEBOX – Glass-by-glass wine delivery:

Vinebox delivers wine “by the glass.” Rather than carrying abounding bottles that a user ability not like, subscribers acquire three alone single-serving containers of wine. They’ve been aircraft for 3 months, and acquire awash ~17,000 glasses. Subscribers can about-face about and acquirement wines they’ve begin they like through the Vinebox app.

MeterFeeder – Lets old parking meters acquire acclaim cards:

There are 4.5 actor parking meters in the U.S. and 90 percent of them alone acquire coins. MeterFeeder lets cities cheaply advancement to a arrangement breadth citizens can pay for parking with a acclaim agenda through an app that uses GPS to acquaint breadth they are and what to charge. Parking administration admiral get a tablet they can use to bound analysis authorization plates to see if bodies acquire paid through MeterFeeder, and it costs 1/10th of added acute beat systems. And aback it gets added bodies to absolutely pay for parking rather than accident a ticket, cities acquire 30 percent added in parking acquirement alike as they affair beneath tickets bodies hate. MeterFeeder gets a 15 percent cut of all payments, is growing 18 percent per week, now has 3,000 meters in the arrangement and aloof alive a $1 actor anniversary accord with Pasadena, California. The U.S. parking bazaar was $30 billion aftermost year, and MeterFeeder could accompany it into the adaptable era. Read added about MeterFeeder on TechCrunch.

QueueHop – Tags for self-checkout:Waiting in band is the worst, and, it turns out that on average Americans absorb two years of their lives cat-and-mouse in lines. Enter QueueHop, a self-checkout app for retail stores. QueueHop transforms acceptable tags into RFID tags to ascertain whether an annual has been purchased. As a shopper, all you do is scan, pay and leave. If you haven’t paid, the tag will set off an anxiety as you’re aggravating to leave the store. QueueHop launched a pilot one anniversary ago and has 11 retailers on board.

Wakie — Phonecalls with strangers:

Set a topic… get a buzz alarm from a stranger. Wakie connects bodies aural about 10 seconds, and currently has about 100,000 annual alive users. Their money archetypal focuses on those who appetite to convenance a new language, charging those users for exceptional subscriptions. At a added level, they’re a apparatus acquirements aggregation — they assay the capacity of buzz calls (and the above-mentioned requests) to bigger bout users. Read our antecedent advantage of Wakie here.

Function Of Adorableness – Personalized adorableness products:

Americans absorb $6 billion a year on absterge and conditioner, but are balked because they can’t acquisition the artefact that matches their preferences and beard type. Function Of Adorableness asks barter a set of questions, again its machines ample bottles with a altered aggregate of ingredients, and alike prints the customer’s name on the bottle. There are over 300 actor permutations of Function Of Beauty’s product, and it earns a 50 percent allowance on its boilerplate $30 order. The startup is growing 45 percent anniversary month, had $20,000 in sales aftermost ages and will be net assisting in 5 months. Next, it wants to move into added adorableness products, appliance personalization to accommodate next-level satisfaction. Read added about Function Of Adorableness on TechCrunch.

LendEDU – Kayak for educational loans:

The student-loan industry is a big business in the U.S., and a lot of acceptance are in debt. At LendEDU, a barter for student-loan refinancing, the ambition is to save graduates bags of dollars by allowance them acquisition low-interest amount loans. Aback ablution six months ago, LendEDU has apparent 50 percent net annual acquirement growth. This month, LendEDU is on clue to ability $50,000 in annual acquirement and accomplish profitability. Read added about LendEdu on TechCrunch here.

Enflux – Clothes that almanac workouts:

Enflux aims to do 3D abduction of workouts after acute a camera. With the abstracts provided by sensors aural the (machine-washable!) clothes, they’re able to assay anatomy and pacing. Afterwards aperture up pre-orders about 2 weeks ago, they’ve awash over $85,000 annual of clothing. Read our antecedent advantage of Enflux here.

Prompt — Chatbot platform

Messaging apps are breadth bodies absorb their time, and chatbots let them collaborate with businesses there. Prompt is a chatbot architecture belvedere that lets businesses body a chatbot in 15 annual with 15 curve of code. It can again be deployed instantly to Slack, Line, WeChat, SMS, and anon Facebook Messenger. Prompt’s belvedere includes authentication, acquittal processing, accent flexibility, and analytics. Prompt gets paid for every bulletin sent, but doesn’t acquire to pay carrier fees like Twilio does with SMS. That gives Prompt a 95% gross margin. Prompt is already alive with Uber, Nest, Yelp, and Dominos. Prompt sees chatbots as almsman to apps, and wants to be the accepted development belvedere breadth they get built. Read added about Prompt on TechCrunch.

Able Bloom – Software to get doctors paid for affection care

Under the affordable affliction act, one third of medical group’s are captivated financially answerable for how advantageous their patients are. With Able Health, the ambition is to accomplish it easier for medical groups to get paid for authoritative their patients healthier. Aural two months of launching, Able Bloom brought on its aboriginal action customer, which alive a $100,000 contract.

Shypmate — P2P aircraft for Africa:

Getting a brace of Nikes from the US to Africa would amount over $200 in aircraft fees; Shypmate uses entering travelers to bear the aforementioned items in 5-10 canicule for about $20 — you aloof accommodated the adventurer at the airport to get your package. “And yes,” says architect Chisom Ebinama “it’s legal. Very, actual legal.” Read our antecedent advantage of Shypmate here.

UpLabs – Instant admission to architecture and engineering resources

When designers and developers body something, they don’t reinvent the wheel. They cobble togetehr assets from UI kits, plugins, and pre-made assets. The botheration is award them with acceptable Google Search. UpLabs has congenital a association of 250,000 users curating these resources. If a business needs to accomplish a acquittal form, they can grab the graphics, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS for the anatomy beeline from UpLabs’ 18,000 curated resources. Search on its belvedere is up 7X from 12 weeks ago and is growing 20% per week, and its quarter-million users are spontaneously hosting meetups about the world. Next, it wants to move into accouterment advantageous web development and app architecture services. UpLabs could the be the approaching of able development acknowledgment to its human-curated annal of how to do things right. Read added about UpLabs on TechCrunch.

Stealth Worker -Hire aegis experts Here’s a crazy stat: there’s about $90 billion in bearding salaries in the cybersecurity market. There are currently one actor accessible jobs for cybersecurity experts, but it’s difficult to acquisition the appropriate bodies to ample them. Aback ablution three months, Stealth Worker’s barter for cybersecurity experts has facilitated $114,000 in job bookings, is growing at 105% annual and is already profitable.

Deako — Acute ablaze switches:

Sells smartswitches to new home builders, as against to affairs to consumers. Currently has agreements for $750,000 annual of acquirement orders beyond 9 altered builders. They focus on affairs calmly upgradeable “dumb” switches to home builders, again upsell absorbed new homeowners on the acute upgrade.

Magic Instruments – A guitar anyone can apprentice to comedy in minutes

90% of bodies who try to apprentice guitar abdicate because it’s difficult to apprentice the 300-year old user interface of cavernous strings. Magic Instruments has congenital a guitar breadth you can comedy chords with one finger. It builds agreeable intelligence into the software in the guitar so anyone can comedy songs with aloof sight-reading. Guitar Hero awash $6 billion annual of affected guitars that don’t alike comedy absolute music. Magic Instruments thinks it can acquire alike added affairs its $299 guitar and $6 per ages subscriptions to agreeable like chords and lyrics of accepted songs. It’s ablution on Indiegogo on April 18th.

Chitter — Academy amusing network:

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A alive augment for a user’s college, but with a awe-inspiring twist: top posts are 100% anonymous, but comments use your absolute identity.

Thunkable – Weebly for adaptable apps:Building native, adaptable apps should be simple for anyone, according to Thunkable. That’s why it has created a drag-and-drop apparatus for architecture native, adaptable apps. The cloud-based apparatus appearance templates, real-time testing and accessible deployment to the Google Comedy store. Thunkable currently has over 90,000 users who acquire congenital over 200,000 apps.

Read added about Thunkable on TechCrunch here.

Instabug — Abutment kit for adaptable apps:

An easy-to-add SDK for a apparatus that allows app users to acquaintance abutment after abrogation the application. Used by Lyft, Soundcloud, BuzzFeed, Shyp, and more. Read our antecedent advantage of Instabug here

Hykso – Fitbit for battle and MMA athletes:Hykso creates action sensors for boxers to clue the types of punches thrown, how abounding the boxer has befuddled and how fast they’ve befuddled them. The Hysko sensor fits on the wrist and comes with an app to appearance battle analytics. So far, Hysko has awash $80,000 annual of devices, which it’s affairs for $150 a pair.

Landed —

Buying a home today is adamantine — decidedly if you don’t acquire affluent parents who can advice you with that bottomward payment. Landed helps agents buy homes by adopting debt-free downpayment funds from student’s parents; parents accommodate money for the bottomward acquittal in barter for disinterestedness in said homes. They additionally assignment with companies and affection networks.

CareSkore – CRM for hospital follow-ups

The Affordable Affliction Act armament hospitals to pay aback their abridgement of aftereffect affliction leads to preventable readmission of patients. Appropriate now, these readmissions amount hospitals $36 billion per year. But CareSkore’s arrangement helps hospitals accomplish aftereffect calls to the appropriate patients at the appropriate time and ask them the appropriate questions to bolt complications afore they circling into big-ticket bloom problems. CareSkore begin the hospitals it demoed with saw a 42% abridgement in readmissions. It sells its CRM prodcut for $500,000 per year per hospital, creating a $10.8 billion anniversary bazaar that’s aback appeared because of the Affordable Affliction Act. CRM has helped businesses accomplish added money, now it’s action to accomplish patients healthier.

SnapEDA – Cyberbanking architecture automation site:

If you capital to accomplish a smartwatch or drone, you’d acquire to absorb canicule creating the agenda archetypal for anniversary dent on your ambit board. With SnapEDA, an electronics genitalia library, all you do is download the model, and again annoyance and bead it into your design. Already, companies like Nest, Google, Boeing, General Electric and Sony are appliance SnapEDA and they’re downloading bags of models every month. SnapEDA costs $1,200 a year for a subscription.Read our SnapEDA advantage here.

Zenysis — Abstracts systems for developing country goverments:

Data basement in the developing apple is a mess. That agency alike aback they acquire the money and man-power to administer vaccines or balance from a ample calibration emergency, they don’t apperceive breadth to alpha or how to administer the projects. Zenysis offers abstracts administration systems for developing nations, and is now in a $1 actor pilot affairs with the Ethiopian government. Zenysis begin all the burst abstracts on vaccinations, got 100% of it integrated, and fabricated the administration action efficient. With 150 developing nations additional big organizations like the Gates Foundation as abeyant customers, Zenysis could accomplish a accumulation while preventing the abutting Ebola crisis.

Skymind — Accessible antecedent abysmal acquirements software:

Skymind builds an accessible antecedent abysmal acquirements agent for action Hadoop users, accouterment AI-driven solutions for things like artifice detection, artefact recommendations, and facial recognition. They’ve congenital Deeplearning4J, a set of deep-learning algorithms for Java developers.

AlphaFlow – Schwab for absolute acreage investing:

AlphaFlow wants to accomplish it accessible for absolute acreage investors to body and administer their portfolios beyond P2P platforms. It lets you browse deals from beyond the industry, acquisition acceptable investments and actualize accord alerts. Currently, AlphaFlow has 850 investors managing over $80 actor in investments on the platform.

HaloLife – Online burial planning

7,000 bodies die a day in American, and their families absorb $21 billion a year on their funerals, burials, and cremations. But there’s no way to book this online or get any amount transparency. That armament families to appointment burial providers in person, and puts them at accident of accepting ripped off or authoritative a bad accommodation in haste. Halolife lets families baddest the annual they appetite and breadth they appetite it, and the startup finds them the optimal burial provider and price. It takes 7.5%, which agency it has a $1.5 billion anniversary bazaar opportunity. Funerals shouldn’t be a time for arresting shopping. Halolife makes planning a goodbye for a admired one peaceful.

Lynks — Able acceptation ecommerce for countries that abridgement it:

“E-commerce in Egypt sucks!” says Lynks’ Egyptian architect — citation acceptation artefact markup of over 2x. Lynks lets Egyptian barter adhesive in arcade links for any US site, and handles all community and aircraft acumen and explains all complex fees up front.

Secful – Acute API defense:

A lot of businesses these canicule depend on some arrangement of API. With Secful, businesses can anticipate API attacks in real-time through custom-tailored security. Secful is an automatic band-aid that can ascertain any aberrant action aural your API and analyze the hacker profile.

Truebill – Administer your cable payments:

Many bodies balloon the subscriptions they’re advantageous for, and don’t apperceive how they could save money by switching amid altered providers. Truebill makes it accessible to administer your media, agenda content, and concrete acceptable subscriptions. You affix you aback anniversary or acclaim card, and it shows you aggregate you’re advantageous for on a alternating base so you can instantly abolish ones you don’t want. The boilerplate user cancels at atomic one subscription, arch to hundreds of dollars in savings. Truebill affairs to use its abstracts on rates, cable lengths, and why bodies abolish to accomplish recommendations on subscriptions and aggregate barometer fees. For example, it could advance you abolish ComCast cable and assurance up for Netflix, Hulu, and HBO GO. The boilerplate cardinal of subscriptions bodies pay for has angled from 5.5 to 11 in the aftermost 18 months as added businesses use alternating announcement to arbor up reliable revenue. It already has 10,000 users. Truebill puts the ability aback in the easily of the subscriber. Read added about Truebill on TechCrunch.

Streamup — Alive Stream Video and Babble Platform:

Streamup gives pro-grade alive alteration accoutrement and avant-garde babble controls to animate them to livestream their own shows — things like affable programs, or fan Q&As with bands. They acquire 22mm annual alive users.

MineralSoft – Mineral rights software: MineralSoft provides automatic acquirement administration for minerals like gas and oil. Aback ablution its action artefact in January, MineralSoft has brought in $12,000 in annual alternating revenue.

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