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With Breanne Deppisch and Joanie Greve.

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THE BIG IDEA: Admiral Trump acclimated an Indiana assemblage Thursday to allay bourgeois fears that he’s activity to achieve too abounding concessions to the North Koreans.

“I anticipate it’s activity to be a actual big success,” Trump said of the June 12 acme in Singapore with Kim Jong Un. “But my attitude is: If it isn’t, it isn’t. Okay? If it isn’t, it isn’t. … You accept to (say) that, because you don’t know.”

Everyone is aflame about the accession of the three American prisoners, but there’s growing all-overs in the civic aegis empyrean that the admiral ability be too athirst for a big win. Trump has appeared bagged at times by the achievability he could win the Nobel Peace Prize and relishes the chants of “Nobel” that accept become accepted book at his rallies. He’s additionally been ratcheting up expectations that history will be fabricated at his summit. Announcing the time and abode of his affair with Kim, the admiral tweeted: “We will both try to achieve it a actual appropriate moment for Apple Peace!”

— Throughout his career, Trump has fatigued the accent of actuality accommodating to airing abroad from the table in a acknowledged negotiation. From 2014:

At the amphitheater in Elkhart, Ind., he alternate to this theme, which was arresting in “The Art of the Deal.” “We’re not activity to be absolved into an Iran accord area the negotiator, John Kerry, banned to leave the table,” the admiral said, apropos to the secretary of accompaniment who adjourned the multilateral Iran nuclear accord that he pulled the U.S. out of beforehand this week.

Trump backward uncharacteristically on bulletin during his hour-long accent at the campaign-style rally, mostly afraid to the teleprompter. He ripped Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.) and accustomed his Republican amateur Mike Braun, who won a three-way primary on Tuesday.

— Some advancing anticipation leaders on the appropriate accept amorphous to say about over the accomplished anniversary what abounding added are adage abreast during Washington cocktail parties: that the abecedarian administrator in arch could get suckered into demography a bad accord because he so abominably wants to affirmation a adept triumph.

“Any deal, alike an bare one, would authority out the adorable achievability of alteration the political activating in the countdown to the midterms,” writes Civic Review Editor Rich Lowry. “And authority out the achievability of Trump getting, if not a Nobel Peace Prize, the affectionate approval from elites that he accompanying disdains and craves … [T]he botheration is that annihilation we accept credible so far from Kim is inconsistent with the decades-long North Korean adept arrangement of diplomacy us the aforementioned afflicted concessions in barter for sanctions abatement and bread-and-butter benefits. … This is why the ultimate assay of Trump’s animation isn’t accepting Kim to the negotiating table, but actuality accommodating to airing abroad from it.”

“If Trump wants to succeed, he allegation appetite a accord beneath than Kim does,” writes bourgeois columnist Marc Thiessen, who served as a speechwriter for Don Rumsfeld and George W. Bush. “He allegation be accommodating to airing abroad and to achieve Kim accept that he is austere about a aggressive advantage if negotiations fail. He can’t do so if he is alike accidentally cerebration about a Nobel. … History will adjudicator Trump not by whether he won a Nobel, but by whether he was able to stop North Korea from deploying the adequacy to abort an American burghal with a nuclear intercontinental ballistic missile.”

— John Brennan, who was CIA administrator during Barack Obama’s administration, said Kim is tricking Trump by presenting “an actualization of cooperation” and predicted the Korean baton will never accede to accord up his nukes. “Unfortunately, I anticipate (Kim) has been adept in how he has manipulated perceptions and how he has manipulated, and absolutely bluntly duped, Mr. Trump,” Brennan said Thursday on MSNBC.

— The White House is acute to all these charges. In an anniversary that aired today on NPR’s “Morning Edition,” White House Arch of Agents John Kelly insisted “the president’s got his eyes advanced open” and won’t let himself “get strung along” the way his predecessors have. “Believe me, the admiral absolutely wants this to work,” Kelly added. “We allocution adequately frequently about nuclear weapons and he’s aloof afraid that the United States, that the animal chase has got itself into this bind with all of these nuclear weapons. To admonition North Korea accord up its nuclear diplomacy and its missile diplomacy would be a admirable thing.”

— Americans abutment the accessible talks, but skepticism of Pyongyang’s intentions charcoal palpable: 71 percent accept of Trump’s talks with Kim, while aloof 21 percent disapprove, in a Pew Assay Center poll appear Thursday. Overall, 49 percent say North Korea’s administering is not austere about acclamation all-embracing apropos over the country’s nuclear accessory program, while 38 percent anticipate North Korea’s leaders are austere about acclamation these concerns.

As I explained in a March Big Idea from Pennsylvania, best rank-and-file Trump supporters who were acerb adjoin Obama negotiating with the Iranians are admiring of this admiral talking to the North Koreans because they assurance his negotiating skills. In the Pew poll, 85 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents now accept of the U.S. negotiating with North Korea. Three years ago, alone 40 percent of this accumulation accustomed of the U.S. anon negotiating with Iran.

Ronald Reagan and Soviet baton Mikhail Gorbachev leave the Hofdi House in Reykjavik on Oct. 12, 1986, afterwards their negotiations at a acme collapsed. (Nick Didlick/Reuters)

— Trump ability apprentice from Ronald Reagan’s accommodation to airing abroad from the 1986 acme with Soviet baton Mikhail Gorbachev in Reykjavik, Iceland. Gorbachev showed up alms huge reductions in cardinal and intermediate-range nuclear weapons. Reagan responded by proposing both abandon annihilate all their nukes. Gorbachev said yes. It was a huge moment. But again the Russian baton said he would alone move advanced if the Americans agreed to absolute assay for the Cardinal Aegis Initiative, a missile aegis system, to the class for a decade. Reagan wouldn’t budge and absolved away. The ancestry said he’d fabricated a abhorrent aberration and bankrupt the adventitious to end the nuclear accoutrements race.

“It took amazing adventuresomeness (to leave empty-handed),” said Ken Adelman, who was administrator of the U.S. Accoutrements Ascendancy and Disarmament Bureau at the time. “Reagan was absolutely mad all the way to the airport. He acquainted absolutely terrible. The anniversary were all bad. They all said it was a big failure. But there’s consistently a tomorrow. In two months, the Soviets were aback at the table.”

The conversations at Reykjavik shaped the contours of the battleground accoutrements ascendancy treaties that followed. Adelman wrote a 2014 book on what happened, “Reagan at Reykjavik,” which is now actuality angry into a movie.

The apple has afflicted a lot in the amid three decades, but Adelman told me during an anniversary bygone that there is still a lot Trump can apprentice from the accident of the Cold War. Reagan knew what he didn’t apperceive and did not try to afflicted an compassionate of circuitous weapons systems, for example. The Gipper additionally trusted his aggregation to accommodate on his behalf.

Before things fell afar at Reykjavik, aback it looked like they were on the bend of a absolute breakthrough, Reagan had a gut assay moment. He asked anniversary of his top aides to acknowledgment directly: “Is this accord acceptable for America?” “Negotiations accept a assertive momentum. They booty on a activity of their own. There’s a euphoria, a absolute rush,” Adelman said. “It was a absolutely acceptable exercise.”

Looking advanced to abutting month’s summit, he doesn’t anticipate Trump will achieve in accepting Kim to denuclearize but he thinks the adept assurance lowers the allowance of approaching armed action on the Korean Peninsula. “Kim is no Gorbachev, and Trump is absolutely a far, far, far cry from Reagan,” said Adelman. “So I don’t accept abundant achievement this will achieve what Trump wants. … But I accept this affair will advance to some affectionate of activity and follow-ons.”

— As Kenny Rogers sang in “The Gambler,” one of my admired songs: “You got to apperceive aback to authority ’em, apperceive aback to bend ’em, apperceive aback to airing abroad and apperceive aback to run.”


Michael Cohen arrives at his auberge in New York on Wednesday. (Brendan McDermid/Reuters)

— AT&T paid Trump consigliere Michael Cohen $600,000 to admonition grease the auto for its alliance with Time Warner. Rosalind S. Helderman, Brian Fung and Tom Hamburger acquired centralized abstracts that appearance why the president’s claimed advocate was hired: “The … arrangement defined that he would accommodate admonition on the $85 billion merger, which appropriate the approval of federal antitrust regulators. Trump had accurate activity to the alliance during the presidential campaign, and his administering ultimately adjoin the AT&T effort. The Justice Department filed clothing in November to block the deal, and that case is pending. The $600,000 that flowed to Cohen from AT&T was about 3.5 percent of the $16.8 actor the aggregation spent on lobbying in 2017 … AT&T beneath to animadversion on the abstracts … but it did not claiming their authenticity.”


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Kirstjen Nielsen speaks during a choice advertisement at the East Allowance of the White House. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)


— “Trump berated Homeland Aegis Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen in a atrocious Cabinet affair on clearing Wednesday, according to three administering officials,” Josh Dawsey and Nick Miroff report. “Trump lashed out at his Cabinet, and Nielsen in particular, aback told that the cardinal of bodies arrested for illegally bridge the Mexico bound topped 50,000 for the additional afterwards month. The argument lasted added than 30 minutes, according to a actuality with ability of what transpired, as Trump’s face atramentous and he aloft his voice, adage Nielsen bare to ‘close down’ the border. ‘Why don’t you accept solutions? How is this still happening?’ he said, abacus later, ‘We allegation to shut it down. We’re closed.’

“Trump’s abuse went on so continued that abounding present began active in their seats and aflame grimaces, White House aides said. Eventually, the affair confused on to bloom care, bringing abatement to abounding in the room. … Nielsen battled back, one actuality said, cogent Trump that laws absolute some of what she could do to block the breeze of undocumented immigrants. Advocate General Jeff Sessions dedicated her, adage the administering was attractive for new bureau to avert actionable crossings. Mostly, though, Nielsen struggled to get a chat in, said one arch official.

“The New York Times and Politico appear that Nielsen, who began the job in December, drafted a abandonment letter. In a anniversary Thursday, a agent for the bureau said that was false. … Homeland Security’s agent secretary position is vacant, so there would be no actual backup if Nielsen were to footfall down.

“Trump has never beheld Nielsen favorably, and complains to colleagues that she is ‘not boxy enough,’ according to a arch White House official. He reminds agents that she was a ‘George W. Bush person’ because of her antecedent administering as a White House Homeland Aegis adviser.” 

— “One actuality abutting to Ms. Nielsen said she is afflicted in her job,” the New York Times’s Michael D. Shear and Nicole Perlroth report. “Ms. Nielsen beheld the president’s bluster as directed mostly at her and told assembly afterwards the affair that she should not abide in the job if the admiral did not appearance her as effective.”

— John Kelly, on NPR, said he wishes he had been able to alpha as White House arch of agents earlier. “In retrospect, I ambition I had been actuality from day one,” said Kelly, who preceded Nielsen as DHS secretary. “I anticipate in some cases in acceding of staffing or confined the admiral that aboriginal six months was appealing anarchic and there were bodies some bodies assassin that maybe shouldn’t have. … It’s not that things were a adversity that aboriginal six months but I accept they could accept been better.” Kelly added he thinks Trump is “a cool acute guy,” about contradicting a address from aftermost ages that he declared the admiral an “idiot.” (NPR)

— A Post assay begin managers of Sean Hannity’s rental backdrop in banal neighborhoods aggressively activated hire collection. Aaron C. Davis and Shawn Boburg report: “[Managers at Hannity’s four better accommodation complexes in Georgia] accept approved court-ordered evictions at alert the statewide amount — in a accompaniment accepted for aerial numbers of evictions and landlord-friendly laws — and frequently accept done so beneath than two weeks afterwards a absent payment. … Amid the tenants Hannity’s acreage managers approved to evict, annal show, were a above corrections administrator and her wife, who fell abaft while apprehension a affliction determination; a bifold amputee who had lived in an accommodation with her babe for bristles years but did not pay on time afterwards actuality hospitalized; and a distinct mother of three whose $980 hire assay was alone because she could not appear up with a $1,050 charwoman fee for a bedbug infestation. … Told of The Post’s findings, three experts said the arrangement suggests that the blackmail of boot is actuality acclimated not aloof to abolish tenants but additionally to accomplish revenue.” Hannity’s advocate said the Fox Anniversary host was not complex in the evictions. But aftermost month, aback Hannity was arresting his absolute acreage holdings, he said: “It is acrid that I am actuality attacked for advance my claimed money in communities that abominably allegation such advance and in which, I am sure, those advancing me accept not invested their money.”

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) arrives at the Capitol. (J. Scott Applewhite/AP)


— A White House official mocked Sen. John McCain’s academician blight assay during an centralized agents meeting. Philip Rucker reports: “Kelly Sadler, a appropriate abettor in the communications appointment who helps administer talking credibility for Trump allies, fabricated the animadversion about McCain during a altercation amid the White House communications staffers about Gina Haspel’s choice for CIA director, which the Arizona Republican appear Wednesday that he opposed. ‘It doesn’t matter, he’s dying anyway,’ Sadler said, according to the official with ability of the animadversion … A White House agent did not altercation the address and issued a anniversary on anniversary of the White House: ‘We anniversary Agent McCain’s anniversary to our nation and he and his ancestors are in our prayers during this difficult time.’”

Cindy McCain, the senator’s wife, tweeted this at the White House aide:

From a architect on McCain’s presidential campaigns:

From a Politico reporter:

— Meanwhile, a bedfellow on Fox Business argued in favor of “torture” because he said it “worked” on McCain. From the Daily Beast’s Andrew Kirell: “Appearing Thursday morning on the Fox Business Network, retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney took an animal bash at McCain for his activity to torture, cogent Varney & Co. host Charles Payne: ‘The actuality is, is John McCain — it formed on John. That’s why they alarm him ‘Songbird John.’” He continued: “The actuality is those methods can work, and they are effective, as above Vice Admiral Cheney said. And if we accept to use them to save a actor American lives, we will do whatever we accept to.”

The host afterwards apologized:

And PolitiFact confirmed that the “Songbird John” accusation is a falsehood:

Ryan Bound is affidavit in afore the Senate Judiciary Board on Wednesday for a audition on his choice to be a adjudicator on the Ninth Circuit. (Yuri Gripas/Reuters)


— Oregon prosecutor Ryan Bounds, Trump’s appointee for a bench on the 9th Circuit, was broiled during his Senate acceptance audition about a access of abhorrent accessories he wrote as a apprentice at Stanford in the 1990s. Meagan Flynn reports: “Bounds’s [commentaries criticized] race-focused groups and questioned the amount of cultural acuteness training. In one of his Stanford articles, Bound declared a abnormality … in which ‘multiculturalistas’ and indigenous minorities affirmed calm to anatomy groups of ‘racial purity’ … In addition article, he apprenticed the university not to lower the accountability of affidavit in award accused rapists in abuse of university policy, autograph that ‘there is annihilation absolutely inherently amiss with the University declining to abuse an declared defacer — behindhand of his answerability — in the absence of able certainty,’ and adding, ‘expelling acceptance is apparently not activity to accord a abundant accord adjoin a abduction victim’s recovery.’”

Bounds said his rhetoric was “overheated” and offered affliction for the accent of some of the pieces. He said they were “not as respectful” as they should accept been “about how to best accompany assortment and ensure a multicultural anniversary on campus.”

But the added consequential adventure from the audition is the way Bound is accepting his lifetime appointment: Senate Republicans are behindhand the century-old “blue slip” attitude to jam him through: “Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) led Senate Republicans in blame advanced with the hearing, admitting allegiant activity from both of Oregon’s senators, Ron Wyden and Jeffrey E. Merkley. … The audition proceeded admitting both Oregon senators’ abnegation to about-face in ‘blue slips’: the pieces of cardboard acclimated to arresting approval of a nominee. Aback the block aren’t submitted, it has generally been advised as veto ability of a nominee. … ‘Today, we’re authoritative history — absolutely bad history, for this academy and for the country and our Constitution,’ said Sen. Richard Blumenthal, a Democrat on the committee.”


— Mike Pence said Robert Mueller should “wrap up” the Russia assay as it nears its one-year mark: “We’ve absolutely cooperated in it and in the absorption of the country, I anticipate it’s time to blanket it up,” Pence told NBC News’s Andrea Mitchell. “And I would actual respectfully animate the appropriate admonition and his aggregation to accompany their assignment to completion.” (John Wagner)

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— House Freedom Caucus Administrator Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) has requested a banking assay of Mueller’s appointment in an credible attack to access a certificate analogue the investigation’s scope. Mike DeBonis reports: “Meadows, speaking Thursday during a taping of C-SPAN’s ‘Newsmakers’ that is to air Sunday, said he believed the assay is appropriate beneath federal law and could not be completed afterwards an unredacted archetype of the announcement accounting in August 2017 by Agent Advocate General Rod J. Rosenstein. … The 2017 ‘scope memo’ has angry into a above beam point amid the Justice Department and a core of House Republicans — including Meadows and added associates of the Freedom Caucus — who say that Mueller has gone alfresco the bound of his aboriginal allegation to investigate accessible ties amid Russia and the Trump campaign.”

— House Intelligence Board Administrator Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) appears to accept backed abroad from his action with the Justice Department. Devlin Barrett reports: “White House admiral accept apprenticed the two abandon to accommodated and try to boldness their differences, and Nunes catholic to the Justice Department Thursday with Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) for a affair with Agent Advocate General Rod J. Rosenstein as able-bodied as DNI and FBI officials. Nunes and Gowdy, administrator of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, did not allege to reporters afterwards the hour-long affair but issued a collective anniversary afterwards in the day. ‘We had a advantageous altercation today with admiral from the Appointment of the Administrator of Civic Intelligence, Department of Justice, and FBI in which we aloft questions accompanying to advice requested from the Intelligence Community,’ the assembly said in their statement. ‘The admiral committed to captivation added discussions of these matters, and we accessory advanced to continuing our chat abutting anniversary to amuse the Committee’s request.’”

— Trump advocate Rudy Giuliani has larboard his law firm. Robert Costa and John Wagner report: “Giuliani, whose contempo media assault on anniversary of Trump afflicted controversy, took a leave of absence from Greenberg Traurig aftermost month. But on Thursday, the abutting appear Giuliani’s resignation, able the day before. … In a abrupt anniversary Thursday, Giuliani said there was no acerbity central the abutting apropos his assignment for Trump, adage that ‘half the abutting is for him, maybe bisected adjoin — fifty-fifty. It wasn’t about that; it was about giving my abounding absorption to the president.’”

— Afterwards Giuliani’s resignation, Greenberg Traurig bound approved to ambit itself from contempo comments he has fabricated about Cohen’s acquittal to Stormy Daniels. From the New York Times’s Michael S. Schmidt and Maggie Haberman: “Mr. Giuliani appropriate that such payments were accepted at his firm, alike afterwards the ability of the clients. ‘That was money that was paid by his lawyer, the way I would do, out of his law abutting funds,’ he said on Fox News. He added, ‘Michael would booty affliction of things like this like I booty affliction of this with my clients.’ The New York Times asked Greenberg Traurig about those animadversion aboriginal this week. Shortly afterwards Mr. Giuliani’s abandonment was announced, the abutting responded. ‘We cannot allege for Mr. Giuliani with anniversary to what was advised by his remarks,’ said a spokeswoman, Jill Perry. ‘Speaking for ourselves, we would not disregard payments of the attributes declared to accept been fabricated or contrarily afterwards the ability and administering of a client.’”

— Giuliani said Trump’s acknowledged aggregation has not captivated an all-encompassing basic affair with the admiral for a abeyant Mueller interview. From CNN’s Dana Bash: “The above New York Burghal ambassador added that he’s artlessly asked Trump specific questions about the matter. Giuliani said the discussions about advancing the Admiral were alone a anticipation at this point and absolved a advancement that the discussions meant an anniversary with Mueller is happening. … Giuliani added that Trump’s absorption to adopted diplomacy bureau his acknowledged aggregation ‘couldn’t absolutely get him prepared’ and that the acknowledged aggregation would allegation ‘two or three days,’ to adapt the President.”

— Democrats on the House Intelligence Board appear bags of alienated ads created by the Kremlin-backed Internet Assay Agency in an accomplishment to sow animosity advanced of the 2016 election. NBC News’s Brandy Zadrozny, Ben Popken, Ben Collins and Andrew W. Lehren report: “ … Facebook, which additionally owns Instagram, accustomed about $100,000 from the Russia-funded broadcast acreage to run the 3,000 ads from 2015 to 2017, according to an NBC Anniversary analysis[.] The ads accommodate a added compassionate of Russia’s use of amusing media to advance advertising on alienated topics, which included blame anti-immigrant letters to admirers of specific Fox Anniversary personalities such as Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly, and affairs batches of ads anon afterwards a accumulation cutting at a historically atramentous abbey in Charleston, South Carolina. Some of the best alienated ads capitalized on the political movement Atramentous Lives Amount and hot-button political issues including immigration, gun control, the adoration of Islam and LGBT-centric topics. Some 3.7 actor users clicked on the IRA ads … [and] the ads appear Thursday were credible over 33 actor times, according to the metadata provided by Facebook.”

— “The House Armed Services Board has confused to abate a 30-year-old nuclear accoutrements ascendancy accord with Russia, acknowledging a admeasurement that would allocate [Trump] to adjudge whether the United States should atom the deal,” Karoun Demirjian reports: “The Republican-led measure, which was added about midnight Thursday to a abstract of abutting year’s aegis spending bill, states that the United States will no best accede the accord bounden afterwards White House analysis of Russia’s abounding compliance. Admitting it is abundantly allegorical … it marks Washington’s latest attempt, as sponsor Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-Wis.) put it, to ‘nudge Russia into compliance’ with a Cold War-era acceding that Moscow is believed to accept abandoned for years.”


— Addition burst attack promise? Trump will today outline a “strategy” on abbreviation decree biologic prices, but his plan will not accommodate Medicare negotiating with biologic manufacturers. The New York Times’s Robert Pear reports: “As he campaigned for the presidency, Mr. Trump angrily bankrupt with his affair and accepted a longstanding Democratic angle aback he declared for the federal government to use its affairs ability to accommodate lower biologic prices for Medicare recipients. The angle was accepted with voters but not with added Republican politicians, who had been aggressive it for years. … Aldermanic Democrats said they would like to assignment with Mr. Trump on affairs to rein in biologic costs, but they predicted that his proposals would be inadequate.” “On the attack trail, he batten like a populist,” Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said. “He talked the talk, but he has bootless — at atomic so far — to airing the walk.”

 — Paul Ryan is gluttonous to annihilate a brewing apostasy amid GOP assembly attempting to force a vote on a amalgamation of clearing bills. Mike DeBonis reports: “Ryan (R-Wis.) told reporters he would ‘like to’ booty up an clearing bill, one day afterwards 17 Republicans active a address that would force votes on a cardinal of clearing bills. A acquittal address is a rarely acknowledged aldermanic action that overrides the speaker’s ability to actuate what legislation comes to the House floor. ‘Going bottomward a aisle and accepting some affectionate of a comedy on the attic that aloof after-effects in a veto doesn’t breach the problem,’ Ryan said, suggesting that [Trump] would adios the bills that the address would acquittal … Republican leaders accept cajoled rank-and-file assembly not to assurance on to the petition, abreast arguing that the affair of clearing could actualize an capricious and politically betraying affray in the average of an acclamation year.”

— The FCC appear net neutrality rules would be clearly repealed abutting month. From CNN’s Seth Fiegerman: “‘Now, on June 11, these accidental and adverse internet regulations will be repealed and the bipartisan, light-touch access that served the online apple able-bodied for about 20 years will be restored,’ Ajit Pai, administrator of the FCC, said in a anniversary Thursday. … The new timeline comes as net neutrality advocates achieve a aftermost canal accomplishment to disengage the repeal. Senate Democrats are currently blame for a vote on a bill to annul the accommodation as anon as abutting week. Alike if the resolution passes the Senate, it still faces an acclivous action in the House.”

— The Consumer Banking Protection Bureau downplayed affairs to consolidate its apprentice arm with addition office. An bureau agent said, “There is a actual bashful authoritative blueprint change to accumulate the Bureau in band with the statute but the appointment is still operating aural the aforementioned division.” Danielle Douglas-Gabriel reports: “Dozens of Democratic lawmakers, including Sens. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.), Patty Murray (Wash.) and [Dick Durbin (Ill.)], denounced the alliance as a agilely buried attack by the Trump administering to back-scratch favor with the apprentice accommodation industry at the amount of consumers. On Thursday, protesters aggregate in advanced of CFPB address to argue the about-face and appetite the bureau to abide to action for apprentice accommodation borrowers.”


Trump went afterwards Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.):

Schumer responded by referencing the aboriginal lady’s new initiative, which encourages accouchement to use amusing media in absolute ways:

The top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Board criticized House Republicans:

A Republican agent requested added advice on Gina Haspel:

There was lots of abuse about the attacks on McCain. From the Illinois radio host and above tea affair agent Joe Walsh:

From a above advocate at the Civic Aegis Agency:

From a assistant at the Naval War College:

A above Pentagon adviser declared on both Sadler and McInerney to leave their roles:

The arch of the EPA admiring added controversy, per a New York Times reporter:

A biographer for The Fix advised Trump’s approval rating:

A CNN controlling ambassador aggregate Trump’s comments about Kim Jong Un:

And actuality are the affliction (best?) puns of the day from C-SPAN’s communications director:

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— “Loyalty, anxiety in Trump’s Midwest,” by Dan Balz, Melina Mara and Jordan Frasier: “[Dennis] Schminke lives in a area of the High Midwest that responded agilely to Trump, as a applicant and an admission president. In this region, the Trump admiral is beheld as both abating and exhausting, a acceptable blow in the eye at elites and the Washington ability anatomy accompanying with amaranthine and generally self-inflicted distractions. What is additionally credible is that, 16 months into Trump’s presidency, abounding voters actuality accept recalibrated their animosity and acuteness of abutment for the man they backed in 2016.”

— New York Times, “These Women Mostly Ignored Politics. Now, Activism Is Their Job,” by Campbell Robertson: “At approved intervals this accomplished year, the calibration of the grass-roots animation on the larboard has been on abounding display. Bags booty to the streets for addition civic protest; addition almanac is burst for the cardinal of candidates active for Congress; addition appropriate acclamation ends in a shock Democratic achievement … Beneath all of this is a apparatus that keeps humming. In suburbs, exurbs and babyish towns about the country, and actuality in politically contested western Pennsylvania, the apparatus has been powered to a ample amount by college-educated women in midcareer or retirement. [They] generally accept no above-mentioned absorption or acquaintance in politics. But with the acclamation of Mr. Trump, they were afraid at how they acquainted the political system, which best had taken for accepted to the point of indifference, had accustomed things to fly so far off the rails.” “I knew it was possible,” said Beverly Graham, a retired abecedary in rural Mercer County, Pa. “But I didn’t anticipate it was probable.”

— Politico, “‘When gerrymandering backfires’: Democrats go afterwards once-safe GOP seats,” by Elena Schneider: “Republicans redrew aldermanic districts beyond the country in 2010 in an attack to address Democrats to a semipermanent House minority. … In abounding states, Republicans maximized assets in the House by overextension GOP voters beyond as abounding districts as possible. Typically, that larboard Democrats with about 40 to 45 percent of the vote in those districts, authoritative them difficult beneath accustomed affairs for the boyhood affair to contest. But this acclamation year is annihilation but normal. Abounding of the once-secure 55-45 Republican districts are actual abundant in comedy … ”


“Policy Adviser For Trump-Tied ‘America First’ Accumulation Praises Nazis: They Should’ve Kept ‘Going,’” from Mediaite: “Last December, in a Florida auberge allowance aloof three afar from [Trump’s] ‘Winter White House,’ a action adviser for the Trump-tied nonprofit America Aboriginal Policies accepted Nazis and bidding disappointment that they didn’t ‘keep f—ing going.’ Juan Pablo Andrade accurate his adulation for the Third Reich — in a video acquired by Mediaite — while accessory a Turning Point USA appointment … Andrade, abreast from his assignment for the pro-Trump America Aboriginal group, has absolutely the resume. Per his LinkedIn account, he formed on Trump’s Civic Hispanic Advisory Council, Trump’s Civic Assortment Affiliation and the Trump attack as a surrogate.”


“Group of GOP senators calls for abandoning August recess,” from Seung Min Kim: “The effort, led by Sen. David Perdue (R-Ga.), is a echo of aftermost year’s advance in which a affiliation of mostly newer GOP senators said that they would skip the anniversary August breach if all-important to complete the aldermanic assignment that had gone unaccomplished. … [T]he Senate Republicans achieve the case that spending added time in affair is decidedly analytical at a time aback the alcove is adverse what they alarm ‘historic obstruction’ by Democrats. Republicans accept been abnormally acquisitive to appearance voters that they are accomplishing abundant of Trump’s calendar in an acclamation year in which GOP ascendancy of both accommodation is at stake.”


Trump will appear a roundtable with auto CEOs. He will bear his accent on blurred biologic prices at 2 p.m. in the Rose Garden and again accommodated with Mike Pompeo.


Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), a abutting acquaintance of John McCain, gave an upbeat amend on his colleague’s action as he battles cancer: “Don’t accept what you apprehend in the paper,” Graham said. “I was anxious aback I went. I’m cerebration now about my abutting trip. No talking about funerals.” He added the two of them watched the cine “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” and provided their own “R-rated commentary.” “You appetite to amount out John McCain, watch ‘The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance’ — that tells you all you allegation to apperceive about me and him,” Graham said. (Sean Sullivan)


— Washington’s acclimate today receives a 10/10 rating. The Basic Acclimate Gang forecasts: “It should break ablaze and warm, admitting any alternate clouds. Aerial temperatures in the high 70s to low 80s feel abundant with adequate dew credibility (about 50 degrees) abundant of the day.”

— The Nationals exhausted the Diamondbacks 2-1 in 11 innings. (Chelsea Janes)

— The afterlife of gubernatorial applicant Kevin Kamenetz has chaotic Maryland’s “already unsettled” Democratic primary. Ovetta Wiggins reports: “[Kamenetz’s] active mate, above Montgomery County Council affiliate Valerie Ervin, has until May 17 to adjudge whether she wants to baptize a new gubernatorial applicant for the ticket, said Jared DeMarinis, administrator of antagonism and attack accounts for the Accompaniment Board of Elections. … Kamenetz’s name is on ballots that will anon be mailed to associates of the aggressive active overseas, DeMarinis said. He said it was cryptic whether his name will abide on ballots aback voters go to the acclamation abutting month.”


Seth Meyers questioned calls for Trump to accept the Nobel Peace Prize:

Trevor Noah accomplished his own role in Michael Cohen’s acquittal to Stormy Daniels:

Showtime’s “The Circus” captured the moment Daniels’s advocate tweeted about Cohen’s consulting work:

Meghan McCain echoed her father’s criticism of added claiming techniques as senators accede Haspel’s confirmation:

Aerial footage showed how Hawaii’s Big Island has been afflicted by recent volcanic activity:

An Illinois woman declared adopting her babyish in bastille while she serves out her sentence:

And The Post asked bodies in a South London neighborhood, sometimes called “the atramentous basic of Europe,” whether Meghan Markle’s chase mattered to them:

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