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[Editor’s Note: The afterward commodity contains spoilers for “BoJack Horseman” Division 6, Allotment II, including the afterpiece and its ending.]

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Even by Raphael Bob-Waksberg’s aerial referential standards, there are a lot of access amid the catastrophe of “BoJack Horseman” and the beginning. In the aboriginal episode, BoJack eats affection bonbon at a abode party. In the finale, he eats affection bonbon at Princess Carolyn’s bells reception. Mr. Peanutbutter’s aboriginal in a continued band of Erica jokes pays off in the afterpiece with the arduous association of Erica’s always-offscreen attendance basic the punchline. The adventure of “Horsin’ Around” arena aback BoJack is apparent facedown in the basin is the aforementioned adventure arena in the hospital when, during an Adventure 1 agitation attack, he thinks he’s dying.

From a contemporary standpoint, the alternation afterpiece additionally works as an admiration to the brand “BoJack” loves and the brand it is; the flash-forward, the seminal event, the alliance of characters, alike the cuts to atramentous (as admitting a bartering is about to play), all actualize the anatomy of so abounding ball endings. Bob-Waksberg batten aboriginal and generally of his adulation for ’90s sitcoms, which accustomed him to not abandoned advertence them with agitated specificity, but accomplish a abundant “Horsin’ Around” adventure all his own. (See: The 2014 “BoJack Horseman Christmas Special.”) But the bashful final moments and accountable amount allege to the series’ affecting foundation. Unlike “Horsin’ Around,” “BoJack Horseman” never promised that “no amount what happens, at the end of 30 minutes, aggregate is activity to be OK.” The alternation confronted addiction and abasement head-on, generally with a accuracy and adventuresomeness few added shows could emulate.

Balance has consistently been the cool tightrope “BoJack Horseman” never fell off. Its roots in cool ball and aphotic ball were what acquired critics to dribble a bit out of the aboideau (or, at least, this critic), clumsy to pin bottomward whether this new appearance from a new architect on a new “online alive service” was aggravating to imitate Developed Swim cartoons, AMC dramas, or absolutely coin its own path. By the end of Division 1, already it accepted the closing to be the case, the altercation confused into what an activated aboriginal aimed at adults could finer accouterment — could a talking horse absolutely be the abutting Don Draper?

For some, the babble never acquired accomplished that brainy alley block. “BoJack Horseman” charcoal an outlier at the Primetime Emmy Awards, nominated for Best Activated Alternation for the aboriginal time aftermost year, and I can’t acquaint you how abounding die-hard TV admirers accept told me the accountable amount is artlessly too adverse to accord with. In the end, “BoJack Horseman” tries to accept it both agency one added time. By blame the baleful horse to the border of afterlife in its penultimate episode, the appearance broaches a achievability it’s been alluding to aback the aperture credits aboriginal ran. BoJack, afterwards a long, awful bender, about drowns in his pond pool. But aloof like Don Draper doesn’t jump off a architecture at the end of “Mad Men,” BoJack additionally survives to attending to the sky and acquisition a blinking of achievement in the future.

That accommodation is apparently for the best. Afterwards all, BoJack said it himself way aback in the pilot. Afterwards the “Horsin’ Around” adventure he’s watching in the hospital ends with The Horse dying — yup, the adventure he watches in the pilot and the afterpiece is the “Horsin Around” catastrophe — BoJack says, “We might’ve gone too aphotic on that alternation finale.” So instead of accepting active dying, “BoJack” examines what it agency to accumulate living; to accumulate active with pain, worry, loss, and all the struggles affronted for so abounding individuals with addiction and/or depression.

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It’s a tricky, aggressive ending, accustomed that it doesn’t accommodate the clear, arc-completing cease generally bestowed by TV endings. “Sometimes life’s a allegation and afresh you aloof accumulate living,” Diane says, and she’s not aloof talking about one affair aback she says it. Activity is a alternation of endings and beginnings, all affiliated by your claimed experience. BoJack learns this the adamantine way, afresh and again, as he tries to alpha over, balloon the past, and become the acceptable actuality he believes himself to be on the inside. (It’s additionally account acquainted that in the Division 1 finale, Secretariat is apparent committing suicide, anon afterwards cogent Baby BoJack, “Don’t you stop running, and don’t you anytime attending abaft you. There’s annihilation for you abaft you. All that exists is what’s ahead.”)

“BoJack Horseman”

Courtesy of Netflix

In Adventure 11, “Sunk Cost and All That,” BoJack gets affronted aback his accomplished is adored by the press. “No amount how abounding starts I get, there’s consistently the aforementioned ending: Aggregate avalanche apart, and I end up alone,” he tells Princess Carolyn, Diane, and Todd, as they try to admonition him amount out what to do next.

Diane’s admonition isn’t aloof for BoJack’s career, but his life: You can’t abjure the accomplished existed; you accept to accede it happened and afresh go through it. As BoJack does this, through one accustomed and addition blighted TV interview, the division and the alternation ability a climax. BoJack’s accessible life, apery his admiration to be admired by everyone, smashes into his clandestine life, area he’s depressed, addicted, and angry. The acme of six seasons spent angry with accepted acumen and self-fulfillment sees our activated antihero laid bald by the publicity apparatus he can’t escape. Adventure 12, “Xerox of a Xerox,” accounting by Nick Adams and directed by Aaron Long, armament the accuracy to appear out already and for all, in a powerful, honest, and anxiety-inducing half-hour.

The consecutive episodes don’t absolutely hit that mark. “The Horny Unicorn” (Episode 13) and “Angela” (Episode 14) are solid entries, actively exploring a clandestine backsliding pushed to an all-too-familiar angled point. But aback BoJack rings the doorbell to his mother’s abode alongside a adolescent Sarah Lynn, things get a bit wobbly. The alternation has a continued history of accomplished boundary-pushing, beginning episodes ashore in an centralized reality. From the near-silent “Fish Out of Water” adventure to the afflicted abutting address active “Stupid Piece of Shit” (not to acceptance the under-appreciated masterpiece “Time’s Arrow”), “BoJack” has begin artistic and able agency to aback actual difficult affecting and brainy experiences. The animation, led by controlling ambassador and assembly artist Lisa Hanawalt, finds evocative, eerily accustomed designs, templates, and through-lines to accompany complicated account to life.

The best Division 6 archetype of this comes in the Diane-focused Adventure 10, “Good Damage,” aback she struggles to address while on anti-depressants. Overall, it’s a accomplished half-hour, amid the series’ aristocratic offerings, and it feels like Adventure 15, “The View From Halfway Down,” carries a analogously absolute ambition. I wouldn’t say the appearance avalanche off its threadbare tightrope — added like it stumbles into the dismount. In aggravating to aback the calmness of BoJack’s activity choices via the ghosts of his past, two block accumulate this addictive banquet affair from extensive its all-important heights.

First, it tips its hand. As anon as BoJack complains about the chlorine in his baptize (to Zach Braff, who died a best memorable afterlife in Division 4), it’s bright that, aback in reality, he’s drowning in his pool. That undercuts a lot of the abstruseness and astriction accustomed by the dream itself, authoritative the eyewitness crave resolution in the absolute apple over annihilation that happens in BoJack’s mind. (Also, Herb eliminates the accessible religious account for this episode’s artifice by emphasizing they’re not activity through the aperture together, to addition place. So this isn’t “BoJack’s” “International Assassin” access — it’s aloof a dream, not a dream that could additionally be apprehend as addition reality.) These decisions additionally put a lot of burden on the banquet affair conversations to accommodate either answers or affecting revelations, and while BoJack’s buzz alarm to Diane does prove somewhat important to the finale, the blow is rehashing acquaint these characters already shared. They can’t absolutely sustain the abounding episode. Moments are unnerving, like Secretariat’s title-inspiring balladry account (“The View From Halfway Down”), but the accretion of the adventure doesn’t feel like the best use of the series’ little actual time.

“BoJack Horseman”

Courtesy of Netflix

The penultimate adventure improves on additional viewing, already you apperceive what happens to BoJack, but the way it leads into the absurd bait-and-switch(es) of his fate in the afterpiece doesn’t ball able-bodied in real-time either. It’s as admitting you’re accepted to accept BoJack absolutely did annihilate himself, and afresh cackle in abatement both times those fake-outs are exposed. Yes, they’re references to Division 1, yes, they’re in band with BoJack’s bold faculty of humor, but the eyewitness ends up activity like Diane on the added end of the phone, afterwards audition BoJack’s voicemail: You charge to apperceive what absolutely happened to this appearance you’ve appear to affliction about, in animosity of his actions, and no one is giving you a beeline answer.

Episode 15 feels like “BoJack Horseman: The Drama” while the alpha of Adventure 16 feels like “BoJack Horseman: The Sitcom,” and (for once) the alloy doesn’t appear calm as allotment of the series’ almighty and adroit new genre. But it still sticks the landing. BoJack gets admirable final moments with anniversary of the amount casting members. His time on the bank with Todd is the arcadian end to their abstruse and asinine friendship, as Todd quotes the “Hokey Pokey” of all things to advance BoJack in the appropriate direction. While dancing with Princess Carolyn, they barter thoughts about the bigger TV catastrophe for her wedding, and in accomplishing so, admonish admirers that adulation doesn’t accept to be dramatic. (Not to mention, that best adulation belief are told from a man’s perspective.) And finally, BoJack and Diane’s aftermost rooftop babble closes a bend that won’t close. Afterlife is the ultimate end, but neither of them has died. Activity rolls forward. She’s in Houston, autograph for pleasure, her new husband, Guy, by her side, and he’s, well, he’s demography it one footfall at a time. “It’s a nice night.” Appreciating that, in the moment, is all they need.

Given the timing, accountable matter, and the actuality that both shows’ finales affection a aperture that leads to abiding nothingness, “BoJack Horseman” is apprenticed to be compared to “The Acceptable Place” in the actual future. But its catastrophe sounds a bit like “Mad Men,” doesn’t it? Peggy ends up accustomed and married, while Don survives a brainy breakdown to booty one added ache at his active career. Might as able-bodied be Diane and BoJack. But area “BoJack Horseman” separates itself from any of its authority TV aeon — sitcoms or dramas — is in its self-aware evolution.

“BoJack” helped coalesce the TV-MA era of developed animation, yes, addition the banned of what a ball can and should do with the artistic authorization alive can offer. (Note: Best episodes are 26 minutes, and alike aback affluence of alternation afterpiece alarm in at feature-length runtimes, “Nice While It Lasted” gives itself aloof one added minute.) From the accelerated jokes, to the alliterative answer strings, to the pun-filled visuals, “BoJack Horseman” is an admirable comedy. Yet as a drama, it took a appearance blazon on its way out the door, accustomed why so abounding antiheroes were actuality abolished post-Don Draper, and acclimatized accordingly. The catastrophe reflects the #MeToo era in a way its predecessors couldn’t, and that took a lot of abutting brooding and acceptance on the allotment of an acutely anxious assembly team. (Not to mention: The adventuresomeness Bob-Waksberg shows in analytical his advance appearance this acerb risks the affectionate of defection Jerry Seinfeld faced aback he threw his aggregation in bastille to end “Seinfeld.”)

“BoJack Horseman” affiliated to what came afore after relying on the accomplished for a way out. Balancing its tones, ambitions, and abysmal account for its characters, the alternation emerges an unparalleled original. No added horse than a man, no added man than a horse. It’s both.

“BoJack Horseman” is accessible to beck in its absoluteness on Netflix.

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