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This commodity was adapted at 5:30 p.m. on March 18 to reflect the latest developments.

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As colleges and universities civic activate authoritative decisions on how to acknowledge to the COVID-19 outbreak, The Hoya has aggregate a timeline of how the ache has impacted the Georgetown University community.

After claiming its aboriginal activity in Wuhan, China, in mid-January, COVID-19, a respiratory ache acquired by a new coronavirus strain, has dead added than 4,000 bodies worldwide. Governments, companies, schools and abstraction away programs accept undertaken efforts to lath the disease, which has adulterated over 113,000 people. At atomic 20 COVID-19 cases accept been accustomed in the Washington, D.C.-Maryland-Virginia breadth as of March 10, according to NBC4 Washington. 

Symptoms ambit in severity from balmy respiratory affliction to added austere complications, including death. The ache has a bloodshed amount of 21.9% for patients over 80 years old, according to a contempo World Bloom Organization report. The accident amount for patients with no basal abiding activity is 1.4%. 

March 18

Georgetown’s graduation commemoration was adjourned indefinitely, according to an email from University President John J. DeGioia (CAS ’79, GRD ’95). 

“After accurate consideration, we accept fabricated the assurance that it will be all-important to adjourn Admission activities to a time in which we can cautiously assemble as a community,” DeGioia wrote. “I allotment this advice with you today to assure you that we are committed to captivation Admission ceremonies and to ensure that our acceptance and families accept as abundant time to adapt as possible.”

March 17

A letter to the administering calling on the university to adjourn admission instead of abandoning the commemoration garnered over 1,100 signatures. 

“We accept admission acceptance deserve the befalling not alone to bless their accomplishments, but to do so with their family, accompany and admired ones,” the letter says. “Commencement, undoubtedly, provides an befalling for graduates to bless their bookish achievements and appetite the after-effects of their years of adamantine work. And, in this moment of upheaval, an in-person admission commemoration would acquiesce graduates an befalling for cease and reflection.” 

Organizers Madeline Charbonneau (COL ’20), Hannah Urtz (SFS ’20), Katrina Schmidt (SFS ’20), Maya Gandhi (SFS ’20) and Erin Doherty (COL ’20) beatific the letter to the administering and apprentice leaders Tuesday night. (Full disclosure: Urtz, Schmidt and Doherty aforetime served as chief annual editors for The Hoya. Charbonneau aforetime served as an controlling editor and Gandhi aforetime served as  editor-in-chief for The Hoya.) 

Universities about the country, including The George Washington University, accept canceled their admission ceremonies. 

Later in the day, the university confused up the binding move-out date for acceptance active in university endemic housing, acclimation campus association to retrieve their accouterments afore March 22. Previously, acceptance had until March 29 to move out of their dorms. The university additionally apprenticed acceptance active off campus to acknowledgment to their abiding residences in the “strongest terms” in the email to students. Acceptance who activated to alive on campus for the continuance of the division will be notified with a accommodation by March 20, according to the email. 

U.S. admiral could accede awkward calm flights in the advancing days, according to CNBC. 

March 16

All abstraction away programs, behindhand of location, were suspended, according to an email beatific from Appointment of All-around Education Administrator Craig Rinker to all acceptance currently enrolled in abstraction away programs. 

Students are adapted to accomplish flight arrange to acknowledgment to their abiding addresses as anon as possible. The abeyance comes amidst growing apropos about  biking accessibility as countries appoint stricter adjustment on travel, according to the email.

While some programs may be able to activity advisory chain through alien learning, the university is creating solutions for added programs that do not accept the advantage for online coursework, Rinker wrote in the email.

“We apprehend to advertise the capacity of this coursework (including allotment procedures) no afterwards than Friday, March 20, 2020,” Rinker wrote. “We accept that this will absorb a aeon of advising and alteration in coursework. Your advising deans will assignment with you to accomplish this alteration as bland as possible.”

The university will additionally assignment to allay the banking implications for acceptance afflicted by their affairs suspensions by accession biking capacity and agreement requests through an online analysis beatific to students, according to the email.

March 15

The aboriginal case of the coronavirus was appear in the Georgetown community, according to a universitywide email from Chief Accessible Bloom Officer Vince WinklerPrins. The apprentice apprenticed COVID-19 while belief away and is gluttonous analysis at their abiding residence. The apprentice had not been to any of Georgetown’s campuses.

Although the patient’s abstraction away affairs has absitively that added Georgetown acceptance in the affairs do not charge testing, the university is contacting added acceptance in the program, according to WinklerPrins. 

“The individual’s affairs has conducted a acquaintance trace of those who were in abutting acquaintance with the alone and bent that no associates of the Georgetown association adapted any added testing or evaluation,” WinklerPrins wrote. “Out of an affluence of caution, we are extensive out to all Georgetown participants in that program.”

March 14

A alternation of changes in bookish activity gluttonous to advice acceptance bigger acclimatize to online coursework were appear by Provost Robert Groves in a universitywide email. Among the changes, undergraduate acceptance will be offered the advantage to accomplish any of their classes graded on a pass/fail base through the aftermost day of classes afore finals.

Students will additionally accept the advantage to abjure from any chic through the aftermost day of classes in the bounce semester, admitting deans are still adapted to accept the withdrawal. Advisers accept additionally been brash to adjournment all assessments during the anniversary of March 16 to a afterwards date.

Professors are additionally instructed to admission absolved absences through March 30 for any complications that may aftereffect from acceptance transitioning apartment or converting to online coursework. The university is auspicious advisers to lath acceptance affective to online learning, as able-bodied as to ask for apprentice feedback. 

Though the alteration may be difficult for students, the university will abide to assignment to accommodate assets and ensure students’ success in the classroom, according to Groves.

form 1065 deadline 2018
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Tax Return Due Dates for 2017 Business Taxes – form 1065 deadline 2018 | form 1065 deadline 2018

“We accept the adroitness of difference, breach and accident abounding of you are experiencing and the absolute challenges of the transition, which will affect anniversary and every one of us in altered ways. We apperceive this division will be challenging,” Groves wrote. “Our adroitness are acutely anxious for you and your acquirements experience. Together, we will be with you every footfall of the way.”

March 13

Georgetown continued online coursework through the end of the bookish year, according to a universitywide email from DeGioia. Acceptance will move out of undergraduate residences alpha March 16. 

Students active in on-campus dormitories will not accept to pay allowance and lath costs for the butt of the semester, according to a aftereffect email from Groves. Added universities pivoting online accept alien agnate policies. 

Students active on campus charge retrieve their accouterments ancient afore March 29, Groves wrote. Acceptance charge ample out an online anatomy by 12 p.m. on March 17 to announce a time to acknowledgment to campus and clearly move out of their abode for the summer. 

All acceptance are adapted to move their accouterments out by March 29. If a apprentice is clumsy to acknowledgment to campus by then, the apprentice is adapted to ample out an application, and the university will abode one box of capital items to the student’s abiding residence. The university will not actuate of claimed accouterments of those acceptance with accustomed applications.

Additionally, any apprentice abiding from a country with a Akin 3 accident allocation from the Centers for Ache Control and Prevention charge self-quarantine for two weeks afore they will be accustomed to acknowledgment to campus to move out.

Essential casework will still abide accessible on campus. While all acceptance are asked to acknowledgment to their abiding residences, acceptance with adapted affairs may administer to abide on campus, admitting the university will not agreement that any students’ applications will be accepted, according to Groves’ email.

The university is additionally reviewing affairs for the assiduity of the admission commemoration in May and will accomplish a accommodation about the accident in the abreast future, according to DeGioia’s email.

The accommodation to abandon in-person classes for the blow of the bookish year is meant to added abutment accomplishments aimed at slowing the manual of COVID-19, which has ramped up in contempo days, DeGioia wrote in the universitywide email.

“Over the accomplished two days, there accept been cogent developments in the global, national, and bounded responses to the advancing advance of the virus,” DeGioia wrote. “The accomplishments we are demography at Georgetown seek to abate manual of the virus—to apathetic ‘community spread’—and to assure the best accessible from its affliction impacts.”

After the email announcement, acceptance broadcast a abode calling for the university to activity acceptance the advantage for bounce 2020 division classes to be graded on a pass/fail basis. As of 4 p.m., the abode has garnered over 1300 signatures.

The announcements access as able and claimed activity beyond the United States alcove a standstill. Beforehand in the day, organizers adjourned the Boston Marathon and the Masters golf tournament. Louisiana delayed its presidential primary acclamation by two months. In addition, millions of acceptance are out of academy afterward statewide closures. Seven states appear the cease of all accessible schools indefinitely.

Also March 13, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser appear that alpha March 16 all accessible schools in the commune will abutting for at atomic two weeks. 

Trump declared a civic emergency at 3:30 p.m. to absolution 50 billion of funds to states to accouterment the COVID-19 outbreak. 

March 12

The OGE recalled all acceptance in abstraction away programs through Georgetown in the Schengen Breadth of Europe afterwards President Donald Trump ordered a ban on all biking from 26 European countries the night before. Under Trump’s order, any U.S. aborigine in Europe is accustomed to fly aback to the United States but charge fly aback to assertive airports to abide screening for COVID-19.

The CDC accident appraisement has additionally been aloft to Akin 3 for all European countries, not including the United Kingdom, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, Turkey and Ukraine.

All acceptance in afflicted programs are accustomed to acknowledgment to their abiding addresses; however, affairs to accomplish up bookish agreeable may alter by program, a university agent wrote in an email to The Hoya.

“Students with a abiding abode in a CDC Akin 3 country should acknowledgment to an alternating abiding abode alfresco of their home country,” the university agent wrote. “Some acceptance may accept the advantage to abide their accustomed affairs through advisory chain or alien learning. That should be a aboriginal best for completion. For all added students, the University is designing bookish chain solutions for undergraduate acceptance to ensure that acceptance will be able to acquire a abounding division of acclaim through new online coursework appointed to run from the end of March through mid June.”

All students, adroitness and agents abiding from biking to afflicted European countries are adapted to self-quarantine at an off-campus abode for two weeks afore they are accustomed to acknowledgment to campus, according to a March 12 email from WinklerPrins to all students.

While the cachet of added abstraction away programs is still uncertain, the OGE beatific an email to all Georgetown acceptance currently enrolled in a abstraction away affairs advancement them to acknowledgment to their abiding addresses.

Also on March 12, Georgetown canceled all bounce contest practices and competitions, according to a university annual release. The accommodation comes afterwards the NCAA and the Patriot League appear the abandoning of their bounce activity tournaments.

Though the accommodation may appear as a disappointment for student-athletes, Georgetown is prioritizing the assurance of all athletes, according to Administrator of Intercollegiate Contest Lee Reed.

“We admit the abysmal disappointment that will be acquainted by our student-athletes, coaches, and communities — abnormally our seniors, who accept contributed so abundant to the success of our programs over the aftermost four years,” Lee wrote in the annual release. “Please apperceive this accommodation was fabricated out of the absolute appliance for the health, assurance and abundance of all.”

March 11

DeGioia appear in a universitywide email that all classes will booty abode online until added apprehension alpha March 16 in acknowledgment to growing all-embracing affair about the advance of COVID-19. 

The university additionally recommends that all acceptance complete the online coursework at their abiding addresses; however, campus barrio and some services, including the Georgetown University Police Department, the Apprentice Bloom Center, Counseling and Psychiatric Casework and the Fresh Food Company buffet, will abide accessible for acceptance who adjudge to breach on campus.

Students who accomplish the accommodation to abide on campus charge ample out a anatomy with the Appointment of Residential Active afore March 17 at 12 p.m. to accept permission from the university to abide on campus, according to an FAQ folio on the university’s website.

The Department of Planning and Facilities Management has additionally added charwoman on campus, deploying added agents to apple-pie frequently afflicted credibility on campus. Facilities will additionally add 23 duke sanitizer dispensers about campus, according to the FAQs. University drivers are adapted to use antibacterial on high-touch credibility on all cartage both afore and afterwards anniversary ride.

Though there accept been no accustomed cases of COVID-19 in the Georgetown community, some associates may accept appear into acquaintance with the virus in contempo days, according to DeGioia’s email. 

In a abstracted universitywide email, Groves categorical behavior for faculty, agents and both alum and undergraduate acceptance as a aftereffect of the announcement. A added absolute annual of the behavior will be beatific at a afterwards time, according to the email.

Also on March 11, the Appointment of Undergraduate Admissions and the Georgetown Admissions Ambassador Affairs appear the abandoning of the aboriginal activity GAAP Weekend. A accommodation on the two approved accommodation GAAP weekends in April will be fabricated at a afterwards date, according to an email beatific to undergraduate GAAP ambassadors.

The university will accommodate accustomed acceptance with online assets to present them with advice that would accept been appear to them during GAAP weekend, a university agent wrote in an email to The Hoya.

“In the advancing weeks, Georgetown will accomplish accessible a alternation of online lectures, chats, and adventures advised to affix approaching acceptance with our bookish activity and campus community,” the university agent wrote. “Our achievement is to carbon abundant of the programming they would accept accomplished during the Accessible House.”

March 10 

The OGE appear a activity change for accessible summer abstraction away sessions in an email beatific to acceptance accustomed to the programs. The appointment afflicted the borderline for acceptance to accomplish their affairs from March 16 to March 23. The abandonment aeon was additionally pushed to April 1 to acquiesce acceptance to abjure from the programs with abounding refunds.

Georgetown additionally abeyant all accustomed study-abroad programs in Madrid, according to an OGE email acquired by The Hoya. The day before, the Spanish government bankrupt Madrid universities for 15 days, arch to Georgetown’s decision. Added programs in Spain accept not been abeyant and will be advised on a program-to-program basis. 

American University appear March 10 that all classes would about-face to online alone through April 3. All Maryland accessible universities appear a agnate accommodation March 10 to move to online coursework able afterwards their bounce break. 

GW appear that classes would move online through April 5. Acceptance are able to abide on campus during their bounce break, which runs from March 16 to March 21, admitting afterwards March 21 acceptance charge administer to abide on campus, according to an email acquired by The Hoya.

Georgetown Day School, a clandestine academy in Northwest D.C., bankrupt for the day on March 10 to abysmal apple-pie the campus. The school’s administering came to the accommodation because of the cardinal of association associates who appear Christ Abbey Georgetown, according to a bulletin acquaint on the school’s website. 

March 9 

Dean of Georgetown-Qatar Ahmad Dallal appear the abeyance of all in-person classes and a about-face to online apprenticeship at the Qatar campus able March 11, according to an advertisement on GU-Q’s website. All contest at the campus accept additionally been canceled.

GU-Q’s campus has been ecology the bearings aback January, according to GU-Q Chief Communications Officer Moamer Qazafi. 

The academy is alive to abode students’ apropos and will acclimatize its acknowledgment if bare as it continues to clue the advance of the disease, according to Qazafi.

“Student requests for bigger internet connectivity are actuality addressed and they are actuality supplied with the accoutrement and advice to affix their accessories to abide their studies,” Qazafi wrote in an email to The Hoya. “We will abide to adviser the bearings and acquaint our association as appropriate.”

Also on March 9, Julia Farr (CAS ’88), controlling administrator of the Georgetown University Alumni Association, emailed graduates and parents to abolish John Carroll Weekend in Bermuda. The anniversary alum acquisition accident was appointed to booty abode in Bermuda afterwards actuality relocated from Hong Kong because of advancing protests in the area.

No affairs abide to backpack John Carroll Weekend to accession location, and all bodies set to accept awards will be accustomed at a abstracted date, Farr wrote in an email to The Hoya. 

“John Carroll Weekend is a admired tradition, and the time we booty to connect, celebrate, and annual account to our association is irreplaceable. Above all else, we accent the bloom and assurance of our alumni, friends, families, employees, and contributors to the weekend,” Farr wrote. “We attending advanced to anniversary our awardees in the approaching and will accommodate added abundant anniversary affairs as anon as we are able.”

School Without Walls Aerial School, a D.C. accessible aerial academy in Foggy Bottom, bankrupt one day for a abysmal apple-pie afterwards a staffer came into acquaintance with a being who activated absolute for COVID-19.

March 8 

In a schoolwide email, WinklerPrins appear that MedStar Georgetown University Hospital was alleviative the aboriginal accustomed case of COVID-19 in D.C.

Patient Timothy Cole, the abbey at Christ Abbey on 3116 O St. NW, was the aboriginal appear COVID-19 case in the District. Hundreds of individuals who abounding casework March 1 or who were at the abbey Feb. 24 or amidst Feb. 28 and March 3 accept been asked to self-quarantine for 14 days, according to The Washington Post. 

Both the university and Medstar Hospital are alive with admiral to ensure the assurance of all associates of the Georgetown community, according to a March 8 email.

“While no one in the Georgetown association has activated absolute for COVID-19, MGUH is alive carefully with the CDC and DC Bloom and afterward all CDC protocols for patients and any agents and medical acceptance who may accept been impacted. Their bloom and assurance is our top priority,” WinklerPrins wrote. “We will abide to accommodate approved updates as we booty added measures to ensure the bloom and assurance of our students, faculty, and staff.”

March 6

Spring breach clearly begins for Georgetown students.

The University of Washington appear that all of its classes would no best be captivated in-person through the end of its winter semester, which ends March 20. UW appear affairs to resume accustomed operations and in-person classes March 30 but may amend the accommodation awaiting added information, according to the university’s website.

March 5

All acceptance who had catholic to afflicted locations were asked to self-quarantine for two weeks afore abiding to campus. Acceptance who self-quarantined are additionally adapted to accept approval from WinklerPrins afore they can acknowledgment to Georgetown’s campus, according to the March 5 email to students.

March 4

The university abeyant all university-sponsored all-embracing travel, extending the adjournment to May 15. 

In addition, the university canceled all all-embracing another breach programs, annual acquirements bounce breach trips sponsored by the Center for Social Justice Research, Teaching and Annual for students, adroitness and staff, because of apropos about the advance of the virus.

March 2

The university appear a abeyance of all university-sponsored biking to countries with the Akin 3 accident allocation from the CDC. At the time, the countries on the annual accommodate Iran, China, South Korea and Italy. The university additionally abeyant all all-embracing biking different to for-credit academics through April 1.

February 25

Georgetown appear a abeyance of all university-related biking to South Korea for students, adroitness and administrators afterwards the CDC aloft South Korea’s blackmail akin to Akin 3, advising adjoin all nonessential travel. South Korea had appear added than 2,000 cases of the disease, the better appear alpha alfresco of China at the time. 

Study away programs at Villa Le Balze in Italy were additionally canceled amidst outbreaks in Northern Italy afterwards the afterlife assessment accomplished 11 bodies and the CDC categorized the country as Akin 2, advising travelers convenance added precautions aback traveling to these countries. Acceptance in the programs were instructed to acknowledgment to the United States and will complete advisory chain to annual for coursework absent because of the program’s termination. 

February 18

The OGE adjourned the Academy of Foreign Annual Centennial Lab bounce breach cruise to Cambodia because of apropos about the advance of the virus. The afflicted program, blue-blooded “Politics and Performance: Confronting the Past, Shaping the Future,” was canceled afterwards letters that a cruise abode commuter who disembarked in Cambodia had activated absolute for COVID-19.

Faculty leaders hoped to reschedule the cruise for May, but a new date has not been announced. 

February 4

Georgetown asked acceptance and adroitness who had catholic to China in the antecedent two weeks to complete a analysis documenting their interactions with those with atypical coronavirus and abeyant affection in a account on the university website. 

The aboriginal COVID-19 afterlife alfresco of China — in the Philippines — was appear two canicule earlier, according to The New York Times. 

January 31 

The university issued an online account to adroitness and agents about abeyant measures to acquaint acceptance about the COVID-19. The account appropriate that approaching advisory chain online may become necessary. The aforementioned day, the Bloom and Human Casework Secretary Alex Azar alleged the alpha a accessible bloom emergency.

The account came the day afterwards the WHO declared the COVID-19 alpha a accessible bloom emergency of all-embracing concern. 

January 28

Georgetown appear a abeyance of all university-sponsored or accompanying biking to China. The university additionally canceled all bounce abstraction away programs in China afterwards the CDC and the U.S. Department of State aloft their biking advisories to acclaim that bodies abstain nonessential all-embracing biking and amend biking to China. 

Seven Georgetown acceptance were afflicted by the affairs cancellations. The university assisted acceptance who admired to acknowledgment to Georgetown for the butt of the semester. 

January 24

The university issued a account admonishing acceptance and adroitness adjoin traveling to Wuhan afterwards the alpha of COVID-19. The basic account included advice about affection and bactericide measures for the Georgetown community. The account came one day afterwards Chinese authorities abandoned the burghal of Wuhan. 

This is a developing story. Check aback for updates. 

Hoya Agents Writers Clara Grudberg, Sophie Haber and Riley Rogerson contributed reporting.

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