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Let’s alpha at the top. Aback did this Trump-Russia analysis begin? 🇷🇺

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Two years, or about a actor annual cycles ago, accord or take. The FBI’s aboriginal Trump-Russia investigation got underway in the summer afore the 2016 campaign, admitting the accessible wasn’t absolutely acquainted of it then. (In adverse to the acutely accessible FBI analysis of Hillary Clinton’s use of a clandestine email server, the bureau followed agreement and never about accustomed that Donald Trump’s presidential attack was beneath analysis for its ties to a adverse adopted government.)

The little advertisement on the delving at the time underplayed the force of the investigation. Not continued afore the election, The New York Times said in a allotment blue-blooded “Investigating Donald Trump, F.B.I. Sees No Bright Articulation to Russia,” that lath had not “found any absolute or absolute articulation amidst Mr. Trump and the Russian government.”

It wasn’t until continued afterwards Trump’s acclamation that then-FBI Administrator James Comey in March 2017 about accepted the bureau’s analysis of access amidst Trump assembly and the Russian government. The Times afterwards accepted that its pre-election adventure “gave an air of certitude to an analysis that was aloof beginning” and active the key actuality of the analysis into the Trump campaign’s Russia ties.

When and why did Robert Mueller get circuitous in all this? 🚨

In May 2017, Trump accursed Comey, and said a day afterwards that Russia was on his apperception aback he fabricated the decision. Agent Advocate Accepted Rod Rosenstein was administering the Russia delving at the time because Advocate General Jeff Sessions recused himself from any investigations involving the Trump attack (Sessions’ recusal accommodation came amidst accessible burden over his abortion to acknowledge that he met with the Russian agent during the Trump campaign).

With the bureau in agitation over Comey’s firing, Rosenstein declared Robert Swan Mueller III (aka “Bobby Three Sticks”) as appropriate admonition on May 17, 2017. That day, Mueller issued the alone accessible annual he’s issued aback he took the job: “I acquire this albatross and will acquittal it to the best of my ability.”

Rosenstein said at the time that his accommodation was based on the different diplomacy of the situation. He said that the “public absorption requires me to abode this analysis beneath the ascendancy of a actuality who contest a amount of ability from the accustomed alternation of command.”

Hold on, didn’t Rosenstein accept article to do with Comey’s firing?

Yup. Rosenstein, at Trump’s request, wrote a acknowledged announcement that fabricated the case for Comey’s firing. Ironically, while Trump continued insisted that Comey went too accessible on Hillary Clinton, Rosenstein’s case was that Comey’s accessible declarations about the Clinton email analysis during the 2016 attack were arbitrary and abandoned Amends Department protocol. It allegedly didn’t amount a ton, because Trump said he was activity to blaze Comey no amount what Rosenstein’s letter said. But that was the official adventure the White House approved selling: that Trump accursed Comey because he was arbitrary to Clinton. Rosenstein, meanwhile, was reportedly agitated that the White House casting him as the guy who instigated Comey’s firing.

What’s Robert Mueller’s job?

Rosenstein’s announcement tasked Mueller with investigating “any links and/or allocation amidst the Russian government and individuals associated with the attack of Admiral Donald Trump,” as able-bodied as “any diplomacy that arose or may appear anon from the investigation.”

Illustration: HuffPost; Photo: Reuters Admiral George W. Bush, right, appear the arrangement of U.S. Advocate Robert Mueller as the new FBI director on July 5, 2001.

So what is a appropriate counsel, anyway?

A lot like a approved prosecutor, but they accept a bit added ability from the accustomed alternation of command. Federal regulations say that a appropriate admonition can be appointed if there’s a battle of absorption or there are “extraordinary circumstances.”

A appropriate admonition isn’t the aforementioned as an absolute counsel, the blazon of analysis aimed at above Admiral Bill Clinton. The absolute admonition statute expired in 1999, and a appropriate admonition isn’t absolutely as absolute as an absolute counsel. Mueller, as appropriate counsel, letters to Rosenstein. But the appropriate admonition regulations don’t acquiesce Mueller to be accursed as appropriate admonition afterwards acceptable cause.

Didn’t the White House affirmation Trump could blaze Robert Mueller, though?

They did. It’s a bit of a black acknowledged issue. A added believable book is that Trump could adjustment Rosenstein to blaze Mueller, which Rosenstein would about absolutely debris to do. It would set up a bearings agnate to Nixon’s “Saturday Night Massacre,” in which the admiral has to assignment bottomward the alternation of command ― via firings or resignations ― until he finds addition accommodating to backpack out his order.

Some Republicans accept adumbrated they wouldn’t angle for Trump battlefront Mueller. Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa said it would be “suicide.” But arresting Trump backers accept affianced in a diffuse attack adjoin the Mueller delving that has assertive abounding Trump supporters that the admiral is actuality unfairly afflicted by the “deep state.” That would accord Trump at atomic some political awning to blaze Mueller.

What’s Robert Mueller’s accord again?

Well, he’s a Republican, for starters. And ― at atomic until he took on the appropriate admonition gig ― politicians on both abandon of the alley were appealing big fans.

Mueller is a Princeton alum and a awful busy Marine Corps administrator who served in Vietnam. He spent best of his career in the Amends Department. Admiral Ronald Reagan bankrupt him to serve as U.S. advocate for the District of Massachusetts, and he afterwards headed the Amends Department’s Bent Division, a key role in which he oversaw hundreds of attorneys and supervised above prosecutions. Afterwards Admiral Bill Clinton’s election, Mueller did what a lot of D.C. attorneys do aback their activity is out of power: He took a accumulated law gig.

Sounds appealing typical.

It was. But Mueller wasn’t continued for the accumulated world. He anon rang up Eric Holder, who was afresh confined as U.S. advocate for the District of Columbia, a different appointment in that it prosecutes both federal and bounded crimes in the nation’s capital. Washington had a absolutely aerial assassination amount at the time, and Mueller capital to run annihilation cases. He “became the oldest and best doubtful amateur in the history of the assassination bureau,” and afterwards headed up the office’s assassination section.

Mueller was afresh declared U.S. advocate for the Northern District of California, area he served until his activity took aback ability and the George W. Bush administering asked him to serve as acting agent advocate general, the No. 2 atom at the Amends Department. Bush afterwards nominated him as FBI director, and he started the gig a anniversary afore the Sept. 11, 2001, agitator attacks, which sparked the transformation of the bureau into a counterterrorism agency.

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Mueller was so well-respected that the Senate absolutely continued his 10-year appellation as FBI administrator for an added two years aback in 2011. Mueller stepped bottomward as FBI administrator in 2013, afterwards the longest administering of any FBI administrator aback J. Edgar Hoover.

He absolutely raked in the chef aback he jumped aback to the clandestine sector, didn’t he? 💰💰💰

He did. Mueller larboard his WilmerHale bacon abaft aback he was declared as appropriate counsel, and he additionally managed to argue a few colleagues at his above law abutting to accord up their advantageous gigs and accompany his team.

All right, but what about this Rosenstein guy? Trump and Fox Annual hosts don’t assume to like him absolute much. Is he a Democrat?

You sure?

Yes. He’s a constant Republican. He alike wrote a letter to his academy bi-weekly accusatory about its “disgraceful” attitude adjoin Reagan supporters and advancement it to “recognize and annual the address Reagan has to the boilerplate American.” Early in his career, Rosenstein formed with adolescent Republican Ken Starr, the absolute admonition who advised Bill Clinton.

Illustration: HuffPost; Photo: Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images Agent Advocate Accepted Rod Rosenstein announces indictments adjoin 12 Russian intelligence agents on July 13.

Rosenstein is not from Baltimore. He’s lived in the D.C. suburb of Bethesda, Maryland, for years. He formed out of an appointment in Baltimore aback he was U.S. advocate for the District of Maryland, a position he was aboriginal appointed to by Admiral George W. Bush (who afterwards nominated Rosenstein as a federal appeals cloister judge).

Another appealing solid adumbration that Rosenstein is a Republican? The actuality that Republican Admiral Donald Trump nominated him to the analytical agent position at the Amends Department.

So why are Trump supporters assault up on a Republican like Rosenstein? 🐘

Put simply, to assure Trump. Rosenstein is the guy administering the Mueller probe, which Trump has declared a “witch hunt.” So, beneath the guise of aldermanic oversight, they’ve been authoritative Rosenstein a target. Unlike Trump, Rosenstein respects the acceptable capacity amidst the White House and the Amends Department.

What’s this about impeaching Rosenstein? Can you alike accuse a agent advocate general?

House Republicans accept talked about captivation Rosenstein in contempt, and for months accept alike floated the abstraction of impeaching him. Some of Trump’s bigger supporters on Capitol Hill did end up introducing accessories of accusation adjoin Rosenstein in backward July. Accusation ― which the Constitution assembly with treason, bribery, or added aerial crimes and misdemeanors ― is acutely absolutely rare, and it’s alike added attenuate for non-presidents. The aftermost time a affiliate of the controlling annex who wasn’t the admiral was accusable by the House was way aback in 1876. Raising the anticipation of impeaching the No. 2 official at the Amends Department over a certificate altercation is absolutely extraordinary. House Speaker Paul Ryan said he’s not on board.

OK, Mueller and Rosenstein are both Republicans. So what’s all this about Mueller’s aggregation actuality a agglomeration of Democrats?

It’s accurate that there are a cardinal of registered Democrats on Mueller’s team. The Washington Column activate that 13 of 17 bodies had ahead registered as Democrats and that nine had donated to Democrats. Six had donated to Hillary Clinton.

But it’s important to attending at that accomplishment in context. Federal prosecutors are accustomed to booty allotment in a cardinal of political activities aback they’re off the clock, and there’s declared to be a attitude of federal prosecutors abrogation their backroom at the door. Mueller additionally wasn’t declared to booty political amalgamation into application aback authoritative hiring decisions. And the actuality that the absolute analysis is actuality run by a Republican and is overseen by a Republican ― who Trump himself nominated ― affectionate of undermines that talking point.

So how abundant has the Mueller analysis cost?

Roughly $7.7 actor as of March 31. That’s about what the federal government spends in a archetypal minute. The Amends Department’s annual for 2018 was $28.1 billion.

What’s Mueller got to actualization for it?

A accomplished agglomeration of indictments and several accusable pleas. Mueller’s aggregation has been circuitous in indicting 32 bodies and three Russian companies. Mueller’s aggregation has anchored the indictments of four Trump attack officials: Paul Manafort, Richard Gates, George Papadopoulos and Michael Flynn. All but Manafort accept accomplished appeal deals. One of Manafort’s two trials (it’s complicated) is set to activate afterwards this month.

The majority of those answerable in the Mueller delving ― 26 Russian nationals ― are absurd to actualization up in an American cloister anytime soon. But two above indictments this year offered an outline of above Russian efforts to baffle in the 2016 election.

Illustration: HuffPost; Photo: Getty Images At a audition beforehand this month, Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) had posters printed with images of those who accept pleaded accusable in the Mueller probe.

One of the indictments was about Russian Facebook and Twitter trolls, right? 💻

Right. So aback in February, a federal admirable board accusable 13 Russians answerable in a cabal to access the 2016 acclamation through their use of amusing media. The admirable board activate there was apparent annual that the Russians airish as Americans and purchased political advertisements and organized political rallies with the aim of advocacy Trump and calumniating Clinton.

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It’s a appealing alluring case. The accusation alleges that the Russians had a multimillion-dollar operation aimed at administering “information warfare adjoin the United States of America.” They affected to be Americans and set up groups and pages that addressed alienated political and amusing issues, with names like “Secured Borders,” “Blacktivist,” “United Muslims of America,” “Army of Jesus,” “South United” and “Heart of Texas.” They racked up hundreds of bags of followers. The specialists active the pages were told to use any befalling to criticize Hillary Clinton. One Russian-run annual declared “Woke Blacks” encouraged followers not to vote for “Killary”: “We cannot resort to the bottom of two devils.” The column said that blacks would be bigger off not voting.

The Russians additionally allegedly paid absolute Americans to accredit in anti-Clinton protests, including an American who was paid to actualization up to portray Clinton in a bastille compatible at a assemblage in West Palm Beach, Florida. They additionally formed with “unwitting individuals associated with the Trump Campaign” who were blind of their accurate Russian identities.

How abundant of an aftereffect did Russian trolling on amusing media accept on the 2016 election?🕵️

That’s absolutely boxy to say. But the Russian advertising efforts accomplished a ton of Americans. One example: Their advertisement for a “Florida Goes Trump” assemblage accomplished over 59,000 Facebook users in Florida and got clicks from added than 8,300 Facebook users, according to the indictment. One Russian-run Twitter annual impersonating the Republican Activity in Tennessee had added than 100,000 followers. The Russians acquaint a lot of Breitbart stories. Beyond what’s spelled out in the indictment, we apperceive that Facebook says Russian efforts on Facebook and Instagram accomplished at atomic 146 actor people.

Illustration: HuffPost; Photo: Robyn Beck/Getty Images Democratic appointee Hillary Clinton and Republican rival Donald Trump airing off the date afterwards the final presidential agitation in Las Vegas on Oct. 19, 2016.

What about the hacking of the DNC and the Clinton campaign?

In July, a federal admirable board accusable 12 Russian aggressive intelligence admiral for hacking the Clinton attack and the Democratic Civic Committee during the 2016 election. The accusation accused two units of the Russian Federation’s Main Intelligence Directorate of the Accepted Staff (GRU) of administering “large-scale cyber operations to baffle with the 2016 U.S. presidential election.”

It had continued been bright that the U.S. government had assured that Russia was abaft the hacks. But the indictment, which came bottomward canicule afore Trump’s July 16 activity with Russian Admiral Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, offered up the best abundant attending at the Russian attack to date, and accurately declared that two online personas ― DCLeaks and Guccifer 2.0 ― were in actuality operated by Russians.

Intriguingly, the accusation additionally said that on the absolute aforementioned day Trump declared on Russia to “find” 30,000 Clinton emails, July 27, 2016, that the Russians formed “after hours” to try to drudge email accounts hosted by a third-party email provider that was acclimated by Clinton’s claimed office.

So how did that Russian hacking affect the election?

Again, that’s boxy to quantify. We do apperceive that email hacks had a amazing aftereffect on annual advantage of the 2016 campaign. DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz accommodated aloof canicule afterwards afraid emails showed DNC admiral deriding Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential primary campaign. The hacking of Clinton attack administrator John Podesta’s Gmail annual provided affluence of fodder for journalists with revelations about Clinton’s Wall Street speeches; discussions about Catholicism; and Donna Brazile sending questions CNN planned to ask to the Clinton campaign. So the hacks led to annual advantage that absolutely had a cogent aftereffect on the advantage of the election, it’s aloof absolutely adamantine to say absolutely how that afflicted voters.

Rosenstein said the accusation included “no accusation that the cabal adapted the vote calculation or afflicted any acclamation result.” That’s true, but it additionally doesn’t absolutely beggarly abundant because it’d be awe-inspiring and capricious for the admiral to brainstorm about the aftereffect of Russian arrest on voters’ minds.

Illustration: HuffPost; Photo: Sputnik Photo Bureau via Reuters Russian Admiral Vladimir Putin gives Admiral Donald Trump a soccer brawl from the Apple Cup as aboriginal adult Melania Trump joins them for photos on July 16 in Helsinki.

So how does Paul Manafort comedy into the Trump-Russia delving again?

Manafort is the above administrator of Trump’s presidential attack and had a continued history in Republican politics. He surrendered to the admiral in backward October 2017 afterwards a federal admirable board accusable him on a advanced ambit of accuse accompanying to his assignment on annual of the Ukrainian government. Manafort’s bond was revoked in June afterwards he was answerable with obstruction of amends and attestant tampering.

The accuse adjoin Manafort aren’t anon accompanying to his assignment for the Trump campaign, but the accuse were broadly apparent as a way for Mueller to get admired advice out of Manafort. He had abutting ties to Russians and sat in on an abominable Trump Tower activity in which Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner heard from a Kremlin-linked advocate whom they had accepted to accord them clay on Hillary Clinton. She allegedly did not.

The case adjoin Manafort is absolutely complex. But it abundantly deals with his adumbral assignment for a pro-Putin political activity in Ukraine and artifice taxes.

Illustration: HuffPost; Photo: ALEXANDRIA SHERIFF’S OFFICE VIA REUTERS Above Trump attack administrator Paul Manafort in a booking photo from the Alexandria Sheriff’s Appointment in Virginia.

There was addition guy answerable with Paul Manafort, right?

Yeah, Rick Gates. He was Manafort’s deputy, and he additionally formed on the Trump attack and the Trump inauguration. He’s been allied with Mueller’s aggregation aback February afterwards he accomplished a appeal accord in which he pleaded accusable to a tax accusation and a accusation of lying to Mueller’s lath and the FBI.

What about Michael Flynn?

Flynn, Trump’s above civic aegis adviser, has been alive with Mueller’s aggregation aback December 2017. He pleaded accusable to lying to the FBI about his talks with the Russian agent during the presidential transition. Which is a appealing big deal: a chief Trump administering official has accepted he aria to federal lath about his talks with Russian Agent Sergey Kislyak.

Illustration: HuffPost; Photo: AARON P. BERNSTEIN VIA GETTY IMAGES Michael Flynn, former national aegis adviser to Admiral Donald Trump, leaves the federal courthouse in Washington, D.C., after a pre-sentencing audition on July 10. 

Didn’t Trump try to get James Comey to bead Flynn’s case?

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Yes, according to Comey. The above FBI administrator testified aftermost year that, afterwards Flynn was asked to abandon for ambiguous Vice Admiral Mike Pence about his conversations with the Russian ambassador, Trump abreast told Comey he hoped he could “see your way bright to absolution this go” and declared Flynn a “good guy.”

And how does Michael Cohen comedy into all this? 💰

It’s related. Mueller’s aggregation isn’t investigating Cohen directly, but the U.S. Attorney’s appointment for the Southern District of New York reportedly started their delving in allotment because of a barometer from Mueller’s office. Cohen’s acknowledgment of a abstruse recording from 2016 that actualization Trump and Cohen talking about a acquittal to a Playboy Playmate who said she had an activity with Trump makes bright he could be accommodating to cut a deal. But aback the Cohen analysis isn’t actuality overseen by Mueller’s team, things ability get a little complicated.

Has anyone gone to bastille yet?🔒

Just one guy, Alex van der Zwaan. He acclimated to be a London-based advocate who formed with Gates, Manafort and Konstantin Kilimnik, addition Manafort accessory who was accusable in June aback he and Manafort were accused of attestant analytical and obstruction of justice. Van der Zwaan served a bit of time in federal bastille and was abandoned to the Netherlands.

Alright, aback to the Trump-Clinton-Russia stuff. What about George Papadopoulos? ☕

George Papadopoulos was absolutely the aboriginal actuality arrested in the Mueller probe. That happened on July 27, 2017. But Mueller’s aggregation kept the accomplished affair quiet for three months until it unsealed the case adjoin Papadopoulos the aforementioned day Manafort was arrested. Papadopoulos has been allied anytime since.

The Trump aggregation has said Papadopoulos was alone a attack “volunteer” and alike a “coffee boy.” But during the campaign, Trump declared the above attack action adviser as an “excellent guy.” There’s additionally a photo assuming Papadopoulos at a activity with Trump and Sessions in March 2017. Papadopoulos said he adumbrated during that activity that he had the access to set up a activity amidst Trump and Putin. Sessions claimed he “pushed back” on the advancement that Trump attack admiral get calm with the Russians, admitting others accept acknowledged Sessions’ account.

Papadopoulos acceptable holds answers to a lot of the key questions about the Trump campaign’s accord with Russia. It was his May 2016 activity with an Australian agent at a London bar that kicked off the Russia probe. He told the agent that he’d met with a assistant with ties to the Russians who said the Kremlin had “dirt” on Clinton. That was months afore the afraid abstracts came out.

Papadopoulos accepted that he aria to the FBI about aback he was told about Russian “dirt” on Clinton. He said it was afore he abutting the campaign, but it was in actuality about a ages afterwards he was on the Trump team.

So what did Trump apperceive about all this? And what about the accusation that Trump blocked justice?

What absolutely Trump knew about Russian efforts to attenuate the 2016 acclamation is still an accessible question. Trump, of course, has continued insisted there was “no collusion” while additionally commonly abnegation or undercutting the intelligence community’s accepted accord that Russia was abaft the 2016 interference.

But it’s been bright for months that Mueller’s aggregation has been added focused on the catechism of obstruction. The obstruction case adjoin Trump would centermost on his declared attack to arbitrate in the Flynn case, his accommodation to blaze Comey and his attempts to get Sessions to about-face his recusal. Mueller’s aggregation alike laid out for Trump’s attorneys some of the questions they’d appetite to ask.

We apperceive Mueller wants to allocution to Trump, and Trump has said he welcomes the  interview. His acknowledged aggregation is beneath excited, though.

It seems added absurd that the account will booty place. Trump’s advocate Rudy Giuliani afresh said that the acknowledged team wasn’t accommodating to let Trump acknowledgment questions about obstruction of justice. They accept that Trump has the ability beneath Article II of the Constitution to accredit and abolish associates of his administration, so he shouldn’t be questioned about his hiring and battlefront decisions.


Probably not with an accusation of the president, alike if Mueller’s aggregation thinks Trump committed a crime. The Amends Department’s actualization has continued been that a admiral can’t be accusable while in office. There’s some altercation in acknowledged circles, but Mueller is a by-the-book affectionate of guy, and there’s little adventitious he’d breach from precedent, alike if he thinks Trump bankrupt the law. Plus, the president’s attorneys claimed Mueller’s lath told them anon that they won’t arraign the president.

Well, what’s Mueller’s aggregation activity to do then?

Mueller’s aggregation could address a address about the president’s conduct and accelerate it to Congress to potentially be acclimated in accusation proceedings. Or they could account Trump as an unindicted abettor in cloister documents. Sending a address to Congress seems added likely. It’s cryptic what anatomy that address would take.

But will Congress accuse Trump?

Certainly not as continued as it’s beneath Republican control. You can’t alike acquisition abounding Republican associates of Congress accommodating to say they’d accuse Trump if he pardoned himself. Democrats, too, accept been alert of talking too abundant about impeaching Trump. Ultimately the architecture of Congress afterwards the midterm acclamation and the timing of the Mueller address ― if he issues one ― will be appealing acute to how this all ends.

So accessible assessment is appealing important, huh? These Republican attacks on Mueller and Rosenstein and the FBI are starting to accomplish a lot added sense.

Exactly. Giuliani array of gave abroad the bold during an actualization on CNN in backward May, answer that, while he and Trump supporters had been advancing the appropriate admonition and the Russia investigation, the ambition of acceptable Americans to “question the legitimacy” of the delving was allotment of a accessible relations action to assure the president.

“It is for accessible opinion, because eventually the accommodation actuality is activity to be impeach, not impeach. Associates of Congress, Democrat and Republican, are activity to be abreast a lot by their constituents. So, our board is the American ― as it should be ― is the American people,” Giuliani said.

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CORRECTION: This adventure ahead referred to an Austrian agent who batten with George Papadopoulos. The agent was Australian.

Ryan Reilly is HuffPost’s chief amends anchorman accoutrement the Amends Department, federal law enforcement, bent amends and acknowledged affairs. Accept a tip? Reach him at [email protected] or on Signal at 202-527-9261.

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