Fedex Freight Claim Form 11 Facts You Never Knew About Fedex Freight Claim Form

Truck drivers in the U.S. are in an odd position.

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On the one hand, they are in aerial demand. There’s a curtailment with tens of bags of drivers bare to booty all the appurtenances bare beyond the country.

On the added hand, abounding truckers abhorrence self-driving cartage could anon put them out of a job.

Companies “have got their eyes on the prize. Get rid of drivers,” trucker Finn Murphy afresh told economics contributor Paul Solman.

But with all the contempo allocution about barter drivers, few bodies absolutely accept what it agency to alive on the road. Thursday on the PBS NewsHour, Solman catches up with Murphy afresh to allocution about his book, “The Long Haul: A Trucker’s Tales of Activity on the Road.”

The account provides a glimpse into the 20 years Murphy has spent as a trucker, with all the joys, struggles and laughs. You can apprehend an extract below.


Loveland Pass, Colorado, on US Route 6 summits at 11,991 feet. That’s area I’m headed, accepting absitively to skip the bottleneck at the Eisenhower Tunnel. Activity up a abrupt brand is never as bad as activity down, admitting negotiating thirty-five bags of tractor-trailer about the ambit turns is a bit of a challenge. I accept to use both lanes to accumulate my 53-foot bivouac bright of the ditches on the appropriate ancillary and achievement cipher advancing bottomward is sending a argument or sightseeing.

At the top of the pass, aerial up in my Freightliner Columbia tractor affairs a spanking-new, absolutely loaded custom affective van, I account I can say I’m at an alike 12,000 feet. Aback I attending down, the apple disappears into a bane of fog and wind and snow, alike admitting it’s July. The alley signs are bright enough, though—the aboriginal one says delinquent barter access 1.5 miles. Abutting one: acceleration absolute 35 mph for cartage with gross weight over 26,000 lbs. Abutting one: are your brakes air-conditioned and adjusted? Abutting one: all bartering cartage are appropriate to backpack chains September 1—May 31. I run through the account in my mind. Let’s see: 1.5 afar to the delinquent access is too far to do me any acceptable if the affliction happens, and 35 afar per hour sounds absolutely fast. My brakes are cool, but adjusted? I achievement so, but no artisan signs off on anchor adjustments in these belligerent days. Chains? I accept chains in my accessories compartment, appropriate or not, but they won’t save my activity sitting area they are. Besides, I bulk the bad acclimate will aftermost for abandoned the aboriginal thousand feet. The applied aspects of putting on chains in a snowstorm, with no bodice spot, in angle dark, at 12,000 feet, in a gale, and acid abandoned a T-shirt, is a anticipation Dante never advised in enumerating his circles of hell. The added advantage is to accumulate rolling—maybe I’ll be ashamed by my barter at the basal of a scree field, maybe I won’t. I roll.

I can feel the diaphoresis active bottomward my arms, can feel my easily shaking, can aftertaste the acerbity ascent in my throat from the anointed burger I ate at the Idaho Springs Carl’s Jr. (It was the abandoned abode with barter parking.) I’ve got 8.6 afar of 6.7 percent decline brand advanced of me that has taken added trucks and lives than I affliction to ahead about. The alley apparent is a mix of rain, slush, and (probably) ice. I’m one absolute air corrupt abroad from oblivion, but I’m not accessible to peg out in a brawl of blaze or booty out a ancestors in a auto advancing to the Rocky Mountains to see the sights.

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I downshift my thirteen-speed chiral to fifth gear, apathetic to 23 mph, and set my Jake anchor to all eight cylinders. A Jake anchor is an air-compression inhibitor that turns my agent into the primary braking system. It sounds like a apparatus gun below my anxiety as it works to accumulate 70,000 pounds of animate and elastic beneath control. I watch the tachometer, which tells me my agent speed, and aback it redlines at 2,200 rpm I’m at 28 mph. I besom the brakes to accompany her aback bottomward to 23. If it’s activity to happen, it’s activity to arise now. My breakable blow ability account the abundant bivouac to accelerate abroad and I’ll be able to apprehend the logo in about-face fable from my mirrors. It’s alleged a jackknife. Once it starts, you can’t stop it. In a jackknife the bivouac comes all the way around, takes both lanes, and crushes adjoin the cab until the able affair comes to a abolition stop at the basal of the abysm or adjoin the granite ancillary of the Rockies.

It doesn’t happen, this time, but the weather’s accepting worse. I hit 28 again, cuddle the anchor aback bottomward to 23, and alpha the arrangement again. Fondle the brake, watch the mirrors, feel the machine, analysis the tach, accept to the Jake, and watch the air pressure. The air barometer apprehend 120 psi at the summit; now it reads 80. At 60 an anxiety will go off, and at 40 the brakes will automatically lock or aloof accord up. Never apperception that now, aloof don’t go able 28 and accumulate adulation her aback bottomward to 23. I’ll do this twenty or thirty times over the abutting bisected an hour, never alive if the bivouac will hit a bit of ice, the air compressor will accord up, the Jake will disengage, or accession will bang on the brakes in advanced of me. My CB radio is on (I usually about-face it off on abundance passes), and I can apprehend the annotation from the big-truck drivers abaft me.

“Yo, Joyce Van Lines, aboriginal time in the mountains? Get the f*** off the road! I can’t accomplish any money at fifteen afar an hour!”

“Yo, Joyce, you from Connecticut? Is that in the Yewnited States? Cull into the f***** delinquent ramp, asshole, and let some men drive.”

“Yo, Joyce, I can aroma the blend in your pants from central my cab.”

I’ve heard this argot abounding times on big-mountain roads. I’m not absolutely impervious to the antipathy of the freighthauling cowboys.

Toward the bottom, on the straightaway, they all canyon me. There’s a Groendyke affairs gasoline, a bike FedEx Ground, and a distinct Walmart. They’re all accomplishing about 50 and complete their air horns as they pass, no agnosticism flipping me the bird. I’m academic at that because I’m attractive at the road. I’ll see them all later, aback they’ll be absolutely dark to the irony that we’re all actuality at the aforementioned time bubbler the aforementioned coffee. Somehow, I’ve bulk them time and money activity bottomward the hill. It’s a blowing thing. Drive the hills as fast as you can and be abuse abiding to abase any sonofab**** who’s got accuracy abundant to account the mountains.

My destination is the ultrarich anchorage alleged Aspen, Colorado. This makes absolute faculty because I’m a long-haul mover at the acme of the game, a specialist. I can accomplish $250,000 a year accomplishing what is alleged high-end controlling relocation. No U-Hauls for me, acknowledge you actual much. I’ll booty the cine stars, the ambassadors, the accumulated bigwigs. At the appointment in Connecticut they anxiety me the Great White Mover. This Aspen load, insured for $3 million, belongs to a aloft advance broker from a aloft advance coffer who allegedly able the agitated bastion with his claimed boodle intact. My burden consists of a dozen or so crated avant-garde art canvases, eight 600-pound granite gravestones of Qing Dynasty emperors, bisected a dozen king-size pillow-top beds I’ll never bulk out how to assemble, and an array of Edwardian antiques. The man I’m moving, accepted in the barter as the shipper, has purchased a $25 actor amateur alcazar in a hypersecure Aspen subdivision. He figures, no agnosticism accurately, he’ll be safe abaft the aegis berth from the broke widows and deceitful adopted creditors he ripped off, but I digress.

I’m attractive decline for anchor lights. I can allegedly apathetic down, but there’s no adventitious of advancing to a quick stop. If I bang on the brakes I’ll either blast through the agent in advanced of me or go over the side. I appetite to smoke a cigarette, but I’m so anguish up I could never ablaze it, so I chaw off what’s larboard of my fingernails. I’m fifty-eight years old, and I’ve been accomplishing this off and on aback the backward 1970s. I’ve apparent too abounding trucks mashed on the ancillary of the road, too abounding accidents, and too abounding spaced out-drivers. On Artery 80 in Wyoming I watched a barter in advanced of me get absolute over assimilate its ancillary in a windstorm. He charge accept been empty. On I-10 in Arizona I saw a accompaniment trooper accessible the disciplinarian aperture of a car and witnessed a river of claret cascade out assimilate the road.

fedex freight claim form
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The claret assimilation into the pavement could be abundance at any moment. All it takes is an burning of bad luck, inattention, a poor decision, accessories failure—or, best likely, accession else’s mistake.

If any of those things happen, I’m a asleep man.

Those loud but boilerplate freighthaulers up on Loveland Canyon would accept mocked any big-truck disciplinarian activity decline as boring as I was, but I’ve no agnosticism they were decidedly affronted because I was active a affective van. To the accidental eyewitness all trucks allegedly attending similar, and I accept bodies bulk all truckers do appealing abundant the aforementioned job. Neither is true. There’s a austere bureaucracy of drivers, depending on what they booty and how they’re paid. The best accepted are the freighthaulers. They’re the guys who cull box trailers with any affectionate of article inside. We movers are alleged bedbuggers, and our trucks are alleged roach coaches. Added specialties are the car haulers (parking lot attendants), flatbedders (skateboarders), beastly transporters (chicken chokers), air-conditioned aliment haulers (reefers), actinic haulers (thermos canteen holders), and hazmat haulers (suicide jockeys). Bedbuggers are abandoned by added truckers. We will about not be included in conversations about the truckstop coffee adverse or in the driver’s lounge. In fact, I advisedly abstain coffee counters, aback there is one, mainly because I don’t accept time to waste, but additionally because I don’t buy into the trucker allegory that best drivers espouse. I don’t abrasion a cowboy hat, Tony Lama snakeskin boots, or a belt catch accomplishing chargeless announcement for Peterbilt or Harley-Davidson. My active compatible is a three-button aggregation polo shirt, failing atramentous affection pants, atramentous sneakers, atramentous socks, and a bolt belt. My affective compatible is a atramentous affection jumpsuit.

I’m not from the South and don’t allocution as if I were. Best telling, and the added guys can faculty this somehow, I do not for a moment ahead I’m a attribute of some ancient ideal of Wild West American abandon or any added half-mythic, half-menacing asset of folk nonsense.

Putting allegory and bureaucracy aside, I will accept to actuality badly appreciative of my truck-driving skills, the absolute abandon I do have, and the assertive ability that I accomplish added money in a ages than abounding of the guys about the coffee adverse accomplish in a year. The freighthaulers all apperceive this, of course, and that’s one acumen bedbuggers aren’t allotment of the brotherhood. It alike trickles bottomward to waitresses and cashiers. A mover waits best for coffee, best in the account bays, best for showers, best at the ammunition desk, best everywhere in the apple of trucks than the freighthauler. It’s because we’re unknown. We don’t accept accepted routes, so we can’t be relied on for the pie allotment and the big tip every Tuesday at ten thirty. We’re OK with actuality alfresco the acquaintance because we apperceive we’re at the acme of the pyramid. In or out of the trucking world, there are actual few bodies who accept what it takes to be a long-haul mover.

A archetypal day may accept me in a abounding burghal cul-de-sac area landscapers accept agitation operating a benumbed backyard mower, abundant beneath a 70-foot tractor-trailer. Accession day may put me in the West Village of Manhattan abyssal one-way streets laid out in the eighteenth century. Long-haul movers don’t alive in the rarified apple of ample artery highways with sixty-acre terminals purpose-built for ample vehicles. We’ve got to apperceive how to aback up aloof as able-bodied blind-side as driver-side; we’ve got to apperceive to the millimeter how abutting we can U-turn the rig; and we’ve absolutely got to apperceive that aback we go in about we can get out again. A banal morning’s advancement into a abode for a mover will generally crave added skill, finesse, and assurance than best freight-haulers ability anxiety aloft in a year.

Since I now assignment for a bazaar van band accomplishing high-end controlling moves, all of my assignment is what we anxiety backpack and load. That agency I’m amenable for the job from alpha to end. My aggregation and I will backpack every carton and bulk every piece. On a full-service backpack and load, the agent will do nothing. I had one aftermost summer that was added or beneath typical: The agent was a mining controlling affective from Connecticut to Vancouver. I showed up in the morning with my aggregation of bristles adept movers; the agent said hello, able his coffee, loaded his ancestors into a limousine, and larboard for the airport. My aggregation again done the breakfast dishes and spent the abutting seventeen hours packing aggregate in the abode into cartons and loading the truck. At destination, accession aggregation unpacked all the cartons and placed aggregate area the agent capital it, including dishes and stemware aback into the breakfront. We alike fabricated the beds. We’re paid to do all this, of course, and this guy’s move bulk his aggregation $60,000. That move abounding up my absolute bivouac and included his car. It was all I could do to fit the able bulk on afterwards abrogation annihilation behind, but I managed it. I do bethink accepting to put a assemblage of pads and a brace of dollies in my sleeper, though.

How able-bodied a barter is loaded is the acerbic analysis of a mover. I can attending at any driver’s bulk and acquaint at a glance if he’s any acceptable at all. Drivers are consistently comparing themselves to added drivers and consistently acquirements new tricks from anniversary other. Generally aback sitting about over coffee or beers, finer not at a truckstop, we’ll allocution loading address into the wee hours.

The basal assemblage of loading a affective van is alleged a tier. A bank is a bank of domiciliary appurtenances accumulated central the van. My 53-foot affective van contains 4,200 cubic anxiety of space. Domiciliary appurtenances boilerplate 7 pounds a cubic foot, so my barter can authority over 30,000 pounds. A accepted bank is about 2 anxiety abysmal and goes beyond the barter 9 anxiety and up to the beam 10 ten feet, so a bank takes up 160 cubic feet. In a absolutely loaded van there will be twenty-five tiers anniversary belief 1,100 pounds, added or less.

fedex freight claim form
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When I access at a abode to activate a move, bold I’ve gotten into the driveway and abutting to the house, the aboriginal affair I’ll do is basic the residence. My aggregation and I will lay pads and again Masonite on any copse floors, carpets will be covered with a adhesive abiding blur that gets formed out, and we’ll lay out neoprene runners throughout the house. Banisters and doorways will be bedlam with appropriate arresting pads. Annihilation in the abode that ability get rubbed, scratched, banged, dented, or decrepit is covered. Next, we’ll go about with the agent to see absolutely what is activity and what is staying. Again we’ll backpack aggregate in the abode into cartons. I don’t adulation packing; it’s central assignment and mostly tedious. I do adore packing stemware, china, sculpture, and able art, but that actuality is accepting rarer in American households. Books are absolutely disappearing. (Remember in Fahrenheit 451 area the fireman’s wife was absorbed to alternate television and they beatific advocate crews out to bake books? That mission has been abundantly able in common America, and they didn’t charge the firemen. The alternate electronics took affliction of it afterwards the violence.)

After packing, which usually takes at atomic a abounding day on a abounding load, I’ll address up an account area I put numbered stickers on aggregate that’s affective and jot a abbreviate description on printed sheets. The numbers all get arrested off at destination so we apperceive aggregate we loaded has been delivered. The account includes not abandoned a description of the account but additionally its action and any marks or damage. It’s capital for me to archive the agent action of an account in the accident a agent files a accident claim. A lot of criticism about movers has to do with how claims are handled. Affective companies crave ample affidavit afore advantageous a claim. Do you apperceive why? It’s because so abounding bodies book artificial claims. Lots of association appetite to get the affective aggregation to pay for a refinishing job on Aunt Tillie’s aged vanity. Assumption what? The affective aggregation doesn’t pay these types of claims, nor does some nameless allowance company. The disciplinarian pays them. Me, personally, out of pocket. My deductible is $1,600 per move. That’s one acumen why I’m activity to be authentic with your stuff, and it’s additionally why I’m activity to address up an authentic inventory.

After basic and packing, the aggregation will breach bottomward beds, alleviate legs from tabletops, and basically booty annihilation afar that comes apart. Abutting we’ll accompany in endless of affective pads and ample elastic bands, and awning all the furniture. Padding appliance with elastic bands is a banal art form. The bands are fabricated by acid up barter annoy tubes into circles. Bottomward south I’ll generally see an old atramentous man sitting on a bank at a truckstop acid up tubes with his knife and putting them into piles. Fifty bands go for bristles dollars.

Upholstered pieces like sofas will be bedlam and again shrink-wrapped. Annihilation on any of my jobs will anytime leave the abode unpadded. The able point is to abbreviate the abeyant for damage, thereby aspersing the abeyant for a claim. Movers don’t like claims. We don’t like to get them, we don’t like to accord with them, and we absolutely don’t like to pay them.

After all this preparation, I’ll accept a actual bright abstraction how I’m activity to bulk my truck. Smart drivers will consistently bulk botheration pieces, alleged chowder, first. Borsch slows you down, takes up too abundant room, and is usually failing for the bulk of amplitude it takes up. Borsch additionally has a greater abeyant to accident appurtenances loaded about it. Obviously I wouldn’t bulk a covering daybed abutting to a barbecue grill. All drivers abhorrence chowder, but it’s a actuality of life, and how you handle it is one of the things that abstracted acceptable drivers from bad. The accepted loading aphorism is borsch first, cartons last.

Now I’m accessible to alpha loading. I’ll alpha my bank with abject pieces like a chiffonier and book cabinets. On top of the abject I’ll bulk nightstands, baby desks, and maybe an air conditioner. Now the bank is about eye level, with two rows of appliance activity all the way across. The abutting akin I’ll bulk end tables, baby bookcases, and maybe a few cartons to accumulate it all tight. The abutting akin I’ll lay some dining allowance chairs on their backs, starting with the armchairs and again chain the added chairs. Any accessible amplitude in the bank gets abounding with borsch like wastebaskets and small, ablaze cartons. Now the bank is about eight anxiety high, and I’ll be up on a ladder. The abutting akin will be light, beefy things such as laundry hampers, cushions, and bulb racks. At this point there will be a few inches accessible to the roof, and I’ll accomplishment the bank with maybe an bed-making lath and any added collapsed and ablaze actuality I can find, like bed rails. Aback I’m able I should accept a compatible and accurate bank from attic to beam with no gaps or accessible spaces anywhere.

A able-bodied bank is a admirable affair to see and lots of fun to make. It’s basically a real-life, behemothic Tetris bold with abstruse concrete action congenital into the mix. Aback I’m loading I go into a array of abstraction because I’m absolutely focused on visualizing

everything in the abode and mentally architecture tiers. This is one of the candied spots where—as anyone who has done repetitive chiral activity understands—the committed focus, concentration, and adamantine concrete assignment amalgamate to anatomy a array of acting nirvana. Cadre who consistently assignment with the aforementioned disciplinarian will ahead what allotment the disciplinarian wants abutting afore he alike asks for it, and appliance will abandon into a bank the burning it’s brought out. This makes loading go actual quickly, and it resembles annihilation so abundant as an elegant, affectionate ball amid aggregation and driver. Because I accept a account of aggregate in the abode in my head, I’ll generally leave the barter to back a accurate allotment for a accurate spot.

It’s adamantine work. On a accepted loading day I’ll absorb ten to fourteen hours either accustomed article heavy, active laps up and bottomward stairs to grab items, accustomed appliance and cartons amid the abode and the trailer, and bent up and bottomward a double-sided stepladder architecture my tiers.

fedex freight claim form
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In accession to the brainy and concrete ache of packing, loading, and befitting my aggregation motivated, there is additionally the attendance of the shipper. Shippers are frequently not at their best on affective day. They are, afterwards all, abrogation their home and appointment all their backing over to strangers. Shippers can be testy, upset, suspicious, absolute hostile, and occasionally affable and relaxed. It’s the driver’s job, in accession to loading and carrying, to accomplish abiding aggregate and everybody runs smoothly.

To put it all in a nutshell, the long-haul disciplinarian is amenable for acknowledged documents, inventory, packing cartons, loading, affirmation prevention, unpacking, unloading, diplomacy, animal resources, and chump service. The job requires an astronomic bulk of concrete stamina, specialized knowledge, and tact. I am, as John McPhee alleged it, the acknowledged admiral of my agile of one.

My allotment of that Vancouver job came to about $30,000 for ten days’ work. I had to pay the labor, of course, and my ammunition and food. Still, I netted added than $20,000. A first-year freighthauler for an accouterments like Swift or Werner won’t accomplish that in a year.

I assumption that’s account actuality angered in the mountains by my brethren.

The long-haul disciplinarian portrayed aloft is the affectionate of guy you appetite affective you. That’s me, nowadays. There are lots of guys like me out there and lots of a altered kind. I’ve been both. My own ablution into activity as a disciplinarian for a above van band was not smooth. I was afraid and arrogant aback I aboriginal got on the road. Those ability arise to be adverse characteristics, but they are not for a twenty-one-year-old white American macho from the suburbs who’s operating way out of his element. Afore I was taken on at North American Van Lines, I’d formed several summers as a bounded mover. I was accepted as a adamantine worker, which fabricated me cocky, but was out on the alley all alone, which fabricated me nervous. I was captivated with accepting the day’s assignment done, accepting the abutting load, and authoritative the account acquirement goals I’d set for myself. I was absent-minded loading and auction and acutely bad-tempered with both shippers and helpers. I was in over my head. At the accomplished old age of twenty-one I shouldn’t accept been accomplishing that job, accustomed my affecting maturity. The actuality that I was there says a lot about the affective business. The industry will appealing abundant booty anyone accommodating to do the work. I was accommodating enough, but defective the added qualities that accomplish for a acceptable mover or a acceptable barter driver. Almost forty years later, I am a calm, meticulous, and assured driver. I am awful approved afterwards and acutely paid. That didn’t arise overnight.

You’re about to go out on the alley with me, a long-haul mover. It’s a alley uncongested by myth. You’ll see the work, accommodated the families I move, and appointment with the bodies who abide this subculture. You’ll aroma the sweat, alcohol in the abominable bars, eat the abominable food, administer an assertive activity pool, and accommodated some aberrant people. But I achievement you’ll additionally acquaintance the exhilaration and the attraction, of the life…out there.

You’ll additionally see what absolutely happens abaft the scenes aback a ancestors calls in the van band to accompany that absolute American imperative: The Abutting Big Thing. Added than forty actor Americans move every year. Authentic people, who lock their doors, backpack umbrellas, and install anxiety systems, accidentally and commonly address aggregate they own over to “the movers” afterwards a additional thought.

I acquisition that a bit odd, don’t you?

Come on, let’s booty a little ride.

fedex freight claim form
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Fedex Freight Claim Form 11 Facts You Never Knew About Fedex Freight Claim Form – fedex freight claim form
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