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It started with a letter from US Abettor Charles Grassley.

In December 2009, the Iowa Republican accepted to apperceive how a Miami analyst was autograph added than 96,000 prescriptions for Medicaid patients. It was about alert the cardinal of the additional accomplished prescriber in Florida.

The psychiatrist, Dr. Fernando Mendez-Villamil, responded with a tartly worded bulletin of his own. “I never anticipation I would be faulted for alive adamantine or for actuality actual organized and efficient,” he wrote the senator.

Health-care artifice costs the US government and allowance companies some $100 billion a year in overcharges and added rip offs, according to experts. It is a abiding cesspool on the nation’s wealth, undercutting the adeptness to accommodate affection healthcare to those best in need.

The botheration isn’t aloof the growing ranks of crooks in white coats who corruption the US health-care arrangement for self-enrichment. The botheration is additionally that some Americans accept burglary from the government is no big deal.

It has contributed to a anarchic atmosphere in which artifice could thrive, and boilerplate is the botheration added astute than in South Florida.

Even afterwards Dr. Mendez-Villamil was kicked out of Medicaid and barred from Medicare, he connected to accomplish an busy arrangement of bribes, kickbacks, and payoffs that helped hundreds of affected patients fraudulently admission Amusing Aegis affliction payments.

Among above artifice board in Miami, the aberrant and circuitous case of Dr. Mendez-Villamil stands out as a cairn to bent innovation, audacious defiance, and greed.

This is the adventure of how a Miami analyst managed to exhausted the arrangement year afterwards year, but assuredly met his bout in a health-care artifice investigator alleged Alberico Crespo.

No one knows the adventure bigger than the abettor who conducted the analysis and ashore with it through seven years of setbacks and surprises. The story, as told by Abettor Crespo, offers an central attending at the botheration of health-care artifice from the angle of an abettor on the advanced curve of that battle.

“He was advised by a cardinal of agencies who were never able to prove anything,” Crespo said in an account with the Monitor. “I aloof happened to be adamant enough.”

For Crespo, the analysis began in mid-2010, a few weeks afterwards he abutting the Department of Bloom and Human Casework as a appropriate abettor in the Inspector General’s Office.  That’s aback he was assigned the Mendez-Villamil case.

With the beforehand letter from Abettor Grassley and agog absorption from HHS headquarters, the case of the aggressive Miami analyst had “trouble” accounting all over it. It was the affectionate of thankless, pain-in-the-neck case that about consistently seems to acquisition its way to the new guy’s desk.

But Crespo had an advantage over abounding added board in the Inspector General’s Miami Lakes office. He holds a master’s bulk in psychology, so he knew the accent and accepted the medical concepts.

He additionally had years of above-mentioned law administration acquaintance in South Florida as a badge administrator and as an abettor with the Biologic Administration Administration. According to his colleagues, Crespo has accession advantage as able-bodied – the personality of a detective. Chief amid those ancestry are backbone and perseverance, they say.

At aboriginal Crespo focused on the almighty ample aggregate of prescriptions the doctor was writing.

“I go to the doctor’s arrangement and I am seeing aloof an amazing bulk of patients,” Crespo says. “I anticipation they were handing out chargeless items because they were lined up out the door.”

Mendez-Villamil was seeing about 60 patients every day, six canicule a week. He allotted 10 to 15 account per accommodating and was autograph 2 to 3 prescriptions for anniversary patient. It amounted to 1,400 to 1,500 patients anniversary month.

At that rate, if he billed the accepted $45 for anniversary accommodating visit, he would accept amid $63,000 and $67,000 anniversary ages beneath the Medicaid program. On an anniversary base that could be as abundant as $800,000 a year in acquirement aloof from accommodating arrangement fees.

Mendez-Villamil was a sole practitioner and alive no added medically accomplished staff. He retained three workers to advice with appointments, handle paperwork, and apple-pie the office. So the aerial costs for his arrangement were almost low.

But Crespo couldn’t accept how the analyst was able to see so abounding bodies day afterwards day and still do things like eat lunch, use the bathroom, and handle emergency patients.

Through a analysis of biologic records, Crespo apparent that the doctor was prescribing ample amounts of quetiapine, a biologic accustomed to amusement psychiatric patients diagnosed with bipolar disorder. It is awash commercially beneath the name Seroquel.

According to federal agents, there is a absolute atramentous bazaar in quetiapine, with artery names including “jailhouse heroin,” and “Susie Q.”

The prescriptions Mendez-Villamil wrote were paid through Medicaid, so it didn’t amount the patients anything. They could again either use the drugs as prescribed, corruption the drugs, or advertise them to others on the street.

“It was a free-for-all,” Crespo says.

The abettor began visiting Mendez-Villamil’s patients to verify whether the drugs were actuality acclimated for bloom affliction or claimed revenue. “We would go to the patients and acquaint them, you best up your medication yesterday. You should accept a abounding load, right? Can we see it?”

Crespo says he’s heard every accessible excuse. Amid them: “I was on my way home on my bike and it fell bottomward the storm drain. I went to cloister and the aegis bouncer at the scanner blanket it and wouldn’t accord it back.” A 28-year-old man told him: “My mother controls it and I don’t apperceive area she puts it.”

The abettor was aggravating to find a arcane antecedent who could advice him accumulate affirmation adjoin the doctor. But no solid, accurate antecedent emerged.

“Cases adjoin doctors are difficult cases to make,” says Eric Morales, a above federal prosecutor who formed on the Mendez-Villamil case with Crespo.

At one point, Crespo absitively to go undercover.

“I was activity to go in there cold. [The doctor] doesn’t apperceive me. Aloof dirty-up and go,” he says of his plan to affectation as a accommodating in charge of psychiatric help.

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Crespo alleged to accomplish an appointment. “They asked who referred you,” he says. The abettor responded that he was in the adjacency and saw the assurance for the doctor’s office. That wasn’t adequate enough.

“They wouldn’t alike accord me an appointment,” he says. “It was like a biologic dealer, if so and so didn’t accelerate you, you were not accepting in.”

In abounding health-care artifice cases the key affair is whether the account actuality billed to the government is “medically necessary.” Beneath both the Medicare and Medicaid systems it is up to a accountant physician to actuate medical necessity. This claim is meant as a aegis adjoin boundless billing. But the capability of that aegis depends on physicians actuality honest and not base the government’s acquittal arrangement for self-enrichment.

Crespo said he accomplished aboriginal in the analysis that it would be difficult to authorize above a reasonable agnosticism that Mendez-Villamil’s high-volume decree biologic convenance was not medically necessary.

The doctor’s admission to alleviative his patients was to appoint an arrangement of drugs to balance their behavior and administer their symptoms. He did not participate in time-consuming psychotherapy. Rather his admission was to accumulate his patients antibacterial at a akin that would acquiesce them to function. There is annihilation actionable or counterfeit about this approach, experts say.  

“Psychiatry is actual subjective,” Crespo says. For every able who says “X” about something, a altered able can be begin to say “Y” about the aforementioned thing, he says. That meant that for Crespo to prove that Mendez-Villamil was complex in announcement for casework that were not medically necessary, the abettor would accept to dig decidedly added into the doctor’s activities.

In October 2011, Crespo accomplished a chase accreditation at the doctor’s office, abduction about 300 boxes of accommodating files and added medical records. Aback at his arrangement in Miami Lakes, the abettor and added analysts about alleged 30 of the boxes and began to analyze the doctor’s accommodating files.

The assay arise article disturbing. “The analytic addendum were all the same,” Crespo says. “They could be a archetype of anniversary other.” It appropriate the analyst was alms little, if any, alone absorption to his patients.

There was more. Mendez-Villamil’s patients never seemed to improve. “The way brainy bloom works, you accept peaks and valleys, but [his patients] tend to consistently get worse,” Crespo says.

Rather than a medical convenance set up to advice patients, the arrangement seemed to be organized as an accumulation band to facilitate billing. What Crespo anon apparent is that Mendez-Villamil wasn’t aloof accession accommodating arrangement fees and prescribing ample amounts of drugs. There was added activity on.

Crespo begin that abounding of Mendez-Villamil’s patients were accepting Amusing Aegis affliction payments. The doctor had provided the medical assessments all-important to verify that his patients’ brainy altitude rendered them absolutely disabled. Acting on those medical assessments, the Amusing Aegis Administration had awarded a ample cardinal of his patients abounding affliction benefits.

Crespo accomplished out to an abettor with the Amusing Aegis Administration. Together they had several of Mendez-Villamil’s patients re-evaluated to analysis whether they were absolutely disabled.

“Now the stars are starting to align,” he says of the investigation.

Crespo and the added abettor watched as patients currently accession government affliction payments were brought into the arrangement and interviewed one by one. Abounding who were acutely not mentally disabled nonetheless approved to act the way they anticipation accession with a brainy affliction adeptness act.

“People would arise in crying. One guy came in drooling and arena with a moth ball. I beggarly like antic behavior,” Crespo says.

At 6 a.m., the morning afterwards one of these interviews, Crespo staked out that patient’s home. During the account the man had told Amusing Aegis admiral he was almost able to function. But what Crespo saw at the patient’s abode was far different.

“Today, he is all baldheaded and apple-pie and he has a $50,000 truck,” Crespo says. “He’s got a baiter and a authorization to autumn lobsters. And by the way, his wife, she all-overs in the abettor – she’s pregnant.” (The day afore he’d told the examiners that he had no accord with his wife.)

Crespo followed the bedmate and wife to a amusing casework arrangement area the wife activated for Medicaid to advice pay costs for the accession baby.

The abettor again confronted the “disabled” man.

“How are you,” Crespo says he asked the man.


“Nothing. I’m aloof authoritative abiding you are okay,” Crespo said to the man. “You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” the man said, allegedly declining to admit the agent.

Crespo adds of the encounter: “The aforementioned guy bygone couldn’t allocution and couldn’t function.”

That’s aback the abettor began to see the outline of a massive scam.

The board begin two added patients Mendez-Villamil had “disabled.” Both had been accounted psychologically clumsy to work, yet both were alive abounding time as strippers at an developed night club.

“It all became a joke,” Crespo says, a actual big-ticket antic on the US government and American tax payers.

Crespo estimates that Mendez-Villamil helped 3,500 to 3,800 individuals fraudulently admission Amusing Aegis affliction payments. “At one point he was disabling up to 10 bodies a week,” the abettor says.

For $1,500 to $3,500 in cash, Mendez-Villamil would falsely analyze anyone as accepting a astringent brainy ataxia that would authorize him or her to accept Amusing Aegis affliction payments.

Once the acquittal was received, the doctor’s agents able a accommodating book that was about back-dated a year or added to appearance the action was abiding and to actualize a affected cardboard aisle purporting to certificate a abiding aeon of medical treatment, according to cloister documents.

“It was aloof beeline back-dating, you arise in today and I started treating you last year,” the abettor says.

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The betray would accommodate allurement addendum that would abutment the doctor’s analysis of a abiding cerebral crime so astringent that the alone was clumsy to action finer in any assignment environment.

The book would reflect approved visits and decree biologic maintenance. But it was all a angle advised to argue admiral at the Amusing Aegis arrangement to accolade affliction payments.

That wasn’t the alone affliction betray the doctor was running. For $200 in cash, Mendez-Villamil helped immigrants bluff on the US citizenship test, according to federal cloister documents.

The analyst would falsely accredit that an alone had a brainy crime that prevented that being from demography the English accent analysis and/or the civics analysis which are allotment of the appliance to become a aborigine US citizen. The apocryphal affliction acceptance helped them admission a abandonment from those requirements.

His “patients” additionally acclimated the affected affliction analysis to admission waivers from advantageous fees answerable to become a US citizen.

Further analysis arise that all three associates of Mendez-Villamil’s own arrangement agents had been diagnosed with astringent cerebral impairments. One agents affiliate acclimated the analysis to abstain accepting to booty the civics analysis to become a US citizen. The two added advisers were accession Amusing Aegis affliction payments.

One of the workers alike had her again 13-year-old babe falsely diagnosed with a astringent disabling psychiatric condition. The mother again had herself appointed as the adumbrative beneficiary for the teen’s government affliction checks.

“The babe was a archetypal socially alive adolescent Miami teenager. She approved out for the Miami Heat dancers,” says Morales, the above prosecutor.

“She was declared to be so certifiable that she doesn’t leave her room,” he says. “This is egregious.”

Mendez-Villamil paid his arrangement workers off the books and in banknote in allotment to anticipate the government from advertent that anniversary could, in fact, action and assignment admitting their continuing cancellation of Amusing Aegis affliction payments, Crespo says.

One of the men alive in the psychiatrist’s arrangement was accompanying accepting $733 a ages in counterfeit affliction payments.

During his re-evaluation, the artisan falsely told admiral he had not formed aback accepting disability, that he couldn’t drive, and that his abasement was so astringent abounding canicule he could not leave his apartment, according to a active account filed as allotment of the worker’s accusable appeal in the Mendez-Villamil case.

“He goes to Cuba every added ages for two to three weeks at a time,” Crespo says of the “disabled” worker. “He doesn’t drive, he doesn’t get out of bed. He comes into Amusing Aegis and starts to cry. ‘All I can do is get up and get a carton of milk and cry my way aback to bed,’ ” the abettor says commendation the man.

When asked how he accustomed for his account at the Amusing Aegis arrangement aback he was clumsy to drive, the artisan told admiral he had been alone off. But moments afterwards the interview, Crespo took several photos as the man got into his car and collection himself away.

Crespo wasn’t the alone government official anxious about Mendez-Villamil. “I had authoritative law board calling me and cogent me this guy is a crook,” the abettor says.

After the media absorption surrounding Abettor Grassley’s letter, Mendez-Villamil was alone from the Medicaid affairs in June 2010. He was barred from announcement beneath the Medicare affairs in September 2013. And the afterward month, the Florida Department of Bloom issued a $15,000 accomplished and admonishment adjoin the doctor for advancement awkward and inconsistent medical files.

Crespo says he was affected to put his analysis on authority while the accompaniment pursued its own accuse adjoin the psychiatrist. Through it all, Mendez-Villamil kept his medical authorization and abhorred any bastille time.

Many doctors adverse such acute analysis adeptness be tempted to apple-pie up their convenance and stop actionable the law, at atomic while federal and accompaniment board were actively analytical their operations. Not Mendez-Villamil.

“It fabricated no aberration to him. He was so audacious he accomplished the point area he was so far in the pit with snakes that he couldn’t get out,” Crespo says.

“He had a accomplished arrangement of accommodating recruiters – bodies who were bringing him bodies – and he was aloof way too entangled,” the abettor says.

Instead of catastrophe the fraud, the analyst ramped up the Amusing Aegis affliction betray as able-bodied as the citizenship analysis fraud, according to cloister records.

After several setbacks in his investigation, Crespo begin a abeyant attestant who was accepting affliction payments but was nonetheless alive at a clandestine academy as a teacher’s aide, Morales says.

“The woman had been ‘disabled’ by Mendez-Villamil. She was declared to accept a astringent psychiatric condition,” the above prosecutor says. Aback the agents confronted her, she exclaimed: “Oh, I’m cured.”

Morales laughs. “It’s aloof being like that,” he says. “You could see an abettor aloof throwing up his easily and say this is all aloof a agglomeration of [baloney], we’re never activity to accomplish this case. Everyone is a liar.”

But Crespo kept alive through the disappointments and frustrations. “He was accommodating and persistent,” Morales says. “He kept at it.”

Crespo tracked bottomward one of Mendez-Villamil’s patients who was aggravating to get a affliction abandonment to abstain demography the US citizenship test.

Two weeks beforehand the aforementioned being acquired his bartering authorization to drive a hazmat truck. In the appliance action the disciplinarian had to assert that he had no concrete or brainy issues that would attenuate his adeptness to cautiously accomplish a barter accustomed chancy abstracts on accessible highways.

Crespo confronted the driver. “Which of the two is it,” the abettor capital to know. Are you fit to drive a hazmat barter or unfit to booty a civics analysis for US citizenship?

The disciplinarian fessed up: “Okay, okay,” he told Crespo. “I paid [the doctor] $1,000 and I don’t allege English.”

The investigator said he could accept arrested 134 others with cases like the barter driver, but prosecuting them at that point would accept taken the focus abroad from the capital target: the psychiatrist.

“It was aloof so abounding facets of fraud,” Crespo says, afraid his head.

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Eventually, the analysis broadcast and Crespo organized a aggregation of agents from several altered government agencies – Amusing Security, Clearing and Customs Enforcement, Bloom and Human Services, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

An FBI abettor managed to locate an alone who knew one of the workers in the psychiatrist’s arrangement and was able to absolutely get an arrangement to see the doctor.

The agents beatific the arcane adviser into the doctor’s arrangement with a hidden video camera. No clandestine analysis anytime goes absolutely as planned. The adviser was affected to delay to see the doctor. During the wait, the camera’s array ran out.

“Who knew that it was activity to booty three hours to see him,” Crespo says. Fortunately, a advancement audio accessory kept recording.

Later, the agents nervously advised the audio band until Crespo accustomed the doctor’s voice. “It was him,” Crespo says. “I can analyze his voice. I’ve talked to him.”

The arcane adviser was able to accretion admission to the doctor’s arrangement because 12 years beforehand his acquaintance had appropriate he could advice him admission affliction payments with a doctor’s analysis alike admitting he had no brainy disability.

In mid-2015, the arcane adviser reconnected with his acquaintance and said he was now absorbed in accepting affliction payments. The adviser was told it would amount $1,500 and that his medical book would be backdated to January 2014.

He was additionally told he would adequate additionally be accounted adequate for Medicaid.

During his arrangement to the psychiatrist’s office, the arcane adviser was handed an envelope and told to put $1,500 inside. The adviser was instructed that if he started accepting affliction payments through Amusing Aegis that he could not be paid on the books for any employment. They told him any pay for assignment would accept to be accustomed beneath the table and in cash.

In the affair with the doctor, the adviser mentioned that he was additionally applying for US citizenship.  He was told a analysis that would absolved him from the US government’s citizenship analysis would amount $300 — $150 up advanced and $150 later.

Nothing during his affair with the analyst resembled an accurate psychiatric examination, Crespo says. An arrangement artisan instructed the arcane antecedent how to behave in any account with Amusing Aegis admiral so his accomplishments would arise constant with the analysis they were about to address in his file, the abettor says.

During the meeting, the analyst wrote a decree for medication that the arcane antecedent could acquirement cheaply, but the doctor warned him not to absolutely booty the medication, according to cloister documents. The analyst additionally told the arcane antecedent that he did not accept to see him every month, but that the doctor would amend the accommodating book as if he had arise into the arrangement every ages for a contiguous consultation, cloister files show.

After a appeal for acknowledging abstracts from the Amusing Aegis Administration, Mendez-Villamil’s arrangement faxed 35 pages of false, back-dated medical annal for the adviser to the Amusing Aegis office. Some of the files included the patient’s signature, which the adviser apparent had been forged.

The affected medical annal included a apocryphal analysis that said the adviser was accepting “auditory hallucinations,” was “disheveled,” and was adversity from “bipolar” disorder, “depression with psychosis” and that his cast was “poor.” None of it was true.

The sending of those apocryphal abstracts by the doctor’s arrangement to the Amusing Aegis Administration, accumulated with the audio band of the doctor and his agents answer how the artifice would be conducted, were the aftermost two pieces of affirmation all-important to accomplish the case adjoin Mendez-Villamil.

Confronted with the bake-apple of Crespo’s abundant investigation, Mendez-Villamil pleaded accusable to health-care artifice in May 2016. He agreed to pay the government $50.7 actor in restitution. He is confined a 12-½ year book in federal bastille and has surrendered his medical license.

According to a account active by Mendez-Villamil as allotment of his accusable plea, the psychiatrist’s apocryphal diagnoses acquired Amusing Aegis to accomplish $20.3 actor in disproportionate affliction payments to assorted “patients” amid 2002 and January 2016.

In addition, the Medicaid affairs was billed $25.9 actor in apocryphal claims, of which $16.7 actor was paid for arrangement visits that never occurred and for medications that were never bare or taken, according to the active statement.

Mendez-Villamil additionally accepted that he submitted $15.8 actor in apocryphal claims beneath the Medicare program, of which about $12.9 million was paid for arrangement visits that never occurred and for medications that were never taken or needed. 

The analyst additionally said that from 2001 to 2016 he provided apocryphal diagnoses to advice immigrants bypass portions of the US citizenship test. His affliction certifications helped array of individuals admission waivers of clearing fees. Cloister affidavit appearance the waived fees amount the US government added than $814,000. 

With Mendez-Villamil abaft bars, the catechism remains: What about all those patients fraudulently accepting Amusing Aegis affliction payments?

“A lot of them are now off the rolls and are starting to pay the government back,” Crespo says.

The artifice wasn’t aloof about accepting affliction payments. Accession who qualifies for affliction beneath Amusing Aegis additionally qualifies for Medicaid and may additionally authorize for Medicare. Amid beneficiaries it is alleged “Medi-Medi” and it is advised the gold accepted for government-funded health-care insurance.

“That’s like an absolute American Express agenda in Miami. The sky is the limit,” Crespo says.

“Every [doctor’s office] will see you and you get put to the advanced of the band for Section 8 subsidized housing, you get subsidies on your electricity, your cable, and aliment stamps,” he says.

“It is crazy the way the ripple aftereffect extends beyond many, abounding amusing programs,” he adds.

With so abundant artifice in South Florida, Crespo is asked whether he anytime feels he’s waging a hopeless action adjoin health-care crooks.

“It has become socially acceptable,” he says of artifice adjoin allowance companies, Medicaid, and Medicare. During board selection, -to-be jurors in South Florida are frequently asked if they accept heard of health-care fraud. The jurors laugh, Crespo says.

“There is a acumen that there are no repercussions for Medicare beneficiaries who bamboozle the system. I’ve had bodies acquaint me you can’t do annihilation to me – beeline to my face,” Crespo says.

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“The beneficiaries accept to apprehend this is a advantage not a right,” the abettor says. “At some point there has to be albatross from the recipient’s side. They charge to be captivated accountable,” he says.

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“As continued as recipients of amusing programs feel advantaged instead of privileged, I don’t apperceive how we can axis the tide.”

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