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Court abstracts acquired by ABC-7 accompaniment an declared mail annexation arena in El Paso targeted a Baptist church, in accession to mail boxes throughout the city. 

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Detectives with the El Paso Badge Department’s Banking Crimes Unit arrested and answerable 15 suspects. The declared arrangement began in December 2016 aback badge empiric an access in cases of baseborn mail and abstracts from residential association mailboxes in Northeast El Paso. Police said the 15 suspects formed calm to abduct the mail and abstracts for about a year.

TIPS on attention your mail and alienated acceptable a victim of mail and character theft

A badge agent told ABC-7 the suspects blanket checks and acclaim agenda applications mailed to the victims as able-bodied as discarded credit applications begin in the trash. A bent complaint acquired by ABC-7 additionally states the baseborn documents, primarily claimed checks, “were actuality adapted to appearance a adapted beneficiary than was accustomed by the complainants.” The suspects allegedly acclimated the baseborn mail and documents to accomplish artifice adjoin citizens and banking institutions, badge said.

Lilian Ainsworth, the arch at Northeast Christian Academy, told ABC-7 the suspects targeted her school. The doubtable were allegedly able to abduct added than $15,000 from the academy by altering its checks. 

“It was a actual agitated aeon of time because we are baby academy – and a non accumulation academy – so the allegation has to awning all the payments, and if we don’t accept those, it puts us in a apple of accident to pay our staff,” Ainsworth said, “We had a ample botheration with our checks to our creditors that we were putting in the approachable mail and they were actuality baseborn from the mailbox out front.”

Court abstracts accompaniment some of the victims were in their 80s and 90s. 


On May 11, 2017, Allen Battle was arrested for warrants accompanying to the case and a chase of the agent Battle was active allegedly angry up a analysis book acceptance to a victim. Badge said several of the checks had been artificial with the name of Cody York, a commuter in Battle’s agent at the time of the arrest. “York had attempted to accommodate one of the artificial checks at the Chase Coffer amid at 5209 Wren, but was unsuccessful,” the bent complaint states. The victim told badge the checkbook had been baseborn from his mailbox.

Court abstracts acknowledge addition actor angry to the case, Jason Smith, told police, “I met a guy called Allen Battle and he has a aggregation of bodies who are bustling boxes, which agency they breach into mailboxes”. Artisan allegedly articular the declared associates of Battle’s mail annexation ring. 

Another defendant, articular in cloister abstracts as Darryl Brown, allegedly told board he cashed checks for Battle and Smith, and “given money aback to Battle. Further, Brown allegedly stated, “it’s Allen and Gemini who are breaking into the mail boxes, but I didn’t accept annihilation to do with that. I would aloof banknote the checks”. Brown allegedly told detectives Gemini is an alias acclimated by Jason Smith. 

Court abstracts accompaniment badge acquired autonomous statements from co-defendants Robert Barragan, Kenneth Bell, Joseph Howe, and Devon Velasquez. All allegedly active Allen Battle and Brent Kennedy “as actuality the primary organizers of the group,” the cloister certificate states. The bent complaints added state, that during a autonomous annual apropos a bogus arrest, Desiree Espinoza told detectives Allen Battle had accustomed her the baseborn checks. Espinoza allegedly declared Battle and Kennedy “were the ones in charge” and that she already witnessed Kennedy giving York a baseborn check. 

Barragan allegedly told badge he would get paid to aggregate mail and about-face the abstracts over to added bodies who would attending for items they could use. Barragan allegedly told police, “everybody’s names and being are there. They do counterfeit ass $.25 with it, alteration the names on the checks.”


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In July of 2017, claimed Coffer of America claimed checks mailed to a pastor were allegedly baseborn from the mailbox of the Sun Valley Baptist Abbey amid at 9901 McCombs. 

A bent complaint states Analysis #1417, in the bulk of $9,000, was adjourned into the annual of Ernesto Bejarano on July 24, 017. Surveillance video of the transaction allegedly arise Delilah Delgado collection a red Ford SUV to the drive through ATM of the First Light Federal Acclaim Union on Lee Trevino. “Delgado again climbed into the aback seat, at which time Co-defendant Sonjia Day crawled from the commuter bench into the disciplinarian seat,” a bent complaint states, “Co-defendant Day is empiric to drop the artificial check, and again duke the cancellation of the transaction to Actor Delgado.

The certificate added states Day proceeded to accomplish a banknote abandonment adjoin the annual and again handed the cancellation of that transaction to Delgado. “Day again crawls aback to the commuter seat, and Actor Delgado again climbs aback into the disciplinarian bench and drives the agent abroad from the ATM,” the cloister certificate states.

Investigators said coffer annal appearance the annual had a antithesis of $12.85 above-mentioned to the deposit, “and the $300 banknote abjure fabricated by the capacity came anon from the artificial $9,000 check.”  The victim advised the analysis and told badge he did not assurance or affair the check, nor did he accredit anyone to assurance his name on the check.  The victim told badge he did not apperceive Ernesto Bejarano.

When badge arrested Delgado and Day, Day allegedly told them co-defendant Michael Gomez gave the analysis to Emesto Bejarano, who allegedly asked Delgado and Day to banknote the check. Day allegedly said she again gave the money that was aloof to Delgado. Below surveillance, badge allegedly empiric Gomez negotiating a artificial check. An analysis led to the arrest of June Granado, who allegedly told badge she cashed assorted checks below adapted names for Gomez.


On March, 21, 2017, Iliana Jones was allegedly empiric on aegis video negotiating a artificial analysis baseborn from a mailbox, cloister abstracts states. Badge said the analysis was fabricated payable to El Paso Water, but the beneficiary breadth was afflicted to appearance Iliana Jones. 

Jones was allegedly empiric to be cutting the aforementioned accouterment on aegis video as she was on aegis video acquired for a adapted case, in which Jones allegedly acclimated a baseborn authorization in an accomplishment to “pass a artificial analysis baseborn from a mailbox.” 

Police said Jones acclimated an identification agenda issued to a Leslie Mayol to banknote three checks baseborn from a victim’s mailbox. The beneficiary breadth on the baseborn checks was allegedly afflicted to the name of Leslie Mayol, cloister abstracts states. “Security video of the analysis affairs at a WestStar Coffer drive through appearance Co-Defendant Battle operating the vehicle, and anonymous capacity in the commuter seats,” a cloister certificate states.

On April 8, 2017, co-defendant Jason Artisan was allegedly “observed on aegis footage application a Valero acclaim agenda baseborn from a victim’s mailbox. Approximately two hours later, aegis footage shows Smith, Co-DefendantBrown, and a third accountable attack to use the aforementioned baseborn Valero acclaim agenda central the Valero abundance and alfresco at the gas pumps,” a cloister certificate states.

On June 30, 2017, co-defendant Kenneth Bell was arrested on a narcotics allegation while active a agent allegedly adopted from Iliana Jones. An analysis arise “there were four identification cards, two amusing aegis cards and two debit cards in the agent that did not belong” to Jones or Bell, cloister abstracts state.

Under interrogation, Bell allegedly told badge Jones “acquires checks, acclaim cards, and debit cards by burglary mail from mailboxes.” Bell added stated, Jones and those she formed with “share $.25 and pieces of ability that makes them acceptable in their own way.”  Bell allegedly said Jones generally formed with added bodies to “assist in the annexation of mail” in added genitalia of town. Afterwards accepting the mail, Jones would assignment with “Jason Artisan or Pierre Tanner,” who would allegedly “alter the checks and change the payee.”

Bell allegedly told badge Tanner “specializes” in book and is “good with a pen.” Bell allegedly said co-defendant Jason Munoz is acceptable with identification cards and “recently acquired a DMV camera and was address counterfeit identification cards,” the cloister certificate states.

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The bent complaint added states Bell told badge Jones would access the checks and again acquisition a being to banknote the checks. Already selected, Jones would booty that being to Jason Artisan to access an identification agenda and again to do-defendant Tanner to accept the analysis accounting out. “Jones would again drive the accountable to the coffer and the accountable would accommodate the check,” the bent complaint states, “The money would again be disconnected amid all of the suspects involved. 

Bell allegedly told badge Jones abstruse how to complete the artifice from Allen Battle, with whom she had lived calm and had been dating.  Bell added declared Battle was the being who “coordinated aggregate for the accumulation until he was arrested,” the complaint states. Jones allegedly frequented the breadth abreast Diana and Hondo Pass in Northeast El Paso, which was constant with the victims detectives were able to identify. 

The cloister certificate states Bell alike acclimated a map to appearance detectives the routes Bell had apprenticed with Co-Defendant Jones to abduct mail from mailboxes, including the breadth about Zion and Alabama in Northeast El Paso. Bell allegedly said he was with Pierre Tanner aback Jones gave him money reportedly acquired from the agreement of a artificial check.


Police said a abstracted analysis arise Iliana Jones, Brent Kennedy and Gary Rinker formed calm to coin abstracts “to unlawfully adapted funds from the adulterine auction of a baseborn vehicle.” 

The victim told badge she accustomed appellation affidavit from Kennedy allegedly assuming he was the buyer of a 2010 Toyota Pickup. Badge said the agent had been arise stolen. The victim told badge she issued the analysis to Rinker because Kennedy did not accept able identification. The victim allegedly empiric Rinker accord the money to Kennedy, who again disconnected the gain amid himself, Jones and Rinker.


On May 11, 2017, badge arrested Johnathan James as he was abrogation the Advance America analysis cashing business at 8900 Viscount. Badge admiral were accomplished to the area aback advisers arise James attempting to accommodate the artificial checks, cloister abstracts state.

James was allegedly begin to be in control of two checks acceptance to Sun Valley Baptist Church. Cloister abstracts added accompaniment James was additionally in control of a apocryphal Texas Department of Public Safety Temporary Driver’s License address his advice as able-bodied as added checks and documentation.

Under interrogation, James allegedly told badge he accustomed the baseborn Sun Valley Baptist checks from Brent Kennedy for “computer repairs.” James allegedly said he had no ability of or any business with the church. 

Court abstracts accompaniment James had ahead been arrested with Thomas Lawry aback both offenders provided apocryphal anecdotic advice to badge officers. Added analysis arise James was in control of identification cards, debit cards, and baseborn checks that had been modified, badge said.

James was allegedly in control of counterfeit identification cards absolute the claimed advice of one of the victims, but with a photo of co-defendant Lawry. Additionally, checks with the victim’s advice had been added to the top of checks address the name Desiree Espinoza. Badge arrested Espinoza on bogus charges. Below interrogation, Espinoza told badge Battle and Kennedy “were the ones in charge.”


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In March of 2017, Michelle Hudspeth allegedly approved to banknote a baseborn analysis that was adapted to accommodate her name, cloister abstracts state. Badge said Hudspeth allegedly approved to accommodate the analysis at a First Light Federal Acclaim Union drive-through teller moments afterwards co-defendant Darryl Brown approved to accommodate a baseborn check. 

After she was arrested, Hudspeth allegedly told detectives Jason Artisan gave her the baseborn check. Hudspeth said he had approved to accommodate several checks for Artisan during a two to three anniversary period. Hudspeth allegedly told badge she already let Allen Battle borrow her vehicle. Aback Battle returned, he allegedly had a box abounding with mail that did not accord to Battle. Hudspeth accustomed she did not address the baseborn mail to the column appointment or police. 

During an investigation, badge allegedly empiric Artisan “to be in control of a scanned amount analysis that appeared to be from Airgas USA, LLC.”  Police said Hudspeth’s name had been affixedto the beneficiary breadth of the check, and attempts area fabricated to accomplish the analysis arise as if it was issued payable to Hudspeth, cloister abstracts state.


On May 9, 2017, the appointment administrator at Sun Valley Baptist abbey was notified by the church’s coffer about counterfeit action on its account. Several checks beatific out in the mail now appeared to accept been cashed with adapted names in the beneficiary section. One of the checks was allegedly adapted and fabricated payable to Samantha Vasquez, cloister abstracts state. 

Court abstracts accompaniment Coffer of America annal for Vasquez appearance the baseborn analysis was deposited into the account, and again abundant accuse were fabricated adjoin the account. “Many of the accuse were buzz calls to the jail, constant with the dates that Vasquez’s admirer was incarcerated,” the abstracts state.


On April 3, 2017, Brent Kennedy was allegedly recorded on aegis footage, forth with Allen Battle, aggravating to accommodate a analysis baseborn from a mailbox, cloister abstracts state. Kennedy allegedly acclimated a affected identification agenda while aggravating to banknote the check, but First Light Federal Acclaim Union articular the analysis as “being an accessible forgery,” the abstracts state.

On August 30, 2017, badge arrested Robert Barragan as he was allegedly burglary mail from mail boxes. Below interrogation, Barragan allegedly accepted to a Postal Service Inspector he blanket mail from mail boxes. Barragan allegedly said he calm mail, “but did not apperceive what to do with it,” a cloister certificate states. Barragan allegedly said he would accord the mail to added bodies “who knew what to do with it.” 

“They do counterfeit ass (expletive) with it,” Barragan allegedly said as he reportedly told board Battle, Kennedy and Jason artisan were the ringleaders. Barragan said Kennedy would change the name on checks and that Artisan would accord Barragan money for the mail he collected. Barragan allegedly declared the the arrangement as a “pyramid,” while cogent board that below Battle, Kennedy and Smith, there were several capacity who would aggregate the mail. Barragan told badge Kennedy had templates to “make affected Texas Identification cards,” cloister abstracts state.

Those arrested and adverse charges:

The 15 bodies arrested accept been answerable with Engaging in Organized Bent Activity: Bogus and Counterfeit Use of Control of Anecdotic Information. Badge said added arrests are accessible and added accuse are anticipated.  Detectives abstruse at atomic 37 bodies were targeted by the suspects. Investigators believe there are added victims. Detectives are alive with the U.S. Postal Inspector and are allurement victim of mail annexation to acquaintance the Postal Inspector.

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