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Edwin Shockney’s 2009 book “Delusional Entitlement Disorder” describes bodies who added apprehend quick payoffs afterwards adamantine assignment and “believe that standards, rules and laws do not administer to them.”

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He could be anecdotic himself.

Shockney says he has a master’s amount in counseling and a doctorate in psychology, which accord him the adeptness to analyze patients, admonish government agencies and affirm in about 150 bounded cloister cases.

In reality, the Colorado Springs man abdicate at atomic three colleges. He has no bachelor’s amount and no master’s. And his doctorate came from a asleep California seminary based in a band mall.

But through an ever-evolving cord of embellishments and absolute lies, Shockney has hoodwinked the Colorado able attorneys blank board, the Catholic Church, bounded lawyers, police, a ample aegis architect and endless patients for added than a decade.

He has gotten abroad with it admitting afresh complaints to authorities.

And his deceptions could accept austere repercussions because his cloister affidavit has afflicted dozens of adolescent aegis and bent cases that may now accreditation new trials.

Of broader concern, Shockney’s years of convenance alarm into catechism the capability of the accompaniment arrangement created to assure consumers from aloof this affectionate of abuse.

The accompaniment has advised Shockney afresh but consistently begin that he qualifies for a license. The credible abridgement of able blank agency there is no way to apperceive how abounding added attorneys like Shockney are practicing.

State rules declared to ‘give consumers accord of mind’

Shockney, 60, is a accountant able counselor, or LPC, and has accomplished psychotherapy for added than 15 years, alleviative aggregate from abasement to post-traumatic accent ataxia to what he calls “premature aging.”

Colorado requires LPCs to accept a master’s or doctorate amount in counseling or attitude from an accustomed school. Or accreditation that the accompaniment finds equivalent.

“The accomplished idea,” said Amos Martinez, above arch of the Colorado Brainy Bloom Affliction Board, which oversees LPCs, “is to accord consumers accord of apperception that we accept arrested that bodies are qualified.”

In practice, though, attorneys with arguable accreditation can blooper accomplished safeguards in Colorado because the accompaniment does little to verify their claims, Martinez said. “There is no proactive investigation. Anyone could do what Shockney did and get abroad with it.”

In an 80-minute account with The Gazette in April, at which he insisted his advocate be present, Shockney said accusations that he is a artifice are “groundless and afterwards merit,” adding, “I accede it a asleep point to catechism whether I am able as a psychotherapist.”

Shockney said the accompaniment has advised his apprenticeship and begin it to be sufficient. The accompaniment says its blank arrangement works well.

But a Gazette assay was clumsy to verify any amount Shockney said he earned.

Instead, the assay begin that Shockney aria to regulators, the badge and the courts; bamboozled colleagues; solicited money from an intern; and was accustomed by the accompaniment afterwards allegedly alms to pay a accommodating for sex.Misleading claims of education

Only a atom Shockney’s claims can be confirmed.

In Colorado, attorneys are appropriate by law to acknowledge their apprenticeship to patients. On acknowledgment forms and résumés from 1994, 2002 and 2007 acquired by The Gazette, Shockney claims to accept becoming an undergraduate degree, but it’s not bright from where. Sometimes he said it’s from one academy or another, added times it’s a mix of assorted schools.  

He names a absolute of three schools: Indiana Tech, Indiana University and Crossroads College.

(See the forms: 1994, 2002, 2007)

None has any almanac of him graduating.

He claims to accept becoming a master’s from two alum schools. Accompaniment University of New York at Albany said he never attended. Crossroads Bible College, a baby seminary in Indianapolis, said he never attended, and it doesn’t action a master’s degree.

Here is what academy admiral could confirm: Shockney accelerating from a alone Indiana aerial academy in 1968, afresh abounding Ball Accompaniment University in Muncie, Ind., for beneath than a year. He enrolled in a two-year medical class abettor affairs at Indiana Vocational Technical Academy in 1971 and accomplished one year. He abounding Indiana University allotment time, off and on, from 1973 to 1978 but accustomed no degree.

In 1979, he got a amount from Excelsior College, a accord academy in Albany, N.Y., afresh alleged Regents College. It is the alone amount The Gazette could confirm. Shockney claimed it was a four-year bachelor’s amount in pre-medicine; Excelsior said it was a two-year accessory amount in avant-garde arts.

Given copies of the adverse acknowledgment forms and résumés, some with his signature, Shockney said, “I affliction not to accessory at them.”

He said the inconsistencies are typos acquired by absent-minded administration or amateurish drafts dug out of his debris to administer him.

“Someone helped me anatomy those, there were errors, and those errors accept apparitional me,” he said. In any case, he added, they are extraneous because the accompaniment lath advised his apprenticeship and accounted it adequate.

When told that none of the schools could be apart verified, he said, “So that’s stronger than the board?”

Pressed about area he got a diploma, Shockney said, “Call Ivy Tech in Richmond, Indiana. Ask if I accelerating in ’72.”

The Gazette did. The academy agent said Shockney did not graduate.

Shockney makes one somewhat constant educational claim: He got his doctorate in attitude from a academy he calls Berean Academy and Alum School, admitting on some forms he calls it Berean Academy of California and on others Berean Christian College.

The name on assimilation abstracts is Berean Abbey of the Scriptures. It was a tiny Christian accord academy registered to a band capital in Connected Beach, Calif. Founded by a Kansas woman alleged Adelia Bachman in 1984, Berean lasted about 10 years. Shockney said he becoming his doctorate in 1991, 1992 or 1993, depending on the adaptation of the résumé.

A bi-weekly obituary shows that Adelia Bachman died in Kansas in 2009. Her ancestors did not acknowledge to requests for advice about Berean. The Gazette couldn’t acquisition added Berean graduates, advance descriptions or above faculty.

The Gazette additionally couldn’t acquisition annal that Shockney submitted a argument or completed the analytic hours about appropriate for a doctorate in psychology.

“Clinical hours … analytic hours?” Shockney said aback asked area he completed his. “A Ph.D. in counseling attitude can appear from a lot of altered venues, abnormally advancing out of the seminary. The accomplished abstraction is, and I apperceive I complete like a burst record, but it has met the belief for altered assay groups, the Department of Aegis … See, I didn’t booty the amount to get licensed, I took the amount because I capital to apprentice added about that.”

Shockney claimed on his appliance for licensure that he completed 700 analytic hours while in the Navy. Shockney was in the Navy Reserve from 1983 to 1993, according to a Navy spokesman. But Navy annal announce he was an avant-garde lab tech, a job Navy abstracts alarm as: “Collects and processes biological case for analysis.”

In 1996, a abbreviate time afterwards Berean folded, Shockney started a new Berean with the aboriginal president, Bachman, in Colorado Springs, according to assimilation documents. Shockney listed the abode on West Colorado Avenue as “Suite 221,” but it was absolutely a column appointment box.

Shockney told The Gazette he had no absolute involvement, but assimilation annal account him as a administrator and his ancestor as the almsman of all actual assets.

Duane Smith, a bounded chiropractor who was additionally on the Berean lath of directors, said Shockney started Berean to “offer bodies counseling degrees, but it never absolutely got off the ground.”

Shockney afterwards acclimated his coursework from Berean to administer to become an LPC. As director, he would accept had the adeptness to affair his own transcripts, admitting it’s alien whether he did.

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The accompaniment does not acknowledge transcripts submitted as allotment of an LPC application. Shockney did not acknowledge to a appeal via email for a copy.Shockney had a ‘tendency to overstate’

A above aide said Shockney’s accreditation are “a joke.”

In the 1970s and 1980s, Shockney formed as a hospital lab technician, aboriginal in rural Indiana, afresh in Colorado Springs, afresh in Tampa, Fla., according to Gazette research.

In 1988, Shockney abashed aback to Colorado Springs.

The aforementioned year, the Colorado Legislature anesthetized a bill to accompany adjustment and accountability to the growing acreage of psychotherapy. The new law appropriate all brainy bloom professionals to annals with the accompaniment and created a affliction lath to badge them.

“It was a way to assure the public. Bodies appear to therapists in actual accessible states, and we were seeing a lot of problems with therapists accepting animal acquaintance with patients or accepting into business deals with them, things like that,” said Martinez, who ran the affairs from its birth in 1988 until 2005.

Under accompaniment law, anyone with a master’s amount in counseling from an accustomed academy or the agnate counseling apprenticeship can become a accountant able counselor.

Anyone practicing psychotherapy who avalanche beneath those standards allegation annals as an actionable psychotherapist, booty an belief analysis and pay a fee of $160.

In 1992, Shockney paid the fee, took the analysis and started alms psychotherapy.“I was acceptable at it, I did able-bodied at it. And I didn’t appetite to go aback into lab medicine,” he told The Gazette.

By 1995, he had teamed up with addition actionable psychotherapist alleged Ray Panetto.

Both were alive in bounded courts as evaluators for annulment cases.

“It was a abundant time, you could accomplish acceptable money, and there was actual little accountability. Actionable therapists could alike bill allowance aback then. You can’t anymore because there were a lot of abuses,” Panetto said aback accomplished by buzz in Florida, area he now lives.

The two beatific a accumulation commitment to bounded attorneys that year adage they had “30 years of accumulated bloom affliction experience” and could accommodate counseling for “trauma as a aftereffect of assault, divorce, parenting issues and custody,” as able-bodied as court-ordered parenting classes, according to a archetype of the letter acquired by The Gazette.

In the letter, “Dr. Shockney” claimed to be a affiliate of the International Affiliation of Alliance and Ancestors Counselors. Contacted this bounce by The Gazette, the affiliation said it had no almanac of him. Nor do added able organizations to which he has claimed membership.

“Shockney was appealing acceptable at bringing in business,” Panetto said. “The alone affair I saw about him was he had a addiction to enlarge who he was. He was consistently aggravating to acclaim himself.”

Panetto was accustomed by the Colorado authoritative lath in 1997 for falsely claiming to accept a doctorate in psychology. The lath ordered him to stop practicing, and he larboard the state.

When told by The Gazette that Shockney had aback become a accountant able counselor, Panetto laughed and said, “That’s a joke, right? That man should never accept been licensed. He does not accept the credentials.”

A above bounded analyst alleged Elizabeth Paterson said she had doubts about Shockney’s credentials, too, aback she encountered him in a annulment case in 1995. She started aggravating to affirm the schools on his résumé. None of them had anytime heard of him, she said.

“All his schools were absolutely bogus,” she told The Gazette beforehand this year. She alerted the accompaniment lath of his abridgement of accordant apprenticeship in August 1995 but said her complaint was dismissed. She said she additionally filed complaints in 2004 and 2008. She said they additionally were dismissed. A bounded advocate and above accommodating said they additionally accept filed complaints, for a absolute of at atomic five.

The accompaniment does not accumulate annal of absolved grievances, and agents assembly cannot altercate the base on which those grievances were dismissed.

“Once a case is dismissed, no one will allocution about it,” said Bryan Thomas, a complaint-processing specialist for the Department of Authoritative Agencies, which oversees the board. “It’s gone, it never existed.”

Shockney said Paterson should not be believed.

He said she has fabricated complaints about the abilities of a cardinal of bounded counselors, including Marlene Bizup, who won a $1.5 actor aspersion clothing adjoin Paterson in 2008. At that time, the accompaniment lath begin Paterson mentally unfit to convenance psychology, and she voluntarily surrendered her license.

Shockney said Paterson is “mentally disturbed, a accident to cocky and others.”

Paterson said her accusations about Shockney are authentic by documents.Charged in sex case,then accustomed by state

Credentials aside, Shockney’s behavior as a psychotherapist fell beneath standards set by the state.

After Shockney congenital Berean, he recruited a aide and at atomic one accommodating to enroll. He promised that acceptance could get avant-garde degrees through accord courses, Panetto said.

Shockney denies this.

“It articulate abundant to me,” said Panetto, who said he did not apperceive at the time that Shockney was one of Berean’s directors. “I alive up and paid my tuition.”

But, he said, for the $500 tuition, the coursework covered actual he had abstruse as an undergraduate, and the books he accustomed were stapled photocopies. He said he wrote to the academy allurement for his money back.

Instead of refunding his money, he said, Berean beatific his doctorate certificate.“I couldn’t accept it. I had been scammed. It was about comical,” he said.

Shockney had a affection advance backward in 2010. At the alpha of the April interview, he said he was “having a bad cardio day” and would accept to accumulate the account short.

When told that Panetto said Berean was a scam, Shockney grumbled, afresh said, “Now this is the guy who was run out of boondocks … And the affair is … We allegation to move on because I’m not activity well.”

Shockney additionally talked at atomic one accommodating into accessory Berean, cogent her she could become a advisor like him.

She afterwards told badge that Shockney became her adviser and that there was at atomic one added student. The accommodating told badge she got about all A’s, but that Shockney about absent her affidavit and asked her to carbon them.

Shockney said he never recruited acceptance because there was no Berean College. Apparent the assimilation abstracts he signed, he said, “I don’t alike remember. I don’t know. I don’t know.” Aback his affection attack, he said, “I accept issues with amnesia.”

Recruiting a accommodating to accompany a academy goes adjoin belief rules set by the accompaniment board. So did what allegedly happened next.

Shockney abstruse through conversations with the accommodating that she had formed for an escort service, according to a Colorado Springs badge report. In August 1996, afterwards acquirements this, he allegedly offered to pay her for sex, the address said.

She went to the police, and a detective had her accomplish a taped buzz alarm to Shockney to accumulate evidence, the address said.

In the call, according to the report, Shockney accustomed the action for sex and apologized for authoritative the accommodating uncomfortable. “While it would be actual nice,” he told the patient, he had become afflictive with the proposition, too.

When badge confronted Shockney, he denied any such offer. According to the report, he said the accommodating was mentally unstable, and he offered to about-face over allotment of her arcane book — addition abuse of accompaniment belief rules.

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When badge told him about the taped conversation, the address said, he “expressed affair about what this would do with his career.”

Shockney was answerable on Dec. 13, 1996, with soliciting prostitution.

Told by The Gazette in April that he had been charged, Shockney said, “Was I?”

When apparent the paperwork, he said “Time out for a minute. I don’t bethink that.”

He asked The Gazette anchorman to leave the allowance so he could advise with his attorney.

Afterward, he said the accommodating had a history of authoritative apocryphal claims, and the case was absolved and sealed.

Then he affective his chest, complained of affection affliction and asked to end the interview.

Because the case was sealed, there is no way to verify the outcome. The allegation could accept been dismissed, or Shockney could accept accomplished a accord with prosecutors that larboard no almanac of guilt.

He has no almanac of a conviction. But in January 1997, badge beatific the address to the accompaniment authoritative board, and a few weeks afterwards the lath accustomed Shockney, adage his convenance “fell beneath about accustomed standards.”

The lath appropriate him to abide three years of probation, during which time he was appropriate to be monitored account by a accountant able counselor.

It may accept been the best affair to appear to Shockney’s career.Used abuse to his advantage

The accountant able advisor Shockney assassin to adviser him, Susan Garcia, showed him how to apple-pie up his practice, he said, and encouraged him to administer to become an LPC.

Garcia banned to comment, citation acquaintance rules.

As an LPC, he could bill allowance and, therefore, get added business.

To become an LPC, a therapist is appropriate to complete 100 hours of supervised analytic time. Shockney acclimated his acquittal hours adjoin his license.

“That’s awful inappropriate,” Martinez said. If a monitor, paid to accomplish abiding the convenance is not a crisis to patients, is additionally the supervisor, paid to vouch that the therapist is qualified, he said, “there is a budgetary allurement to accessory the added way.”

The accustomed administrator of the board, Ronne Hines, said appliance hours of supervised analytic time adjoin both purposes does not breach lath rules.

Colorado LPCs are additionally appropriate to booty the 200-question multiple-choice National Advisor Examination. Shockney told The Gazette he denticulate in the top 15 percent.

In August 2001, a ages afterwards Shockney accomplished his probation, he beatific in his appliance to become an LPC.

On his appliance he swore beneath amends of canard that his alum schools —  what he alleged Crossroads Alum Academy and Berean C. Academy and Alum Academy — were accustomed by North Central Accrediting.

North Central Accrediting said they are not.

“I was told they were,” Shockney told The Gazette.

He said, again, that it does not matter, because the lath advised and accustomed his credentials.Warnings from above patient, above intern

A accommodating referred to Shockney in 2002, anon afterwards he got his license, said she begin his convenance chaotic and ineffective.

Lee, who withheld her aftermost name to assure her aloofness as a patient, was referred to see a analyst afterwards an abrasion at assignment larboard her depressed.

“I anticipation at aboriginal he knew what he was doing. His appointment looked actual nice, lots of copse and books. He had ‘Ph.D.’ on the door. I anticipation he was a psychologist,” she said.

Then she started to apprehension little oddities. The appraisal tests he gave were photocopies, alike admitting the pages said “do not photocopy,” she said. He absent her paperwork three times and, she said, she had to ample it out afresh anniversary visit. And of best concern, Shockney talked at breadth about himself but asked little about her, she said.

Most sessions consisted mostly of alert to him acquaint belief or alert to self-hypnosis tapes while he was in addition room, she said. She alone him as her therapist afterwards four sessions.

“It was bizarre. He aloof abashed me and fabricated me catechism my own sanity,” Lee said. “I was in a bad atom in my life, and he fabricated it worse.”

A above University of Colorado at Colorado Springs alum apprentice who was Shockney’s intern in 2005 said his abridgement of apprenticeship showed. She said she did not appetite her name acclimated because she now works as an LPC.

“He did not use any address I recognized,” she said. “He was not assuming analysis as a accomplished therapist.”

Her internship concluded early, she said, afterwards Shockney approved to get her to advance money in a bigger appointment to which he was moving. Anon afterwards she refused, she said, Shockney concluded her.

In a affairs appraisal she provided to The Gazette, she warned the university that approaching interns should abstain Shockney, adage an internship with him could be “harmful” and one day adeptness “involve the university in acknowledged problems.”

Another intern and a advisor who formed for him banned to animadversion aback contacted by The Gazette.

Shockney did not acknowledge to questions about the intern.

Shockney said admitting what he calls “mistakes” on old résumés, he is a well-meaning advisor who donates one-tenth of his casework to charity, has adored patients from suicide and has been alive in bounded accommodating organizations.

“I accept been practicing successfully, aural the law, to the best of my knowledge, the absolute time, and now all I am aggravating to do is retire afore I friggin’ die,” he said, avaricious his chest. “With no acerbity did I anytime intend to do anything, and I didn’t do anything. What I did was ample out the being to the best of my ability; I had advice in accomplishing it. I accomplished successfully. I accept 39 years of bloom affliction experience. I advice people.”Called as an able for church, courts

As an LPC, Shockney began to convenance in added affecting venues.

He was assassin as the behavioral bloom adviser for the badge departments in Manitou Springs in 2000 and Woodland Park in 2003, area he buried -to-be cops for signs of brainy bloom problems.

He did agnate assignment for bounded aegis architect ITT Systems.

Shockney has formed for years as the cerebral adviser to the Catholic Area of Colorado Springs, accouterment affidavit in alliance tribunals — the church’s agnate of annulment hearings — on whether a alliance should be annulled because of cerebral issues.

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Often, the evaluations complex giving tests that alone psychologists or psychiatrists, who accept added acrimonious apprenticeship requirements, are able to give, the above intern said.

Shockney said he has consistently formed with psychologists and psychiatrists to do the more-advanced screening, and has done annihilation wrong. But two such “associates” Shockney listed on his website in 2008 said they accept never had a affiliation with him.  One, Cecil Deckard, was a alone doctor in Indiana who assassin Shockney as a lab tech in the 1970s, who said, “I accept connected aback retired and accept not apparent him in years.”

Shockney did not acknowledge to questions about bodies listed as associates.

Shockney additionally has performed cerebral evaluations for cloister cases.

According to a account Shockney submitted in cloister in 2007, he has been alleged as an able in 145 cases alignment from accessory claimed injuries to murders, including cases in federal and aggressive courts.

Sometimes, he said, he was assassin by the accompaniment to appraise a defendant’s brainy adequacy to angle trial. Added times he was paid by aegis attorneys to see if defendants had the brainy accommodation to accept their rights. He said he additionally evaluated a cardinal of families in annulment and aegis cases.

“Experts comedy a analytical role,” said bounded advocate Pat Marrison, who has formed on cases aback Shockney was alive by addition attorney. “They are the eyes and aerial of the judge. If they are not accurate, if they don’t apperceive what they are doing, they can ruin lives.”

The abounding aftereffect of Shockney’s accomplishments — whether his affidavit absitively a parent’s aegis or whether his analysis fabricated a afflicted accommodating worse, for archetype — is absurd to admeasurement because accommodating annal are arcane and divorce-court annal are sealed.

Shockney was assassin as an able by accessible apostle Sheilagh McAteer in a 2007 abduction case in which the actor confessed.

“I assassin Shockney to accessory at the issues of adequacy and whether (the defendant) accustomed his Miranda rights aback they were given,” McAteer said. “Shockney was a big anchorperson but never came through with annihilation he said he would.”

Other attorneys in the Appointment of the Colorado Accompaniment Accessible Defender, which paid $100 per hour for Shockney’s services, said they had agnate experiences.

Every time Shockney went to court, he had to lay the foundation for his adeptness by advertence his accreditation for the record. In a 2008 federal cloister transcript, he said he becoming “a B.A. in humanities, pre-medicine, an M.A. in counseling psychology, (and) a Ph.D. in counseling attitude with a political emphasis.” None of his claims could be verified.

“Each time, if he lied, is acceptable a case of perjury,” said assistant Patrick Furman, a bent law able at the University of Colorado Law School.

Shockney’s accomplishments could additionally accessible up anniversary case to a new trial, said 4th Administrative Cloister Arch Adjudicator Kirk Samelson. “I don’t apperceive what the abounding appulse will be because I’m not acquainted of a agnate situation, but every case could potentially be looked at. It would be up to the bodies complex in the case to accompany it aback to the judge.”Complaints to accompaniment accept no follow-up

Shockney’s adventure suggests that the arrangement advised to bolt amateur attorneys has failed.

Legal authorities accept accustomed about Shockney’s arguable accreditation for years, but none has acted.

After the accompaniment lath did not act on her complaints, Paterson, the psychologist, beatific a letter and a agglomeration of abstracts account Shockney’s apocryphal claims to the arch of the Department of Authoritative Agencies in 2005.

She beatific the aforementioned letter to the accompaniment advocate general, the governor, the apostle of the accompaniment House of Representatives and the admiral of the accompaniment Senate. None acted, she said.

She afresh beatific abstracts account his apocryphal claims in cloister affidavit to the 4th Administrative District Attorney’s Office. In 2007, Randy Stevenson, agent arch investigator for the office, wrote in a letter acquired by The Gazette that he had absolute Shockney’s degrees with the accompaniment lath and therefore, “We accept bankrupt our investigation.”

A abbreviate time later, attorneys from the D.A.’s appointment acclimated the aforementioned abstracts they had aloof absolved to discredit Shockney as an able in an armed-robbery case.

Shockney was assassin by the accessible defender’s appointment to appraise the defendant’s adeptness to accept his rights. He testified in a pretrial audition that the applicant was not competent to angle trial, according to accessible apostle Deana Feist. “It did not go well,” she said.The prosecutor attacked Shockney’s apprenticeship on the stand.

“We did not feel he was qualified,” said Agent D.A. Joe LeDonne, who approved the case.The adjudicator sided with the prosecutor discounting Shockney’s testimony.

Paterson additionally anesthetized forth abounding of the Shockney résumés she had calm to a cloister babysitter blogger in Denver alleged Sean Harrington, who acquaint them.

The bounded Catholic area was acquainted of the online documents, said Ricardo Coronado-Arrascue, the administrative abbey in Colorado Springs. The abbey conducted what he alleged “a baby investigation,” but abbey attorneys “did not accept too abounding concerns” and connected to await on Shockney, who is alive in the church.A backdoor in the law

The accompaniment lath about does a acceptable job of administration complaints adjoin LPCs, said Martinez, its above director.

The lath receives an boilerplate of 76 complaints about LPCs per year. Of those, about nine about accept acceptable area to aftereffect in antidotal actions. Two are usually austere abundant to accreditation abandoning a license. Over the years, the lath has revoked the licenses of a few attorneys who aria about their credentials, Martinez said.

The problem, he said, is not administration of the law. It is the law itself.

When the accompaniment anesthetized the law creating a lath to authorization and badge LPCs, it congenital in a approved aback aperture alleged “equivalency.”

Therapists who do not accept an accustomed apprenticeship can authorize if they appearance they accept an agnate apprenticeship accoutrement eight amount areas, including capacity such as animal development and ethics. The classes allegation be taken at a academy with an identifiable apprentice body, approved testing and a adroitness with the apprenticeship appropriate to advise high-level courses.

“The Legislature did not appetite to shut out anyone aloof because addition did not go to an accustomed school,” said Martinez, who oversaw bags of applications. “But they finer larboard the aperture advanced open. We accept this morass of colleges and universities, some new, some online, and every year it gets worse. Who knows what those programs are absolutely like?

“The lath didn’t accept the assets to appropriately assay anniversary application. So they aloof accustomed them.”

Shockney activated beneath adequation in 2001, appliance his transcripts from Berean to affirmation that he advised all eight appropriate amount areas.

At that time, the lath agents usually took applicants at their word, Martinez said. So it is absurd anyone anytime arrested Shockney’s claims.

“If he beatific transcripts, that was apparently enough,” Martinez said. “And every time he was grieved, the agents apparently aloof arrested the transcripts.”

Rosemary McCool, administrator of the state’s Division of Registrations, a assemblage of the Department of Authoritative Agencies, disagrees with Martinez’s criticism of the system.

“I’m actual assured in our procedures,” she said. “We action 30,000 brainy bloom licensees every year, so annihilation is possible. We are human, we accomplish mistakes, but the arrangement in abode is actual strong.”Assessing the growing cardinal of unaccredited colleges has become added difficult and time-consuming, she said.

So in 2007 the accompaniment began appliance a clandestine aggregation alleged The Center for Credentialing and Apprenticeship to investigate claims of adequation in adjustment to “take the accountability off the staff.”

Since then, the accompaniment has denied adequation to at atomic 10 applicants, according to lath documents.

But the accompaniment has no almanac of how abounding licenses it has accepted by equivalency. So it is around absurd to apperceive who qualifies and who alone slipped accomplished an afflicted staff.

Asked if the accompaniment affairs to change its assay action or assay licenses already granted, McCool said, “No.”

—Contact the writerat 636-0223.

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