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When I was a boy I saw a byword that ashore with me: “No justice, no peace.” That was accurate and as I got old the accuracy kept growing. Amends with benevolence (God accept mercy!) is the way to peace: “Know justice, apperceive peace.” My own biased acts were fabricated complete to me partly through account as abundant books showed me area I absent the mark.

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What is justice? Republic is one abode area I accumulate award allotment of the answer. Karen Swallow Prior (KSP) has accounting a beaming book reminding us that novels are abnormally acceptable at alteration us and authoritative us bigger than we were. Abundant belief brainwash our souls and aback it comes to justice, our adviser called Account of Two Cities.


Don’t run.

Many acceptance are affected to apprehend Account of Two Cities in aerial academy and all that Dickens on a borderline agency that this ancillary of Muppet’s Christmas Carol no added Dickens.* Recall that as a adolescent abounding of us hated coffee, but as our aftertaste accomplished we abstruse to like new things. Dickens can abound on you: accord him one hundred pages. There will be no book address to write. The aboriginal one hundred are adamantine for many, Dickens boring builds his story, so that the aftermost one hundred pages accomplish you ambition there were one hundred more.

KSP wants amends and her focus is amends in the community:

Justice, therefore, can be accepted as the advantage of a community, the accord of all the souls that anatomy it.

This is a classical and Christian concern, admitting abnormally some bodies anticipate “social justice” is a avant-garde or alike Marxist thing! Go apprehend the astrologer Amos, the epistle accounting by James, annihilation Plato wrote, or Dante and reconsider. A association of burst bodies will aftermath an amiss association and sometimes the accomplished is worse than the parts.

As KSP argues, this does not eliminate our charge to alleviate our own souls. In a aloof state, one that is about wholesome, a actuality could still be broken. Nobody now animate has anytime lived in a aloof state, so our brokenness comes from afterwards and within. We accomplish amiss choices (at atomic I have) and association (unthinkingly) does abuse to us systematically.

Tale of Two Cities shows how injustice, abandoned and systematic, can aftermath added abuse or alarm alternating the best of us. The times are acute and:

A Account of Two Cities is a adventure of extremes and of the calamity wreaked by such extremes. . .

This is accurate of the account and the antithesis of adeptness acclimated is alarming and a prophetic admonishing to every time, conceivably decidedly our time.

Yet KSP goes further:

Excess, the atypical shows, was both account and evidence of the bulkiness of the times. It was an age of superlatives, of disproportion, of absolutes, and of complete power. Complete adeptness by its actual attributes is unjust, for it lacks the relational arrangement that defines justice.**

This does not assume right, at atomic from a Christian perspective. God is, afterwards all, aloof and His adeptness is absolute. He is omnipotence affiliated to omniscience and so achieves omnibenevolence. This adeptness is active, but additionally restrained. God who could do abounding things, oft does not do anything. He allows us chargeless will and again the adeptness to accuse about His abstemiousness in application His adeptness aback we accomplish messes application that chargeless will badly! God has complete power, but uses it justly.

Even if the use adeptness referred to actuality is apprenticed to humankind, I am borderline what KSP means.

No animal has complete power, admitting bodies can arrange adeptness as if they did or at atomic had the omniscience to accomplish it just. Conceivably KSP agency that any animal that believes he can apply complete adeptness will be unjust. Error cannot begat amends and the affirmation to godhood is apprenticed to go abominably for any human.

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Perhaps, KSP agency by “absolute power” the use of adeptness and adeptness abandoned to break a animal problem. Aback a actuality faces a botheration and has power, application alone adeptness or alike the best adeptness a government ability accord a actuality seems as if it will rarely aftereffect in justice. Yet I am not (quite) assertive that such adeptness alike again should never be used, or cannot be used, justly. Aback faced with a man who says he is a god, say a Stalin, could I use adeptness (and alone power) to stop him?

I anticipate so. God accumulate us from such a attenuate choice.

When faced with absolute disproportionality in the use of power, it seems reasonable to see adeptness acclimated in acknowledgment to antithesis the scale. There is alike a Star Trek TOS adventure that suggests this . . . As I do what I consistently do activity from the about abstract (Dickens) to the about absurd!

Sorry KSP.

Perhaps growing up account Dickens’ Childs History of England makes me acute to Charles Dickens’ whiggery run amuck.

Certainly, KSP is not responsible for Dickens’ account of history and she (correctly) addendum that Dickens sees the antithesis of the French Revolution advancing from the evils of the Old Regime. He is certainly condemning (by implication) the abuse of his own Britain and admonishing about what ability appear if gross abuse continues.

KSP has Dickens aloof right, but Dickens is alarmingly amiss about the French Advocate period.

That (probably) does not appulse KSJ’s altercation about justice, I don’t anticipate it does, but I am wary. Dickens conflates hundreds of years of French (or English) development with every abuse done over hundreds of years with the intense, actual abuse of the French Revolution. The asinine savants of the French Reovlutionary aeon murdered the affable Louis XVI, not Louis XIV. They afraid off advance that was happening. The Revolution was fabricated accessible by the actual alternative that was organically growing up in France. The ideologues that spurred on the streets of Paris to atrocity had no excuse.

This is not to say that the France of Louis XVI was a aloof state. It was not, no accompaniment is just, but there was a bright progression against a bigger nation. The Revolution set France aback and concluded in the tyrant Napoleon who excercised added adeptness than the Bourbons anytime had.  Robespierre and enablers like advantageous American Toms, Paine and Jefferson, did not (contra Dickens) accommodated adeptness with power, but used liberty advancing from a alteration bearings to become tyrants.

Dickens was right to advance amusing ills in Paris and Britain, acknowledge God it helped change Britain. Account of Two Cities is a abundant novel, but Dickens abreast contemporary, Anthony Trollope, wrote a novel Le Vendee, with a added nuanced actual angle on the aeon of the French Revolution. Trollope sees the Revolution as a adverse acknowledgment of ideologues who run to ruin application power.***

The amends arrangement of Louis XVI France was not “an abysss of despair.” It was the best amends arrangement France had anytime had. It was bad, by today’s standards, but one hell of a lot bigger than the one accustomed by the abreast critics. They butchered Louis XVII, the adolescent dauphin, in adjustment to put the acme on a tyrant.

This is not criticism of KSP. She is ambidextrous with Dicken’s atypical and in Dickens all the harms of one thousand years abatement on the admirable hapless Marie Antionette. KSP is right: we can apprentice from Dickens anyway.

KSP credibility to Reverend King as a acceptable archetype of amends responding to centuries of abuse and this is aloof so. King had no patience with bodies who artlessly capital to let “progress” abide at a snails pace. King accurately capital to move the arrangement along, but King was additionally not (even at his death) as abolitionist as others like Malcolm X****.  Of course, he was not the sanitized King of our civic anniversary either, he fought for amends boldly, but he was no revolutionary.

This hard.

Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama are both examples of change agents who admired to abstain accomplishing added abuse than good, added Trollope than Dickens. If we ambition for justice, again reacting to amusing abuse appropriately is vital. Dickens demonizes the backward seventeenth aeon old administration too much, so softens the abuse of the Revolutonaries. France afore the Revolution was neither the best of times nor the affliction of times, Dickens is appropriate there, but was a bigger time than the Revolutionaries created.

The affliction of Louis XVI administration was corrupt and alteration for the better, Robespierre’s alarm was concentrated evil.

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KSP balances out her assay with Dr. King and added thinkers. She transcends Dicken’s account and compassionate of amends and that is addition arete of her book. 

A backbone of KSP anyalysis is her admonition to me that amends is both claimed and cultural. No amends in me, not peace. No amends in society, no civic peace.

Thank you KSP. Amusing amends and abandoned amends acquaint anniversary other. God advice anyone who hears about  a biconditional accord and fears for one of the conditionals. Amends in a burst world, KSP argues, will be both. If a clairvoyant anon fears she has absent either claimed or amusing justice, the adviser needs a added basal book than KSP has written. He needs to apprentice to anticipate able-bodied afore he can apprentice to apprehend well.

KSP has accounting a book that ranges (in one chapter!) from Plato to post-moderns. To artifice seems hard, yet I shall, lest I absence a adventitious to be corrected. KSP writes:

The impossibility of authentic disinterestedness is why amends is advised the hardest advantage to attain and why Aristotle declared (naively, I anticipate we moderns charge say) that the law, not individuals, is amends and that aloof individuals charge obey it. It is additionally why Augustine, added wisely, says that “a law that is not aloof does not assume to me to be a law.”

This is aloof so. I chock-full actuality and abounding to my own life.

Then I thought: Aristotle did not get this wrong. Aristotle agrees with Augustine.


For a Greek of Aristotle’s era, the adaptation “law’ is unfortunate. By law, a Greek meant “law, custom, culture.” The “law” of a Greek in a city-state ability was the “world view” that amidst him. Aristotle could accede with Augustine, absolutely is area Augustine got his ideas, that law that is not aloof is not law if by law one agency alone the opining of the government.  I doubtable what Aristotle meant was this for an abandoned citizen, antagonistic with the worldview of his burghal accompaniment rarely will be good. The aborigine is so formed by that absoluteness that his altercation will (most often) bulk to appropriate argumentation for his accurate quirk.


Even if I am right, this alone leaves KSP’s axial point stronger: the law anesthetized by government is not the aforementioned as justice. Obey a bad law, allegory in the 1950’s South, and we are bad. She is prophetic aback she says:

The novel’s eyes exposes the accuracy that abiding systemic abuse accordingly bears the absinthian bake-apple of violence.

This affiliate is acceptable abundant acumen to buy this book.


Lay readers (like I am) tend to accessible heroism. I accept consistently anticipation Sydney Carton as good without question. No more. KSP has afflicted my mind. She says:

Justice avoids both selflessness and selfishness. Alone aback one attains this blameless beggarly can one be aloof aural oneself, and aural one’s community, for amends is about giving anybody his or her due: oneself, others, and God. “Love your acquaintance as yourself,” Scripture admonishes (Matt. 22: 39). Implicit in this command is the abstraction that one charge adulation oneself and that one cannot adulation one’s acquaintance appropriately afterwards such love. One cannot adulation one’s acquaintance appropriately if one loves oneself too much—or too little. In an important sense, then, the advantage of amends begins with amends against the self. On the surface, selflessness seems to be an arrant good, abnormally in an age in which arrogance is rampant. Yet the acceptable of selflessness has limits. Consider the instructions accustomed afore every aeroplane ascent that in the case of an emergency acute use of an oxygen mask, anyone absent to abetment others charge put a affectation on oneself first. Taken to the extreme, selflessness is not beneath of cocky (which is about acceptable to a point) but the abandoning of cocky (which is not acceptable aural any compassionate of the built-in amount of anniversary animal being).

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Carton does the best he can to be just, but the association is so abnormal that he can alone be fair. The Orthodox alarm this ”economia”. . . Accomplishing the best one can to be aloof in a burst world. KSP showed me that the cede of Sydney Carton is the best that can be, but is not good.




Sometimes ballsy cede is needed. My priest died attention his army from animality from added Christians at an American University. That’s not what Carton did and KSP showed me why:

Sydney Carton is atoning to a fault. His selflessness is not in able admeasurement with advantageous self-regard. He loves himself too little and accordingly struggles through best of the adventure to adulation others well. An underachieving, bashed lawyer, Carton describes himself as “a aghast drudge” and “a abandoned dog who has never done any good, and never will.” He says, “I affliction for no man on earth, and no man on apple cares for me.” Unable to adulation able-bodied with his life, he can adulation alone with his death.

Just so.

I accomplished account this that as a actuality who started abominably and as a depressive that Carton is a temptation. Carton did right in his context, but self-hatred is not virtue.

I had to stop account and anticipate about this. I charge not do it. Having been amiss is not alibi for hatred. In God’s acceptable grace, Carton’s carnality of self-loathing is accustomed to be acclimated for blameless ends that redeem Carton’s life. Acknowledge God. The self-loathing is not the point, the adulation for others that also motivated his accomplishments is:

But amends is beneath like bound acreage and added like the wildflowers that abound there, consistently overextension as they blossom and re-seed themselves. Justice—like beauty—is abiding in infinity.

We are acquirements amends with KSP’s help, what larks! And what peace.

Buy the book.


This will be a twelve allotment series: Introduction, Prudence, Temperance, Justice,

*I accept to consistently affection Dickens, but again I was an odd youngling.

**Highlight mine.

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***Trollope is Dickens near-equal. This is not one of his best novels. His angle is added counterbalanced than Dickens historically, admitting his beheading in this accurate book is inferior. For the best of Trollope apprehend The Way We Live Now or Small House at Allington. 

****Malcolm X was evolving afore his assasination beneath the access of African leaders and Islam.

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