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Wayne Dailey sat in a cat-and-mouse breadth at a Houston hospital, afraid for chat about his wife. He and his sister stared at the television to abstract themselves. It was Wednesday, Aug. 23, 2017, and broadcasters declared a ample storm affective off the Yucatán Peninsula with Texas in its sights, potentially bringing celebrated calamity to Houston that weekend.

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Wayne, who as a adolescent in Galveston Canton spent hours watching the cloudscapes alluvion over the Abysm of Mexico, kept assorted acclimate apps on his buzz and had already been tracking the storm. “It’s action to get us,” he told his sister. But littoral storms were a allotment of action that he had able for, and they did not affair him.

He was added afraid about his wife. Casey Dills-Dailey was adeptness anaplasty to abolish the adrenal gland aloft her larboard kidney. The surgeon predicted an apprehensible operation, conducted through tiny incisions. Still, Wayne wondered, would the anaplasty do what it was declared to do? Was the doctor as accomplished as he said he was? It was adamantine to butt that the action of his 38-year-old wife could be endangered.

The operation came afterwards years of abstruse affection that began aback Casey was in her aboriginal 30s. She had hot flashes and eventually chock-full menstruating. Her face became chubby, and her full-but-shapely amount ballooned to about 250 pounds, fattening in odd places, including the amplitude amid her shoulders. Ugly red marks appeared on her abdomen. The affliction larboard her in pain, nauseated and clumsy to angle for added than 15 annual at a time.

Casey Dills-Dailey talking about her bloom issues on March 26, 2016.

Casey would abrade books and the internet to advice others break medical or acknowledged problems — Wayne, 39, alleged her a doctor afterwards a amount — but the annual of her own bloom issues had eluded her. She abhorrent herself, ascribing her weight accretion to overeating. Finally, in astern March, afterwards an ambulance took her to the hospital for a bender of astringent belly pain, doctors detected a accumulation on one of her adrenal glands. Weeks of tests produced a diagnosis: Cushing’s syndrome, a curable but potentially baleful ataxia acquired by an glut of cortisol, a steroid hormone. The accumulation appeared on a 2015 browse for branch stones, doctors realized, but because it is a accepted and about nonproblematic finding, its acceptation was missed.

Casey was referred to Dr. Curtis Wray, a surgical oncologist, to abolish what doctors doubtable was a noncancerous bump that was absolution added cortisol, causing her Cushing’s syndrome. The assay helped explain abounding of her problems, from aerial claret accountability to aberrant moods. Casey could not adjournment to attending and feel like herself again.

That morning, a aborigine surgeon said Casey should apprehend to break three or four canicule for recovery. He declared the operation’s abeyant complications — bleeding, infection, accident to added organs — which abashed Wayne. Dr. Wray, the arch surgeon, came in and reassured them. His aggregation had performed the operation abounding times. Surprising Wayne and Casey, he predicted she would be home in 24 hours.

Wayne asked to see the bump aback it was out. Afterwards surgery, Dr. Wray alleged him from the cat-and-mouse breadth and showed him an angel on his phone. The bump was the amplitude of Wayne’s two thumbs put together. Best important, to the surgeon it appeared benign.

After Casey was acclimatized in her hospital room, Wayne collection home to absorb the night with their two sons. The ancestors lived alfresco the Houston burghal banned in northeast Harris County, in a bivouac esplanade breadth homes connected forth fancifully alleged streets — Drifting Winds, Island Song and theirs, Enchanted Aisle Drive.

The Daileys were what Wayne alleged a “simple, simple family”: Casey, a housewife who home-schooled their oldest son, Luke, 14; their youngest son, Ronnie, 10; and Wayne himself, a “middle-class worker, a lower-class worker,” afterwards a abiding job. For added than a dozen years, he had operated abundant accouterment at oil refineries, clawing trenches into the apple for foundations and aqueduct racks. The affairs were in his wife’s name in case he did not accomplish it home. He had survived explosions, survived co-workers. Lately, he had been alive for a friend’s tree-service firm. Casey fabricated their ambiguous assets stretch, auctioning clutter metal and announcement bootleg quilts for $50 on amusing media; it took her about a anniversary to accomplish anniversary one.

Their trailer-park association had its drugs and gangs and violence, the black cracks of array and whining sirens. But four ancestors of ancestors associates and accompany abounding the homes on their block. Casey’s parents lived beyond the street, abutting to her aunt. Three homes over, there was Casey’s grandma’s bowling partner. Abutting aperture was Erasmo Villa, from Mexico, who with his brother-in-law had drywalled the Daileys’ home chargeless of allegation aloof because they were neighbors, and neighbors advice anniversary other. Casey able roses that bloomed from anemic blush to alive red, growing impossibly high.

Casey grew up in the trailer. Her mother had abounding miscarriages afore giving bearing to her alone child, and Casey bound took a abode at the centermost of the family, adhering like a buck to her grandpa’s neck. As an adult, she cared for him and added ailing ancestors until they died.

Having little money did not beggarly the Daileys could not be generous. Casey abutting the homeowners’ board, chaperoned academy acreage trips and led a Cub Scout troop with Wayne because cipher abroad volunteered. An evicted ancestors with three accouchement had slept on pallets on the Daileys’ living-room floor. Wayne and Casey served as acting guardians for one of Ronnie’s accompany so he wouldn’t be beatific to a advance home during his parents’ asperous patch. Their Wi-Fi countersign apparent their Christian faith: 12loveGod.

That night afterwards Casey’s operation, Wayne best up the boys from their grandparents’ trailer. He ate dinner, put the television on in the bedchamber and fell asleep. At about 9:30 the abutting morning, Casey alleged him from the hospital. “Come up here,” she said. They were absolution her.

Tropical Storm Harvey was rapidly deepening in the gulf, and Wayne chock-full to aces up necessities. Aback he absolved into the arty hospital in the aboriginal afternoon, though, annihilation looked amiss. In truth, doctors at Casey’s hospital, Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center, were advancing for a accessible hurricane, sending abiding patients home. During Tropical Storm Allison in 2001, Memorial Hermann, with 540 patients inside, absent adeptness and was evacuated, as medical workers manually awkward air into the lungs of patients whose automatic respirators had failed. Aback then, billions of dollars had been spent to assure the hospital and added accessories at the Texas Medical Centermost campus.

A surgical intern aloof weeks out of medical academy brash Casey. He able acquittal instructions and wrote two prescriptions: one for a stool softener and the added for 40 tablets of Tramadol, an opioid painkiller. He did not appoint steroids, which would about be bald aback a steroid-producing bump like Casey’s was removed.

A abettor went over the bright-orange binder of information, answer how to accumulate the incisions apple-pie to abstain infection and emphasizing the accent of actuality as alive as accessible to advice anticipate a potentially baleful claret arrangement from basic in her legs or lungs. Casey was to chase up with Dr. Wray in a week.

She accustomed home that afternoon in affliction and accessible for a nap. Casey’s aunt from beyond the artery texted to action advice and asked whether Casey and Wayne were accessible for the hurricane. Casey responded that they would ample containers with water, crouch bottomward and accumulate an eye on their alfresco dogs. “It’s all we can do.”

Late the abutting night, Friday, Harvey barreled into the Texas bank northeast of Corpus Christi as a Category 4 hurricane, the arch to bang the United States in over a decade. It stalled, accident backbone but arresting added baptize from the gulf, afore pinwheeling into Houston.

The appearance of the storm from Wayne Dailey’s balustrade on Saturday night, Aug. 26, 2017.

On Saturday night, afore 10 p.m., Wayne opened his awning door, celerity barefoot assimilate the stoop to attending at what was coming. Wind angelus tinkled, and the roof dripped a abiding exhausted of rain amid crashes of thunder. Branches angled with baby red flowers affected dizzily aloft the door. A shock of lightning brought the copse into abrupt light. Beneath than an hour later, he opened the aperture afresh to a hiss of bedding rain that blocked the boom of thunder. Abaft him in the house, an emergency active blared from one of their adaptable phones, a flash-flood warning: “Imminent Threat — Severe.”

As the storm strengthened, emergency admiral appeared to accept the bearings able-bodied in hand. Houston’s mayor, Sylvester Turner, had warned that Harvey would be a “major rainmaker” for the burghal and asked bodies to break off the anchorage over the weekend, but he did not alarm for an aborticide — he afterwards told reporters that sending millions of bodies exhausted assimilate the highways would be “asking for a aloft calamity.” In 2005, added than bisected of the county’s citizenry collection out advanced of Blow Rita, aloof weeks afterwards Blow Katrina. Cartage stalled, gas tanks ran dry and dozens of association died on the freeways from the heat, vehicle-fire injuries, cartage accidents and delayed medical attention. Afresh Rita swerved and absent Houston.

Harris County’s top adopted official, Adjudicator Ed Emmett, additionally absitively that there should be no accumulation evacuations. With a citizenry of added than 4.5 actor — about according numbers alfresco and axial Houston — Harris County’s about 1,700 aboveboard afar captivated added bodies than bisected of the states in the country.

Texas law requires every administration to accept affairs for managing emergencies, and as the advance canton official, Adjudicator Emmett served as its emergency-management chief. On Sunday, he was based at the county’s emergency operations center, in the Houston TranStar building, which houses Harris County’s advance bureau for disasters, the Appointment of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

As the storm confused into the area, the action in the all-inclusive abode best up. Cadre from assorted agencies aggregate at rows of desks, their partitions apparent by edge-lit bottle signs with the appointment logo aglow an awesome white. Aloof beneath the room’s aerial ceilings, behemothic video screens played the annual and tracked weather.

Webbed with rivers, creeks, lakes, bayous and reservoirs, Harris Canton had accomplished a notable admission in severe, storm-induced floods in contempo years. Storms in 2015 and 2016 dead added than a dozen bodies and ashore genitalia of the “500 year” floodplain — an breadth that according to antecedent models had alone a 0.2 percent adventitious of calamity in a accustomed year. Altitude experts predicted that the trend would abide as the atmosphere broiled and acute acclimate rose in abundance and intensity. The congenital ambiance worsened the problem: Concrete covered anytime added afar of rainfall-absorbing prairieland, and sewers and ditches were brash by the bounded government to overflow into the streets, which were brash allotment of the arising system. This helped assure homes and businesses from flooding, but it could allurement their citizenry aback streets became canals.

A boundless arrangement of agencies alternate in emergency response, analogous their activities application the Civic Adventure Management System, a agreement that arose from efforts to accordingly action wildfires in the 1970s and that was adopted nationally afterwards the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

The abstraction was simple: Adversity response, and the albatross for it, started at the point of appulse and confused out and up as assets were overwhelmed. Alone and local-community accommodation — stocking food, baptize and medicines and attractive out for neighbors — was the antecedent safeguard. The 911 arrangement was the next, abutting bodies with police, fire, accomplishment and emergency medical assistance. The amphitheater broadcast from there. If one of the county’s 54 absolute blaze departments, which were amenable for baptize rescues, activate itself overwhelmed, it could adeptness out to the blaze board at the canton emergency operations centermost in the TranStar building, which could appeal abetment from added bounded blaze stations or from assembly of the Coast Guard or the Federal Emergency Management Bureau sitting nearby. Bloom and medical casework had a abstracted bureaucracy of abutment agencies.

When Harvey accomplished Harris County, alpha to absolution what became a once-in-a-thousand-years condensate of added than 1 abundance gallons, admiral were assured they could accent bodies in life-threatening situations. But as the baptize rose on Sunday, it afflicted those preparations. Abounding bounded blaze departments lacked boats or trucks that could handle abounding streets, and those that had them could no best share. A Houston badge baker drowned in his agent aggravating to drive to work. The calamity was so boundless that it impeded the accession of added accompaniment and federal teams.

At TranStar, admiral acquainted agitated and helpless. They were accepting claimed emails ambrosial for rescues, sometimes with photographs of aged ancestors attached. There was no time to wait. “I got a crazy idea,” Rodney Reed, the abettor arch for operational abutment for the Harris Canton Blaze Marshal’s Office, said as Adjudicator Emmett absolved into a snack-filled room. “I allegation you to abutment it.” Reed argued that they should allure detached volunteers into the accomplishment effort. According to accepted wisdom, they get in the way and generally end up defective advice themselves. But Reed assured the adjudicator that demography the footfall would save lives.

And so at apex on Sunday, Adjudicator Emmett stepped to a lectern afore annual cameras to accomplish an abnormal statement. A ample awning angled ablaze alarm images of the storm abaft him. “Those of you who accept boats and high-water cartage that can be acclimated in neighborhoods to advice move bodies out of harm’s way, we allegation your help,” he said. “Government assets are absolutely utilized.”

Judge Emmett asked the accessible to alarm the emergency operations centermost if they were accommodating to volunteer. Canton admiral wrote anniversary action on a adhesive agenda or atom of paper, accession it to a bank with abject band in accurate rows according to geographic quadrants, accessible to be pulled whenever a blaze administration alleged requesting boats.

The perhaps-even-greater claiming was abutting the volunteers to the bodies who bald rescuing. Callers had agitation accepting through to 911 as the aggregate of calls for abetment added than quadrupled. Adjudicator Emmett asked bodies to stop calling unless they faced actual danger. “The buzz curve are backed up,” he said.

Like best added emergency agencies, the Coast Guard, which controlled abounding boats and helicopters, had not able to acknowledge to ache signals acquaint on the public’s technologies of choice: Facebook and Twitter. Instead, it acclimated amusing media to advertise bristles emergency numbers for the bounded Coast Guard station, ambience up a separate, alongside celerity arrangement for association in allegation of rescue. In a assurance of the ad hoc attributes of the triage system, cadre tracked burning medical cases with a pencil-and-paper checklist. In its postings, the Coast Guard instructed bodies to mark their roofs or “wave sheets, towels etc.” to get rescuers’ attention.

Identifying who bald advice the best was the acute aboriginal footfall to responders extenuative lives. During the county’s annual conference, authorities beatific a wireless emergency active to cellular customers, including Wayne and Casey: “Call 911 for LIFE THREATENING emergencies ONLY. STAY PUT IF SAFE.”

The appearance from Wayne’s balustrade on Sunday morning, Aug. 27.

Wayne acquainted safe. He had renovated, affective electrical accessories from beneath the bivouac into the attic. The backyard angled bottomward into the street. He had purchased affluence of food, and he abounding the bathtub and abrasion apparatus with water. His family, like Texas, could angle on its own.

If there had anytime been a time to evacuate, this was not it. That morning, a man alleged Samuel Saldivar had apprenticed into the adjacency about a mile south of the Daileys’ home to accomplishment his parents, who had Alzheimer’s disease. He loaded them and four of their great-grandchildren into a ample white van and beyond a baby arch over Greens Anchorage afterwards sunrise. The anchorage had generally ashore bridges forth its path, and admiral had accustomed the allegation to advance it.

As Saldivar came off the bridge, the ascent amnion swept the van from the road. Saldivar was able to escape, and clung to a timberline for the bigger allotment of an hour. The bounded blaze service, Sheldon Association Blaze and Rescue, had no boats. The sheriff’s assembly accustomed with one and, with a bounded firefighter, rescued Saldivar. But the van, with anybody abroad still trapped inside, was now submerged. The rescuers’ boat, not fit for abrupt water, could not adeptness it. Saldivar’s parents, two great-nieces and two great-nephews all drowned.

Throughout Sunday, amber baptize connected to ample Enchanted Aisle Drive. By the afternoon, the floodwaters accomplished Wayne and Casey’s garden. Luke asked his ancestor if the calamity was action to annihilate the grass, or the rose bush, or the plants in the yard. Wayne said no. He additionally cut off the boy’s active entreaties to advance beyond the street, breadth Casey’s aunt’s car now stood anchored in baptize to the top of its wheels. “Be smart,” Wayne snapped. “Not like these bodies over here.” He gestured at neighbors archetype a alabaster amber aisle adjoin the capital road, abysmal to their aerial thighs and accustomed umbrellas. “You don’t apperceive what’s in that water,” Wayne said.

As Wayne monitored the flooding, he additionally kept an eye on Casey. Her affliction had bound become far added astringent than anticipated. The Tramadol was not helping, and a months-old abrasion to her hip and leg was authoritative it alike added difficult to get up and move. She grew afraid anon afterwards Wayne removed an anti-nausea medication application from abaft her ear as instructed, three canicule afterwards it had been activated at the hospital. Accepting coped with bouts of airsickness for years, Casey had the biologic Zofran at the ready, and it seemed to advice for a few hours at a time.

The appearance from Wayne’s balustrade on Sunday evening, Aug. 27.

On Sunday her temperature was hardly college than normal. Wayne’s father, a aloft advance blaze arch with some training in emergency care, explained by buzz how to assay her incisions for signs of infection like redness, abscess or pus. They looked fine. Aback she woke up, she alike took a few buzz calls, including robocalls with updates from Luke’s home-school academy and Ronnie’s elementary school.

As the sky deepened into gray on Sunday evening, Wayne bedlam to the aperture in his bald anxiety and jeans. Rain dripped from the trees, cartoon accretion circles in the dim baptize that now covered their everyman step. A man in a abject baseball cap, his shirt formed up beneath his chest, coiled as he waded by, baptize aloft his buttocks, blame a small, annular bulk with a woman axial it. “You affliction to go out,” he warned. Wayne chortled, unconvinced. “Y’all be careful,” he responded.

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On Facebook Live, Wayne afresh the bulletin admiral were spreading. “If you’re safe breadth you’re at, break breadth you’re at. If you accept to get out, get out.” He reassured his afraid mother on Facebook. “We are safe.”

Wayne did not like to anguish anyone. He had done abundant of that aback he was young, partying adamantine and spending time in bastille for marijuana control as a teenager. Marrying Casey and acceptable a ancestor had helped transform him. They went to aerial academy together, but did not apperceive anniversary added well. Aback they met afresh a few years later, she electrified him. The adolescent woman with the connected amber beard had a brilliance that drew him. He couldn’t not attending at her. She was the adherent of his acquaintance abutting door. He told himself he would ally her one day.

As the amnion rose Sunday night, Wayne astern up with Casey, who could not stop vomiting. “Something ain’t right,” Casey said. On Monday morning, it connected raining, and the addled baptize rose to their top step, aloof beneath the advanced door. Casey had assuredly admission asleep, and aback Wayne arrested on her, he activate it adamantine to accumulate her awake.

Audio has been edited for brevity.

Around 1:30 in the afternoon, Wayne alleged 911. In Harris County, 911 calls were baffled based on cartography to one of several primary “public assurance answering points,” or PSAPs — apart managed alarm centers that were best about housed in bounded badge departments. He accomplished the answering point for calls alfresco Houston in unincorporated Harris County, at the Harris Canton sheriff’s office. He told the woman who answered that Casey had afresh had surgery. “She has been actual sick. She’s been airsickness for the accomplished day and a bisected approximately, and she’s in astringent pain. And I don’t appetite her to get in this baptize in her sutures. She needs to get airlifted to a hospital.”

This was not a badge emergency, so the communications ambassador transferred the alarm to a accessory PSAP, which would actuate the abutting steps. The buzz rang 10 times over the advance of about a minute, abundant best than usual. Addition woman best up, speaking quickly. “Fire and ambulance.” Afterwards giving his abode and acknowledging that he bald a baptize rescue, Wayne said that Casey had afresh had anaplasty and had been airsickness for a day and a half. The added call-taker disconnected him. There were over a thousand calls for help, she said. “As anon as the blaze administration is able to accomplish it to this breadth afresh you will be evacuated.”

The added call-taker had fabricated an important decision, based on abridged information. She acclaimed Casey’s airsickness and contempo surgery, but she did not apperceive that Casey was in astringent pain, or about conscious, or that Wayne apprehension she bald an airlift to a hospital. The aboriginal call-taker astern on the buzz afterwards the added call-taker best up, but — adverse to civic guidelines for 911 call-takers — she did not arbitrate to ensure that the added call-taker had the missing advice on Casey’s medical condition. And so the added call-taker entered Wayne’s alarm into the computer arrangement as one acute baptize accomplishment from the bounded blaze department, not burning medical acknowledgment from the bounded E.M.S. service, which was a abstracted agency.

The job of a 911 call-taker is emotionally and technically ambitious at the best of times. During Harvey, the accent was extraordinary. The active alarm centermost breadth the added call-taker was working, Harris Canton Emergency Corps, served about a dozen absolute blaze and ambulance casework in the county. The band had angled its agents to eight from four for the storm, but alarm aggregate had added than tripled. Every one of the six 911 curve and added non-emergency curve was campanology nonstop. Cadre were alive 12-hour accouterment and sleeping in the architecture and a adjoining hotel. Addition had acquaint the center’s direct-dial buzz numbers on Twitter, and it was now accepting calls from added genitalia of the county, acute buzz transfers that took up to 20 minutes.

The centermost did article it had never done before. Its leaders absolved to the alarm attic and told call-takers to bypass the academic triaging arrangement that it commonly acclimated to accredit emergency-priority codes to callers. Instead, they would log the alarm for baptize accomplishment and apprehend a calligraphy adage that there were abounding calls and that the blaze administration would acknowledge as anon as it could.

The sheriff’s communications division, which handled primary calls, additionally faced astringent challenges. The basement had abounding up with baptize from Buffalo Bayou, causing adeptness failures. Its agents confused to a bounded 911 training center, the alone accessible advancement breadth with a affiliation to the concrete 911 network. Afterwards the move, key abstruse functions chock-full working, including, for a time, the centralized celerity system.

As Harris Canton flooded, the absolute aggregate of calls to one 911 alarm centermost attempt up, but the cardinal of calls that were assigned medical antecedence codes (in red) added alone hardly — some medical emergencies were coded as flood accomplishment calls afterwards the centermost abeyant accustomed analytic protocols.

8/24/2017 12:00 am, 2 calls 8/24/2017 1:00 am, 2 calls 8/24/2017 2:00 am, 1 calls 8/24/2017 3:00 am, 2 calls 8/24/2017 4:00 am, 1 calls 8/24/2017 5:00 am, 3 calls 8/24/2017 6:00 am, 6 calls 8/24/2017 7:00 am, 5 calls 8/24/2017 8:00 am, 9 calls 8/24/2017 9:00 am, 7 calls 8/24/2017 10:00 am, 3 calls 8/24/2017 11:00 am, 7 calls 8/24/2017 12:00 pm, 11 calls 8/24/2017 1:00 pm, 11 calls 8/24/2017 2:00 pm, 6 calls 8/24/2017 3:00 pm, 6 calls 8/24/2017 4:00 pm, 13 calls 8/24/2017 5:00 pm, 10 calls 8/24/2017 6:00 pm, 14 calls 8/24/2017 7:00 pm, 11 calls 8/24/2017 8:00 pm, 12 calls 8/24/2017 9:00 pm, 9 calls 8/24/2017 10:00 pm, 9 calls 8/24/2017 11:00 pm, 6 calls 8/25/2017 12:00 am, 8 calls 8/25/2017 1:00 am, 6 calls 8/25/2017 2:00 am, 3 calls 8/25/2017 3:00 am, 1 calls 8/25/2017 5:00 am, 2 calls 8/25/2017 6:00 am, 5 calls 8/25/2017 7:00 am, 4 calls 8/25/2017 8:00 am, 4 calls 8/25/2017 9:00 am, 7 calls 8/25/2017 10:00 am, 7 calls 8/25/2017 11:00 am, 7 calls 8/25/2017 12:00 pm, 9 calls 8/25/2017 1:00 pm, 13 calls 8/25/2017 2:00 pm, 12 calls 8/25/2017 3:00 pm, 5 calls 8/25/2017 4:00 pm, 9 calls 8/25/2017 5:00 pm, 8 calls 8/25/2017 6:00 pm, 10 calls 8/25/2017 7:00 pm, 13 calls 8/25/2017 8:00 pm, 9 calls 8/25/2017 9:00 pm, 8 calls 8/25/2017 10:00 pm, 6 calls 8/25/2017 11:00 pm, 6 calls 8/26/2017 12:00 am, 8 calls 8/26/2017 1:00 am, 1 calls 8/26/2017 2:00 am, 8 calls 8/26/2017 3:00 am, 3 calls 8/26/2017 4:00 am, 4 calls 8/26/2017 5:00 am, 9 calls 8/26/2017 6:00 am, 3 calls 8/26/2017 7:00 am, 9 calls 8/26/2017 8:00 am, 6 calls 8/26/2017 9:00 am, 8 calls 8/26/2017 10:00 am, 17 calls 8/26/2017 11:00 am, 6 calls 8/26/2017 12:00 pm, 7 calls 8/26/2017 1:00 pm, 5 calls 8/26/2017 2:00 pm, 9 calls 8/26/2017 3:00 pm, 3 calls 8/26/2017 4:00 pm, 4 calls 8/26/2017 5:00 pm, 4 calls 8/26/2017 6:00 pm, 6 calls 8/26/2017 7:00 pm, 4 calls 8/26/2017 8:00 pm, 13 calls 8/26/2017 9:00 pm, 14 calls 8/26/2017 10:00 pm, 16 calls 8/26/2017 11:00 pm, 15 calls 8/27/2017 12:00 am, 22 calls 8/27/2017 1:00 am, 24 calls 8/27/2017 2:00 am, 19 calls 8/27/2017 3:00 am, 16 calls 8/27/2017 4:00 am, 22 calls 8/27/2017 5:00 am, 38 calls 8/27/2017 6:00 am, 26 calls 8/27/2017 7:00 am, 20 calls 8/27/2017 8:00 am, 35 calls 8/27/2017 9:00 am, 34 calls 8/27/2017 10:00 am, 37 calls 8/27/2017 11:00 am, 31 calls 8/27/2017 12:00 pm, 31 calls 8/27/2017 1:00 pm, 49 calls 8/27/2017 2:00 pm, 48 calls 8/27/2017 3:00 pm, 72 calls 8/27/2017 4:00 pm, 47 calls 8/27/2017 5:00 pm, 43 calls 8/27/2017 6:00 pm, 77 calls 8/27/2017 7:00 pm, 78 calls 8/27/2017 8:00 pm, 69 calls 8/27/2017 9:00 pm, 55 calls 8/27/2017 10:00 pm, 72 calls 8/27/2017 11:00 pm, 62 calls 8/28/2017 12:00 am, 67 calls 8/28/2017 1:00 am, 52 calls 8/28/2017 2:00 am, 46 calls 8/28/2017 3:00 am, 56 calls 8/28/2017 4:00 am, 42 calls 8/28/2017 5:00 am, 41 calls 8/28/2017 6:00 am, 64 calls 8/28/2017 7:00 am, 71 calls 8/28/2017 8:00 am, 99 calls 8/28/2017 9:00 am, 119 calls 8/28/2017 10:00 am, 94 calls 8/28/2017 11:00 am, 100 calls 8/28/2017 12:00 pm, 97 calls 8/28/2017 1:00 pm, 78 calls 8/28/2017 2:00 pm, 63 calls 8/28/2017 3:00 pm, 93 calls 8/28/2017 4:00 pm, 63 calls 8/28/2017 5:00 pm, 72 calls 8/28/2017 6:00 pm, 59 calls 8/28/2017 7:00 pm, 63 calls 8/28/2017 8:00 pm, 67 calls 8/28/2017 9:00 pm, 65 calls 8/28/2017 10:00 pm, 58 calls 8/28/2017 11:00 pm, 47 calls 8/29/2017 12:00 am, 34 calls 8/29/2017 1:00 am, 25 calls 8/29/2017 2:00 am, 23 calls 8/29/2017 3:00 am, 18 calls 8/29/2017 4:00 am, 18 calls 8/29/2017 5:00 am, 21 calls 8/29/2017 6:00 am, 22 calls 8/29/2017 7:00 am, 33 calls 8/29/2017 8:00 am, 48 calls 8/29/2017 9:00 am, 63 calls 8/29/2017 10:00 am, 48 calls 8/29/2017 11:00 am, 49 calls 8/29/2017 12:00 pm, 37 calls 8/29/2017 1:00 pm, 35 calls 8/29/2017 2:00 pm, 35 calls 8/29/2017 3:00 pm, 36 calls 8/29/2017 4:00 pm, 32 calls 8/29/2017 5:00 pm, 29 calls 8/29/2017 6:00 pm, 27 calls 8/29/2017 7:00 pm, 25 calls 8/29/2017 8:00 pm, 20 calls 8/29/2017 9:00 pm, 13 calls 8/29/2017 10:00 pm, 22 calls 8/29/2017 11:00 pm, 19 calls 8/30/2017 12:00 am, 14 calls 8/30/2017 1:00 am, 12 calls 8/30/2017 2:00 am, 10 calls 8/30/2017 3:00 am, 6 calls 8/30/2017 4:00 am, 5 calls 8/30/2017 5:00 am, 4 calls 8/30/2017 6:00 am, 9 calls 8/30/2017 7:00 am, 14 calls 8/30/2017 8:00 am, 23 calls 8/30/2017 9:00 am, 19 calls 8/30/2017 10:00 am, 12 calls 8/30/2017 11:00 am, 25 calls 8/30/2017 12:00 pm, 15 calls 8/30/2017 1:00 pm, 23 calls 8/30/2017 2:00 pm, 21 calls 8/30/2017 3:00 pm, 15 calls 8/30/2017 4:00 pm, 12 calls 8/30/2017 5:00 pm, 15 calls 8/30/2017 6:00 pm, 21 calls 8/30/2017 7:00 pm, 10 calls 8/30/2017 8:00 pm, 11 calls 8/30/2017 9:00 pm, 15 calls 8/30/2017 10:00 pm, 10 calls 8/30/2017 11:00 pm, 8 calls 8/31/2017 12:00 am, 10 calls 8/31/2017 1:00 am, 11 calls 8/31/2017 2:00 am, 5 calls 8/31/2017 3:00 am, 10 calls 8/31/2017 4:00 am, 4 calls 8/31/2017 5:00 am, 2 calls 8/31/2017 6:00 am, 3 calls 8/31/2017 7:00 am, 6 calls 8/31/2017 8:00 am, 5 calls 8/31/2017 9:00 am, 14 calls 8/31/2017 10:00 am, 17 calls 8/31/2017 11:00 am, 12 calls 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10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110

8/24 8/25 8/26 8/27 8/28 8/29 8/30 8/31 9/1 9/2 9/3 9/4

Source: Harris Canton Emergency Band

According to abstracts provided by the sheriff’s office, the admeasurement of 911 calls answered aural an industry ambition of 10 abnormal plummeted. On Sunday, added than 40 percent of 911 callers to the sheriff’s appointment afraid up during the connected waits, according to centralized email annal from the bounded 911 arrangement provider. That added added the amount on communicators, who about had to chase up on the alleged “abandoned” calls. In Houston the botheration was alike worse — of the about 40,000 calls, added than bisected assured in hang-ups.

Why couldn’t the overburdened centers artlessly columnist a few buttons to alter 911 calls to artless centers elsewhere? At the affection of the botheration was an amazing fact: A majority of 911 systems in the United States use primarily analog, rather than digital, technology. Until recently, alike the adeptness to argument 911 for advice has been rare. Government and industry experts accede on the allegation to advancement to alleged next-generation 911 systems that are Internet Protocol-based and can be brash to redistribute calls automatically in a crisis. While some absolute countries accept completed the upgrades, about few areas in the United States have. Vermont was amid the first, and it seamlessly transferred calls afterwards Blow Irene in 2011 from a abounding communications centermost to call-takers at centers alfresco the breadth of appulse — who had maps, abstracts and compatible training to advice them handle calls from alien areas.

Oversight of 911 is admission amid states and localities, systems are generally ailing adjourned and there is no civic authorization to upgrade. By the time it is broadly adopted, experts say, next-generation 911 technology itself may able-bodied be obsolete. Harris Canton had been in the action of afterlight its technology for 10 years aback Harvey struck, but the new arrangement would not be operational until February of this year.

Wayne knew none of that, though. Nor did he apperceive that Casey had not been tagged as an burning medical case.

While he waited for the blaze department, Wayne spent Monday afternoon exploring every added advantage he could anticipate of, including the annual of emergency numbers the Coast Guard Sector Houston-Galveston command appear the antecedent day. He kept the balustrade ablaze on and, as some had brash online, afraid a anhydrate out a window and addition over the awning aperture to active abeyant rescuers. With his cellphone annual acid in and out, he managed to adeptness an breadth hospital to say that Casey would be on the way as anon as responders arrived. The actuality who answered assured him that the hospital was accepting patients. Wayne told his ancestors he was cerebration of blame Casey through the baptize on an inflatable mattress. They apprehension it was a bad idea.

That evening, as it connected to rain, Wayne heard an airboat casual by his abode and approved to banderole bottomward its driver, who had earmuffs on to assure adjoin the acrid agent noise. The man slowed bottomward aback he saw Wayne in the aperture continuing abutting to Ronnie. “My wife and my kids and I allegation out!” Wayne shouted to the man. “My wife needs help. She has a medical condition.” The man said he was on the way to aces addition up and would get Wayne and his ancestors on the way back. “Just break appropriate there.”

Casey was in the bedchamber with the television on, apathetic and in pain. Wayne gave her the news, and she nodded. Wayne blimp clothing, dry towels and rain jackets into bags. He let ancestors associates apperceive that an airboat was advancing for them, and his sister acquaint the annual on his Facebook page. “I’m animated he didn’t bathe out,” one of his oldest accompany wrote. Wayne told anybody he admired them. “We are action to be O.K.,” he wrote about 7 p.m., and afresh angry on Facebook Live. “As we adjournment for the airboat to appear aback for us, I’ll aloof appearance y’all what it looks like,” he said.

It was raining, but the baptize akin had chock-full rising. “Airboats will be actuality any time now,” Wayne said. A dawdling complete in the accomplishments grew louder. “Matter of fact, I anticipate I apprehend them now, so I’m action to go advanced and end the video,” he said.

Wayne leaned out his advanced aperture to attending at the capital road, which was bristles bivouac lots abroad at the end of their street. The airboat came into view. But instead of axis assimilate Enchanted Aisle Drive to aces them up, it connected on to wherever it was heading.

Wayne acquainted a beachcomber of panic, but he approved to accumulate his accord for his kids. He capital them to feel abiding that their ancestor would get them out of there. Annual later, their home absent power. The television annual switched off forth with the Wi-Fi, which the boys were application to watch videos. It would be night soon, and Wayne could see that the homes of their actual neighbors were additionally dark.

Wayne angry off Casey’s absolutely powered cellphone to conserve its battery. His own buzz could aftermost about a day, and he had an alien array to extend it for another. Astern into the night, he alleged and texted every cardinal that his ancestors and accompany beatific him to adeptness advance rescuers. He placed calls to a cardinal for the Cajun Navy, an ad hoc advance group. He alleged strangers and took calls from strangers. By midnight, he believed Casey had been added to about a half-dozen accomplishment lists.

But best accomplishment operations, both official and unofficial, had shut bottomward for the night for safety. Casey was still active a slight fever. Wayne arrested her incisions again. They still looked good. He approved to assure afraid accompany and ancestors members. “It will be tomorrow,” he wrote on Facebook. “I accept Casey abiding for now. I accept anybody sleeping. I am action to get some rest. I alone had about an hour of beddy-bye in about 28 hours. Adulation you guys and will accumulate y’all posted.”

A few annual afore aurora on Tuesday, Wayne alleged 911 for the added time. It had been a bad night. Casey’s movements were shaky, and aback she approved to speak, her words were mostly gibberish. Aloof as with his aboriginal call, he was transferred to a call-taker at Harris Canton Emergency Corps. “Fire and ambulance,” she said bound and sneezed. Wayne explained about Casey and her contempo surgery. He said they bald a baptize rescue. The calamity in the artery was six anxiety deep. The call-taker, aural groggy, asked if his home was flooded. “I’ve been blessed, no baptize in it,” he said.

She told Wayne that abounding neighborhoods in his breadth had to be evacuated. “As of appropriate now they haven’t resumed water-rescue operations,” she said. The blaze administration would do so at daylight. She had Wayne’s buzz cardinal for them, and they would get to him as anon as possible. “O.K., acknowledge you actual much,” Wayne said. But the 911 centermost did not accredit any cadre or resources, and the call-taker already afresh categorized the adventure as a water-rescue alarm to be beatific to the bounded blaze department, not a medical emergency for the E.M.S. agency.

The bounded blaze service, Sheldon Association Blaze and Rescue, was in allegation of rescues. But Sheldon endemic no boats or high-water cartage and it had abounding out one of its blaze engines. The day afore the calamity began, Sheldon cadre responded to bristles incidents, a archetypal number. On Sunday the cardinal of calls attempt up to added than 170, about all of them requests for baptize rescues as adjoin to letters of fires; about 40 added calls came in for addresses already in the arrangement — bodies who had alleged for advice and afresh alleged aback afterwards they did not get assistance. The blaze board at the emergency operations centermost had little it could offer. It gave the cellphone numbers of Sheldon Blaze chiefs to noncombatant volunteers with boats, which was accessible but additionally added to the logistical burden.

On Sunday night, Sheldon Blaze and Accomplishment leaders alleged the 911 centermost to say that the annual lacked assets to conduct baptize rescues, abnormally at night. Instead of auctioning calls one by one to the scattering of Sheldon Blaze and Accomplishment crews, the 911 centermost put those calls into a captivation pattern. Blaze captains could admission the ever-lengthening annual on a adaptable abstracts terminal in their cars. On Monday, new calls for accomplishment in the commune accustomed on boilerplate every minute to two minutes. By the time of Wayne’s 911 alarm that day, Sheldon Blaze had already accustomed added than 500 water-rescue calls, not counting duplicates.

The triage adjustment was haphazard. Sometimes if a alarm articulate urgent, a 911 bagman would argument or buzz Commune Capt. Isaac Pinson, saying, “Hey, man, can you get to this?” Pinson said afterwards that whenever possible, he apprehend the dispatchers’ addendum and, by radio from his Tahoe truck, prioritized sending blaze crews on fishermen’s boats to homes breadth lives were in danger, or to areas with the greatest absorption of flooding. Sometimes a claimed acquaintance helped analyze addition defective rescue. One aggregation went to get ancestors associates of a Texas accompaniment trooper out of their house.

The anarchy created ample ashen effort. Captain Pinson beatific cadre to accomplishment bodies who became ashore on abounding streets afterwards wading out of homes breadth they could accept astern safely. His crews absent adored time responding to apocryphal alarms, including a abode that the roof of the bounded aerial academy had admission with hundreds of bodies accommodation inside. For the best part, Captain Pinson concluded, bodies clamoring to get out of their homes were aloof scared, not at accident of drowning or dying of a medical emergency.

Audio has been edited for brevity.

At aurora on Tuesday, Wayne saw that the baptize akin alfresco had alone slightly. He could about arouse Casey. He approved calling the Texas Administration of Accessible Assurance and, declining to adeptness addition who could help, alleged 911 a third time. “I allegation a medical-emergency rescue,” he said with an bend to his articulation he did not accept before.

The call-taker at the sheriff’s appointment asked him if it was because of flooding. Wayne said no and explained about Casey’s anaplasty and the aftermost two canicule of vomiting. “She’s affectionate of unresponsive,” he said. Aback the call-taker said she would get an ambulance there, he said, “There’s no way” and explained that bristles or six anxiety of baptize still lay outside. “I’ve been aggravating for two canicule to get her out of here,” Wayne said.

Emergency workers afterwards appear that 911 dispatchers in Harris Canton had bound ability of blocked roads, including routes to bounded hospitals. Although dispatchers were kept beside of aloft alley closures, some could not use their terminals to admission potentially advantageous websites like the accompaniment busline department’s web folio assuming blocked roads, or alike Google Maps. A next-generation 911 arrangement that incorporates layers of multimedia advice ability advice break that botheration in approaching disasters, conceivably alike accumulation advice from bombinate overflights.

The communications ambassador at the sheriff’s appointment told Wayne that she would get an ambulance to him and instructed him to let the paramedic apperceive the bearings aback the alarm transferred.

A Harris Canton Emergency Band call-taker best up the alarm and asked for Wayne’s address. “O.K., we do already accept your two calls for service,” the woman said.

“My wife, she’s accepting worse,” Wayne said. “She’s unresponsive, she’s absolute lethargic, she’s been vomiting. She’s in a lot of pain. And I really, really, really, absolutely allegation to get her to a hospital A.S.A.P.”

She told Wayne brusquely that there were bags of calls for annual in the area. “The blaze administration is alive as bound and cautiously as they can to get everybody out, O.K.? It’s aloof action to booty some time for them to be able to get everybody, O.K.?”

It wasn’t O.K., but Wayne said, “O.K.”

Nineteen abnormal into the call, the anchorperson bankrupt the adventure as a “duplicate” afterwards allotment any responders, aback Wayne’s antecedent alarm was already in the queue.

dot vehicle maintenance log Vehicle Maintenance or Service Record Log | Word

Wayne alleged ancestors members, and his mother commented on Facebook at 10 a.m., allurement for advice from anyone who could accommodate it. “Casey’s action has worsened. She is feverish and unresponsive.”

Audio has been edited for brevity.

Wayne approved 911 again. This time, his alarm assured up in Houston. About one alarm in seven was misrouted by corpuscle building during the storm, a college than accustomed rate, according to abstracts acquired through a public-records appeal from the bounded 911 network, Greater Harris Canton 911. Communicators had to break on the band aggravating to alteration these misrouted calls, abacus to the gridlock.

The Houston call-taker rerouted Wayne to the Harris Canton Emergency Corps. This was now the fourth time Wayne had announced to this center, and he could not accept been clearer with the call-taker on the band aback she asked him what he was reporting. “My wife is in burning allegation of medical, medical attention,” he said, “she’s about unresponsive.”

At last, the call-taker classified the botheration as a “31,” an benumbed party, rather than as addition in allegation of baptize rescue. “We’re accepting medical to you as anon as they can get there,” she said.

After 21 hours, Wayne’s alarm had confused out of the chain for the bounded blaze service, which was amenable for baptize rescues, and was now in the easily of the absolute bounded medical-response agency, South Lake Houston E.M.S., which was in allegation of medical emergencies. Both of South Lake Houston’s two stations, the newer of which was now itself amidst by water, were commonly about a 10-minute drive from Wayne and Casey’s trailer.

South Lake Houston covered a breadth of about 70 aboveboard miles, abundant of it rural or industrial. A alternating agents of bristles paramedics and emergency medical technicians about formed two 24-hour accouterment per anniversary and supplemented their assets with added jobs, including with added ambulance services.

Normally, they answered bristles or six calls a day. On Sunday, they were accomplished to 17 calls. On Monday, it was 39, and because of calamity they alone accomplished two of them. Tuesday was attractive to be alike worse. The ambulance annual had not staffed up afore the crisis, and the calamity prevented some cadre from authoritative it in for their shifts. Two paramedics who had formed two canicule beeline in a adjoining commune collection in on Monday morning to help.

From the beginning, the adversity had been agonizing for the paramedics. One aggregation sped in an ambulance adjoin a hospital city in the bosom of the agitated storm, with a alarmingly ill accommodating on a ventilator. Floodwaters chock-full them on the roadway. They approved hitching a ride three abstracted times with three altered trucks, but the baptize was too high. Ultimately the paramedics aerial the woman into a volunteer’s kayak and absolved her the aftermost mile. The aggregation had to be aureate by helicopter aback to the station.

Several times, the paramedics waded through baptize alone to admission breadth addition did not absolutely allegation help. Once, they were accomplished to acknowledge to a appear afterlife and spent an hour campaigning a abounding adjacency on foot, clumsy to locate the person. Sometimes they formed with the fishermen and pleasure-craft operators who formed an ad-lib accomplishment arrangement but were not accomplished or able to save lives. In the broader region, volunteers sometimes chaotic in asperous floodwaters (at atomic four ultimately drowned).

By midday Monday, the E.M.S. service’s leaders assured that, in the case of callers who were aloof by ambulance, it was best to accumulate clue of their altitude and try to adeptness them alone if they became critical. Joe Fress, the director, asked his cadre at the base to abode out a annual of all the medical calls that were listed as “pending” in the computer system, with locations and buzz numbers.

On Monday, one of those awaiting patients was Randy De’Shun Belcher, a 38-year-old man with diabetes who did not accept his insulin with him. His fiancée, De’Licia Thomas, alleged 911 afterwards midnight to abode he was accepting adversity breathing. “I’m sending the paramedics to advice you now,” the call-taker at Harris Canton Emergency Band said, and South Lake Houston E.M.S. was dispatched.

Thomas alleged aback aback the ambulances did not admission as promised. The call-taker afield assured her that units were en route. “You gotta accept we’re action through a hurricane,” she said. The accommodation circuitous was aloof off the Texas Accompaniment Avenue 8 Beltway, which was not flooded. But the admission to the accommodation circuitous was beneath water, about 100 anxiety from the beltway’s frontage road, and not accessible by ambulance. Cipher alleged Thomas to let her know.

Just afterwards apex on Monday, Thomas approved 911 again. “He’s not breath properly,” she said. She alleged afresh 90 annual later. The call-taker sighed loudly, aural affronted as she took bottomward the address. Thomas afresh what was happening, now aural annoyed and dejected.

At 5 p.m., still waiting, she afresh alleged 911 in tears to abode that her fiancé was about breathing. “O.K., I’m sending the paramedics to advice you now,” a anchorperson afresh told Thomas. The alarm was coded in a way that adumbrated Belcher was accepting sicker, which led Fress, finally, to acquaint his paramedics, “Let’s aloof try to get there, let’s try to accomplish it.”

They anchored on the Beltway and affective accessory and medications from the ambulance. They beyond the agriculturalist alley and entered the complex, the floodwaters ascent to their waists in the parking lot. Their accomplishment accessories was splashed alike as they captivated it aloft on their shoulders. Their boots grew abundant with water, and their achievement ached.

As they fabricated their way, addition 911 call-taker, speaking bound but patiently, was giving Thomas’s mother, additionally in the home, instructions on how to alpha CPR. At 5:50 p.m., the paramedics assuredly absolved into the apartment. Belcher, a ancestor of 12, had been afterwards a assault and not breath for at atomic a bisected an hour. The paramedics knew they would not get him back, but they additionally knew, for the annual of the devastated women, they had to try.

The medical interventions did not work. The paramedics acquainted abhorrent that they could not save him, and that the medical examiner’s agents would not be able to get there to aces up Belcher’s body. They bald to do article they had never done afore Harvey — they larboard Belcher’s anatomy on the living-room attic with a breath tube in his aperture and an intravenous catheter in his appropriate arm so the medical examiner would apperceive what they had done. Afore they left, they covered Belcher with a bedsheet, alive that Thomas ability be ashore in the accommodation with him for canicule afore his anatomy was retrieved.

Wayne aloft Casey from their bed and confused her in his accoutrements to a recliner in the active allowance so she would be afterpiece to the advanced aperture aback advice arrived. Ronnie and Luke sat, hushed and frightened, on the adjoining sofa.

Before apex on Tuesday, Wayne heard the bombinate of helicopter rotors and saw a accomplishment band actuality bargain abaft the trailers two streets over.

He admission through the aback door, breadth the brand was higher, bashed through baptize that accomplished his thighs and aerial an addendum ladder adjoin the ancillary of the trailer. He climbed to the roof, shouting and bouncing a flashlight. Luke stood on the advanced accomplish signaling with a ablaze chicken broom. Ronnie hollered for his ancestor from the aback door, not alive breadth he had gone.

The helicopter confused adjoin them. It hovered overhead. Afresh it flew away.

Wayne swore. He fabricated a decision: He did not appetite his accouchement to watch their mother die. “I’m action to accompany y’all over there,” he told his boys, gesturing to Casey’s parents’ bivouac beyond the street. “And I’m action to get Mommy out of here.” He agitated little Ronnie, with Luke sloshing forth beside them.

Wayne had no abstraction for whom the helicopter had come, or how it had been dispatched, but he abstruse months later. Norma Anderson, 75, had branch abortion and, accepting absent dialysis, was in bad condition. A 911 anchorperson told her babe that ambulances could not adeptness the neighborhood, and she would accept to anticipate fire-rescue crews. Fortunately for Norma, the buyer of her bivouac had a acquaintance who knew the district’s congressman, Gene Green, and apprehension to alarm him. An intern in the representative’s Washington office, Simon Handler, took the alarm and phoned a federal bureau for a helicopter, which anon arrived.

Wayne alternate from Casey’s parents’ abode assimilation wet. He afflicted his clothes and went aback to Casey’s side, cogent her over and over that advice was coming. Anon afore 1 p.m., about a day afterwards Wayne’s aboriginal 911 call, a paramedic from South Lake Houston E.M.S. alleged Wayne back. It was the alone alarm Wayne’s cellphone recorded accepting accustomed from the station, although paramedics afterwards recalled talking with Wayne added than already to accumulate clue of Casey’s condition.

Greg Perches, a paramedic who said he batten with Wayne, accustomed at South Lake Houston E.M.S. on Monday night, which accustomed the ambulance annual to accumulate a added crew. Wayne afflicted him by adage he apprehension Casey was acceptable septic, application a medical appellation that adumbrated a potentially baleful aftereffect of a astringent infection.

The county’s systems were declared to accent bodies like Casey, bodies who “have a medical situation, alike if they’re not in an breadth breadth calamity is life-threatening,” Francisco Sánchez, a agent emergency-management coordinator for Harris Canton Homeland Security and Emergency Management, afterwards said.

Perches says his director, Joe Fress, phoned the canton blaze board to see whether the canton had assets to accelerate to Wayne and Casey’s street, but was told it did not. By the argumentation of the county’s emergency-management plan for bloom and medical services, the ambulance annual should accept been able to alarm for abetment from a bounded adverse medical operations center, which was in allegation of analogous accommodating evacuation, carriage and placement. But that centermost did not accept its own air or baiter resources, and added ambulances would accept been of no use in extensive abounding areas. The ambulance companies had to anticipate on blaze casework to advice them. But in South Lake Houston’s district, clashing in some added genitalia of Harris County, including Houston, blaze and ambulance casework were absolutely absolute agencies. Although they were amenable for abundantly overlapping districts, Sheldon Blaze and South Lake Houston E.M.S. did not chase recommendations to set up a collective command in acknowledgment to the disaster, in allotment because there were so few workers available. Also, while cadre were alone affable and admired anniversary other, there was “bad claret from a connected time ago” amid the agencies, Sheldon Fire’s Captain Pinson says. “They don’t assignment with us that well.” Workers from both agencies would afterwards accede that communications amid them during the adversity were poor. Their radios were on altered channels, and their calls were accomplished alone by the 911 center. That meant that aback addition accepting a medical emergency was additionally trapped by floodwaters, the blaze administration would not necessarily apperceive about it. The paramedics were fatalistic. “We were advantageous to get what we could get” in agreement of alfresco help, says Billy Slagle, a ambassador at the E.M.S. service. Endemic is a “very baby community,” he says, “who’s nobody.”

Perches told Wayne to banderole bottomward any baiter he could, both men afterwards recalled. Appropriate afterwards the call, Wayne angry his buzz to almanac Casey as she lay, ablaze and about conscious, on the recliner armchair by the advanced door. He had heard on the annual that bodies were authoritative apocryphal letters aback they alleged 911. He capital to certificate that this was a accurate medical emergency, and that Casey bald help, in case anyone anytime questioned him.

“Casey?” Wayne asked as he recorded her. The feverish eyes of his wife flickered and focused. She fabricated a complete that ability accept been the ancestry of the word, “What?”

“Someone’s advancing to advice us, O.K.? I adulation you.” She groaned cautiously and angry her arch abroad from him. “Just accumulate breathing, O.K.?” he said. Pearl Jam’s “Just Breathe” was their appropriate song.

It was 12:54 p.m. There was still no power, and ablaze from the accessible aperture threw caliginosity beyond her black face as she lay on the accessible chair. Outside, the calamity connected receding, but slowly.

After he accomplished the abbreviate recording, Wayne heard a complete that fabricated him attending outside. He saw a tiny aluminum baiter motoring accomplished the abode with two men in it. Wayne stood up and kicked the aperture open, shouting: “My wife is dying, man. I got to get her out of here.”

The men said they were from the Cajun Navy. They angry the baiter to the handrail, came into the bivouac and looked abashed aback they saw Casey. “We’ve got to get her out of actuality now,” one of them said.

They agitated Casey to the baiter and motored 300 anxiety to the arising aqueduct at the bend of Enchanted Aisle Drive and John Ralston Road, breadth the artery was dry. One man took off active to try to banderole an airboat, bouncing his accoutrements and screaming: “We got a medical emergency! We got a medical emergency!”

Stephanie Vincent, a 37-year-old respiratory therapist from Kinder, La., was with a accumulation of baiter volunteers about a half-mile up the alley and saw the man active in their direction. “They got article over there,” she said, and started active adjoin the man with several friends.

One of the airboats they were with flew advanced of them. About a half-dozen men best up Casey by her accoutrements and legs and loaded her into the airboat. “Be accurate of her larboard side,” Wayne warned them.

Vincent and a medical apprentice whose name cipher could afterwards anamnesis approved to get a history of Casey’s problems, but a glance told them all they bald to know. “This woman needs analytical affliction appropriate now,” the medical apprentice said. “She’s angry for her life, and she looks like she’s losing.”

They headed to a adjoining acreage chargeless of adeptness curve breadth a helicopter could land. A advance from Pasadena, Tex., approved calling a cardinal he had activate for the Coast Guard on Facebook or Zello, a walkie-talkie app that aborigine rescuers were using. Added volunteers stood on a arch breadth the alley beyond a bloated channel, bouncing their blithely black action jackets to try to banderole casual helicopters.

Vincent stood beside Casey, captivation her duke and aggravating to allocution to her. Casey was able to accessible her eyes and clasp Vincent’s hand, but she could not allege abreast from moaning. Casey was trembling, and Vincent took off her jackets to accomplish a pillow.

For the volunteers, the day to that point had been abounding with waiting. They had slept in a Baptist abbey brief and followed a affiliate of the Cajun Navy to try to abandon 275 bodies from a abounding bivouac park. But aback they accomplished the neighborhood, association did not appetite to leave. The advance baiter agile had not managed to acquisition anyone accommodating to be rescued until Wayne and Casey.

Now Vincent acquainted there was a acumen they were declared to be there. She admired she had brought a adviser to assay Casey’s oxygen level. Wayne kept authority of Casey’s duke and murmured advance to her. He afresh thanked the volunteers. “I’m so sorry,” Vincent said. She and her accompany had waited hours for article advantageous to do. If they had accepted about Casey, they would accept gone appropriate to her.

The man from Pasadena alleged afresh to assay on the helicopter. There were several operating in the area, but all were absolutely loaded with cartage and would not be aback for the bigger allotment of an hour. A half-hour passed, afresh more, with Vincent growing affronted and panicked. Why were they aloof sitting there? Casey was action to stop breath and die if they did not get her somewhere. “Put her on our boat,” she told the others.

Her abstraction was to booty Casey aback to the affair point breadth the boats had launched that morning, at the Houston Motorsports Park, about three afar arctic off a aloft parkway. Two Texas Administration of Busline high-water dump-truck crews had been anchored there for hours, cat-and-mouse to carriage evacuees.

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Several volunteers aerial Casey assimilate a bench of the white bay boat, laying her arch aback on the bow, breadth Stephanie abiding action jackets to beanbag it in apprehension of a fast, aflutter ride. Vincent and Wayne accurate Casey’s arch as they took off, celerity west forth the bloated aqueduct adjoin the abounding Greens Bayou.

They began agee forth Greens Bayou, demography shortcuts breadth they could. Vincent sat on the bow adverse backward, beard whipping in the wet wind, befitting a feel on Casey’s abutting to adviser her carotid pulse. It was acutely fast and irregular, an adumbration that Casey’s affection was malfunctioning. The bark about Casey’s aperture was blue. All of these signs were ominous, and Vincent afterwards said she apprehension about the achievability she would allegation to alpha CPR. She had the faculty that Wayne accepted it, too.

At one point, Vincent’s acquaintance Rachelle McClellan jumped out of the baiter to advice advance them over a sand-choked beach adjoin a accepted — she had to be pulled aback in on the added side, breadth the baptize was deeper. To McClellan, the way Casey’s easily and anxiety looked reminded her of how her mother’s did the day she died. The absolute adventure took about 15 minutes. Aback they arrived, a barter was already backed up abysmal into the water. McClellan captivated assimilate the barter bed to accumulate it steady, and several men aerial Casey into it, breadth the alluvium commonly goes. Wayne and a busline agent hopped in abaft her.

They planned to drive to a hospital, but activate the anchorage were closed, and a Civic Guardsman they anesthetized recommended that they drive to a baby arcade centermost off Beltway 8, about four afar north. There was declared to be a medical base at a Kroger grocery store, and there was additionally a 24-hour emergency-care centermost run by Memorial Hermann, the hospital arrangement breadth Casey had undergone her surgery.

As the barter bumped and jerked forth the road, Wayne could not anamnesis a added afflictive ride. The motion was assault up Casey. He struggled to accumulate her covered as the rain started up again. She was wet and begrimed and absolutely cold.

They accustomed to acquisition no medical dispensary alfresco the Kroger, and the emergency medical centermost was closed. The two busline advisers in their orange vests base and looked scared. “This woman is dying,” Wayne heard one of them say into a buzz or radio. “She’s action to die appropriate actuality if we don’t get her an ambulance.”

Although the dump-truck crews were deployed as allotment of the official storm response, their radios accustomed them to acquaint alone amid themselves. So the driver, Calvin Milburn, a aliment technician, alleged 911 on his cellphone. Harris Canton Emergency Band accustomed at the alarm at 2:49 p.m. Milburn told the call-taker that Casey was catchbasin and in and out of consciousness, and the call-taker helped him actuate her amount of breathing, which was actual rapid.

She said the paramedics would do their best to get there and asked whether he had admission to a defibrillator. He did not.

The alarm centermost accomplished a South Lake Houston E.M.S. ambulance to the far arctic of its territory. “You allegation to accompany the accommodating to the freeway,” the paramedic who took the call, Tyler Cegielski, said. The paramedics were not accommodating to avenue the freeway for abhorrence of swamping their ambulance in aerial water. They would accept to cross about some areas of calamity and predicted they would be at that allotment of the freeway in 10 or 15 minutes.

The dump barter bumped aback out of the parking lot and assimilate the freeway to anticipate the ambulance. Wayne leaned over Casey, cradling her arch in his larboard arm, and caressing her with his right, her anatomy bisected in his lap and bisected in the bed of the dump truck.

“Just adhere in there, sweetheart. Aloof breathe. Aloof breathe,” he said. “Help is on the way. The ambulance is coming.”

It was demography abundant best than 15 minutes. Wayne saw several ambulances canyon by, but they seemed to be action added places. The rain best up again, and the workers let out a tarp over the barter bed to assure them.

Casey had been crumbling in and out of alertness for hours now. Wayne acquainted her stir. Her larboard duke rose to clamp his shirt, affairs his face bottomward to her so they were adenoids to nose. Her eyes were accessible now, attractive at him. “Let me go,” she said, the aboriginal bright words he’d heard her say in added than a day. “Let me go.”

“What are you talking about?” he said. “Help is appropriate here.” But Casey did not respond. She vomited article aphotic and foul-smelling. She chock-full breathing.

Wayne accomplished his duke out and exhausted on the driver’s ancillary window. “My wife’s dying aback here,” he yelled.

Milburn climbed into the barter bed with them. Casey had no pulse. He began assuming CPR. Wayne saw a constable on the added ancillary of the Beltway and leapt out of the aback of the dump barter to run to her, jumping over the axial median. She alleged for advice on her radio and, seeing addition constable affairs up, she told Wayne, “Get that one.” Wayne ran over and told the added constable the situation. That constable, too, got on his radio. Wayne beyond aback over the average and hailed a third constable, who angry on his emergency lights, cut off cartage and pulled up abaft the dump truck. Addition constable accustomed forth with passers-by who had been active on the freeway. One went into the aback of the dump barter to advice assignment on Casey.

About three annual afterwards Wayne alternate to the dump truck, at 3:16 p.m., the ambulance assuredly arrived.

Two of the paramedics who had approved to save Randy Belcher the antecedent day, Jeremy Fuentes and Jason Foster, took over and brought Casey out of the dump truck. They ample it had been about eight annual aback her affection had stopped. They amid a breath tube, started an intravenous band in the cheat of her appropriate bend and placed a aggravate into the tibia of her appropriate leg to bear fluids. They absorbed a pistonlike Lucas accessory that uses a assimilation cup to abbreviate and backfire the chest, accouterment automatic CPR.

The abstraction that the adolescent woman had been breath and alike speaking aloof a few annual beforehand fabricated Fuentes anticipate they had a adventitious to animate her. They went through aggregate they had on their barter that ability restart Casey’s affection — assorted doses of epinephrine and atropine — but annihilation seemed to work. The adviser showed a collapsed line, no electrical arresting that they could shock aback to approved rhythm. To Fuentes, the hardest allotment was watching Wayne watch Casey.

After about 20 minutes, one of the paramedics said, “Mr. Dailey, we got to go.” Wayne rode in Ambulance No. 25 with Casey. He supplied her medical history as the ambulance, slowed by the rain, headed to Memorial Hermann Northeast Hospital in Humble, added than 11 afar away, the alone alive hospital they knew they could reach.

They accustomed at 3:54 p.m. Casey’s temperature was high, but her pulse, breath amount and claret accountability were nonexistent. Her pupils did not acknowledge to light, a assurance that her academician had not accustomed abundant oxygen.

For eight minutes, the hospital aggregation pumped Casey’s chest, abounding her lungs with oxygen, and gave her added doses of epinephrine. But at 4:04 p.m., Dr. Christopher Langan assured annihilation could animate her.

It was 1 day 2 hours 30 annual afterwards Wayne’s aboriginal alarm to 911. Wayne accomplished Casey’s parents on the phone. “I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry,” he said. “Casey’s gone.”

For canicule afterwards Casey died, Wayne kept accepting calls, texts and Facebook letters from bodies beyond the nation. Addition had acquaint Wayne’s buzz cardinal on a Blow Harvey Google map, and his abode was one of about few apparent with a blush dot to announce a medical emergency. “Hello, this is Wesley Amber with the Cajun Navy, I’m calling to see if you accept been rescued or not.” “Wayne, this is Monica from Houston Rescue. Please let me apperceive anon if you are still in allegation of a rescue.” “Hi, this is the Cajun Navy dispatch. I’m calling to see if you’ve been rescued or allegation to be rescued.” “You don’t apperceive me, but I alive in Georgia. I best up your emergency arresting on the Facebook account. I’ve approved to alarm FEMA and all them, and I can’t get cipher on the phone, but I’ll accumulate trying.”

Wayne responded to the messages. “I’m apologetic to say that my wife anesthetized abroad on the way to the hospital,” he wrote in a argument bulletin to a drifter with a South Carolina breadth code. “I acknowledge your efforts, acknowledge you.”

“I am so so apologetic for your loss,” the drifter wrote back. “Sending prayers your way.”

The abutting week, Wayne’s and Casey’s parents noticed that she was not alleged as a victim of the storm. Wayne alleged the Harris Canton Medical Examiner’s office, distraught. “How appear my wife is not on the annual of bodies who died as a absolute appulse of Harvey?” he asked. The investigator explained that “direct impact” primarily meant drowning. Wayne’s wife, on the added hand, had a medical problem.

Wayne said he knew that, “but she wouldn’t accept died in the aback of a dump barter on Beltway 8 afterwards action through three baiter rides if there were no floodwaters in advanced of my house. Because E.M.S. is 10 annual bottomward my street. She’d be in a hospital appropriate now.” The investigator apologized and offered to allocution to her ambassador to see if she could get Casey on the list.

To this day, Casey’s afterlife is not included in Blow Harvey’s official toll. Randy Belcher’s is not either. In interviews, cadre at South Lake Houston E.M.S. said they believed that at atomic four or bristles added bodies in the commune who alleged 911 with medical emergencies died aback they were not rescued in time.

Local media accent deaths of bodies in added districts as well: Noah Delgado, an 8-year-old who died of an asthma advance in northwest Harris Canton and whose mother could not get through to 911; Bonnie Parsutt, 69, who died in Galveston Canton afterwards her oxygen bootless aback the electricity went out; Mary Avila, 80, additionally in Galveston County, who died in a nursing home aback she could not get dialysis; and a heart-attack victim who died at home in a abounding adjacency of Montgomery Canton that emergency workers could not reach.

The Burghal of Houston appear to the F.C.C. that abounding bodies with disabilities who had entered themselves into the Accompaniment of Texas Emergency Abetment Registry and had afresh alleged 911 and 211, the city’s non-emergency line, to appeal advice aback their homes abounding did not accept assistance.

The cardinal of acutely ill bodies who absent their lives because of delayed rescues has not been tallied. Preliminary abstracts from the accompaniment bloom department’s Centermost for Bloom Statistics announce that 2,498 bodies died in Harris Canton in August 2017, about 200 added bodies than died in July of that year. Over the aeon of 2008-16, deaths in July compared with August about assorted alone slightly. August 2017 appears to be an outlier.

The Harris Canton medical examiner lists alone 36 deaths as storm-related, all of which were acquired anon by drowning, avalanche in floodwaters and electrocutions. “We accede alone deaths that are a absolute aftereffect of ecology factors,” says Tricia Rudisill Bentley, a backer for the medical examiner’s office.

By contrast, the Centers for Ache Control, in advice issued aftermost October, recommends that medical examiners “consider aberrant causes of afterlife that can be accompanying to the disaster,” including disruption of bloom affliction and transportation. Calculating deaths in this way is abundant added acceptable to back the accurate assessment of a disaster. But the C.D.C.’s advocacy “hasn’t afflicted annihilation here,” says Jason Wiersema, a argumentative anthropologist with the Harris Canton medical examiner’s office, which has instead provided accessible bloom agencies with admission to abstracts for added analysis.

The medical examiner ultimately bent that Casey died of pulmonary emboli, claret clots that had best acceptable formed in her legs and afresh catholic to block aloft claret argosy in her lungs. But experts who advised her case accept that her breakable accompaniment in the canicule arch up to her afterlife was apparently accompanying to how her affliction was managed afterwards surgery. The bump in one of Casey’s adrenal glands had fabricated too abundant of the hormone cortisol, which about suppresses the added gland’s absolution of it. Afterwards her bump was removed, it would accept taken time, conceivably months, for her anatomy to activate bearing abundant again, with steroid medication bald in the acting to avoid life-threatening complications. The arrears of steroid hormones would explain Casey’s pain, airsickness and weakness. The constant aridity and her apathy would accept aloft her accident for developing the claret clots — as would her contempo operation and her history of Cushing’s syndrome.

When they absolved Casey afore the storm, doctors at Memorial Hermann did not accelerate her home with this medicine, which is commonly accustomed afterwards abatement of a hormone-producing adrenal-gland tumor. Memorial Hermann referred questions about the case to the alone physicians. Dr. Curtis Wray, her surgeon, beneath several requests to allege through UTHealth, breadth he is an accessory assistant of surgery. The intern who absolved Casey additionally did not acknowledge to several email and buzz inquiries.

Dr. Geoffrey Thompson, the arch of endocrine anaplasty at the Mayo Dispensary in Rochester, Minn., said Casey’s affection were constant with bereft cortisol. “Someone forgot to accord her steroids,” says the surgeon, whose accumulation has performed abutting to 3,000 operations of the blazon Casey had. That failure, and the adjournment in her carriage to the hospital, was all the added tragic, Dr. Thompson added, because the action she had “is awful curable.”

Dr. Laurence Katznelson, medical ambassador of the pituitary centermost at Stanford Academy of Medicine, agrees. “Everybody gets placed on steroids,” he says. Asked whether he could appear up with affidavit Casey’s doctors ability not accept assigned steroid medication, Dr. Katznelson replied, “I can’t anticipate of one.”

After Harvey, Sheldon Blaze acquired a high-water agent and baiter and beatific firefighters for swift-water accomplishment training; South Lake Houston E.M.S. accustomed approval to acquirement a high-water barter for alteration bodies with life-threatening medical emergencies. But a aloft botheration articular by the canton was the abridgement of a accepted belvedere for responders to allotment advice on local, county, accompaniment and federal levels. The information-sharing botheration is a civic one, accustomed afterwards the Sept. 11 attacks and the deaths of emergency workers who could not acquaint with one another. The enactment of an interoperable communications system, FirstNet, for public-safety cadre was adjourned by years of political altercation over the auction of a allocation of the radio spectrum, but it is assuredly beneath construction, including in Harris County. Added bounded and civic agencies accept additionally been experimenting: During the storm in Harris County, the Coast Guard brought in a noncombatant programmer to map ache signals, and in Charleston County, S.C., bodies can now accommodate advice to 911 online.

For Wayne Dailey, who has struggled emotionally and financially in the deathwatch of Casey’s death, convalescent systems for anecdotic bodies with medical emergencies in disasters and accepting advice to them in time is his best animated wish. As the altitude continues to change, Harvey is far from Houston’s best acute blow possibility. Genitalia of Harris Canton decumbent to confusion from storm surges — austere walls of baptize that bang assimilate acreage with abundant adeptness — were absolved that added hazard this time. “As adverse as Harvey was,” Francisco Sánchez, the Harris Canton emergency-management coordinator, says, “it had the abeyant to be abundant worse.”

On the afternoon of Sept. 14 aftermost year, in a small, arranged altar in a white-painted board abbey in Aerial Island, Tex., Casey’s burial annual began to the strains of Pearl Jam’s “Just Breathe.” The pastor apprehend a acclaim accounting by Casey’s father, Chuck Dills, who was too devastated to bear it himself (Dills died of anew diagnosed float blight beneath than six months later). “A allowance from God, that’s what she was,” Chuck wrote.

The army larboard the abbey wiping their eyes. Wayne and Luke, two of the pallbearers, followed abaft them. “Your Mom would be appreciative of you,” Wayne said to Luke, affecting his cheek.

The ancestors collection to the graveyard. As Casey’s casket was lowered, all was bashful except for the complete of grass actuality mowed in the distance. One by one, anniversary bedfellow departed, until alone Ronnie remained, analytical into the burst ground. Wayne came to get him, but for a connected time the boy banned to leave.

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