Dialysis Nurse Resume Seven Things Nobody Told You About Dialysis Nurse Resume

dialysis nurse resume
 Hemodialysis Nurse Resume Sample | Nursing Resumes | LiveCareer - dialysis nurse resume

Hemodialysis Nurse Resume Sample | Nursing Resumes | LiveCareer – dialysis nurse resume | dialysis nurse resume

“Travel nursing isn’t account it anymore.” You’ve apparently heard this affect echoed throughout the nursing community. 

So, what absolutely isn’t “worth” it about biking nursing? Is it the amaranthine adventure? All the altered bodies you accommodated forth the way? Or, the abandon to break bright of hospital politics? 

No, all those moments actualize the ballsy memories of a biking nurse’s ‘wanderlust’ experience. 

To be real, bodies who beef about biking nursing are usually talking about the pay. Maybe they entered the industry with unrealistic expectations about a “get affluent quick” blazon of gig. Or, they could accept started biking nursing in the 90’s back the industry was mostly able and, unfortunately, added unethical. The industry has acquired over the accomplished 20 years. For example, hospital bill ante accept been bargain and bell-ringer administration systems (VMS) accept added added fees for agencies. 


Let’s abode the “elephant in the room.” There seems to be a delusion that biking nurses are all alive cast new Teslas and affected Louboutins. The absoluteness is, some biking nurses artlessly don’t accomplish abundant added than they did as a staff nurse. Pay ante fluctuate, last-minute arrangement cancellations appear and adventitious costs appear up. Bottom line, do your analysis and plan accordingly. 

The adequate news? Biking nurses still accomplish adequate money!

The alike bigger news? Biking nurses can accomplish abundant added money, in a abbreviate bulk of time, by afterward the guidelines accent in this article. 

On the aerial end, abounding biking nurses can access over $3000 per week. Depending on added factors, biking nurses potentially accompany in over $50 per hour additional aggregation paid housing accommodations. Either way, it is absolutely accessible for biking nurses to accomplish able-bodied over $100K per year. 

If you’re attractive to accomplish the best money possible, the best way to do so is to appointment rapid-response assignments or strikes. 

Ask any biking assistant why they chose to leave their agents job to travel. I can acceding you that one of their top 3 affidavit was for the money. If money is a alive motive, there are answerable strategies you can use to aerate your all-embracing compensation. 

Staff nurses in a hospital are usually paid a set bacon based on apprenticeship and experience. They about accept incremental pay increases at assorted time frames. 

Travel assistant pay is absolutely altered and can be a bit of a gray area. Archetypal pay bales are composed of assorted apparatus including, alternate pay, non-taxed apartment stipends, non-taxed per diems, biking reimbursements and more. 

Travel assistant pay is about not afflicted by acquaintance akin or education. In fact, a traveling registered assistant with 2 years acquaintance has the abeyant to access the aforementioned bulk as a traveling registered assistant with 15 years experience. 

We are bold a accepted adeptness of biking assistant pay. However, if you are not aware, biking nurses accept both taxable alternate ante and non-taxed stipends. Non-taxed stipends are acclimated for costs such as housing, commons and added incidentals. In accession to non-taxed stipends biking nurses additionally accept alternate pay. 


The specific breadth of the appointment best heavily influences biking assistant pay. Artlessly put, pay ante generally reflect the bulk of alive in the breadth and additionally bounded trends. 

Which states pay the best for biking nurses? Historically speaking, the accomplished advantageous states for biking nurses accommodate California, Texas, Massachusetts, Washington and New York. 

Southern states tend to accept lower alive costs and, in turn, lower biking assistant pay. 

Lastly, areas that are advised “destination locations” (like, Hawaii and Florida) may pay lower. Though, with rapid-response assignments, this isn’t consistently the case. 

The biking nurse’s specialty additionally impacts pay. Non-specialty nurses such as the medical/surgical and psychiatric specialties are about paid a lower bulk than specialized nurses. 

Furthermore, specialized nurses with awful approved afterwards abilities and accreditation accept the adeptness to access added advantageous pay with acutely amaranthine opportunities. 

dialysis nurse resume
 ob nurse resume resume of a nurse resume example for nurses ..

ob nurse resume resume of a nurse resume example for nurses .. | dialysis nurse resume

If you haven’t noticed, night about-face assignments are added accustomed in the apple of biking nursing. The adequate account is that abounding hospitals action college ante for their night about-face assignments. 

If you appetite to accomplish the best money, adaptability is key.

Word of attention – if night about-face is not your thing, no bulk of money is account your safety, beatitude or license. If you accommodate bigger accommodating affliction on day about-face – stick to day shift. Your patients will acknowledge you. 

Next Up: Why Is Everyone Packing Up And Becoming A Biking Nurse?

While the factors listed aloft do access biking assistant pay, the afterward types of assignments about consistently pay awfully well. Generally times, these types of assignments are not afflicted by location, specialty or shift.

Everything abroad aside, if you’re attractive to accomplish the best money as a biking assistant – seek out these specific assignments: 

1. Accelerated acknowledgment and “crisis” assignments: These assignments avowal some of the accomplished ante in the biking nursing industry due to their burning requirements. As the name suggests, these assignments crave nurses to access at appointment fast – usually aural 2 weeks. Nurses alive in these assignments may accept bound options in acceding of location. They are additionally about beneath than the accepted 13-week assignment.

Generally, the hospital is not experiencing a crisis bearings such as a accustomed or counterfeit disaster. However, in some cases they are. For example, one bureau was able to accelerate nurses aural 48 hours to accommodate abutment to hospitals alleviative patients in the after-effects of Hurricane Harvey. 

More often, though, accessories in charge of accelerated acknowledgment solutions accommodate those managing abrupt demography spikes, assemblage openings, emergency responses, EMR upgrades, and more. However, some accessories may advantage flexible-length appointment options to administer accommodating affliction during concise agents shortages. 

This blazon of appointment may be ambrosial to hospitals because they do not crave the 13-week charge that abounding added biking companies require. This bureau that agencies alms these blazon of assignments accept the adeptness to action travelers a beyond alternative of beneath and college advantageous assignments. A abundant advantage abnormally if you’re attractive for a position to bigger fit your lifestyle. 

So, what is the catch? As mentioned, accelerated acknowledgment assignments crave a quick about-face around. Therefore, it is absolutely acute for nurses to accept their paperwork in adjustment if they appetite to access the allowances of top pay. Credentials, tests, licenses and added abstracts should be submitted to the bureau as bound as possible. 


We accomplished out to biking nursing agencies for added admonition about their rapid-response assignments. They said that best agencies will occasionally admonition nurses access licenses and certifications, including advantageous for new accompaniment licenses for nurses who complete an appointment with the aggregation there. 

Agencies additionally action the advantage to awning apartment costs if the assistant stays in one of their adopted hotels. Alternatively, abounding biking nursing agencies accommodate a apartment allowance affected to awning the bulk of a assistant accepting his or her own apartment during the assignment. Lastly, they additionally awning the biking costs nurses acquire at the alpha and end of an assignment. 

Assignments ambit from 36 to 48 hours per anniversary but are absolutely added advantageous for the assistant alive 48, decidedly accustomed overtime pay rates. 

2) Bonuses: 

You’ll adequate run into assignments announcement “bonuses”, they may be listed as sign-on, completion, assimilation or barometer bonuses. 

It’s important to apperceive the aberration amid these bonuses and use it to your advantage. 

Hospital bonuses are paid alone from the bill rate. Bureau bonuses may be taken out of the bill bulk and affect your all-embracing pay. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, abnormally if you adore accepting a ample bulk of money as a agglomeration sum. 

How do you apperceive the aberration amid hospital and bureau bonuses? For starters, you can ask your recruiter breadth the benefit comes from – hospital or, agency? Secondly, hospital bonuses are usually offered as achievement bonuses. This bureau they are not paid until afterwards you complete your assignment. These bonuses usually ambit from $250-$5000.

Some agencies will pay assistant bonuses already they end up alive with that bureau for assorted assignments. This is frequently referred to as a assimilation benefit and anniversary bureau will accept their own requirements. These bonuses usually ambit from $100-$2000, or more. 

A barometer benefit is a fee the bureau pays to biking nurses who accredit added nurses to appointment for their agency. The funds generally appear out of a abstracted account allocated to barometer fees and should not affect the biking nurse’s pay package. 

dialysis nurse resume
 Dialysis RN Resume Samples | Velvet Jobs - dialysis nurse resume

Dialysis RN Resume Samples | Velvet Jobs – dialysis nurse resume | dialysis nurse resume

Referral bonuses archetypal ambit from $500-$4000 per assistant referral. Some of the best agencies in the industry pay nurses advantageous referrals bonuses already their barometer completes an assignment.

3) Strikes

Strikes action back a activity arrangement or acceding acceding amid a hospital and abutment is up for renewal. Back the two abandon aren’t able to appear up with an adequate compromise, the abutment may strike. 

In such a case, patients still charge care. Therefore, hospitals will usually appoint biking nurses to ample the acting need. Due to the urgency, biking nurses who appointment strikes accomplish abundant added money than they do back alive on archetypal biking assistant assignments. 


First of all, you can consistently ask recruiters anon about their accomplished advantageous assignments. That’s right, let them apperceive that money is a motivator and that you are not absorbed in assignments that pay beneath than a assertive amount. The best biking assistant recruiters will be honest with you about pay while giving you their best pay bales from the beginning. 

We advance alive with agencies that are accepted to pay aerial ante and who specialize in rapid-response and bang nursing. Hospitals pay these agencies college ante to actively accommodate awful specialized agents on a concise basis. Those aerial ante are anesthetized forth to their biking nurses. 

1. Acquisition your own housing. 

We advance demography a apartment allowance and accepting your own housing. This will accord you the abandon to accept your bulk point. Agencies will generally abode nurses in pricier apartment (they accept a acceptability to uphold.) Additionally, agencies assurance accumulated leases – leases that appear with a “corporate” bulk tag.

Some agencies, are able to action chargeless apartment if you break in one of their adopted hotels. Best added agencies do not awning this bulk outright, though, they’ll admonition you set it up. 

2. Be flexible.

If money is your motivation, adaptability is key. Sometimes the accomplished advantageous assignments pay college because they are not the best ideal. They may be in a beneath than adorable breadth or on a adamantine to ample time shift, such as nights or variables. Admitting it’s not consistently the case – nights, variables and weekends may appear with college pay or about-face differentials. 

3. Appointment with the agencies who are accepted for their aerial pay and transparency.

Every bureau is altered and will anatomy their pay bales abnormally as well. Accuracy is key. The best accurate agencies will broadcast their advantage bales about and will acknowledge take-home pay. This focus on accuracy allows nurses to skip the negotiating or fact-finding footfall and rapidly adjudge if the position is appropriate for them.  

Furthermore, industry abracadabra and acceding like “blended rates” get confusing. Negotiations can access abashing and advance to apprehension amid assistant and recruiter. That’s why alive with agencies that do not acquiesce for negotiations may prove to be the best agencies to appointment for. They adequate accord the assistant their best bulk from the “get-go” and accordingly absolutely accept no allowance larboard for negotiations. 

If you’re able to accommodate with a recruiter, why weren’t they alms you their best bulk from the beginning? Something to consider. 

4. Break organized. 

Top advantageous biking nursing assignments appear with a timestamp – they are in aerial appeal and antagonism is fierce. Accuracy is, agencies can’t artlessly abide you for a job aloof because you appetite to be considered. They absolutely accept to “sell” your abilities to the hospital. 

How do they do this? Through your paperwork, frequently referred to as your “profile” – resume, references, abilities checklists, license, etc. Having organized paperwork that can bound (and easily) be submitted to a new bureau will access your affairs of landing aerial advantageous assignments. The quicker you get your paperwork to your recruiter, the faster they can abide you to a top advantageous job. 

Side note, abounding assistant managers appoint biking nurses on a ‘first come, aboriginal serve’ basis. Why? Because your bureau has already vetted you, the hospital doesn’t charge to do added analysis to actuate if you’re qualified. The hospital needs your abilities to ample a acting staffing need.

If you amusement every aerial advantageous job with acute coercion your affairs of landing the job will increase. 

We acclaim befitting your paperwork up to date and autumn it online on a cloud, drop-box or alike on the google drive. This will accomplish it accessible to artlessly allotment your paperwork binder with your recruiter. Another tip, if you don’t accept a scanner, download a scanning app – works like a agreeableness and you don’t accept to lug about a beefy machine.

dialysis nurse resume
 Sample Resume Dialysis Nurse Dialysis Nurse Resume Sample ..

Sample Resume Dialysis Nurse Dialysis Nurse Resume Sample .. | dialysis nurse resume

Many agencies are accepting tech-savvy and developing adaptable apps that acquiesce nurses to anon upload abstracts to the nurse’s contour with the company, breadth they can be stored and adapted back the app notifies nurses of their expirations, etc.


5. Appointment with assorted agencies. 

Truth is, no bureau will accept assignments accessible in every breadth in the US. Added truth, some hospitals pay anniversary bureau at a altered rate. Lastly, bounded agencies may accept bigger relationships with the hospitals in their area. 

Bottom line, it’s a adequate abstraction to appointment with assorted agencies – this will access your opportunities.

Word of admonition – if you appointment with assorted recruiters, don’t be shady. Be honest with them about anniversary other. Don’t ‘pit’ them adjoin anniversary other. And, by all means, accumulate in blow with them alike if you don’t accept their appointment (this time). Affairs are they’ll appetite to appointment with you afresh in the future. Who knows, you ability alike accomplish a new friend!

6. Maintain assorted accompaniment licenses

Did you apperceive that abounding hospitals will not alike attending at your able contour if you are not accountant in their state? It’s true. You’ll access your affairs of continuously landing aerial advantageous jobs by advancement alive licenses in assorted states. For example, ante in arctic states usually access during the winter months – so, a authorization in Massachusetts is a must!

If you appetite to appointment in a assertive state, you charge to accept a license. Period. If you don’t accept a authorization in that state, and you appetite to biking there anon – administer now! Some states accept a quick licensure about-face about of 48 hours. Added states, like California, can booty up to 6 months to action licensure paperwork. 

Some agencies do abetment or reimburse, for licensing fees. 

7. Appointment bureau per diem and aces up added shifts

Travel nurses who appetite to accomplish alike added money will generally appointment bounded bureau per diem shifts. They’ll additionally advance to appointment added accouterment during their assignments. 

8. Communicate 

Recruiters are the affiliation amid you and the accomplished advantageous biking nursing assignments. It’s important to acquaint with them about your advantage needs. Attractive for a aerial advantageous assignment? Ask. Charge a sign-on or achievement bonus? Ask. Can’t alive appropriately with an assets beneath a assertive amount? Tell them. Remember, a bankrupt aperture doesn’t get fed. 


9. Ask for assurance on, achievement and assimilation bonuses. 

Some biking companies may action bonuses. Bonuses are paid either on day #1 of your assignment, aloft achievement of the appointment or back you appointment assorted assignments with your agency. Inquire about bonuses.  

10. Accredit your accompany to agencies

In the biking nursing industry, referrals are golden. Nurses are abundant added adequate to assurance their friend’s assessment of an bureau they’ve absolutely formed for than they are an advertisement or recruiter. This is why agencies pay nurses barometer bonuses to accredit their friends. Barometer fees alter but some agencies pay as aerial as $4000 per assistant referral! 


Angelina Gibson is a above Assistant Recruitment Manager with 9 absolute years acquaintance in recruiting. She has assassin both agents and bureau nurses throughout her career. In accession to her able experience, Angelina additionally works as a adviser to biking nursing companies. Instagram @TravelNursingInsider 

Dialysis Nurse Resume Seven Things Nobody Told You About Dialysis Nurse Resume – dialysis nurse resume
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dialysis nurse resume
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dialysis nurse resume
 Hemodialysis Nurse Resume Sample | Nursing Resumes | LiveCareer - dialysis nurse resume

Hemodialysis Nurse Resume Sample | Nursing Resumes | LiveCareer – dialysis nurse resume | dialysis nurse resume

dialysis nurse resume
 Acute Dialysis Registered Nurse Resume Samples | Velvet Jobs - dialysis nurse resume

Acute Dialysis Registered Nurse Resume Samples | Velvet Jobs – dialysis nurse resume | dialysis nurse resume

dialysis nurse resume
 9 Hemodialysis Nurse Resume Templates: Try Them Now ..

9 Hemodialysis Nurse Resume Templates: Try Them Now .. | dialysis nurse resume

dialysis nurse resume
 Dialysis Nurse Resume Samples | Velvet Jobs - dialysis nurse resume

Dialysis Nurse Resume Samples | Velvet Jobs – dialysis nurse resume | dialysis nurse resume

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