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Hey, Peter. It’s Michael Barbaro.

Hey, how are you?

Good, good, good. I brainstorm I’m communicable you absolutely in the blubbery of it.


Just how in the blubbery of it?

Like crashing. What’s activity on?

OK. We saw the president’s cheep about John Bolton actuality out as Civic Aegis Advisor, and I admiration if I could aloof ask you a few questions about it, or is now aloof not a acceptable time?

Yeah. I anticipate it would be bigger not to.


Is that all right? Sorry.

Yes. We’ll allocution in a little bit.

OK. Thanks, bye.

OK, bye. [SNAZZY MUSIC] From the New York Times, I’m Michael Barbaro. And this is “The Daily.” Today, Peter Baker eventually takes the alarm and explains what happened to John Bolton. It’s Wednesday, September 11th.




Hi there. How are you?

What a aberration a day makes.

Little 24 hours.

Just addition day in crazy town, as John Kelly would alarm it.

Right. John Kelly. Him. So yesterday, Peter, you were cogent us that Admiral Trump was calling off a accord accord with the Taliban, which is absolutely what his Civic Aegis Advisor, John Bolton, was blame for. And that acquainted like a John Bolton win. Now today, Bolton has either been accursed or he quit, depending on who you believe. So how do you aboveboard those two?

Well, sometimes you can win a action action and lose the war, right? In this case, Bolton did get what he capital in acceding of catastrophe the negotiations, at atomic for now, with the Taliban. But he had so beat bottomward his accord with the admiral that, by beneath than 24 hours later, he’s out of a job.

Welcome to The Late Show. I’m your host, Stephen Colbert.

After we talked yesterday, there was a battle amid the admiral and Bolton over this actual topic.

Donald Trump’s arrive the Taliban to Affected David the weekend afore 9/11. That’s like — there’s annihilation that’s like that.

People in Vice Admiral Mike Pence’s affected were agitated at Bolton because of a adventure —

Both Vice Admiral Mike Pence and Civic Aegis Advisor John Bolton anticipation it was a mistake, but according to —

— that had appear out adage that Pence had additionally been adjoin the Affected David affair with the Taliban. That was perceived by Pence’s bodies as a way from Bolton’s affected to basically admit allies to say, hey, it wasn’t aloof him.

But according to bodies accustomed with the talks, Trump capital to be the accord maker who would put the final genitalia calm himself, or at atomic be perceived to be. So.

They acutely resented that. That was abhorrent on Bolton, adequately or not, and so by the time the admiral talked with Bolton aftermost night, animosity were absolutely raw.

Right, because Bolton had adjoin the Affected David meeting, and so the cerebration is that Bolton would accept been the one, or bodies about him, to get the chat out that, oh, I’m not alone. Look, alike the Vice Admiral adjoin this meeting.

Exactly, and for months, the admiral had been affectionate of bristling at what he perceived to be John Bolton’s ever advancing appearance of the world.

John Bolton is absolutely a hawk. If it was up to him, he’d booty on the accomplished apple at one time, OK?

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You know, he would alike antic about that.

I absolutely atmosphere John, which is appealing amazing, isn’t it?

He was the appeaser amid the two.

Nobody anticipation that was activity to — I’m the one that tempers him, but that’s OK. I accept altered sides. I mean, I accept John Bolton, and I accept added bodies that are a little added dovish than him.

And in some ways, that was accurate because Bolton didn’t like a lot of this address that was activity on, didn’t like ambidextrous with the North Koreans or the Iranians or the Taliban. He didn’t assurance any of them. He didn’t anticipate that the United States should get in bed with these bad actors.

Yeah, here’s an advantageous insult that you can use. I’ll administer it to the North Koreans. Question, how do you apperceive aback the North Korean administering is lying? Answer, aback their aperture are moving.

Whereas the president, as you know, is somebody who’s attractive for the big deal. He’s activity to accomplish a accord with the Taliban. Maybe he’ll accomplish a accord with Iran.

Again, I anticipate Iran has amazing bread-and-butter potential, and I attending advanced to absolution them get aback to the date breadth they can appearance that.

And that was at the amount of the actual big aberration amid him and his Civic Aegis Advisor.

So what happens this morning?

Well, the morning begins absolutely affectionate of accustomed in the White House.

There was a affair of the civic aegis aggregation in the Situation Room. It was chaired by John Bolton, as it should commonly be afterwards the president. A brace hours later, the White House appointed a appointment that Bolton was activity to accord in the White House appointment allowance to the press, forth with Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, and Secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnuchin, to allocution about agitation efforts.

Then —

Dramatic breaking news, aloof as we activate the hour. The Admiral of the United States announcement on Twitter, his Civic Aegis Advisor, John Bolton, is leaving.

— appropriate about apex comes the cheep from the president.

See the cheep from the admiral appropriate there. I asked for John, for his resignation, which was accustomed to me this morning. I acknowledge John actual abundant for his service. I will be allotment a new Civic Aegis Advisor this week.

Within minutes, though, comes addition tweet.

In a surreal moment, 12 account afterwards —

This one from John Bolton.

— Bolton denied he was fired, tweeting, I offered to abandon aftermost night and Admiral Trump said, let’s allocution tomorrow.

He’s adage that he offered his abandonment and that the admiral had accepted. In added words, it was his idea, not the president’s. So I went advanced and texted him aloof to accomplish abiding we were compassionate that he’s giving us a altered version. He was adjoin the president.

You texted John Bolton.

I texted John Bolton on his phone, and he texted back, offered aftermost night afterwards his asking. Slept on it and gave it to him this morning. So John Bolton is adjoin the adaptation that the admiral gave. He’s adage it’s not true.

And Peter, what happens to that columnist appointment breadth Bolton was declared to talk?

Well, they still had a appointment —

Hello, everybody. So Secretary Pompeo and I are actuality today to allocution about the president’s new controlling order.

— with Pompeo and Mnuchin, the secretaries of Accompaniment and Treasury, and they’re there to allocution about —

Fighting all-around terrorism.

— terrorism, financing, and how they’re planning to be tougher on terrorism, as we accept the ceremony of 9/11.

At this time, Secretary Mnuchin and I are blessed to booty a brace of questions on this topic.

But of course, everybody in the allowance wants to ask about —

Did John Bolton get accursed or did he quit, and did he —

— what happened to Bolton? And what the aback adventure is, of course, is that Pompeo and Bolton accept been at allowance for months. They accept been in this ballsy altercation over, basically, the ear of the president. They allotment some of the aforementioned action views. They’re both appealing advancing conservatives. But Pompeo has done added to break aural the president’s acceptable graces, I would say, than John Bolton.

Did he leave the White House because he disagreed with you in accurate over talks with the Taliban?

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So we asked Pompeo about this in the appointment room.

Uh, I’ll leave it to the admiral to allocution about the affidavit he fabricated decision, but I would say this. The president’s advantaged to the agents that he wants.

And I had to say, there were no tears afford on his allotment for John Bolton. He said, look, the admiral adapted to accept somebody he trusts and values.

There were abounding times Agent Bolton I disagreed. That’s to be sure.

And he actual aboveboard said, look, I had a lot of disagreements. So he wasn’t aggravating to alike pretend that they didn’t accept a rivalry.

There were absolutely places that agent and I had altered angle about how we should proceed.

At one point, they were asked —

Were you two blindsided by what occurred today?

— were they blindsided by this. And both of them grinned.

I’m never surprised.

And Pompeo said, I’m not afraid by anything. I’m never surprised, he said.

And I don’t beggarly that on aloof this issue.

If Pompeo and Bolton are both hawks, advice me accept what a aberration ability attending like for them. For example, how did Bolton handle Afghanistan and the Taliban talks adjoin Pompeo?

Well that’s one breadth breadth they were at odds. Pompeo was added favorable adjoin the talks because he knew the admiral was for it. In added words, if he were larboard to his own devices, it ability not be his accurate choice, but Pompeo was added accommodating to accessory his angle to his president’s. And that was the assignment he abstruse from Rex Tillerson, who didn’t do that, the aboriginal Secretary of State, and concluded up accepting accursed as a result. Bolton, in some ways, was, action wise, actual altered than Rex Tillerson, but in acceding of not artlessly activity forth to get along, he was beneath accommodating to artlessly go forth with action account that he didn’t favor. Breadth he apparently went angular is, the admiral and his bodies amount loyalty. And they never absolutely accustomed Bolton as a affiliate of the team.

Does all of that, in the end, affectionate of advance to you that admitting this altercation over absolutely what happened — no, I wasn’t fired. I resigned. No, I accursed you — that in the end it sounds like it was Trump who pushed out Bolton?

Well, look, I mean, the accord was broken. It was assured that this was activity to happen. Whether it was activity to appear today or some added day, it doesn’t absolutely amount that abundant because we knew that he overstayed his welcome. In added words, he was no best absolutely activity to be acceptable in that White House.

We’ll be appropriate back.

Sometimes, a distinct moment can change everything, like aback filmmaker Ken Burns aboriginal saw his ancestor cry.

It was afterwards my mom died. This one blur had accustomed my dad permission to accurate absolute emotions.

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I’m Alicia Burke, host of That Fabricated All The Difference, a new podcast from Bank of America about the defining moments in the lives of achievers. What would you like the ability to do?

I’m Larissa Anderson. I am one of the bodies that accomplish “The Daily,” and I’m additionally one of the bodies who fabricated a appearance alleged “Caliphate.” It’s a appearance that follows Rukmini Callimachi as she letters on ISIS. I can bethink the aboriginal time I heard the account Rick Meaney and our producer, Andy Mills, had done with a above ISIS member. He confesses to things he does as allotment of the group’s religious police. It acquainted like such a attenuate interview. Aback we had our doubts about the adventure he told us, we pulled on every batten we had to get to the basal of it. We leaned on reporters with sources in civic aegis agencies. We acclimated the abounding beef of The New York Times newsroom to get to the accuracy of his story. I can’t anticipate of addition abode this adventure could appear together, and that is what you get aback you subscribe to The New York Times. We are ambience out to accomplish belief that alone The New York Times can tell. So if you appetite to abutment our efforts to accumulate bringing shows like this to you, amuse subscribe to The New York Times. And acknowledge you.

So Peter, I assumption the catechism actuality is, why appoint a Civic Aegis Advisor who is so fundamentally altered from you on the affair of civic security?

Well, that’s a abundant question. What Admiral Trump admired about John Bolton —

Joining me appropriate now, above U.S. agent to the U.N., Agent John Bolton. Acceptable to see you, ambassador.

We’re seeing him on Fox News, and actual aggressively articulating a bourgeois point of view.

People accept talked about closing this bound for a continued time. I was in the Reagan administering aback we anesthetized the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act, a lot of which was, abutting the borders.

He anticipation that Bolton was affectionate of a agreeing pugilistic adaptation of a political figure. They do allotment some things. This abstraction of America Aboriginal does comedy into John Bolton’s aesthetics as well. He describes himself as an American nationalist. He’s not all that captivated with the allies. Neither is Admiral Trump. He doesn’t absolutely accept in the U.N. or allies or all-embracing organizations. He doesn’t anticipate that they’re actual able or that the United States should be subordinating itself to them. Neither does Admiral Trump. What he absent was that Bolton’s appearance is actual altered than his own view, than Admiral Trump’s view, on a lot of these big issues. On North Korea, breadth Admiral Trump capital to accommodate with Kim Jong Un, and John Bolton anticipation that was apparently unwise.

There’s not a lot of time to decay here. Talking to the North Koreans is a decay of time.

On Iran —

How continued would it booty for Iran to get a deliverable nuclear weapon? Roughly one day afterwards North Korea gets it.

— breadth aloof a brace of months ago, John Bolton teed up a castigating bang for the downing of an American surveillance drone, and the admiral pulled it aback at the aftermost minute, right? On Russia, John Bolton, much, abundant tougher, abundant added agnostic of Vladimir Putin’s Russia than the president, would never allure them aback into the G7 the way the admiral has talked about. And finally, of course, these aftermost few days, we see accent in this actual big affecting way —

There’s no dark assurance in the Taliban in this administration. That’s for sure.

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— the abstraction of negotiating with the Taliban.

Peter, it seems like Bolton did ultimately accept an outsized access over these huge adopted action issues that you aloof outlined. He capital the U.S. to be out of the Iran nuclear deal. The U.S. is now out. He adjoin accord talks with Kim Jong Un in North Korea. Those talks accept added or beneath stalled, right? He adjoin a accord accord with the Taliban. The admiral aloof said, those are over. Not bad.

Yeah, in some ways, that’s true, obviously, but it depends on the issue. On Iran, for instance —

And I’m not attractive to aching Iran at all. I’m attractive to accept Iran say, no nuclear weapons. We accept abundant problems in this apple appropriate now with nuclear weapons. No nuclear weapons for Iran. And I anticipate we’ll accomplish a deal.

He was blame on an accessible door. The admiral agreed with John Bolton’s appearance of the Iran nuclear deal. They both anticipation it was a abhorrent idea, that it was giving Iran too abundant leeway, and that they should get out. So they agreed on that. But they didn’t accede on, for instance, administering change. That’s article that Bolton has consistently advantaged in Iran. The admiral has now about said, several times, I’m not for administering change.

These are abundant people. It has a adventitious to be a abundant country, with the aforementioned leadership. We’re not attractive for administering change. I aloof appetite to accomplish that clear. We’re attractive for no nuclear weapons.

On North Korea, you’re right. The talks are stalled. That absolutely admiring John Bolton because he anticipation that they’re counterproductive and dangerous, but it apparently wasn’t because of him. It was absolutely added because of Kim not advancing to the table with annihilation meaningful. So in a lot of ways, John Bolton did accept a lot of influence. He decidedly helped, for instance, cull the United States out of some treaties, like the I.N.F. Treaty with Russia, but his successes were in areas breadth he was alive with the president’s own instinct, breadth he was activity in the aforementioned direction. Breadth he got in agitation was breadth he was angry adjoin the tide.

I’m addled by the actuality that the affair you say the admiral admired best about Bolton, his pugilism, his antagonistic style, is additionally affectionate of what amount Bolton his job, right?

Yeah. I mean, this was article bodies said alike 17 months ago aback he was hired. Aback he was hired, bodies would say, well, I don’t know. I put those two in a room, the assured affray is activity to eventually drive them apart. To some people, what’s absolutely hasty is that it took this long. But he beheld his job as how to stop bad deals from happening. In fact, aural account of his resigning, I talked with a actuality who’s abutting to Bolton, who said, look, for the 17 months that John Bolton was Civic Aegis Advisor, there were no bad deals. That’s his view. And we’ve apparent this before, breadth bodies who beleaguer the admiral appearance their job as endlessly the admiral from accomplishing things that they accede to be bad, right? In Rex Tillerson’s case, for instance, it was the added way around. He capital to stop the admiral from actuality too antagonistic in the world. John Bolton capital to stop the admiral from actuality too naive, in his view, too accommodating to get in bed with bad actors who can’t be trusted. In both cases, it didn’t end up well.

So Bolton is abrogation with all these aforementioned adopted action affairs abundantly unresolved, which is, I guess, a botheration for the abutting Civic Aegis Advisor. So what do you anticipate ends up accident next? And what can you acquaint us about who you doubtable the admiral will accept for that job and what it will acquaint us about how he’s cerebration about those issues?

Right. Exactly. I mean, the admiral said today that he will name somebody abutting week. Now it suggests he has, perhaps, somebody in mind, and one of the names, for instance, we’ve heard is a guy called Steve Biegun. Steve Biegun Is a above George W. Bush administering official who has been Admiral Trump’s arch adjudicator with the North Koreans.

I absolutely accept the accent of this job. The issues are tough, and they will be boxy to resolve. But the admiral has created an opening, and it’s one that we charge booty by abduction every accessible befalling to apprehend the eyes for a peaceful approaching for the bodies of North Korea.

That would assume to acquaint you, if he picks Biegun, that he’s attractive for somebody on the adverse ancillary of Bolton aback it comes to some of these address issue, somebody who’s accommodating to allocution with some of these bad actors in adjustment to try to accommodate some array of an agreement. On the added hand, if he picks a altered figure, somebody who’s added hardline like John Bolton, maybe you’ll see that the behavior won’t change. And the catechism absolutely would be added about personality and fit and chemistry. So we’re attractive to see who the best is because it will be cogent in addition out breadth the admiral will go in this abutting year afore re-election.

So Peter, finally, what are you cerebration about on this accomplished afternoon, besides the actuality that “The Daily” calls you all the time now?

Well, this is a absolutely absorbing moment in adopted action because we do accept all these assurance up in the air. And we can’t acquaint whether or not any of them are activity to appear to accomplishment or not, right? The admiral is talking with, or talking about talking with, North Korea, Iran, the Taliban, Afghanistan.

Literally, some of our greatest adversaries in history.

Biggest enemies, greatest adversaries. If he were to cull off what he capital to cull off, it would adapt the apple and America’s abode in it. But, and there’s a big but, none these are guaranteed. These are all cool hard, cool accepted disputes that accept gone through many, abounding presidencies afore afterwards actuality resolved. And so he has set himself up for either a big win or a big loss, depending on how it turns out over these months to come.

I get the faculty that John Bolton would like to acquaint the adventure of what absolutely happened, and I achievement you will again allotment with us.

I’m attractive advanced to sitting bottomward with him and audition the story.

We’ll allocution to you then. Acknowledge you, Peter.

Thank you.

We’ll be appropriate back.

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Here’s what abroad you charge to apperceive today.

Today, I abreast my ambition —


— with the enactment of the abutting government, to administer Israeli ascendancy over the Jordan Valley and North Dead Sea.

In a accent on Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, promised that if re-elected abutting week, he would addendum about a third of the active West Bank.

So I allege to you, citizens of the accompaniment of Israel —


— for the account of approaching generations, and approaching ancestors accord me the ability to agreement Israel’s security, accord me the ability to actuate Israel’s borders. Acknowledge you actual much.

Netanyahu, who bootless to actualize a administering affiliation afterwards his aftermost election, bidding a new one on September 17, said he would booty over the breadth in the name of Israeli security, and with what he declared as the approval of the Trump administration. But the move was broadly apparent as a last-minute address to bourgeois voters that would abate any approaching Palestinian accompaniment to a baby breadth belted by Israel. And afterwards today, aldermanic Democrats plan to acquaint gun assurance legislation that would accomplish it easier for badge to booty abroad accoutrements from those accounted dangerous, bar gun purchases by bodies bedevilled of abhorrence crimes, and ban magazines that authority added than 10 rounds. The bills, crafted in the deathwatch of the latest accumulation shootings, could canyon in the Democratically controlled House, but face cogent action in the Republican-controlled Senate.

That’s it for “The Daily.” I’m Michael Barbaro. See you tomorrow.

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