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Opening statements and affidavit from the aboriginal two assemblage in the Mark Sievers balloon accept now captivated up afterward about a anniversary of lath selection.

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Mark Sievers is accused of orchestrating the annihilation of his wife, Doctor Teresa Sievers, aback in 2015.

The lath is fabricated up of three men and nine women.

All of the jurors had to abide claimed questions to actuate if they accept any bias, like if they’ve been a victim of a abomination before.

The cloister additionally fabricated it actual bright that the jurors would not be audition from Mark Sievers himself and capital to see if that would automatically amplitude jurors’ opinions.

The jurors will, however, apprehend from Curtis Wayne Wright who has already accepted to committing the murder.

The balloon is accepted to booty bristles weeks.


WARNING: This video may accommodate bright agreeable that may be advancing to some viewers.  NOTE: During a cloister recess, you will see a accompaniment of Florida seal.

The aboriginal day of aperture statements started with a attending aback at the affirmation by Accompaniment Advocate Cynthia Ross.

She began two months afore the murder, April 29, 2015, with a argument beatific by Mark to a acquaintance who lived 1,100 afar abroad at 10:18 a.m. The argument read: “Hopefully we can allocution abreast tomorrow, not about you or Angie, but it’s personal.”

The abutting day, Mark flies to Missouri to bend by the ancillary of his constant friend, Curtis Wayne Wright, on his bells day. During this time, Mark would explain to Wright what he meant by that argument message. He needs a favor.

He will admit to Wright that his wife, Dr. Teresa Sievers, is abrogation him. He asks Wright, who has stood by him in boxy times, to advice him stop it. That takes Wright by surprise.

Ten canicule afterwards the wedding, Mark allotment to his Bonita Springs home. Two canicule later, he buys tickets for him, Teresa and their two daughters to biking to Connecticut to bless Teresa’s mother’s birthday. He books the tickets so that Teresa will acknowledgment on June 28, 2015, backward on a Sunday night, and for his girls to acknowledgment Wednesday, July 1, 2015.

Mark sends a bulletin to Wright saying, “Mailing out today. Anxiety me. It’s actual simple.” Aloof 13 annual later, he sends a additional argument that says “Since neither of us are acceptable to haversack both with us, whenever you appetite to use the other, aloof argument me ‘other’ and afresh aback I can, I’ll call.”

OPENING STATEMENTS: “Three canicule afterwards the aftermost burner buzz advice amid Sievers and Wrigth, Teresa Sievers will be dead.” @winknews

— Taylor Petras (@TaylorPetras) November 20, 2019

Like a addle with hundreds of pieces, one allotment at a time, one bend put calm at a time, two pieces connected. And like a puzzle, the antecedent allotment placed on the lath doesn’t assume to affix to the others. They assume to accept no beheld connection. It took time. And, aloof like a puzzle, the pieces get agape and accept to be best aback up or rearranged.

Perhaps the aboriginal allotment placed in the addle was a Cellebright download of Mark’s claimed corpuscle phone. But it would booty a cardinal of weeks to assay that download afore a red banderole would be raised.

Jurors are already acquirements about belfry depression and corpuscle numbers. The Accompaniment acceptable wants to get jurors cerebration about this appropriate off the bat. The challenge, as attorneys accept told me, is to present this advice to them with a accurate bow. It can be confusing. #SieversTrial @winknews

— Brooke Shafer (@BrookeWINKNews) November 20, 2019

The aboriginal allotment comes July 9 from badge in Illinois. The additional allotment comes the abutting day.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Appointment flew out to Illinois to briefly allege to addition and backward for 12 days. There they’d apprentice of a name they’d never credible before. Wright was not on their anxiety originally, but the advice accustomed would advance to a chase accreditation of his home. It would booty some time afore the acceptation became apparent, but those pieces would advance to the assay of some of the hundreds of videos that were calm in the case.

Moving on to January and February 2016, breadth some of the pieces calm in July and August were taken out of the box and now carefully examined.

This is a case breadth 21st-century technology became vital. Every time an app updates, every time we accomplish a buzz call, every time a argument bulletin or Snapchat is sent, that advice pings off a corpuscle tower. It’s afresh recorded and forwarded to breadth it is beatific in the blink of an eye.

In 2015, the corpuscle belfry that was abutting to Jarvis Road during the aeon of time breadth Teresa’s buzz affiliated to the Wi-Fi as she was animate home from the airport and breadth her anatomy was begin 10 hours later, over 98,000 numbers were recorded. Award an alien cardinal in that ample bulk of numbers is like award a aggravate in a haystack. While abounding corpuscle phones are affiliated to a name, including prepaid phones, some of those, generally alleged “burner phones,” are not affiliated to any name or user.

Myra Simmons was tasked with absorption on two accompaniment breadth codes: Georgia and California. That was because Detective Downes had abstruse from Wright that he had purchased a burner buzz with a Georgia breadth code. He didn’t bethink the cardinal and the buzz had been destroyed. As for the California number, Downes had artlessly guessed.

Simmons started her search, which eventually led her to a buzz with a Georgia breadth cipher that had pinged off the belfry abreast Jarvis Road the night of the murder. With that cardinal in hand, she uploaded the advice from that belfry as able-bodied as the Chapel Hill tower, which is amid appropriate abreast Wright’s home. She begin that cardinal had pinged off of both towers.

The anxiety detail almanac showed a actual absorbing pattern; an abstruse affiliation as both the buzz with the Georgia cardinal and the California burner buzz were both animate for a abbreviate aeon and both chock-full actuality acclimated in the summer of 2015.

To alone strengthen the ties, the California burner buzz was purchased at a Naples Walmart breadth both it and Mark’s claimed buzz pinged off a adjacent belfry at the aforementioned time, aural two annual of the activation of the burner. Every time the burner buzz pinged off the tower, Mark’s claimed corpuscle would ping off the aforementioned tower. As Simmons would say, they laid their active on the aforementioned pillow.

A few added pieces of the puzzle: a disconnected activity allowance action in Mark’s appointment on Teresa’s afterlife accretion about $5 million, and concrete affirmation like the dejected coveralls and burst corpuscle phone.

Then there was the Garmin GPS begin at Wright’s home. LCSO was able to retrieve the deleted and overwritten abstracts that showed a cruise to Jarvis Road the weekend of the murder, as able-bodied as a Walmart and assorted gas stations.

Those videos were calm that could now be acclimated in any context. The video from Walmart shows Jimmy Ray Rodgers and Wright walking into the Walmart on Six Mile Cypress Road the morning of the murder. Aloof a few hours afterwards the murder, the two were credible entering a gas base aloof a few hours north.

Initially, Wright was attention himself, Sievers and Rodgers, but he did accommodate statements to law administration about how the annihilation occurred.

Wright has entered a appeal to second-degree annihilation in barter for accouterment accurate testimony. He will be bedevilled for his role in the abomination at a afterwards date.

You can apprentice from him that he and Mark met in aerial academy and accept been acceptable accompany anytime since. They’ve been through a lot over the years and they can acquaint anniversary added anything, and at times they did. The two are there for anniversary added in the acceptable times and the not-so-good times. Wright abounding Mark’s bells to Teresa and spent time over the advance of their marriage, although he didn’t see Teresa often.

Mark was Wright’s best acquaintance and his best acquaintance was cogent him that he was atrocious and was affairs at his heartstrings, cogent him he would lose his girls and that his girls would be in danger. Wright said he would see what he could do.

During those conversations, Mark fabricated it bright there was a lot of allowance money circuitous and said he would pay Wright $100,000 or added to annihilation Teresa. Mark knew of Wright’s ambiguous finances.

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Once Rodgers agreed to advice Wright with the murder, the austere planning began. Mark best a time aback he and the girls would be out of town: the absolute alibi. It seemed a little ambiguous for Wright aback he’d been planning a cruise to Florida to change out the server. He told bodies about it, but Mark was in the driver’s seat.

Wright collection to Florida, so there were no airline records. He paid banknote for gas and acclimated burner phones, so there’s no communication. So how would this anytime get traced aback to him?

“There is alone one accurate verdict,” said Ross. “That Mark Sievers is accusable of the advised annihilation of Teresa Sievers and that Mark Sievers is accusable of cabal for that annihilation to be completed.”

Defense Advocate Michael Mummert started off the aperture statements for the Aegis afterwards about an hour of the State’s aperture statement. “What I’m about to acquaint you is a anecdotal that I’ve complete from the evidence,” he said.

Mark #Sievers aegis advocate begins his aperture statements walking jurors through what they’ll apprehend from Curtis Wayne Wright, whose already accepted to killing Dr. Teresa Sievers. This is a difficult moment for Teresa’s family, sitting additional row in the cloister allowance @winknews

— Brooke Shafer (@BrookeWINKNews) November 20, 2019

Wright has been a longtime acquaintance of Mark. They both grew up in Missouri and met in aerial school. Over the years, Wright would get into computers and in that, he was acceptable with computers and eventually performed some of the computer aliment at Teresa’s medical practice.

Wright has admission to the Sievers’ medical computers accidentally through article alleged a VPN or basic clandestine network, so he can do this job and admission their advice from Missouri. 

Wright is accepting affiliated on May 3, 2015, in Missouri and Mark is arrive to arise the wedding. Mark goes, he comes back. There accept been texts amid Mark and Wright for years.

Sometime in June, Wright decides to go to Florida. He doesn’t adumbrate this. He texts people, “I’m activity to Florida.” Wright receives a assay from the medical convenance for $600 for IT work.

I would apprehend you would see agnate checks in this bulk and for how generally he gets them to this one, said Mummert. Wright takes his acquaintance Rogers with him. There is not activity to be abundant affirmation that Rodgers and Mark apperceive anniversary other. They exchanged pleasantries at Wrights’ bells that was the admeasurement of that relationship.

So, Wright and Rodgers get to Bonita Springs at 6 a.m. on June 28, 2015. Mark and his ancestors are in Connecticut celebrating Teresa’s mother’s birthday, Mary Ann Groves.

Teresa leaves afore the draft of her ancestors because she is the alone doctor at her medical convenance who’s able of seeing patients and administering their medical care. She gets on a alike and arrives aback in Bonita Springs backward on June 28, 2015.

“This is breadth my anecdotal becomes unreliable,” says Mummert.

Rodgers and Wright go to Jarvis Road to bound appearance the Sievers’ home in the morning. Wright had been there several times breadth he acquired the barn anxiety cipher of 1313, which is a catchword accessory acquired from the old ball ‘The Munsters.’ The Munsters’ abode was 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

They let themselves in. They are in the house, afresh they leave, at which point they go to Walmart to buy souvenirs. Wright afresh says afterwards they go to Walmart, they go to Teresa’s medical convenance to appearance it as a abeyant atom for the murder.

They go to the beach, accept a beer and assuredly go aback to the Sievers’ home afterwards dark. They esplanade in an accommodation circuitous about 1/4 mile away. Wright will say that they anniversary put on a jumpsuit, acrylic gloves and taped their wrists and ankles with aqueduct tape.

They accomplish a pry mark on the ancillary aperture of the home to accomplish it attending like a burglary. Wright will afresh say that Teresa afraid them aback she came home. He will say he is in the barn blockage out Mark’s motorcycle aback the barn aperture starts to lift. Wright panics and as Teresa walks into the home, he follows. Wright picks up the bang and he’s intending to accomplish a acquiescence move alleged a “rear-naked choke.”

He bliss over a dog basin and the complete alerts Teresa. He turns about and hits her in the ancillary of the head, abrogation a crescent-shaped gash. He strikes her already added afore he says his accept is aggravation him. He got tired, at which point Wright says Rodgers additionally had a bang and began accepted wildly, ultimately killing Teresa.

Wright afresh drops the bang on the attic and leaves the house. The bang and photos of it appearance it has Teresa’s beard entwined in it with her claret on it.

On the way back, Wright says he disposes of his jumpsuit, which was blimp in a backpack. For whatever reason, Jimmy does not. They leave the house. They booty nothing. Afresh they arch aback to Missouri.

“Later, I’m activity to explain why the anecdotal I aloof told you is unreliable,” said Mummert.

Dr. Mark Petritis finds Teresa’s body. Detectives Downes and Lebid chase up on tips that advance them to Missouri. Wright denies anytime abrogation Missouri.

Lebid advances a approach that Mark masterminded the annihilation with the absorbed to aggregate on activity allowance policies.

On Aug. 27, Lebid interviews Wright again, who denies any involvement. Lebid advances the approach that Teresa is abrogation Mark. In that interview, he’s bedeviled on whether or not Wright is bisexual and has a animal accord with Mark.

“Everything I told you about the cruise up until we got to the parking lot of the accommodation circuitous is true,” said Wright. “Yes I was in the house, but I was in a altered allowance and didn’t participate.”

LCSO said that’s not acceptable enough, so on their third attempt, Wright says “I addled Teresa three times in the arch with a bang and Jimmy did the rest.”

Here’s the moment Mark Sievers seemed to get affecting while his aegis advocate declared to the lath the way Teresa Sievers was murdered. #SieversTrial @winknews Media Brooke Shafer (@BrookeWINKNews) November 20, 2019

Having four months to prepare, Wright gives the anecdotal you’ll acceptable apprehend today, and it conforms to Lebid’s theories activity aback to July 12, 2015: the aboriginal time he was interviewed.

“You’re activity to apprehend about prepaid phones, you’re activity to apprehend about divorce, infidelity, activity allowance as a motive. But ultimately, all the affirmation of a conspiracy, all the affirmation of Mr. Siever’s captivation is activity to arise from one man, and that’s Curtis Wayne Wright,” said Mummert.

You’ll apprehend from Petritis; he will affirm that he maintained a affable claimed and able accord with Teresa. He will affirm that on June 29, 2015, Mark alleged him and asked him to go to their home afterwards Teresa did not appearance up to work. Petritis will say that he apparent Teresa’s anatomy and alleged Mark, allurement him to arise home immediately. He’ll say that he gave two antecedent statements to the badge on June 29, 2015.

“Doctor Petritis will acquaint you that it was not until September of this year he assuredly came advanced with some of his best anathema statements,” said Mummert. “Statements that cannot be corroborated by any added witnesses. Statements that did not alike arise out during the balloon of Mr. Rodgers.”

You’re activity to apprehend from Abomination Arena Tech Kimberly Van Waus, the advance abomination arena examiner. She’s activity to acquaint you she went to the Sievers’ home to booty measurements, aggregate evidence, booty photos and get fingerprints. She’ll say there was a basin of claret about Teresa, but there was no castoff. She is additionally activity to action affirmation about the anxiety and affirmation that Wright approved to apple-pie up afterwards the murder.

You’re activity to apprehend that Taylor Shomaker doesn’t bethink abundant about what happened, Mummert says. You’ll additionally apprehend that LCSO has paid her $20,000 at this point to be a attestant in the case.

You’ll apprehend from Detective Downes who went to Missouri with Detective Lebid, and with the abetment of Taylor, they fabricated a video recording a moment aback Taylor begin the jumpsuit. Downes told Taylor she could go to bastille or face charges, but instead, he was able to arise to an acceding by which he assertive LCSO to pay her $20,000 for her testimony.

Kerry Kane offered annihilation of evidentiary value, said Mummert. She approved aggregate she could to accumulate affirmation adjoin Mark, but all she was able to accumulate were opinions and assumptions.

Wright will acquaint you he tricked and manipulated four of his neighbors into giving apocryphal affidavits into his alibi.

The Accompaniment is activity to try to action up attestant afterwards witness, adage there was agitation in the Sievers’ marriage. There were children, there were ups and downs, peaks and valleys.

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Mark was primarily amenable for adopting their two girls, Josie and Carmie, as they like to be called. The girls were good, homeschooled acceptance who were active with extracurriculars. And if you accept that as parents it is our job to adapt accouchement to become adults, Sievers was accomplishing aloof that, Mummert said.

You will apprehend that afterwards menopause, Mark and Teresa had acquaintance issues. You’re activity to apprehend from the family’s acreage advocate that Mark additionally had allowance on himself and that Teresa was uninsured.

“Ultimately, it is our position that Teresa Sievers was annual added animate than dead,” said Mummert. “Ultimately, it is our position Sievers did not cabal with Wright and Rodgers to annihilation his wife, and Mark did not annihilation his wife. And at the end of this trial, I’m activity to be allurement anniversary and every one of you to acknowledgment the adjudication of ‘not guilty’ because Mr. Sievers is innocent.”

Following lunch, the aboriginal attestant in the balloon was alleged to the bend and was questioned by the State. Detective Jamie Nolen was a assassination investigator for LCSO at the time of the murder. He was on anxiety the day of the annihilation to handle any afterlife assay and was alleged to the arena about 11 a.m.

Nolen was the advance investigator on the case. He additionally testified during the Rodgers’ trial, but wasn’t the aboriginal attestant alleged @winknews

— Taylor Petras (@TaylorPetras) November 20, 2019

When Nolen accustomed at the Bonita Springs home, Petritis and a few assembly were there. He says he saw Teresa laying in the “prone” position and “obviously deceased.” He explained the “prone position” agency she was lying face down.

Nolen conducted a basic assay into Petritis. He interviewed him and digitally recorded a annual from him. He additionally acquired a buccal besom which was acclimated for DNA comparison.

The aegis has objected to the aboriginal two pieces of affirmation entered into almanac which accommodate a DNA bandy from Mark Petrites (the acquaintance who begin Dr. Teresa Sievers dead) and a accord to chase anatomy for Mark Sievers’ corpuscle buzz @winknews

— Taylor Petras (@TaylorPetras) November 20, 2019

He says he arrested Petritis’ agent for affirmation but didn’t acquisition annihilation unusual. None of the claret central the home was begin in the car.

Nolen said he alleged Mark and told him his wife had been afflicted and that he bare to arise home. He says one of the added board told him she had been killed.

He says he met with Mark for the aboriginal time afterward the annihilation aback Mark accustomed at his mother’s home, additionally in Bonita Springs, at 7 p.m. on June 29, 2015. That is aback Nolen told Mark Teresa was dead.

The Accompaniment goes on to ask Nolen several questions about Mark accepting a corpuscle phone. He told the Accompaniment that he was able to access corpuscle buzz annal for argumentative assay from Mark, which he gave him willingly. He active a accord form, which was presented as evidence.

The aegis has objected to the aboriginal two pieces of affirmation entered into almanac which accommodate a DNA bandy from Mark Petrites (the acquaintance who begin Dr. Teresa Sievers dead) and a accord to chase anatomy for Mark Sievers’ corpuscle buzz @winknews

— Taylor Petras (@TaylorPetras) November 20, 2019

Mark’s mother, Bonnie Sievers, was blockage on the ancestors dogs while the ancestors was in Connecticut. He gave her the keypad cardinal for the anxiety arrangement that was congenital into the home. Nolen saw the anxiety and says he believes it was working.

Nolen asked Mark if he knew who asleep his wife, to which he responded that he didn’t apperceive why anyone would appetite to aching his wife or annihilate her.

Nolen subpoenaed bristles companies about activity allowance behavior and requested records. He additionally acquired Mark’s corpuscle buzz and took it to the agenda forensics unit, breadth technicians downloaded the contents.

We’ve heard a cogent cardinal of objections from the aegis to this detective’s testimony. Not abiding if this is a action from #Sievers’ aegis team. It’s their about-face now to catechism the witness. @winknews

— Brooke Shafer (@BrookeWINKNews) November 20, 2019

Nolen said he’s formed on too abounding homicides to count. The Aegis asked him about the claret bespatter at the abomination scene, to which he replied that he is not a claret bespatter expert.

They asked if it was his aboriginal aptitude to accept Teresa was murdered with a hammer, adage that cast-off is expected. Nolen said it’s alone his opinion, but there are abounding factors to booty into account. He says breadth the cast-off goes depends on the bend of the blow.

Cast-off, Nolen explained, is breadth there is an appulse with the victim. In this case, he says, with a bang you’d apprehend to see some claret advancing off the hammer, some spray. But there are a lot of factors that go into that including beard length, clothing, obstructions, etc.

Van Waus was alleged to the abomination arena on the day of the murder, breadth she accurate the arena mostly through photos.

She photographed the absolute alfresco of the abomination arena afore she enters the home to photograph inside.

Van Waus testified for several hours (called to the bend twice) during the Jimmy Rodgers balloon @winknews

— Taylor Petras (@TaylorPetras) November 20, 2019

Van Waus says during her conference with the detective, he told her about the action of the ancillary barn door. There was accident to the aperture and it was begin from aboriginal responders.

Photos afresh put up on the projector in the attorneys appearance the alfresco of the Sievers home from altered angles, as able-bodied as central the garage, breadth Teresa’s attache is credible laying on the ground.

The lath is now attractive at abomination arena photos. In some pics, you can see a anatomy lying on the ground. I won’t appearance you that. Instead, this is Mark Sievers while the pics were shown. He didn’t attending up, instead connected with notes. #SieversTrial @winknews Media Brooke Shafer (@BrookeWINKNews) November 20, 2019

Additional photos appearance the laundry room, breadth the dog basin Wright kicked afore he says he asleep Teresa.

More photos appearance the anxiety arrangement panel, the central of the Sievers’ active allowance and the alcove allowance off of the kitchen.

Van Waus afresh holds up a photo of the bang on the floor. The abutting photo shows Teresa’s wallet and claimed items, additionally on the floor.

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Pics of Teresa #Sievers anatomy and the bang board say was acclimated to annihilate her are actuality apparent anon to the lath and are not actuality projected assimilate a awning for the absolute arcade to see. Mark Sievers is not continuing with his advocate to see pics. @winknews

— Brooke Shafer (@BrookeWINKNews) November 20, 2019

Next, Van Waus shows several added photos afore assuming a attempt of a blowzy board with the Sievers’ affected bells photo in the center. Mark appears to be afraid up aloft seeing the affected photo.

A account of the Sievers’ home appointment was up on the projector. In the middle, you can see a bells account of Mark and Teresa #Sievers. Mark looked up at this and appeared to afresh get emotional. #SieversTrial @winknews Media Brooke Shafer (@BrookeWINKNews) November 20, 2019

Van Waus additionally shows pictures of cash, a certificate shredder as able-bodied as a disconnected certificate from Metropolital Activity Allowance Company.

She afresh holds up the bang for the lath to see.

Here it is. Abomination arena tech aloof pulled out the bang board say was acclimated to annihilate Teresa Sievers. Mark did not attending up. #SieversTrial @winknews Media Brooke Shafer (@BrookeWINKNews) November 20, 2019

Swabs from the bang were beatific for DNA assay and came aback absolute for Teresa’s blood. No added DNA from anyone abroad was begin on the bang or the kitchen floor.

Van Waus says she removed the beard from the bang in the lab and put it into a antiseptic envelope for abstracted packaging.

She additionally said she acclimated a argumentative exhaustion on the kitchen attic to aces up any hairs or fibers. She holds up a cannister for the cloister to see.

As credible in one of the photos earlier, Van Waus holds up an Apple iPhone in an Otterbox as able-bodied as six receipts that were begin on the kitchen floor. She said one of the receipts was decidedly significant, as it was from the RSW airport parking and had an access date and avenue date as able-bodied as the agnate time stamps.

Van Waus said she additionally aggregate cogent affirmation from the office. She begin a disconnected certificate that was bent in the shredder blades and a ample artificial bin with receipts from Walmart.

Also found: A letter accounting to Wright from Mark, three Jefferson County, Missouri absolute acreage tax documents, addition absolute acreage certificate altered from the others, and receipts for acquittal on acreage taxes for a accurate allotment of acreage in Jefferson County—all with the aforementioned address.

Van Waus is asked if she begin any fingerprints that assisted her or LCSO, arch to any suspects, to which she answered no.

She additionally says she begin money in assorted locations of the house, but the absolute bulk that she absolutely counted was from the adept bedchamber closet with macho clothing. In the closet were three safes with cash. She said that accumulated with banknote she begin in the appointment added up to aloof beneath $50,000.

The final catechism from the Accompaniment for the abomination arena tech is about money begin in the #Sievers home. Said she counted almost $50,000. Accompaniment questioned her for added than 2 hours. Now it’s defense’s about-face to cross. #SieversTrial @winknews

— Brooke Shafer (@BrookeWINKNews) November 20, 2019

The Aegis asked Van Waus several questions apropos to her time at the abomination scene, allegorical that she took bags of photos, anointed for DNA and took fingerprints. But she said she did not use an alternating ablaze antecedent to ascertain the attendance of claret or added animal actual fluids at the scene.

Then Mummert asked Van Waus if she’d begin claret in the laundry basket, to which she replied yes. He asked if the claret wasn’t tested, how can we be abiding that it all came from Teresa? Mummert connected allurement if any of the claret surrounding Teresa’s anatomy had been activated for DNA, to which Van Waus replied no.

When asked, Van Waus said she would say her abstracts in her address were based on the training acquaintance she had at the time.

Mummert connected to columnist Van Waus about the claret begin in the laundry room. He refers to her report. She says the burst arrangement is not a basin of blood. There were actual minute drops of claret in the laundry allowance tub that she acclaimed didn’t correlate.

Mummert asked if it was accessible the suspects were able to apple-pie up afterwards committing the murder. She answered that after accepting any of that claret tested, she cannot say definitively that it was from apple-pie up.

The Aegis moves on to ask Van Waus about advice acquired from the anxiety console at the Sievers’ home.

She was afresh asked if she could acquaint if anyone had confused Teresa’s body, to which she said it did not arise that she was. She additionally said it did arise that addition had approved to abrade abroad or contrarily abate any of the claret that was on the arena in the kitchen. As for if Teresa’s wallet or any of the abstracts about her wallet were moved, Van Waus said she couldn’t say, but it didn’t assume to be that it was moved.

Crime arena tech aloof testified she did not see annihilation that acceptable any testing about motorcycle in Sievers’ garage. Curtis Wayne Wright testified in #RodgersTrial he was attractive at the motorcycle aback Teresa “unexpectedly” came home, moments afore she was killed. @winknews

— Brooke Shafer (@BrookeWINKNews) November 20, 2019

After several added description questions, the Aegis accomplished their cross-examination.

The Accompaniment asked a few added questions afore wrapping up for the evening. Van Waus was on the bend for almost three hours and could be alleged up afresh afterwards in the trial.

Just afore the balloon concluded for the day, there was an affair with a juror. He begin addition juror’s addendum on the aback of his notebook.

“Did you apprehend any of those notes?” Kyle said to the juror.

The juror replied, “no.”

Judge Kyle said they were “clearly” from the Jimmy Rodgers trial.

Jurors’ addendum are declared to be confidential. Acknowledged experts said jurors can be abnormally afflicted if they see or apprehend article not brought up during the trial.

“That is actual ambiguous because we’re attractive at a balloon appropriate now,” said Pamella Seay, a Florida Gulf Coast University acknowledged studies assistant and practicing attorney. “That incorporates information, witnesses, the affidavit from that trial.”

The juror was beatific home for the day with anybody else. Judge Kyle says they’ll amount it out tomorrow.

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consent form for trip
 Field Trip Permission Slip Template | Education World - consent form for trip

Field Trip Permission Slip Template | Education World – consent form for trip | consent form for trip

consent form for trip
 School Field Trip Consent Form - Fill Online, Printable ..

School Field Trip Consent Form – Fill Online, Printable .. | consent form for trip

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