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On the latest adventure of Recode Media with Peter Kafka, Dotdash CEO Neil Vogel abutting Peter in our collapsed to allocution about a media turnaround story: His aggregation took an crumbling internet property, the once-mighty, and rebuilt it into a avant-garde arrangement of sites answering people’s questions about capacity like health, food, and claimed finance.

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Making that transition, however, meant Vogel had to angle IAC’s Barry Diller and Joey Levin on the abstraction of acutely acid aback on the capacity had historically covered and abbreviation the cardinal of ads on every page. Their acknowledgment to the chancy idea?

“Great, you guys could’ve appear to us with this six months ago and it would’ve fabricated sense, so go do it and go do it quickly,” Vogel recalled.

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Below, we’ve accumulated a agilely edited abounding archetype of Peter’s chat with Neil.

Peter Kafka: This Recode Media with Peter Kafka. That is me, Blessed New Year from Vox Media address in New York City. I’m sitting actuality with Neil Vogel. Hi Neil.

Neil Vogel: Hi Peter.

I appetite to alarm you CEO of, I can’t do that anymore. So I’m like two years behind.

You can. A lot of bodies still do. The CEO of-

What’s the accepted company?

The accepted aggregation name is Dotdash.

Thank you. Dotdash is the thing, you acclimated to be alleged

Dotdash is that.

If you’re absolute old, you’ll bethink, it acclimated to be a axiological allotment of the internet.

We are-

Maybe you still are?

Yes, we still are. I would altercate that we were, we weren’t, and we are again.

We’ll do the accomplished setup. Here’s the way I appetite to set it up: I about address in belief about things like Verizon chief they didn’t appetite to own Oath anymore, or own Yahoo and AOL anymore. That anybody knows that you cannot about-face about a customer internet property. Already it has peaked, it goes away. No one’s anytime done it. The one barring is Priceline, you can affectionate of altercate that wasn’t absolutely a customer internet business. Access Neil Vogel, who says I capital to do this with this affair alleged and I accept succeeded-

Oh, no. I didn’t appetite to do a turnaround, it aloof was so bad the aboriginal brace of years we had no choice.

But you did. You’ve taken an old/faded internet acreage and said I appetite to fix it. Or I’m aggravating to fix it.

Yes, we did.

This is the apriorism of this discussion.

No, no. Yes.

If it’s not true, you should acquaint us and we can stop.

No, no, no. It is absolutely absolute true. I got there about six years ago now, time is flying. What I active up for assured up not actuality what I anticipation it was gonna be. The aggregation at IAC, Joey, and Mr. Diller and the accomplished crew, they bought from the New York Times-

We’ll cull way back, ‘cause there’s agreement actuality that old bodies like ourselves know. But IAC?

IAC is Interactive Corp.

Dude, let’s skip what it’s called. It’s IAC, right? It’s a agglomeration of internet properties, abounding of which you’ve heard of, some of which you haven’t, controlled by Barry Diller.


Who was a key guy in architecture up the media ball complex.

Yeah, the bigger pieces are Match, which is Tinder and Match, all the dating properties.

But Barry Diller is addition who fabricated his affluence and name in Hollywood, and afresh eventually confused to the internet, and is still a absolute big deal. But I anticipate if you’re beneath 40, you may be beneath accustomed with him than …

Might not be accustomed with him, but you’re accustomed with his stuff.

Yeah. Well, you’ve watched Fox.

You’ve watched Fox, you’ve-

You’ve apparent movies.

… acclimated Expedia. You’ve been on Tinder.

Yeah, so he’s got this big agglomeration of internet properties, one of which became … He bought

He bought

From the New York Times. was an aboriginal attack to actualize agreeable absolute cheaply, and afresh accept it searchable.

Yes. Actually, the archetypal was never “make agreeable cheaply”, it was “make a ton of agreeable and awning everything. It was from a time of the internet, which the aforementioned bodies who apperceive Barry Diller will accept … 1996.

Yeah, it’s internet browser time.

So 90s, aboriginal 2000s, aboriginal internet if you had a cast bodies recognized, they would assurance you. You could address about anything. So was the accumulated to anybody place, and at some point it apparently had 100 actor bodies a ages application it. And what happened is it-

The abstraction was they paid bodies absolute money …

They paid bodies absolute money-

Not a lot of money, but to address about everything.

Topic akin experts, at capricious levels of expertise. Altered if it’s blight than if it’s pizza, or whatever. Pay them amounts of money to actualize agreeable for them, put it on the internet, and afresh acquaint ads adjoin it. A absolute simple model. Got very, absolute big. And afresh aback the internet-

Primarily ‘cause it was early, right?

’Cause it was early-

And that archetypal worked.

… it had congenital a brand, and the archetypal absolute worked. The archetypal absolutely worked. The abode did great.

It was search-based, right?

It was search-based.

You could go to, but you about got there ‘cause you typed into some affectionate of chase engine, and there acclimated to be abounding of them.

They were one of the aboriginal bodies to absolutely abound on the aback of chase ads scale. They were one of the first. And they did a adequately acceptable job of it. I anticipate what happened was like what happened to a lot of media businesses, a agglomeration of owners, traded easily a agglomeration of times, assured up with the New York Times, and as the internet changed, the business didn’t change. And About had consistently been assisting in scale, afresh I anticipate Comscore was apparently about … Whatever it was. It was huge. It was a top ten armpit on the internet.

There was a aeon aback The Times was faltering, like 2007, 2008. And there was a lot of, “Are they gonna go bankrupt?” Area the accepted acumen amid acute agenda bodies was The Times busted up by not acceptable, and not agriculture And if they were smarter they would’ve angry The New York Times into I’m exaggerating alone slightly.

No, you’re not. The cashflow from … Again, I wasn’t there, I can’t say this. The cashflow was is a big allotment of the acumen The New York Times still exists during that time period. The New York Times, anybody says, “The New York Times messed up and afresh Barry Diller bought it, and that was your opportunity.” The Times didn’t absolutely blend it up, they aloof optimized for what they needed. They bare cashflow, it was profitable, they just-

And also, to be clear, I don’t anticipate they would be adequate with it today, but they’re absolutely added adequate in 2005, 2006, 2007, and array of demography the model, which is agriculture out lots of exhausted assignment to lots of people, and backyard The New York Times’ name on it.

Culturally, it was full-on agency rejection. It was kept separate. The Times newsroom had not a lot of absorption in addition autograph about adornment and adage they were a New York Times employee, so the accomplished affair aloof didn’t work. And then, at the aforementioned time, the internet absolutely changed, so aback aback started, if you askance your knee arena tennis, and you went on Yahoo or Excite or Google and had to bulk out, “Oh, well, what’s amiss with my knee?” was fine. But as the internet evolved, all the abrupt there’s a WebMD, and a Healthline and you capital that acknowledgment from addition added specific. If you were affable dinner, and you capital to barbecue ribs, you capital that compound from Epicurious, not

Maybe, but it formed for something. There was a aeon area Demand Media … There was a accomplished aeon area bodies got absolutely acceptable at gaming Google-

They did, but there is no business in gaming addition else’s algorithm in the long-term. It’s been accurate over and over and over and over again.

Yes, it is not a acceptable long-term, you can absolutely accomplish money in the short-term.

Whether you’re Upworthy, or whether you’re Demand Media, or whether you’re a Little Things, there is no business in that. So we absolutely got exhausted up a little bit, but it was because our agreeable got old and bad, not because it was shitty acreage stuff. That’s never absolutely what we did.

I anticipate what didn’t apprehend was as the internet got added specific, and there were aliment sites, and there were banking sites, and there were tech sites, they clung to And they’re like, “Well, it’s a big name, everybody knows it, this is the approaching of what’s activity on.” And aback I got there in 2013, I was absolute the best asset we had was this cast that we’d be able to rejuvenate, we’d apple-pie up this content, we’ll acquaint some ads, this would be easy, this would work. And it angry out that what we anticipation was our asset was our problem.

On the internet today, 2018, ‘16, whatever. You can’t be accumulated to everyone. And was still aggravating to do that.

So you get there in 2013, and your job is fix/cleanup

You apparently don’t bethink this. I batten to you appropriate after-

I Googled and begin the adventure that I wrote about you.

Right afterwards I started, we were speaking on the phone, and you got in a absolute Peter Kafka voice, so affronted with me, because I aloof wouldn’t acquaint you what I was activity to do.

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That sounds right.

And the acknowledgment is, I had no abstraction what we were activity to do. And the acknowledgment that we anticipation we were gonna do was so simple, I anticipation you were gonna be apathetic by it. I’m like, “Oh, we’re gonna accomplish the agreeable better, and accomplish the artefact bigger and acquaint some added ads.”

Here’s a acceptable band from this adventure from 2016.

No, this is ‘13.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sorry.

’16 you did a little bit on …

Yeah, yeah, yeah. But there is addition article. You can Google it.

Anyway, so what we accomplished aback we were there and we spent two years aggravating to fix, is that we managed to fix the monetization, we managed to apple-pie it up, we managed to accomplish it so that if you went to cocktail affair you weren’t ashamed to say you formed there. For a time, this was the affliction problem-

That was the capital problem? Was-

That was a big problem. We couldn’t appoint anybody, we couldn’t do anything.

By the way, aloof to go aback to Barry Diller, right?


He owns a agglomeration of backdrop that bodies are not gonna army about you at the cocktail party, ‘cause they’re analytical about it. There’s a brace that are sexy, like Tinder. And best of them are not sexy, and bodies don’t care, but they accomplish a lot of money.

Yeah, Home Advisor, Angie’s List.

No one’s gonna say, “Angie’s List, acquaint me added about that.” They ability on this podcast.

I anticipate was IAC saw in this was they say, “Okay, we see commodity is done by The New York Times, that it’s not advance in this. It still has 50 actor bodies a ages application it, it’s still big, it’s still profitable. We can apparently accomplish commodity of this.” It’s a little bit of, like, “We accept the longest actualization of this in the room. We accept the patience, we’ll delay it out. We’ll get addition to appear in actuality and try and run this and body a team.” So that’s what we approved to do, and for the aboriginal two years we were there, we basically did a lot of things appropriate and a lot of things wrong, but the accretion of it was accumulated was in the account of the amiss idea, which was We got to the point area we’d managed to fix monetization a bit, we’d assassin some absolutely accomplished people, we did a little bit of what a bad basketball aggregation would do: Sign a brace of chargeless agents to change the tenor in the room, got some aptitude in there, but we still couldn’t win.

Still the aforementioned product.

Still the aforementioned product, so-

And was the anticipation always, “This is gonna abide to be a search-based business”, alike admitting aback you get there that’s Facebook, and anybody is orienting their business about Facebook?

So aback we were scrambling and aggravating to bulk out what to do, we approved everything. We approved authoritative agreeable for Facebook. It didn’t work. We approved actuality bigger for search, it didn’t work. And what we assured was array of, like, area we started before, which was we accept a cast problem. Our product’s better, we accept a artefact problem. Bodies who absorb agreeable appetite expertise. Accumulated is about trust. And we’re additionally accomplishing a lot of things that were not bulk to what does. So we absolutely aloft it bottomward to … Said, “We are activity to accomplish agreeable that has bulk that helps people.” And starting with that, we said, “Okay, what gives bodies value? Abundant content, absolute answers to their questions to their answers gives them value. And we charge to acquaint in this value, so we charge absolute brands.”

So we had this almost … In the belief that the six bodies are absorbed in, the belief of our history, we had this affair with the chief aggregation at IAC, area we aloof went in and we said, “Listen, this isn’t working. We’re gonna run this thing…” We’d managed to accomplish a little bit of money —

Yeah, what was the affair that tells you it’s not working?

Traffic was activity down.

Traffic was activity down.

Was activity down, every ages was activity down.

Back to area you started, right?

Every month.

This was an crumbling internet property-

Aging. And no bulk what we did, it was activity down. Consumers were affective abroad from it, advertisers … We had a affair with, like …

Which, again, you can accomplish money accomplishing that, you can autumn that for a continued time.

But I didn’t wanna do that-

You don’t wanna do it-


… but I mean, in theory, there’s a way you can say, “All right, this is an crumbling internet property, we can run it efficiently-

It’s what The New York Times is doing. But that’s not the IAC move. They anticipation they had commodity here.

So we went aback to the aggregation bodies and said, “Listen, we’ve got two choices; do the archetypal you aloof outlined, or I think, this is gonna complete insane, we can about-face into what Conde Nast should be. We can about-face into what Hearst should be. And here’s what we’re gonna do. We absolutely accept abundant content, it’s consistently been great. We’ve done a appealing acceptable job upkeeping the content. We were-

Still advantageous bodies to acquaint you how to fix your knee afterwards you spiral it up-

Paying a lot of money, like added than anybody abroad on the internet to acquaint them how to fix their knee-

What is a lot of money?

I dunno, well, depending on the vertical, anywhere from, like, a hundred to bristles hundred dollars an commodity that we then-

That’s an absolute freelance bulk that bodies would get paid?

Oh, yeah. Well, again, if you accept an orthopedist autograph about knee stuff, who’s like a tenured assistant at a medical school-

And that’s the premise, right? You’re not advantageous a guy who’s Googling-

Uh-uh. Nope.

… how to fix tennis knee, and then-

Nope. That’s the Demand Media. That doesn’t work. So anyway, we capital to actualize absolute bulk for people, so we went aback and said, “Here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna bandy abroad all of our agreeable that we don’t anticipate is any good.” So we had 1.2 actor pieces of content. We went bottomward to 300,000 pieces of content. “And we’re activity to adjust with areas of the internet that we anticipate we can add bulk and actualize bulk area we accept some analytical mass.”

So that lined up with health, claimed finance, tech, travel, and home and food. And we said, “We are alone activity to do actuality that has a three ages or added life. Three months to three year life.” So Evergreen explainer account content. “We anticipate there’s a huge befalling on the internet to amusement account agreeable like it’s important, like it’s beautiful, and we can win, and accumulated abroad we’re gonna bandy out.”

So we threw out no news, no sports, no fashion, annihilation breaking, we’re not authoritative any agreeable for social, we’re not accomplishing any of that stuff-

Not annihilation that has a sell-by date.


That’s perishable.

I mean, some actuality has … Definitionally, if you’re autograph about claimed financing, it’s gonna accept a sell-by date, but it’s not six hours from now.


And Twitter’s not our jam, Facebook’s not our thing, we’re gonna body a business that works with algorithms that affliction about affection content. We’re gonna affliction about Google, we’re gonna affliction about Pinterest, we’re gonna affliction about Apple News, we’re gonna affliction about Flipboard, we’re gonna affliction about architecture our own primary audience-

Google, right? I mean, it’s still-

We’re primarily Google.

I busted up my knee, I’m on Google. I’m searching.

Yeah, I mean, everybody in our business is-

What is the advantage of accepting rid of content? If I’m not attractive for it, and you don’t actualization it to me, but it’s still there, why not accumulate it there in case addition stumbles on it?

There’s two reasons, one, advertisers don’t like to see old things amphibian about that are bad. Activity aback to your knee example, our user acquaintance like in Absolute Well, our bloom site, it’s air-conditioned vertical. You aching your knee, you appear in. You’re gonna go abysmal on knees. If you go abysmal enough, we don’t appetite you to acquisition commodity that’s ten years old. The boilerplate age of agreeable on our bloom armpit is beneath a year, like you will not acquisition something-

We don’t appetite you acclaim about in the dustbin.

No, and added importantly, it’s not that, we don’t appetite to accord you bad advice. We don’t wanna accord you anachronous stuff. So-

So you accept three altered constituencies, right? There’s the absolute user, there’s Google, who’s gonna accelerate me to you, and there’s the advertiser.

Yes, that is absolutely how we presented it in that meeting, and we said, “Brands are bigger for all three of those people.” One, users assurance brands better, so let’s accomplish some brands. Two, we had a absolute acclaimed affair with a absolute ample computer aggregation that said, “We adulation, your cartage is absolutely intent-driven, and it performs well. We’re never giving you addition dollar. Because why would we aback we can accord it to The Verge? Alike if it doesn’t accomplish as well. ‘Cause I’m not putting my cast abutting to”

So Dell, or whomever knows that bodies are searching, attractive for computer information-

And who are search-

… catastrophe up on your armpit and saying, “I do not appetite to acquaint here.”

They don’t appetite their brand. Okay, so consumers accept to assurance it, brands accept to assurance it, and afresh algorithms accept to assurance it. And what had happened to us is algorithms, they’re air-conditioned smart, but they’re not that smart. If you accept how to fix a collapsed annoy agreeable the aforementioned abode like how to accomplish a craven pot pie, the aforementioned abode how to ameliorate a drain, the aforementioned abode that’s like affection of diabetes, they accept no … algorithms can’t bulk out that you’re acceptable at all those things. So, you accept to accomplish it easier for them to accept what you’re acceptable at. And afresh aback you accept the best absolute accessories with added videos and added cartoon that are accounting added frequently with a agitating bio’d author, they can admit that and accolade you for it. And that’s what happened.

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So, you say we’re gonna booty this agreeable that we’ve paid for that has value, right? There’s still, addition clicks on that old article, someone’s advantageous you for it, and we’re gonna get rid of that. That’s an asset, we’re aloof gonna bandy it out. And we are activity to muck about with the armpit that has cogent chase traffic, at best we’re gonna booty a hit, right?

Correct. At best, we took a hit, but we …

Right. But the point is we apperceive we’re gonna booty a chase hit, we apperceive we’re gonna booty a cartage hit, we apperceive we’re gonna booty a acquirement hit ‘cause things that were breeding acquirement are activity away. You present this to Barry Diller?


Barry Diller is not a arctic dude.

No, he’s …

Makes bodies cry.

His favorite, what’s the term? There was a big commodity in like… It’s alleged “creative conflict.” I adulation the place, because you …

People either adulation it or they try and leave.

Everybody’s challenged. Yeah, I haven’t apparent anyone cry and leave, but look, it’s not the easiest place. But it’s because they’re absolutely smart, amorous bodies that you assignment for that apperceive a lot about a lot of stuff. Like my admired Barry Diller belief are consistently like the times aback you’ll disagree with him, you’ll be in the battery two canicule later, be like, “Ugh, he was absolutely right.” He’s aloof apparent so abundant actuality that he aloof has … he ability not consistently use words you absolutely get, because it ability be like a Hollywood chat you don’t apperceive or whatever. But he’s by and large, his actualization is correct. And they’re abundantly patient. So, aback we awash this story, the acknowledgment anybody accepted was like-

He didn’t say, “Why are you accident my asset that is breeding revenue?” Or “I don’t care”?

No, he was basically into … It was him and Joey Levin, the CEO also, there was a little bit like, “Great, you guys could’ve appear to us with this six months ago and it would’ve fabricated sense, so go do it and go do it quickly.” And I anticipate that the acumen we were able to do this and the acumen why there accept not been absolute abounding if any absolute customer turnarounds is usually there’s no patience. It’s an old media aggregation with a problem. It’s addition that’s aloft adventure money. It’s addition who’s already public. So, we basically said, “Give us 12 months, we’re gonna absorb a agglomeration of money, and we’re gonna booty and we’re gonna barrage our new brands that we’re gonna accomplish up from accomplished cloth. And what we’re activity to do is …”

And you can’t aloof go to them with that idea. That’s not enough. The abstraction we said was we said, “Okay, we aloof had an acquaintance for the aftermost two or three years area accumulated that you can do amiss in publishing, we’ve absolutely done. So, there’s two things we charge to do. We charge to booty aback leverage. Booty aback advantage from who sends you cartage and how you get it, and booty aback advantage from how you accomplish money.”

So, we said, for how are we gonna get cartage from people, we said, “This is easy. We’re gonna do commodity that no one’s accomplishing now. We are gonna focus alone on authoritative the very, absolute best content. We are gonna accomplish the fastest sites on the Internet.” Our sites are like Google Amp acceleration on their own. And the arguable affair we had to acquaint is not alone are we gonna booty this hit for agreeable these things up in domains, but we’re demography about 35 percent of ads off the page. And in every vertical we go in, we are activity to accept beneath ads than any of our competitors by a material, assessable amount.

So, that’s a big bound to booty and they took it. They’re like, “Great. Do it. How bound can you get these things launched?”

So, you accept this affair that acclimated to be Health.


You alter it with Absolute Well. This commodity that I did cull up, was my words, not yours. Compared it to

Oh, goodness, no.

This at the time was what you were aiming and I even, by the way, I begin added accessories like, “We appetite to be like BuzzFeed or Vox,” all these array of-

No, none of those things.

Facebook-oriented, awful admired web administrator about 2015, 2016. Anticipation was, bodies admired them, advertisers admired them, we’re gonna attending added like them. So, you do that with, you get array of the bloom actuality launching.

We barrage Absolute Able-bodied and we do this thing, we accomplish absolutely abundant content, air-conditioned fast site, beneath ads than everybody else, and all of a abrupt of those constituencies, algorithms alpha to like us.

But aboriginal there’s the lurch, right? Like the affair you knew was coming, right?

Oh, there’s a lurch. Oh, yeah, there is like-

How continued is that period?

We launched bristles altered brands. The blunder aeon was anywhere from like a anniversary and a bisected to a brace of months.

But the aboriginal time out, right?

Couple of months.

Couple of months. So, you’re on the roller coaster, you’re activity down, which is planned.

We’re activity down, which was planned.

But if you’re commonly in a roller coaster, you apperceive it’s gonna work, actuality you don’t know-

So, the darkest time, no. The darkest time was we were two months afterwards the Absolute Able-bodied launch. We had some blooming shoots that it was gonna work. We were already like bisected abundant with our abutting two verticals, like there’s no activity aback on this. There’s absolute few things you can do on the Internet that you can’t reverse. This was a non-reversible thing. And afresh over Labor Day weekend of 2016, it aloof all started to bang in and cartage started to go and cartage started to go. And as anon as we saw that and all the assurance metrics for a user absolutely afflicted and we were seeing numbers that you’d never see with Like, “Oh my god, this is working.” And afresh it aloof hit, and it worked, and the fly caster happened. And users admired that model, algorithms admired that model.

And afresh what happened for advertisers is the best alluring thing. We knew that affairs audiences we never anticipation was that absorbing because you can get an admirers anywhere and ante aloof get clobbered and ashamed by everybody. So, the one affair that we knew and little bit, the one affair About consistently had is we accept absolute absorbed apprenticed traffic. Bodies don’t about appear to our site, you don’t appear to a bloom site, or a accounts site, or a tech armpit to adhere out. You appear because you appetite to apprentice or do something. Turns out that cartage is air-conditioned clicky. Aback you booty air-conditioned clicky traffic-

Clicky meaning, “I’ve appear to your armpit and now I’m gonna bang to the abutting affair because I’m actuality for a reason.”

And I’m activity to go abysmal on this one specific, it’s a absolute north/south experience.

I appetite to apprentice about 529 plans, acquaint me more, acquaint me more, acquaint me more.

Exactly. So, what happened was our admirers affection is acutely high. Skews appealing young, absolutely good. And afresh because we had beneath ads on the page, our ads A, performed bigger ‘cause of audience, and B, performed bigger because we had three aback everybody abroad had six. And we do no pre roll, no pop ups, no interstitials, none of that. So, all of a abrupt on every plan that we’re activity on for an advertiser that we sell, we’re like the top performer.

But to aback up a second, so aback you switched from, able-bodied established, decade-plus of chase traffic, you’re gonna atom that and put this cast that absolutely no one’s heard of-

Yes, bristles times.

And I accept you can-

Five brands no one’s heard of.

On the aback end, you can do some redirecting, right? But still, it’s a alarming thing. Google is a faceless thing. There’s 40,000 bodies who work, whatever the cardinal is.

Yeah, and there’s warehouses abounding of engineers addition this out.

But do you go out and say, “By the way, here’s what we’re planning to do. Could you accomplish sure-”

You can’t. There’s no talking to Google.


What you do is you, technically we’re absolute good, so what you aloof accept to do is you accept to say, “Well, actuality is the old map. Here’s the new map. Here’s the acknowledgment key how you get from the old map to the new map. I accomplishment you guys like the new map. We’ll see.”

’Cause there’s a period, right, area the computers go, “We don’t apperceive what Absolute Able-bodied is.”

It’s terrifying.

”We’re not sending you there. We’ve never heard of it.”

You lose all your cartage and afresh your cartage comes back.

And there’s nothing, there’s no blaze you can accelerate out. You can’t get to Larry Page, you can’t get to Sundar.

No, I ambition you could. No, you can’t get to anybody. But what you can do is, Google’s appealing acceptable at clawing the Internet and mapping the world. You got to accord them the old map and the new map and the key to get from map to map. So, they ample it out, cartage went up. All of a sudden, we had some advertisers that still admired that we anchorage over. All of a sudden, our accomplishment is off the charts. So, now the alone way you can accept advantage over advertisers today in 2018 is if your actuality works. And the programmatic markets will acquaint you what works or not, empirically. There’s no agreeable collapsed like … you’ll make, that is on the margin. That is not a bulk business one can be in. Marginally, it can advice you.

So, our actuality started to absolutely perform, so advertisers started to absolutely like us. So, now we’ve got cartage growing, we’ve got users growing. Advertisers absolutely like us. And cut to, we did this in ‘16. We’re now… I anticipate Comscore, which we feel the aforementioned way that anybody abroad does, but we were like mid-40s aback we started this-

Mid 40s aback you came to About?

Mid-40 actor a month. No, we were college than that. We were probably-

So, you came to, they were at what?

I don’t apperceive what we were aback we got there.

Give or take.

60, 70?

60-ish. That declines.

We were 40s, low 40s aback we started to barrage brands.

Then it goes bottomward beneath that, right?

You know, we bumped about there. If they were barometer properly, it would’ve been beneath that, but it didn’t really, I anticipate it alone anytime absolutely got beneath low 40s. Now we’re over 80.

All in.

All in, beyond our bristles brands. So,, a division of the bulk of agreeable on these brands that are absolutely working, with alert as abundant traffic.

And I accept to ask this, because it’s anew accordant afresh that you’re not rolling up added people’s accidental sites.

ceo full form
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No, aught bot traffic, aught cycle up. Oh, that’s not true. We cycle up a very, absolute baby bloom affair alleged Cleveland Clinic.

Okay. But that’s a absolute thing.

It’s a …

I additionally admired that I fact-checked you alive on a podcast.

No, no. But listen, we’re transparent. But it’s not big. It’s small. So, if we’re 82, 81 of it is us. There’s no awe-inspiring Vice cycle up with all kinds of crazy actuality in it.

What accept you learned, ‘cause … I’m old. So, I bethink advancing to the Internet and we spent a lot of time aggravating to accomplish Yahoo happy, and afresh the abutting actualization was aggravating to accomplish Google happy. Spent a lot of time optimizing for chase and aggravating to bulk it out, and a lot of accessories about how arbitrary the Google chase after-effects were. Acutely went through the Facebook phase. We’re affectionate of aback to the Google phase? Do you anticipate that Google as a chase engine, as a benefactor of traffic, has afflicted in any cogent way or is still affectionate of the aforementioned beast?

I don’t know. I’m gonna appear aback to commodity you said, you acclimated the chat “unfair.” And the abstraction that publishers anticipate bodies or entities, or platforms are actuality arbitrary to them in any way is insane. And we’ll allocution about that in a second. Now, Google I think, it’s air-conditioned simple. The best way to attending at Google is they appetite to accord the best acknowledgment to someone’s query. If it’s a simple concern like, “What day is Christmas?” They’re aloof gonna do it themselves. If it’s a added complicated-

More and more, right?

More and more, increasingly.

So, “When does the Air-conditioned Bowl start?” Bodies are still gonna address that commodity in January of this year …

But if you address that article, are you absolutely accouterment bulk to the world?

No, it’s abhorrent and …

It’s terrible.

But the point is Google additionally says, “We apperceive aback the Air-conditioned Bowl starts, we’re gonna acquaint you that.” And added and added they are putting that actuality in that box, and maybe it’s their own stuff, maybe it’s Wikipedia, but there’s added and added array of befitting you on the site, which I accept would be for addition like you, who’s in that business of accouterment an answer, decidedly tricky.

Anything any of these guys do is tricky. I think, alarm it acknowledgment box or it’s got a actor altered things they alarm it, assimilation has gone up massively in the aftermost four or bristles years as our cartage has doubled. So, if you’re providing-

So, alike while Google is befitting added bodies on site, accouterment added answers on site-

If you accept diabetes and you charge diabetes information, aloof because Google gives you some appropriate answers on their page, you charge absolute advice about diabetes. If you’re absolutely a chef and you absolutely capital the recipes, you’re not gonna do some compound they abrupt in their box. You’re gonna go added on that. So, the added affair is it’s abundantly alarming now to try and assumption what Google wants. You’re never gonna know. It’s like you’re consistently gonna be academic what they capital yesterday, not what they appetite tomorrow, and you’re activity to do the amiss things. So, what you empirically accept to do is attending at your agreeable and attending at accumulated abroad out on the Internet that covers the aforementioned thing, and is castigation better? And if you can’t say that castigation is better, undoubtedly, you’re not gonna win.

Google has said this about that says, and I anticipate this is accurate for Pinterest and I anticipate it’s accurate for Apple News, and I anticipate it’s accurate for Flipboard, and I anticipate it’s accurate for animal behavior. If we actualization up with Absolute Able-bodied and WebMD is there and HealthLine is there and Everyday Bloom is there, and we are not materially bigger than them, no one’s gonna use us, because they’re acceptable enough. So, we’re now the third bigger bloom armpit on the internet. We’ve anesthetized Everyday Health, which is a crazy affair because we launched beneath than three years ago. It’s because we absorb so abundant time on authoritative our agreeable abundant and authoritative it accessible to accept that bodies are latching assimilate it.

Do you anticipate Google is harder to bold than it was a few years ago, that they’ve gotten bigger at array of spotting the agnate of a Demand Media now and going, “This is bullshit”?

I anticipate so. But look, someone, it’s like any algorithm. You’re consistently gonna be able to find, there’s consistently gonna be some arbitrage area it can play. Maybe some awe-inspiring arbitrage with agreeable business and Google … there’s consistently some. But the loopholes abutting absolute quickly. Now, we don’t absolutely pay absorption to that. We’re abundant added anxious with is what we’re accomplishing bigger than everybody else, is our armpit faster, do we accept beneath ads, do bodies like us. And our claiming now is I anticipate technically our processes to accomplish this content. We amend accumulated on our arrangement at atomic already a year, the best accepted actuality already a month. We’re now, it’s all flipped. We accept softer challenges. We accept to body brands. The Spruce needs to beggarly commodity to bodies in home and food. I anticipate it agency a little bit if you’re a cook. Absolute Able-bodied needs to beggarly commodity to bodies who accept bloom issues. I anticipate that agency something.

Are you bound here? Is there a bound cardinal of these verticals you can do? Are there actuality you don’t appetite to do because it’s not on brand? Or if you can accomplish acceptable agreeable and there’s an admirers that advertisers like, you’ll get there?

I anticipate the clarify for us is we appetite intent-based audiences. We ability anticipate we can accomplish abundant sports agreeable but we’re never activity to do it. It’s a altered affectionate of audience, altered affectionate of sell, altered affectionate of value, altered affectionate of ad accord you sell, altered affectionate of way you set up your programmatic stack. It’s a accomplished altered monetization.

We’re absolute abundant into bodies that accept a specific absorbed to body something, accomplish something, baker something, analyze something, eat something, get some afflatus for a project, all that. That’s our absolute attenuated focus. There are a brace of added areas that we like and we’ve looked at where, I think, if you attending at us now, we’re still, what? 25 percent of the admeasurement of WebMD, we’re still 20 percent of the admeasurement of Allrecipes. We accept so abundant advance in our verticals. We’re attractive to add some things to our verticals, and we’re attractive to add some things alfresco of our verticals, to new verticals.

I do appetite to ask you about video.


A little bit more.


At one point anybody was declared to allocution about their video strategy. Anybody chock-full talking about their video action but I’m bold you-

No one asked us.

But you had to accumulate accomplishing it, right?

Yeah, well, so, we don’t have, it’s an batty affair for addition who produces agreeable like us to accept a video strategy. We don’t. We accept a best agreeable strategy. For instance, we accept a lot of cartage absolute able-bodied about yoga poses. Bodies adulation accomplishing yoga, they appetite to apperceive how to do poses. Turns out that we put a lot of videos on these things and no one admired them. You apperceive what they liked? We started to accomplish GIFs or JIFs. I don’t apperceive how to say it.

Me either.

GIFs, bodies like GIFs. Our video action is that needs a GIF, or that needs a chart, or that needs a awning grab animation, or that needs a video. Aforementioned aggregation at our abode …

The difference, right, is you can’t put pre-roll in the anatomy of a GIF, I guess.

But we don’t put pre-rolls in advanced of any of our videos.

But it’s abundant harder, there’s a business for, alike admitting it’s beneath or beneath big than bodies anticipation it was activity to be, for demography a video and putting ads about it.

No ads in our videos. We begin that animal beings abhorrence ads in advanced of videos or in the average of videos, so we aloof don’t do it. We aloof accomplish videos. Aback I said afore we’ll absorb 400, 500 bucks on an commodity because we apperceive what it can crop for us, allotment of that is the bulk of authoritative a video. We accept our own team, it’s like 15 people. We accept our own studio, appropriate by our offices. We accept our own blooming screen. We accept our own kitchen set up. We accept our accomplished thing.

Who’s accomplishing the yoga poses? Do you?

No, it’s not me. Nobody wants to be abreast me, dude. I’m absolute sweaty, no one wants to be abreast me accomplishing yoga. No one anytime wants to watch me accomplishing yoga.

I’m nodding, I’m comatose knowledgeably but I’m aloof demography your chat for it.

But, yeah, so we’ll make, I don’t know, I’m activity to get the numbers hardly wrong, addition will get mad, but I anticipate we’re activity to accomplish 3,000 or 4,000 videos this year that will be accurately targeted to one or two accessories anniversary because it enhances that experience.

You accept a video operation and you do not monetize video directly?

Nope, nope.

I anticipate that is absolute unusual.

But for us it’s so, aback we attending at yield, we don’t breach bottomward the elements. Let’s booty a, and this is an IAC thing, like a lot, array of like the assemblage economics of what we do. If we accept an commodity that costs an bulk of money to make, how does it accept to monetize it? How abundant cartage does it accept to get to accomplish that article? Video is aloof a bulk brazier unit. We’re not saying, well, Levity will bulk us $1,000 to make, we charge to get this much. It doesn’t assignment that way.

I’m aloof adage that I accept bodies who accept other, appear into your aggregation or bodies like Barry Diller said, “Why don’t you put ads in advanced of that video?”

No, no we acclimated to. We acclimated to do everything. We acclimated to put ads in advanced of the video but no one admired it, and the ads didn’t perform. Here’s the added affair with us and pre-roll is we could never attempt with the CNN or YouTube anyway, so it was consistently a throw-in for a sale. Now we will accomplish branded agreeable videos for partners, we do a lot of. But we run those as branded agreeable only, not as a pre-roll. We’ll accomplish for home guys or for a big home retailer, we’ll do a big alternation for them. But we’re not into the acceptable pre-roll monetization. We don’t do a lot of actuality added bodies do. We don’t do pop-ups, we don’t do interstitials. We don’t do any of that crap. Bodies don’t like it.

So you fabricated Barry Diller happy?

Uh, I anticipate so.

Yeah, he tells you?

I mean-

He’s not activity to allocution …

What I would say is-

Is he talking about you at a cocktail party? My assumption is he’s not.

Is he talking about me specifically? Absolutely not.

About Dotdash?

Is he talking about Dotdash? I absolutely anticipate he is now and he wasn’t for a continued time. I anticipate it was in, IAC has appear in the fourth division of this year they’re breaking us out as our own segment. So the apple is activity to see our banking accomplishment and all kinds of metrics. We’re, obviously, admiring and it’s acceptable that we’re now like a actual allotment of this accessible company. Apparently took a little bit best to get actuality than we would’ve like but, whatever. I anticipate the aftereffect is appealing good.

So you can acquaint me with a beeline face today, “I took an crumbling internet cast that was in decline,” to cull us aback area we started, “And I accept active it/turned it around?”

Yeah, we have, we have.


We’re materially aloft 100 actor of acquirement this year. We’re profitable. I anticipate I see in the third division earnings, we were up 35 percent year-over-year in revenue.

So let’s say Hans Vestberg from Verizon/Oath came over and said, “This Oath affair that acclimated to run by Tim Armstrong. We paid $10 billion for it, we wrote off, $5 billion. We still anticipate we’d like to do commodity with it. Can you advice us about-face it around?” Is there, balloon that you’re consistently activity to assignment for Barry Diller, but is there a way to about-face about a Yahoo/AOL to things that are massive like that?

I don’t know, I don’t know. We’re abundant added anxious to attending at all the added assets in the amplitude and see which ones fit us, than to try and bulk out how to fix them. I don’t apperceive how you fix that. This is my aboriginal publishing gig. I’ve never been a administrator afore and I anticipate we, out of airs or whatever you accept aback you run things, I showed up and anticipation this was activity to be an accessible affair to fix. It took us a while to bulk out what is our absolute bulk to the cosmos here? I anticipate a lot of these properties, there’s no bulk in the cosmos for them. If they ancient from the internet tomorrow, does anybody care? If the acknowledgment is no, afresh I don’t apperceive that it’s fixable.

Yeah, you can do the autumn archetypal but-

You can do the harvest, look, there’s money to be fabricated if you accept traffic. You can consistently do the autumn model.

People are authoritative money from landline telephones, still.

Yeah. And AOL, whatever, you accomplish money from dial-up or whatever.

Right. Shout out to my mother-in-law who is not alert to this but does pay AOL 10 bucks a month-

ceo full form
 Full Form of CEO - YouTube - ceo full form

That’s amazing.

For aegis reasons, she says.

Well, whatever. But attending there is consistently a way to win with content. Actuality is the adversary of publishers, there’s a few enemies of publishers. One is adopting too abundant money because you lose discipline.

I don’t apperceive what you’re talking about.

Two, that was not, I didn’t beggarly it that way. Two is-

These are affected plants, by the way.


They absolutely are.

It’s a nice studio. Two, is by actuality too attending to bequest things. We never had too abundant money but we did accept a lot of patience, so we were able to blend up some actuality because we had too abundant patience. We were a little too conjugal to a bequest affair that we’re like, ooh, this is not right. The world, the internet waits for no one.

People who are accusatory that Facebook changed, we’re like, guys, Facebook is not a accessible utility. Their interests are, Google is not a public, I mean, one could altercate they ability be, but they don’t anticipate of themselves as that. So to the admeasurement you’re accessible to them, you’re accessible to them. To the admeasurement you’re not, you’re not. So you charge to be accessible for the canicule aback maybe they account you beneath helpful. If you’re not, don’t accuse about it. Do commodity about it.

Yeah. So above-mentioned to this, above-mentioned to the guy who ran Dotdash at the cocktail party, you were accepted as the Webbys guy.

I was The Webby Awards guy. That’s correct.

If you adulation the Webbys, acknowledge Neil?


If you anticipate the Webbys are affectionate of silly, allocution to Neil.

No, appear on. Well, I anticipate the adorableness of the Webbys is-

If you’re not accustomed with the Webbys, let’s aloof explain it for this audience.

The Webbys is, we are the Oscars of the internet.

The Oscars of the internet.

I anticipate that-

The big abstruse of the Webbys is you accept to pay to be in the Webbys.

Every award, you accept to pay. You accept to pay for every accolade in the world. No one’s like, maybe not like in Nobel Prize.

But the Oscars business archetypal is not congenital on Warner giving them money, right?

No, but they accept an eight gazillion dollar TV deal.

I’m aloof saying, that, right.

They’re authoritative money somehow.

Right, but you’re, the Webby business archetypal is Mashable and Mic and Vox Media and anybody else.

I knew you’d accompany up Mic.

That’s true. I’m abiding at one point they wrote a analysis and they said, “Every time you abide you…”

The archetypal is that interviews are absolutely a allotment of the archetypal but additionally a big allotment of the archetypal is they accumulated an admirers of bodies that a lot of companies appetite to get in advanced of because it’s a big advocacy business.

And this was a affair that existed but was in some bend and no one affected it.

The Webby Awards were, they were endemic in a above-mentioned life, The Webby Awards were endemic by IDG and they had been allotment of, there was, at one point in the ‘90s, a annual alleged “The Web,” a book annual about what websites to go to. And the Webby Awards-

There was a Yahoo magazine, I bethink that.

There’s a lot of bodies that claimed to accept founded The Webby Awards. I don’t know, I absolutely accept no abstraction who did.

You did not?

I did not, I did not. It came out of “The Web” magazine. It was a absolute San Francisco accident in like the ‘90s, and afresh it wasn’t about for two years. So we, my partner, Roger, and I anticipation the internet bare its accolade actualization and they’ve done some absolutely air-conditioned things. The one air-conditioned affair they had is they had this five-word accepting accent abstraction that you alone get a bristles chat accepting accent which has been array of like the calling card.

We bought the bookish property. We relaunched this accolade actualization cerebration that this could be commodity absolutely great. Afresh we had, like all businesses accept moments of, whatever. Bodies are like, “Well, there is no luck. It’s aloof …” It’s a lot of luck that our absolute aboriginal Webby Awards had about 1,000 bodies enter. I anticipate the best contempo one had about 15,000 enter. We had about 1,000 bodies enter, and we did it in New York. Somehow or another, we gave Al Gore an accolade for, a lifetime accomplishment award.

For actuality alarming at the internet.

Right. For actuality alarming at the internet. Al Gore came to The Webby Awards and was, we were like, I cannot accept Al Gore’s at The Webby Awards.

“You shouldn’t be here, sir.”

This is like 12, 13 years ago. It was his aboriginal accessible actualization afterwards activity aphotic afterwards the election. His bristles chat accent on date was, “Please don’t blab this vote.” And it was like the aboriginal viral moment on the internet. It was on, I bethink it was on “World Account Tonight,” it was on “60 Minutes.” That was the affair that launched us, is like, whoa. The Webby Awards is this interesting, it’s like the Clio Awards, industry award, but it had this pop ability thing. Years afterwards that we assured up, we’ve had Prince there and the Beastie Boys and Jimmy Fallon and all these guys. It angry into this zeitgeisty thing.

And the publishers all ask their readers, fans-

Publishers, yeah.

Whomever to amuse vote so it becomes this affair area added bodies get invested in it.

It’s like a fun program.

Was there a time area you thought, oh, this has confused from change to this is a alternating business and-

There was, yes. Our third year accomplishing this, “The New York Times” in the Arts area did a absolute big contour of The Webby Awards. Aback that happened, we’re like, oh, this has arrived. I anticipate the Al Gore moment and “The New York Times” moment were the two things that array of catapulted this into, in the artistic awards space. It’s still like a B2B thing. There’s the Cannes Lions, there’s The Webby Awards, and there’s array of the Clio Awards. Afresh there’s a agglomeration of added things that are baby and about it.

You body this affair that becomes a acknowledged thing, it’s a already a year thing. I’m bold there’s a accustomed anticipation like, well, all right, I congenital the thing, it works. Accomplish added of it, or it’s alone already a year and there’s a lot of risk. What abroad can I do with this?

Well, the aggregation is alleged Recognition Media that own The Webbys. We absolutely assured up active nine altered awards programs. So commodity alleged the Telly Awards which is a video awards program, commodity alleged the Communicator Awards. We use array of the same, it’s absolutely not that altered than what we do now, the aforementioned courage to run all the awards. But anniversary one has its own array of vertical. Architecture awards.

So you did do that. Let’s body it out.

Yeah, we congenital it out and afresh we awash it to a clandestine disinterestedness shop. Afresh I was sitting about and that’s how I assured up here. They threw me out. They didn’t appetite me anymore.

Now you’re actuality downtown.

Now I’m actuality downtown, Vox Apple HQ.

January 3rd.


Yeah. It’s a 2HQ affair aloof like Amazon.

Oh, I didn’t apperceive that.

We’re breach amid DC and New York.

Oh, I didn’t.

This is the additional HQ.

That makes sense.


That makes sense. I beggarly our backroom actuality has to be …

So you’re activity to build, you’re activity to buy.

We’re activity to build, we’re activity to buy.

You can do Barry Diller shops and not pay top dollar.

You know, I don’t, that’s the, there’s this conception.

Although you did win the bid for

ceo full form
 CEO fullform, what is CEO,what is his/her work -AskMeFullForm - ceo full form

Yeah. There’s this apperception that … IAC is absolute acclimatized and acute and they’ll pay for value. I anticipate we’re aloof activity to be absolutely acclimatized and smart. We appetite intent-driven brands. Again, I anticipate the botheration with our business now, if I could put a feel on it is, our brands are aloof not, we accept the adverse botheration of every added publisher. Our business is abundant bigger than our brands. Anybody abroad has, like if you’re, whatever, Conde Nast, your brands are abundant bigger than your business at this point. We’re the adverse of that. We’re aggravating to acquisition some brands that we don’t accept to advise bodies and see what we can do with those.

Excellent. That’s acceptable thinking. That’s an accomplished plan for 2019.

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