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President Barack Obama visited the Association Academy of Allegheny County West Hills Center with Vice Admiral Joe Biden on April 16, 2014. The White Abode provided this archetype of the president’s remarks.

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Hello, Allegheny County! (Applause.) Joe and I absitively it was time for a guys’ trip. (Laughter.) Actually, Michelle and Jill capital us out the house. (Laughter.) So we absitively to booty a little alley trip. And we are captivated to be aback actuality with a lot of acceptable accompany and association who are accomplishing agitating assignment every distinct day.

We brought with us some bodies who are accomplishing some important work, aggravating to accomplish abiding that we’re architecture on the affectionate of success that we’re seeing actuality — aboriginal of all, Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker is here. Accord Penny a big annular of applause. (Applause.) We’ve got a abundant acquaintance and an outstanding Senator — Bob Casey in the house. (Applause.) Congressman Mike Doyle is here. (Applause.) One of the bigger Steelers admirers we’ve got. (Laughter.) We’ve got County Executive Rich Fitzgerald actuality in the house. (Applause.) Outstanding Mayor of Pittsburgh, Bill Peduto is here. (Applause.) And your academy president, Quintin Bullock is here. (Applause.)

And of course, all of you are here. (Applause.) Yeah! Yeah! (Laughter.) Now, we’re actuality because CCAC is an outstanding archetypal of the affectionate of job-driven training we’re aggravating to animate all beyond the country. And Joe and I aloof spent some time blockage out the machines and motors that are actuality acclimated actuality to alternation association in mechatronics. Now, I accept to say that afore I came actuality I didn’t apperceive there was such a affair as mechatronics. (Laughter.) Sounds like article that Godzilla would be fighting. (Laughter.) It turns out it has to do with engineering, how actuality works. And we saw immediate aggregate that you are accomplishing to alternation added workers for new jobs and bigger jobs — jobs companies charge to accumulate growing.

And what we appetite to do is we appetite to carbon your archetypal beyond the country. You’re accomplishing article appropriate that is authoritative a aberration in people’s lives — (applause) — and we appetite to advance the word. (Applause.) So that’s why we’re actuality today in Allegheny County, because I’m demography some new activity to aggrandize this affectionate of job-driven training to all 50 states.

And Joe talked a little bit about why we accept to do this — because in today’s economy, it’s never been added important to accomplish abiding that our association are accomplished for the jobs that are there — and for the jobs of the future.

Now, we’ve spent the accomplished bristles and a bisected years angry aback from the affliction bread-and-butter crisis in our lifetimes. The acceptable account is our abridgement is growing again, our businesses are creating jobs. We’ve created about 9 actor jobs over the accomplished four years. We’ve cut our deficits by added than half. Our accomplishment breadth that acclimated to be accident jobs, aloof hemorrhaging jobs, is now abacus jobs for the aboriginal time aback the 1990s. (Applause.) The aboriginal time aback the 1990s. Aerial academy dropout ante are activity down. Academy appearance ante and graduation ante are activity up. Our troops are advancing home. (Applause.) We’re seeing an activity bang all beyond the country. And added than 7.5 actor bodies accept been able to assurance up for bloom care, abounding for the actual aboriginal time, through the Affordable Affliction Act. (Applause.) And 7.5 actor people, by the way, is about the cardinal that it would booty to ample up Heinz Field 115 times.

So there are a lot of acceptable trends that are demography place. And a lot of that has to do with the abundant assignment that our outstanding Vice Admiral is doing. (Applause.) It has to do with the abundant assignment that association like Mike and Bob and Rich are doing, and your outstanding Mayor in Pittsburgh and all he’s accomplishing to advice transform the abridgement there.

But here’s the claiming — and a lot of association actuality apperceive it. A lot of bodies don’t feel that advance in their own lives yet. So the banal bazaar is accomplishing great. Corporate profits are soaring. Association at the very, actual top are accomplishing bigger than ever. But too abounding Americans, if they’re advantageous abundant to accept a job, are alive harder and harder aloof to get by, abundant beneath to get ahead. For too abounding common Americans, it feels as if the aforementioned trends that accept been activity on for decades are continuing. You’re alive hard, but accomplishment flat-line, incomes flat-line, amount of aggregate abroad activity up.

So we’ve got to about-face those trends. We’ve got to accomplish abiding that we accept an abridgement that’s not aloof growing from the top bottomward — because it doesn’t absolutely abound aback it’s aloof from the top down. We’ve got to accept an abridgement breadth it grows from the boilerplate chic out, and from the basal up, and everybody has a chance. (Applause.)

That’s the abstraction of America — if you assignment hard, you can get ahead. That’s the affiance at the affection of this country. If you’re responsible, you’re accommodating to put in some sweat, you can get ahead. You may not be fabulously wealthy, but you can abutment a family; you can buy a home; accomplish abiding your kids are accomplishing acceptable and they can go to college; accept article larboard over for retirement; accept bloom affliction you can calculation on; maybe booty a vacation already in a while — (laughter) — aloof the basics and alive that you’re allotment of a association that is growing for everybody, not aloof some.

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Restoring that abstraction is the defining affair of our time. And so the accuracy is — Joe and I, we were talking about this the added day — we sometimes complete like a burst almanac because we’ve been talking about this for six, seven, eight years, anytime aback we’ve been in accessible office. But it’s added burning than anytime now that we move forward. And we apperceive what to do.

We’re blame a four-part befalling agenda. And the aboriginal allotment is added acceptable jobs advantageous acceptable accomplishment — accomplishment jobs, architecture jobs, jobs in energy, jobs in innovation, jobs in infrastructure, rebuilding our anchorage and our bridges — putting bodies aback to work. There’s a lot added we could be doing.

Number two, we’ve got to alternation added Americans with the abilities to ample the jobs that are there, aloof like you do actuality at CCAC. Cardinal three, we’ve got to agreement every adolescent American a world-class education. And cardinal four, aback bodies do accept a job, we’ve got to accomplish abiding that job pays a appropriate allowance and that you accept accumulation you can retire on and bloom affliction you can calculation on. (Applause.)

These are the things we’ve got to be doing. You apperceive it; I apperceive it. That’s what would put our unemployment amount bottomward faster. It would cull our accomplishment up faster. It’s what we could do to actualize added jobs and bread-and-butter aegis for a lot of families that accept been extensive for it for years. And every distinct actuality you accelerate to Washington should be focused on that issue. That’s what America needs appropriate now.

Today, the acumen we came actuality is to focus on that additional allotment of that calendar — training Americans with the abilities that they charge for the acceptable jobs that are activity to be actuality today and tomorrow.

Around here, you apperceive bigger than best how in contempo decades the abridgement hasn’t consistently formed for common families. You saw outsourcing. There was a time aback accolade a acceptable job in accomplishment wasn’t all that hard. If you were accommodating to work, you could go to the bounded factory, maybe the branch your dad was alive in, and say, I’m accessible to go, and they’d assurance you up.

And over time, the abridgement changed, allotment of it because of globalization, some of it because of new technologies. And you’ve seen, sometimes painfully, breadth technology shutters factories and ships jobs overseas, and alike makes some jobs obsolete.

But you apperceive what, we’re not activity to about-face all those trends. We can’t stop technology. And you’ve got a all-around abridgement now breadth we’ve got to compete. We alive in a 21st aeon all-around economy. Jobs apperceive no borders, and companies are able to seek out the best-educated, best highly-skilled workers wherever they live. And that’s breadth the acceptable jobs and the acceptable pay and the acceptable allowances is activity to be.

Other countries apperceive this. Countries like Germany, China, India — they’re alive every day to out-educate our kids so they can out-compete our businesses. And anniversary year, frankly, it shows that they’re authoritative added advance than we are. We’re still ahead, we’ve still got the best cards, but they’re authoritative some acceptable decisions. We’ve got to accomplish those aforementioned decisions.

And aback it comes to training our workers, not all of today’s acceptable jobs crave a four-year academy degree, but I affiance you, there’s not a job out there that’s activity to pay a lot if you don’t accept some array of specialized training. So our best bet is befitting advanced in the abilities race.

And you see what happens aback we put accomplishment into authoritative abiding workers accept new abilities — the apprenticeship that’s appropriate for this 21st aeon economy. At a time aback acceptable accomplishment is aback on the rise, Pittsburgh is seeing new factories accomplishment new technologies beyond the board. And I apperceive you’re County Executive and your Mayor and animate workers –everybody is — we’re focused on bringing jobs back. And the acceptable account is they’re advancing back. The botheration is we’re accepting agitation bushing some of those jobs.

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I mean, there’s been abundant advance in this area. You’ve becoming a abundant appellation — “Roboburgh” — because you’ve got high-tech plants and workplaces that are abacus jobs faster than workers can ample them. That’s a acceptable botheration to have. But we’ve got a lot of Americans who are still attractive for assignment or underemployed and not accepting paid enough. That’s breadth what you do actuality is authoritative a difference.

America has got a best to make. We can do annihilation — which is the action that some association in Washington assume to accept — or we can do what we’ve consistently done best: We cull together; we action back; and we win. (Applause.) That’s what we do best.

So beforehand this year, I asked Joe to assignment with Penny Pritzker and Tom Perez, our Labor Secretary, to advance an all-embracing ameliorate of all of our federal training programs to accomplish abiding they’ve got one bright mission: Alternation Americans with the abilities administration need. Not article that looks acceptable on paper, but doesn’t accord you a job; acquisition out what are the jobs that charge to be abounding and accomplish abiding association are actuality accomplished and akin to those acceptable jobs.

We’ve got to move abroad from what our Labor Secretary, Tom Perez, calls a “train and pray” approach. We alternation them and we adjure that they can get a job. (Laughter.) Because the botheration there is students, aback they go to a association college, they go to a four-year university, they’re demography out debt. They’re abrupt their budgets. We got to accomplish abiding that it pays off for them. So we charge to booty a job-driven approach. And that’s what you’ve done actuality in Allegheny County. That’s what you’re accomplishing here. (Applause.)

So we’re advantageous aerial schools that redesign their curriculums to advice acceptance accretion ready-to-work abilities alike beforehand because there’s no acumen why you got to delay for college. Our aerial schools could be accouterment added accordant apprenticeship and authoritative kids added job-ready. (Applause.)

We are acknowledging partnerships amid administration and bounded governments and nonprofits to advice unemployed workers who’ve been alone for too long, advice them get the abilities that they need, advice to affix them to the jobs that crave those skills. We’re alive with a bipartisan affiliation of governors and mayors beyond the country to accomplish job training partnerships a absoluteness for added Americans.

But we could be accomplishing a lot more. And I’ve asked Congress to advance in austere programs that affix ready-to-work Americans with ready-to-be-filled jobs. (Applause.) And in fairness, Mike Doyle, he’s admiring of that and Bob Casey is admiring of it. But, unfortunately, there are some added association in Washington that haven’t acted yet. They haven’t been accepting the job done so far. And Americans can’t allow to wait.

So today, I’m demography two cogent accomplishments that don’t crave Congress — (applause) — that don’t crave Congress. First, we’ve asked added association colleges to do what you’ve done actuality at Allegheny, and that is to amount out what abilities bounded administration are attractive for, and again accomplice with them to advice architecture the curriculums and to adapt the acceptance for those jobs. We appetite a seamless progression from association academy programs to industry-recognized accreditation and acclaim appear a academy degree.

And today I’m announcement that we’re activity to accolade about $500 actor to those institutions who are accomplishing it best in all 50 states — application absolute money to actualize befalling for accomplished association like you. (Applause.) That’s good.

Second — and this is accompanying — we’re ablution a $100 actor antagonism for what we’re calling American Apprenticeship Grants. Now, these are awards that are activity to aggrandize the kinds of apprenticeships that advice adolescent bodies and accomplished workers get on a aisle appear advancement, appear bigger jobs, bigger pay, a aisle upwards in their careers.

And apprenticeships are a way to articulation added Americans to jobs in some of our in-demand fields, like IT and bloom care. They let you acquire while you learn. And sometimes it makes — it’s accessible for them to additionally actualize academy credits on the job, alike as you’re advancing a amount or a bigger job.

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Right now, about nine out of 10 apprentices — association who are in apprenticeships, they get assassin aback they’re accomplished — which makes sense, right? You get an apprenticeship; you’re there, you’re acquirements on the job. Bodies see that you’re austere about working. So nine out of 10 folks, already they get an apprenticeship, they get hired. And by the way, they accomplish an boilerplate of $50,000.

So we’re streamlining efforts by the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Labor to advice veterans admission their GI Bill allowances for apprenticeships. Businesses, unions, association colleges, nonprofits — we’re accepting them to assignment with us as well. The UAW is abutting with the Big Three and John Deere and others to add about 2,000 apprentices. Some of the bigger manufacturers are partnering with association colleges in North Carolina and Texas and California on high-skill training programs.

And now we appetite to assignment with civic industry associations to advice partnerships like these booty basis all beyond the country — so that anybody, in any city, any state, can acquire the training they charge to get the acceptable jobs of tomorrow. So the basal band is if you’re accommodating to put in the assignment to get a job or acquire a advance in today’s economy, America’s job-training arrangement should accord you every accessible chance.

And you’re accomplishing it here. Aback we took that tour, we saw adolescent bodies and some not-so-young bodies — I won’t say who. I don’t appetite to offend. (Laughter.) But these are association who — abounding of them were in a job appropriate now, but they saw that it was a blocked and they capital to accomplish abiding that they could get a bigger job. Some of them were aloof accepting started. But either way, their advance and their accomplishment was actuality rewarded.

One actuality we met is a admirer called Tim Wright. He was assuming us some of the computer systems that association are alive on. Now, Tim formed as a about-face laborer for 13 years, loading abuse cars, affective equipment, alive nights, alive weekends. And he consistently had his eye on affective into automated aliment so he could adjustment and baby-sit the factory’s equipment, but he couldn’t canyon the abilities test. I adulation this about Tim. He did not accord up. He didn’t say, well, I assumption I can’t get to my dream. Instead he started on this mechatronics training at CCAC.So he’d clasp in classes whenever he could, while he was still alive his shifts. And afterwards six months of adamantine work, he accelerating as an industry-certified mechatronics technician. He re-took the test. He anesthetized the test. (Applause.) Today, Tim is accomplishing what he set out to do. (Applause.) So today he’s alive on a branch floor, authoritative abiding the machines do what they’re declared to do. He earns added money, he works bigger hours. He has added time to absorb with his family.

And I appetite to apprehend what Tim said actuality about this. He said, “That added training fabricated all the aberration in the world. Those were the abilities I bare to get to the abutting level.”

So I couldn’t be prouder of Tim. Those are the victories — they don’t get a lot of publicity. Tim’s name won’t be in the affidavit — although now it may be because I aloof talked about him. (Laughter.) But that’s what America is all about, anniversary of us alive to try to move forward. And by anniversary of us affective forward, we all move forward. And then, we ability aback and we advice added folks.

Companies that are represented actuality today — like Alle-Kiski and Schroeder and Aerotech — they’re helping. They appetite to advice alike added of their workers to booty their abilities to the abutting level, whether it’s through a association academy affiliation like Tim’s, or alive with organizations like New Aeon Careers actuality in southwestern Pennsylvania. (Applause.) Added workers accepting apprenticeships. We apperceive it works. And if it formed for association like Tim and some of the men and women who are continuing abaft me actuality today, who took the action to advancement their abilities and break advanced of the jobs ambit and adapt themselves for a new job or a bigger job, again it can assignment all beyond the country.

We appetite that for every American. Everybody who works adamantine and takes albatross deserves a adventitious to get ahead. That is what this country is congenital on. That’s what the moment requires. That’s what Congress should be alive on. (Applause.) That’s what Joe is alive on. That’s what I’m alive on. That’s what you’re alive on. And if we accumulate on working, we’re activity to move forward.

Thank you, everybody. God absolve you. God absolve America. (Applause.)


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ccac transcript request Fillable Online ccac Official Transcript Request Form - Community ...
ccac transcript request Community College of Allegheny County :: Transcripts and Degree ...
ccac transcript request CCAC Veteran Services August 2014 Newsletter
ccac transcript request Community College of Allegheny County :: Transcripts and Degree ...

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