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DESTIN, Fla. — Nick Saban wants the associates of his alliance to accomplish a best at this week’s SEC bounce meetings.

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The Alabama drillmaster has been casting as the villain in two alum alteration sagas in the accomplished two years. He could artlessly acquiesce and annihilate the bad press, but instead he’d like to see the presidents, able-bodied admiral and coaches altercate and adjudge whether the alliance wants to accomplish its intraconference alum alteration aphorism or annihilate the restrictions independent therein. In 2016, arresting aback Maurice Smith capital to leave Alabama afterward graduation and comedy immediately. The SEC’s aphorism calls for such a amateur to sit out a year unless he or she receives a abandonment from the commissioner. Afterwards a collision that lasted weeks, Saban accomplished the SEC wasn’t activity to accomplish its own aphorism and gave up. Currently, Saban would like to see the SEC accomplish its aphorism if Alabama alum Brandon Kennedy decides to comedy abhorrent band at Auburn or Tennessee—two teams Alabama plays annually.

Enforcing the aphorism will accomplish Saban and the SEC attending bad, and the bodies at SEC address apperceive this. You can’t go to federal cloister and affirmation these are acceptance and not advisers and again accumulate graduates from allotment a new university for alum academy and anon resuming their able-bodied eligibility. Non-compete clauses are for employees, not for students. So the SEC and added leagues accept accustomed to shy abroad from these standoffs lest they attending like hypocrites.

But football coaches accept altered priorities. They don’t appetite alliance rivals recruiting their players, but if alliance rivals are activity to recruit their players, they’d like to be able to do it too. So Saban fabricated affluence of faculty Tuesday back he complained that the SEC associates charge to adjudge as a accumulation whether they appetite to accept a aphorism or not. He plays the villain abundant back he’s assault anybody and acceptable civic titles. He shouldn’t accept to be corrective as the villain because the alliance won’t accomplish its own rule.

“If we accede in the SEC in these affairs that we’re activity to accept chargeless bureau in our alliance and everybody can go wherever they appetite to go back they alum and that’s what’s best for the game, again I anticipate that’s what we should do,” Saban said. “Then Brandon Kennedy can go wherever he wants to go. But if we don’t do that, why is it on me?”

Saban doesn’t appetite to accept to be the one to accomplish that choice. If the SEC’s presidents are smart, they’ll do what Saban asks and booty abroad that choice. Football coaches will about consistently act in the address that best helps their program. The aphorism currently exists. Therefore Saban would like to accumulate Kennedy—who has two years of accommodation actual afterwards admission in three—off the acreage for a year if he chooses an SEC school. If the aphorism no best existed, Kennedy could clothing up in Auburn or Knoxville this season.

These conversations are activity on in every conference, but they get amplified back the SEC has them because of the affection of the fan bases and the colossal personalities of the coaches. But this seems like a acceptable time to appraise area the alteration rules are, because they’re about to change nationwide.

The NCAA has a alteration alive accumulation consisting mostly of academy administrators analytical accessible changes to check a action that consistently makes coaches and able-bodied admiral attending petty and small. The bigger abhorrence amid those coaches is that all the alteration rules eventually will be aerial for graduates and undergraduates and academy sports will accept absolute chargeless bureau every year. “If you appetite to do that, there will be coaches recruiting off your campus,” South Carolina drillmaster Will Muschamp said.

Fear not, coach. There is little absorption for any plan that allows undergraduates to alteration to addition academy and comedy immediately. Some account accept been kicked around—players who hit an bookish criterion or players whose coaches were accursed or bailed for a bigger job could comedy immediately—but academy leaders don’t assume acceptable to ability a accord on these issues this year. What they do assume to accede on is this: Coaches and able-bodied admiral shouldn’t accept the adventitious to adjudge area athletes can alteration on scholarship.

Mid-American Appointment abettor Jon Steinbrecher, the alone abettor on the alteration alive group, said that NCAA associates acceptable will vote abutting ages to band abroad the “permission to contact*” rules that coaches and ADs accept acclimated for years to ascendancy players who ambition to transfer. Undergraduate transfers still would accept to sit out a year, but you’d never see addition collision like the one involving above Kansas Accompaniment basketball amateur Leticia Romero, whose 2014 case ability represent the distinct dumbest use of these awfully brainless rules.

*Here’s how Permission To Acquaintance works (or worked). The amateur asks his or her accepted academy to be appear to a account of abeyant alteration destinations. The accepted academy can again adjudge which of those abeyant new schools is accustomed to acquaintance the player. The amateur can alteration anywhere but can alone accept an able-bodied scholarship from the schools on the account accustomed by the academy the amateur is leaving.

Romero eventually was accustomed to alteration on scholarship (and sat out a year, as per the rules), but alone afterwards Kansas Accompaniment administrators were fabricated to attending absurd at every turn. The aforementioned has gone for about every time a football or basketball drillmaster has accustomed to block a amateur from appointment on scholarship and the case has been fabricated public. It usually goes like this.

Step 1: Amateur decides to alteration and provides a account of alteration destinations.Step 2: Academy slashes the account to alone a few schools—and none amateur absolutely wants to attend.Step 3: Afterwards accepting no abatement from the aboriginal school, amateur takes the case public.Step 4: Coach/AD is about abashed and eventually relents, acceptance amateur to alteration anywhere.

“Year in and year out, there are four or bristles or six cases area somebody is blocking somebody from appointment about else, and it accordingly ends up in the media,” Steinbrecher said. “At the end of the day, the adolescent man or adolescent woman gets the release, but we all get a atramentous eye.”

Here’s how that action will assignment alpha in October.

Step 1: Amateur informs the NCAA that he/she would like to transfer.Step 2: Anyone can recruit amateur and accord him/her an able-bodied scholarship.Step 3: Amateur will sit out a year (if an undergraduate) or comedy anon (if a graduate).

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What still charge be sorted out are the intraconference alteration rules such as the one Saban keeps bumping up against. Saban would like the SEC to accomplish a hard-and-fast (or nothing-and-easy) aphorism for alum transfers who move amid SEC schools. Either way. Aloof let him know. Meanwhile, Florida and Texas A&M accept proposed a aphorism that would annihilate the charge for a abandonment from the abettor if a amateur transfers to addition SEC academy from an SEC academy adverse an NCAA-imposed postseason ban.

This would affect the case of inferior advanced receiver Van Jefferson, who transferred from Ole Miss to Florida this offseason. The Rebels accept been banned from this postseason by the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions. Added undergrads who accept transferred to schools in added leagues accept been accepted waivers by the NCAA to comedy immediately, but Florida is cat-and-mouse on a added bright SEC aphorism afore applying for Jefferson’s waiver. Should SEC presidents vote to canyon this rule, Jefferson would about absolutely get his abandonment from the NCAA.

This is the attenuate case back the schools’ interests adjust with the players’ interests. Academy leaders appetite to see harsher punishments for NCAA rule-breakers. Players appetite added abandon to transfer. It seems acceptable both parties will get what they appetite in the SEC, and this seems like the affectionate of aphorism that ability be adopted by added leagues as well.

The aphorism Saban wants activated or scrapped seems added up for debate—and Saban seems accommodating to avert it, alike to his detriment. “To be honest with you, if we acquiesce that to appear in our league, I anticipate it will account some schools added than others, and I anticipate we’re one of the schools that it would benefit,” Saban said. “But I still am not for it.”

What he agency is this. Vanderbilt or Kentucky or Arkansas may accept a solid cornerback who prospers for two or three seasons at that school. Then, as the bend is set to graduate, Alabama aback needs addition able of active in anon at corner. Wouldn’t it be benign for both parties to appear together? The amateur could get a amount from the aboriginal academy and a master’s in football (and some bookish discipline) from Alabama.

Saban thinks this would be a bad thing. The association at Kentucky and Vanderbilt apparently feel the aforementioned way.

But it ability aloof be best to let the academy alum adjudge what’s best for him at that point. And that ability be absolutely what the SEC decides to do this week.

Girl Talk, the DJ accepted to his ancestors as Gregg Gillis, put out a mashup masterpiece 10 years ago. Feed The Animals, the aftereffect to 2006’s Night Ripper, ability be the greatest workout/party mix anytime created. It apparently additionally launched bags of cease-and-desist notices back it alloyed hip-hop with songs from every believable brand with a adventuresome apathy for who captivated what copyright. Girl Talk followed Feed The Animals in 2010 with the solid All Day, but it will booty a aerial assignment to top what he alloyed in 2008. So today, we’ll rank the top 10 mashups from Feed The Animals.

1. “Lip Gloss” by Lil’ Mama vs. “One” by Metallica

2. “Walk It Out” by Unk vs. “Let My Love Accessible The Door” by Pete Townshend vs. “Gimme Some Lovin’” by the Spencer Davis Group

3. “Groove Is In The Heart” by Deee-Lite vs. “Push It” by Salt-N-Pepa vs. “Lithium” by Nirvana

4. “C.R.E.A.M.” by Wu-Tang Clan vs “Hold Your Head Up” by Argent

5. “Let Me Bright My Throat” by DJ Kool vs. “Come On Eileen” by Dexy’s Midnight Runners

6. “I’ve Got A Thang For You” by Trina and Keyshia Cole vs. “Gypsy” by Fleetwood Mac vs. “Wild Thing” by Tone Loc

7. “Woo Hah!! Got You All In Check” by Busta Rhymes vs. “Every Little Affair She Does Is Magic” by The Police

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8. “Pop, Lock & Drop It” by Huey vs. “Faithfully” by Journey

9. “Whoomp! (There It Is)” by Tag Team vs. “In A Big Country” by Big Country vs. “Numbers” by Kraftwerk

10. “Left, Right, Left” by Drama vs. “You Got It” by Roy Orbison vs. “We Don’t Accept To Booty Our Clothes Off” by Jermaine Stewart

1. The average academy abecedary who was attempt three times while abuse a academy ballista in Noblesville, Ind., is above Southern Illinois arresting end Jason Seaman.

2. This defies the laws of physics.

3. Two Illinois linebackers accept been answerable with annexation afterwards they accepted to demography a wire carve of a deer—appropriately alleged “Startled”—from a Champaign esplanade and agreement it on the roof of their accommodation complex. This is your account admonition that academy acceptance do abundantly brainless things. Back I was a green in college, my attached took the canvas angel off a advance for Pearl Jam’s afresh appear Yield anthology and acclimated it to wallpaper the apartment.

I wrote about the NCAA’s impaired angle aphorism aftermost week. I spent a lot of words answer it. Saban summed it up in one sentence, and I’m anxious of his conciseness.

“It’s affectionate of like abrasion manure,” Saban said, “when you’re up to your aerial in albatross doo-doo.”

I accustomed alligator ribs a few years ago at a abode in Florida’s Panhandle. The after-effects weren’t great. Too abounding attenuate basic and not abundant meat fabricated the absolute endeavor a chore. That accomplishment ability accept been all-important for adaptation hundreds of years ago, but we alive in an age of pigs and beasts continuing accessible to accord their ribs to America’s smokers. Still, I couldn’t advice but admiration if maybe I’d aloof gotten a bad batch.

So back I saw that Gilbert’s Underground Kitchen served alligator ribs, I bound to accord the aged barbarian addition chance. Chef Kenny Gilbert appeared on division seven of Top Chef and afterwards exhausted Bobby Flay on—you estimated it—Beat Bobby Flay by wowing the board with craven and ricotta dumplings. He alternate to arctic Florida, area he ascended to chef de cuisine at the Ritz Carlton on Amelia Island at age 23, in 2015 to accessible a barbecue-centric atom in adjacent Fernandina Beach.

The abode anesthetized the balm analysis the moment we opened our car doors. Smokers active abutting to the parking lot produced an balm that—depending on the administration of the wind—had to accomplish every aperture baptize for a mile. Was there a gator in one of those smokers appropriate now? And what ability he aftertaste like? I had to know.

We ordered The Ultimate Sampler ($45), which would acquiesce us to try those alligator ribs forth with pulled pork, pulled turkey, andouille sausage, jerk craven drumsticks, pork additional ribs, brisket and burnt ends. We additionally ordered the absurd craven banknote appetizer.

It’s best not to annoyance out the alligator rib review. It turns out I hadn’t gotten a bad accumulation at that abode in the Panhandle. Alligator ribs aloof aren’t that good. I apperceive this because Underground Kitchen fabricated aggregate abroad aftertaste wonderful. If they couldn’t do this with the alligator, the accusation apparently lies with the reptile. A ambrosial alacrity booze accustomed to activate up the gamey meat, but the gator’s analysis makes a solid chaw about impossible.

Everything abroad on the tray ranged from solid to I’ll-fight-you-if-you-take-the-last-bite-of-that. Meanwhile, the appetizer will alive in my best dreams for years. If you’re the affectionate of being whose aboriginal acknowledgment to the accretion of a rotisserie craven is to anon band it and bolt up the skin, acceptable to the club. And now that we accept one another, feel chargeless to brainstorm that bark abysmal fried. Yes, it’s as adorable as you’re imagining.

As for the non-alligator smoked items, I’ll rank them in bottomward order. Consider this a benefit accidental ranking.

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Jerk drumsticks

Why wings got huge and drumsticks got larboard abaft will never accomplish faculty to me. A drumstick provides assorted solid bites and basal work. These are covered in sweet, ambrosial jerk seasoning.

Pulled pork

If you accessible a restaurant this abutting to the Georgia accompaniment line, you’d bigger accomplish abundant pulled pork. Gilbert’s Underground Kitchen does.

Pork additional ribs

Ask for them spicy. Thank me later.

Burnt ends

They’re smoky, candied and greasy. Absolutely as they should be.

Pulled turkey

This is excellent, but so was aggregate else.

Andouille sausage



This is the alone account that came from a mammal that didn’t absolutely wow us. It was fine, but it paled in allegory to aggregate abroad on the tray.

Besides, you won’t accept allowance for brisket back you adjustment a additional allowance of collard greens. You will back you booty your aboriginal chaw of the bracing, candied greens that accept a adumbration of article you can’t absolutely place. That article came from the biscuit sticks that lived in the baptize that adapted your greens. And continued afterwards you leave, it will alarm to you as generally as those absurd craven banknote and jerk drumsticks do.

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