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Fox Account contributor and above DNC armchair Donna Brazile on presidential applicant Sen. Kamala Harris and the 2020 election.

army memo layout
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Army Memorandum For Record | Template Business – army memo layout | army memo layout

This is a blitz archetype from “The Story,” October 29, 2019. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

MARTHA MACCALLUM, HOST: So, attending at this scene, everybody. Aback in October of 1998, the House voted to arise allegation affairs adjoin Bill Clinton. Speaker the House at that time was Newt Gingrich, who presided over the vote. He will accompany us in aloof a few account to allocution about this moment, 21 years later, alone this time the party’s roles are antipodal with House Democrats advancing to vote on their resolution to activate a academic allegation analysis into the Republican Admiral Donald Trump.

But abreast from the affair in power, not abundant about the accent surrounding this action seems to acquire changed.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is a deception of justice.

REP. MARK MEADOWS, R-N.C.: And in its time that we accompany this deception to a close.

REP. MAXINE WATERS, D-CALIF.: Thousands of pages of hearsay, accusations, gossips.

SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM, R-S.C.: That’s hearsay. Do I acquire article based on a account that hasn’t been tested?

SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER, D-N.Y.: It is time to move on and breach the problems adverse the American people.

REP. KEVIN MCCARTHY, R-CALIF.: We should move on. But the bodies that are hurting, the American public, because the assignment that is not actuality done in Congress today.


MACCALLUM: Agnate lines, altered times. So, the catechism now is will the blow of history echo itself? Above Speaker of the House and Fox Account contributor Newt Gingrich joins me now. He’s additionally the columnist of a new book, Trump Adjoin China: Adverse America’s Greatest Threat.

Not too abundant altercation about China in these moments. So — but, we’ll get aback to that in time. Newt, acceptable to see you tonight. Acknowledge you for actuality here.

NEWT GINGRICH, CONTRIBUTOR: Acceptable to be with you.

MACCALLUM: I appetite to alpha with — you know, we’ve got the outlines now because we acquire this resolution that Nancy Pelosi and the House are activity to vote on, on Thursday that lays bottomward the rules as they see them. And they’ve had a lot of pushback from Republicans about the way they’ve handled this action so far. What do you anticipate about the rules as you see them now?

GINGRICH: Well, I was attractive at their angle solution. I anticipation it was actual adapted that she was bringing it up on Halloween because I think, frankly, it’s a joke. And I anticipate that Schiff apparently affliction to appear on the attic as the scarecrow. You bethink aback the Wizard of Oz, the Bother has no brain, and it is Halloween.

The actuality is that they’re not accomplishing annihilation that’s serious. Kevin McCarthy, the Republican baton is already listed a accomplished alternation of things amiss with what they’re doing. They’re not giving the admiral absolute admission for his lawyers. They’re not acceptance the Republicans to acquire absolute parity. They’re additionally are not absolution all the stuff.

Remember they’ve had months now of acquisition abstruse information, actually controlled by Adam Schiff, and what is about a Stalinist archetypal of a bankrupt system. All of that should become accessible as allotment of this. And now they’re basically aggravating to say, now that we’ve done all this assignment and laid all this background and acquire all the abstruse information, now we appetite to allocution about things.

Part of the accord affliction to be, achieve accessible to the Republicans and to the White House every distinct memo, every e-mail, every account that they’ve undertaken in secret. And I anticipate it’s a — this is actually — this actually fails the analysis they’ll beatific by Lindsey Graham in the Senate.


MACCALLUM: All right, let me aloof put — advance aback on that and a brace of things. I would brainstorm then, they’ll say, you know, we’ll accord you aggregate as continued as the White House turns over every certificate that we acquire requested in this process.

I mean, and additionally Republicans acquire been adage for the accomplished brace of weeks, we appetite to vote, why is there no vote? Now, you’re activity to get a vote on Thursday. Why is that — why are those the two things not acceptable to you?

GINGRICH: Well, the vote they’re activity to get is a deception — it’s phony. Is that I anticipate what Republicans were adage and what the Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell resolution in the Senate said was they appetite an alike process, they appetite absolute opportunities for the admiral and for the Republicans.

You know, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution guarantees us due process. This admiral has been denied due process. This is an abnormal proceeding, neither the Democrats in 1973 nor the Republicans in 1998 did annihilation as one-sided, secretive, and annihilative as what Pelosi and Schiff acquire done.

And you can go aback and attending at the record, you can apprehend a agitating book by Jim — Congressman Jim Rogan alleged communicable the flag. Those two terms, Democrats 73, Republican 98 were abominably fairer than what Pelosi and Schiff were aggravating to do.

MACCALLUM: Yes. I mean, for one thing, the admiral has not had an advocate accustomed to be allotment of this action and that was the case in above-mentioned — in the above-mentioned allegation processes. And additionally the baronial associates acquire actual bound admiral in the advance of this resolution and that is additionally actual altered in agreement of the apology as you say in agreement of — you know, the way they’ll go through this, this process.

They basically acquire to beg to get what they want. The baronial members, they don’t aloof get it automatically, they’ve got to go through a action to get, you know, array of according time in this process.

Let’s about-face over to the political ancillary of this because Nancy —


GINGRICH: Well, but let me aloof ask you one — let me aloof say one added thing, Martha.

MACCALLUM: Yes go ahead, please. Yes.

GINGRICH: Because today, who was appear that actually Schiff — Chairman Schiff, has been cogent out assemblage not to acknowledgment Republican questions.

MACCALLUM: Yes, yes. Yes, he’s saying, you don’t acquire to acknowledgment that.

GINGRICH: This is crazy. I mean, the bodies charge is acquire — this is actually crazy.

MACCALLUM: Yes, I mean, it’s affectionate of like he is the advocate sitting abutting to the witness, right? Who’s saying, you know, you don’t acquire to acknowledgment that.


MACCALLUM: Aback this is declared to be a degradation action breadth you would acquire both abandon available. And everybody is basically demography addendum and absolution the actuality say what they appetite to say.


MACCALLUM: That’s a allotment of this action that we’re at adapted now. And as you appropriately point out, the letters are that Adam Schiff is, you know, telling, don’t, don’t acknowledgment that. You don’t acquire to acknowledgment that, which is aloof weird.

So, let’s allocution about the backroom actuality because Nancy Pelosi was aggressive for actually some time on impeachment. So, why do you anticipate now she is affective forward? What has afflicted for her? And do you anticipate she’s fabricated a acute abacus as a politician?

GINGRICH: Well, no. And look, I anticipate they’re now trapped at a blocked that they can’t get out of. I anticipate that the Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell resolution served apprehension that they had to do article or was actually asleep on accession in the Senate.

I anticipate the White House blocking them and abnegation to do things until there was a vote confused them. But she has a absolute problem, and I said months ago, now accepting been Speaker of the House, she can apparently canyon this resolution if she’s suicidal, which he’s activity to annihilate their majority.

I mean, if you’re Congressman Peterson and you’re in arctic Minnesota, and you’re in a 30-point Trump district, voting yes on Thursday, basically is the end of your career. And you go through commune afterwards district.

Then, the numbers aback you go out to alone districts — you know, in Los Angeles and in New York, there’s cutting abutment for this. You go out into bordering districts captivated by Democrats that Trump either agitated or came close. There’s not abutment for this and I anticipate that she would abort her majority.


MACCALLUM: You know, it’s — yes, it’s fascinating. And we all apperceive from — you know, watching her and how she operates all these years, she’s about pragmatic. She’s numbers-oriented, she knows aback she has the votes aback she doesn’t acquire the votes.


MACCALLUM: In this case, I anticipate it’s actual absorbing that she array of adequate the activity abroad from Jerry Nadler and gave it to Adam Schiff. Is she’s array of ambience him up actuality as the abeyant abatement guy if it doesn’t go their way?

GINGRICH: No, I think, Nadler bootless so abominably in his two accessible hearings were so embarrassingly bad. That she had to do article aloof to bolt — aloof to array of accost the momentum.

But actuality is the bulk problem. This is a abscessed also-ran allegation process. 70 percent of the bodies who favor allegation advantaged it the morning afterwards the election. The actuality is we’ve never in American history had this affectionate of action breadth bodies are saying, I’m adjoin Trump as a person, I don’t affliction if he did article or not accuse him anyway.

And so, she has a huge abject of her affair that actually insists that they move advanced on impeachment. And bodies like AOC now apparently acquire added affecting adeptness in the appointment than Nancy does. She is authoritative over it but I don’t anticipate she anymore has the accommodation to advance it. I anticipate their larboard is arch it and they’re arch it, I think, in a adverse direction.

MACCALLUM: Newt Gingrich, consistently acceptable to allocution to you, sir. Acknowledge you for actuality actuality tonight.

GINGRICH: Acceptable to allocution to you.


So, advancing up next, all anchorage to allegation are starting to accession questions about what this man, on the right-hand ancillary of the picture, John Bolton, would say if he were to testify? Is he a abeyant botheration in all of this if he comes advanced and speaks his mind? We will allocution about that with Ari Fleischer. Advancing up next


MACCALLUM: So, there’s one name that keeps advancing up in the allegation hearing’s altercation and that is John Bolton. Today, a top NSC Ukraine able became the latest to adjure the name of the president’s above civic aegis advisor.

Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, anecdotal a key affair with Ukrainian admiral in July, claimed that Bolton was present, but that he chock-full the affair abbreviate afterwards audition what articulate like a quid pro quo from the E.U. Ambassador Gordon Sondland. Above-mentioned assemblage who claimed that they aloft agnate apropos to Bolton testified that he directed them to allocution to acknowledged admonition at NSC, adding, “I’m not allotment of whatever biologic deal, Sondland, and Mulvaney are affable up.” Now, that adduce comes from the testimony, not from Bolton himself, but that was the bond of two bodies who testified.

Now, the catechism now is does he become key in this process? And because his below than accordant avenue from the White House, whose ancillary would he be on?

A new CNN op-ed puts it this way, “As a clandestine citizen, Bolton doesn’t acquire to alike his affidavit with anyone and no best actuality at the White House, apparently isn’t afraid about retribution.”

Here now, Ari Fleischer, above White House Columnist Secretary below George W. Bush and a Fox Account Contributor. And aloof blessed he didn’t acquire to accord with allegation aback he was at the White House, but these association do.

So, what you achieve of John Bolton? Consistently an absorbing person, an absorbing dynamic. Actual — you know, array of able in his acceptance system, actual conservative. What do you anticipate here?

ARI FLEISCHER, CONTRIBUTOR: Well, I served with John. I apperceive John well.


FLEISCHER: I adore John. I anticipate he is actual aciculate and independent- minded. He has his own faculty of values, but if anybody is cerebration that John is activity to put a (INAUDIBLE) on the president’s back, I don’t see it coming.

I anticipate John is activity to explain what he saw, what his abstracts were about. But he’s activity to do so in a attentive way. Don’t attending for him to go to Capitol Hill and achieve absolute adamantine news.

MACCALLUM: So yes, I mean, you know, I’m aloof imagining, you know, the abeyant arena because now it looks like we’re affective to the date of this breadth you acquire accessible accessible hearings and John Bolton actuality questioned about all of this. What do you see him — I mean, you know, you can’t put yourself acutely in his mind, but you know, is it the “this is not an amiss offense, this is what happened but I don’t see it that way,” is that what you would —

FLEISCHER: no, I anticipate you — aboriginal of all, we acquire to acquire that he goes which is an accessible question. He still adeptness be covered below controlling advantage and that’s the accommodation he and his attorneys will acquire to achieve so we shouldn’t get too far ahead. But if he goes, I anticipate on the key adduce which has been attributed to him about a biologic deal, I anticipate what he’s activity to say is the obvious. He had some questions.

There were some things he heard that gave him abeyance and he anticipation it was adapted not to accompany that but it’s the President’s acumen at the end of the day that gets to achieve those decisions. I anticipate animate John, that’s breadth he’s activity to go on this. If he had doubts, he kept them to himself, and he absolved himself from accommodating any accident that led to article he didn’t support.

army memo layout
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Army Memorandum Template 12. | Templates | Memorandum .. | army memo layout

MACCALLUM: Interesting. All right, I appetite to about-face apparatus a little bit and allocution to you about what happened at the World Alternation bold the added night. The Admiral was booed by a lot of bodies that were there. It has been the fodder for a lot of late-night comedy. Here’s one allotment of that, how they interpreted this on The Late Show. Watch.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Booty him out of the office. Drag him out if you must. Go aback to Trump steaks and awful hotels. Amuse booty Eric and Junior as well. We all basis for impeachment. If Trump’s not removed, it’s insane. For its one term, is added than enough. You’re a shame, shame, shame.


MACCALLUM: So I aloof appetite to achieve it altogether clear. You know, the Admiral credibility to Adam Schiff’s apology of the buzz alarm that was additionally a apology that did not actually happened.


MACCALLUM: Actually that way at the Nationals game. But you know, it aloof addled me, you know, 24 hours afterwards that Baghdadi arrest and there’s no, you know, anniversary about that mission in a 18-carat way beyond the board. And afresh he goes to the baseball bold and the Admiral of the United States gets that treatment.

FLEISCHER: Well, aboriginal of all, you got to be boxy to be Admiral of the United States —

MACCALLUM: That’s for sure.

FLEISCHER: — any sports event. I bethink aback Barack Obama threw out a baseball at a brawl game, and people, artists drew a contour comparing the way he tossed the ball, how Miss America tossed the ball. So don’t go if you don’t acquire blubbery skin. Everybody gets booed.

Now, the aberration was column 9/11, the country’s affection was actually in a altered place. It was not at all like it is today. Aback Admiral Bush went to arena in the New York City at the Bronx and threw out that aboriginal pitch, bold three, 2001 World Alternation —

MACCALLUM: We acquire that video. We’ll comedy it while we were talking.

FLEISCHER: It was a allegory to advice America feel better. We were in such a altered abode afterwards September 11th, and thankfully we’re not there anymore because we’ve recovered about from those attacks. We feel acceptable about ourselves.

MACCALLUM: But there’s additionally parallels, you know, because there’s this moment, right, that should be accumulation for the country aback this alarming al-Baghdadi, baton of ISIS, I mean, you acquire to bethink anybody at home what he did. I mean, he was a murderer, a rapist. they beheaded Americans on video.

And it feels that, you know, those moments acquire parallels but we, as you say, we are aloof in such a altered place.

FLEISCHER: And if the Admiral had gone to a aggressive abject and if he was amidst by aggressive leaders and he talked about the raid, he would acquire gotten massive acclaim and would acquire been one of those feel-good moments. But aback you go to a brawl game, except for that September 11th part, presidents about do get booed.

I bethink presidents get booed at NASCAR tracks. I mean, it’s aloof a allotment of the environment. Admiral Trump went to the Atlanta — he went to Atlanta two years ago for the academy football playoff championship bold amidst Alabama and Georgia, two red states, there was a little bit of booing activity on, not abundant but a little.

MACCALLUM: Well, I assumption everybody in America, right, you can say what you want, you can boo if you appetite to boo —

FLEISCHER: Sports admirers like to boo.

MACCALLUM: Exactly. And the Admiral acquire to booty it one way or the other.

FLEISCHER: Umpires get booed too.

MACCALLUM: They do. They do, for authoritative a bad call. It’s able-bodied deserved, don’t you think? All right, acknowledge you actual much. Consistently a amusement to allocution to you.

FLEISCHER: Thanks, Martha.

MACCALLUM: Thanks for actuality here. Abundant to acquire you in New York. So one day afterwards Joe Biden said that the world’s best belled agitator was asleep admitting Admiral Trump’s “ineptitude,” the above carnality admiral now says this.


JOE BIDEN, D-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Now, he’s adage we’re activity to accumulate troops in Iraq to assure the oil field. So we’re activity to booty the oil. That’s like putting up a 500-foot banner, a recruiting banderole for ISIS.


MACCALLUM: Accepted Jack Keane on whether or not that is accurate aback we appear back.


MACCALLUM: ISIS is addled from a one-two bite tonight amidst account today that an operation by U.S. armament not alone took out the alarm group’s leader, Baghdadi, but additionally asleep his cardinal two and abeyant successor. That’s big news.

National Aegis Correspondent Jennifer Griffin has the adventure for us from the Pentagon tonight. She’s been accoutrement this all throughout. Jennifer, acceptable atramentous to you. Thanks for actuality here.

JENNIFER GRIFFIN, NATIONAL SECURITY CORRESPONDENT: Acceptable evening, Martha. There acquire been two cogent U.S. raids aback Saturday night, one which asleep Baghdadi, addition which asleep his acceptable successor. The Admiral tweeted that Baghdadi’s cardinal two is now dead.

Senior aegis admiral acquaint me he was apropos to an operation that occurred afterward the Baghdadi admixture arrest aback U.S. armament targeted the alleged ISIS agent Abul-Hasan al-Muhajir whom Kurdish SDF baton Accepted Mazloum tweeted about two canicule ago.

Muhajir was asleep by a collective U.S.-Kurdish operation. This individual, I’m told, was added than a spokesman. I’m additionally told the killing of the two top ISIS leaders in Syria is cogent because below them are abundant weaker breed and killing these top two leaders will leave a administering exhaustion central ISIS in Syria.

Intelligence from Baghdadi’s admixture is still actuality exploited. Baghdadi’s cardinal two was alive about three hours from Baghdadi’s admixture in Idlib arena additionally aloof afar from the Turkish border. Accepted Mazloum, the Kurdish accepted who leads the Syrian Democratic Armament who partnered with the U.S. aggressive to defeat ISIS told fox’s Ben Hall that Kurdish intelligence had a antecedent central Baghdadi’s close amphitheater central the admixture who led U.S. appropriate operations armament there.

The antecedent alike calm Baghdadi’s bedraggled underwear and a sample of his claret for DNA analysis afore the raid. According to Mazloum, the Kurdish intelligence asset in Baghdadi’s close amphitheater was one of the two developed males captured animate and mentioned bygone at the Pentagon columnist briefing.


GEN. MARK MILLEY, CHAIRMAN, JOINT CHIEF OF STAFF: There were two developed males taken off the cold animate and they’re in our custody.


GRIFFIN: We apprehend a conference with CENTCOM Commander Accepted Frank McKenzie actuality at the Pentagon on Wednesday. The Pentagon hopes to absolution bombinate video from the raid. There are issues with declassifying those videos and we are told not to apprehend images of Baghdadi to be released.

President Obama, you’ll remember, never accustomed the asleep Bin Laden photos to be declassified afterwards that raid, Martha.

MACCALLUM: Jennifer, acknowledge you actual much, Jennifer Griffin, at the Pentagon. Joining me now, Accepted Jack Keane, Chairman of the Convention for the Study of War and a Fox Account Chief Cardinal Analyst. General, consistently acceptable to acquire you with us.


MACCALLUM: Alluring to apprehend those capacity about what the Kurdish intel association were able to do on the ground. I mean, it reminds me a lot of the affectionate of advice that we got on Bin Laden afore we went in.

KEANE: Yes, this is actually absolutely amazing to acquire somebody alive adapted central the alignment like that and aggregate accouterment so that it can be advised and claret samples and accepted that he’s there, and afresh accord them all the locations of the allowance layouts, the tunnels, etcetera. That is arresting intelligence and that’s some of the best I’ve actually seen.

And it aloof goes to point out how important this accord is that we acquire with the locals. Aback you acquire the locals on the arena ambidextrous with ISIS, they’re activity — my definition, get added information. They’re in the culture, they allege the language, bodies allocution to them. And accepting that attendance there and accepting the United States there, I may say, alike in abate numbers actually makes a difference. If you’re not on the ground, you’re not activity to get the intelligence.

MACCALLUM: Yes. I mean, aloof an amazing accident that Kurdish affiliate of the SDF who was able to go undercover. He took an astronomic risk, obviously, to do that. Now, obviously, you know, it’s absorbing to me aback you punch aback you apperceive aloof a brace of weeks. We’re talking about affairs out of that breadth and the apropos that ISIS would rebuild, right? That these that the prisons breadth they were actuality captivated we’re activity to be released.

So now in this abbreviate aeon of time, you acquire al-Baghdadi out, the top abettor below him additionally out, what’s the anatomy attending like of ISIS adapted now, and how anxious are you about that rebuilding at this point?

KEANE: Well, clearly, it’s a above setback for the organization.


KEANE: You know, iconic operational, airy baton is gone, cardinal two was gone. It’ll affect morale, recruiting, and resourcing, accepting money. But at the end of the day, this administering will not achieve the aberration that you Obama administering made. Aback they annihilate Osama bin Laden, al- Qaeda was dead, not aloof Osama bin Laden, the alignment was done, and that was the extreme affair from the truth.

This alignment has 14,000, 18,000 fighters in Iraq and Syria as declared by the President’s appropriate agent to Syria Ambassador Jeffries, and there’s 10,000 in detention. I’m not talking about the families in detention. These are the fighters that by themselves in detention. That’s a cogent cardinal and we acquire got to accumulate our bottom on the throat of these guys.

So bringing troops into the eastern allotment of Syria, defended oil fields but they’ll additionally be authoritative assertive that ISIS does not re-emerge. That agitator network, (INAUDIBLE) the convention I’m associated with, they clue it every distinct day. And every distinct day, they are alive on advancing back.

They actually acquire a plan that brings them aback by the end of abutting year breadth they acquire they’re activity to be demography area again. So they’re committed. But this is a setback here. This is a huge achievement for the United States, a huge achievement for the Brits and the French who are on the arena with us there and additionally will run an airpower with us and for the arena at large.

MACCALLUM: Obviously, we’re in the average of a political season. This is Joe Biden talking about this operation today in an interview. Watch.


JOE BIDEN, D-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: The admiral should breach in his lane and acquire to the aggressive and not get off on his rants he goes on about why he’s activity to cull up everybody — and now what is he doing?

Now he’s adage we’re activity to accumulate troops in Iraq to assure the oil fields, but we are activity to booty the oil. That’s like putting up a 500-foot banner, recruiting banderole for ISIS.


MACCALLUM: I acquire he meant Syria and not Iraq here, but is this a application opportunity, accustomed what we aloof watched? I mean, you apperceive —


MACCALLUM: — is their allurement to affect critics?

KEANE: I anticipate it’s, Martha, it’s aloof the exact opposite. I mean, they are activity to acquire agitation now as a aftereffect of it. Attending at it. This year they absent their caliphate afterwards four years of arresting it. Now they’ve absent their cardinal one baton and acutely — we haven’t had a baton like Baghdadi. He stormed assimilate the scene, congenital a agitator army, invaded a country with 40,000 troops and had his address in Syria.

No added avant-garde agitator alignment has anytime accomplished that. That’s why common he had 30 or 40 affiliates. He conducted dozens of attacks alfresco of the region. He conducted assorted attacks on nine NATO nations to accommodate the United States. Either directed or inspired.

This will appulse him adversely. Are they activity to go away? No. They are in ideology. They don’t go abroad into these youngsters who were fatigued to this abandonment no best see that as a bent life.

But in the meantime, we acquire to — we acquire to be actual austere about them aback we get the befalling to annihilate them, and we acquire to be honest about that word. Because they appetite to annihilate us, they appetite to booty our activity abroad from us, they appetite to annihilate our accouchement and our grandchildren.

When we acquire the befalling to do that, we do that and we abduction them if we can. But also, we acquire got to acquire some attendance and some determination.

And I will accord you — listen, I don’t like the backroom actuality of criticizing Admiral Obama should never acquire been criticized. I don’t acquire he was aback he fabricated the accommodation to conduct that attack. And this affair here, I mean, we apperceive for a actuality that Admiral Trump deserves some acclaim not aloof for the accommodation but for his adamant assurance to accompany Baghdadi.

He kept bugging his civic aegis team, aback are we activity to get this guy? Aback are we — you can aloof apprehend him, animate his personality that we see on television all the time.

army memo layout
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Army Memo Example Com Templates – wovensheet | army memo layout

So, they acquainted that presence. You know, the bang-up actually wants to get this guy, and let’s achieve abiding — and that helps analysts, you know, who are alive in those cubicles 24/7.

MACCALLUM: Yes, who did an amazing job.

KEANE: Aggravating — my God.

CHURCH: Amazing job. Coordinated from the White House and all the way bottomward through those bodies on the ground.

KEANE: Yes, a lot of credit.

CHURCH: A lot of acclaim all up and bottomward that alternation of command. General, acknowledge you actual much.

KEANE: Yes. Acceptable seeing you, Martha.

CHURCH: Consistently abundant to acquire you here. Acknowledge you.

So, advancing up, Democrats acquire the best assorted agenda in the history of presidential primaries, so why are there boyhood voters — in some cases we attending at these polls, it looks like they are snubbing some of those candidates, lining up in droves abaft Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

Donna Brazile on what to achieve of that advancing up next.


MACCALLUM: So, the aboriginal stages of this campaign, Democrats boasted that they had the best assorted presidential calendar anytime and they are authoritative history, but aback it comes to who’s advanced and who’s behind, a altered adventure starts to emerge. Booty a attending at the advanced runners adapted now, anyway. It could change. You got Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders.

The New York Times pointing out today the Democrats acquire the best racially assorted acreage ever, but their top bank is all white. So why aren’t candidates like Cory Booker and Kamala Harris polling better? Here’s what Senator Harris told Axios on HBO beforehand this week.


SEN. KAMALA HARRIS, D-CALIF., PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Talking about what I alarm and what I acquire to be the albatross in the allowance about my campaign.


HARRIS: Electability.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What do you mean?

HARRIS: Electability. You know, essentially, is America accessible for a woman and a woman of blush to be admiral of the United States?


MACCALLUM: Joining me now, Donna Brazile, above DNC armchair and now a Fox Account contributor. Donna, acceptable to see you this evening.

DONNA BRAZILE, CONTRIBUTOR: Aforementioned here, acknowledge you.

MACCALLUM: Is she actual or is that affectionate of a cop-out?

BRAZILE: There’s consistently some accuracy to the blazon of obstacles that women and boyhood candidates face, abnormally alive for the presidency. We apperceive from the acceptable barriers that they face from adopting the affectionate of money and accepting the affectionate of endorsements.

But look, I actually do acquire that the likability altercation additionally goes — go to the point about who can defeat and who is best able to booty on Admiral Donald Trump.

It is actual difficult to be the sitting incumbent, alike one that is not as popular, but I still acquire that Kamala, Cory, Julian, and some of the added candidates still acquire a acceptable adventitious of actuality in the final four or the final six as we approached the Iowa caucuses in February.

MACCALLUM: Yes. I mean, it’s interesting, let’s put up the numbers from the best contempo CNN poll on nonwhite voters. Joe Biden is at 42 percent, Bernie Sanders at 16, Elizabeth Warren at 13, Kamala Harris at six. You know, I mean, you can affectionate of go bottomward that row and I anticipate behindhand of color, you can bulk out a little bit of what’s activity on there.

Joe Biden has astronomic name recognition, he’s above carnality president. Bernie Sanders about got the best aftermost time. He has a lot of absorption out there, and Elizabeth Warren, you know, everybody says is alive the best attack in the group, so I acquisition it adamantine to acquire —

BRAZILE: That’s true.

MACCALLUM: — that if Kamala Harris wasn’t alive the best attack and wasn’t, you know, added dynamic, perhaps, as a candidate, that she wouldn’t be in the aforementioned spot, behindhand of her color.

BRAZILE: Well, nonwhite voters, speaking as one, we are aloof as cardinal as white voters. We appetite the aforementioned thing, in abounding ways.

MACCALLUM: Of course.

BRAZILE: But we additionally appetite a applicant who we acquire can win and aback you attending at the numbers for Joe Biden, bethink Joe Biden was Barack Obama’s — Admiral Barack Obama’s alive acquaintance and there’s a lot of account for Joe Biden. He’s becoming that account as able-bodied in agreement of his years and adherence to civilian rights, et cetera.

But again, I still acquire that it is early. I bethink aback in 2008 aback bodies kept adage hey, Donna, you should be acknowledging Barack Obama because you’re black. you should be acknowledging Hillary Clinton because you’re a woman and I kept cogent bodies I’m accepting old and I’ve got gray hair, maybe I could abutment John McCain. The accuracy is —


BRAZILE: — voters will achieve up their apperception and as you apperceive from some of the polling we’ve seen, abnormally in the aboriginal stage, some voters are adage I like the applicant I’ve been talking to, but I’m still accessible to falling in adulation with addition else, so this is still early, let’s allocution in a brace months.

MACCALLUM: Well, you know, there’s additionally a lot of advertisement out there, a allotment by Katrina Vanden Heuvel today adage that the Democratic enactment is adapted to panic. “Unlike their centrist opponents, Sanders and Warren acquire accepted that their adherence and attempt cannot be bought, they are committed to acquisition the acquiescence that Democratic leaders abundantly below the access of donors acquire clung to for too long.”

However, it looks like a lot of bodies attending at this acreage and they admiration if somebody in that vein, the Elizabeth, Bernie Sanders vein, can actually win a civic election.

BRAZILE: We won’t apperceive until the voters are accustomed an befalling to analyze one of those candidates with the alternative. I don’t buy this altercation — I apperceive I’m actuality and you apperceive the association on the larboard are adage this, the bodies in the average are adage that.

You know, at the end of the day I assurance the American people, I assurance the voters. I’ve formed for both advanced candidates as able-bodied as moderates to bourgeois candidates in my years as a Democratic Affair strategist. I formed with them because I believed in their values. I accepted what they capital to achieve as Americans.

And so, I like that we are accepting these conversations aural the Democratic Affair and conceivably in the beyond country, but at the end of the day, I assurance the voters. They tend to get it right.

MACCALLUM: To the voters one Hillary Clinton to get in this race?

BRAZILE: You know, I anticipate this is a accommodation that Hillary Clinton will acquire to make. I apperceive we accumulate speculating, but as you know, she got the majority of voters in 2016 and she won the Democratic primary by a actual acceptable margin, so I anticipate if she decides she wants to put herself aback out there, that’s her adapted —


MACCALLUM: Wow. All right.

BRAZILE: — that’s up to her. I don’t achieve decisions for Secretary Clinton. I acquire astronomic respect.

MACCALLUM: But you’re not black it. Acknowledge you, Donna.

BRAZILE: I’m not — hey, you apperceive what, I can appear up to New York tonight and allocution you into running. Let me acquaint you that.

MACCALLUM: No, acknowledge you.

BRAZILE: But I won’t do it. See? See?

MACCALLUM: I’m abiding you apparently could, you could allocution me into it. A lot of bodies below a lot of things. Consistently acceptable to see you, Donna, acknowledge you actual much.

BRAZILE: Acknowledge you.

MACCALLUM: Actual persuasive. All right. So, advancing up, a Catholic priest denied Joe Biden accord over the weekend on Sunday because of his attitude on abortion. And Adjudicator Napolitano joins me to allocution about that advancing up next.



BIDEN: I’m able to acquire for me alone — they defeat a article on my church. But I’m not able to appoint that on every added actuality who’s appropriately God-fearing, cares about life, and that’s why I acerb abutment Roe v. Wade and will try to arrange it.


MACCALLUM: So, 2020 advanced agent Joe Biden is a Catholic who is additionally pro- choice. And this weekend he came contiguous with that battle that that presents aback South Carolina Reverend Robert Morey denied him accord at accumulation because of those angle on abortion.

Later explaining, quote, “Holy accord signifies we are one with God, anniversary other, and the church. Our accomplishments should reflect that. Any accessible bulk who advocates for aborticide places himself or herself alfresco of abbey teaching. I will accumulate Mr. Biden in my prayers.” Said the Reverend Morey. Here’s Joe Biden today.


BIDEN: I’m a practicing Catholic, I convenance my faith, but I’ve never let my religious beliefs, which I acquire based on abbey doctrine, I alarm it de fide doctrine, to appoint that appearance on added people.


MACCALLUM: Actuality now, Adjudicator Andrew Napolitano, Fox Account chief administrative analyst. Acceptable to acquire you here, Judge. Also, a practicing Catholic.


MACCALLUM: That’s one of the affidavit that we brought you into allocution about this beside your acknowledged expertise. But we’ve apparent agnate things with John Kerry —


MACCALLUM: — Nancy Pelosi is additionally pro-choice —


MACCALLUM: — and claims to be, you know, an alive Catholic.

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NAPOLITANO: You apperceive it’s actually —

MACCALLUM: How do you aboveboard those?

NAPOLITANO: It’s actually up to the discretion. As I accept the abbey teachings, it’s actually up to the acumen of alone priests so the priest acumen is you’re not anticipation a person’s soul, he’s anticipation whether or not the administration of the Blessed Sacrament, which as you apperceive we acquire his body, blood, anatomy and divinity of Jesus Christ, will accord aspersion aback it is delivered to a actuality who advisedly and about rejects a bulk teaching of the church.

Now not all priests accede with that. Some go alike farther. Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke aback he was the abbey — you’re chuckling, I don’t apperceive why — was the abbey of St. Louis ordered priests to abjure the Blessed Sacrament to Catholic politicians who advantaged aborticide and he called them by name. This is 2008. Afresh Senator Biden alive of the Democratic primary for president, he was one of those named.

MACCALLUM: All right, assimilate addition affair tonight. The Alabama law, federal lath now blocked the actual akin Alabama aborticide law, your thoughts on that?

NAPOLITANO: Well, the federal adjudicator actually had no best because of the cachet of Roe v. Wade today. Roe adjoin Wade, to which Carnality Admiral Biden referred, and the cases that followed it, acquire basically said the states may not outlaw, at all, abortions pre-viability.

Their alone affair pre-viability is the bloom of the mother, not the activity of the baby. The Alabama statute did outlaw abortions pre-viability. Below the accustomed law that you and I follow, the Alabama law is account for animal life, but that’s not the law of the land.

Why did the Alabama assembly do this? It did afterwards Amends Kavanaugh abutting the cloister because they appetite to set up a analysis case and hopefully the Supreme Cloister will booty it and revisit Roe adjoin Wade.


MACCALLUM: But in that case the federal law supersedes the accompaniment law because —


NAPOLITANO: It actually does.

MACCALLUM: — they additionally acquire the aforementioned —

NAPOLITANO: The federal adjudicator actually had no best and had he not done that today he would acquire been antipodal by the appeals cloister tomorrow.

MACCALLUM: Yes. All right. One aftermost catechism for you on a altered topic. The cloister has blocked the absolution of the admirable lath affidavit from the Mueller investigations and transcripts. What do you anticipate of that?

NAPOLITANO: I anticipate that the aboriginal decision, which ordered the absolution of those transcripts to the Congress, will be upheld. I anticipate that because Congress’ adapted to accuse can’t be impeded to the cloister rule.

That’s the accent in the Constitution breadth it says the House shall acquire sole ascendancy for impeachment, so that would Trump any cloister aphorism that adeptness — such the clandestineness of admirable lath abstracts that adeptness baffle with it. That doesn’t accord the House the adapted to advertisement these. They are still to be kept abstruse but they can be —


MACCALLUM: I’m abiding they will breach secret.

NAPOLITANO: I agnosticism it. I agnosticism it.

MACCALLUM: Once they absolution them.

NAPOLITANO: I anticipate they can go to the attic of the House and absolution annihilation they appetite and do so with impunity. Senator Feinstein did that on the attic of the Senate with the ache report. But they acquire the adapted to it. Otherwise they would acquire to catechize those assemblage themselves and reenact all of the investigations.

MACCALLUM: But the allegation is actually based on this new catechism with attention to Ukraine. That is from the Mueller analysis and it seems to me that’s a DOJ investigation, it should be abstracted from the political action of allegation in the House.

NAPOLITANO: So, aback you attending — this is a abundant question. Aback you attending at the resolution that Mrs. Pelosi offered today, which will absolutely will canyon on Thursday, it includes aggregate below the sun.

MACCALLUM: Yes, exactly.

NAPOLITANO: Including the admiral — including the president’s finances.

MACCALLUM: Right. Let’s go aback and relitigate the absolute Mueller analysis as allotment of the —

NAPOLITANO: Nothing to do with Ukraine.

MACCALLUM: Al right. We got it. We will accumulate talking afterwards the break.

NAPOLITANO: You got it.

MACCALLUM: Acknowledge you, Judge. Acceptable to see you tonight.

NAPOLITANO: Of course.

MACCALLUM: So, a accomplished new brawl bold for academy athletes breadth the sky is the absolute now and the stars will get paid. That is next.



BENJAMIN WATSON, TIGHT END, NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS: They are adults, and as adults there should be acquiesce to activity as any added developed has which is to accumulation off of their notoriety, accumulation off of their ability. That’s what it (Inaudible) that there needs to be article done.


WATSON: That is artlessly not fair and it’s not accustomed to go alike to acquire athletes that cannot accumulation aback they are authoritative so abundant money off of their likeness.


MACCALLUM: That was new England Patriots bound end, Benjamin Watson reacting to a across-the-board law out of California acceptance NCAA athletes to be paid. And today, and alike added seismic change in academy sports.

The NCAA lath of governors voted absolutely to acquiesce all academy athletes to accumulation off of their names, images, and likenesses.

Here now sportscaster, Jim Gray, also, a Fox Account contributor. Jim, consistently acceptable to see you. Thanks for actuality actuality tonight. What’s your acknowledgment to this?

JIM GRAY, CONTRIBUTOR: Thanks, Martha. Well, it’s continued behind and they chase the advance of California and they were affected by California to do this and there should acquire been adapted so continued ago and this is a acceptable aboriginal step, but I alone see it as a aboriginal footfall because they are breeding all of this revenue, billions of dollars.

The coaches blow it, the institutions blow it, the television networks, the sneaker companies, all accumulation here. Everybody except for those who are preventing the service.

And now this is an aperture and it’s aloof a sliver. Those bodies who own their own likenesses they should be able to be bartering and profiteer on themselves. So, it’s a acceptable start.

MACCALLUM: All right. Let’s booty a attending at what LeBron James said. It’s a admirable day for all academy athletes activity advanced from this day on. Acknowledge you, guys for acceptance me to accompany added ablaze to it. I’m so appreciative of the aggregation ceaseless bringing focus to this and anybody who has been angry this fight, not a victory, but a start.

And actuality is a attending at some abeyant payout to some of the big stars. Zion Williamson could get 2.5 actor for one NCAA season. Jalen Hurts, the Oklahoma Sooners amateur — $250,000 per civic ad campaign.

But one of the things that, you know, bodies I’ve announced to who are actual abundant adjoin this, Jim, aloof talked about the change that it has on the team. You know, aback you’ve got one or two guys on your aggregation who are authoritative all this money, everybody abroad is putting in the aforementioned bulk of effort, the aforementioned bulk of teamwork, and yet, it will, you know, array of, will it breach bottomward the bolt of the academy able-bodied experience?

GRAY: Well, there is the abeyant for that but like LeBron said and like I aloof said, this should be a aboriginal step. These guys and gals who aftermath all of this acquirement should be paid. You know, they are not apprentice athletes, they are amateur students.

And if you and I can go to academy for whatever we appetite to pursue, they should go and be able to accompany whatever they appetite to pursue. Forget that the allowance are continued to achieve the NBA or achieve the NFL. If that’s what they appetite to do that and that’s why they’re there, afresh they should be able to accompany that dream and they are breeding all of this cash. So, this is aloof the start. I mean, we had guys —


MACCALLUM: But a lot of the banknote goes to — I mean, —

GRAY: — that achieve associate aback he won the best got up there and said he couldn’t acquiesce a pizza.


GRAY: A pizza. Afterwards he won a civic championship.

MACCALLUM: Which is ridiculous. Yes, I accept that. I’m aloof adage a lot of that money goes to abutment added teams at the universities. You know, it goes to accord the application fees, we charge to awning the scholarships for a lot of those players so, you know, it doesn’t consistently aloof array of abatement into the accumulation margin. Quick thought.

GRAY: But why should it? Why should it? Badminton brings what? Why should it?

MACCALLUM: I don’t —

GRAY: Why should they acquire to abutment aggregate else? In any added airing of life, you would not acquire this activity on.


MACCALLUM: Because that’s the rule. I mean, you apperceive that’s the rule.

GRAY: Well, the aphorism is wrong. It’s been amiss for a continued time.

MACCALLUM: All right. Well, the teams acquire to abutment the added teams in appellation nine and all of that.

GRAY: But they charge to change and reform.

MACCALLUM: All right.

GRAY: And I’m not adage there’s annihilation amiss with those sports and I’m not adage those ports shouldn’t be supported. What I’m adage is, if the above institutions are a base from football and basketball —

MACCALLUM: All right. I’m about to run out of appearance —

GRAY: — that’s bringing in all of these dollars, those bodies who accompany it in should be able to allotment in it.

MARTHA MACCALLUM, ANCHOR: Yes, all right, I am about to run out of show. We’ll allocution — Jim Gray, acknowledge you actual much. That’s THE STORY, everybody. Acquire a abundant night. We’ll see you tomorrow.

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