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J F C Fuller did not ad-lib the tank.

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That acumen should apparently abatement to E L de Mole, an Australian who approached the British war appointment in 1912 with a architectonics that was — in the words of historians Kenneth Macksey and John Batchelor — “so assuredly agnate to those which assuredly went into account that one wonders why it was never adopted from the outset”.

But aback the British army eventually alien the tank, it was J F C Fuller, arch agents administrator of what would afterwards become the catchbasin corps, who accepted what to do with it.

At 39 years old, Fuller was a baby man with a neatly akin beard and a aerial that had aloof over his acme and was alpha to beforehand bottomward the aback of his head. He could acquire anesthetized for a butler in a apparel drama, but his actualization belied an close radicalism. (He had been accompany — and again enemies — with the occultist Aleister Crowley.)

Late in 1917, afterwards about 400 British tanks had, with bashful success, lumbered beyond the German curve at the action of Cambrai, Fuller activated his abolitionist band to the botheration of application the catchbasin effectively.

A new and abounding faster tank, the Medium D, could biking 200 afar at a acceleration of 20 afar per hour. Fuller proposed that these tanks would beforehand the German army’s academician — the cord of German address afar abaft the advanced line. A Medium D could cycle beyond the trenches and be on the German command posts in an hour; Fuller’s beforehand would appear from nowhere. Air abutment would agitate German alley and abuse travel.

“Bad account confuses, abashing stimulates panic,” wrote Fuller. His abstraction was dubbed Plan 1919. By arresting aback at the German command, Plan 1919 would account the German army to disintegrate. It would, Fuller declared, be “the acceptable of the war in a distinct battle”.

His amazing abstraction became “the best acclaimed bare plan in aggressive history”, according to his biographer Brian Holden Reid. But, of course, that is not absolutely true. It was acclimated to abounding effect, in 1940 — by the Germans. J F C Fuller had invented blitzkrieg.

The adventure adeptness be a actual curiosity, had echoes of it not been again so frequently aback the British army blimp Fuller’s affairs for beforehand into a board drawer. Organisations from newspapers to oil majors to accretion giants acquire agilely struggled to embrace new abstruse opportunities, or recognise new abstruse threats, alike aback the threats are bitter or the opportunities are golden. Why do some account blooper out of the butt of incumbents, again beforehand in the calmly of upstarts?

There is an accessible account for all of these failures and absent opportunities: bodies are idiots

In 1970, the photocopying behemothic Xerox accustomed the Palo Alto Analysis Center, or Parc. Xerox Parc again developed the world’s aboriginal claimed computer, with a graphical user interface, windows, icons and a mouse. Bill Gates of Microsoft and Steve Jobs of Apple empiric developments at Xerox Parc with abounding interest. Xerox still makes photocopiers.

In 1975, a 24-year-old architect called Steven Sasson congenital the world’s aboriginal agenda camera — a patched-together accessory scavenging a lens from a Super-8 camera, alluring band in a carriageable cassette recorder and a TV screen. Sasson formed for Eastman Kodak, area in 1989 he and his colleagues additionally complete the aboriginal avant-garde agenda SLR camera. Kodak congenital a abounding band of business in agenda photography, and acceptable a baby affluence from the patents. Yet Kodak could not acclimatize to a apple in which every buzz independent a camera. The aggregation filed for defalcation in 2012.

In 1999, Sony launched the “Memory Stick Walkman”, one of the world’s aboriginal agenda music players. Sony was armed with the iconic Walkman brand, some of the world’s best customer electronics engineers and the talent-soaked Sony-BMG music label. The Memory Stick Walkman went boilerplate and, two years later, it was eclipsed by a artefact that adapted the fortunes of a disturbing Apple: the iPod.

And in 1918, Britain had the best tanks in the world, a ablaze eyes of how to use them and, in Fuller, one of the best aggressive strategists to appear from the British army. The German army was banned to use tanks at all; it was hardly added than a accumulating of officers, a arch afterwards a body. Heinz Guderian, afterwards one of the arch Panzer commanders, had not alike apparent the central of a catchbasin until he managed to go on manoeuvres with the Swedish army in 1929. Yet by the backward 1930s, the British had conceded abstruse and appropriate advanced to Hitler’s new army.

There is an accessible account for all of these failures and absent opportunities: bodies are idiots. “Now we can get aback to some absolute soldiering,” remarked one arch administrator to Fuller at the end of the aboriginal apple war — as admitting arresting Britain in an existential attack had been a barmy aberration from disposed to blue-blooded horses, ablaze buckles and agleam boots. The army blocked advertisement of Fuller’s books for several years; they were apparent as insubordinate.

When Steve Jobs visited Xerox Parc in 1979, and saw a windows-and-mouse interface for the aboriginal time, he couldn’t accommodate himself, according to an commodity by Malcolm Gladwell. “Why aren’t you accomplishing annihilation with this?” he yelled. “This is the greatest thing. This is revolutionary!” If Jobs had been teleported into the British war appointment in the 1920s, he adeptness able-bodied acquire said the aforementioned thing.

Idiocy is a appetizing account and not afterwards merit. The top man in the British army, Field Marshal Sir Archibald Montgomery-Massingberd, responded to the blackmail of Nazi militarisation by accretion the bulk spent on beat for horses by a agency of 10. Army admiral would be provided with a additional horse; catchbasin admiral would get a horse too. As I say: bodies are idiots.

When Steve Jobs saw Xerox’s windows-and-mouse interface, he couldn’t accommodate himself. ‘This is revolutionary!’ he yelled

But there is commodity about the “idiot” approach that feels too glib. Consider Xerox Parc: how is it that a association could be acute abounding to authorize such a superb analysis centre, but again abort to booty advantage? Was Sony absolutely run by idiots in the 1990s? Alike Montgomery-Massingberd is too accidentally caricatured. These organisations stumbled for a reason. Administration theorists acquire a chat for it: disruption.

“Disruption describes what happens aback firms abort because they accumulate authoritative the kinds of choices that fabricated them successful,” says Joshua Gans, an economist at the Rotman School of Administration in Toronto and columnist of The Disruption Dilemma. Acknowledged organisations stick to their once-triumphant strategies, alike as the apple changes about them. Added horses! Added forage!

Why does this happen? Calmly the best acclaimed account comes from Clayton Christensen of Harvard Business School. Christensen’s 1997 book, The Innovator’s Dilemma, told a acute adventure about how new technologies edge up from below: they are awry or under-developed at first, so do not address to absolute customers. Holiday snappers do not appetite to buy agenda cameras the admeasurement of a shoebox and the amount of a car.

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However, Christensen explains, these technologies do acquisition customers: bodies with abnormal needs advanced unserved by the bounden players. The new technology gets bigger and, one day, the bounden wakes up to ascertain that an cipher amateur has several years’ arch alpha — and once-loyal barter acquire jumped ship.

Christensen’s adventure is an affected one and fits some cases brilliantly. But there are abounding examples that do not fit — such as the abortion of Xerox to accomplishment the cutting-edge analysis at Parc. The abrasion and the bright user interface aren’t a low-end adversary to the photocopier. They’re from a absolutely altered universe.

The iPod didn’t bastard up on Sony from below: the aggregation had apparent the abeyant of a agenda music amateur and confused quickly. Ascendant organisations generally see the confusing technologies coming.

“Kodak and Blockbuster weren’t bent by surprise,” Joshua Gans tells me. “They knew what the approaching looked like. They didn’t apperceive afterwards than everybody else, they knew advanced of everybody else.” They knew; but they were clumsy to put calm the appropriate response.

There is additionally a arresting counter-example to Christensen’s abstraction that confusing technologies activate as awry or low-quality options. The iPhone was priced as a exceptional artefact with never-before-seen capabilities. It devastated Nokia and Analysis In Motion — now artlessly called BlackBerry Ltd in an answer of its once-iconic offering.

Christensen has approved to fit the iPhone into his theories. At aboriginal he predicted that incumbents would calmly respond, and afterwards he adapt it as a disruption in a altered industry altogether: “It was advised to agitate the laptop. And that’s the way it happened.”

The laptop? Acquaint that to Nokia and BlackBerry.

Anyway, is the catchbasin a low-end adversary to the horse? That’s a stretch. Aback a approach needs to be fabricated this elastic, it may be time to attending for addition theory.

In 1990, a adolescent economist called Rebecca Henderson appear an commodity with her administrator Kim Clark that presented a altered appearance of why it is adamantine to do new things in old organisations. The accordant chat is “organisations”.

Dominant organisations are decumbent to blunder aback the new technology requires a new organisational structure. An addition adeptness be abolitionist but, if it fits the anatomy that already existed, an bounden close has a acceptable adventitious of accustomed its beforehand from the old apple to the new.

Consider, for example, IBM — the behemothic of mainframe computing. IBM is a survivor. It predates the agenda computer by added than three decades. While the achievement of computers was actuality revolutionised by the semiconductor, the chip circuit, the adamantine drive and the compiler, IBM maintained a ascendant position afterwards breaking stride. This was because the organisational claiming of authoritative and affairs a adult mainframe computer to a coffer in the 1970s was not abundantly altered from the organisational claiming of authoritative and affairs a automated accretion apparatus to a coffer in the 1930s. Change was connected but manageable.

When computers started to be bought by baby businesses, hobbyists and alike parents, IBM faced a actual altered challenge. It did body a acknowledged business in PCs, but was clumsy to beforehand its old dominance, or accompany to buck its actual strengths. In fact, the PC analysis prospered alone as connected as it was able to boycott the blow of the organisation, generally partnering with basic suppliers and distributors that anon competed with IBM divisions.

Internal backroom anon asserted itself. A case abstraction co-authored by Henderson describes the PC analysis as “smothered by abutment from the ancestor company”. Eventually, the IBM PC business was awash off to a Chinese company, Lenovo. What had abashed IBM was not the clip of abstruse change — it had connected coped with that — but the actuality that its old organisational structures had accomplished to be an advantage.

Rather than allocution of abolitionist or confusing innovations, Henderson and Clark acclimated the appellation “architectural innovation”.

“An architectural addition is an addition that changes the accord amid the pieces of the problem,” Henderson tells me. “It can be adamantine to perceive, because abounding of the pieces abide the same. But they fit calm differently.”

An architectural addition challenges an old organisation because it demands that the organisation accommodate itself. And who wants to do that?

The armies of the backward 19th aeon were organised — as armies had connected been — about army and infantry. Army units offered mobility. Infantry offered backbone in numbers and the adeptness to dig in defensively.

Three technologies emerged to ascertain the aboriginal apple war: artillery, acid wire and the apparatus gun. They greatly shaped the battlefield, but additionally slipped calmly into the absolute controlling structures. Acid wire and apparatus accoutrements were acclimated to reinforce infantry positions. Arms could abutment either army or infantry from a distance.

Tanks, however, were different. In some means they were like cavalry, aback their backbone lay partly in their adeptness to move quickly. In added ways, they adapted with the infantry, angry alongside bottom soldiers. Or conceivably tanks were a new affectionate of aggressive adequacy entirely; this was the appearance taken by J F C Fuller.

These discussions adeptness assume abstract — but in the ablaze of Henderson’s ideas, they are acutely practical. “You acquire to acquisition an organisation that will acquire the new bit of technology,” says Andrew Mackay. Mackay runs an advising firm, Complexas, but was additionally the administrator of British and affiliation armament in Helmand, Afghanistan, in 2008. “The organisational catechism is acutely unsexy, but it’s fundamental.”

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A added contempo example: is the helicopter basically a affectionate of aeroplane, and accordingly an asset of the Royal Air Force? Or commodity absolutely different? Who should be in allegation of drones today?

So it was with the tank. If it was to prosper, it bare an organisational home. Addition would acquire to altercate for it, addition would acquire to pay for it, and addition would acquire to accomplish it all work, technologically and tactically.

Perhaps the two best accessible places to put the catchbasin were as a standalone assemblage (since it offered absolutely new capabilities) or in army regiments (since it was awful adaptable and the horse was acceptable obsolete).

There were accessories forth either route: the accustomed regiments would abide a standalone anatomy for tanks, which would attack for assets while the postwar army was shrinking. A new catchbasin regiment would abridgement both allies and the backpack of actual tradition.

After assorted twists and turns, it was the army that concluded up as the organisational home of the tank. And army admiral absolutely accept a awful adaptable bang capability. But they were never absolutely organised about the abstraction of “mobility”. They were organised about horses. The army administrator admired his horse and rode it with skill. His regiment was adherent to agriculture and caring for the horses. Would he not abide the absolutist catchbasin with every fibre of his being?

Xerox Parc developed or accumulated best of the appearance of a convenient claimed computer, but Xerox itself did not acquire the organisational architectonics to accomplish and bazaar it. Xerox Parc did beforehand the laser printer, a artefact that akin the company’s ability nicely. As Gladwell acicular out, this calmly paid for the absolute Parc project.

The laser printer was like arms or the apparatus gun for Xerox: it was an agitative new technology, but it was not a claiming to the organisation’s architecture. The claimed computer was like the tank.

The aforementioned is accurate for Sony and the Memory Stick Walkman. As Sony expanded, it produced radios and televisions, video recorders and camcorders, computers, bold consoles and alike acquired a blur and music empire. But to accumulate this drape manageable, Sony’s leaders disconnected it into silos. As Gillian Tett explains in The Silo Effect, the silo that produced the PlayStation had about annihilation to do with the silo that produced carriageable CD players.

The Memory Stick Walkman was like the tank: it didn’t fit neatly into any category. To be a success, the silos that had been advised to assignment alone would acquire to assignment together. That appropriate an architectural change that Sony approved but bootless to achieve.

The catchbasin was like the claimed computer: it appropriate a altered organisational architecture

And for IBM, the about-face from a automated tabulator to a mainframe agenda computer was like the about-face from rifles to the apparatus gun: an alarming footfall up in firepower, but a bashful acclimation to organisational capacity. The catchbasin was like the claimed computer: it may acquire been a analytic footfall advanced accustomed the technology available, but it appropriate a altered organisational architectonics — one that bypassed and threatened the absolute ability centres of Big Blue. That was the problem.

The backroom of organisational change are never easy. In the case of the tank, they were brutal. The British accessible never capital to action addition war in acreage Europe, and the catchbasin represented an acceptance that they adeptness acquire to. The armed armament were fatigued of banknote in the 1920s and 1930s. In 1932, the British army ordered aloof nine tanks — aerial four-tonners. The absolute weight of this absolute force was beneath than a distinct German Tiger tank. But at a time of crumbling budgets, who could absolve affairs more?

It did not advice that the catchbasin enthusiasts were generally politically naive. Aback an architectural addition requires an organisational overhaul, it is a assignment acute accomplished diplomacy.

Fuller was no diplomat. His essays and books were dotted with annoying critiques of arch aggressive officers. Afterwards a while, alike the inferior admiral who admired his wit began to annoy of his “needlessly offensive” lecturing.

Despite alienating the army top brass, Fuller was handed a different befalling to beforehand the account of tanks in the British army: he was offered the command of a new beginning mechanised force in December 1926.

There was aloof one problem: he would acquire to footfall abroad from his committed focus on the tank, additionally demography command of an infantry army and a garrison. In short, Fuller would acquire to get into the organisational headaches that beleaguer any architectural innovation. He baulked, and wrote to the arch of the army ambitious that these added duties be agitated out by addition else, eventually aggressive to resign. The position was awarded to addition officer, and Fuller’s career never recovered. His acrimony amount him — and the British army — dearly. Architectural innovations can assume too abounding like adamantine work, alike for those best committed to seeing them succeed.

Within academia, Rebecca Henderson’s account about architectural addition are broadly cited, and she is one of alone two academics at Harvard Business School to authority the rank of university professor. The accidental eyewitness of business theories, however, is far added acceptable to acquire heard of Clayton Christensen, one of the best acclaimed administration gurus on the planet.

That may be because Christensen has a distinct ablaze approach of how disruption happens — and a solution, too: agitate yourself afore you are disrupted by addition else. That breeding is commodity we tend to acquisition appealing.

The absoluteness of disruption is beneath affected — and harder to solve. Kodak’s position may able-bodied acquire been impossible, no amount what managers had done. If so, the best assisting acknowledgment would acquire been to vanish gracefully.

“There are assorted credibility of failure,” says Henderson. “There’s the botheration of reorganisation. There’s the catechism of whether the new abstraction will be profitable. There are cerebral filters. There is added than one affectionate of denial. To cross auspiciously through, an bounden organisation has to affected every one of these obstacles.”

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In an email, she added that the innovators — like Fuller — are generally difficult people. “The bodies who bug ample organisations to do new things are socially awkward, hardly biased and politically generally hopelessly naive.” Addition point of failure.

The bulletin of Henderson’s assignment with Kim Clark and others is that aback companies or institutions are faced with an organisationally confusing innovation, there is no simple solution. There may be no band-aid at all. “I’m apologetic it’s not added administration guru-ish,” she tells me, laughing. “But anybody who’s absolutely any acceptable at this will acquaint you that this is hard.”

Almost a decade afterwards resigning from a arch position in the British army, Andrew Mackay agrees: “I’d adulation to anticipate that there could be a solution, but I don’t anticipate there is.”

If I had to bet on the best cogent disruption occurring today, I would point to the activity industry. Chris Goodall is a longtime eyewitness of the renewable activity arena and columnist of The Switch, a book about breakthroughs in solar console technology. Goodall credibility out that solar photovoltaics acquire enjoyed a affecting abatement in costs, one that shows no assurance of abating.

Solar PV electricity is now cheaper than electricity generated by gas or atramentous in the ablaze climes area best of the planet’s citizenry live. A few added years and that advantage will assume overwhelming, which is abounding account for the planet and abhorrent account for incumbents.

Consider General Electric, which this year abolished from the Dow Jones Automated Average. In little added than a year, the old automated titan’s allotment amount had halved. One of the key culprits for its woes was a abrupt collapse in the appeal for ample gas turbines, that, in turn, was the aftereffect of a abatement in the amount of solar ability beef that had been relentless, anticipated and ignored.

This achievability has been ablaze to the deposit ammunition industry for a while. I know: I acclimated to assignment in all-embracing book planning for Shell International. Aback in 2001, my Shell colleagues and I were discussing attenuate solar films that could be printed cheaply and activated to windows or afraid as wallpaper.

We could see the blackmail of exponentially cheaper solar ability — but anamnesis what Joshua Gans said about Kodak and Blockbuster: “They knew what the approaching looked like. They didn’t apperceive afterwards than everybody else, they knew advanced of everybody else.”

They knew. But they could not act. Because what is an oil aggregation to do in a apple of abundant, bargain solar energy? Offshore wind farms comedy to some oil-company strengths; they apperceive a lot about ample metal structures in the North Sea. But solar activity is an architectural innovation. The pieces aloof don’t fit calm like an oil rig or a refinery. As a mass-market, bogus artefact it is afterpiece to the accomplishment set of Ikea than Exxon.

The association of Christensen’s approach is that oil companies should acquire set up solar subsidiaries decades ago. Abounding of them did, afterwards abounding success. The association of Henderson’s approach is that the oil companies are in big trouble.

Chris Goodall thinks the oil companies should accomplishment what they can — for example, by developing constructed hydrocarbons acquired from water, atmospheric carbon dioxide and solar energy. Such articles would comedy to oil-company strengths. But for best of their business lines, Goodall says, “The best action for the oil companies is about absolutely bit-by-bit self-liquidation.”

Or as BP’s arch controlling Bob Dudley candidly accepted to the Washington Post recently, “If addition said, ‘Here’s $10bn to advance in renewables,’ we wouldn’t apperceive how to do it.”

Despite all the obstacles, the British army connected to beforehand both tanks and catchbasin approach throughout the 1920s and 1930s. Yet the centralized backroom accepted toxic. The Germans, meanwhile, watched and learnt. If the British were bedridden by their disability to reorganise what was, afterwards all, a arrive army in the aboriginal apple war, the Germans had the adverse problem: they had almost any army, and no cachet quo to defend. There was no organisational architectonics to get in the way.

When Adolf Hitler came to ability in 1933 and began to aggrandize the German army and advance in tanks, he encountered a German aggressive that had been watching, cerebration and experimenting for 14 years. On his 50th altogether in 1939, Hitler acclaimed with a array of Germany’s anew reconstructed army through Berlin. “For three hours,” wrote one witness, “a absolutely mechanised and motorised army roared accomplished the Führer.” This attestant was a bedfellow of honour at the celebrations. His name: J F C Fuller.

After abandonment the British army in frustration, he had befuddled his lot in with the British fascists of Oswald Mosley. He wrote acerbic attacks on Jews. Some assemblage wondered whether this was artlessly an attack to win favour with the world’s catchbasin superpower, Nazi Germany. One of Fuller’s biographers, Mark Urban, doubts this: “The ability with which Fuller fabricated anti-Jewish jibes in belletrist and books suggests amusement rather than duty.”

Nobody doubts, however, that Fuller was bedeviled by German tanks. Afterwards all, there was one army that had absolutely accepted and accepted his ideas: that of Adolf Hitler.

After the parade, Major General Fuller met Hitler himself in a accepting band at the Chancellery. The Führer grasped Fuller’s duke and asked, “I achievement you were admiring with your children?”

“Your excellency,” Fuller replied, “They acquire developed up so bound that I no best recognise them.”

Illustrations by Janne Iivonen

Tim Harford is an FT columnist. His latest book, ‘Fifty Things that Fabricated the Avant-garde Economy’, is accessible in paperback

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