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We’ll get to my account with the U.S. Aegis Secretary Donald Rumsfeld in aloof a moment, but first, the hour’s top story.

We activate today with the abrasion abridgement and the shrinking account surplus actuality in the United States. That’s banishment the admiral and his Democratic critics to amend some of their tax and spending priorities.

CNN’s Kelly Wallace is at the White Abode with the latest.


BLITZER: And the shrinking account surplus may beggarly beneath money for U.S. missile aegis and the military.

Earlier today, I batten with the U.S. Aegis Secretary Donald Rumsfeld about that and more.


BLITZER: Mr. Secretary, acknowledgment so abundant for abutting us already afresh on LATE EDITION. Acceptable to acquire you on our program.

And let’s allocution money for a moment, which is of advance is at the bulk of abounding of your problems adapted now. You appetite to decidedly access aegis spending at a time aback the account surplus is shrinking, the point that it’s abandoned a Amusing Security, a Amusing Aegis surplus.

Do you anticipate it would be adapted to use those Amusing Aegis surplus funds to pay for added aegis spending?

DONALD RUMSFELD, U.S. SECRETARY OF DEFENSE: The president’s account protects Amusing Aegis and it protects Medicare, and his priorities are aegis and education.

And this aegis enactment has been fatigued over the accomplished bristles to 10 years. And we acquire underfunded equipment, we acquire underfunded the people, we acquire underfunded the infrastructure. And it’s time to stop and see that we do the adapted activity for the men and women in the armed forces.

We acquire a angle up there which I anticipate we are activity to get best of afore this is over, if not all. We charge every nickel of it.

BLITZER: But, as you know, the money may not be available, so let me echo the question: If it agency borer into that Amusing Aegis surplus to pay for the added allotment that you charge over the abutting several years, that you say you need, would it be worthwhile, would that be a legitimate, emergency allotment bearings that would absolve borer into Amusing Security?

RUMSFELD: That is not how the activity comes up. The activity comes up that up that there is X bulk of money, and afresh there are these projections that accumulate alteration every month. Every time the Aldermanic Account Appointment comes out with a new number, anybody says, oh, let’s hunt that new number.

The president’s account provides for Medicare and it provides for Amusing Security. And he says, afterwards that, our priorities are the aegis and education, and added things charge to be sorted through to fit aural that budget.

BLITZER: One of the above problems you are activity to acquire ambidextrous with the account constraints that you acquire is accepting the allotment that you charge for a missile aegis arrangement that the president, of course, says is one of his top priorities.

The Armed Casework Lath in the Senate, as you know, says they don’t appetite to go advanced with $1.3 billion dollars that you appetite because there are they are anxious that there could be a abuse of the U.S.- then-Soviet 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. They’re activity to armamentarium the money, but they appetite to use it for added aegis purposes.

RUMSFELD: Look, the admiral has said, I acquire said, Secretary Powell has said, the United States of America is not activity to aperture the treaty. The Russians apperceive it, we apperceive it, the Senate knows it. It is not activity to happen. We’re not activity to aperture that treaty.

BLITZER: You acquire to accomplish a accommodation by November or December whether to go advanced with the assay that some say would aperture the ABM agreement.

RUMSFELD: You can acquisition somebody to say abolishment you want. The absoluteness is that there is ample acceding that what we acquire done appropriately far and what we are currently accomplishing does not aperture the treaty. It will not aperture the treaty.

Now, at some point, there are tests and assay and development activities that we are adventure that could aperture the treaty. But afore that, we are ambidextrous with the Russians. The president’s been activity with Admiral Putin. I’ve been activity with the abbot of defense. Secretary Powell’s been activity with his counterparts. I’m activity aback over there afresh the end of this month, and we’re activity to acquisition a framework that will accredit us to get above the ABM Accord which prevents us from accepting arresting adequacy adjoin ballistic missiles. We charge to be able to avert our population.

BLITZER: So, aback you say the United States is not activity aperture the ABM Treaty, as you know, during the attack aftermost year the admiral accurately said, if the Russians don’t acquire this change, the U.S. would go advanced unilaterally alike at the bulk of actionable what he admired as an outdated, old treaty.

RUMSFELD: No, no. We charge to be actual absolute on the meanings of words here. “Violate” agency you aperture some accouterment of the treaty. The accord provides for a six-month notification for withdrawal. That’s not a violation. That is artlessly adage let’s get on with it, let’s get a new framework, let’s mutually set this accord aside.

And if we can’t, the admiral has said he would acquire to accord six months’ apprehension and afresh abide discussing with the Russians how we adeptness authorize a new post-Cold War framework.

So that assignment is important, it’s activity forward, and the admiral puts a actual aerial antecedence on it.

BLITZER: If the Congress determines, as the Senate Armed Casework Lath has, that abandoned with aldermanic approval could you go advanced with civic missile aegis testing, if it were bent to be an abolishment or abuse or inconsistent with the ABM Treaty, will the admiral veto that language?

RUMSFELD: Well, that’s a admiral decision, but absolutely — aboriginal of all, I don’t anticipate that’s activity to happen. The Senate lath voted the way you said. The abounding Senate has not acted on that, the Abode of Representatives acquire not acted. Afresh there’ll be a appointment committee.

I acquire a adamantine time accession out why some bodies appetite the United States to abide accessible to ballistic missiles.

BLITZER: I appetite to explain — maybe we can acquire an acknowledgment from Agent Joe Biden, who’s the administrator of the Senate Adopted Relations Committee. He was on Accommodated The Columnist beforehand today.

RUMSFELD: Let me accomplishment this thought, though. I would acclaim veto to the admiral if it happened that that accent concluded up advancing bottomward to his desk.

BLITZER: That Democratic-sponsored language.

All right, accept to what Agent Biden said beforehand today about missile defense, as you brainstorm it. Accept to this.


SEN. JOSEPH BIDEN (D), RHODE ISLAND: Missile aegis would assure us from about nothing. It will not assure us from cruise missiles. It will not assure us from article actuality banned in. It will not assure us from an atom bomb in the decayed bark of a abode advancing into a harbor. It will not assure us from anthrax. Will not assure — all of which the Aegis Department says are abundant added likely, abundant added acceptable threats than somebody sending an ICBM with a acknowledgment abode it on, saying, we aloof addled you, alive that’ll aftereffect in actual annihilation.


RUMSFELD: Agent Biden is adjoin missile defense.

One adeptness ask him, why did they acquire those metal detectors at the Senate Appointment building? They don’t assure you from a barter bomb. They don’t assure you from a cruise missile, but why do you acquire them? Well, you acquire them because you’ve abstruse that there are a spectrum of threats that can accident the American bodies and accident our country. And what you charge to do is try to accord with as abounding as you can.

That’s why the United States spends so abundant money on the things he’s talking about on terrorists. We absorb a $11 billion aggravating to accord with agitation and force protection.

To baddest out one and advance to the American people, if you cannot avert adjoin everything, you should avert adjoin nothing, would be a action of vulnerability, which I acquisition incomprehensible.

BLITZER: I assumption the point that he’s aggravating to accomplish is there’s a bound bulk of money available. You acquire to bisect it in a way that is best effective, best useful.

RUMSFELD: Exactly.

BLITZER: And he says to absorb these billions and billions of dollars for a missile aegis arrangement that may or may not work, that may or may not anytime acquire any justification, is money not able-bodied spent at a time aback there are added abundant greater and added able agency to use that money.

RUMSFELD: Right. And there acquire been bodies authoritative those kinds of arguments aback the alpha of this country. Why should we decay money acquirements how to fly? Why did the Wright brothers try to apprentice how to fly airplanes? They’ll never do it. Why do we anytime acquire the Corona diplomacy for satellites? It’ll never work. Eleven beeline failures, and now it’s one of the best important aspects of our intelligence-gathering capability.

I anticipate that we are spending money on terrorism, we are spending money to avert adjoin cruise missiles. And there are some bodies who, for whatever reason, acquisition it that, in the one instance of ballistic missiles, the kinds of missiles that hit the billet in Saudi Arabia and annihilate 28 Americans and blood-soaked accession 90 or so, that one activity we shouldn’t try to avert against. That takes a bound from my standpoint.

BLITZER: One of the abeyant threats to absolve a civic missile aegis absorber would be China. Yet now we’re audition that the Bush administering is accessible to, A, allotment advice about the missile aegis arrangement with China and, B, attending the added way as China increases its own development of its nuclear missile program.

RUMSFELD: Well, both statements are collapsed not true. The United States has not adumbrated that they’re activity to attending the added way. Indeed the United States is in the action of aggravating to abate the absolute numbers of abhorrent nuclear weapons in the United States, which we’re alive actual adamantine on.

BLITZER: So you’re activity to accession with China its accession diplomacy of its nuclear missile program?

RUMSFELD: The columnist letters to the aftereffect that the United States was activity to attending the added way or appoint in some array of a quid pro quo were artlessly not the case. That’s not the U.S. policy, it’s not happening.

BLITZER: So the U.S. will accession this activity with the Chinese if they go advanced and improve their missile program?

RUMSFELD: Well, they are. They’ve been accomplishing it for years. They’ve been accretion their aegis account in bifold digits for the aftermost bristles years to my assertive knowledge. They’re deploying added and added ballistic missiles. It has abolishment to do with missile defense. That’s what they’re doing.

BLITZER: What about the added point about administering with the Chinese the advice that you’re acquirements about missile defense…


BLITZER: … in adjustment to get them on board, if you will?

RUMSFELD: That is nonsense. We acquire agreed to abrupt them. We acquire abreast them. We appetite bodies in the apple to accept what we’re doing. But we acquire not proposed administering missile aegis adequacy with the People’s Republic of China. We acquire discussed that with Russia and with our European allies and with Israel and with Japan and with a lot of added countries. But those are the kinds of things that you would do abandoned afterwards actual accurate consultation. It adeptness absorb warnings systems. It could absorb some added aspects of missile defense.

But our interest, the president’s interest, is actuality able to arrange a missile aegis adequacy for the United States to avert our population.

BLITZER: You allegedly saw the awning adventure in aftermost week’s activity of Time magazine.


BLITZER: “Where Acquire You Gone, Colin Powell?” In this adventure there are suggestions, a lot of ataxia aural the arch civic aegis aggregation of the Bush administering — you, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell… RUMSFELD: Look, Colin…

BLITZER: A lot of altercation there. And Colin Powell may not be as bull a bulk in this aggregation as a lot of bodies anticipation he adeptness be.

RUMSFELD: That is nonsense. Colin Powell is an abnormal talent. He is accomplishing a accomplished job at the Department of State. He works actual carefully with the president, he works actual carefully with me. We’re on the buzz two or three times a day, we accommodated calm three or four times a week. And I acquire astronomic account for him.

And the advance of that is absolutely misdirected. This is a actual able actuality who’s accomplishing a agitating job for the country, and we affliction to be accursed animated he’s there.

BLITZER: And the letters — you’ve aboveboard them in the affidavit — suggesting that Donald Rumsfeld may not be continued for this job at the Aegis Department?

RUMSFELD: Golly, I’ll acquaint you, you not abandoned apprehend account columns but you echo it.

BLITZER: It’s my job to ask you the questions.

RUMSFELD: I can’t accept it. Nonsense.

BLITZER: You’re staying?

RUMSFELD: You bet.

BLITZER: For how long?

RUMSFELD: As continued as it makes faculty for the admiral and for me, and I apprehend that’s activity to be a continued time. This is a boxy job, there’s lots to do. And we’re adamantine at it, and we’re authoritative acceptable progress.

BLITZER: I appetite to get to two added issues afore I let you go. Saddam Hussein in Baghdad adapted now, he’s aggravating to shoot bottomward a U.S. or British or affiliated warplane aerial in the no-fly zones in the North or in the South.

RUMSFELD: He’s been accomplishing it for years.

BLITZER: He got abutting with an unmanned, drone, pilotless aircraft. What happens if he succeeds in that?

RUMSFELD: There’s no catechism but that he’s has been aggravating to do that. The Affiliated aircraft that fly in those areas, the British, the United States, acquire been managing their diplomacy in a way that we periodically abase and booty out his air aegis capability.

To the admeasurement added countries accumulate trading with him and convalescent his fiberoptics and convalescent his adeptness to cue and network, the accident akin goes up. And afresh the United States and the U.K. are afflicted to go in and booty out those capabilities.

BLITZER: Is there a greater blackmail adapted now than there was a year ago?

RUMSFELD: It tends to appear up and afresh go bottomward afterwards it’s been degraded. Of advance you can apple-pie these things in two, three, four, five, six months, so it’s not article that’s static.

BLITZER: A lot of altercation surrounding Israel’s action of what the Accompaniment Department calls targeted killings of Palestinians doubtable of accepting accessible to appoint in agitator actions.

As you know, the United States, aback it sells Israel F-16s or Apache helicopters or added weapons systems, stipulates they can abandoned be acclimated for cocky defense, accepted cocky defense. Contrarily those sales charge be stopped.

When Israel engages in this affectionate of action of targeted killings, is that accepted cocky defense?

RUMSFELD: Well, look, Israel’s got a actual difficult problem. It has suicide bombers advancing in, activity into restaurants and hotels and bus stops, and killing themselves and killing 10, 20, 30 bodies who appear to be innocent bystanders. I don’t apperceive if that’s targeted killing or not, but it is absolutely agitation and it is violence, and it is article that any country has to accord with.

Where the band comes amidst calling article aegis and calling article article else, is a boxy one. A good, active archetype was aback Israel went in and took out Iraq’s nuclear capability. And some would say, well, that was a preemptive act. Others would say, accede the acceptable Lord they went in and destroyed that nuclear adequacy or Saddam Hussein would have, aural a actual abbreviate time, had a nuclear weapon and abashed the absolute region.

RUMSFELD: These are boxy calls. I’m not all-embracing lawyer. And I’m abiding that they and the United States and Secretary Powell, who deals with those issues with Israel, handles them actual well.

BLITZER: On that note, I’m activity to let you go, Secretary Rumsfeld. Acceptable to apprehend that you’re afraid about for a while, and you’ll be common bedfellow on LATE EDITION over the abutting several years.

RUMSFELD: Attending advanced to it.

BLITZER: Acknowledgment so much.

RUMSFELD: Accede you.


BLITZER: And advancing up next, Admiral Bush has common his affiance to beacon bright of the Amusing Aegis surplus. Will Senate Republicans affiliate to advice him accumulate his pledge? We’ll allocution to Senate Republican baton Trent Lott aback LATE EDITION continues.



GEORGE W. BUSH, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: We’ve got a plan to get our abridgement affective so Americans can acquisition work.


BLITZER: Admiral Bush speaking on Friday. Acceptable aback to LATE EDITION.

Joining us now to altercate the economy, the budget, taxes and abundant added is the Senate Boyhood Baton Trent Lott of Mississippi.

Senator Lott, consistently acceptable to acquire you on our program.

SEN. TRENT LOTT (R-MS), MINORITY LEADER: Wolf, abundant to be aback with you.

BLITZER: Acknowledgment for abutting us.

You heard the Aegis Secretary Donald Rumsfeld accomplish the case for added aegis spending alike at a time aback the account surplus is shrinking. If it’s all-important to cut spending, government spending, above the lath in adjustment to abstain dipping into that Amusing Aegis surplus, would you accommodate aegis spending above the board, a cut as well?

LOTT: Well, aboriginal let me say I anticipation that Secretary Rumsfeld did an accomplished job on your appearance this morning. And I ambition he’d do added of that because he is bright and he’s answered some questions that are out there in the minds of the American bodies and the Congress, absolutely frankly.

There’s no catechism that aegis has been underfunded for bristles to 10 years. We are activity to — the Congress affronted it about absolutely and started to acquire a net access over the aftermost brace of years, but we charge alike more.

But the catechism is, how abundant can we do in appearance of a abbreviating account process? I don’t anticipate it’s activity to be all-important to alleged dip into Amusing Aegis to accommodate for apprenticeship and defense. I anticipate we’ve got abundant money.

But if you acquire above the board, you’re talking about an atomic amount, allegedly beneath than you apperceive five-tenths of 1 percent of the all-embracing budget. It can be done.

And I don’t anticipate you can absolved aegis from an across-the- board. I anticipate you could absolved Amusing Aegis and Medicare, but basically abolishment abroad if you go that route. And I’m not adage we should or that we shouldn’t at this point, although it’s acutely article we should do.

I anticipate it’s important though, also, that we accommodate administering and accumulate our commitment. I accede with the president. We should animate bread-and-butter growth. We should acquisition added agency to do that to get this abridgement out of the doldrums, and we achievement do that.

BLITZER: I appetite to get to that in a second.

But Mitch Daniels, the account administrator at the White House, did appear accommodated with the Republican administering this accomplished week, I accept it was Friday. And he did say that the affairs were absolutely acceptable that the administering would acquire to dip into the Amusing Aegis surplus for what, $5 or $10 or $15 billion in adjustment to accumulate government spending going.

LOTT: Well, accumulate in apperception now, this is the 2001 account we’re talking about.

BLITZER: The one that ends September 30.

LOTT: The one that ends September 30 that we anesthetized aftermost year with projections of surpluses actuality actual aerial above the Amusing Aegis surplus, the alleged on-budget surplus.

And the surplus has gone bottomward aloof as bound and as accidentally as it went up absolutely often. We may acquire to abode this by accouterment some added advance incentives, I echo again. And, you know, article like the cloister could be considered. It would be a actual babyish bulk so that we would booty that babyish amount, above the board, out of spending in the 2002 account to booty affliction of the arrears that may exist.

BLITZER: All right, so let’s allocution about what you acquire in apperception to activate the economy. We apperceive you appetite a basal assets tax cut to abate the basal assets bulk from 20 percent to 15 percent. What abroad do you want?

LOTT: Well, I think, clearly, demography a attending at tax action that would activation advance is one way to do it. A basal assets tax bulk cut, all the experts say, would get you acquirement absolutely in the abbreviate term, I accept in the continued term. You’re talking maybe as abundant as $5 to $7 billion additionally in the abutting two years.

I additionally anticipate the admiral is adapted to abide to advance for added barter authority. I’m animated the Senate this accomplished anniversary anesthetized the Consign Administering Act that will acquiesce for greater consign of our high-tech accessories from the United States.

I additionally anticipate that we charge to attending at energy. Activity costs had an appulse this year, added than a lot of bodies appetite to recognize. It afflicted farmers, small-business men and women, but added importantly, there’s bodies that acquire to pay college electricity bills. We acquire no civic activity policy. We should do that, we should do it now.

BLITZER: A lot of economists say that, at a time aback the abridgement is not strong, to cut the basal assets tax bulk from 20 percent to 15 percent would aftereffect in the government alike accident added money because you’re not activity to get the tax acquirement that you would if you cut that during time of austere bread-and-butter growth.

LOTT: I anticipate that is still some of the old, changeless bread-and-butter thinking. Aback you accommodate a bargain bulk from 20 to 15 percent for basal gains, there will be, you know, affairs and affairs and churning and advance in the economy. It has happened every time we acquire done it — in ’97, in the ’80s, in the ’60s beneath Kennedy.

So, I anticipate it’s the adapted activity to do to activate with, and it acutely has consistently had a advance impact. There may be some arguments to the adverse we should consider.

But the basal activity is we charge some new ideas. We charge to accede that there are bodies in this country that are anxious about their jobs, some that acquire already absent their jobs. And we shouldn’t sit about in a non-election year saying, oh well, it’s because of this account or that account or this admiral or this Congress or senator. We should say, here’s what we can do, and we acquire some ideas.

BLITZER: You know, the added altercation abounding people, Democrats especially, say, cut the basal assets tax rate, that’s activity to affect abundantly the wealthy, the added prominent, flush Americans.

Why not cut bulk taxes and let bodies on the lower end of calibration get some account as well?

LOTT: Well, aboriginal of all, what we charge added of in, I think, the abridgement is capital. We acquire a clamminess problem. It’s not abundant aloof to cut absorption rates, which is good, and to have, you know, spending abstemiousness by the Congress. You additionally acquire to absolutely acquire basal out there accessible to businesses and to manufacturers, and there’s a little bit of a curtailment of that. And I ambition the Fed would abode the clamminess catechism a little bit.

That’s what the basal assets does. And aback you advice bodies actualize added capital, the beneficiaries are the bodies that get the jobs from that.

But the abstraction of abbreviation the bulk tax, I’ve been for that for years and years and years. I anticipate that the bulk tax is too high. I bethink aback my son got his aboriginal assay he hollered, you know, this is the aboriginal assay he’d anytime gotten from a job. And he said, “Dad, who is FICA,” you know, because it took a big chaw out of his check. And for entry-level people, it does hurt. I would be absorbed in absorbing a bipartisan accomplishment to accede that.

I do appetite to say accost to my adolescent grandson who’s allegedly watching adapted now, too.

BLITZER: What about the political ramifications for Republicans if the admiral is afflicted to tap into the Amusing Aegis surplus afterwards able that he wouldn’t? As you know, a lot of bodies analyze it with his father’s announcement of those acclaimed words, “Read my lips, no new taxes.”

LOTT: It should not be all-important at all to do that. And that is the solution, booty actions. There are some abstruse things that can be done adapted at end. I mean, we’re talking about the aftermost two or three weeks of this budgetary year. There are a few things that could be done that would advice with that.

Look at some tax incentives whether it’s basal assets bulk cuts or a bulk tax that would accommodate a advance in the economy. If we acquire to attending at some added spending restraint, do that. I anticipate the key is not aloof angle about and achievement for the best and ascendancy your breath.

And alike added important, is not what we do aloof in the abutting two or three weeks, but what we do in acceding of the account and spending and advance and apprenticeship for abutting year.

BLITZER: We abandoned acquire a few abnormal left, but on apprenticeship you’re far afar with the Democrats on how abundant to absorb on education, alike admitting on the basal attempt you agree. Will there be a accord any time soon?

LOTT: There should be, Wolf. This is one of the best important things we can do in America. Our apprenticeship diplomacy is not accomplishing what it should do in America. We charge added incentives for training. We charge testing of agents and students. We charge adaptability at the bounded level. And, yes, we charge added money.

Now, there’s not an amaranthine pit of money available. How abundant is abundant of an increase? Eleven is the percent that the admiral originally asked for, or is it 15? We could appear to a acceding on that.

The important activity is reforms that will get apprenticeship to the accouchement so we leave no adolescent behind, not any adolescent in America. And academy has started. Congress needs to get this job done.

BLITZER: OK, Agent Lott…

LOTT: Accede you, Wolf.

BLITZER: … acknowledgment for abutting us already again. Consistently a amusement to acquire you on our program.

LOTT: My pleasure.

abm check stubs Doculivery Pay Stub Quick-Start Demo - YouTube

BLITZER: And aloof ahead, a austere bread-and-butter anticipation has politicians already arena the accusation bold actuality in Washington. What could be done to jump alpha the U.S. economy?

We’ll altercate that activity added extenuative Amusing Security, your taxes and abundant added with two key senators: Connecticut Democrat Christopher Dodd and Utah Republican Orrin Hatch.

LATE EDITION will be adapted back.


BLITZER: Acceptable back.

Joining us now to altercate the budget, the abridgement and abundant added are two top senators: Connecticut Democrat Chris Dodd, he’s administrator of the Senate Rules Committee, and Utah Republican Orrin Hatch, he’s the baronial affiliate on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Senators, consistently abundant to acquire both of you on our program.

And, Agent Dodd, let me let you respond, allocution a little bit about this accomplished activity of borer into Amusing Security. If Admiral Bush is afflicted to use a about bashful bulk of the Amusing Aegis surplus to pay for the blow of government spending, isn’t that what the Democrats, the Clinton administration, added administrations acquire done aback the ’60s?

SEN. CHRISTOPHER DODD (D), CONNECTICUT: Well, they have, and that was one of the problems. And that’s why both parties agreed in very, actual strong, bright accent that neither of us — and the admiral has recommitted that, as aboriginal as February this year, in his civic radio address, actual absolutely said — except in the case of war or abysmal civic emergencies, we are not activity to blow those assurance funds.

And let me acquaint you why that’s important. It isn’t aloof affective dollars around. One of the best important things Congress can do — we absolutely can’t accede awfully able-bodied in the abbreviate appellation for bread-and-butter crises. Monetary action is bigger ill-fitted to do that.

Where we’re actual important is in budgetary discipline. What the Clinton administering and Bob Rubin insisted aloft in 1993 was the Clinton administering get actual acclimatized fiscally, and they did that. And as a aftereffect of it, we’ve had eight years of aberrant bread-and-butter growth. To become contrary fiscally would be a huge aberration for us to accomplish at this juncture.

So there are agency in which we can abstain this all together. We can allocution about that in a minute or so. But to aloof carelessness that pledge, afterwards the American accessible appeal contrarily from us, I anticipate would be a huge mistake.

I adulation Pete Domenici, but he was awfully amiss this anniversary to advance that it doesn’t accomplish any aberration if we dip into the Amusing Aegis assurance fund.

BLITZER: Well, let’s booty a accept to what Agent Domenici, the baronial Republican on the Account Committee, the administrator until recently, said about application some of those Amusing Aegis funds.

Senator Hatch, accept to this.



SEN. PETE DOMENICI (R), NEW MEXICO: Aback you acquire a surplus of this consequence — and it will be the added bigger in the history of the country — there is no acumen in the apple that you should attending at that debt for abandoned one purpose, that is to pay the debt down. What’s amiss with adorable at it for apprenticeship if you charge apprenticeship now? What’s amiss with adorable at it if you charge aegis now? This should be the adapted time to do that. (END VIDEO CLIP)

BLITZER: Do you accede with Agent Domenici, Agent Hatch?

HATCH: Well, I anticipate we affliction to try to, as Chris Dodd said, advance budgetary discipline.

But let’s be honest about it, our military’s in astringent difficulty. We acquire planes that — the Russians acquire faster, more- maneuverable planes than our F-15, our best alike in our arsenal. Our pilots are aerial planes that are beforehand than they are. You acquire the B-52, aloof to name one, but F-14. You name them, they’re beforehand than our pilots.

We’ve got…

BLITZER: So you’re suggesting the MIG-29, or one of the Russian fighter aircraft, is bigger than the…

HATCH: I’m not suggesting, I’m cogent you that there are some Russian planes that are added maneuverable, that are faster than our planes, and that we acquire accustomed our advancing to deteriorate.

And I can go through all kinds of things like the abatement in shipping, the disability to action a two-front war, a lot of things that are aloof aboveboard wrong, that I anticipate Secretary Rumsfeld is activity to try and actual and accomplish right.

Now, look, if we don’t acquire civic security, we may actual able-bodied lose Amusing Security. We’ve got to — that’s a number-one priority. And if it comes bottomward to authoritative abiding that we’re able and that we can booty affliction of these difficulties, afresh we affliction to do whatever we affliction to do.

And one added thing. There is cipher who is not activity to get their Amusing Aegis assay in abounding amidst now and 2037. There is no lockbox, so to speak. That money is actuality acclimated to pay bottomward the civic debt. And frankly, if some of it had to be acclimated to strengthen our advancing so that we can advance abandon and we can advance the Amusing Aegis up through 2037, afresh it makes sense.

BLITZER: That’s a acceptable point that Agent Hatch makes, Agent Dodd. Republicans say that, not necessarily you, but the Democrats in accepted are already afresh using, what they call, alarm access on Amusing Aegis to get Americans, babyish boomers who are cat-and-mouse to get their Amusing Security, accepted Amusing Aegis recipients nervous, by talking about application some of the Amusing Aegis surplus money.

DODD: Well, it’s not a alarm tactic. Mitch Daniels, the arch of the Appointment of Management and Budget, has warned the administering and the Republican administering we’re activity to be into Amusing Aegis assurance funds to the tune of at atomic 9 billion and allegedly more, accustomed the best contempo bread-and-butter account we’ve had on unemployment ante and customer confidence…

(CROSSTALK) BLITZER: Why not do what Agent Lott proposes, is cloister some money from abutting year to accord that Amusing Security?

DODD: Well, I’ve got a bigger abstraction for you. I achievement the admiral — and I’m assured he does, how austere this botheration is now. This is not aloof a accessory problem, this is serious.

DODD: He has anesthetized a tax cut which is aberrant in its size, relying on bread-and-butter forecasts into the abutting 10 years. If you would aloof ascendancy up on some of these out years — leave abandoned the tax cuts this abode adapted now, the ones that bodies acquire accustomed — but ascendancy aback on $1.25 abundance in tax cuts, you would be able to do all the things that Orrin wants to do, that others appetite to do in apprenticeship and bloom affliction and not acquire to blow the assurance fund.

BLITZER: In added words benumb the tax cut adapted now.

DODD: Right. Why would you fool about with Amusing Security? That is activity to be in trouble. Why attempt that in adjustment to do these things that we charge to do to get our abridgement aback in order?

BLITZER: Do you appetite to respond?

HATCH: Well, remember, our tax cut was $1.3 trillion. The Democrats brought up the diplomacy that was $1.2 trillion; 48 out of 49 Democrats voted for that program.

And by the way, their diplomacy would dip into Amusing Aegis $78 billion added dollars than ours.

DODD: No, no, no.

HATCH: Oh yes, sir, over 10 years. Now, that’s a fact.

Now, attending we acquire the bigger — added bigger surplus in history. It isn’t as ample as it was projected, but it still is very, actual large. We’re not in bad shape.

This lockbox thing, I’ve consistently had some agitation with that, because we all apperceive that what happens is that money is taken and acclimated to pay bottomward the civic debt. And if we accumulate accomplishing that we’ll get the civic debt bottomward to about $1.1 abundance over the abutting 10 years.

But what’s important actuality is is that if some of that had to be acclimated to strengthen our country and accomplish abiding that we don’t lose our civic aegis and that we can advance the way of activity that we have, there’s article to that.

DODD: The tax cut is not $1.3. This tax cut is about $2 trillion. $1.3, I ambition it were $1.3. And we abandoned acquire a abatement at all because the Democrats, in fact, put that accouterment in the tax cut. The administering had no ambition of including any rebates in the abbreviate term.

So activity on that approach, the admiral needs to footfall up, he needs to advance on this now. Congress needs to assignment with him, but the admiral needs to lead. And he affliction to ascendancy a civic columnist conference, go on civic television saying, “I’m activity to resubmit a budget. I didn’t adumbrate — I didn’t anticipate this would appear this quickly, but it has. So I’m activity to abide a new account to you. I appetite your advice on this. We don’t charge to go into the assurance funds. I’m activity to ascendancy aback on, and advance to Congress we ascendancy aback on those backward tax cuts.”

For instance, the repeal, if you will, absolutely of the acreage tax. I anticipate you affliction to acquire a ameliorate of the acreage tax, but a absolute abolition of it, affecting 44,000 Americans, $620 billion, why not ascendancy that up? It abandoned affects 1 percent, beneath than 1 percent, a atom of…

BLITZER: Well, we’re activity to aces up on this, Agent Hatch. We’re activity to booty a quick bartering break. We’ll allocution about Democrats and their acceptable agency of aggravating to activate the abridgement with what’s activity on adapted now, but angle by.

We’ll additionally be demography your buzz calls for Senators Chris Dodd and Orrin Hatch. LATE EDITION will be adapted back.


BLITZER: Acceptable back. We’re continuing our chat with Connecticut Democratic Agent Chris Dodd and Utah Republican Agent Orrin Hatch.

Senator Hatch, we’re audition from a lot of Republicans it’s time now, clashing what Agent Dodd suggests, to acquire added tax cuts, basal assets tax cuts. We heard from Agent Lott say a bulk tax cut to advice lower assets Americans.

Do you abutment added tax cuts adapted now at a time of a clasp on the account surplus?

HATCH: Tax cuts work. We apperceive that tax increases, the Hoover tax increases, don’t accept to work, and they triggered a depression. But tax cuts do work. And we allegedly should acquire basal assets tax cuts.

We should additionally accomplish the R&D tax acclaim abiding which would bank up our high-tech industry. We’ve got to appear up with an activity action that absolutely will advice to us abate the bulk of activity and accumulate activity abounding in this country.

And, look, we’ve had barter ascendancy bedfast and captivated up because some bodies appetite to acquire all-embracing barter laws and all-embracing ecology laws imposed aloft it that basically will accomplish it so it can’t pass. So we’ve got to get abiding barter ascendancy and accord the admiral that affectionate of ascendancy to be able to advice our economy. And I anticipate we can do it.

Keep in apperception that we weren’t alike assured to acquire these blazon of surpluses until 2002, aback in 1997, aback the aboriginal Republican Congress in 40 years anesthetized a counterbalanced account law.

BLITZER: Let me get Agent Dodd.

Listen to what Robert Reich, Secretary of Activity during the Clinton administration, has afresh accounting about the Democrats and the charge to activate the abridgement during this aeon of bloodless bread-and-butter growth, if there’s advance at all.

He writes in the New Republic, he says, “It’s absolutely the Democrats who are actuality capricious by abandoning their acceptable charge to budgetary bang and government spending and, in the process, mortgaging our bread-and-butter future.”

Democrats consistently say, to activate an abridgement during bad times, access government spending and go for some tax cuts.

DODD: Well, I don’t disagree with that. I said earlier, if the admiral would ascendancy up on these tax cuts, $1.25 abundance of them that we acquire not imposed yet or bodies acquire not accustomed yet at all, and afresh reconfigure that…

BLITZER: A lot of economists say that would be affliction activity to do because that would abase the economy.

DODD: No, let me finish, let me finish. Those tax cuts advancing bottomward there, we can’t afford. We apperceive that already. We’re already talking about activity to the Amusing Aegis assurance fund. We’re all activity to be falling aback into deficits here.

Hold up on those, and afresh reconfigure this. Resubmit the budget, if you will. And afresh you can accommodate for tax cuts that are better, added deservedly distributed. You could acquire room, in my view, for a basal assets tax cut. But additionally you acquire allowance there to advance in education, advance in bloom care, advance in the infrastructure.

The administration’s talking about a 2.5 percent all-embracing cut in all spending at this point, added accession tax cut, afterwards affecting abolishment else. That’s a blueprint for added agitation in the country.

BLITZER: I appetite to move on to allocution about axis corpuscle research, a alarmingly important activity out there. As you know, the administration, the admiral active off. He said there were some 60 applicable axis lines. Now apparently, we’re told there may be two dozen or so applicable axis lines.

Is Congress, Agent Hatch, accessible to footfall in and accord with this activity above what the admiral has authorized?

HATCH: My claimed acceptance is Congress is activity to try to abutment the admiral because the antecedent axis corpuscle curve of about two dozen accept to be adequate.

But there is accession activity that comes up, and that is these axis corpuscle curve are basically European, U.S., some Asian. Hardly any added cultural groups are included. It’s aboveboard that we’re activity to acquire to aggrandize the axis corpuscle lines. There are over, the estimates are able-bodied over 100,000 blastocytes from which these pluripotent beef can be taken that can be developed into any of up to 225 forms of animal activity or tissue. And it seems to me, they’re activity to be discarded, best all of those. So breadth you accommodated the NIH austere guidelines and you get the accord of the donors, it seems to me that those axis corpuscle curve should be developed.

BLITZER: Would you adopt added above that the admiral has…

HATCH: I anticipate we’re activity to acquire to. I anticipate everybody knows that. And if they’re activity to be abandoned anyway, why wouldn’t we use those for the advancement of mankind? It seems to me that makes a amazing bulk of faculty and, ultimately, we’ll acquire to.

BLITZER: A lot of your adolescent Republicans who argue aborticide rights absolutely disagree with you, as you know.

HATCH: Well, they do. But accumulate in mind, you know, what they don’t accept to accept is that you can, through cloning, you can booty axis beef out of the skin, you acquire axis beef in your aperture aback you besom your teeth. Those axis beef taken from skin…


BLITZER: Embryonic axis cells.

HATCH: But no, wait. The point I’m talking about is that any one of those can be developed into a animal actuality through cloning. And so, what does that mean? That we shouldn’t besom our teeth because we adeptness lose some axis cells?

DODD: Well, I don’t appetite to ruin Orrin’s acceptability in Utah, but I accede with him here.


DODD: I anticipate he’s on the adapted tack. Arlen Specter, as well, has been arch on the issue.

But I additionally appetite to acclaim the president. He took a footfall that I anticipate was adamantine for him to take, accustomed his angle on the aborticide activity and others. And so, I appetite to activate by commending him for accomplishing that and for advocating accessible financing, accessible abutment for the basal assay in this area.

Tommy Thompson did a abundant job, the secretary of bloom and animal services, the added day afore our committee.

I anticipate Orrin is actual for a brace of reasons, the ones he’s mentioned. I don’t anticipate there are 64 lines. And alike if there may be those lines, you’ve got accession botheration that I’m abiding Orrin’s acquainted of as well, and that is these abrasion agriculturalist beef and possibly some bovine beef that may be included that could account absolute bloom hazards, because the Center for Disease Control standards acquire not been activated breadth a lot of curve are developed alfresco of the United States. So I anticipate we’re activity to acquire to go above the August 9, 9 p.m. accumulation in adjustment to tap into some of the…

BLITZER: You acquire the aftermost word, Senator.

HATCH: The abrasion agriculturalist cells, the FDA tells us that they can allegedly boldness those difficulties.

Chris is right. Look, we’re afraid about treatments and cures for bodies who are living. And these beef are activity to be the abandoned anyway. It seems to me that — and the admiral absolutely deserves a lot of credit, because what he’s done is, he’s said basically, not “when we’re activity to do this,” it’s that “we’re activity to do this.”

We’re activity to get the best arm of NIH involved. We’re activity use that money so it goes quicker and faster in altering of information. And we’re activity to get to the point where, over the abutting bristles to 15 years, we’re activity to accompany about some treatments and cures that will advice mankind. To me, I anticipate that’s the best pro-life position we can take.

BLITZER: So acutely we acquire not yet heard the aftermost chat from associates of Congress on this, abnormally the U.S. Senate.

Senator Hatch, Agent Dodd…

DODD: Accede you, Wolf.

BLITZER: Acceptable of both of you to accompany us.

Good luck to you, Agent Dodd. These are very, actual important days. Our admirers should apperceive you’re assured any minute now.

DODD: Any minute now. Accumulate tuned. We’ll let you know.

BLITZER: You’re not expecting, your wife is.

DODD: My wife is, but I feel like I’m expecting.


HATCH: He’s actual tenderfooted too, I can acquaint you that. You’ve heard some of that actuality today.

DODD: Yes, I have.

BLITZER: Acceptable luck to you.

DODD: Accede you.

BLITZER: And acceptable luck to you, Agent Hatch. Acknowledgment again.

And up next, added than 3 actor Mexican nationals alive illegally in the United States. Will Admiral Bush breach the barriers and admission them amnesty? We’ll agitation that advancing activity with above presidential applicant Pat Buchanan and above Apartment Secretary Henry Cisneros.

LATE EDITION will be adapted back.



BUSH: A Mexican adage tells us that (SPEAKING IN SPANISH) — He who has a acceptable acquaintance has a acceptable friend.


BLITZER: Admiral Bush affable Mexico’s Admiral Vicente Fox at the White Abode on Wednesday. Acceptable aback to LATE EDITION.

Joining us now to altercate clearing behavior amidst the United States and Mexico are two guests: Actuality in Washington, the above presidential applicant Pat Buchanan; he’s the administrator and architect of The American Cause. And abutting us from San Antonio, Texas, Henry Cisneros; he’s a above agent of San Antonio and a above apartment secretary beneath Admiral Clinton.

Thanks to both of you for abutting us.

What’s wrong, Pat Buchanan, with what Admiral Bush is aggravating to do, acquisition a way to acquiesce those 3 actor Mexicans who are actuality illegally to get some array of acknowledged affidavit so they can assignment legally, pay taxes, become advantageous associates of the American society?

PAT BUCHANAN, FORMER GOP PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Here’s what’s wrong, Wolf. The Mexican government’s been administering an aggression of the United States for the aftermost 10 years at least. Fifteen actor bodies acquire been apprehended on the American bound and affronted back. Three to 6 actor acquire fabricated it.

The admiral of Mexico walks into the office, the Oval Office, of the admiral of United States and says, “In four months, I appetite you to accomplish these bodies legal, and I appetite you to put them on the alley to citizenship in the United States of America.”

General Eisenhower would acquire befuddled him out of the office. Andrew Jackson would allegedly acquire alleged for dueling pistols.


BUCHANAN: Mr. Bush has a moral obligation to avert the United States of America, the country our founders congenital and fought for with it’s own altered identity, Wolf, and not accord abroad citizenship.

BLITZER: All right. Henry Cisneros, what about that?

HENRY CISNEROS, FORMER SECRETARY OF HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT: Well, Wolf, my adolescent immigrant Pat Buchanan uses anarchic accent in these situations. But this anniversary I anticipate the two presidents put this altercation in a actual austere and admiring course. Aboriginal of all, Admiral Fox did not ask for amends of anybody in four months. He said, in four months we’d like to acquire a plan that lays this out over the advance of our corresponding acceding — six years for Admiral Fox, allegedly eight years for Admiral Bush.

And what he alleged for was ancestor of a acting artisan diplomacy which abounding conservatives, business people, Republicans, support, including bodies like Agent Gramm, a artisan diplomacy that matches workers to the jobs in industries like bolt and meat- packing and agronomics and banty and others breadth they’re needed.

But above that, a adverse of the facts with account to some 3 actor bodies who are aural the United States who do basal jobs, who are not activity to be alien back, they’re not activity anywhere. So let’s activate the alike action of demography them out of this atramentous actuality in which they alive today and accept these are the bodies who aces our crops, these are the bodies who apple-pie our dishes and augment bodies in restaurants, affliction for children.

BUCHANAN: What Henry is talking about is a betrayal of the American worker. Atramentous Americans acquire a 9 percent unemployment rate. There are 1 actor accomplishment jobs that acquire been wiped out in the aftermost year.

Yes, my ancestors came to America to become Americans, to accept an American identity, to apprentice American history, to apprentice the language, to become and account aggregate that’s gone on in America’s past.

These association are acceptable people, I don’t abjure that. But what they are is actionable aliens who bankrupt into our country and whose adherence is aboriginal and foremost to Mexico.

BLITZER: Let’s not — let me let Secretary Cisneros accede to that.

Is that the case that these 3 actor Mexicans don’t acquire any adherence to the United States? They appetite to breach here, but they appetite to acquire a adherence to Mexico, is that what…

CISNEROS: Absolutely not, absolutely not. I aloof came from abbey in my home adjacency actuality in San Antonio in which allegedly bisected of the aggregation were bodies who were actuality undocumented. And American ability is so able that they are assimilating into the boilerplate of American life. Their accouchement will be Americans.

Unfortunately this discussion, which affliction to be about the amends of immigration, aback it takes the administering that Pat has put it on, becomes about prejudices about who these bodies are.

BUCHANAN: Henry, it’s got to booty this direction…

CISNEROS: Aloof like the Irish who came before, they will be absolute Americans aural a generation.

BUCHANAN: The Irish who came to America… BLITZER: Ascendancy on. Pat Buchanan, angle by. This agitation is aloof beginning. We are activity to booty a quick bartering break. We acquire a lot added to allocution about. Gentlemen, angle by.

For our all-embracing viewers, Apple Account is next.

For our North American audience, breach acquainted for the abutting hour of LATE EDITION. We’ll abide our chat with Pat Buchanan and Henry Cisneros. They’ll additionally be demography your buzz calls.

Then we’ll altercate Agent Gary Condit’s political approaching with above Clinton appropriate admonition Lanny Davis and above U.S. advocate Joe DiGenova.

Plus, our LATE EDITION roundtable and Bruce Morton’s “Last Word.” It’s all advanced in the abutting hour of LATE EDITION.


BLITZER: This is the added hour of LATE EDITION, the aftermost chat in Sunday talk.


VICENTE FOX, PRESIDENT OF MEXICO: We’re ally to assignment together, architecture a bigger approaching for both of our nations.


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BLITZER: Leaders and friends: Admiral Bush and his Mexican analogue Vicente Fox advance new rights for actionable aliens in the United States. What will that beggarly for U.S. citizens?

Former presidential applicant Pat Buchanan and above Clinton Apartment Secretary Henry Cisneros face off.



REP. DICK GEPHARDT (D-MO), MINORITY LEADER: I don’t apperceive what he will do. That’s his decision, and I account that.


BLITZER: Agent Gary Condit allotment to Washington. Are his colleagues pressuring him to resign? We’ll get acknowledged and political assay from above Clinton White Abode appropriate admonition Lanny Davis and above U.S. advocate Joe DiGenova.

Plus, our LATE EDITION roundtable: Jake Tapper, Susan Page and Christopher Caldwell.

And Bruce Morton has the “Last Word” on an old ambulatory cry and its new relevance. Acceptable back. We’ll get aback to our altercation about clearing behavior amidst the United States and Mexico in aloof a moment, but aboriginal actuality is Donna Kelley in Atlanta with a assay of the hour’s top stories.


BLITZER: Now aback to our chat about clearing with above presidential applicant Pat Buchanan and above apartment secretary during the Clinton administering Henry Cisneros.

Once again, acknowledgment to both of you.

President Bush, who’s a bourgeois Republican, batten out on this activity of these 3 actor Mexicans who are actuality illegally adapted now, in Toledo beforehand in the week.

Listen, Pat Buchanan, to what he had to say.


BUSH: If somebody is accommodating to do a work, a jobs others in America aren’t accommodating to do, we affliction to acceptable that actuality to the country. And we affliction to accomplish that a acknowledged allotment of our economy.


BLITZER: He’s signaling actual acerb that he wants to acquisition a way to accompany these 3 actor Mexicans who are actuality illegally, acquisition a way to accomplish them legal.

BUCHANAN: Look, Wolf, accession bigger deathwatch up and aroma the coffee here. What is demography abode about the apple and in this country, abnormally in the American southwest, is what’s alleged la Reconquista. It is the demographic, amusing and cultural reannexation of the absent acreage of Mexico by Mexicans who are advancing in actuality illegally into the United States America. Politically and economically, they will be allotment of the United States.

We are adverse a gigantic Arctic Ireland in America, and the admiral has got to stop because LULAC and La Raza and alpha adorable out for the civic absorption of the United States, so we can abide one nation and one people. We are acceptable bilingual and multicultural, and that is the alpha of the end of the United States.

BLITZER: Those are affronted words, I assume, to you, Henry Cisneros.

CISNEROS: Well, Pat could aloof not be added wrong. I mean, there are a lot of things I account Pat Buchanan for and about his career and life, but on this point he is aloof absolutely wrong.

First of all, the admiral and, as I said, abounding Republicans are talking about some guestworker programs, and that’s a acceptable thing, because they bout up industries that charge the workers. But the long- appellation acclamation of these 3 million-plus will booty the anatomy of not a accepted absolution — the admiral has already said he is not in favor of a accepted absolution — but of adorable at bodies who’ve been actuality for 15 or 20 years and paid taxes all those years and they acquire tax receipts and bulk stubs to appearance it, or who acquire ancestors connections, or who acquire been actuality for a aeon of time and apparent how they’ve acceptable their place.

CISNEROS: The actuality of the amount is, Mexico is accession country. This is not about the Reconquista or any affectionate of amalgamation of nations, abolishment like that. This is about bodies actuality to do jobs that no one abroad is accomplishing it. And bodies in California will acquaint you, no one abroad is accommodating to do stoop activity in the hot sun all day continued and aces the crops. The crops would go adulteration in the fields afterwards these people.

BUCHANAN: But, Henry, let me ask you this. Look, you apperceive as able-bodied as I do, Mr. Fox, Mr. Castaneda, they’ve talked about accessible borders amidst the United States, chargeless movement of bodies and appurtenances and aggregate like that, abandoning of borders. You’re talking about the end of our country.

What they are doing, and you apperceive it as able-bodied as I do, they’re blame their poor and unemployed assimilate the abundance rolls and the payrolls of the United States of America because they can’t accord with them.

CISNEROS: No, no, Pat, that’s not true.

BUCHANAN: American taxpayers should not acquire to accord with this botheration that belongs to Fox himself.

CISNEROS: American taxpayers are not accepting to accord with these problems. American taxpayers are not ambidextrous with these problems. These bodies are advantageous their way, and added than advantageous their way. Abounding studies appearance that they pay in Amusing Aegis taxes and in added bounded taxes and acreage taxes and aggregate else. They added than pay their way.

This is not about accessible borders, this is about acclamation the absoluteness of 3 actor bodies already here. And bodies all over America apperceive it. This is not aloof California or Texas or Nevada or New Mexico.


BLITZER: One at a time.

BUCHANAN: Look, Henry, you mentioned bodies all over America…

CISNEROS: Correct.

BUCHANAN: All right. 72 percent of the American people…

CISNEROS: Minnesota, North Carolina, Nebraska, lots of places.

BUCHANAN: Seventy-two percent of the American bodies appetite acknowledged clearing formed back. Ninety percent appetite English fabricated the civic accent of the United States. Ninety-five percent appetite actionable clearing chock-full algid if it agency putting the American army on the border. Why not accede to the American bodies rather than AFL-CIO appropriate interests or the Chamber of Commerce appropriate interests?

CISNEROS: Aboriginal of all, Pat, the AFL-CIO has commonly been adjoin to this affectionate of immigration, so this has abolishment to do with the AFL-CIO.

BUCHANAN: But they’re for legalization.

CISNEROS: And English is de facto the accent of the United States. Anyone who has to get advanced in America understands they charge apprentice English.

This is about the absoluteness animal beings who are actuality and alive and adopting their children. And, Pat, you aloof acquire to get over the differences in bark blush amidst bodies who are amber and appear from Mexico and bodies who appear from added countries, because these bodies can body America too, aloof like they acquire been accomplishing for 200 years in California and New Mexico and added places.

BUCHANAN: There are 28 actor adopted built-in in the United States, 28 million. The all-inclusive majority of them are actuality legally. They’ve got the aforementioned rights as Pat Buchanan. But you cannot acquiesce a adopted country to use your country as a auctioning ground, as a bomb abode for its unemployed and bodies it can’t appoint and its poor who are poor because of the decisions of the Mexican government.

Someone has got to attending out for the United States. Accession has got to accomplish America’s laws, and that’s the admiral of the United States. And he is not accomplishing it.

CISNEROS: That is not what is happening. Mexico is not application the U.S. as a auctioning ground. The absoluteness is that bodies appear above borders because they are adorable for work, and Americans’ companies charge them to work, so this has to be…

BUCHANAN: Why does the Mexican government not stop them at the American bound the way it stops them at the bound of Guatemala?

CISNEROS: The Mexican government is auspicious bodies to appear back.


CISNEROS: The admiral absolutely said so. In his remarks, Admiral Fox this anniversary said, “I animate Mexican brothers to appear aback to Mexico.” But the actuality of the amount is, our abridgement has been so…

BUCHANAN: Why can’t they acceleration up that action aback unemployment is activity up in America?

BLITZER: Let me arrest for a second. We acquire accession who wants to get into this conversation. Let’s booty a accession from Georgia.

Please go advanced with your question.

CALLER: Yes, accede you, Wolf.

Pat, will clearing be a big activity in the 2002 elections?

BUCHANAN: Clearing is activity to be the above activity of this decade not abandoned in the United States but in Western Europe, my friend, because three things are happening: One, populations are dying in the West. Secondly, countries are actuality beat by immigration. Third, we’ve got the atomization of countries all over Europe from England to France to Czechoslovakia.

CISNEROS: Wolf, let me allege to this for aloof a moment.

BLITZER: Go ahead, Secretary Cisneros.

CISNEROS: One of the things that’s accident in the apple is that as automated populations age, new workers are advancing to those countries. In the United States, as our acceptable populations age, new workers are required. New bodies acquire to appear in and accompany their energies and their raw talents, and that’s a acceptable thing. We’re seeing it as a way that we can see the approaching of America abide to be sustained.

BUCHANAN: But the accuracy is, Henry, we’re exporting factories all over the world. There’s 4,000 American factories about in arctic Mexico. Accomplishment application falling in the United States. Unemployment’s activity up. It’s 9 percent amidst atramentous Americans. Let’s attending out for Americans first.

CISNEROS: The Chamber of Commerce appear on Friday afore a Senate lath that in 2008 the American abridgement will aftermath 161 actor jobs but abandoned acquire 154 actor workers, so there’s a abbreviate fall.

BUCHANAN: Well, acquaint them to apprehend the account on Sunday.

BLITZER: All right, let me arrest for a second.

Pat Buchanan, Admiral Fox of Mexico addressed the aggregate activity of the U.S. Congress beforehand in the week, and he fabricated a point of reminding all of us that with the barring of built-in Americans, we are a nation of immigrants. Accept to what Admiral Fox said.



FOX: Abounding amidst you acquire a ancestor or a grandparent who came into this country as an immigrant from accession land.


BLITZER: All of these actionable immigrants, aliens actuality in the United States, were not from Mexico, let’s say, they were from Europe or Ireland. Would you acquire a altered attitude appear them?

BUCHANAN: If they came illegally — Wolf, if they came aloof to work, Wolf, what we want…

BLITZER: But if they were European ancestor as adjoin to Hispanic, would that accomplish a difference?

BUCHANAN: Look, if they’re Hispanic and they’ve waited in band and accurately they’ve appear actuality and they appetite to be Americans like you and me, they appetite to apprentice our history, our language, our culture, they appetite their accouchement to abound up to be Americans, in that case, there are as acceptable as the…

BLITZER: But are you adage these Mexicans don’t appetite their accouchement to abound up to be Americans?

BUCHANAN: Look, they’re advancing up actuality and Fox himself says it, they’re advancing up actuality aloof to work. Mr. Bush says…

CISNEROS: No, wrong.

BUCHANAN: Mr. Bush says they’re advancing for abandoned jobs that cipher abroad would take.

CISNEROS: Wolf, bygone afternoon…

BUCHANAN: We appetite immigrants who appetite to be Americans.

BLITZER: Secretary Cisneros, go ahead.

CISNEROS: Bygone afternoon in the library two blocks from my house, I presided over a commemoration that had to do with adults acquirements English, with bodies acquirements to read, with bodies advancing for citizenship classes. That’s what’s accident in the American Southwest. This is aloof like the beforehand immigrations of Poles and Irish and Jews and Croatians and Germans and anybody abroad who’s appear to America’s shores.

BUCHANAN: Wolf, those bodies did not appetite to go home.

CISNEROS: And at an beforehand time…

BUCHANAN: And Mr. Fox himself says they affliction to appear home afterwards they’ve…


BLITZER: But a lot of those immigrants, a lot of those immigrants did appear over actuality cerebration they would accomplish some money and afresh go back.

BUCHANAN: But, look, if they — look, Mr. Fox himself says these association are actuality temporarily. They’re acceptable Mexicans; they’re North of the border, and they’re activity to appear home eventually. We appetite immigrants who appetite to become Americans.

BLITZER: What about bedfellow workers?

CISNEROS: I’m with you, I’m with you on that point.

BUCHANAN: We don’t charge bedfellow workers in the…

CISNEROS: We appetite immigrants who appetite to become Americans, and that’s activity to happen.

BUCHANAN: You’ve got 28 actor adopted born. How abounding added bodies do you need?

BLITZER: Able-bodied allegedly there are a lot of jobs out there that abounding built-in Americans don’t appetite to take.

BUCHANAN: We acquire article alleged a chargeless market. If they won’t booty them at present wages, accession their wages.

BLITZER: Secretary Cisneros, one of the key arguments fabricated adjoin legalizing, if you will, these actionable aliens in the United States is that, why accolade those who bankrupt the law who jumped advanced of the line, who butted into line? Why accolade them by giving them this array of status?

CISNEROS: The actuality of the amount is they’re not jumping advanced of the line. All we’re talking about is a amends action that puts them at the rear of the band for citizenship. They still acquire a five- year action that they acquire to go through if they appetite to become citizens. This doesn’t accomplish bodies citizens, it aloof takes them out of the atramentous apple breadth they can be abandoned at any instance, breadth they can be hauled off in the average of the day.

BUCHANAN: You’re point is acutely well-taken for this reason. You’re acutely well-taken for this reason. By advantageous actionable aliens with regularization and put them on the fast clue to citizenship, you’re authoritative a fool out of every distinct appropriate association in adopted countries — Mexico, Europe, Asia, wherever — who got in line, waited in line, who said “I appetite to be American.” What’s your advantageous is massive lawlessness. It’s like a cine amphitheater breadth everybody that breach into band gets in and the association who stood in band don’t get to see the show.

CISNEROS: What we’re…

BLITZER: Secretary Cisneros, we acquire 20 seconds. You acquire the aftermost word.

CISNEROS: What we’re ambidextrous with is the absoluteness of bodies on the arena in the United States. In 1986 aback we had the aftermost accepted amnesty, which we did, it was followed by the greatest aeon of bread-and-butter amplification in America’s history. And every assay shows that the immigrants were allotment of that. They became homeowners, they bought appliances, they bought cars, they became allotment of the economy, and abounding of them, best of them, the all-inclusive majority, are acceptable American citizens as anon as they can.

BUCHANAN: It was additionally followed by the greatest aggression in American history above our Southern border.

BLITZER: All right, you had the aboriginal chat and now you had the aftermost word.

BUCHANAN: There you go.

BLITZER: Pat Buchanan, you can’t accumulate him quiet, Henry Cisneros.


CISNEROS: That doesn’t abruptness me.

BLITZER: Acknowledgment to both of you for abutting us. This agitation will continue.

Up next, will Democratic Agent Gary Condit adjudge to run for reelection? As the whispers in Washington continue, we’ll accede Condit’s abutting move with above U.S. advocate Joe DiGenova and above Clinton appropriate admonition Lanny Davis.

LATE EDITION will be adapted back.


BLITZER: Acceptable back.

Joining us now to altercate Agent Gary Condit’s accommodation on his political approaching are two guests: Joe DiGenova, he’s a above U.S. attorney; and Lanny Davis, above appropriate admonition to Admiral Clinton.

Gentlemen, acceptable to acquire you on the program.

And, Joe, amidst a flurry of belief backward aftermost anniversary that Agent Condit had already absitively not to seek reelection, he issued a account that said this: “Media letters today advertence that Agent Condit has accomplished a accommodation apropos his 2002 attack are inaccurate. No such accommodation has been made,” his agent said.

What do you anticipate he is activity to do?

JOE DIGENOVA, FORMER U.S. ATTORNEY: Well, I absolutely don’t apperceive what he’s activity to do. He’s a actual absolute individual, obviously. He may adjudge to run as an absolute in animosity of the accomplishment of the Democratic Activity to redistrict him out of a bench and accomplish him an abhorred blazon of Democrat to run in the new district.

It would be unusual, but, you know, the aftermost few years acquire apparent us that abolishment is accessible in American politics. I wouldn’t be afraid if he did adjudge to run as an independent, if not a Democrat.

BLITZER: Is it fair for the Democrats to be, in effect, railroading him and blame him and sending him all these signals, don’t run? LANNY DAVIS, FORMER CLINTON WHITE HOUSE SPECIAL COUNSEL: Well, it’s absolutely not the Democrats, it’s the bodies in his district. The acclamation are overwhelmingly bright that, because of the way he’s conducted himself and the way that he didn’t abet from the alpha with the analysis and absolutely the way he conducted himself in that account with Connie Chung, overwhelmingly the bodies in his district, as of now, are not activity to reelect him. And I anticipate he will lose in the Democratic primary. With the redistricting, he may not acquire a abode to run in.

So at this point it’s the bodies of his commune that are cogent him what to do, not the Democrats.

DIGENOVA: I think, one activity I would like to add, I anticipate Lanny’s correct. If he does run, either as a Democrat or an independent, it’ll be bad for the Democrats, because he will be remembered as a Democrat, to the admeasurement that he’s remembered at all. And I anticipate that they would adopt he not run for the accessible acumen that he adeptness become a affiche adolescent for the Democratic Activity at a time aback they’re aggravating to focus on bread-and-butter issues, altered political issues and abroad from that blazon of scandal.

I anticipate they’re activity to do aggregate they can to maybe advice him get accession job and to accomplish his activity a little easier aback he is not a man of absolute wealth. His activity was politics, and he himself has self-inflicted a anguish which has concluded his career.

BLITZER: And his leaders, the governor of California, Gray Davis, a Democrat, the Democratic baton in the Abode of Representatives, Dick Gephardt, they’re arising accessible statements actual analytical of him.

DAVIS: The administrator of the California Democratic Party.

Look, this is absolutely not a activity activity here. The Democrats acquire distanced themselves from Gary Condit added than the Republicans have. I haven’t heard Speaker Hastert say anything. I haven’t heard Mr. DeLay or Mr. Armey say anything. Dick Gephardt has, and it shouldn’t be beheld as a activity issue.

I anticipate Joe would allegedly accede with me that what this comes bottomward to is that Gary Condit bootless in a animal obligation to the Levy family, to be accommodating with them. Already he did that, unless he changes that around, he’s artlessly not a applicable political candidate. And no activity is activity to accretion or lose by that, aback I anticipate both are amid themselves from his conduct.

BLITZER: I assumption a lot of Republicans are adage to themselves, with the barring of Bob Barr and a scattering of others who acquire been absolutely analytical of Gary Condit, that aback the enemy, in this accurate case the Democrats, are digging a hole, you don’t acquire to jump in there and advice them dig it.

DIGENOVA: Well, no catechism about that, Wolf, and the actuality that Denny Hastert has said abolishment about this is absolutely a acceptable thing, because it did not accomplish it a accessory issue. It was an activity for the Democrats and their conclave to adjudge they had a moral, acknowledged and political obligation to do that. They acquire absitively that he should not be in the Abode of Representatives. So has the governor of California, who, I charge say, did, I think, the final deathblow to Mr. Condit as a Democrat. But remember, he can still run as an absolute if he chooses to, alike in a new district.

BLITZER: Dick Gephardt, though, did stop abbreviate of adage he should resign, shouldn’t seek reelection. Accept to what Gephardt said this anniversary aback apprenticed by reporters.


REP. DICK GEPHARDT (D-MO), MINORITY LEADER: He got adopted by over a bisected a actor people, aloof like I did. His political approaching is amidst him and them. It’s not my business. They adopted him to Congress. That’s their decision, and that’s the way it should be.


BLITZER: But, Lanny Davis, it is Gephardt’s accommodation whether Condit should serve on the Abode Intelligence Committee, which deals with the top secrets of the United States. Gephardt can calmly abolish him from that committee.

DAVIS: Well, aboriginal of all, I accede with Agent Gephardt about cogent somebody whether to abandon or not. And I do anticipate the acknowledgment has already been delivered by his constituents, unless he reverses course.

Secondly, on the Intelligence Committee, I don’t absolutely see the charge for him to abandon from the Intelligence Committee. The angle that he’s activity to be blackmailed aloof doesn’t canyon aggregation with me. There are lots of bodies with skeletons in their closet who may or may not serve on the Intelligence Committee.

DAVIS: I anticipate Dick Gephardt has handled this absolutely right. If the Democrats in the conclave accept that there’s a analytic accountability for him actuality on the Intelligence Committee, they’ll accomplish that aggregate judgment. But I don’t anticipate it’s up to Dick Gephardt to adjudge unilaterally.

BLITZER: Joe DiGenova, you’re a above U.S. attorney, you’ve dealt with some of the nation’s best acute information, top secrets. Should Gary Condit be buried to that affectionate of advice adapted now?

DIGENOVA: No, I don’t accept so. He is not non-blackmailable at this point. In fact, he has been criticized by Lanny for not actuality forthcoming, for not allied fully, for not absolutely advice all the information. Unless and until he rids himself of this billow of not allied and not cogent the truth, continuing to adumbrate information, he charcoal blackmailable.

Now, it is Dick Gephardt’s accommodation whether or not he stays on the Intelligence Committee. The administering in anniversary activity decides who serves on that committee. The Democratic administering will acquire to adjudge whether or not he should breach there.

The absolute botheration they face is that bodies in the Intelligence Community who appear up and affirm afore that lath may admonish the lath that if he is there, they will acquire agitation giving assertive types of advice to the lath and will not allotment it with them if he is present. That is the crisis here, is that the controlling annex may feel it all-important to abstain assertive advice from the committees because of his presence. There’s no adumbration that that has happened yet. But it charcoal a alive advantage for the controlling annex as continued as he’s there.

BLITZER: Lanny Davis, Cadee Condit, the adolescent daughter, the 26- year-old, 25 or 26-year-old babe of Agent Condit, was on Larry King Alive beforehand this week. I appetite you to accept to what she said about her father. Accept to this.

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CADEE CONDIT, GARY CONDIT’S DAUGHTER: I anticipate there’s aloof a appearance to back-bite Gary Condit aback he’s down. You know, I don’t accept why the governor or Mr. Gephardt are so absorbed in my dad advancing advanced about affectionate capacity of his relationships.


BLITZER: Why is Gephardt and Gray Davis, the governor of California, so absorbed in banishment Gary Condit to altercate aboveboard with Connie Chung or some added anchorman affectionate capacity of the attributes of his accord with Chandra Levy?

DAVIS: Aboriginal of all, as a father, if I had accouchement — that Gary Condit. He absolutely has done article adapted in adopting those two accouchement to be as admiring and loyal as they are. And I abandoned acquire the greatest accord and account for both of them in the way they were interviewed.

But you aloof heard absolutely the red herring that is untrue. We’re not allurement for affectionate details, which is what the adolescent adult said, or which Gary Condit says, the details. All we appetite is an accepting that he had the affair, and a lie detector assay administered by a third party.

BLITZER: But didn’t he accede that he had activity effectively?

DAVIS: No he didn’t, and the acumen he didn’t is absolutely incomprehensible to me. He hid abaft not absent to get into details. Cipher wants him to get into details. Bodies appetite him to say the accuracy and afresh booty a lie detector assay administered by the FBI. If he had done those two things, he would acquire been far bigger off.

BLITZER: Those people, Joe DiGenova, point out that he did basically what Bill Clinton did in that 60 Minutes interview, he accepted that he had fabricated mistakes. His alliance was not perfect, which were cipher words: yes, he was bluffing around. DIGENOVA: But he is not Bill Clinton. He’s not the admiral of the United States in whom bodies calm a assertive akin of absolution which they don’t accord to a agent that they’ve never met afore until a scandal.

Mr. Condit, did not do what Lanny said he should acquire done, which was artlessly accept the relationship; debris to altercate capacity but affirm that it was an affectionate one and that he should acquire cooperated added fully.

The acumen that Gray Davis and Dick Gephardt did what they did was actual simple: They looked at those acclamation afterwards the Connie Chung interview, and their acknowledgment was already accounting for them.

I acquisition it fascinating, by the way, that aback Dick Gephardt reacted, he was in St. Louis, in his home district, in his home state. He was not in Washington, D.C. Those acclamation came out, which were so anathema of Gary Condit, happened aback Mr. Gephardt was at home in Missouri. It was a little added difficult for the boyhood baton in the Abode not to appear bottomward hard, but he absolutely didn’t acquire any best and neither did Gray Davis. Those numbers were staggering, 90 percent of the bodies did not accept him.

BLITZER: Why are you laughing?

DAVIS: Wolf, I candidly don’t see this as a political matter. My acceptable friend, Joe DiGenova, has put it into a political angle by adage that. For me, Dick Gephardt reacted the aforementioned way that I did watching the television, agreeable at that television, “Tell the accuracy and get this abaft you, Agent Condit.” I anticipate best Americans reacted the way Dick Gephardt and Gray Davis did.

DIGENOVA: I absolutely was not actuality analytical of Agent Gephardt. I was adage that he was faced with a acute reality, which was, if they did not say article about Gary Condit that was atomic a little bit added abrogating than the Democrats had been alleviative him, they were activity to attending complicit in his cover-up.

The Democrats could not acquiesce to be in the position to attending as if they were accommodating an obstruction of justice. And that’s absolutely — by the way, God absolve them for assuredly accepting accomplished they should acquire said something.

DAVIS: God absolve them, I accede with you.

DIGENOVA: Yes, I’m all for them. Congratulations, they’ve won a prize.

BLITZER: Joe DiGenova and Lanny Davis, acknowledgment for abutting us.

DIGENOVA: Accede you.

BLITZER: And accede you.

And up next, Admiral Bush has had a actual active anniversary — his aboriginal accompaniment dinner, account battles and a atramentous abridgement on the horizon. We’ll go ’round the table on that and added with Jake Tapper, Susan Page and Christopher Caldwell.

LATE EDITION will be adapted back.


BLITZER: Acceptable back.

Time now for our LATE EDITION roundtable. Abutting me: Susan Page, Washington agency arch for USA Today; Jake Tapper, Washington contributor for salon.com and the host of CNN’s “TAKE FIVE”; and Christopher Caldwell, arch biographer for the Account Standard. He’s additionally a panelist on Booty Five, which of advance affectedness Saturday nights, 8:30 p.m. Eastern. We watch it every Saturday night.

JALE TAPPER, CO-HOST, “TAKE FIVE”: I adulation that. Accede you actual much.

BLITZER: All right, we’ve got promotion. You’re not actuality aloof for anything.

SUSAN PAGE, “USA TODAY”: They should put you on their appearance so you can allocution about LATE EDITION.

BLITZER: No, I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy.


BLITZER: Let’s allocution about Hillary Rodham Clinton. She came out this anniversary and batten very, actual aggressively adjoin the Bush administration, Admiral Bush, the bread-and-butter problems the country’s adverse adapted now. Let’s run a little complete blow from what Mrs. Clinton had to say.


SEN. HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON (D-NY), NEW YORK: His agents has said that he will focus like a laser axle on the economy. But so far, the laser axle from the added end of Pennsylvania Avenue has abandoned succeeded in vaporizing the surplus.


BLITZER: Is this a new affiliate in Agent Clinton’s advancing out, if you will, acceptable added accessible in her action adjoin the Bush administration?

TAPPER: I anticipate it is, and it’s additionally — all the Democrats in the Senate got calm on Thursday to adjudge how they’re activity to accord with the botheration of the vanishing surplus. And, you know, the liberals appetite to absorb more, and the conservatives, you know, acquire added fiscally abstinent solutions to the problem.

The one activity they could accede on: Accusation it on Bush, and put the brawl in his court. And so, this a safe way for Hillary Clinton to appear out and put the atom on the White House. BLITZER: Smart backroom for the Democrats to put her out on front? I assumption some acquire suggested, Ron Brownstein of the “Los Angeles Times” suggested, that maybe this will admonish bodies that, during the eight years of the Clinton administration, the bread-and-butter times were about good.

CHRISTOPHER CALDWELL, “THE WEEKLY STANDARD”: That’s right. And there’s accession activity that I anticipate Democrats acquire agreed on strategically, is that they anticipate that this big 10-year tax cut is still in play. And aggregate you say — aggregate they say, and you heard it with Chris Dodd on your own appearance today, is aimed at accepting a abolishment of some of those beyond structural cuts, decidedly the acreage tax cut and some of the high- assets bracket cuts, in the out- years. And that’s their ultimate goal.

BLITZER: I appetite to aces up that in a second, but, Susan, what’s your booty on the new posture, if you will, if there is a new posture, of Agent Clinton, the inferior agent from New York?

PAGE: Well, you know, she had that actual asperous start, you remember, those abhorrent aboriginal canicule aback she was accepting to accord with questions about her husband’s pardons. But I anticipate she has now absolutely amorphous to appear into her own. We can say Agent Clinton, and we anticipate of her. We allocution about Clinton in Washington, and we anticipate of her rather than her husband.

And, you know, she is the arch agent for a band of the Democratic Party, absolutely activity to be a player.

You know, accession activity she said this anniversary that got some attention, she was asked about Al Gore and his presidential attack and advisedly did not accomplish balmy and affable noises about it. So she’s absolutely one of the arch Democrats in the country, and we apprehend her to allege out on these and added issues

BLITZER: And maybe she’ll alpha accomplishing some civic TV interviews at some point as well. I’m not captivation my breath.

All right, let’s allocution about the Bush action in ambidextrous with the shrinking account surplus. He batten out about the abridgement beforehand in the week. Accept to what he had to say on Friday aback he fabricated the account with Agent Lott, the Republican baton in the Senate, Speaker Hastert and Dick Cheney alongside. Accept to this.


BUSH: The unemployment numbers today are affirmation that I’ve aboveboard immediate as I’ve catholic the country, and that is, too abounding bodies are accident their jobs as a aftereffect of a arrest that began aback Dick and I were advancement above our country aftermost summer.


BLITZER: Now, he’s inoculating, at atomic aggravating to bathe himself, by suggesting, well, the abridgement began to adulterate aback Bill Clinton was in the White Abode added than a year ago. TAPPER: He abiding is. But he’s additionally inoculating himself adjoin his father’s problems. Aback in ’91 and ’92, aback his father, you adeptness remember, took a continued time to alike accede that there was a recession, did not know, you know, what a bazaar scanner was. Actuality is Bush adage that there is a problem, he’s actual acquainted of it and he’s actual acquainted of it because he’s out there with the absolute people.

But I do anticipate that I’m not absolutely a fan of the way the Democrats are putting the White Abode on the atom and not alms their own solutions to this problem. But I’m not a fan the White House’s abnegation to accede that they are dipping into the Amusing Aegis surplus, conceivably alike added so than projected.

BLITZER: On the bazaar scanner, there’s still a huge agitation whether or not Admiral Bush at that time…

PAGE: I was absolutely there…

BLITZER: You were…

PAGE: … and I anticipate that’s a bribery of what happened.

TAPPER: Is that right? OK.

PAGE: Yes, I anticipate he was afraid at this new bearing of bazaar scanner. This is article you appoint admiral from the aboriginal Bush administering on at some length, but it…

BLITZER: And I’ve been affianced on that…

TAPPER: I shouldn’t — I’m sorry, I trusted the media.


TAPPER: And I should apperceive better.

BLITZER: Actually, I accept it was a “New York Times” adventure that allegedly got it all wrong. You allegedly fabricated the aberration of account the “New York Times.”

TAPPER: I’m sorry, I apologize.

BLITZER: At that point, can he bathe himself, accepting aback to the bread-and-butter problems, the surplus problems, if he has to dip alike a little bit into the Amusing Aegis surplus fund? Will it be like his ancestor “Read my lips, no new taxes,” a betrayal of accessible statements that he made?

CALDWELL: I don’t anticipate so. But there are two altered strategies actuality advised in the White Abode now. One was the one Domenici brought advanced today, or this week, in saying, “This assurance armamentarium is an accounting fiction. If we appetite to absorb it on education, we can absorb on education.”

The added is the added advancing supply-side access of the array that I anticipate that OMB Administrator Mitch Daniels likes, of talking about a basal assets cut.

But until Bush decides on an approach, he is activity to abide his time and he’s activity to attending a little bit weak. But I anticipate ultimately he can survive this.

BLITZER: Were you afraid today to apprehend Agent Lott say, in accession to a basal assets tax, which he loves, also, he would abutment a cut in bulk taxes, which would affect, obviously, lower- assets Americans.

PAGE: Aboriginal of all, I’d like to apperceive who in America has basal assets to tax at the moment?


PAGE: But, you know, I anticipate this is article you heard Republicans activate to allocution about a cut in bulk taxes. It would be actual popular. Alike that division of Americans who don’t pay assets taxes and didn’t get abolishment aback from that aboriginal abatement would get some account from a bulk tax cut. I anticipate it’s actual interesting, Republicans putting that forward, because it goes to the abundant accumulation of Americans as adjoin to basal assets tax cut, which of course, goes mostly to the actual richest Americans.

BLITZER: We’re activity to booty a quick break. Added of our roundtable aback LATE EDITION continues. Breach with us.


BLITZER: Acceptable aback to the roundtable.

Chris, Phil Gramm, the Republican agent from Texas, appear this anniversary he’s not activity to seek reelection. Beforehand Strom Thurmond of South Carolina, Jesse Helms, accession Republican agent from North Carolina appear their not activity to seek reelection. There are added Republicans who are up for grabs in 2002 than Democrats. It’s a above acclivous attempt for the Republicans to achieve the majority in the Senate.

CALDWELL: Oh, it abiding is, and it doesn’t attending likely.

But these three accurate seats, the way they’re afraid out, don’t attending like they’re activity to account too abounding problems for the Republicans. In South Carolina, you’ve got Lindsey Graham, a able candidate, wants this, has aloft a lot of money. North Carolina Republicans acquire three able candidates including Libby Dole. And in Texas, the Democratic Activity charcoal in disarray. I anticipate in the governor’s chase their top candidate, Tony Sanchez, is abandoned polling at 23 percent adjoin Rick Perry.

So Republicans should accumulate these, but it is a absolute acclivous action in the Senate.

BLITZER: But, I believe, Susan, actual me if I’m wrong, there is a Democrat governor in North Carolina, a Democratic governor in South Carolina, a Republican governor in Texas. If the abridgement continues to blunder amidst now and November 2002, those Republican seats could be accessible as well.

PAGE: Well, you know, I anticipate Democrats anticipate South Carolina is allegedly off the table. But in North Carolina, what if Elizabeth Dole turns out not to be such a acceptable candidate? They adeptness acquire some hopes there.

And there are some analytic aboveboard Democratic possibilities in Texas. There’s Dan Morales, the above advocate general. There’s Ken Bentson, the nephew of the above agent Lloyd Bentson from Texas.

You know, one the absorbing things to attending at in the Texas chase is we could acquire the aboriginal Hispanic agent in U.S. history. Henry Bonilla, the agent from San Antonio is the arch Republican candidate. Dan Morales on the Democratic side, additionally Hispanic. So that could a groundbreaking affectionate of contest.

BLITZER: A lot of people, Jake, are adorable at Agent Fred Thompson of Tennessee, who’s a Republican. He’s allegedly ambivalent on whether to seek reelection.

If you’re a Republican agent and you anticipate you’re activity to be in the boyhood abutting time about afterwards the acclamation of 2002, that adeptness not accomplish the job as adorable as if you’re activity to be a administrator and be in the majority.

TAPPER: I anticipate that’s absolutely right. I anticipate that’s one of the affidavit why Phil Gramm, I’m sure, resigned. You know, one of the absorbing things about the Texas chase is they are actually, the White Abode and some Republicans of Texas, aggravating to get Phil Gramm to abandon afore his term’s asleep so that Henry Bonilla or some added Republican, adorable Republican, who does not acquire a statewide acceptability yet, can be appointed by the Republican governor to that seat. And that shows you that they adeptness be a little added afraid about befitting that bench that contrarily you’d think.

PAGE: And, you know, they additionally could accomplish this appear by either giving Phil Gramm a top job at Texas A&M or by appointing him administrator of the Fed if that job came open, which of advance it’s not. But those are both jobs that I anticipate Phil Gramm would leave the Senate for.

BLITZER: A lot of belief if he could accomplish Alan Greenspan as administrator of the Fed.

Christopher, this anniversary Janet Reno fabricated it official. She’s activity to run for governor adjoin Jeb Bush in Florida. She’s got to get the Democratic choice first.

Do you anticipate there’s a austere botheration continuing in the way of her capturing that Democratic nomination?

CALDWELL: No, because of the way the Florida primary works. They acquire one of these no-run-off primaries, which agency you can win a primary with four candidates with abandoned a advantage of the vote. And such primaries tend to favor the best acclaimed actuality in them. I anticipate ultimately Pete Peterson, the above Vietnam agent and above POW, would be a stronger candidate, decidedly in North Florida which behaves like a southern state. But I anticipate that Reno has to acquire the central clue for the primary nomination.

BLITZER: And he’s from the arctic allotment of Florida.

What do you think? Janet Reno’s got a adventitious of acceptable governor of Florida?

TAPPER: She has a adventitious aloof because Jeb Bush is not an overwhelmingly able governor and because acutely the contested acclamation from aftermost year, there are a lot of Democrats, rank and book Democrats, who are actual affronted still and will abide to be.

The Democrats in Florida active a huge civic bendable money attack for the aboriginal time in the state’s history, the aforementioned way that the New York Democrats did for Hillary.

I acquire to say, though, that I apperceive that Agent Graham, the Democratic agent from Florida, told accession agent who aggregate with me off the almanac that they were aggravating to allocution Reno out of running. And they were acutely not able to do that.

BLITZER: A lot of bodies can’t allocution Reno out of anything. Aback she makes her apperception up, she does it.

PAGE: As Bill Clinton begin out.

You know, the one activity I’d say about this, though, is I absolutely anticipate Janet Reno would win the primary if the primary were tomorrow. But it’s not. It’s a year away. It’s September of abutting year. And that’s a lot of time to acquisition out if she’s a active candidate, if she’s a acute candidate. It gets time for Democrats to get abaft some addition like Pete Peterson. So I’m not abiding how that primary comes out. It’s aloof too far abroad to be actual assured about it.

BLITZER: OK. Susan, Christopher, Jake, acknowledgment for abutting us.

CALDWELL: Accede you, Wolf.

BLITZER: It goes quickly, doesn’t it?

CALDWELL: It’s actual quick.

BLITZER: Aback you’re accepting fun.

Up next, Bruce Morton’s “Last Word.”


BRUCE MORTON, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Taxation afterwards representation is one of the things the Americans fought the British over aback during the revolution.


BLITZER: Affronted for a basal adapted in the nation’s capital. Breach with us.


BLITZER: Time now for Bruce Morton’s “Last Word” on taxation afterwards representation adapted actuality in the nation’s capitol.


MORTON (voice-over): The bodies who alive in the Commune of Columbia aren’t absolutely Americans. They can get U.S. passports, sure. But, in fact, they alive in a antecedents afterwards the rights absolute Americans have.

They can vote for admiral already every four years. They accept a mayor, admitting Congress can alter abolishment he does. They don’t acquire senators or congressmen. They acquire a non-voting agent in the House, but authoritative deals for votes is generally how the Abode does business. And if you don’t acquire a vote, you can’t play.

So Parisians vote in France, Londoners in Britain. Washingtonians, no. Puerto Ricans — that’s accession antecedents — can’t vote either. But because they’re a colony, they don’t acquire to pay federal assets tax. The Commune though, gets the affliction of both worlds: No vote buddy, but here’s your bill from the IRS.

Taxation afterwards representation is one of the things the Americans fought the British over aback during the revolution. Now it’s on the District’s authorization plates, a abundant milder protest.

Why no representation in Congress? The accepted affidavit are, in no accurate order: too Democratic, too black, too liberal.

President Bush, a Republican, opposes representation for the District.

This is about politics, not adapted and wrong. Allurement a Republican admiral to put two added Democrats in a carefully disconnected Senate is about like allurement him to blow himself in the eye with a aciculate stick.

Once, aback in 1978, a Democratic admiral and Congress, the Abode and Senate accustomed a built-in alteration giving the Commune representation. Alike Republicans like Barry Goldwater were for it. But it bare the approval of two-thirds of the states as well, and didn’t get it.

Could a simple law accord the Commune representation? Maybe, but it absolutely won’t canyon this Congress. Could you accomplish the Commune a state? Yes, it wouldn’t alike be the aboriginal in population. Added bodies than Wyoming; about as abounding as Vermont. But that won’t appear either.

Or you could let D.C. association vote in Maryland. It would accretion an added Abode bench probably, and D.C. association would vote in the Maryland Senate races. But D.C. political leaders don’t like that idea. They appetite their own turf. And maybe the Maryland assembly wouldn’t appetite accession big burghal in the accompaniment either.

So, no congressmen, no senators, no vote. And not that abundant anger. Bodies aren’t chaining themselves to the White Abode fence or marching. We don’t like it, but we alive with it. Allegedly we should get angrier about it.

I’m Bruce Morton.


BLITZER: Accede you, Bruce.

Now it’s time for you to acquire “The Aftermost Word.” Abounding admirers abide to accurate their opinions about Democratic Agent Gary Condit.

Becky from Glenwood Springs, Colorado, writes this: “I would like to see Gary Condit acknowledgment a admirable jury. It may be the abutting activity to the accuracy we’ll have.”

But Richard from Tinton Falls, New Jersey, disagrees: “I cannot accept why the media does not leave him abandoned and leave the analysis on her dematerialization to the Washington, D.C., police. It is a political accomplishment to abort Mr. Condit.”

And responding to our articulation on the account aftermost week, Enid from Carmel, California, says, “The Republican attack tactic of bulging a slowing abridgement has produced aloof that, by instilling an aspect of abhorrence in the minds of the bodies thereby causing accident of customer confidence.”

As always, we acceptable your comments. You can e-mail me at [email protected] Don’t balloon to assurance up for my chargeless account e- mail at CNN.com/email.

Just ahead, we’ll appearance you what’s on the awning of this week’s above account magazines. Breach with us.


BLITZER: And now a attending at what’s on the awning of this week’s above account magazines.

“Newsweek” reveals the abstruse vote that fabricated Bush president: The untold adventure of the Supreme Court’s five-to-four ruling, with a account of the man that was declared the winner, Admiral George W. Bush, on the cover.

“TIME” annual asks, is this man the abutting Billy Graham, with the galvanizing preacher T.D. Jakes on the cover.

And on the awning of “U.S. Account and Apple Report”: “America’s best colleges: Central the admissions game, a adviser to accepting in.” And that’s your LATE EDITION for Sunday, September 9. Please accompany us afresh abutting Sunday and every Sunday at apex Eastern for the aftermost chat in Sunday talk.

And if you absent any of today’s program, tune in tonight, 7:00 p.m. Eastern, for our one-hour epitomize of LATE EDITION.

I’ll see you tomorrow night, 8:00 p.m. Eastern, on Wolf Blitzer Reports. Until then, acknowledgment actual abundant for watching. Enjoy the blow of your weekend. I’m Wolf Blitzer in Washington.

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