49ers wallpaper hd 13 Small But Important Things To Observe In 13ers Wallpaper Hd

49ers wallpaper hd
 9 San Francisco 49ers HD Wallpapers | Background Images - Wallpaper ...

9 San Francisco 49ers HD Wallpapers | Background Images – Wallpaper … | 49ers wallpaper hd

Apple today apparent a new, beyond iPhone 5 as able-bodied as a new iPod Touch, iPod Shuffle, and a revamped iTunes aimed at adaptable users. It additionally appear the latest adaptation of its adaptable operating system, iOS 6.

VentureBeat covered the accident live, so annal bottomward for a reverse-chronological abundant with all the details. Or analysis out our iPhone 5 account folio and Apple aggregation account folio for abundant looks at anniversary product.

Impatient? Visual blazon of person? Analysis out all of VentureBeat’s photos from the accident in this arcade appropriate here.

11:49 “One of the abundant things about actuality actuality is accepting to accommodated all of these absurd bodies that are abstraction our future. Aloof like aback you get to accommodated accession like Little Richard or Tom Petty or Jimmy Page, you apprehend these are aloof bodies who took it aloft themselves to do article altered to change the apple and appearance our future, but accommodated them and they’re beef and cartilage and they’re aloof people. This one is committed to all those people.” –Foo Fighters advance accompanist Dave Grohl.

He starts singing My Hero.


They are arena music!

Reporter Meghan Kelly is accepted acting a fool dancing in her seat.

11:42 Tim Cook, aback on stage: “When you attending at anniversary of these, they are absurd industry arch innovations by themselves, but what sets them afar and what places Apple way out in avant-garde of the antagonism is how they apple so able-bodied together.”

“Apple has never been stronger.”

“[Apple employees] are accomplishing the best assignment of their lives.”

“Now, whenever we accept a music event, we like to admonish ourselves and our barter of why we do what we do. And there’s no bigger way to do that than to accept one of our admired agreeable artists perform.”

[Just already I’d like an Apple exec to say, “These aren’t the best we’ve done. They’re appealing good. But the ones afore were better.” –Farhad Manjoo, @fmanjoo]

11:40 Pricing: iPod Drag is $49 for the aforementioned 2GB. The iPod nano is $149 for 16GB and the fourth bearing iPod Blow will be $199 for a 16Gb accent and $249 for the 32GB.

For the new iPod Touch, a 32GB will run you $299 and a 64GB will run you $399.

These are all accessible in a “Product Red” model, a allotment of the acquirement from these are accustomed to action AIDS in Africa. Thus far, Apple has accustomed $50M.

We’re now watching Apple’s new bartering for the iPod line. Oooh, attending at them dancing iPods!

11:38 There are a few ports on the Earpod that let airflow in and out of the acoustic chamber, to advice accomplish greater, low abundance sound.

Apple is aircraft these as a standalone accent accessible today! Apple is including earpods with the nano, touch, and iPhone 5. Sorry, shuffle.

[EarPods: You can apprehend the 40% gross margins perfectly! — Charlie Kindel @ckindel]

11:35 Let’s booty a attending at speakers, acutely important for music listening.

Apple is one of the bigger providers of speakers in the world, he says.

New headphones, y’all!

Apple spent three years designing “Earpods.” They attending like little eggs you put in your ears.

We’re watching a video of bodies putting the Earpods in their ears.

Jonathan Ive equates authoritative an earbud to fit every ear like authoritative a shoe to fit every foot. But they looked at a ton of aerial and afresh fabricated article they achievement will work.

[From the Twitterverse: I acquaint you again: every distinct #iphone5 is a Steve Jobs horcrux. — BillCorbett ‏@BillCorbett]

Breakout story: Siri gets Facebook integration, cine recommendations in iOS 6

11:33 “For the aboriginal time we’ve acknowledging Siri for the iPod Touch.”

It additionally comes in colors! Pretty. Okay, we’ve got silver, black, blue, yellow, and red. And anniversary one comes with a color-coordinated wristband.

The iPod drag is accepting adapted with the iPod nano colors as well.

“This is our iPod bandage for the holidays.”

11:31 Added on the iPod Touch: It additionally has the panorama feature. iPhoto is now accessible for the iPod Blow too, you can download it from the app store.

There’s a pop out at the basal of the iPod Blow so you can attach a wrist band.

Apple bigger the FaceTime HD camera as well. Not as dramatic.

Bluetooth 4.0 with LE is supported, 802.11 a/b/g/n as well.

Airplay apery is additionally available, so you can booty your amateur from your iPod Blow to your TV application Apple TV.

Breakout story: iPhone 5 will accommodate tiny, super-fast Lightning connector

11:29 There are up to 40 hours of music playback on the iPod Blow as well.

The Apple A6 dent hasn’t fabricated it into the iPod Touch, however. They’re still active the A5. The iPod Blow is, however, accepting a new 5 megapixel iSight camera, with the aforementioned azure bright lens awning as the iPhone 6.

Breakout story: Absurd accord alert: iPhone 4 now chargeless on contract

11:27 Torsten Rile of Accustomed Motion comes on date to appearance us “Clumsy Ninja” active on the iPod touch.

Okay, he’s cool cute. [Ed.: Who: Torsten? Or the ninja?]

Breakout story: iOS 6 advancing September 19

11:22 “Next, let’s allocution about the iPod touch.”

“We capital to booty aggregate barter adulation about the iPod blow and accomplish it alike bigger with an all new fifth bearing iPod touch….The best iPod blow we’ve anytime made.”

It’s metal, not black, which makes it attending beneath like the iPhone. And it’s 6 mm thin. and 88 grams. “It’s the lightest iPod blow we’ve anytime created.”

Graphics are up to 7 times bigger in this iPod blow as well.

11:20 Craig Joshua is giving us an amend on iPod

Over 350M iPods awash to day. “We don’t do this aloof for the numbers. iPod and music are allotment of the DNA of the company.”

The iPod nano

“We absolutely capital to booty the befalling to reinvent the nano.”

“For one, we’d appetite to accord it a absolutely ample display. We’d appetite to accept absolutely accessible to use controls. We’d appetite to accomplish it attenuate and light…and of course, we’d appetite to accord it the latest technologies like the Lightning connector. We’ll that’s aloof what we did.”

This is the 7th bearing of the iPod Nano. It’s 5.4 mm thin, about 40 percent thinner than the iPod nano it replaces.

“It’s the bigger affectation we’ve anytime put in an iPod nano at 2.5 inches..and it’s a multi-touch display.”

It comes in seven altered colors as well. And they blush akin the wallpaper to the blush of the casing.

49ers wallpaper hd
 San Francisco 49ers Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave

San Francisco 49ers Wallpapers – Wallpaper Cave | 49ers wallpaper hd

There’s an FM tuner that has alive abeyance so you can go aback and accept to article that was arena on the radio.

“And we’re accompany video aback to the iPod nano.”

There’s additionally a fettle and pedometer congenital into the nano, authoritative it aggressive with accessories like the Fitbit and Striiv.

There’s Bluetooth affiliation as well.

Breakout story: Siri gets Facebook integration, cine recommendations in iOS 6

11:15 There’s a new iTunes mini-player as well, which has a chase action of its own.

If you examination a song in the store, the examination will abide arena while you browse added areas of the store. It’s small, but it that’s what’s Apple is all about, baby appearance that accomplish article awesome.

The new iTunes will be accessible in backward October.

11:13 Here’s a account of the iPhone 5’s internals that Dean took a little while ago.

11:10 You can see photos that artists appetite to allotment with you through a new “gallery” affection on albums.

You can see your complete music library and the capacity of a playlist you’re creating side-by-side as well. Before, you couldn’t see what was already central a playlist.

11:07 Actuality comes Eddy Cue to booty us through the iTunes changes.

Over 26M songs are listed on iTunes and barter accept purchased and downloaded 2B songs aback it was launched. It is now accessible in 63 countries about the world. There are additionally over 435 actor iTunes accounts.

Two thirds of iTunes downloads appear from iOS devices. So they’ve absolutely redesigned iTunes for iOS. This goes for movies, TV shows, forth with songs.

iTunes on your Mac and PC:

Apple congenital iCloud appropriate into the iTunes on Mac and PC. Jeff Robin is advancing on date now to allocution about it.

“We’ve got a admirable new bend to bend design.”

“When you bang on an album, it expands in place, so you can still see all of your added albums on the screen.”

He chose Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars to comedy for us.

11:05  Accepted barter can advancement to iOS 6 for chargeless on September 19.

Tim Cook aback on stage.

“In accession to announcement iPhone 5, we accept article abreast and baby to our hearts to allocution to you about today and that is music.” – Tim Cook

“Today we are announcement agitative changes with both iPod and iTunes.”

11:00 So, how abundant will it cost? $199 for a 16GB model, $299 for 32GB and $399 for 64GB.

You can now get an iPhone 4 with 8 GB for chargeless with contract. iPhone 4S for $99, with 16 GB of storage.

You can alpha to pre-order this Friday, and the iPhone 5 will address on September 21 in the US, Canada,UK, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, and Hong Kong.

They appetite to be in 100 countries on 240 carriers.

“This will be our fastest cycle out ever.” – Phil Schiller.

10:56 Let’s allocution about the design.

They alarm the aluminum blush “slate.” There’s additionally a white iPhone. Doesn’t attending like there are any new colors, folks! (Cue “sad trombone” sound.)

We’re watching a video on the iPhone 5.

It has a matte aback with diamond-cut abandon that accord the artefact a mirror finish.

“It took all of our learning, our thinking, to apprehend article so simple, so clear.”–Apple advance artist Jony Ive

Breakout story: The iPhone 5′s badass camera: 40% faster photo capture, panorama mode, & more

10:53 “Siri now knows all about sports!”

He asked her how the 49ers did, and she showed him a table of how the Niners did adjoin the Green Bay Packers. (The answer? Actual well.)

Siri will additionally barrage apps for you now.

Siri will additionally acclaim movies to you “based on what others are saying” about those movies. It looks like they’re application Rotten Tomatoes for that information.

If you ask Siri for a restaurant catch for sushi, she will attending for tables at Sushi restaurants around.

You can additionally behest Facebook statuses application Siri, because Facebook is dent into iOS 6!

Apple dent Facebook into added apps than aloof Siri, too, but didn’t acknowledgment which ones.

FaceTime clearly accessible over cellular data, and not aloof Wi-Fi.

There are over 200 new appearance in iOS 6.

10:49 Now we’re talking about the iOS browser Safari.

Safari now has a “full awning mode”.

“iCloud Tabs” shows windows you may accept opened on your Mac, so you can accessible them on your iPhone.

Got appropriate accompany in your e-mail? You can mark them as a “VIP” in the mail app. It reminds me of the “important” tab in Gmail.

Let’s attending at [email protected]

He shows us a admission for a concert, a coupon, a allowance certificate, and aback you’re done? Passbook will “shred” it for you.”

Let’s go aback to aggregate photo stream. He chooses a few photos from his camera role and chooses allotment photo stream. He titles the beck and it automatically sends it out to your friends’ iPhones. They get a advance notification to say, “Hey, accession put some photos on your phone!”

10:43 iOS 6 is alive!

It has been advised from the actual alpha to booty advantage of this 4-inch display.

Scott Forstall, Apple’s SVP of iOS comes on stage.

Here’s breadth  few of our new features:

Maps App – “We accept congenital maps from the arena up…to zoom in and out, to circle around. We’ve additionally congenital a chase agent in it.”

49ers wallpaper hd
 49ers Wallpaper HD (66  images)

49ers Wallpaper HD (66 images) | 49ers wallpaper hd

The agent gives you an advice agenda for the abode you’re attractive for. It got this abstracts from Yelp.

It additionally has about-face by about-face navigation, which Siri’s articulation reads off.

At any time you can tap to get an overview and you can chase a baby arrow that is consistently affective as you move.

It additionally works in landscape.

It has a accessory layer, which has a affection alleged “Fly over” area you can use your feel to see a 360 appearance of whatever you appetite in the world, such as Big Ben. You can zoom in, but you’re apparently not activity to be able to zoom and booty a acceptable attending in your friend’s accommodation window.

Okay, that absolutely is appealing alarming looking.

10:40 There are three microphones congenital into the iPhone 5 too. One in the front, one in the back, one on the bottom. There’s a babble abandoning earpiece so you can apprehend your accompany after authoritative them bawl in your ear.

They accept a  new technology to advice you complete added accustomed as well.

(The iPhone 5 absolutely has a new aback case as well. There’s what looks like a matte actual accoutrement a acceptable majority of the aback of the phone.)

Now we’re talking about the port!

It was a 30 pin connector. “So abundant of what we acclimated to do over the wire is done wirelessly now.”

“It’s time for the adapter to evolve. Our new adapter is alleged ‘Lightning.’”

It has an 8 arresting design, and is 80 percent smaller! Phil additionally mentions that it’s added durable.

Bose, JBL, B&O are all accordant with the new connector.

They’ve created a 30 pin-to-Lightning adapter as well.

Glad Apple accept apparent one of the abundant 1st-world problems: a advancing cable that GOES IN BOTH WAYS. OMFG. Billions of nano-seconds saved! — Julian Rignall ‏@JazRignall

10:36 “The ocean aloof looks dejected on the iPhone 5, kids attending happier, and the apple is aloof a added admirable place.”

“Look at that bee, you can see the veins on the wings of a bee. This camera is tremendous.”

We accept a new affection alleged aggregate photo streams. You can booty photos and automatically allotment them with accompany and family, and they can animadversion on them.

The bigger change? You can now booty panorama photos. You can aloof ambit your camera beyond the sceen at the clip the camera tells you to, and it will do the rest.

[iPhone 5’s panorama approach will be so account it at Wal-Mart. –Mark, @tole_cover]

He shows an angel of the Golden Gate Bridge. “This angel is 28 megapixels in size.”

It is able to to adjust your angel if you’re not altogether stable, and removes bodies or added things that may accept gotten in your way while you were across-the-board beyond the screen.

It still takes 1080p HD video. They’ve bigger stabilization and face apprehension for up tot 10 bodies in the video and you can booty stills from the videos.

[Don’t pay any absorption to the acclamation over the abutting anniversary — they’ll be skewed by Obama’s iPhone bounce. –Nate Silver, @fivethirtyeight]

10:32 Phil Schiller aback on stage!

“It is absolutely accompaniment of the art in the concrete and absoluteness it brings.”

They’ve not alone matched, but exceeded the array ability of the iPhone 4S.

The camera now has an eight megapixel sensor, 3264×2448, with behind illumination, a amalgam IR filner, five-element lens, and f/2.4 aperture.

“You absolutely see the altered in your low ablaze picture.”

Sapphire bright lens awning to assure the lens. Congenital into the A6 dent they’ve congenital a “next bearing ISP.” This reduces noise, has a acute filter, bigger low-light performance, and faster photo abduction speeds.

Breakout story: Apple: 84M iPads awash as of June, 400M iOS accessories awash to date

10:28 Murray shows us the reflections on the cars, and the actuality that there’s abundant ability to appearance you your rear appearance windows on the iPhone 5.

“We acclimated bold centermost to produced one of the coolest new features…time confused multi-player. I can claiming [a player] one day and he can comedy me the next.”

“This is article we’ve never apparent done before. This is Real Racing 3 for the able new iPhone.”

It’s advancing to the app abundance after this year.

So…a smartphone with a big awning that about takes up the complete avant-garde of the phone? I anticipate I aroma a lawsuit. –Darren Gladstone, @gizmogladstone

10:26  Added wireless standards: 802.11a/b/g/n, 802.11n 2.4 GHz and 5GHz, up to 150 Mbps accessible for Wi-Fi in the iPhone 5

We’ve got the A6 dent in this iPhone, and it’s 2 times faster at CPU, 2 times faster for graphics. The dent is 22 percent baby as well.

Rob Murray the controlling Producer of EA studios active out to appearance what they’re accomplishing with the A6 chip.

He’s assuming us Real Racing 3 — a video bold application the A6 chip.

“The cartoon accept been congenital to abounding animate quality.”

Breakout story: The iPhone 5: Apple’s affected clarification strikes afresh with a 4-inch screen, thinner design

10:22 For all those apps that accept not been updated, it runs at the aforementioned admeasurement as the antecedent iPhones. Apple will centermost it and abode atramentous borders on the abandon to adumbrate that it is not as big as the new screen.

Phil shows us the CNN and OpenTable applications to appearance how developers can amend for the iPhone 5.

“Of advance movies booty advantage of that admirable widescreen display.”

The iPhone 5 has 44 percent added blush assimilation than the iPhone 4S display.

They’ve dent the blow sensors into the affectation itself, which makes the affectation 30 percent thinner.

“This absolutely is the world’s best avant-garde display.”

Now we’re talking wireless.

Apple added HSPA , DC-HSDPA and yes, LTE is now accessible in your iPhone.

There is a distinct dent and a distinct radio dent accompanying with a activating antenna central the iPhone 5 that accomplish it run on LTE.

Who are they alive with to cycle out LTE? In the US they are alive with AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. In Europe they are alive with both Deutsche Telkom and a new addition “EE.”

10:17 Phil Schiller advancing up on date now!

Hey Phil!

49ers wallpaper hd
 San Francisco 49ers Wallpaper HD (67  images)

San Francisco 49ers Wallpaper HD (67 images) | 49ers wallpaper hd

He mentions all the Apple logos from the computers in the crowd.

“Today, we’re activity to acquaint iPhone 5!”

The iPhone 5 aloof came out of the attic on a pedestal. It is boring axis about like a jewel in a adornment store.

“It is an complete jewel.” – Phil

“iPhone 5 is fabricated entriely of bottle and aluminum.”

Phile says that say that theehardware and software engineering that has gone into this artefact is the best arduous this aggregation has anytime taken on.

7.6mm blubbery — apple thinnest smartphone. It weights 112 grams. 20 percent lighter than the iPhone 4S

“Can you accomplish a buzz that has aggregate the iPhone 4S has… that is thinner, lighter, smaller.”

The iPhone has a Retina Affectation and 4 inch awning that is 1136x 640.

“A buzz should feel abundant in your hand…it should fit beautifully in your hand.”

“This affectation is artlessly amazing. “

Apple added a fifth row of apps on your awning to ample up the added space.

Now you can see a abounding five-day assignment anniversary in the accumbent appearance of the calendar.

iWork has been up dated, like Keynote, Pages, Numbers, all booty advantage of the display. iPhoto, iMovie, and Garage Bandage are all adapted for the new affectation as well.

10:15 “Last division we awash our 400 millionth iOS device. This is amazing! No one could accept predicted this.”

“Today we’re demography it to the abutting level, authoritative a huge leap. We accept some actual agitative news.”

From Russ Pitts of Polygon: Chuck Norris says if you don’t buy iPhone 5, there will be 1,000 years of no corpuscle service. #fakeapple

10:10 84M iPads awash through June.

“Our competitors accept taken apprehension of this,” Cook says.

iPad had a 62% marketshare aftermost year, this year it has a 68% share.

“iPad accounts for 91% of the web cartage of all tablets! I don’t apperceive what these added tablets are doing!”

“They charge be in warehouses or on abundance shelves or maybe in someone’s basal drawer!”

94% of the Fortune 500 are testing or deploying iPads.

“And they’re advance in custom apps.”

He mentions Mayo Clinic and Ducati are creating business apps.

“The app abundance is the abode for all of us.”

700,000 apps in the abundance now. 250,000 are accurately iPad apps

“Believe it or not, every app seems to accept its fan, or fans.”

90% of all apps are downloaded anniversary month. Average chump application over 100 apps.

[The iPhone 5 is communicable and overextension fast! #plagueinc #keynote #iphone5 — Plague, Inc., a plague-management sim. ‏@NdemicCreations.]

10:08 “Our notebooks now rank cardinal one in the US in marketshare for the aftermost three months,” Cook says.

“Over the aftermost year the Mac has decidedly outgrown the PC, and it’s not aloof the aftermost year. For the aftermost 6 years straight, the Mac has developed decidedly faster than the PC.”

“The iPad is active the column PC anarchy at a amazing pace.”

Sold 17M iPad aftermost quarter, ambience an all new almanac for iPad sales.

More iPads awash than any PC architect awash of any PC line, claims Cook.

10:06 Tim Cook is talking about Apple’s retail growth: 380 food about the apple operating  in 12 countries. Opening their aboriginal abundance in Sweden on Friday.

83M visitors to retails food aftermost quarter.

Now he’s talking about Mountain Lion.

7M copies of Mountain Lion downloaded. The best affairs Mac OS yet.

10:04 They’re assuming a abundance in Barcelona on the screen. They acclimated limestone from the bounded quary to restore it. “No one would accept done this but Apple,” Cook says. “It’s one of our better food in the world.”

Video playing: Scenes of Barcelona are playing. It is pretty. We’re attractive at the Apple Abundance autogenous and admirers waving.

Screaming Apple employees!

High fives! You aloof got a new iPhone, Barcelona customer!

10:00 The accident has begun. Tim Cook is on stage.  “It’s an amazing time at Apple. An amazing time.”

9:45 VentureBeat’s Dean “the Machine” Takahashi is additionally on the arena with me.

9:40 Here’s addition appearance of the crowd.

9:35 Here’s what the army alfresco the Yerba Buena centermost looks like. Journalists! Everywhere I look, journalists!

8:35 Alright, everybody, let’s affirm some iPhone 5 rumors.

We’re actuality at the Yerba Buena Centermost for the Arts in San Francisco, Calif. cat-and-mouse for the Apple accident to start. If you don’t apperceive what Apple accident we’re talking about, afresh kudos, somehow you’ve managed to break off the Internet for the aftermost six months. Analysis out this run bottomward of what we apprehend to see here.

Apple’s own website agitated some above capacity from the accident this morning, absolute the iPhone 5 name, LTE connectivity, and that we’ll see a new iPod Blow and iPod Nano after today.

For the blow of you cat-and-mouse with aside animation for a agleam new phone, apps, and operating system, analysis aback actuality at 10am Pacific time. We’ll be live-blogging the accident with all the iPhone 5 (and maybe iOS 6) details. Until then, blessed speculating!

All photos by VentureBeat, unless contrarily noted

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