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Right on schedule, Angel has aggregate its Q3 2015 balance after-effects advertisement acquirement of $49 billion and $10.7 billion in accumulation during the April to June period. Notably, the company’s Q3 aeon is the aboriginal that includes antecedent Angel Watch sales as the accessory aboriginal launched on April 24th.

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While Angel isn’t accurately breaking out Angel Watch sales (or iPod sales for that matter), the aggregation does acknowledge iPhone, iPad, and Mac sales by unit:

While Angel isn’t breaking out Apple Watch or Beats numbers, the ‘other services’ which includes those categories as able-bodied as iPods and Angel TV letters $2.6 billion in revenue.

Today’s Q3 after-effects chase aftermost quarter’s $58 billion in acquirement and 61.1 actor iPhones sold, 12.6 actor iPads sold, and 4.5 actor Macs awash globally. During the aforementioned division a year ago with the iPhone 5s at the top of the lineup, Angel appear $37.4 billion in acquirement and 35.2 actor iPhones sold, 13.2 actor iPads sold, and 4.4 actor Mac sales. Angel appear $13.6 billion in accumulation aftermost division and $7.7 billion during the aforementioned division a year ago.

The company’s annual appointment alarm is appointed for 2 PM Pacific/5 PM Eastern to altercate today’s results. Stay tuned for our alive advantage of the call. Both Cook and Maestri usually analysis the annual after-effects afore fielding questions from analysts. With the aboriginal Angel Watch sales included in today’s report, the new accessory is abiding to be a above affair of the call.

Apple Letters Almanac Third Division Results

CUPERTINO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Apple® today appear banking after-effects for its budgetary 2015 third division concluded June 27, 2015. The Aggregation acquaint annual acquirement of $49.6 billion and annual net accumulation of $10.7 billion, or $1.85 per adulterated share. These after-effects analyze to acquirement of $37.4 billion and net accumulation of $7.7 billion, or $1.28 per adulterated share, in the year-ago quarter. Gross allowance was 39.7 percent compared to 39.4 percent in the year-ago quarter. All-embracing sales accounted for 64 percent of the quarter’s revenue.

“Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Banking Condition and After-effects of Operations”

The beforehand was fueled by almanac third division sales of iPhone® and Mac®, best almanac acquirement from casework and the acknowledged barrage of Angel Watch™.

“We had an amazing quarter, with iPhone acquirement up 59 percent over aftermost year, able sales of Mac, best almanac acquirement from services, apprenticed by the App Store, and a abundant alpha for Angel Watch,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “The action for Angel Music has been incredible, and we’re attractive advanced to absolution iOS 9, OS X El Capitan and watchOS 2 to barter in the fall.”

“In the third division our year-over-year beforehand amount accelerated from the aboriginal bisected of budgetary 2015, with acquirement up 33 percent and balance per allotment up 45 percent,” said Luca Maestri, Apple’s CFO. “We generated absolute able operating banknote breeze of $15 billion, and we alternate over $13 billion to shareholders through our basic acknowledgment program.”

Apple is accouterment the afterward advice for its budgetary 2015 fourth quarter:

• acquirement amid $49 billion and $51 billion

• gross allowance amid 38.5 percent and 39.5 percent

• operating costs amid $5.85 billion and $5.95 billion

• added income/(expense) of $400 million

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• tax amount of 26.3 percent

Apple’s lath of admiral has declared a banknote allotment of $.52 per allotment of the Company’s accepted stock. The allotment is payable on August 13, 2015, to shareholders of almanac as of the abutting of business on August 10, 2015.

Apple will accommodate alive alive of its Q3 2015 banking after-effects appointment alarm alpha at 2:00 p.m. PDT on July 21, 2015 at www.apple.com/quicktime/qtv/earningsq315. This webcast will additionally be accessible for epitomize for about two weeks thereafter.

This columnist absolution contains advanced statements including after limitation those about the Company’s estimated revenue, gross margin, operating expenses, added income/(expense), and tax rate. These statements absorb risks and uncertainties, and absolute after-effects may differ. Risks and uncertainties accommodate after limitation the aftereffect of aggressive and bread-and-butter factors, and the Company’s acknowledgment to those factors, on chump and business affairs decisions with account to the Company’s products; connected aggressive pressures in the marketplace; the adeptness of the Aggregation to bear to the exchange and activate chump appeal for new programs, products, and abstruse innovations on a appropriate basis; the aftereffect that artefact introductions and transitions, changes in artefact appraisement or mix, and/or increases in basic costs could accept on the Company’s gross margin; the account accident associated with the Company’s charge to adjustment or accomplish to adjustment artefact apparatus in beforehand of chump orders; the connected availability on adequate terms, or at all, of assertive apparatus and casework basic to the Company’s business currently acquired by the Aggregation from sole or bound sources; the aftereffect that the Company’s annex on accomplishment and acumen casework provided by third parties may accept on the quality, abundance or amount of articles bogus or casework rendered; risks associated with the Company’s all-embracing operations; the Company’s assurance on third-party bookish acreage and agenda content; the abeyant appulse of a award that the Aggregation has abandoned on the bookish acreage rights of others; the Company’s annex on the achievement of distributors, carriers and added resellers of the Company’s products; the aftereffect that artefact and account affection problems could accept on the Company’s sales and operating profits; the connected account and availability of key admiral and employees; war, terrorism, accessible bloom issues, accustomed disasters, and added affairs that could agitate supply, delivery, or appeal of products; and abortive after-effects of acknowledged proceedings. More advice on abeyant factors that could affect the Company’s banking after-effects is included from time to time in the “Risk Factors” and “Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Banking Condition and After-effects of Operations” sections of the Company’s accessible letters filed with the SEC, including the Company’s Form 10-K for the budgetary year concluded September 27, 2014, its Form 10-Q for the budgetary division concluded December 27, 2014, its Form 10-Q for the budgetary division concluded March 28, 2015, and its Form 10-Q for the budgetary division concluded June 27, 2015 to be filed with the SEC. The Aggregation assumes no obligation to amend any advanced statements or information, which allege as of their corresponding dates.

Apple revolutionized claimed technology with the addition of the Macintosh in 1984. Today, Angel leads the angel in addition with iPhone, iPad, the Mac and Angel Watch. Apple’s three software platforms — iOS, OS X and watchOS — accommodate seamless adventures beyond all Angel accessories and empower bodies with advance casework including the App Store, Angel Music, Angel Pay and iCloud. Apple’s 100,000 advisers are committed to authoritative the best articles on earth, and to abrogation the angel bigger than we begin it.

NOTE TO EDITORS: For added advice appointment Apple’s PR website (www.apple.com/pr), or alarm Apple’s Media Helpline at (408) 974-2042.

© 2015 Angel Inc. All rights reserved. Apple, the Angel logo, iPhone, Mac and Angel Watch are trademarks of Apple. Added aggregation and artefact names may be trademarks of their corresponding owners.

Apple Inc.


(In millions, except cardinal of shares which are reflected in bags and per allotment amounts) Three Months Concluded Nine Months Ended

June 27, 2015 June 28, 2014

June 27, 2015 June 28, 2014 Net sales $ 49,605 $ 37,432 $ 182,214 $ 140,672 Amount of sales (1) 29,924 22,697 109,136 86,144 Gross allowance 19,681 14,735 73,078 54,528 Operating expenses: Research and development (1) 2,034 1,603 5,847 4,355 Selling, accepted and authoritative (1) 3,564 2,850 10,624 8,835 Total operating costs 5,598 4,453 16,471 13,190 Operating assets 14,083 10,282 56,607 41,338 Added income/(expense), net 390 202 846 673 Assets afore accouterment for assets taxes 14,473 10,484 57,453 42,011 Accouterment for assets taxes 3,796 2,736 15,183 10,968 Net assets $ 10,677 $ 7,748 $ 42,270 $ 31,043

Earnings per share: Basic $ 1.86 $ 1.29 $ 7.30 $ 5.06 Adulterated $ 1.85 $ 1.28 $ 7.25 $ 5.03

Shares acclimated in accretion balance per share: Basic 5,729,886 6,012,635 5,788,922 6,136,147 Adulterated 5,773,099 6,051,711 5,829,920 6,172,857

Cash assets declared per allotment $ 0.52 $ 0.47 $ 1.46 $ 1.35

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(1) Includes share-based advantage amount as follows: Amount of sales $ 148 $ 115 $ 430 $ 334 Research and development $ 388 $ 313 $ 1,146 $ 902 Selling, accepted and authoritative $ 320 $ 296 $ 1,095 $ 865

Apple Inc.


(In millions, except cardinal of shares which are reflected in bags and par value) June 27, 2015

September 27, 2014 ASSETS:

Current assets: Banknote and banknote equivalents $ 15,319 $ 13,844 Short-term bankable balance 19,384 11,233 Accounts receivable, beneath allowances of $83 and $86, appropriately 10,370 17,460 Inventories 2,042 2,111 Deferred tax assets 5,010 4,318 Vendor non-trade receivables 9,537 9,759 Added accepted assets 9,291 9,806 Total accepted assets 70,953 68,531

Long-term bankable balance 168,145 130,162 Property, bulb and equipment, net 21,149 20,624 Goodwill 5,044 4,616 Acquired abstract assets, net 3,779 4,142 Added assets 4,081 3,764 Total assets $ 273,151 $ 231,839


Current liabilities: Accounts payable $ 26,474 $ 30,196 Accrued costs 22,724 18,453 Deferred acquirement 9,088 8,491 Bartering cardboard 4,499 6,308 Accepted allocation of abiding debt 2,500 0 Total accepted liabilities 65,285 63,448

Deferred revenue, non-current 3,474 3,031 Abiding debt 47,419 28,987 Added non-current liabilities 31,296 24,826 Total liabilities 147,474 120,292

Commitments and contingencies

Shareholders’ equity: Accepted banal and added paid-in capital, $0.00001 par value: 12,600,000 shares authorized; 5,705,400 and 5,866,161 shares issued and outstanding, appropriately 26,327 23,313 Retained balance 98,252 87,152 Accumulated added absolute assets 1,098 1,082 Total shareholders’ disinterestedness 125,677 111,547 Total liabilities and shareholders’ disinterestedness $ 273,151 $ 231,839

Apple Inc.


(In millions) Nine Months Concluded June 27, 2015 June 28, 2014

1040 pr 2015 TaxHow » Tax Forms » Form 1040 (PR)

Cash and banknote equivalents, alpha of the aeon $ 13,844 $ 14,259

Operating activities: Net assets 42,270 31,043 Adjustments to accommodate net assets to banknote generated by operating activities: Depreciation and acquittal 8,138 5,977 Share-based advantage amount 2,671 2,101 Deferred assets tax amount 2,820 3,154 Changes in operating assets and liabilities: Accounts receivable, net 7,090 2,314 Inventories 69 170 Vendor non-trade receivables 222 1,486 Added accepted and non-current assets 2,286 931 Accounts payable (3,263) (2,531) Deferred acquirement 1,040 1,394 Added accepted and non-current liabilities 4,448 424 Banknote generated by operating activities 67,791 46,463

Investing activities: Purchases of bankable balance (137,524) (160,662) Proceeds from maturities of bankable balance 9,916 15,111 Proceeds from sales of bankable balance 80,635 126,827 Payments fabricated in affiliation with business acquisitions, net (230) (898) Payments for accretion of property, bulb and accessories (7,629) (5,745) Payments for accretion of abstract assets (201) (216) Added 134 7 Banknote acclimated in advance activities (54,899) (25,576)

Financing activities: Proceeds from arising of accepted banal 324 435 Excess tax allowances from disinterestedness awards 684 562 Taxes paid accompanying to net allotment adjustment of disinterestedness awards (1,332) (839) Assets and allotment equivalents paid (8,597) (8,297) Repurchase of accepted banal (22,000) (28,000) Proceeds from arising of abiding debt, net 21,312 11,960 Change in bartering paper, net (1,808) 2,010 Banknote acclimated in costs activities (11,417) (22,169)

Increase/(decrease) in banknote and banknote equivalents 1,475 (1,282) Banknote and banknote equivalents, end of the aeon $ 15,319 $ 12,977

Supplemental banknote breeze disclosure: Banknote paid for assets taxes, net $ 10,604 $ 8,013 Banknote paid for absorption $ 427 $ 322

Apple Inc. Q3 2015 Unaudited Summary Data (Units in thousands, Acquirement in millions)

Q3 2015 Q2 2015 Q3 2014 Sequential Change Year/Year Change

Operating Segments Acquirement Acquirement Acquirement Acquirement Acquirement Americas $20,209 $21,316 $17,574 – 5% 15% Europe 10,342 12,204 8,659 – 15% 19% Greater China 13,230 16,823 6,230 – 21% 112% Japan 2,872 3,457 2,627 – 17% 9% Rest of Asia Pacific 2,952 4,210 2,342 – 30% 26% Total Angel $49,605 $58,010 $37,432

– 14% 33%

Q3 2015 Q2 2015 Q3 2014 Sequential Change Year/Year Change

Product Summary Units Acquirement Units Acquirement Units Acquirement Units Acquirement Units Acquirement iPhone (1) 47,534 $31,368 61,170 $40,282 35,203 $19,751 – 22% – 22% 35% 59% iPad (1) 10,931 4,538 12,623 5,428 13,276 5,889 – 13% – 16% – 18% – 23% Mac (1) 4,796 6,030 4,563 5,615 4,413 5,540 5% 7% 9% 9% Casework (2) 5,028 4,996 4,485 1% 12% Added Articles (1)(3) 2,641 1,689 1,767 56% 49% Total Angel $49,605 $58,010 $37,432 – 14% 33% (1) Includes deferrals and acquittal of accompanying non-software casework and software advancement rights.


Includes acquirement from iTunes, AppleCare, Angel Pay, licensing and added services.


1040 pr 2015 3.21.3 Individual Income Tax Returns | Internal Revenue Service

Includes sales of Angel TV, Angel Watch, Beats Electronics, iPod and Apple-branded and third-party accessories.

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